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Teach Us to Pray

Roy Rugless


This seminar is designed to teach the fundamental structure of prayer and how it impacts our spirituality. It uses the model of the Lord’s Prayer, which heightens one’s confidence in approaching the throne of God, as well as helping us to become more like Christ. 


Roy Rugless

Director of Prayer Ministries for the South Central Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. 



  • July 9, 2015
    5:15 PM
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That's just by our heads Father thank you for loving us. Thank you for the privilege that you've given us to come together. Pray now for your presence to be with us as we talk about the most important subject prayer in Jesus' name amen. I don't know about you but when I came into the church nobody taught me how to pray. As a matter of fact when I came back into the church when I went to prayer meeting I was I was fearful that somebody would call on me and say pray because I don't know how to pray. And so we struggle through trying to learn how to pray and then when I became a pastor I said one of the things that we really need to teach our people is how to pray as well as a result of of my experience and then what I saw some of my members going through I thought it was just necessary to teach people how to pray. Incidentally there are three platforms to prayer. I mean everybody really. Now do you have to play in terms of your spiritual growth. Not only you have to pray but you need to also know how to study the Bible and you must also know how to witness those doing things and if you are lacking in any of those three areas you are declining in terms of your spiritual growth. So you have to do all three. It's not just enough to pray but you also must study the Word and you also must witness. And so we're going to talk about phase one in terms of how to pray and that kind of thing before I go any further though. As I was praying and the Lord gave me to tell you is that the message for these last days. Of course you all know it is the three angels message found in Revelation fourteen you have agreed with that do you not that if you stay. Only that thing a little further. You understand that the message in revolution six I'm sorry. Revelation thirteen sixteen twelve it was really a message of righteousness by faith as a matter of fact the servant Lord says that the subject of writing this but did the three angels message in verity and so as I was on my knees I has a purpose here and I'm grateful for those who are here today as I was on my knees. The Holy Spirit will tell them also about righteousness by faith and don't have time to really get into it but as we go through this I'm going to be trying to interject writers but they because it's all about spiritual growth as a matter of fact the seminar that that that I have that the Holy Spirit has allowed me to develop I do it in three sections. When we begin to talk about where I use the model of the notes prayer and knowledge and I use that model that are also devised three different areas of instruction the first part is where I explained that the phrase that we need to use and then secondly I began to talk about the mechanics of how to do it and then thirdly I begin to look at what what does this mean to me spiritually. How is this going to help me to grow and that's that's the cutting edge that I like to to share with you now. I must also make another apology. I was scheduled to have some handouts and things got into the way and so maybe it was good that things got in the way so that you could write. All right so here's what I want to try and I will try to bring some paper and pen. All right all right if you know shame on you all right now now I'm going to give you. There are there are the riot of little afternoons that help you to stay. Actually your player but I'm going to give you an acronym that the Holy Spirit. OK So this is the act that this is the structure that I want to give you to hang your prayer on and you don't have to do it this way but it gives you some structure. All right now five letters five letters and it out I'll tell you can see is that was the percodan action but it's pretty saying please sing to me and I'll explain them a little wrong but I will repeat it again and what I want you to do. I want you to write those vertically vertically because I'm going to give you that each of those things mean the first letter to the second that it is seven thirty P.M. so that letter is soon. Letter is so really all you have to do is remember those times two letters and then just repeat it again if I want to repeat with that the got together plenty plenty me all you all are really brown. That's really good and that let me give you a nectar that I'm going to let you know but the first piece than the first please stay and play into my playing to play put it up and I'll give you the text for that the first piece dance with prelude the first food stand for the consecration one of the stand where everybody consecrations alike that thing. Consecration the third. I can't stand the protection I will give you a quiz. So make sure you write it down. The Second City stands confession and then the last P. stands for protection and play. All right so when I'm going to be a question number one what is the acronym but I'm using repeat that everybody right now what is the first piece than for. All right there's a festive Stansell What is the second piece than what is the second thing is there and that was the last stand for protection in place now the these are this is a structure that you can say in Europe where I don't. So as you begin to put out these acronym matters then begin to give you an idea of where you should go and I'm going to show you in a moment how that works but I want you to. And by the way sometimes you don't have to have that letter but you know that these are some of the elements that are important to having successful player as a matter of fact I play a bit. I extract at this from the large plant. It's found there. So let's kind of work and then and then and then at the conclusion at the conclusion of my presentation I'm going to review and I'm going to let you know what those phrases are as it relates to each of those letters. As in black when I'm all right we're going to go to her. So now I'm going to speak truth to something that was going to rest. But those are things I'm going to take some time on and maybe at another time we can put it all together. But I've got to go. So I've got to stay within my time limit here are the you know the definition of prayer which I think is very very important because when everybody stop right there. Sometimes people make plans so ridiculous and so hard that when I look at Plan by the way this comes from the book stuff the Christ page ninety three the sudden the lead says nothing more than opening up the heart to God like you would a friend. You don't need all those. How can I say it you don't know what I'm talking about Howard. Yeah yeah you know you know that stuff happening at the heart of God as you would have for a number tell you something I'm not I'm going to get in trouble. But ladies love the top. And let them and I've discovered that I've discovered my wife will get on the telephone. I'm going have to find another hotel room after they've discovered is that my wife starts talking to me she can just she's just us talking. She just so freely some distance talking I mean and she can go on and on and on and on. You know when we get right to the point do we know that those of you that the brain seminar by Arlene Taylor she said it was between men and women you know to the brain structure and so women can tell and they're talking to a friend they're opening up their heart and I want to share something with difference. That's the way it is with them. Lord he is a friend that stick the clocks in a brother and I tell you but there are some things that you people he said don't tell anybody but next thing you know you hear it somewhere else. I'm telling you when you talk to the little you will ever hear from nobody else is a friend. This took us closer to a brother what a Friend We Have in Jesus. All our sins increase to bear what a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer. I'm here to tell you you have a friend and so if you understand that indeed Jesus is our friend our prayer is opening up the heart. Now there are some things that we do have with friends that we just want to say you know because we're afraid of being condemned or being ridiculed or something like that but there is nothing that you cannot tell God that He does not understand. And that's something that will stick with things that you can't tell the others that you can tell God what you think everybody right now the definition of prayer. If you