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How to Develop Discipleship Models and a Lifestyle Club Locally

Jeremy Zwiker Simon Karlsson


How can God use a local church in connection with a lifestyle club to reach secular people? Come and see how a lifestyle club can be organized in a systematic way to offer health lectures, cooking courses and other health events in a way that meets people‘s needs. 


  • January 4, 2015
    9:30 AM
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We think you know core it's not in for the inspiration it it is to see people who are like minded and want to reach people who you referred to with the wreckage here in this I'm going to talk about a life that love can be can be a tool in which people pray that you will guide us in that we will inspire each one of us pray for these Jesus name Amen amen. So here to get over what we're going to be talking about is obviously to reach people the vision of the last of all of the such tools and you can connect the church to the life. Yeah. Also make the church the ownership for the things that were actually going on in the churches and exercise and then structure the club partners in cooperation with the Community Church and businesses and how to not use that can this concert in my local church so that's what we're going to be covering and hopefully also hasn't questions and answers and that you can write down as you go and then we can take that in the end of the tonight. What we can help. Yeah I mean what is that why I do to help if you took them and because they're all about reaching their their hearts with the souls whatever focus on what was a little Ordway for them they don't know exactly. Yeah because she feels the need to focus. And if you're wrong door knocking. TIME You know that it matters times you maybe reach five percent or even less of the population by asking the record if you want to buy without it. I mean ninety five percent at least will say no. So if that's the only method we will lose ninety five percent of the people. So the health ministry is sort of the heart of analyst you know how you didn't realize that healing the sick. It created a desire in them to want to know more so than a litany says I talked about it the right arm of the Gospel it opens the door to the bottle to step in. So I think that we all understand it at this conference and then we'll talk a lot about it. So it's logical that the vandalism will be a powerful tool to reach people especially I would say in the Navy and in these secular part of Europe where people are being like they're close to the Gospel amount of times but hell I wait stuck into them. And their wealth. Meeting people this thing that we have a right to probably all know about that it's a crime. Well this one here a little true success receiver there is no other method that you would have to write another course we want fan so much time now is to make a go at one of the sites are good people are in shelters or that we need to feel if you will is a empathize before we need to understand you know where to reach people interested in sharing intellectual knowledge that we care for people if you sit there and here is a crucial part minister who needs help. It's all about it's to see if they have that if they have. Or diet. Problem is I think we're talking with the members of the news and we'll win their confidence. And that's something I've experienced quite a lot of not far away. How you win people's confidence that confidence breaks all the prejudice and better than what you might you do this kind of health ministry and I mean this is what our client in this life like love as well it's all the papers call it you've made her perform well can't find every church member of the church should take all the medical mission or words just another word of Congress on the part of Christ is no longer in this world in person to go through our theaters and some of them religious healing the sick. Yes commissions up to care for have that medical mission work this thing out and then I think probably you know what this is doing well. So when we see and meeting people's physical only when the Saints focus a little bit in the midst of healing if it's coming there's a needle coming close to the people by what this person but it's time for getting through so when I think a more timely and personal ministry great the result in them so we can see by just reach the conclusion that with that and not losing so much practical you know if I was a focus more on actually helping people practically souls. Question Why do we have to give us a call. How many of you do held events at your local churches. If you like your local church does help and I like helping those or something. We've also also do events also especially my background is with lots of events we do a lot of things. And yeah and training the students how to do these events. And so we have a lot of help it was a lot of events and I started thinking how sustainable is actually the work that we're doing for the people how our vans actually create that community are they actually to really meet the other people that are interesting or new people every time and we don't really know who is on this is certainly on that event and we don't really know how to follow up and this was one of the one of the problems that we I think I thought that there was not as much focus on the community as it was on the missionary students and that we were wanting to teach how to do well in doing that we actually forgot to focus or what our main books of it it was a part of it wasn't we didn't have to tackle you know way to think very strategically for the local community. And when it comes to sustainability to continue the that to me and so I thought all this touch is now tool where we create a community of people that think or want something that they want something better for their lifestyle. And when people want something better you can lead them for personal relationships but the latter also what it does is create ownership and and the ones that are part of it they're part of the club which means they they themselves get in the way effort to be part of this even money or resources to be part of this club so they actually want us to follow them and they actually expect us to say no and they expect us to come again with a new thing than updating all the time and they want to be part of the