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Why Jesus Said "Go"

Ranela Kaligithi


Experiencing Revival Through Soul-Winning: Living a sold-out life for Christ and experiencing daily revival includes more than talking to God through prayer and listening to Him through His Word. It also includes obeying God’s command to “Go” and share the gospel! Find out why personal evangelism is crucial to your Christian experience and learn how to be more effective in your witness.


Ranela Kaligithi

Ranela works in the Literature Ministries Department of the Central California Conference.



  • July 10, 2015
    12:15 PM
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So much for your despair her partner and that we prayed last year and now that you put the words in her mouth of you open our ears. We prayed that one power Holy Spirit that was the blessing her right now in the right. Good afternoon everyone. You know I have been sets I've been so blessed to be able to grow up in a Seventh Day Adventist Church and I wanted to share with you a little bit about my journey because it leads right into what we're going to talk about today. I want to share the link between witnessing and revival. Today there are so many things that God uses to bring revival into our lives and I found in my personal experience that one of the main things that he uses is witnessing and evangelism and I would like to see a little bit of my personal experience and how witnessing was the missing key that help jumpstart my spiritual life and keep my fire for God going I still want to share the love of vandalism as those of us of God's people who are living in the last days how we can prepare to stand in these last days. And so for my own sake why don't we just have one more word of prayer and walk it into it. Our Father in heaven we thank you so much that we can come together as brothers and sisters from all over the world and hear the Word of God we pray now that your Holy Spirit would speak. Or do you know each one of us needs to hear today so I pray that each person would hear what you want them to hear. We thank you Lord in your name Amen. Well I like I said this morning I grew up in the air in Springs Michigan and in Ohio My dad was a pastor of three churches and growing up. I had a very sheltered upbringing and I really appreciated that. I went to a little school that had about thirty five people in it in the whole school. Two people in my class and I was telling them this morning that we knew I had experiences growing up that could really illustrate my Christian seventy M. and its upbringing I remember I would I would be you know this at home and my dad would ask me Renate whom when you grow up and I said dad I'm going to marry you in Jesus and he said good girl you know like we had rehearsed right. I remember we would be at the community pool in Ohio and I was in a really small town so you know in the community pool it was like the highlight of the town everyone was there and all the people would be going down the slide and doing cannonballs and just enjoying the pool and my sister and I would be there in the middle. I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit event raising each other having so much fun just like we saw our dead doing at church I also remember we were driving Chicago and my parents tell me that I don't remember that they said they looked back they heard us talking as girls they look back and we were sitting there was a chance of having them to and each other saying Eat Drink this is my God And we just didn't do you know we just had a very sedentary agonists upbringing very Christian. We had something called Genesis day where one day a week we would only eat what Adam and Eve couldn't eat in the Garden of Eden and so my memory of you know fruits and nuts and my mom would always have that out for us and I you know we don't like that sometimes but you know I appreciate my my heaven is bring I really do and I have I got older we went to we moved out here to California and as you get older you become more aware. When you're young everything is just rosy and perfect and you think that everyone's perfect including yourself. And as you get older you realize that people and yourself are more flawed than what you think and coming to California is over moron. I would say influences that were not as innocent as when I was in Ohio in Michigan. I was exposed to more things we started having more media exposure in our lives and I know that the media is a major tool that the devil uses that can be used for good. But the devil uses media to really get into the minds of people and implant his principles. Things that come out of Hollywood and things like that and I remember started to watch movies and the people I hung out I went to a bigger school now and I came to California and the people were nice but I just remember we started becoming more exposed to the world and just more exposed to you know the pressures of being accepted right when you're young you want to be accepted. And I remember just kind of going down that road and you have a young person you're twelve thirteen fourteen that's what you're really looking for you're searching for acceptance and so I remember just living that type of way and you know I wasn't a bad person. No I wasn't bad but one of the things that we read about in Revelation three is the worst thing that God hates is when we're neither hot nor cold. And so I wasn't a bad person and I never did anything bad or right. I never did drugs or alcohol or parties or any of that stuff. But I really didn't sense my need of God and as I got older I have gotten a little another I got more independence. It was just you