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Israel Ramos

Pastor in the Michigan Conference



  • December 19, 2007
    7:00 PM
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him to raise any red right eighty five p.m. and while I was in Minneapolis Minnesota where it is a wild night in the green eye and tell me even being here please let on to be a very blessed things you want as well most of the wines I have is that me the network you hope they'll join us for all of our life any evening programming as well as wildlife program found on CNN we have many international attendees in life they are hardy they are trying to be all I have seminary and from now and again rise the previous cut last year and for all your exams from around the world from why England is now from an aneurysm and I've been out in diseases like to as they were so glad you joined that range that you live I be busy life he is be we don't want to talk like this in we don't like to ask my questions and want to be Christians from our hearts and that there is anything we will be staying I will be praying together and we trust will be a very memorable and NCAA is always asking you separate them out into our crazily enough in our opening prayer in the Zionists in San Fran is menacing the racing but I know she could be with us this weekend while please direct me to your heavenly father Roy thank you so much that you feel that something is together this evening like that defies all over the country and all over the world we just translate that he will make a promise to in case you are you bringing that you will be vandalized we pray that your presence will be with us and that is as a result of this experience together we were not only grow closer to you also know how to finish feeling of having contact with everyday life the payday spirit of this place and continue to be seen even the best obviously since his voice and he meant welcome against UIC one of the goals of GUI seems to get young people to get UIC attorneys and law not just here at the conference but other opportunities that are outside of the conference to get involved I brought up here coupled my friends on stage and we want to talk about an exciting initiative that actually you can be involved in just about anytime of the day just about anywhere in the world LSU what project are you involving wearable musical Sherry Sheryl Newman is in a ministry of the Carolina conference and we focus on mobilizing and equipping and slinging and sending out laymen and women to be involved in evangelism not only as an event is a lifestyle so sheer focuses in on people that would want to preach evangelistic series both people want to preach as well as people want to get involved in their local church in an outreach team we call them involved in a lifestyle evangelism which involves them preaching themselves in their homes and their churches or getting on an airplane and going to Madagascar to preacher the Philippines so this could appeal to the young evangelist sitting in the crowd or it could appeal to maybe someone I want to say behind the stage is help him out in and organize for God we have individuals who prefer to stay at home and get involved in evangelism but we have this was a you know I like to go to places of the world for the church him at this preaching in getting involved in evangelism overseas but that they want to come back here in the demo so sure him is involved in this kind of ministry this year we have taken over seven hundred and fifty laymen and women to about thirty different countries around the world in price alone they have tweaked the three angels message and don't they realize very quick that even though they have never taken homiletics even though they have not had much experience in bringing some of them haven't even had the closing prayer the school before but their preaching an entire series of meetings and they say to themselves when they see people come forward to give the heart of Christ a signal is not really about me it's the message is the Holy Spirit working through me the people saw it all out and excite your desire supplement wakening involving LMS a question it is I'm listening to this in time in over forty five her art fifty five maybe I'm just about ready to join share him and see what I can do what what about for the younger age person will listen the majority I would say of the people who join and share him initiatives are young people this year alone we've taken over three hundred young people GHD is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ amen and and the youngest person to breach a sheriff in series was eleven years old and were looking for a ten -year-old and the oldest was ninety one and we're looking for a ninety two -year-old talk to me afterwards Beth is excited to listen to you but I figure why a group of evangelists here tell me it always are some stories that we can share our or tell me a little bit about the group will jettison these individuals here these young people were not just talking with family here these young people have participated in a sure hand event and I have a feeling I'm looking on an IC places that I recognized who have been involved in ensuring that if you at the fourth of February look at all the I will not only will don't have your hands for you to join these people have been impossible for each twice and not let me just share a few stories first of all also Joseph O'Donnell you were in El Salvador and you are preaching in interest in the church told the story about when you got the church and he canceled a meeting for another more interesting if it while I was young how we are required to go through sending at least three times before reprinted at night for that day I've asked four times just to be extra prepared for it and I