community they think about a lot of the things about something better. So it's not just events now that we're doing this connected from each other but it's actually creating people that care about lifestyle and connecting the church to that then and becoming personal friends and you know we creating that platform where people in me each other and that's why we thought about starting life versus a problem out of your experience or you know one of the for well you know where the way that's usually they might do it because I think now because you're a Mormon. Yeah we are full up with house right now across the Great. I hope I can taste of people working on bringing a fellowship where you think you are living a healthy life. And they're not. It's also true for the Kanaka a model for Europe to front sight what we desire. Every church every local church to have the potential of being alive talked about in the future will hold still to be able to create a resource of your inspiration. What about that about them all along that path to do what was going to write well. Yet it would be more like a pilot project. But it will be more effective tool for churches to be got live coverage of heard about the mountains fire several times and and this is it is such an integral part of Christ and we have been actually it's a great tool that you can use in your local churches as a ritual to find out on a chart How is actually doing with Christ and some of it is just explained what is it we have you have the most inspired and we have your calendar right and then we have the foreign players formally if you contact making and S. and now we're talking about different events that that create our main goal. So where do we have first contact with people new people and so forth so this is called that building that we have confidence building here in the green and the things that are out of order reoccurring and people are coming and builds confidence in the work that you credibility and then conviction comes a little bit more into the spiritual. If and and with with characters and different things and then discipleship and that's in the church and the church is the mean main objective church and doing discipleship in the church. So these are these are not only didn't start charging different things and we started doing that for this fall and they say what are the moment is or how because we're part of them were Bible working sort of the church in prison and so what we're talking about isn't it were written and so we can work with that and yeah so. So we started not in creating an outline of different events. Stephanie that was running through it. Shortly here we have helpers one of the four then we have help talks and following up from that then then we have cooking courses here in the Christmas of any of those on the red or the health related event that we have here in the afternoon and then we have an appetite for change and other concerns here that we also have a service we were we helping hands like you're doing anything in England happen and we have a culture evening and Thanksgiving and can't read that one terror terror group and then also in here in the middle having fast train like discipleship tree for the local church and obviously Sabbath school divines are already at work. Youth Work and Bible studies and yeah and training in we have also helped. It's and to share more about another bit and then we launched year just on the eighth of December of this year. A month ago we lost in the States. So this is just in preparation for this to find out what are in the water. However this is not what is really nice about this as well. And usually it is mis use arrows and the arrow is help to help us understand that state that they help exploit I thought is not an independent event. It's something that is connected to the Health talks. It's something that we want we want to and we need to be ready to explode and we even the other ones will not have that if I want to have so we have all these errors Connecting Health dogs into the cooking course and the cooking course we very intentionally connected to the Christmas of a review that was launched the club and I think this was actually one of the strongest connections that we did was every Monday for four weeks or so in the last cooking course. What does that article not cook for you did not we had we had twenty one for registering people registered there. And throughout those three weeks prior to that they had they were they were so much they had so much confidence actually they came into this area that they started having everybody. I thought that this is what they are legal and then launching of the club because every every Monday we would share a lot of is and how it ends up. They were of course it was the launch of the letter. So this is and all this if you see brains is connected. Two somehow into the bill. So that's that I deal with the whole thing in the care group is a very Integra part of that and that is that we often talk about a little bit more. So this is just this fall that we need now and but we realize that we need to involve the church even much more in the making of this ownership in this and so already here. We started telling the church that we're going to make this for two thousand and fifteen together with the local church. I mean with everybody involved and get everybody's input and we started and I'm thinking OK this what we just made in December not made a calendar it's not a fifteen now it's a proposal it's not yet voted. But this is what what we came up with it in the region. But by this is happening in the church and everybody is able to get input from actually everybody get input and and we all share a process a little bit more but I just change the whole of the whole of actors and spiral and with different events and you can see that the events with the lover there are the life cycle of events and that I mean in the green area creating confidence and people coming back again and and building that platform. Yeah so these are planning to do and here monthly club meetings and with the last couple of them will go a whole year. It's just one paper here and then we have and cooking demos every other month as well and then we have a house weekends we have that in the health series culture even the now suspects for like weeks and then also help me with the community where we work together with the