forget anything out that said today the definition of prayer is nothing more than opening up the heart to God as you would a friend. Let me go along I'm going to give you to get into the thing here. Sometimes one of the tricks of the devil is to get a set of busy that we don't have time to pray and we put very little expense I know that that does happen to me a long time ago and I discovered that those times when I didn't have a little time to play is when I got into the biggest trouble you so you had the hardest trial trials and tribulations. Pair have to be a consistent pattern in your lifestyle as a matter of fact the server will know the answer says that prayer is nothing more than the breath of the soul just like you need air to breathe to live physically you need you to plan to live spiritually so that the breath of the song. Sometimes what the devil tries to do is to get us to the point where we get so busy that we don't have time to play only pray but a little bit. I'm not I'm not you to look at this quote right here. Found she says with the rush of the last paragraph right here was the Russian ship is allowed to drive us from our purpose of seeking the Lord's heart and everybody. The greatest mistake we shall incurring losses. While I look at those we did with the body. Isn't that terrible. But all this time we've been allotted without that particularly when we can make it. But when I read when I came across this statement here she said it was really and we rushed reselling for the letter is not with us and we have closed the door what do you think that's the think about you know. So I worked in one just the local plant not necessary so it was not been put to death and then at that very time when we say we don't plan to do that we closed our hearts to God and he's not with us that's about it let me show you another clip right here. Riddles within everybody. The darkness of the Clintons those who didn't like the parade as an awesome I'm going to skip on them or skip on councils on health. OK I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to skip the some people who who asked the question I never will forget when I first started matriculating in would I had a roommate who said who told me said look don't pray out loud because you don't want to double here would you have to see. That's a long time. Well a lot. I used to play silently in my mind you know. But as as I discovered I was really all about. I discovered that two things number one a lot of times when you pray silently or in your mind you my has a tendency to wonder if you have to start drilling in your mind with a place and then I discovered something else I discovered when I look at the life of Christ that his plans were but as a matter of fact I have a Bible that I may not have John to show to you now but I have subjects in the Bible that talks about how Christ cried out he put out his heart and plan and don't get me wrong there's a time when we have to have a silent prayer like with Miles before the king and even have time to get on his knees and Ethan up of where you may be in trouble you have to fill in a profile of clear but the majority of times that we see prayer in the Bible. It's vocal and the devil doesn't want us to do that because let me tell you something real player Real Player if you really want to get to God really from our heart to the heart of God It is heart to heart heart to heart. That's not God not all these platitudes and all the others are often to show how little we can verbalize a lot better than me but but when we come from the heart being a simple onto a sinner like me. When Jacob was wrestling with Christ all night long we didn't have time for all that stuff thinking we didn't have time for all that often take a lot for me illustrate Bahar real they're real player it was from your heart to the heart of God and if you really want to get tested God If you really want to be effective in your plane you know from your heart what's really in your heart to the heart of God That is what moves the heart of God and now the other thing that I discovered that toad. Those three things that are discovered but the other thing that I discovered rather doesn't want us to pray silently Is this this last bullet right here at the sound of potent prayer what happens everybody says and it does sound like you want to but by the way you need to understand something. We can we are no match for Satan. No match for Satan. I don't care how smart you are how strong you are when it comes to the devil. We are told we are weak willed but the one thing that can defeat the devil is the sound of prayer you know what I admit this I hate to admit this when I was growing up and I see sister Millie over there she's the she's from Rock she is not from Bob She lives in my hometown and I didn't recognize her for a long time. It just came out that this recognized but when I was young I used to watch Superman had to say used to watch Superman it was used to be one of my my favorite T.V. programs when I was young. Some of y'all only used to like Superman but Superman was so strong. Could nothing defeat him except one thing what would that everybody. Some you don't watch Superman something then once that once a week. Kryptonite. Well the devil is strong but one thing can defeat him. Rare and when she says that at the sound of the third player Satan has trouble. I don't want to stop a lie because when we start doing that now you can physically but you can beat him spiritual just everybody and I don't know if he's already been defeated. We're going to benefit Mohammad Ali said. He's been what he's been already. I'm going to skip on I'm going to skip around you know what the true position for players on your knees. You know about that but now I want I want to see this. This quote right here by the way when we put this out of the way because this is in a way here and with this out of the way here one of the one of the mistakes that we make when we pray is that when we get finished praying we get up when we get finished praying I want to say that you need to stay there for a while. You need to listen. If I had time I would give you this quote found in desire of ages pay sixty sixty eight which you talked about we can feel the voice of God just like me not she says when we decide to do nothing in the land that will displease God he will speaking of mysteries to us personally. So now when we when we get to manage doing what we need to do with God in terms of our praying then instead of getting up we need to just stay there stay there for a moment or two and listen for his voice. Design I may just play with three six three says we must end of gradually hearing him do it about everybody speak and when everything is harsh and quietness we do let everybody know the silence of the soul makes me want to state the voice of God He bids of really with me everybody. I'm telling you something I'm telling you something. I had some folks praying with me just before we started the session today and while I was still on my knees I heard the voice of God. You know it's something that you know you are heard it it was not an audible voice it was it was it was a voice that came to me a moment by the way you do know that there are three voices do you not know there is God's voice. There's the devil's voice and then there's your own voice. You know and sometimes it's hard to determine what it is. That's why the solution to the problem is to solutions to that problem. Part of the solution number one get closer to him so that you can hear more distinctly My sheep know my voice. And number two when I speak at them because when you disobey the best becomes greater. So as you get into the habit of every time you hear a voice it becomes stronger and stronger but as you pick and choose what you want to do and what you don't want to obey then it becomes fainter and fainter. But now when it comes to prayer we must end the vision. Here he is speaking to the heart and He will SPEAK. And by the way this is where bible study is so important to operating a lot of times. God speaks to us. Have you ever had had the had the experience when you're studying the word on time and by the way there's a difference between study and reading with me. There's a difference there's a difference. Well I that I had discussions with a couple of days ago and i told us a look I'd like to read silently so that I can meditate meditate and let the words US room and make up my mind. But when I'm reading some guy who does read made me made me but you're not really ingesting you're just you're just reading words but when you when you meditate meditate is to to say that Justin is to the body. It begins to run as the seasons through rather because a part of your spiritual. So that's really important as well and I'm taking that and by the way I don't rush this I don't rush prayer and I