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Better Beggars: The Purpose of the Latter Rain

Ivor Myers


Better Beggars: Discover the beautiful revelation of truth revealed in the parable of Lazarus and the rich man, and find out how this parable holds the key to the outpouring of the Latter Rain. 


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • July 5, 2015
    5:15 PM
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This evening I'm going to be speaking to you a message I have been titled better beggars better beggars we're going to be talking about a few things but we're going to be focusing on the purpose of prayer. The purpose of prayer. That's not exactly a meme. So we're going to jump right in and we're going to be all really going through the Scriptures this evening so the you have your Bibles. Yes amen Let's have a lot of prayer and then we will jump in Heavenly Father we want to ask in a special way that you would please speak to our hearts. A letter that you would give us wisdom that you would give us understanding Father we want to know what is the purpose of prayer from God for you to hire me behind the cross. Annoyed please and make right. Be lifted up is our prayer in Jesus' name amen. I hate microphones that cause me to stand still. All right I'm just going to leave that for now. OK so I blew that one of the greatest needs of the administrators. One of the greatest perhaps the greatest individual need of everyone who desires to be saved especially in this time is a revelation of Jesus Christ. In fact I believe prayer is for the purpose of seeking a revelation of Jesus Christ. I'm going to begin with a story of a man by the name of Joseph and we're going to be going somewhere with this so let's just talk about Joseph very quickly you got to remember the story of Joseph Yes. And Jim was this is one of how many brothers. Well he is one of the younger of twelve brothers and so also it ends up having some dreams prophetic dreams. We would say that Joseph innocence was given the gift of prophecy and he told of certain things that were going to happen. And his older brothers the ones who were there on the scene before him really didn't like that so much they didn't like his prophetic interpretation. And and so eventually you know the story they turned against him. They throw him into a pit. They betray him they sell him for money and sell him into captivity. Joseph Menn Bacula sleepy ends up as the second in command in a place called Egypt right behind Fadel and the way that he got there was that fella had a drink and one of the dream having to do with seven years of plenty and seven years of Senate and Joseph interprets the dream and Pharrell is so moved that he he exults Joseph to the highest place in the kingdom. Now I don't know if you're listening to me right now but if you're listening to me you should be like really excited right now and if you don't know why you should be excited right now I want to use the sofa. So fear not Joseph is exulted to the second in command in the kingdom and what turns out turns out happening is that the very brothers that had rejected him now in time are set. I mean you have to come to him. OK Well so what I want to point out here is that in this story there was a time of plenty of gathering not play well but I mean you know you know the one thing that were times that everybody from that justices gathering it's a time of plenty and then come these seven years I spent so much time aplenty was followed by a time I have salmon and generally speaking those who had not made the preparation of the time of good will and when the time of plenty suffered and the time of standing. Yes Yes So what we see here it is a very positive personal by the way let me just jump ahead and do this very quickly. Do you do you realize that Joseph in many ways. Build a younger brother one of the youngest brothers on the scene in many ways is like the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Besides there you understand that justice is a type of Jesus Christ was betrayed by his family and the very one that the Tribune uncertain him for and money and felt that they had gotten rid of him and his prosthetic interpretations and so at the second in command in the children and I believe that Jesus was God removed because the time of salmon is coming you know he was sent back to those administering for them you see. The administration is is a pretty new church on the block. Others are prophetic interpretations. And they said they're going to come to you you crazy and say our brothers don't like us to us but then just trying to tell them I'm not going to shut up and say that they were brothers are doing everything that they possibly can to get rid of us not realizing that one day a famine is coming. And who is God going to use that title when people are looking for bread. In fact that nobody goes with him to the chapter eight and Chapter eight and I want you to notice with me verse eleven and verse twelve and verse eleven and verse twelve the Bible says here is considered the bad guy but I will send them in that land not of them of the bread nor upstart rather that I'm hearing the words better. But I but I believe our standing is coming to you and I believe that everyone else who appear in a time of plenty will be compared to the time of sand. I'm going to show you this pattern again in Scripture by the way it was when the brothers. Let me rephrase that the brothers in searching for bread. Joseph was revealed to them. Going to wait for thinking and searching for and there was no mention of Genesis. The greatest