community. And let's have much emphasis on health and because it has to do not like you culture evening in October that we were invited us to be partisan show that you know our community is culturally sensitive than obviously we're going to international and and and so we came with suggestions here and often to help direct you and to help day in the summer. And we've been doing that through the resistance. You know considering that and going to be talking about in the military and come back and we already have different beliefs and so forth and we're very positive that is making this happens or you know how it goes. So this is not just highlighted in the mean things of the last. Also health experts here. And then it will also be ordering concerts and this is quality and so so that's where the events for two thousand and fifteen and then we realize that there's so many things that we want to do. Who's going to do all right. So all of these things and obviously it will be church members but all of us get it. But we realize also that there's a lot of partners that make an accident partner possible. And and we are partners are actually usually hurt or within reach through various organizations. And so we decided OK let's make another one mission to be. So let's make another another. And I'm sure the spiral and write down who are the partners that help us. Make imagine isn't possible and make all of these things possible and what are their strengths and as these different partners and so we have here obviously the light life is one of those partners and then the gun foundation. Then we have local church members that are very active in having their own business actually have an Express which is the local fast food restaurant and he would like to if they should make the healthiest certainly not of Norway and the local church member and he runs this image. So so we partnered with him and and so and then we also have pleasing the legendary catering and she also has a yeah that's And we also started partnering with her and and you know this is a force in the community that we can take advantage of and then we also have social institution which is Simon just started his own business in with a lifestyle physiotherapy clinic with life coaching and massage and these things which is also a church member there in Greece and then we have him in this region thirty another physical therapist of the church that we have not your client which is also another another church member that has organic or logical and really that they're selling to the community as well. We have we have all the local church members which is great but then we also have like other you know use of the different events and we have we have other as a resource they bring in our video and they bring different different things and called us do we don't have to do all that at the local church but we can take advantage of the resources that they create and present right. So so others and then sue next block and a partner and we can be a major magazine we don't have to make any effort in making the magazine and we can promote other magazine. Right. So their partners well then some of us in Switzerland. That's and that's for life they are all and most of us will be. So there's all kinds of organizations also that that we can work together with and then you have things within more conviction and impact you know if I can even hear at for example we have you have met also here at the convention we have three life members that we invited to a Canadian they're here and they're enjoying it and so it's something that we couldn't make it a convention ourselves and mission. But we can take advantage of. And your church can also take advantage of it where that is something that they can use. Right so these are just partners hope journalists have lots of resources as you can but also hurry and there's on impact has different events and incidents and you have disciples other other. And obviously the whole real church a lot of resources that we can take advantage of if we know about and if you realize that our partners with us and so this is just something that really has taken for consideration when we when they fall apart. Christian super slow. Yeah. Oh yeah and I think the definitions Firelands article them it's not not very it's just so I understand that there's different layers of the cycle in the world and that this and that can happen. Like for example we have been listening. They're going to go every month and they're not just now we're doing so. Our green cultivating our green but but rather that with at the same time. But anybody it's not anybody can come in a way different. Yeah so it's so spiral is moving up the right. It's all of the later. Yeah. I have to change is coming and that is what a friend or a local you will fix the school the school. One thing people here is something with the concern. And it's also good to think about you know OK we're on different things you CAN happen to this experience every week. OK let's do that in you know I think we got it in like six different doesn't make you a year and you can think are but in a local church you can do in the year that may focus and anything up to that. Yeah. Hopefully this will continue. You know I think it has been such a blessing for me to work with these things for. And I went on and he wanted. And what share how we involve the church in making this possible or making it so that they would actually make this spiral like it is now and just as we talk about Christ or this is so people can see it was the government here without having the fact that we have here with cover and and they send out a lot of players right to try to gain contact but they have no confidence. So so how many people come you know very few you know if you don't have all of you don't have a system of gaining confidence of the community to actually be able to invite. Well if you have a life and you have individuals and this is important it's not the club itself. Won't we want to say we're doing it and I succeeded. All the others that is what Rather is the individual in that list is that all that happens in the absence is that happened to become their friends as they or you get into this question is are you going to get into conversation and you realize OK you go to church you know and the judgment you want to come and have lunch or have supper at our place and we read a bible