don't trust the study of the word. I take my time. This is that I have is is is a less sweet. I got I'm I'm almost sure the holic I'm just telling you the truth I'm going to have the dessert before I have the main meal as a matter of fact if I have the dessert I don't need the menu but that that that that that I love this and I just went with the translators that I just took my turn and I you know I got with them when I come to visit I just take but that they move through my mouth because I just enjoy the flavor of that. They say what is with the bird of God and with playing and reading the spirit of prophecy when I start the read that I took my time as a matter of fact I will write that it was the first to take one verse of scripture and ascertain that is in that scripture for us than reading a whole lot of chapters and so now you take your time and begin to ascertain that verse for you when I read the Spirit of Prophecy sometimes I'm merely able to read a paragraph because the standard and in that one paragraph that affects me that I need that food for the day and so I take my time and your taking the time doing those things. God's Spirit speaks to you going to get an amen. So therefore when we pray in conjunction with us and by the way let me just put this in let me just put this in a lot of times when I probably I put it as I'm studying the boat something will sit me and I start right and I as a man help me with this and I'm putting throughout my adventure throughout my study my Spirit of Prophecy really sometimes sometimes I don't have time to remain until the end of my reading before I start praying is something convict me of something hits me I stopped by the road live. This will help me don't look up but I see money so that's not so important to to take your time so they're still there by the way let me just interject this too was well I was teaching this seminar at a church since the war does with that overt impart to you it is. I was teaching the seminar at all. No I wasn't I was talking about AT and T. just about talking about prayer and I had a person come up to me because I told him Jesus says you know we should spend a minimum we should spend a minimum of thirty minutes every day. How much time did I say minutes with our time it isn't fair to miss is that in the Bible without a school lesson to medicine and reading the Spirit of Prophecy to enter into it if you have more time. Fifteen fifteen fifteen. The best time would be twenty twenty twenty. Could you now watch one hour that's what Jesus told us live on do not walk when I wake up and so when I made that statement I had a person come to me after church just to work as a pastor how do you spend an hour he said after fifteen minutes I'm done I'm done. How do you spend an hour. Well then as I took them through the course then they begin to understand that I were is not even enough and I'm going to show you how when I wear is not even while Jesus could you not watch one hour when I get through with you to those you will see that and I will is not enough time in terms of what we need to do with God So here's the point I want to make. After you get to praying you should spend some time just a bit and listening and listen for the voice of God she says when every I watched and in quietness we do let it die. The silence of the song makes more distinct the voice of God That's why it is good for as the prayer in our secret closets. That's why it's good for us to have our own little spot where nobody else can listen and you're so. You could talk to God and freedom and as you well know God He can talk to you. So it's also important. All right now we'll get right into it and we'll give you those two simple things now but not the engine or areas that are taught as it relates to prayer you don't have to write this down on Thanksgiving. May not I want to petition confess I said the claim mostly by the way this is found and brought with him out of that in place where all three but there are the players but now there are the developers I've discovered that there are two main the visions in play or how many divisions that everybody just like the Ten Commandments has two divisions. Love the guy left is not a man. Well as I was there and found out there were two main divisions in prayer and this blew my mind the first A vision is meeting God needs that God didn't have any knee when we get to this you going to discover you have needs. Then the second the vision is meeting on me. So those two divisions. God has an army and because we don't understand that God has needs we tend to put our needs first and last. I mean think about God help me but I stop by to tell you this afternoon that there are two divisions. God leave our marriage and God has me and we're going to talk about what they need to do that my seminars about in three parts I'm going to look at inception of the Lord's Prayer that argue that the model I'm going to do explain explanation about that particular verse means that I'm going to give you the how to and but I'm going to show you the character development and how it applies to us all right that first to everybody. Well let us be. Now let me tell you that I do want to tell you what I do what I do. So much. You will remember you will remember I come from New York upstate New York and it's snow Buffalo and Syracuse Rochester NY guffaws and back in the day now go tell you how old I was young my father used my father had a Buick Roadmaster one nine hundred fifty nine hundred seventy nine hundred fifty didn't know better system early. I remember one day I remember that back in the day that amount of time before you read the car you had to crank it up and let it sit and now you don't have to do that nowadays with all these technical things going on in your starter. But back in the day in the wintertime especially you had to correct that they're all well God we have to do the same thing the family did into the prayer itself. We have to have them up and say that's not good. The first three the prelude and part of the Prelude part one of the first things that I do run it says that we don't even know how to pray and it was the Holy Spirit who plays for us and so the first thing that I do before you start my playing I ask the Holy Spirit to help me to play. I asked a heavy Spirit teach me to play. I asked the Holy Spirit to guide my play about the way you do need know this and I've missed a statement and I'm paraphrasing now she says that we are self-centered how like us you are we are ourselves so that all our prayers come through. If instead of vessel. That is unacceptable to God the parents and there's no way that it becomes acceptable to God is that it is just accepted by Jesus list of God the Holy Spirit and Jesus wrap themselves around our petition an interventionist setting with and feeling like this that makes it acceptable to God and the myth actually goes on to say that when the request of Jesus make his own request and then he presented as of all requests the father is all right by the way you're talking to him in here with you or I will I don't get mad at you if you say right. If you like it's all right so that's a good and so know that and my and my friend so miss that of unacceptable to God the righteousness of Christ intercepts my petition run home our mathematician and I'm going to be sincere in heart. It comes through a sense of the crowd at the steps it wrapped himself around and presented to the Father as and becomes acceptable to God So now we know that not only that not only are you need know this you need know this so that not one student ever lost I don't know how long you've been playing. He says that the Book of Revelation talked about how all the players. So whenever you are playing at this is the studio car is now. Yes It's not answered when you think it should be. And for that loss I have to tell you the story. I may not have time to tell you the story but I'm a third generation Seventh Day Adventists which means nothing if you don't know Jesus left the church and was determined never to come back. Oh by the way I got to say this. The Holy Spirit is telling me to say this and I'm not political I'm not political but you need to know this that irrespective irrespective of what the position of the General Conference is relative to women's ordination this is still God's Church. And this is still God's Church. Now I know there are people on both sides of this issue this that if if it doesn't go certain way I'm leaving. Don't you leave you know with Ellen Why says she says as defective and feeble as does church maybe look like it's about to say what they want about you don't you lose this thing. I don't care what the do in the hierarchy. I'm not getting off the job this is not about sex and Barack Obama is not about to do some sort of incredible that soon and soon God will take a look at the Gods church and