many of our church today is a revelation of Jesus Christ. So what I'm suggesting to you is could it be possible that that the same search for bread that the blood has been on which revealed Genesis might have something to do with how do you know not it might find Jesus searching for bread. So there's another pattern. This current view is with New Testament times. You see on the day of Pentecost God rained down from heaven. I would call that a time of plenty. Yeah we had a man of God was flowing out of the disciples and and the Word of God was being spread everywhere there was a time of plenty of time that we would connect with with what Daniel Chapter nine cause the seventy weeks property the coming of Jesus Christ. He in fact meant the brand as I write. But if we at the pattern is correct our time of plenty was followed by a time what's that mean. Then we can assume and we don't even need to assume that we can expect that after this time of plenty. I mean Testament church that there would be a time of sanity. Well there are times. I've said Amman after the early church. The answer is yes we know that time of Stan and as the Dark Ages and but I believe that it was because of that the bread that we received during the early church period that the church in the Dark Ages was able to survive. That had not been up on the bread so that by the time of standing here it's able to be sustained without the player. So don't worry we're getting there. What I meant to set this pattern time of plenty time of Senate by the way. One of them a guy by the new Elijah. You know my heart you live. The Bible talks about how our lives went into the wilderness and because our standard had come up on the land remember that. And Barack a question for you. How long did the senate last three and a half years. Thirty two months. Go away. Thirty two months. The lies of the last thirty two months. He's hiding this. He said he is highly paid for it and women themselves about them. And none of that I believe I believe that that Eliza Stammen is a symbol or type of the famine of the not in the church itself. And then into the wilderness and God not just her for a time times and happen time time of plenty followed by a time of then one more cycle. I believe that God did something special in nine hundred forty four. I would call that a time of plenty where God put it out there said blessing upon this church and gave an amazing revelation of Jesus Christ out of God and I knew that time of plenty is still now playing. But obviously a time of plenty when to be followed by a time honored Sanin said we have not so much that a foundation is coming up famine is coming and unless we have a job. We will not make it through the famine. So just as the brothers discovered Joseph as a result of searching for bread. I believe that the greatest need of the church today. It was a revelation of Jesus Christ. And somehow or another the Revelation of Jesus Christ must be connected with searching for bread. What kind of controversy. Page five ninety three none but those who have fortified the mind with the truth of God's But the truth of the Bible will stand through the last great conflict. So on my mood to be fortified with the Word of God in times. Of plenty and events where in good times will survive and will be noticed. During the time of famine a man in fact not before four times that's now and some not live by bread alone but about everywhere but that was out of the mouth of God to listen carefully. The time of trouble is that all about character that we must have the tablets of Jesus Christ. The time travel is an issue dealing with this character. It's a traveler to problem. So the question is what is the answer to our that's hardly a problem. Now try with me to say one thing and that's nine thousand and nine the battle type of hearsay. Nineteen and verse nine o'clock and his way purify his characters right with God how I'm going to do that but I take you here according to the not the other guys. According to the Bible the Word of God cleanses are no other charter said listen carefully and cleanses characters or less. Now you know I can see that mother got so bright and clear and those characters not remove then in these they removed plenty of bread and I said No Next question how do you get there. Sounds like a fair question. How do you do that when I go to meet with me I think it's a fifty five and bust ten fifty five and ten. No for the Bible says have been coming down and snow from heaven. I'm return this return of not that and make that gives it to the Senate. And for that you know so check this out of the Center for the Nation of Islam of character or not I thought Charteris to be right with me then but not until then when the only right wing. OK. Provides bread. Either way there can be not only with me so provides bread with cleansers character which sustains us in the time of trouble. Remember I said we are moving are ready. So the question is what's a question. How do we get it. How do we then was not meant to tell us. Let's go to the book of first part of the strata seven first part of the first Chronicles Chapter seven and a Second Chronicles. I'm sorry Second Chronicles talk to sever their starting but if I shut up ahead then that will be knocked up if I commanded by send pestilence among my people. If my people which are caused by mind then shut up. There's not much. Not really my face. And the best we can then we haven't. And their forgiveness. And then watch the progression here and for us to survive at the time I found in that time of trouble. Seven up and we moved to have the