text together and that for and it says Come and because they have already created that complement because the whole thing is built on friendships. It's not it's not the program as such that will help it is to facilitate. So the crucial part of the church members are the ones bringing people from one to the next as well. OK And he does questions right now if you have an Indian so well after that I think we'll come to that. OK that just a question we might have is that mean you know that if you let yourself. This is that context activities that information you can see them into does make them Christian Science Monitor What are people's meaningful cattle father. That is how thick poses an exercise. I mean we don't do that all the people think that it uses talk about meeting people's needs. So I want to know the little do work in this is that no one is interested in what is the most people's needs are. That's akin to loving and reuse for that is the Doom. So more people in the right. What kind of interest and he suggested we have in the region is that the age at that how long did you live in the sun and this or that it. Most people have years and years or more or not very long so all we have age group with well yeah that was as of the survey that was for their older or even up to order or a question or help for you and we see that around ninety percent of how it was either important or were No one asked the question is what you think about reading by. Or a problem I don't want to hear this is one person that doesn't think it's important to know what you people think pretty important or this is of people interested in and question how is your health and that we see those are all night as well as either that they're OK or where to go. So you see that people think that here is reduced around twenty percent and where it was just people around two hundred eighty people who are three other people half of the community in the Senate. Some people are fat five or how usually make the image of themselves. And it's not a question what is the biggest Then health problems in Norway and we see that it was cancer. Right. Always pockets or biggest ones. So it does make you know there's another part of this is that there's no way for example. So yeah. Well and this is an interesting on how do you get all that information from hell and you see that that the most common one is actually into that what is it is the most common there. Yeah. Reading books we have here and in newspapers you know I think the second while most authors. Well the doctor so he has to make love. In other words the main ways of getting help information that a good way. I have a Web site and have to have tools online. What ethical for you and this is just a physical math all parents are also human ecological problems as it is all about. It was egotistical know it was so yeah most people called in for it was important but you could also ask that all aspects of the values of having this war has become completely stick with looking at how those were all the usual That month all of this a goal and that the full support of health so that most people are interested in always looking to help and that important question is an area already interested in when it comes to health topics of the thing. I want all of that main one was actually interesting as well good habits good advice for a whole lot of people who's annoying or as we don't know what to do but they don't really have the power or the ability to lead healthier people who are interested in applying and living out of habit. So with none of that information back in that I will focus on health and that it would have been different have it all. Recount like we see that this is a very interesting out of the exercise there and stressful toll. So people are interested in cracking When know how to help you it might be more interested in this isn't an idea. Now we see that more people are interested. I hope they have arrangement or kind of the people interested in what you say. And yeah a little. Yeah. And I was the just a little here. Oh yeah. So it's not proceed with the recovery and help that serves one of the veterans organization was the main one actually a lecturer in Norway the big thing with exercise to actual size of the baking as well as for or for whom you think in schools and discussion groups. And then that process of that was the whole of the can partners in this business is in this kind of these pounds father or services. And we see by far the most popular was there on council or gyms and all sorts of the thought of giving this out that would marry those infinitely more people thing here to help. And it's not on the moon. Also health food store supposed to be interested in getting help coaching as well when I was not the respect of the on the i Phone is also up in the hope that visions of the tradition of also quite be so also on how fester here and they're hearing so we see that people are interested in health magazine right here. People to Think I mean this is good to know what's in front of the workout services only interested in so we can we can actually make the law according to the needs of the home or in relation to what they what they gave us the information that is so I think that is just as well you know look at what we sort of were having to search and then read a survey or less the resources and also to see what other people in my community. Rather than trying to search meet those needs depending on what the absentee voters are we actually yes because as we mentioned on the launch of that I thought I was you know this is sort of well it is. That is planning to launch at least its crew and yes that's that's how we did not. Yeah if you're interested in finding out what our survey looks like we can also share with you. OK that's it nothing of the out of the church and I think you can do. Some people but they don't want to ever the editing really do you. But where is that wrong. That's actually one of the reasons also we we don't call it is that it's not. It's supposed to confident and people right. And people would view as a religious thing than many people are just not right for me and but those people they can be part of that and off and we don't pressure them to continue. But they have the option and the other possibilities to go into things we don't you know that we also believe for example. He's for four aspects of our health