get to the church and he canceled the meeting for a funeral because one of the old ladies of the church so they tell me that please disseminate done about a week before so what was that sermon about about where the digital when the amen his first time evangelist and he is called upon the preaching of funeral sermon when he came back to the hotel that evening it was amazing and encouraged on the whole we have been resurrected the Jamaica to the funeral sermon okay right now do not do not panic as it happened everybody okay all right happened everybody on Ronnie Ronnie is a pushy series in El Salvador and as low in Tanzania rubbing an interesting thing happened this summer in Tanzania I tells about your driver that took you every night out to your site yet will I have a site about thirty minutes out from her saying and we're right foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania so that was really awesome and I see this big mountain and I would drive us out about thirty minutes to my site and then with a lady out who her site on our and this was the first time he given people visit him this he done the same thing in two thousand three and two thousand five and each time he'd been resisting with his Muslim and he would just staff use listens the meetings and was dispossessed has it wasn't listening the Holy Spirit inside but this time he was listening and he would usually say either my site with disabilities act at the end his idea of his life and he said he's been away in the Senate than sizzle families to get baptized we were three times the charming men sometimes we feel well they didn't accept the truth this time there was able to move on Virginia we need to continue to have that love that God has for us and continue to seek out for others so Robinett was an interesting story now let me ask that the ladies and the other from Mountain View Academy seniors there is your and you went to Dominican Republic a few years back and not tell us about that guy give you when you prepare your sermons months in advance right and what have you I went to communicate with the mindset that by adding libraries and individual meetings maybe it helped the Navy towards but I really don't have patience I went there and I know everything I'm saying there is another tape actually planted trees and he was on his playing in the phone call saying that family emergency and you come home right away so that the opening of a new feature for think I have decided originally want to be the LA I think that it are wild and is also impressed by me even as God is calling you this feeling of files comfortable doing it I said that I did it and I'm so glad I did as a really less than what you powerful story at AEI senior getting on a plane not true not even planning to preach but they are not opened the doors he preaches a Jesus changed because of it amen I just wonder why Chopin how many of your antifreeze again to dance up in the air you can be proud of it every one of them and now there's probably going to be someone in the audience is thinking you know what the Shirley of the people can do it myself and would you recommend everyone in the audience to do it you see it for yourself now I guess I just wonder Vassar is probably someone out you're just not have the edge of their seat I can almost see they made you want to go to the Philippines maybe they want to go to India mainly they want to do something in Tennessee but power they can find out about what's the best way folks all of them can be emboldened I would recommend we're here we have a booth would love to talk to you individually about your local church about international opportunities are our website share him thought orgy got all of the seven hundred and fifty campaign a location for this coming year plus all the countries we are also wheels of seminar at UIC is invited to him to be leading a seminar called evangel living how to eat basically live the lifestyle evangelism both at home is what was internationally soldiers come to the seminar conformable to go visit her website but make sure to take a step of faith it will change your life back thank you very much I would encourage you to go to the site to ours surprised I was at ASI just a few months ago and in a happy data to share him cite them in I think it would be very passive Baltimore Orioles fathers of you know what you got to check this site out because this is a neat stuff in it and I thought that in all get to it sometime but I actually did go to the site and actually have them below or you can pick a country and that's where you can preach at so I would advice you go to the CNN website get involved and get breaking and I'm also going to buy Chelsea out here next we are going to become an organization that's more than just an annual conference is a man more than just once a month as you want leaders in Minneapolis are Sacramento or Atlanta or Houston around with maybe that we ought where to become an organization that trains young people wherever you're at it gives you the opportunity to get involved in God last day as a man jealousy you and I have talked a little bit with Hassan Finley and we want to do a training week nothing you tell me what it's been a be about and we want to have an intensive training week ending kanji like the law will say any other project and we want to do a training of more intensive on-the-job outreach and evangelism really bring this back to your church family has agreed to take a weekend a long weekend and strain on people have outreach projects the GNU hands on longer there and I thought so limited mystery young persons in the audience on maybe a little nervous about getting involved in outreach but I know I want to do it you're telling me that you are seasoning in the whole weekend lack access to pastor Mark Finley