right characters. But I'm going to have the right character remove the play button on it not a lion and I don't want to have when we meet a twenty year. Most of them. The purpose of prayer is not necessarily just said that one can say all. Been made a strawman for that purpose. The purpose is to produce better. Say that's a template for the characters' Listen guys. It's not to try to claim it's prayer. Rosen had a child. Are you finding that I'm sitting here with. And I think that anything humble pretty weak turn leads to rain which alludes to bread which builds to characters. That's bad I just wanna say I have a pretty sick turn it's too much of leads to dread which lead to characters you see but not been railing on bread or Senator Clinton he connected that and then for the sixteen God actually said I'm right. Then I said OK we're going to break and to see if you have the ability to test your chocolate. It's not to do the one hundred thirty two and so the Bible says my doctrine was dropped. I have the right and wrong. Each shall the spirit of the do as the smell either in a kind of tender and out of the shadows are probably not so good out of the thirty two. God is likening doctrine to when to mention to him but the only way that man can con is this not people which will handle themselves. Handle them so plainly see and to us. Cept that so not this hundred member the revival that took place in the book of Acts chapter two that is a major revive about the essence of revival. When we talk about the Bible. That's really good and then. So say my prayers. It is and what is it I'm not about the revival put there. Yeah I mean they don't worry. They were praying. I didn't play but I want to show you something I want to say something. I believe that the revival or not Chapter two began in Luke twenty four twenty four and I mentioned that is what Luke twenty four says Luke Chapter twenty four. I just met you know I am remaining calm on purpose right now. Twenty four verse fifteen and you know the story right this is the story of the two disciples who are working on the road to the moon and they are right and I've been a regular on the road to miss what's going on and then they are pretty sad because they're saying you know the one they thought was the Messiah had just died and said that's not going to they are depressed they are discouraged they are saddened by the times that's true that same enemy is the traditions of Islam about three square feet long and they'll talk together and adding still that it happened and it came to pass that while they are coming together and reasoned Jesus himself drew near and went with them. Now I want to know what is this that swears but their eyes were holding that they should not know him they didn't recognize Jesus you know they knew that this moment would you think they need a nation of Jesus Christ. You know you think that I have ventilation and Jesus Christ now I believe that there is a reason not Jesus did not reveal himself. To them I believe it said something about the fact that a science fair. So they don't recognize him. They don't recognize him. The sound they are discouraged and I can imagine Jesus dunking there and you know you guys need somebody like that you know you've gotten into medical school. Well you saw this that I would say that friends like to say but Dinah tells us that explain things that happened I would really rather should be that press right and I'm noticing that Jesus says verse twenty five then he said to them and said Hard to believe about the proper test that can are not Christ are some of these things and to enter into his memory and says and I have a prophets part right here. All right time to move. Let's say that you that I am back from Iraq in this way. You came back to life you know that your family was suffering they were sad and you wanted to surprise them. OK you have been happy because if I let you do going to do the same thing that made you do you want to get them out of the Depression. You know what's going to happen if you want to have them to live not not a car than a smart one of them to know you're going to show how much. Jesus said to me instead. And behind some of the Senate. Now I don't know I don't know if we have ever a master not one and you know when when you lose a loved one it's not the right time to like you know. Even giving a Bible study and sales are says sometimes people are just not in the mood to take just what Sometimes no words are better than some work but you know you know all the verses that are heard that police I'm suffering right now. This is how the disciples felt such as the by was this beginning from mortars and the problems he began to experiment at them in the Scriptures. All of the things concerning himself himself. He has really really wanted them himself in the way. Now I believe that the reason why there are signs of not recognizing the reason why Christ has his identity back because he was trying to show them listen you have been reading the Scriptures and you have been reading it and I wanted to know when are we going to be delivered from them and they have missed the Messiah in the Scriptures. You have not soon they're not going to I'm Jesus Christ in the Scriptures. And so you can protect them on this Bible study and but I want you to think about what kind of Bible study that must have been because at the end of the time of the study this is the scientists are saying is that they currently forget their misery. How do you study must not have been that they say I'm not their misery. So you're going to says I Jesus and he's about to buy the way