actually represent you know the little mental social and spiritual. And so that's one of the things that we also presented in the launch and people know know that that is not something that we try with the club members as such but it's not that many campuses things so they can prevent their training. Right. Everything on the net is right. Yeah I think I mean we are one of our There is a certain focus on where and how and that I mean some people have better writers against this but I think that we're doing well. Well I'll make you are one. Now if you to be healthy or not I guess also the question that area like what we're going to be behind you. I guess that really depends on your individual locations and the possibilities in what is within reach. Eventually you can even do it and then Mrs Clinton's name because it become bigger and you can see we're coming from a lot of clubs and we're looking in this community and seeing if there is a need here for such a club. They have no way to have it you know and different places that point. So that that's true that. Yeah. In other communities you know I'm confident we can help and we're also in court cooperate with an organization that is referenced on health and has a confidence in your community so that you know local churches local churches do proper Magnus' then March eleventh unity. Popular again this is an animal and the lens. And so you can just say Germany and England. So how many of your local churches think of your local churches local churches and have an interest list and have an overview over what they are interested in like the names with what people are interested I mean you are going to have such as you have noticed that. I don't know. OK OK. And they have interest in this and they you know like when they come to events that's in the past. Because this and this again demonstrates and I suspect that over ninety five maybe even more percent of all churches don't have an interest in this and if they do not have then it's probably the pastor that has anybody five percent people and that's you know those that are interested in something or and this is the problem this is the man and this is I realize that that we that people come and go and when if you don't have an interest in it you don't have an assistant to maintain to know what people are interested in then you lost contact that that person had that was their lives you know and if you don't have a system I can talk about my own experience from matters and we were focusing on our own time on these events and different things and I was a wee wee wee seemed to not know and have a proper system to know who would let every student connecting to people in the community right and then build up the confidence and then the end of the year. Yeah we might have some courses where they write down here and there sporadically but we had we didn't focus properly on this so that we actually have now you know almost twenty years. How many how do we. Should know by now you know why we should have we should understand why people are interested we have we should have a continuous contact with them and obviously we have done and I have not always envisioned and that's another question here and there in the other place. But but I realize that if we don't have a system to write think about the contact will go that person that was here especially with the missions was problematic but all the local churches. It's probably why we don't have an interest that we don't really know we don't really we don't have a business on this and we know every business if you take their interest in it. Something that I think my question is of the background and if they don't know who the customer is how and again so this is why we thought the site was an optional is an alternative that would help and so much that is a system and they have missed you in your local churches a lot of members of context. I think the context of the arrival of the Pentagon also the leadership in the in your own local country but generally it's not problematic right on the contact more or different things than that and so forth and so here's a short video on the cycles and how it can work and understand the system that is created in the states that we're working on making even more or European countries and. Disciple in the car or rather I workers in church numbers to meeting interest. Managed all groups track event attendance and more than using this article. Each record by adding that information no graphics. It'll play with one decision me. I've been using engine really Google Maps functional car all to mark the others. The best feature allows you to elegantly track. Once you create an event simple to register a new adventure interest out after attending the register keeping track reads you can edit and later using the talents have left. Use the report feature to generate helpful and customizable. You can use the standard to handle contact info attendant checklist attendants employers is not in touch with me. Martin you can create a cup and only Information me. You've just seen me car or did you stop inside the best way to go right. Usually you experience for you so we don't lose time. But that's brief overview of her disciples and how it can help you if you don't have events and track attendance we're going to have you know that already and people are used to it with a continental register for an event and give their names give them even contacting us for that and then you can contact and you can read it again to the next cooking classes or whatever because you have their contact information and they've given up and they want to expect the service from as well where they are and so so that's the cycles. The disciples dot com I think you want to look at some of these it's for free and it's for free for individual users. If you would like to have Cloud Access that more people have access to and you can also decide who has access to what and so forth. But second dollars a month which is you know very few and so you have just this school and it is very useful because you have now entered into it you can help and know where people have have come to what kind of events and know if they want to be invited to this or the other thing that if you don't have that you know that everyone's parents out there of you every day or house troops more different names to these girls that you meet individuals forms