notes out I you want to do that if enough unofficially out of the nights I would like to join Jeff in so we better tell them within a VA is going to be in Florida in the Orlando area miscellaneous science alive to delight in iPhone is anyone from Florida here I am confident to have a different climate when you go down there but July second to July sixth Landau Florida how can I sign up for it we won't put on information online after the after we finish here with this we can get online he just didn't seem like the best site sign up online and will not be intended to weaken their Orlando because that's something you were a young person you went to Maplewood Academy here in Minnesota kind of involved in evangelism kind of not right why should they come as you've experienced more evangelism what what would drive this one is found and I'm sure many of you have a vandal of human being involving on the frontline working hand-in-hand with God to bring lots of disease a.k.a. changed my life and Yukon if you enjoyed our stay here your net learn more on how you can bring that bacterial insurers to be able to ask questions and be in the training domain go out in the afternoon and try it comes to requesting an weekend and begin learning how to be more effective in the work I getting excited G West he is taking the stance and taking the commitment that we want to give young people Robert Leach drained so that we can raise up an army of young people that can finish the work of a man this is just one of the ways of the West is offering more training or passive friendly July second to July sixth Orlando Florida visit the website to find out more friends upon you what you come to this weekend you'll catch the disease of evangelism and you never be the same as last year exiting bans on everything to get back into my events weekend I now have the privilege of introducing the speaker of the hour like this president is Obama 's eligibility and enter less than a season anyway I don't answer as someone is life USS eight Young people for college students very poor human all we had was the vision and believe that God can do something special for their young people for the world there are efforts many economies UIC in an regular visit I remember our first meetings that we held the reactants have very professional and that Congress can't remember calling Israel every year at ceiling every other week your mileage we had a conference call on a member i.e. inviting amphitheater was neat and fresh and being that resistant is so much over the years and I remember talking to Israel about Chile 's progress challenges seasons UIC and she licensed future outcomes of easy as well as a friend as a brother of the leader as a mentor but most of all is the one whom God has raised up at this time in its history league is very important movement you know that Israel is the father to press his case I guess assigning a manual house and Jane says that I just honestly did not sign his name is Mike or Kristin and I and Elaine G life is also Israel's baby and facility now that this is the last CIC where Israel will be giving out the injustices you I see President and I just wanted to stop receiving these the things Israel for his dedication for his commitment for a sacrifice in shades watching to and I just want Israel to know how thankful we are for his ministry and to let them know how eager we are to hear the message that God is impressive for this evening before it sells these him as amusing as I just got has and Laura Kathy after that the next place literally that is almost a a a a meaningless I is him and him and he gone him and I is will I will I will he see he is in and who I will my being and will and will he will I I a will in the knee mind grew in man believes he or he my being in my hand and will yeah I know I will will for him to her will I will will you I will and will will is I mean will and will and I are you are I must be in a long time ago you'll gotten a day when religion played a major rule in the entire community people are still dependent on agriculture everyone was a farmer everyone through their own food it must've been some time ago the community seems to be going through hi it had rained for a very very very long time and the community still dependent on growing crops in order to supply was beginning to feel the effects of those difficult almost those difficult times almost as if there was a play that fell in the land of fan is then that it was perhaps the minister who got together all the people in the community and they had a quick meeting they realize that the sun seemed to be sucking the very life of every soul in that town the preacher got together the community and they established a day of prayer working to get together and work in a pray for rain time was appointed police was appointed and at that particular time at the particular place everyone showed up it seemed as though the whole town was there along with the instructions that they have been given people came at the arrived at this event with symbols of faith that would encourage others in their walk with Christ were praying for me some came with the rosaries others came with process some brought their Bibles different things to different people brought different things and there was that the group got together in the backyard of some form they began to pray for rain I do know how long it took but rain began to fall rain began to fall but perhaps what catches our attention molds from that crowd that is gathered there that day on the field praying for rain is also much one is grasping the Bible close to her heart as if to protect it from the water that falls from the sky what the man grasps the little cross that he brought with him in his hand as he sees the rain falling on the ground perhaps it catches