that man's church bell to get the Scotti All right so I said all that the theory that I left the church but it wasn't because of this. I left the church just with after you left. I left the church and was determined to never come back. In fact I didn't want to see church folks. I well I don't want to hear what they had to say to me. I didn't want to hear but Somebody prayed for me. And by the way by the way by the way by the way by the way they prayed one year didn't happen. They prayed to use the didn't happen. I had a sister. The devil has such a grip on me that I had a sister my baby sister who factor the whole week for me. Not that that's the group that there were five years past no answer. I'm still not there. Sixteen or seven years eight years twenty years out there that do you think that's a loose plan that will try to snuff me out. But the time my parents and my siblings and much members and their petitions and that's just the one I'm not trying to tell you what I'm trying to tell you I'm trying to tell you that no three may not be answered when you say can be answered that God has already written down any understand and well answer. So I know what I'm talking about. Now ya got me excited me I lost my click click here. Right next to where. When you see it. Oh man I got glasses and I can see them. Alright alright alright alright so now the prelude the prelude to Prelude is the warm up before I even start talking to God and asking God anything. I got a warm up so the first that was of my warm up is that I'm praying to the Lord I'm praying asking the Holy Spirit Holy Spirit help me with my. Playing by the way by the way by the way I've been in ministry for thirty four years and I'm still asking God to teach me how to pray to God I think my plane play with me that me and my playing a minister of the gospel. No need. Second thing I do. Second thing I do. Second thing I do is that I place my mind to heaven where God is sitting upon his throne. I put myself with God is there was a man named playing hide and this is what he did all the time but in fact you find that in the book The Newlyn Christian this brother before he started praying. He spent ten fifteen twenty minutes on his knees and even he lifted his mind to heaven saw God sitting upon a strong I lifted up and placed himself in God's presence. When time when he did this he got so enraptured that he actually saw God and say I was go go go there was some car comes out God was and so when I like to suggest to you in terms of rounding up number none of the Spirit to teach you how to play number two to see God sitting upon this time and place yourself where it is also have a presence that will give you the faith of the courage and the confidence to go before you. And do what is necessary. So now part of the prelude to from the last prayer Our Father and bother them. These next couple of phrases you don't even have to utter. All you have to do is think them and so I'm thinking now our father and I took my time to think about my Heavenly Father how much he loves me and mother won't have any of you out there. Committed syndrom mistakes that makes you feel sad on would be to come before God I know I've done it and you don't have to do big things to be on the road. You can see no thoughts and be only human I run negatives and be on the right you know the only thing that you're going to heaven is your character which is comprised of thought and feeling a many times we we we we we base our salvation our own that works if I don't know if I don't rob a bank I'm doing all right but I've got news for you it was not the only way out that is was only here and then got a look at that man look at I mean God looks on the heart and then sometimes I'm not I'm not even thinking like I should I'm not feeling like I Sure sometimes I met some blunders I make some mistakes and something and then I do that but that is no sense in you even talking to God because God will not accept you but I've got a heavenly Father who loves me unconditionally and so I am not part of my they are not part of the Prelude now is the moment I'm saying my father and I think about how much he loves me how much he loves me unconditionally and when I think about this does give me a sure does make company gives me hope and relationship without concern and care for us and so that's what I'm done. Skipping on now. So here's what I do. When you play start with the for the father passed on them. With that done what these words mean the type of application is that if God is our Father that means all of us are related. Why don't why don't we all right. I mean because this is what we need to treat each other as brothers and sisters when you say everybody and I mean out of selfishness recognizing that we should not only put a process where we should pray for each other and children we have obligations the god to be obedient and he takes up this plan and our life and risk it all very quickly. Now the next phrase which I don't have in a by the way I don't say this I just don't get in my mind that next those which are in Heaven to come in is and just a vision and when I think about that I think about him being the ruler of the universe was powerful and I don't have to do anything thinking about that so much to get this instead of my faith because I know and by the way that it is at this point in my that I start taking him home and he was already done for me. All right so now so now so now you need to understand that there's a difference between saying and I'm all right. We thank God for them you have done. Replying to a difference all right. So now I'm telling you something friend. I'm telling you something I'm telling you something when I get to this part in my prayer which out in heaven and I think about is that with this you know how powerful new images and will to do that start thanking him for a minute and really done by the way. Part of my problem in opera. We start thinking here we start asking here. Because to be frank and praised So I think that's part of the prayer and I wish I had time in the room at all man I wish I had time. But I start thanking God so that he is done in my life. I start thinking about when he has brought me from. I thought they would use done for me because God That means I didn't go to you just the mere fact that you back up this morning. Something is similar that I think if I want to thank you good sense it was like I was but I'm not like that I don't think you're never going to have a lot of stuff but you can thank god I've got children and grandchildren are good. We want to thank God for home and that's just a simple thing we want to say thank God for something out loud applause we want to thank you for you and your hands are going to take a pill sister. All right all right. Yes yes. Thank you for Jesus as my Thursday. Yes well as growth. Yes yes yes yes yes. Well yes yes yes very. Yes. Yes yes. Hope and we can turn it on and on and on and on the mechanics of the days of them let me take up and with a certain attitude fifteen minutes just doing this. I don't you know I don't I don't I don't I don't watch much with God by the way by the way by the way by the way by the way one of the tricks of the devil is to get you not having enough time for God I want to listen very carefully. So here's what we'll do. He will distract your time by staying up late watching television on the telephone or do the stuff you know that you can put on. I don't listen to me let me let me tell you my politics. My priority was found in Matthew six thirty three No Turner says first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and no mistake. So my petty my brother got out so you know that because of my personality I go to bed early so I can laugh at me but I'm telling you truth I try to get the bit between nine and nine thirty. Now I'm a little little clip shows but I mean I try to get the bit between nine and do you know that because I'm up at their work and then I have to say this is the Milli I have a neighbor it's quiet and they said and what Jesus by the way by the way by the way I told you I told you one hour my minimum is two hours. I when I when my own money and then when I got to do all the stuff that's really important. It's been in free but I don't know if you did make controversy and I will tell you that Martin Luther spent five six seven hours. And then we didn't get thirty minutes. So if I'm really not you know what is it and I'm not bothered either way. When Jesus Christ comes back the second time you know some of us some of some of the saddest individuals on the planet are going to be seven minutes. Let me tell you when it comes back then we not get the fabric then that they are tied up they're not actually spent and you know a lot of their deposits and I never knew no one ever took the time and then me let me tell you let me tell you something