you have fellowship. But if you get together. You're in the next line of this terrible wife a call that was an accident from a gateway to the pictures and they really focus on their churches and they also have this nation this kind of stuff like that in that room. Yeah that's not what I call that that they have come up with an accident on accepted to where they have all of this you know access to space by the time on the socialist groups in that of the titles holes that have cultures together to try to get a meal together. You're probably eating with people violence and you get an action was different when I was just hoping if you live in a nice eating something it's great. Yeah belonging to were so small a vapor meeting in your home. So in a certain number of home and what we have up to ours you know that one car with no one power but we have two hours. I just spoke with having a meal with social interaction can either you can do the meal yourself or your next meal is that there's more of those who want to hear him tell the difference. So it's not just some putting and eating together and we have fun resolving that we share the best thing that happened or one thing that happened this week that you have something from the league and the knowledge of other and that all that we rely on our youth and that was it. Four or five minutes not an hour and it's usually evening from six to eight and the biggest like a small meal together and that we had a hard core fight on the doctrine. The process isn't that a revelation. Not one of those that is more focused on social and on the top flight your life at the very bottom. But I also hope we can discuss and talk person just giving hard information and giving up the fellowship and. And we can use all the time in the wells popping up like my life evolved from a parable of the called the glass American and it is your question and I thought of it is in my home or in what way. Questions like that and recalls It was the picture from our eyes of the life during her I think I took the picture without the whole how to knit together and yeah most of these people are not that they are Tech Elaine or you might have met that are here and any other governors and that of it what is called for. But I think he is also one. Well not all that with the worries of all sometimes you get people to concerts are called to the I thought I was a worship eaten by the whole. So this terror group that way. OK I know people and it were a convicting or a runner confidence and confidence and imagine it as a Church member of the show for it in their co-workers. The porch of the fellowship. Not at all. So our schools. So this is we're talking about a larger to look into more having other parents or churches. As you can get more information or search around the Web site. I think if you google great research. I don't know for ours but that the article to the hell out of here with more of a partnership and I can do more than churches. I think time is right and yes it is that we actually are all these launch. We love this life in that you will have to keep them for we did one of the thing would be for center where we love the club and then we will talk a little in it but I for sure that we had people coming today we spoke to him and we have to have people sign up for that on the floor. We're finding out all the words. At the moment we have forty four people in the cabinet. We haven't thought of the event will be correctly and we don't think so and we have. And what I promise you I think it's not a vaccine that you know how to market. We have a newspaper making up article about what is you know that there's nothing at all in the way we have the major office of the scene it was how you felt that their pictures and so we have you as a part of this and use that as a legal community. But this isn't the health system used in the hallway saw me reading about the level and they were supporting Oh yeah I know and there was about forty seven or the next forty seven ads and the participants and about sixty eight visitors from there. And so there's it's it's a wonderful place where people can mingle and mingle with people from the community and the club as well is also about the same proportion of Adventists and and seekers. So. So it's this and all these events here here are to go and with each other and be able to know how to do. I mean first. As we would call it and get to know get to know our friends that we don't know yet right now. Yeah how to do how to do to have the Church own this and I don't know how many of you are familiar with strategic planning. If you're planning is is something that is done for organizations where they think about the future what is what is our vision. And they define what their vision is on the top which will give rest everything that they do and mission and core values and these are things that that will define everything that this organization does in this. So if you define what is our vision what we want to do until two thousand and twenty. Yeah. How do we want to look. How does Mr Church want to look like and so we started to brainstorm and we had to flee. We decided to have every month we have like and mission afternoon where the church meets has potluck and then me for one half hours and says What is our mission what is our core values what are what are the what do we want to do and focus on mission. So so I'm one of those afternoons we we had people share on pieces of paper what you want how do you want to see to the twenty million church and so they wrote down different things and and we got all the input we put it together and all the different inputs and that came up with with formulating that into the like a paragraph to understand what is our vision and this is Norwegian but one of the things for example is that that's the riddle. No more space for everybody to be able to attend that church which means we need to build a new church or we need to do something to to expand right. So this is something that came from the church members that that this is what we want to do so and then we we know put this wrote this down and printed it out for all of them and they can improve it and say what they would like to improve in this in the other and so that the principle thing which if you define it is involvement you want as much involvement of the local church members as possible because they're going to own it. They