our attention the most is the little girl in the middle the little girl would otherwise have been unnoticed the little girl who would perhaps have been drown there in the multitude of the people had it not been for the simple fact that she came with an umbrella ministry father in heaven only you who design the hearts can realize the burden that you've placed on my heart and communicated properly to the heart of everyone here in this auditorium today do that for us and empower us to be Christians our prayer is in Jesus name amen first of all thanking you for the opportunity that you given to us to work with you I see in this capacity I especially want to thank my colleagues the executive committee and the Board of Directors eleven patient with me especially our treasurer Tom in working in this capacity you know Andrea was actually see why sees first president and she was a very good one but he stepped aside and allowed me to assume that role then you'll a lot to her for happy were happy at the same time that we have another president was to be able to take you I seek the next step to the next level and that assessment needless whom you all already know but as we approach beginning for you I see enough to approach a new phase for UI CSP approach a new direction we looking once again on our theme and we realize that it is a fitting theme or steam is a simple one yet is with so much meaning to the to be it is a theme that deals with identity and it just so happens that today we live in unusual times where everything seems to attack the very identity of Christians and a Seventh-day Adventist living in today's generation but stop for a moment and ponder with me this idea that outside of an identity it is impossible for us to reach the destiny that God has placed in our lives that individuals and as a corporate ministry in other words in identity is not one of the most important components in the Christian experience but rather it is the most important component in the Christian experience identity determines destiny who we are is important and a recognition of who we are is important if we will ever accomplish that which we are called to accomplish the question is asked will you and I will you and I arrived at the place where God wants us to be or will we be side tracked along the way the answer is it depends on your understanding and mine of our identity can with me your Bibles if you would to the book of Luke the book of Luke Luke chapter four Luke chapter four and Jesus being will the Holy Ghost returned from Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness being forty days of being forty days tempted of the devil and in those days he can eat nothing and they were ended he afterward under the bill sent to him verse three and a double set up to him if they'll be the son of God command this stone that it be made bread that's possible moment and consider what is happening here the Bible says in Mark and Luke chapter four that Jesus had just been led the Holy Spirit into the wilderness for the Bible tells us there where he was that suitable to this front Jesus the Bible says had just been led from Jordan into the wilderness what took place at Jordan Jordan was a place where Jesus was baptized and just they are finishing the baptismal ceremony from John the Baptist Jesus Jesus arose out of the water water still dripping from his said you looked up to the sky you were able to see there that the line down from heaven and the voice of God saying this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased why after that declaration not too much time passes from when that event takes place when Jesus goes up into the wilderness and very begin CSS forty days after the Bible tells us that Jesus was hungry immediately after Jesus had fasted the devil approaches Jesus in verse three and he says Jesus if you are the son of God command that these it still won't be turned into bread in other words Jesus here is being questioned by the devil regarding his identity the question is asked Jesus do you really think that you are the son of God if you are the son of God less subtle right now command that these really come out of these stones be turned into bread and then you will be able to prove not only to me but most importantly to yourself if indeed you are the son of God a question of identity it is perhaps is perhaps the struggle of every Hispanic boy and girl that goes up and the cattle of Southern California you moved to the suburbs where most people live differently from the way that you look when most people are different from the way that you are you look around in your next-door neighbors no longer your same ethnicity I remember when we need to move my brother and I were in our backyard when we had this conversation and there was something like this my brother who I still respect to this very day came up to me he said Israel you know what my name is no longer one that's what my parents named as it really were little kids as it was a negative my name is John really young my name is John aces in my last name is no longer Ramos assembly in your last name is not Rommel he said no my new name is John McCain John McCain I didn't change my name but I began to think about my brother who's now his name was now John McCain I thought to myself we live in a different neighborhood looked outside and people weren't proceeding on the wall like they did back at home they were riding bikes that were riding skateboards and some of them have been long-haired is your hair will cover half the fils and I thought to myself if I wanted in I needed to do my parents were wondering why in the world I would get my haircut and one day I came out of my room with my curly hair and it was kind of almost glasses down my face but you know that white kids whenever or they