know started wanting to be more like everyone else who reminds me of the school in prophets and kings page fifty eight point one I can get this to go here. It says God can do little for men who lose their sense of dependence on him. When you can do very little for those who lose their sense of dependence. And as you go grow out of your teenage years especially if you're grown up Seventh Day Adventists you start to have to make the choice for yourself and we're going to live a life where I'm going to fully rely on God and where he is going to be everything to me. Well I'm just going to kind of go the way that most people do even in this year of just another day but you know I'm not completely sold out and I remember God intervened in my life before that really could happen. I was about fifteen years old it was a few days before I turned fifteen and I remember little by little just before this event happened I started sensing my need to have devotion just kind of out of nowhere. I was fourteen I'm not about to turn fifteen I just started spending a little bit more time with God in the morning. My dad had tried to help us do that when we were younger and so I remember one particular morning I was kneeling down and I remember on my knees saying God prepare me for what's going to happen. Just prepare me for what's going to happen and I had no idea what was going to happen that day. I had no idea. I knew was that there was a sinking feeling that my life was about to change. And I remember just kneeling down there and for twenty or thirty minutes just praying God prepare me prepare me I don't know what's going to happen but she's pre-prepared me and I remember I walked to school that day because we didn't live far and I went to school and when I came home I really was confronted with the news that would change my life forever. You know I'm Asian and so we don't have details very much so I'll just tell you that that my life changed that day I might and so many things happen in my life that they were I realized wow I I hate my life. I remember going out to the block we lived near the ocean. I went out there and I was just. And crying and thinking Why me. I'm just a statistic now. I never thought that this would happen to me I thought it happened to everyone else. Have you had those experiences when the hardest thing talking to you and you would only heard about it in your life and you realize then why does it have to be me. And in those moments we feel alone and we feel that God doesn't care that why did it have to happen and I remember crying and thinking about my little sister and other people that would be affected and and I just I thought no one would understand me you know. You know those moments where it's like you can't go to your parents you can't go to your friends there's no one that can truly understand. And in that moment I was sitting there and I remember the Holy Spirit saying Rina Do you remember what you were praying this morning and I thought yes I was praying that you would prepare me and all of a sudden it just hit me and I realized that God had been trying to prepare me that morning for that. What happened that afternoon. I realize that God actually knew in that moment just as a young person that I was that in dawned on me God knew what was going to happen and he was trying to help me. He was trying to prepare me he actually cared about me and I remember thinking wow God you know you're the only one I can understand and I remember that day God became my best friend. I just remember thinking no one understands but you're always with me and I remember after that every morning I cannot wait. I couldn't wait to open up my Bible and read because I knew no one else understood but when I opened my Bible I knew there was someone there that understood. And later on about a year later I would read this quote that really stuck out in my mind through all our trials we have a never failing helper though now he is hidden from sight. You think you can hear his voice saying I have endured your sorrows experienced your struggles encountered your temptations. I know your tears. Yes I also have wept the grief that like too deep to be breathed into any human ear I know I think not that you are desolate and for saken though your pain touch no response of course any heart on earth look and to me and when I believe that as God's people he wants us to all have that experience where we come face to face with the fact that Jesus is the one who loves us the most in the world and who will always be there for us. You know I love God I wanted to spend more time with him as those months than weeks went on and I he was he was the only one I had and I remember I would spend time with him and now I want to need to start becoming more involved. I could sense in church and I remember the first time I was asked to come up and give prayer in front of my school. I remember my palms were so sweaty and the night before I stayed up writing out what I would say in my prayer because I didn't pray or other times like smaller groups but this is the first time I really felt like God wanted to use the words that I spoke to actually touch someone's life even during a prayer and so I remember that night I felt like the Holy Spirit was there and I was just writing and I was so nervous and I went up there and I was praying and afterwards people could look to be and they said thank you so much for that prayer. Appreciate it. And it began I started to realize well God Even with something like this you can use it to bless why it's OK to be more public about my faith and that's it actually means feel good and remember that was this kind of the beginning of my sophomore year