home and how many of us read the Bible without having the Revelation of Jesus Christ and therefore find ourselves in the same mental condition of the disciples as they were on the road to Anya's Jesus wanted their joy to be based upon bread. Jesus wanted their happiness to be based upon what they found in the Scriptures. So back to that I know not stated as an abundance of them. And he sat down at the table and what does he do. And the blanks there and they were like that the first time Jesus breaking bread with a story. No he had been breaking bread with them on the walk to let me use some of that happens. They said did not on your heart or did not our heart burn did not work hard for but I think God wants to give us heartburn. You know when you get heartburn after you eat. But I can imagine that their faces must light it up. Member Jesus wanted and why you saw the scars up. I know their faces light up as a result and that they say are in the Bible as a result of a Bible study that Jesus gave them that will be real to huge characters. Do you know what Jesus was actually doing. He was unlocking the Scriptures. He was unlocking glory in the Scriptures. Listen how do you remember a man by the name of his yes who wanted to see the glory of God and remember that when he saw the glory of God has this line up by the rate of Pentecost. Listen carefully to see if there is a cart. Whether the cycles faces light up. Yes or no. OK if fire is resting on top of you that means your face is like that. And so best this one faces on my abdomen the size of the head of the now the growing up they thought big. The Bible says Jesus stands OK not stop laughing. Then one day I will study. When I went up into millions. They got hyper. Jesus stays a total of forty days. What do you think he's doing with them during those early days but never listen to me when the disciples go into the Upper Room at the beginning of day one in the upper room like their minds are already prone. They are already burning the fire falling. That's simply signifying already happening in their hearts. So now if you remember menses right and asked to see the great exodus try to thirty three and verse eighteen Exodus Chapter thirty three and verse eighteen Exodus thirty three eighteen. The Bible says here. And he said I beseech thee show me that I will show me that I only I beseech thee I question was would mean what is the word beseech you to write to request. And if something is not just like a crowbar don't bother. So now if you say about or then ask not. Since when is an act of begging and bed. I did see that the governor says to me that this is very important to me you know understand and to see your eyes is really sending a very and so the Bible says that God is and what does God I'm gonna hide in the craft of the rock and that God does something amazing. God Bill Clinton better than it is to have chatted to this interest counter me. And this is really good and that is this is the name of God as a deal to those of which means that the name of God is equal to the Catholic Church of God and at the end that's not men's is lightened up. Has steadily shown that they're not going to blind a principle is laid out the point of principle it's very simply said the bible said so. So here's a question it was a question we can't see God today or can we win the nomination of Jesus Christ why. Because Bobby ahead of the Revelation of Jesus Christ we can change into the image of Jesus Christ. So the question is Where do we be a parent. The more I'm not going to buy the thought of that it is in the face of Jesus Christ. So and then when we study the Bible. Listen God really ought to be dead soon. I've been since really no no that's not the bind that's a shame moving me. But I believe that the main purpose of prayer is not to ask for things. The purpose of prayer. If so I'm sorry but I was in the scripture and by listening that when the comes into the image of Jesus Christ. It's not asking for the glory. It's begging. I did not and said Listen to this and I was pitched to seven seventh's of God and God that's possible when their faces lighten up and Shaun Maloney consecration said to proclaim the message from heaven. The question is how is it that our faces that lining up in advance of the characters of God that we cannot get the cards of God which is found in the bread of God If we are not praying for rain or to increase the Brit said my own fads are not Scripture. Remember going to bed. This is a picture of Christ at the mention of Christ. I had not seen this picture and now you're holding it. I know that we can change. John five thirty nine Jesus says he's such a skill just in than you think you have a title like that these are there in which the. Not testify at me send them to the Scriptures do they testify I have Jesus. They testify I have Jesus. I mentioned this carefully because once it's done every page of The Holy Scriptures. Excited by myself. So just like in the scriptures to define life. That's not the question because every parish how to write every page. How can my system against the valve ages page when there are many pages but I just really a preset a prophecy the Testament scriptures are all the Son of God That is the burial of the Son of God as found written every page of the Scripture and it is the best place for us to get a picture of Jesus. I'm glad you found that picture. We the country needs has a picture of them not us unless we know how to ask for rain to federal. So I want my face to be lighted up. So far I want my space to be lighted up the Bible says by the holding I become changed so