were writing their skateboards and they were looking down their head which is their hair would just fall down and it would move there there had been out of line here and work that easily when I thought it would there I was on my skateboard blowing the air towards my arithmetic and how to make it move and it would move the problem was that I lost my identity I lost my identity I ask myself the question if we forget who you are what are the dangers that we face I wonder what would've happened if Jesus lost his identity the plan of salvation one of them possible you are my friends have been given a test this movement has been given a test but whether we will fulfill the destiny the command the mandates that God has given to us as individuals and as a corporate body depends on whether or not we will remember who we are amidst a changing times that are before us there are three secrets that need to be considered when were considering our identity the first is the past the second is the present and the third is the future in other words Jesus in order for him this file this file that was attacking his identity first have to remember the fact that he saw himself with his very own iceberg with his very own years the voice of God coming out of heaven declaring him to be the son of God we need to remember our tax we need to remember the present many times taking into consideration the future we forget that we have a life to live today the decisions that we make today will determine whether or not we have a future our future depends upon our present and whether or not we have a future depends on what we are doing currently with our present we cannot change the past we do not control the future but God has given you and God has given me the present and the question we have to ask ourselves this evening is what kind of decisions are we making today outside of the vision we will arrive nowhere if God has not given to us a vision for the future than the present in the past are useless because if God has not given us something to focus on in the future and if you do not have a place to which we are to where we are to arrive in the middle we will deviate in gold everywhere except the place that God calls us to go the power of the future look to me one more time at a different sort of a son the book of Luke just a couple verses later on let's look at verse thirty seven to get an objective one verse thirty seven and a fan of him and the fame of him went into every place of the country round about and heal rolls out of the synagogue and entered into Simon 's house and Simon 's wife's mother was taking what a great fever and they besought him for her and he stood over her and rebuked the fever and an immediately he arose administered unto them now when the sun was setting all data were all data had any all data had any sick with divers diseases brought them unto him and he laid his hands on every one of them and healed them and devils also came out and came out of many crying out and say thou art Christ the son of God and he rebuking them suffered suffered them not to speak for they knew that he was writes notice no one takes place in verse forty two and when it was okay he departed and went into a desert place and the people sought him and came on to him and his faith in that he should not depart from them verse forty three and he said unto them I must preach the kingdom of God to other cities also for therefore my sense and he preached in the synagogue of gallery Jesus is now traveling all over the region these preaching the gospel wherever he goes he's gaining fame round about him in some places Jesus is love as a matter of fact there was one place where everyone brought everyone that they knew was sick and the Bible says that Jesus is the time to heal everyone in the entire city it's of them probably dolomite if you get a rest and then next morning everyone came to Jesus and asked the state but Christ said no I have to go to another place and administer to another group of people Jesus was beginning to gain popularity but not all of it was not all of it was positive just before this takes place in the synagogue he was at another place and there you will place the book of Isaiah and the prophecies he declared himself to be the Messiah people get so upset it for at the ready Sonja before he escapes so now you have a mix group unmixed a mixed group of emotions that is following Jesus from place to place some people like them some people don't but almost everywhere everyone knows about Jesus would come right back to that person can look at what happened in chapter five and it came to pass that is that anything the past benefit people pressed upon him to hear the word of God he stood by the late of Nazareth as long as you're standing by the late but the fishermen were gone out of them and washing their nets and events into one of the ships which was signed and then he prayed him that he would rust out a little more from the land and he sat down and taught the people out of the ship not when you're not speaking he said of the Simon launch out into the deep and let down your nets for drop enzyme anatomies of the master we have foiled all the night and have taken nothing nevertheless if I were not let down my neck and when yet and when he had just done the Eagles a great multitude of fishes that their net break this is down to verse eight when Simon Peter saw it he fell down at Jesus needs saying depart from me find a sinful man old Lord for he was astonished and all that were with him at the thought of fishes which they had taken ever asked yourself the question why is it that Peter respond in this way I mean Peter saw that his life and that Peter saw a multitude being said just by a little bit of food I mean there are other miracles that in my mind are superior