I was just about to turn sixteen and I was I was in the cafeteria. I met two people. One man was named Bill Crick and another man's name touched a club he was actually the morning devotional speaker yesterday morning and they were coming they had conference over us and they were coming to my school to recruit for a summer program Youth rush. And I had come with my friend just to he she was doing it right I wasn't doing it as a literature of insulin program but she wanted me to come along so I was sitting there while she was talking to them and I overheard Taj and some of his friends talking about a trip they were taking Ethiopia I was going to Africa that year as well but I was actually going with my school we were going to go to South Africa and so I said hey I'm going to Africa too and they said well what are you going to do I said I don't know I think we're going to paint a wall and you know help out there and just mingle with the people and they said Well that sounds great you should come with us and I said oh where are you going to we're going to Ethiopia and at that time Bill was done talking of Vicky and he turned to me and he said yeah that's great. They have all the notes for you Have you got any of your sort of share him. It's a powerful ministry and they said you know we have a note for you if you don't know how to put together the old sermons and you can just read them or you can do whatever you want with them and there's people that come out and you just preach and I knew that God was calling me to do that and so God worked it out in just a couple months they were leaving. And miraculously my parents helped me raise the money and I was a little fifteen year old that went with a group of twenty five people that I didn't know to Africa and I still to this day my mom even says I don't know how I let you go there but I know that the Holy Spirit worked on our heart to let me go because when I went there I had no idea what I was doing all I know is I saw my dad preach sometimes but I mean I didn't really know what he did. Necessarily so I will go take my Bible was the first night I had never preached a sermon in my life and I would read my Bible and I would say if you believe that the Bible was the only rule of authority raise your hand in it all razor hands and I was like wow that sounds a bit like starting when I look at the state and you know it was it like to be out I was so tired I had never preached in my life and then I had to go from preaching every night and twice on Sabbath but I remember. There are in the morning time when I was preparing my sermons I would be studying and I would think oh why didn't I lose about this this is incredible. I finally understand with this twenty three hundred days this is all about this business sense and as I would study Daniel two I thought we are living in the very top of the time and I was studying the Sabbath and be like OK yeah I'm always going to believe in the Sabbath there's just too much of it and then I would go to study the State of the brain and that became one of my favorite subjects because I was like oh it makes so much sense and how much the devil is trying to deceive people through not knowing that I would go to the anti-Christ and I'd be like wow I feel like you can actually explain this this is completely clear and as I would study these things I realize that this church was truly the rint church of Bible prophecy and as I was preaching I remember people made decisions and anyone know how it happened I remember the very last Sabbath there was almost I believe man almost between eight and ten thousand people there and I remember I just I couldn't even see the end of them. But what was interesting is when I came back I was more nervous to speak to two hundred of my friends in America. But I wanted to speak to people in Africa and I remember I got recruited to go to you thrash that summer literature evangelism program where we knock on doors we should add minister literature or pray with people offer Bible studies and that summer changed my life because as I continued to do more and more ministry I started realizing that God wants His people to learn how to not act on their feelings but on faith in the Word of God you see as young as a young person as well as just a human being. Feelings are so strong you know if I feel it then I must act on it and if I don't act on it I am doing myself a disservice. Right. No I realized the Bible can be trusted. It and I should put my faith in the Bible and not my feelings. I learned that during that summer and I remember I began to learn so much about what it meant to work for God in my spiritual life became more and more alive as I met people at the doors and realize that there is a dying world out there. People who really need God and who will have what they need and it was just incredible to be able to be trained their ministry really changed me when I was there and I continue to do about three summers of literature evangelism and after that it was time to decide where I was going to go to college. And that's always a hard decision for young people you know where Guy calling me my parents want me to go here. I feel like I want to go here but I feel like God's calling me here and I knew that God wanted to train me more in ministry I had a passion for it but I wanted to be trained more. And it was hard though because the school that I was thinking of going to with a two year Bible College where now I think some schools accept their credits but at that time it was basically like taking two years off before going to school and coming from an Indian and Filipino background that was very hard. You know we really want to get our education