my face needs to be in this book. My Face Book. He said. So this is my faith. If I want to wind up. Must be in the block. Because in the book. How many of you. How do you ever like discovered and picture of a grandma. A great uncle. And just in that picture it's just like you learned so much about that person's character. You know it's a rare produced and you go wow this is Uncle free. Wow I didn't know he was and something about that picture. MARK SIMKIN about the time it's and I'm going to sign that we're going to member having not seen that picture. Well now listen guys the dive bomb if you have albums out of that OK JUST FOUND OUT of the Bible is God's of Jesus Christ. But I'm not so I'm not that picture. We have to pray only seven. So check this out. I'm a given example into some other examples and we're going to do this as quickly as we can but listen how do you remember a man by the name of DAVIES And you have a good guy right. That's very hard and isn't that really messed things up for him. He committed adultery and he had are asking to have that she was pregnant and the Bible says that he kills because didn't kill you and I are not identified with a second Samuel Second Samuel. And Chapter twelve seconds. Chapter twelve now as you turn there are going to be reversed the I want you to listen carefully as you turn your second time a chapter twelve in John sixteen verse twelve Jesus I have many things to say to you that you cannot better than now. How did the Spirit of truth is come he dug into all truth and I'm not speaking of the South but that's what you saw here that's him speak and he said you things to come and listen. He said he's not a super model and sashayed until the Spirit to do Not a shame. Jesus Christ said then we place on the head of the Spirit of God If you can mount a lot of focus on a person I know I don't want to call I don't want them so that the primary thing that I'm asking for is not a member here in spirit. Unfamiliar to me and the best place in the Scriptures now. Many of us read the Bible and we read with this kind of attitude. If you saw the board of God you would pass out west. Seven of them and a good person and then it's going to pop up. You know that I think the path out right about now. Many good that's what I think I'm not and Jesus is still in the Scriptures with the Scriptures and financing some of you ever had experience. I once read that book and. Then I'm going to pass out right now because this is a silly thing you know said you know plan ahead please. That is the job description of the head of Sperry. It's not to do this when I have not to mention a job that there are some benefits. But the main purpose of the stood aside Jesus Christ. Jeremiah chapter twenty nine votes to Abbott says this then shot you call upon me and you want to meet you and you shall see me. And let's rephrase that. When will they know we're not acting. I'm going to bed and isn't a pastor the Bible says and you shall receive. Do they have the great. I think it's pretty sad to have a vegan and so send them as I like to put a bag I'm not going to take a minute I do and I'm not so bad. God said listen I need you to be so low that you're willing to day that you're willing to settle this. Very Matthew I'm sorry. Second sound you're right. Second and then I have left you hanging for some time. Second Chapter twelve and I want you to notice this source of the prophet Nathan come to David and says you have sown and he's convicted and he repents you know ten does he not know he doesn't remember that she gets pregnant and if I would have had the kind of this this is good in speaking in fact Mr teens and David certain that when I have sinned against God and went and said I want to be voted off or has put every bad thing that's not going to have given great occasion to the ends of the want to perhaps mean that child after that it's brought on to the shall not surely die and the child dies then that's kind of the midst of story huh. Yeah except it's not Mr and Mr. Then you might say things are going to the story. So presumably you know that I was in prison where do you turn the saga. David's child that we don't have a name for him. I don't know that it's a boy. I got this idea. How does passing out right about this Sunday you haven't done something that someone that's not. Now here is a picture that many of my family and I just passed by as cynical to star in the Bible does not imply that it was not going to have to turn the tables and look at this picture like a dominant father. Look here's a picture of my son and see just as he died that others may leave. I want you to the whole that because when you be whole that that great idea that you you are carried her changes into the same image ubiquitously Bettesworth Jesus. It's a piece you never saw this is what Jesus did. I think if you just look at the picture see a book and I don't think we become changed into his image. The granted you try to start adding to the scriptures and we can unlock men in prayer. May I help you to stop praying about this problem and that I haven't said much as I said self-centered and problem and not of this problem ever here and not the other and that aside then I was mad about that part of how everyone in the meadow I mentioned to assume I'm not going to step down. That takes a bit of. So check it out when one study the Bible. We are. I've been studied separately. What can I get for me. We often play separately. What can I get for me. But the right approach to the Revelation of Jesus Christ and the study to the Revelation of Jesus Christ and bread then change your character