for salvation is not based on that salvation isn't based on of Jesus Christ and if you don't want to come back. If you don't stop. Well I mean I can fix pretty significant fires and if you don't want to go to bed presses this late and then spend that time and responsibilities that I had little about ten minutes and not going to jail. I don't like thinking God first lap if I wanted to begin the charge and feel all right taking. But you got a sister is about a relationship to the third of this year my wife and I will have been married thirty six years and it's getting better because we're spending more time. And we get closer and closer. Do you not know that heaven is a sinful supplanting under God There is no stopping place. Yeah I meant to charge you can stop in place and I'm not so passive some of us set aside a fan religion the Sabbath. I'm not tired and I'm so I'm not thinking about that as a military seven or twenty eight beliefs and don't know the author of the beliefs. Reminds me of the Jews and I'm not disparaging any religion but the Jews and the two and the last. Well I asked because knowledge James us and that. I gotta tell you this this is not in the notes this is free. If you read inspired writings she says that in some churches only one in twenty will be things and then there are other parts where she says only one in a hundred St If we know one hundred people here today. Only two people will be saved. Gone assume is about being saved and friends in time for us to get our act together in the make up call in the elections shut down with this thing called sanctification bothers you to understand right this is not a justification as well as sanctification. Most of us understand justification but most of us do not understand Think of the collision and meditates. I want to be safe what about you and it comes out a relationship everybody comes out a relationship and so now when I get to this point I'm a player. Already done the prelude I've already asked God the Holy Spirit to teach me how to pray that my praying are going to look at my mind to heaven and place myself with God to use then I'm thinking about that through the father and I begin to ruminate that in my mind begin to think about how much he loves me he's my father and I don't care what I have done I do loves me so much unconditionally that would have done. I can still come to heal. Then I think of this position which art in heaven and his power and his ability and what he's been able to do with his rulership and I begin to think about what he's done in my life. Then I begin to thank you and I'm telling you I'm telling you I'm telling you if you want to make God trip just start thanking him and praise you. God doesn't fight. God can handle the way you can handle it. Fact Thank God I think I think in effect think I don't think I'm alive when you how he's brought me through and what he has done for me. I take time to do that take time to be able to live. Everybody. And if you can't think of anything to thank God for. Ask him to bring it to your mind. God been too good for me what about you everybody sees good info good to me just can't sing with me at all just can't live on. And so good to me. I just can't man Augustinian for the rest of the session here. I'll bet you get some testimonies about how good God been do you know if that's close to midnight. All right then once again how do you do it I already told you continue seeing God in heaven take on the praise card application to justice to respect God and its position. That was another thought process now. How do these three threads of our Father which is in heaven hallowed be thy name. And when I when I when I think about this I think about how ho he is. And now I'm in his presence and when I'm in his presence I must give him reverence. You remember when Moses came to the burning bush even though the burning bush God was in it he told Moses take off your shoes for the ground that you stand it's on this holy ground. So now when we come to the very presence of God we've got to remember whose presence where Ian and I come to God with reverence and respect. Now I gotta say this and I could be way off base and I don't want to I don't. I want to disrespect anybody and I'm not I'm not going to criticize how you pray. But personally I just can't call God Daddy I just can't I just can't that's just me could be my culture my background that I don't I don't want to make him common. I don't I can't I can't make I mean he's an awesome guy. In fact you say also that the Angels are going around just saying they've got so much respect for him. So you don't have to look at and they come with their hearts they come with a fee and all they do is cry whoa whoa. And I want I'm going to I'm going to stand up there and call him daddy. Do you do it now I mean how do you approach them is up to you. But here's the point I'm trying to make is that when we come to him I will be the name. We must realize that we're entering into the audience chamber of the book entering to its presence. He is holy so we should approach a song with reverence on respect and our words should be reflective of the same thing I'm going to skip on you get the point where I'm trying to do so I already told you what the mechanics were just a month ahead and visualize the throne approach to throat reverence the word you speak of respect and that's where they'll be hallowed in in the world and in you. As for his life and character through faith in the writers of the Christ to shine through you and I must get through this because I don't have time. And by the way I'm going to write a book on my presentation and I'll have more of this in detail. And if you're interested you can you can sign your e-mail something that I'll give you the I'll give you the outline of it I can't. I will be able to give you to draft as an address stage now but I'll give the outline but it will have all the stuff in it. OK So that's the correct application respect to develop respect and reverence for God cause us to be holy if we can become holy on all we have to accept the grace writers of the Christ are right now so that. Because I'm going to tell you to step in at the pace we have we have three phases. Our Father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name. All of that was done. Now we go to the P. with a piece about him. I want to see. That's right I'm sorry I was a second to see if you see I'm going to spend some time on this is this is really important that kingdom come Thy kingdom come. You do know that those two aspects to the kingdom of God The Kingdom of Great and the kingdom of glory. The Jews had it all wrong because they wanted to see the kingdom of gravity of the Kingdom of Grace. The Kingdom of Grace is nothing more than the grace of God working on your heart to make you ready for the kingdom of glory. Oh by the way just in case you haven't noticed the Bible says All have sinned and come short of the glory of God and I know this is uncomfortable for some and I want you to listen very carefully. All of us are messed up from the pulpit to the door where all this stuff. We don't ban in Syrian Shenkman and pretty and says that was not on my chest. No I'm not I don't care how long you've been in the church you know still I think the question of my time stopping place so that after the grace of God has I'm not one of us to get as many say that the army of it was Tommy. Oh bother like Valerie you do know this. There were quite calm but those who are not going to be destroyed at the brightness of His coming. I went out I had to be change in a moment. Enter twenty one I'm not going to have to change but the changing faster starts when you want to get done until you come along with me on their back and we say nothing. All right all right. So letting the price then the kingdom of glory. So this guy kingdom come. We're really talking about let me read and help me to get others ready which means that I have to witness a human does this mean for the gentle confident enough that it really is mission was done to tell others can come and say this part but when to talk about that Kingdom Come I want God to place to work in me and I want to be with instrument in God's hands to others to read about to make them because they just now which I don't have time but we have a message that nobody else has we have the three angles message the last message to a dying girl who knows this in this message to this church and this church has become power. We don't want to talk about it. And as we do some of the missteps has to do with the leadership. I'm talking about the past of them including myself you know that we do church members with batons and bring them out the fire is gone but it's time to find a big night. And leaders don't tell you to go. You tell values about of hope out of a battery by the way everybody can do the same thing