done which is very important. And so I remember praying a lot and I praise God for my parents because when I decided to go even though at first they didn't want me to go. They decided that they would trust my decision because they believed that I had made it with God and they knew I would be behind all my friends and getting my degree but they knew that this was the most important thing and they gave me their blessing to go to a two year Bible College and there I learned how to get bible studies and to be a leader and and just really be able to to work for God you know in these past several years of ministry after I went to schools I started working as a bio worker. And now I actually work for a conference in California where we. We train Bible workers throughout the year as well as we put together the literature vandeven programs during the summer. We do ten week summer programs for the kids as well. Glo I don't know if you've heard of global for that or reproduce them and I look back on all these years of ministry and I think man you know if I didn't have that I really don't know if I would be here right now honestly because having a spiritual life or a Christian life where we just go to church or where we just pray or just read our Bibles is incomplete without evangelism and a little straight why imagine that you were a part of a sports team. OK Imagine you were doing some ball or cricket or soccer volleyball you're part of the team and the coach is just saying hey you know what we got to practice as hard as we can so we're practicing and we're practicing interacting and one day he comes up and he says you know what I want you guys to just keep practicing really hard but this season we're just not going to play any games. All right there's no games but I want to just keep practicing and I want you to keep fighting as hard as you can. Nothing's the season but I know you guys will do your best right. Well I don't know about you but I'd be very motivated. I'd be like oh that's cool. You know it's interesting because in our spiritual lies God gives us the privilege of reaching out to souls and doing evangelism so that we have game in our spiritual lives so that it gives context and reason for the praying that we do and the Bible study we do is focused around a reason and that is so that we can reach the world. We know the primary purpose of prayer and Bible study is to prepare us to be able to go out there and talk to people about God I personally know that if it wasn't for ministry in the vandals of especially living here in America it's very easy in America to become settled and comfortable and feel like. You're OK but I feel like evangelism ministry has helped me to be able to realize wow I still really need God to sent my dependence on God You know God used evangelism to revive my spiritual life. But what is it about ministry. What is it about witnessing that brings spiritual revival to God's people. Why does it have this effect. I want to share with you that why I want to share with you why a lifestyle of evangelism is crucial to spiritual revival right now and how God uses it to prepares to stand in these last days. And so I want us to go to his teachings chapter six. He's Take your Bibles and go there if you can Chapter six I actually have lost my Bible at this convention so if you see a bilingual Bibles with a purple case let me know. I'm going to have my phone here and hopefully I'll get there in time. If he's in chapter six and go to verse ten. If he's in six and verse ten cents here we've heard it before. Finally my brother and be strong in the world and in the power of His might put on the whole armor of God that he may be able to what stand against the love of the devil for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places where people are taken to use the whole armor of God. Now he may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all that you can tell that Paul has a burden for the people in at this is and he's writing to them and saying look I want you to be able to stand. I want you to be able to when the devil comes to intense you to be able to say no to you know the so that's a swell you can go I'm not following you. You know God's people was supposed to be able to say no. Wrong isn't that right. Didn't have the stamina and the strength that when the temptation comes we can say no I will not go there God and show me a better way. And here Paul is really wanting his people to stand and it's interesting because he says the way to do that is to take up how much of the armor all of it but there are many he says that several times for emphasis right Jacob of God If you want to be able to resist evil to be able to resist temptation. You need to study this and take up the whole entire armor of God Have you ever wondered why maybe in your own spiritual life you struggle with temptation and sin still after many many many years maybe it's time to go to season six and really study through it and see why am I here not taking up which I'm Or am I not taking up I want to go through it really quickly and will notice what it says about this armor in verse thirteen. Stand therefore having your loins heard about the truth having the brights put the righteousness of your feet so hard with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace. I gotta go back here. Verse sixteen of all taking the shield of faith. When will he still be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. Take the helmet of salvation and the sort of the Spirit which is the Word of God praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit watching their answer with our perseverance and supplication for All Saints so he