and Brenda change who you are so can you imagine the Bible Study Jesus must have given the disciples. Can you imagine starting from Morse's and the prophecy. Can you imagine perhaps starting in the book of Genesis and and Jesus may be saying something like hey you know how in the beginning on the first day light was created. Do you know that the Messiah was that like. Do you know how on day two the Bible talks about what is do you know that Jesus is the water of life. You know I don't and twenty three have a Bible says that the fruit came forth from the ground do you realize that the Messiah comes forth. The first few months have been here right. You know not on Thursday. I'm gonna put the plane that's not in the sky do you know that that Jesus Christ is the greater light. And the Bible is that which points the at the by the Appalachians I point to Jesus a great ally. So far God creates the fish that Jesus is the fisher of men they sex god Clinton minimal damage you know that Jesus is the man made in the image of God He is the second. I don't the seven The Bible says God rest of the you know G.'s. It's rested on Day seven but Jesus says Come unto me all you that labor and I didn't even give you meds. How about Genesis two and now God says I'm going to Bible tells us that by God to Adam to sleep and block for me from his inside his wife do you know that Jesus also put the flute the second Adam and her son up and up and from that side has brought the church and a man some of the mother and his father and cleave to his wife and two shall be one for Jesus seventy seven and so I remember that he liked St I think I like her fantasies. OK son go and he needs his father to become one flesh. How about Genesis three when the Bible says that not going to flaming centered around the tree of life to keep me alive that Jesus Christ on the cross is not the truth is not the tree of life that the cross is room I can listen just in that time. I'm never going to reach for the cross the flaming sword abandon a certain death. Say they say to release from across the room. Certain events. You must remember that you do not have a Genesis one and then Atlanta says that there are two sets of the ship at the end of the shuttle trips and his righteousness and he has a shepherd and shoot him. But an attempt to size is not an accident God said that reveals too much Christ and walk with God and had a certain kind of Genesis sex. No it is called temper and Art has the non-stop unrighteous just as Jesus Christ. There's no end in there and found that different documents of covenant with Jesus Christ. One hundred to seven that salvation comes through a piece of metal lifted up and down the other. OK I'll go away. Foundation dot com. Yep you listed and up until then I didn't intend to be OK These pictures really didn't to see some amazing things unfold. I'm not going to condemn income by trying to present evidence that these are crimes of the scriptures because that's how I lead in time of plenty of time and effort. You know Genesis never leaves his people from all over the world to a new world and I don't remember if put up to show that the world will never be destroyed again by water just as Jesus Christ will lead his people from the world to the new world and the rain but when Heaven will be a symbol that there will be no more destruction forever but I will listen in Genesis nine that assertion. And I'd take as good a blessing because he doesn't look as far as they can as he turns backward and that was uncovered his father seeing. There is a revelation of Jesus Christ who was not interested in seeing all of the kidneys. I was not interested in experience and as a mom I'm not going to explore what you're saying. My purpose is to cover you. But we could go on and on and on. Jesus Christ is revealed in the scriptures that it down to the bread to be broken open. We have to pray in men aren't we have to beg you are spirit of God in the scriptures and body that I will be changed. Genesis eleven attire is but we were not a man of God good. He comes down. I can fund managers that had done it together to try to reduce the plate in the middle of Acts chapter two a man discovers how to reach heaven. Then I really I mean I am not going to come down again. And instead of constantly. But they're not the Scriptures. Some even begin to reinvent to M.J. time to study and put them to me. I have to tell you something if you if you when I might have heard of but I say that when I was blown away by everything I was blown by either they had pop artist or not. All that I'm going to the first time I'm not into an administration and I'll tell you that no but when I first became an admin is and I you know grew I was baptized in a in an obligation as church. I thought that Adventism was a black movement for the first time going to the church and it doesn't. The pastor if the powers of said let's remember that you've got I lost my mind honest I'm not going to start off the street just you know Popper's us and we just lost it and we won and I thought maybe I am going to be painted and so do you mind because as we were getting excited the other people said no not when I did and I don't mind the advent of phantom excitement and you know you just can't stop a minute how can you guys here in this that Jesus is the Messiah and system and that blew my mind. That is twenty years ago. I still do the same thing today. I'm not just here. I'm just going to I'm going to be content to become savage and you can't I'm going to definitely not going to make and this is not in the Bible. This is how much time do I have. So