and more miraculous in this miracle that takes place as they are fishing on the seat but just the effect that this miracle takes on Peter is still out at everyone who reads this passage why has it that the response the Jesus thing on a sinful man old Lord Wyeth Peter is astonished by this miracle that Jesus performs at the beginning of their ministry the answer is perhaps found there in the passages that we just read did you notice they are the beginning of our reading that Jesus is there with Peter at his mother-in-law 's house if mother-in-law has just been sickened Jesus heals their something happens from that time to the time where Jesus goes down to the lake and begins to preach the multitude that if there a lot of time have not have taken place a lot of time has been elapsed it has been a short time since Jesus has been with Peter 's mother-in-law to when Jesus performs that miracle but did you catch there what transpires in between Jesus goes to another city and he begins to preach the gospel to heal people all night long the next morning traffic mostly giggles onto the next sitting he preaches the gospel all day long the next morning he's found there early in the morning by the Sea of Galilee preaching once again to the multitude and I ask myself the question could be could it be that all this time as Jesus is healing and preaching the disciples are fishing notice what happens notice what happens at the end of that miracle Peter fallen at the feet of Jesus Jesus asked Peter to worry about on that and make you to become a fisher of men you see friends there is a difference between someone who fishes as someone who is efficient someone who fishes can decide to stop anytime he wants someone who fishes can decide to take a break at any time she wants but if you are a Fisher if your livelihood depends on fishing if fishermen is your identity then you finish because you are a fisherman the question is do you want my fish or a week fishers identity determines destiny identity determines destiny for the last thoughts on a message this evening am good about you to turn with me to the book of Romans do with me to look at Romans chapter twelve this is actually the theme jacks for our weekend together I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice holy acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service and be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind why so that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God in Romans chapter twelve we find what is the identity that you and I are called to take and will what follows is wanted to find the reason for why we are to increase this identity animal must well wanted to we find the way in which we sits your this identity were looking at what is the identity why is it that we ought to absorb down identity and how was it that we can attain that identity must look at a passage together it starts off by saying I beseech I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice notice that the Bible does not say I commend you I command you to make your bodies a living sacrifice know the Bible uses that word beseech IRA Q it is unclean obsolete here Paul is pleading with the church with all that he has begging them as it were to make themselves a living sacrifice for Jesus friends that the thing about the identity is that when I cannot legislate an identity that we will undertake Christianity is not about legislation following Jesus is not about legalism following Jesus is not a result of tools and don'ts following Jesus first starts from the hearts Paul says I beseech you I cannot force you to follow Jesus I cannot force you to take the identity of Christ you cannot force Christianity on someone as though you are some police officer that is working for Jesus taking Jesus identity out your own conscience simply as a result of Jesus touching the heart PC shooter for brethren by the mercies of God notice there the Bible says that it is by the mercies of God in other words that is the reason why is it that the identity crisis identity is an identity that you are not talked to have simply because the mercies of God have been extended it to you and to me in other words it is impossible for you to undertake the identity of Jesus it is impossible for us I see why save what individuals to fulfill our destiny in the mercies of God not yet affected and impacted our lives by the mercies of God I remember still to this very day I salute was yesterday the teleconference call that we had every already told you my chat meetings Stacy Alterman came along and she upgraded us of teleconferencing we were there on the phone and we were talking about whether or not we wouldn't have the first UIC you see the dilemma that we were facing was this we were in a have to pay fifty thousand dollars to host the first UIC all of the four students and we had zero dollars in the bank account we knew that if we were to go under with this CYC are powerful enough I thought to myself my parents did not have fifty thousand dollars in the bank drifting at this president I remember our prayer meeting there some of us were saying you know what in Catholic this year were not ready UIC this year others were saying we need to have we need to have it once we start we need to press forward all the way Ethel finally we came to a compromise we said unless we have X amount of money by the end of this week were in a castle G Weiss D one no money due to no money as I remember day three in no money and were getting closer and closer to the end of the week and no money but I remember I remember more the phone call that we God 's on the day you someone donated the money it was a one or two dollars it wasn't five or ten dollars it was thousands of dollars I think that I think back the thought crosses my mind what