don't they don't want to then you're going to be paying the workers off. Yeah. So so that so having a vision this in of the church and then and from this we're still in the process not to mention that because up until now and we're still in the process that we're going to form a later one liner slogan what we want from that as a vision. And so so that's the main thing and then also a vision statement or a mission statement and then also we look at core values what are our core values and we we gave them a piece of paper with sixty values and they can cross out seven of those core values that they think are most important and they want to focus on and if there wasn't those values they could write down their own values what they thought should be and then we evaluated that and saw how many people voted for different things and then give them another paper with those fifteen and across all three. And so then we have the top top three and we and we then made them and wrote them down and so on it's like truth and motivated and loving and mission and so those are the three core values of the mutant church now that we're just presented actually last. The other went to the church either as a suggestion. Still not voted but so there's process and then everybody can come in and put this is any concerns and improvements that they can come with us. So that's that's the principle behind it is here you have a definite aim to have and then every action that is done in the church needs to be in harmony with this if it's not don't do it you know like that that's what will define your organization is your vision your mission and your core values this is what we stand for. Why do we do it because we love people. Why do we do it because we're mission oriented. Why do we have because we are Bible based right. These things and why do we do it because we want to feel like church. Well you know so so that they understand that this is why we do it if it's not conducive for that then we might not have to do it if it's some other thing that you can do that you know we don't have to do it. We need to focus. So and for that the church when we started talking about different things they they said the church quartet hey you should have something that every Sabbath can can share with the church and do some church training and so they said let's beard. So every Sabbath now we have ten minutes five minutes for health and five minutes for mission training where we talk about the badges file Republicans are different organ events and training in how to think about that for the church every Sabbath we have ten minutes where we organize it and decide who will do the training for the church and help them to see how advances and how we can be involved in a vacuum. So that's that's also like getting a platform training that's going to decide which ones are going to have cycles and we also have what else are already mentioned in this room. Which is like emissions every month and with them to those that are not in the we have there. And then we're also doing prostrating for discipleship training where people want to do the right revision another of the things in there in that are you going through three minutes. Yeah. So we have these partners as you can see in your in the welcome package and seven partners that we started with and and we're already for other other partners and business partners that they can become partners to the lifestyle club that give benefits to lots of members. Like the benefits that they did work that will regret if you go there if you thought the last couple of hundred thousand and six hundred and you get this is you that silent in the sauce and he didn't touch the three hundred. There are a lot of coaching job in your view and often package you can find it and then you get twenty percent discount for these different organizations. If you go there you'll get twenty percent off if you don't like them and and so will expand that. So even more innovation that and especially these organizations are are not dependent on location as much as the other and this is the first three or more local church member initiatives and that's all we can do in this and that's what you can do NOT in London but but these are. Other ones or I guess you have to find out what your Norway. You can use these other words for example and there's many more also that are possible. So these are very shortly. This is one of the judgment of their mistresses. I have been doing since mother has a lot. And yeah I think in this instance. Yes that's right. I was one of them. And yet there was some of that. So more benefits from that that yeah what are you trying to do overs short of Madison and your experience brighten up making it up in my life. Meeting me six o'clock the whole sector about. Yeah that's all I think everyone is great and there are other worth of stuff in the plus based on the local sort of effect yeah around the world. That's what our interactive passions in small groups and we can discuss Actually that's a call me a bit like I mean it will be out there it will be very happy to be remembered for the service. So we will look at different health we have it. It will discuss how we cannot live in unity. You can interact with discussions with different groups of people interested in getting more acceptable we will raise an award or processes equal or not matters to create the panel the needs of these discussions and we also have to have a cooking investigation in this I think I mean do they get paid well to omit or not so they will have this on up they will have their demonstrations. I use not in evidence. Informational wide enough so we will try to combine to help lecture an interactive discussion who can best ration and meetings of the Senate. It will also have the porch and then some what they can offer as well as well. We will help we can help with in March we will have a whole weekend where meetings and inspiration and we will have to help it well and help to people join the club and also whether that's a life here there's a lot to be one of the main sources summer club meetings. Health lecture series. Oh yeah. Well for one that's a lot tougher to get people to come. So then one thing will lead to nothing that will be enough who will look around for free and not to be searched every one of them one neutral. Yeah OK yeah that. Those were though we got the reactions in the home where