listen carefully. How much. Twenty three. OK prophetic time. Twenty three minutes prophetic. And skip scenes here. OK so let's see how quickly I can do a show with you one more and then look into the message. I pray pray church pray that God will reveal precious gems of truth to you because it is that revelation that sets the heart on fire. And when the heart is on fire the devil gets scared of our burning heart solves all of your problems. Did you get a burning heart solves all your problems when the when the servants on the ground were biting Israel and God for more than to make a brazen serpent and put it up on a pole lift it up so the people had to look up instead of down. That was a charming because we are typically wanting to look down at the serpent on the ground to protect ourselves from being bitten. God says not going to listen when you go to the Bible when you go to pray. We can become so focused with praying about the serpent in our life and I know that we have serpents in our lives. Don't look and yes I know that there are people who are sick. I get it. But look up look up and we'll begin to look at. Jesus is going to bless us because we're going to be seeing things from the Word of God That's going to take our attention off of the misery of this one. So look I don't I don't you know he he he was the beginning of creation. Yeah. And then comes Norma another reveals soon and the result of sinew moment and then comes Abraham and then the time of the father of a great nation. That means that all of Israel can feed and then come the man by the name of Isaac who was a type of Jesus Christ through His. No more sacrifice you know. So from Adam to Isaac you have it in chronological order of the whole of destiny. OK And so and so here after I said Listen remember creation and then there was that for certain but I'd say Jesus Christ comes and a sacrifice on our behalf. We're going to have to Isaac and Jacob Jacob is a twin. The younger twin the older twin and the younger twin defeats because Jake and her twin rejected. For Food. In the same way beloved after those of Christ there was a twin. It's called spiritual Israel. It was the younger twin to literal Israel and spiritual Israel gave the birth right when his real name. Now after shakeup comes a man by the name of Joseph noticed sort of jewels how he was sent to help to prepare a place for his brothers. Then he could let them into that place but have to be an investigative judgment. Yes yes I'm coming from I can. Let me let me let me test you. And how do they test them by seeing how they treat Benjamin Benjamin is the youngest of the brothers. How true. In this time we see a picture of Jesus in this and who treat the least of these as how they would treat me. You see but I think it is because we learned how to praise the Lord. Let me start looking for that can I get for myself. Let me start looking for Christ and forget about self. Not searching for her. Forget about something to study. Let me start with your client and I'm going to supplement I don't have to tell you about serpents that God had no cover here so I was on the listen on the day of Pentecost remember when Peter discernment do you know what Peter is doing in his sermon the re-install and Peter's Clinton versus the like this is what this is that what is being tested and just stepping over the little gem that in America is your stones are dream dreams and I don't want to see visions of that said I'm essentially turned to black and he said this isn't so and how does a man and I'm not talking about this is one of the men that I don't know that person thought man is actually Jesus is twenty not because that's not said to me was not talking about not to do a segment talking about another spirit that in chapter two in September to do that interpretation this is going to join in chapter two. It's a sort of a book of capital. It's talking about Babylon. This nation from and that's going to come after Israel and the Strand but the sense that and cried I have to draw. Then he said he's found the kind of distraction that is saying listen and not to destroy Israel and now is your chance to sit and read the same kind of destruction and the only plant in a part of the chapter where in the world to get that from. But then he wouldn't take that and I'm not sure I think to Jesus Christ as Israel's only hope to escape destruction and then the Internet. How about how David said I'm not saying how does NOT that this really isn't talking about losing their homes spirit the members of the company who turned to see Jesus in the Scriptures. Now I'm a son. If I don't do this stuff to get my nose not the parable of Lazarus and the original. Let me just break it down for you very quickly if you could have a Lazarus was a rich man his table was spread with all kinds of Lazarus. That's clearly been fine representing the righteousness of the things. I'm sorry the rich them. That's kind of been fine and representing a right is this of the things and kinds of cinnamon sustenance. So just imagine if I had his father suggesting that the rich man that's a similar type of Israel has been christened. And having them not me but I have another if a man was next to the EMS covered in snow outside the gates of the maintenance out right outside the gates of the bridge learnt how to answer the question of how did this man who loves us represent the Jews down here in Abuja cursed of No that's not going to steadily not and the rich man dies and and the rich man now it and not a drop of water is in heaven. Yeah you know the story. So the president how was it that the veterinarian