would've happened what would've happened if we didn't have cheap I see the first year the mercies of God I look around and we have the best auditorium that we've ever had in history if you place he remember comparing this as we were flying on the airplane over here in my mind I only saw the pictures and I remember there are first GUI seen by Springs Ranch we got only two hundred people in a car rolled down the list of all our friends and we thought that among all of us we had at least two hundred friends five you close down registration not because of anyone verses of God do you realize that our executive committee none of us have any training in securing these types of facilities and yes every year something happens it's called the mercies of I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice Jesus does not ask us to sacrifice our money Jesus does not ask us to sacrifice RSS Jesus is not I asked us to sacrifice anything but ourselves what good is it to donate everything that we have yet hold back ourselves God will not accept your offering if you don't offer yourself I beseech you therefore brethren by the mercies of God that you present yourself as a living sacrifice holy acceptable unto God which is your reasonable service Jesus says to you and to me due to me that which is right in other words Israel came I see everyone that is here this evening if I'm not done anything for you don't do anything for me but if you have been a partaker of the mercies of God then present your bodies a living sacrifice because this is your reasonable service how is it that we do this how was it that we do this and be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind it is in that all unless you are transformed you and I are being conformed in other ways in other words the way in which we avoid conforming is by allowing God to transform but notice there what the Bible says notice that what the Bible says because you might see as an army of young people who are on a mission to proclaim the three Angels messages for the whole world in this generation but how is it that this group of young people will be able to transform this world and what it ought to be this group of people and who they are and who they are to be in order for Jesus to come back the Bible says he he transformed by the renewing of your mind in other words before you when I are called to transform anybody else Jesus as you know what why don't you worry about my work in your life you'll be transformed don't try to transform the world outside of the transformation that takes place that ought to take place in your very own hearts first you will be transformed by the renewing of your life that of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God identity without the past we have known without the presence we have not without the future we have not what is our identity our identity is to be like Jesus higher than the highest human thought can reach is God 's ideal for his children godliness God likeness is the goal to be reached why is it that we are called to be like Jesus because of the mercies of God how is it that we can be like to yes be transformed by the renewing of your mind don't allow yourself to be conformed we are conformed because of one of two reasons the ease of conforming the ease of conforming the disciples began to fish because it was easier than following Jesus the popularity of prices going up and down it was almost schizophrenic they wanted stability little fishing vessels were used to the ease the ease friends if you want I only followed Jesus when it is easy and you and I do not have an identity the second reason why people conform is because I don't know who they are in identity crisis his name was Jeremy he was a little boy who was too old to be in this class something happened when he was young and he was unable to really excel the way he ought to have excelled his parents fought about moving up to special ed classes but there was something about the class that he was in there want to keep them there the teacher said you have to take amount is for his own benefit the parents decided not to journey would speak up in class sometimes and yet slurred speech and he was loud it was embarrassing sometimes we just blurt out from the back of the class his teacher he would say I love you and everyone would burst out laughing Easter rolled around it was time for everyone to bring Easter eggs to school the assignment was to find something and spring that was an example of new life so everyone went home and pick something up they were supposed to put it in a little egg teacher was caught up with work and she thought to herself as the day approached I should've called Jeremy 's parents I should have called Jeremy 's parents now journeys can come to school with the wrong assignment to her dismay it seems to have been true the first person came to class the open of these Dragon derogation of the class a flower you're right the flowers a symbol of new life in the spring the flowers bloom symbol of person after person after person came up and ensure me racist charge of initial my Gilpin is a is a was empty her heart was filled with grief oh no oh no what am I to do journey fifteen strategic please comment on my way she said in desperation surely there's nothing in your act and Charlie said there was nothing in the tomb there was nothing to our identity is based on the living Christ that because our identity is based on the living Christ Christ asks us for living thing how many of you want the faith of Jesus 's name was written by audio birds and humans are in a hurry would like to present or would like to learn more as a is Dubya lies in the board also agreed with you on your burgers were in their him or a known as a a


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