everybody can freak everybody can teach but everybody can do something for Jesus. You say everybody thought of tracks everywhere I go. I know how to tell a restaurant gas station I'm not going to see all infinitely You know if you're afraid to tell somebody about Jesus you say. But after I read that it took them were talking about ridiculous after I mean that a kick myself that I might as well use me today than to be a part of the affair and the net effect Ellen that says that if we're not witnessing and praying to be used and things that others were playing selfishly. So how do we do it and when to do what your heart allow Christ the come in how often everybody looks like God so that you can be saved or at least that in the other asked for help to overcome be fixed by the way I'm going to take station for it right here. You do know that we are living in what is called the Antarctic they were told me that they're going to thank you it was a mighty quiet out there. But this is a FREE to right now we need to be studying three books right now of vital importance. Daniel revelation great controversy but the three primary books right now and the rest of the conflicts isn't the right now for the last there isn't much of a living day no revelation great controversy not to be studying and when you look around it when you start a really great controversy you'll understand that we're learning about is called the Antarctic storm. I've got to take time for this I've got to take time for this and took the time or I don't have time. Not the thanks Weather Service. How the people used to bring this that there's an offering of confessed and transferred to an animal that was transferred and on the day of atonement the high priest took all of that or been transferred opponents and been transferred to the state. OK now watch This Is Us in the book of the. This in their care for the Sabbath not the thirty seventh but it made it a bit of rest. Why because we want to get me back in the kitchen of what was going on in the most holy place during that time that doing so examination and if in the self-examination that I forgot to confess I could be forgiven but to rush to the sanctuary where the high priest was so that can tell that to kill that animal and I have a son transfer so that I'm not beyond the high priests and the high priest not to transfer that sin to the scope go. The Bible says that he said to do so I think them an Asian on the day of atonement and sin with the fountain of life was cut off. Listen we are now living in what is called the anti typical bit of atonement. Our High Priest. Jesus Christ is getting ready to come and now you have an I.L.S. didn't come out. We should be doing self-examination and we shouldn't be bothered by the way by the way. Venza didn't think that you have no sin in you going to sound unfair in that verse twenty three and twenty and kind of AS and silly side to me are gonna know my heart cat Me and my thoughts and the class until you gotta show yourself that you're not perfect. Oh by the way I look at them as claim to Jesus at night secretly so nobody would see you trying to flatter Jesus Jesus but stick to the quay to stick to that to the next you're not converted you need to be converted and I don't like that that angry how dare you tell me that there's something wrong with me. Don't you know much about opposition and you want to tell me I'm wrong and I'm telling some of the angry that I'm telling you that you've got that in your life. Well I step in here. I'm applying nothing to you because I'm I'm telling you that I'm the cheapest centers and back issues that are still stuck in me and I understand that typical day of atonement and we were supposed to be doing something then when they should and looking and looking at the folks standing in the open now and they're not my sister and we got the nerve to judge other folks and Jesus says how little you can look at a splinter in your brothers and you've got a good people but not in yours. So now during this time by kingdom come the Kingdom of Grace is operating in our need to take time to do self-examination confessing my sins asking God to take it from me or by the river I had time I would tell you you probably want to two categories of sin. There's what is called hereditary sin and cultivated who made it to the computer gene. Developed through practice and habit in environment I have a fairly one of those two categories but that's soon in our lives and we are quite is trying to do rather than the most deadly place. It's that it takes it out of our lives and the only way that we can do it is the US to cooperate with that taking time to do something for them and confessing it digging at the mirror and asking us asking them to take it out of my eyes and sometimes we have to stay there like take up and wrestle with him as a man I'm not going to you take this thing from me because I'm going to tell you when we come out and he's coming out soon. If you look at the events of this will usually do gonna come when he comes out he's going to think about me since taking office police to go and make this benediction minister that way. Just let him stay that way about a you need to understand that the filming is going on right now and the benediction not terminations. Your salvation your destiny is doing the time and before you come home when you come out of the most likely place around but I'm not doing this doing that and you're not even thinking that just a symbol because you know I'm not taking time to do something to emanation And so now liking them go the begin to look at the Kingdom of Grace. I need to take time to confess masses are needed to time to look at myself I need time to confess what I am going on. Only sins of omission as well as commission. My thoughts my feelings my attitudes all of that stuff. I was at a time to talk about let me go on application to transform your allowing God to come in your heart and work and then you are witnessing. You can be saved without taking somebody with you that I would be done. This is linked with the first phrase. You know I got to work I have to surrender the will. I can think of I want to are you going to show me all I want to. But but but I gotta surrender it. I gotta surrender. And that's them that's the hardest thing that I think that the Christian have to face with because that's one thing that God will not force he will not so he gives us the power of choice. He's not going to take that from us. He's going to lead us to try to achieve the desired And many times we don't want to. So he wants us to surrender and so we have to ask him to help us to surrender on a daily basis then to go on as you're going to do what you have how do you do it you should also tell the Lord that you surrender your heart and is worthy of a good to have consecration is found in septic like and by the way I'd memorize this I memorize this passage and I and when I conclude this put this part of my prayer I repeat this and those of you can see it. I want you to repeat it with me. Study everybody at home and at that he used me to abide with me. That's what I'm telling you after I do my dedication. I close my dedication with that parade. Take me all those old either. And they all my plans that they used me to be in that service and so forth and so long. That's what I do. Fixation as you surrender day by day your mode it more and more into the image of God All right now what I've just given you is God's mercy he used to be reverent to needs to be praised to need to be thank you Joe Hart very little. I didn't follow that with his knee but that and after we met his needs then we can go on to our needs and so the second half with the player is now the second P. with S. and P. everybody petition. All right the first name is Primrose the first C. was consecration to be dedicating my life now that I had met his needs not to begin to deal with mightily now and I think then to ask for bread not only give us this day our daily bread. Now I'm asking for physical things but also at with with spiritual things. Now I ask you for myself but I'm asking for to get somebody else by the way I wish I had time to talk to you this afternoon. But there is a chapter in price object lessons in title asking to give an end that chapter you will discover that the sermon that says we should be asking God for stuff to give to somebody else when is the last time that you ask God God didn't give us somebody else that not only that but know we need to be asking to give to somebody else. So now let's go to bed as well and he's not going to go on that we're going to get a few moment left before you begin to think about why you are asking God for certain things that determine if your request is a need and there's nothing I would ask if we walk with God and he said to be according to His will. And secondly we should not only us from