you are being. Yeah we're even having There are like a very popular for the of of the things we will do in the life like now you have a schedule with these packages. Something else I just mentioned that something that the life type of ultimate do is create interest groups. So when we will find out what are people interested in there are in the lifestyle club and club members and then team up in different groups. Right. Not alone but in different groups to say. So we go on working group that's good every Monday or Mr and or whatever it is so that there will be individual support groups exactly activity depending on interests and also in different directions will have different challenges and then we'll talk individually or in groups rather on about how can we put this in practice together as a group. That's a club meetings are really and that the happiest Council fifty percent or cooking that was out we can help us with theory or create a help but that's a lie. We want to talk about some of the biggest for three years if you will with the madrasas Well it was going to do the last two months. We never ship and then we will give the field some of the hundred metres from of the city. It's about one hundred thousand euro. Yeah I want to have that you were born here so and mighty and the club meetings if you're not a member cost two hundred crore. So each one of you. So you get it for free if your club member allies. So Joe I don't recall me making newspapers well and hope other people got could get so how can I use this concept in my local church you can use different I.D.'s that those were not present and and we hope to create like a packet and tell the summer that we'll be able to franchise or be able to give a whole resource and a package for local churches. OK now you can do this or they were planning to have it like an impact training. I feel school in cooperation with a lifestyle club in June and the end of June the last week in June. We're going to offer that to the church members in the region rather in Norway. People that are or interested or are part of their missions can be in their local church to come and be trained in the different and things like this like strategic planning discipleship interest lists and how to implement the life the club in their local church. So those are those are things that we're focusing on or or ending at two to have like a whole week. What we did now and in an hour and to have it in a whole week with different training and how to use it and put it into practice in once the whole church. So that's that's the idea with this and that it would be a resource for other people to be able to take advantage of it as well and that we have that in a way a package that you can also use in other churches and already that you don't have to go through all that. Then we went through to get the business connections and so forth but that's already there and you can just take advantage of it and you already have that. When you say you are the number you already have things in place and then you can integrate that with your local church and maybe you have different people in your local church they can offer different benefits also through life the club members that are there any questions. Put it bluntly use means what a good life or for a good life force elements in tax. Yes You know when you don't sleep but I'd rather have resurfaced with over two years of doing character. So the only one of those or a little early to go. Yeah because you have a lot of the become old little girl problems too close to forty four. Who are they from the community. We have about two thirds of the community and one third from the church members which are from the launch and the launch at the launch we presented all of our some of the things that they were able to sign up for a six month free membership and they also got in that welcome package and they could also sign up for friends. Because they were the logic in fact a friend with the same conditions. So that's that's what and how those forty four we got it already. Now in December and not about the whole screen. You know people every event so everyone can think we ask them are you know and then they can sign up right there every time they get an opportunity in there OK this is for free if I were two hundred very quickly they will find that benefit to be part of the Life Club with us and not for example the school we have as well. We didn't cop ordering they will go out working and actually you know for example sing this line which is that they have a magazine and say OK if you're if you want to become a member you can get one percent you know which is so we both vote for more businesses at the same time so I know people are like Oh yeah for different company would be like servers out of one hundred and then we'll have our interactive discussion group it's one of your in a small groups of ten people discussing how can I plant in my life I have in my life. So the interactive group with goals and all of that and I also have a great taste not to be the first time around and I will also have a job will be in the future more a little bit of that each time. Percent for five ten minutes. Well I think about her I can get in the next month while the apartment was written. So the latter part is actually a marketing tool for all the businesses that are at the same time. It is not due to people that become club members and they feel there is a win win anyway. Exactly where we are thinking that there will be more. These events in their own view that we were able to nail down in a way before this times are seeing. But as you can see. Is there a good idea you can do with your local churches next year. Much more on how we can produce also in other words. But first the average church and something else or just to mention you know one doesn't have to do all of these things to be able to have everything ready or like you can have different elements and take out and then build from there. So good. Thank you very much. Thank you very much for this. Thank you note for inspiration that you can use these tools and be flying using this media what's brought to you by Adil a Web site dedicated to this. And in God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about it how do you know if you'd like to listen to more sermon this is W W W R U. verse dot org.


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