said not it makes them with this bread that well and it's very simple. Lazarus was a beggar the beggar. That's that's not going to realize the value of the crime. Then to nominate the not get second found a chapter to have a scene of some of the guidance and and looks like a crime to not judge back not the value of the crime scene and the last but God doesn't his presence didn't increase real goods. And I promise not to mention and talk said Grant appreciated the value. I'm just in a coma. I'm excited and I will be sensitive to that object as our bags appreciate. I'm one of the blind attachment that sort of women who she was asking for granted here as you said I'm not fit to tell us not just not just for the crime scene. I think I'm going to screw up and I'm happy with that. I appreciate the crime I'm cleaning the problems that image then we're going to pieces from scrum that skinny. I'm just gonna come by the way you know what crimes are there little pieces of bread. I can't wait to get. Do you know that God has a table in heaven I can't wait. This is the table in heaven is where the bread is on which means that we're getting down here on Earth. It's just you just heard from the end of the looking down and wait a little bit of here. This is just the lobby was understood the value of the crowd. Then I must understand the value of the Crown and more than we can understand that not by private planes sending not for this reason that reason but seven I can see the value of God revealed. So very quickly but I have been on a time that I want to show you so that we can learn about them as number one they're going to have no blood ties. We can learn something from beggars beggars have no pride themselves and my people which are quite common. Then I mostly learned to recognize that there could not only beggars not only one of the greatest name of the church in the recommendation of Jesus Christ will not see since then so it might be political I want to go and see the man I said then to do that when I do not because I don't take them that there are ways that in the ninety's when I was learning how to better then it was not so that my people of themselves and pray and see my face the glory of God the full length of divers don't have that much pleasure in this world. But I think we must learn not to have much pleasure in this world. We must learn to turn from our. We could believe if my people which of course I don't know. As then I'm saved by beggars and beggars and realise them even simpler stay like that of another object in the bed and I'm trying to mimic what I like. Then then. I'm going to send rain and rain is going to bring forth project and pray it is going to change. I am and I have like one minute left. I want to give you that example of the best beggar in the whole world. It was Jesus Christ. Christ was a homeless beggar. OK. Christ was a home this deck six. He was not a beggar. Let me show it to you in Scripture. Quickly with me quickly please. Second Chronicles chapter second Corinthians Chapter eight and verse now they're wrapping up that second cut second Corinthians chapter and verse nine second Colombians chapter is and Virgina for you then at the grace of Jesus Christ that's the one he was rich yet for your sakes he became our That really through his poverty might be rich. The great wealth for the poor torturers. It means better. It literally means that Christ became a beggar for us to see him begging in the garden. OK I'll see you back taking five dollars for me. See him begging on the cross Father forgive them. He wasn't asking. He was picking father. Forgive them for they know not what they do. But I would see Christ begging night and day night and day to reflect the image of his father rightly to the people of Christ Church was the ultimate beggar. And as a result of his baking just like Elijah at the end of the three and a half years offered up a sacrifice and then rain fell. So when Jesus let me let me be quiet with you so Jesus at the end of three and a half years of ministry offered up a sacrifice at the time of the evening openly and the result is Ray is right. So do you know who Lazarus's. He's Jesus. See that the final status of God covered in sores later outside the gates of the rich man's house. Later outside the gates of the rich the gates of Jerusalem. And listen carefully guys you know what happened right. That's arrest him and he's taken to the fathers. Oh excuse you want to get excited. It's not taken immediately. He dies is buried resurrected and they were taken to the father's puzzles. So you know what happens right. The rich man says hey send someone to respect. And then here. Abraham says No even if one rolls from that. They have mortars and the prophets they will not hear the Word of God if they will not see the glory of God revealed to him and did not reject it. But I might kill to you pray like you've never prayed before not this thing and that yes nothing don't pray for those things. But I'm saying Turn your prayers to the Word of God focus upon Christ in your prayer and in your Bible study. And I believe that God will equip you and prepare you for the time of famine that is soon to come upon this world. Heavenly Father thank you for speaking to us. Thank you for revealing to us your glory. Thank you for helping us to see that before we can get the grade we must pray for the rain. Thank you Bill. Set our hearts on fire in Jesus' name we play by audio a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about this. If you'd like to leave the W.W.W. to you first.


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