ourselves but we should be asking to give to others in fact we should ask for others before we ask ourselves so we ask for spiritual bread so that you can. It's future bread intercessory prayer for others that night and I want to let you know something and I will make solutions to this much of Christ praying with interceding for others who is praying so hard hearted leaders who is praying for the donors of of understanding for the disciples He was praying for the conversion he was paying for the people who he met the palace they would go back in the Senate with Mary Matalin we kept up so that you will go back into the habits he was trying to people and by the way you should be praying for others to be send you to that and what I suggest to people to make a prayer list and very quickly as you make your prayer list. You don't have to pray for everybody every day. You know where you will just take a few names for the five names put up with them next to take another name put up with them as you begin to rotate. But here's what I want to let you know in this part of petition. If we start asking for ourselves we need to be acting for that purpose that we need to be praying for others. I'm going to suggest to you that part of your playing has to be playing for others so that there can be so do you have relatives were not saved do not say and understand me. So part of your pairing pain and your prayer life out of the others and then lastly if possible clear a bible promise along with the prayer Petition and God cannot lie. All right Ted application development selfishness the valves. Does this relate to five or the valves. Bitterness and trust. I'm moving on now I'm going to spend some time in this before I close the next but the next everybody. Confession. And this will begin to put forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. Now this is very solemn. The core of religious experience is the ability to log in and be forgiven them from the heart even if they don't confess their sins around to you. The final thing is that we don't forgive others that has everybody. I want you to look at this forgive us our debts and. Which means that if I forgive others I am not so driven. How many times I think this is this is the secret sin how many times that we have members in the church who can't stand each other when I was passing I had a deacon as this is true this is true I had a sister. She says that's just a cousin to the fact that I'm not the back and just one man and his daughter was going to heaven just because she had a position for them a taste of them this is what's going to treatment of us out of heaven. Inability to forgive and let me tell you something if we don't forgive will last. I'm just that Jesus said that Forgive us our debts and we forgive others. Forgiveness is made of the goodness to us from God is motivated by God's laws and their love and support to touch our heart and transform us which in turn creates love within our heart which makes not for our brothers and sisters were wrong and then we can not we have not become a god. It's great. We're not like him therefore we can't be like you know we have had no heart of this is great and this aspect of the prayer asked for help and surrendering the hardness of heart after I had a flash I had a love a cripple didn't in fact that if that's what prayer I let this happen. Matthew five twenty three into a process yesterday after and then remembers that they are against me. Linda is that before the altar. But I will first be reconciled to the girl and then come and off with that idea like the necklace you do because of the nature and Type of them which is widely use you and persecute you that you know I mean the children of the Father which is never I will submit to you I want to submit to you I want to submit to you in my humble opinion the hardest thing for us as Christians to do is to forgive you. Now you can sit there all those you want to say well I can forgive you don't let somebody do something you. So how quickly you forgive you don't forgive how you do it. Examine yourself to see if you advance with it what I don't personally I don't think this is about everybody no you don't. Well I think that if you love everybody took some time you need to learn is there anybody that I'm in odds with I'm going to tell your true story. There was an individual who had a misunderstanding and I thought I had gotten over it. I had seen him for several years then second had moved to another city and then one day meeting and I came back to the camp meeting and tell you brothers and sisters just a side of the story from anger within me start with. That's not thinking the wrong thoughts as a lot I thought I would notice. No you're not. So I had to go and arrange an appointment with them and sell that thing because I thought it was straight. So I'm trying to tell you I'm going to tell you if you're really sincere about this forgiveness thing. One of the first things you should do and I have absolutely nobody. If I am show me and I declare I would you if you are serious about this you know show you know show you the responsibility because you know can I ask you a question. When you're at odds with somebody and the Holy Spirit and you don't that's that's not the problem. You know you have left the sin pride be afraid of rejection. But that's not a self in itself. So no if you had asked God to give you a heart of flesh are a lot like it and stayed until I got to give you a little story I had a deaconess. This is another church in a past and many churches pop pop up though you don't know you try to figure out who it is. I had to begin this in my church her and her husband. Obama and the Republicans. If I said the sky was blue and so we went and bought me they bought me they fought me and I'm telling you that as a preacher of jelly unhuman I got me to play too. Even as a preacher I started having feelings to these individuals. Brothers and Sisters I hate to admit it but I was holding a grudge. And I had to tell you I had to go to my I have an office in my home and I had to go in my office get on my knees and asked the Lord to take that thing from me and let me tell you something friends. It didn't come quickly I had to stay at the Lord. This feeling that I'm having is not right and I can't be saved. In addition on the picture. Let's take this thing. I'm talking about our government. I want to but I had the space down there before and I'm telling after I stood there the law took that thing for me and when I saw their sister the next Sabbath and shut out I'm still I was able to genuinely I didn't turn up in the truck because you know that that's part of like I had time to talk to you. Our problem is we're trying to do right so we can do it we have to give Christ permission to do for us that we have already done one hundred one is I've got a new and different from Mr Bates to do right now. So sometimes you have to stay there until he touches your heart but it's worth it so that you can be saved. Pray for me as a little bit healthier one hundred to see the only place where the hearts of those that want to make a way for reconciliation. Ask him to show you how you can be kind to them and progress to treat them the same way you treated them before the disrupted by the way. Friends it would have a disruption we get it right. We should have the same kind of relationship after we get a straight you know. Well you know but I don't forget. Right right. So now even though we forgiven each other at a distance that's not forgiveness. Make an appointment to meet with you have a socialist party. Records out of the telephone records out sometimes without. Then it was a row on the way for them to come to me. Brother sister home. If they don't come to you you can I think certain I'll let you know when you're going to take me out of the kingdom. Did you know that you didn't you know what unforgiveness fear. If you can compose an opinion a person dies. And so this fight about a dinner straight out of those get well as applications your transponder tell your heart you so many that a certain attitude a graduate you've got to be home and forget about that puts pride in the dust. You become a channel of God love it when you put your right relationship to know things and what we're going to be done. There's no anticipation So now we're going to down to do next P. The lefty leaders nod to them to deliver some people we've got to remember two things. So you want to destroy us and we have a simple nature which inclines us out the sin which causes personal destruction and disgrace to God So there are no match for the devil. How do we do to do you know that by just leaping peacekeeping and by the way you do you do you know that I cannot tell you this very kindly. All of us have weaknesses as anybody does not have a weakness. Would you stand all of us have witness I got to tell you the story real true story I'm almost finished. Brooke's going to be a great preacher. But it isn't one day and he can't be stopped by the lion's cage and he said I've learned in the past you have around the cage. So now you have to the people who was coming back this one is a very impressive around the cage. The zoo keeper said he's trying to find a weak spot so we can get out of about ever going lion seeking whom he may devour. And he's walking around with his of your characters and he knows what they have to have that you are slipping. Now I want to be outside in the sacrifice because sometimes I think that's a trap. I don't think that that's a trap. So you have just got him out a hemisphere because of the images that come in just one thing and you kind of making the cut out of the not sacrifice. So for the other preacher of the Gospel the thirty years and I've gotten points I'm telling you now I have a point I got a parade. So part of me today. Better to not trap God So that's why the first part of that is protection because we all want to do is get of for and by the way I was in a time to talk to you. It only takes one thing once and to bring the whole world to calamity one thing that I do not recognize in the mix that you a sense not only about the way the commission offense does well everybody with a sense we should let you know when the sense of the cold spell it since all those are the thoughts which are that's going to help us to get rid of them three God to guide us in the path of history moving mentioned in the wrong part in the water in the ground. We're all massless that you can wear on is to that like we should have God to help us to play by was the tip. Find access to our Post-Script as willing to submit to with leading and I've got the straight to meet the ever temptations come your way as to how to play on safely when your mind is continuously connected you are in a position to discern and make the enemy in God you cannot cannot successfully to see Satan without a daily living connection with quite a pride of the Belgians which include Bible study and prayer. Everybody look at this controversy. They can well know that all whom he can the Dellec lead to neglect prayer and the searching the scriptures will be overcome by his attacks. Therefore he is that every possible the bite to Lord Jesus so I'm telling him now when I get those part of the prayer the Lord lead me none it turns into a should but deliver me from you I don't know what's out there I need your guide and help me to surrender to your lead. Already already I'm not going to I'm not going to I've got I gotta go I gotta go my time is up I gotta go I gotta go. Last very last this is this is the last thing the first piece that Astley was protection and now this one is praise. Now it's interesting to note that when we come to this part of the play this part of the prayer it comes right after leaders not Didn't agent and temptation also does not mean sin but it also means test and sometimes we have trials and so we gotta look to God who can take us through and overcome every situation so now that this part of the prayer doesn't have time to go through it. Where this part of the pit does it. Thank God so what we have asked him to do that we're going to do this. So now look at it from a lot of times we said well I don't I don't know God's going to ever see that you're the only one that you want to get after it is you've got to have said not in the middle I don't know I don't know if it's going to happen I don't know. So I put that and so I got them I conclude I conclude I conclude my player with confidence knowing that he's going to work it out. I didn't implode I don't write and thank him for that he is going to do talk about thanking God so that we can actually like that and I think that it's I think if you can see that if they wouldn't let you see it in terms of a god is going to do you believe that what you will happen in a time in that event. Trust him in the trials now but not as I was to make mention of a good enough intelligence power he was on a ballot question a pregnant Thanksgiving he says we're with everybody concerned offered to praise God and so interfered a part in the method that everybody is gonna look at it. We should conclude our prayers were played on Thanksgiving. We can't let him do that do and God willing the session is a hence your confidence in God and appreciation for him a lot of them are going on. Let's look at the letters that we look at and it's a message of the truss and it's this is going to register on the ground that the powers that the spout of the spirit of memory comply and the tempter loses ground the common attribute of captor went with that to do I was going to mention the goal when you start playing God in prayer. You see a parallel back to sell them for exercising and acting and receiving said we are going to be thinking about not and the benefits we see. Shall we simply ends up of mercy and. That's our gratitude to God I never thought that what we do now. You need to note that we are too sparing of getting results with everybody at the loving kindness of God nothing and crazy we would have no family that you have stopped and what do you think everybody last night. That does not hear your prayers. STRANGER present never ending pains with repetition about it when you goodness you will hear that bit that I was going to have a place time for without time. Let me just give you this in closing this isn't so not because this is not the now I want to give this to you didn't I want to give this to you again the first thing is when everybody plays. OK I was one of those now doing the read you the first thing we do in the prelude is when asked by the Holy Spirit to help us with operating under heaven. OK And then a part of the Prelude is my father. You Paul's think what that means is our relationship with a minute left right at the one another obligation to I am the father and then I have a partner to which I don't have an i Pod but I'm not saying these things I'm thinking them unless I say them I think about is was this in the power of Paul's I'm thinking this thing about how many years and how we should approach him would represent all think about how one should be holy and the whole life that is a part of the plea so that my Father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name. That's part of the first plea on that part of the page. All right in the long run going to see that kingdom come. That's consecration already and. Once again you don't have to say and I think you just begin confessing a sin after the goodness help but it will help a little common sense as we dedicate your life to Christ in the coming so that's not a healthy to do so as to you Should there be no servers witnessing so that's all part of the kingdom come. That's all part of the consecration and then after that we start the third with uncertainty everybody but that was not asking for things but we asked the Spirit to give the others at opposite with those for yourself another bible promise with the request and then forgive us are there. That's the second see that confession for the other side that actually help and forgiving those who were wronged you act of God loving not bothered me when I get to the second three. I put the second scene with the first see when I'm doing the dedication the consecration I move this to part two to a part of that and I ask God to to help me to overcome these individuals who I am at odds with so as a part of the first C. but I've broken out like that because of the way the prayer and then the last three protection lead us not Ethel God guns and rock today and for him to keep you from evil the state overcome and then that that is the thing though. Thank God for past blessing thank you in advance for what he's going to do in answer to your prayer and then everybody that's it. So you got the acronym C P three P C P. And sometimes you know I would have to do something. Sometimes if I mess up Miliband I don't like I'm going straight to confession. As another messed up but I still pick terms of offending him and to do that now I know I'll go through this kind of path and know that you have questions and if you like I'll be happy to stay by answer any questions they have. But you've been good as it's been clear that this man has been less than as we have a closing prayer. I got a couple minutes here. Here's what I'm going to do we're going to end with pain. So never like you to do. I want you to give a sentence a sentence but you can say in one breath got with this I've got with that. OK so the leaves that and the larger club where this media was brought by Adil a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about your first point if you would like to leave the W.W.W. audio person dot org.


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