mentioned seven things here it's really interesting because not only does he give I don't want to that's more like defensive armor he also has armor that often since and what we'll see here it says and efficiency as I and it is up to six go to person one nine hundred notice that when he talks about prayer he says Pray for me that I don't may be given to me that I may open my mouth but only to make known the mystery of the gospel. So he's like when you pray you want to pray for her. The Saints and recently when I went they will speak the gospel. So prayers not only just for us right to bring a laundry list to God right. He wants to hear our requests and our needs so we should pray for those things but it's also so that we can come and we can pray for the people who are out there doing mission work so we can pray for fitness for missions so we can pray that people will have goodness to speak the gospel. It's not only a defensive weapon but it is ostensive weapon guys who are good with those people to confront my sister go out there you know it's an offensive weapon or a prayer is I want you to go to the sort of the spirit there in verse seventeen A sword is a defensive weapon. You know any candy I guess that someone else has a sword you can block them I guess but the main purpose of a sword is on sense of right. God wants us to we know that the word which is the Word of God wisely to win souls. It's an offensive weapon to go out there and bring people in that's sort of the Spirit is for in the third offensive armor apart piece of the armor is in verse fifteen and your feet shod with the right with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace. In Romans Chapter ten fifteen it says how should we preach except maybe sense as it is written How beautiful are the right of them that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things to your food are to be shunned the preparation the readiness of the gospel of peace it kind of reminds me remember the Israelites when they were eating the Passover supper they had had their feet on them and their shoes on them and their staff in hand right they were ready they were ready to go at a moment's notice. Part of this armor is being ready to be able to share the gospel. People put in this armor is knowing how to wield our swords wisely so that we can win people to God part of this armor is praying for the salvation of souls. It's not simply justice. Look faith with a helmet is always in a defensive armor it's actually doing something and that itself actually helps you resist evil it helps you say no to the devil. One of the really interesting you would wonder kind of what's the correlation between winning sellers and being able to say no to lustful thoughts when instead of being able to not get angry What's that correlation how is it that doing things ostensibly for God working for him actually helps us resist evil in our lives. It's really interesting because I work now as a leader for the youth watch programs the summer literature programs and we get about a hundred students every summer and I never work in with the students because they're such a blessing they're just trying to grow in their spiritual lives and it's incredible when they come. Week one we're in week five right now and I'm going into week six when they come in week one. They come from all kinds of backgrounds you know they come from heaven is backgrounds actually of a couple people working with us who really love God that they're actually not yet agonists they're still having bible studies but they're they want to work for God and they're doing really well so we have people from all walks of life and a lot of these students as we all do the struggle they struggle with different things and when you spend two and a half months at these students you really get to know who they are and you get to know their struggles in their lives but it's incredible as the weeks go on and they're out there knocking on doors is they're working for God. Little by little we always hear testimonies. My director Bill and I were always texting tether and sharing the testimonies of the students who are leaving the world behind their leaving their sins behind where you know they're out there putting away the things of the world. I I just remember one summer one of my students Matthew Bronson. He just had such a heartfelt prayer I remember those ten days in the Upper Room book. We went through that during the summer on Saturday evenings we would all get together and I just remember hearing him say things like Lord help me in my thoughts other students think. I'd give me freedom from last in my mind. Give me freedom from anger and just these teenaged kids you know sixteen thousand nine hundred eighteen years old are realizing those things in their lives and they need to take away and you know you wonder why is it that that is what Angela's them gives so much power in your personal spiritual life to say no to wrong. Well after you've been going door to door for six or seven hours a day after you've been you know for maybe you guys giving Bible studies here and there doing something aggressive for God it really causes you to censor need of God doesn't it. If you've ever been asked to give a Bible study you know that you're on your knees you're studying your Bible. You're trying to figure out you know what can I share and what would you have to give the power and we sent our need of God more and that time we could not spending more time with God and the meadow and more time you spend with God the more and more he's actually taking the things in your life that are not there in taking them out and it's incredible because when you spend time in evangelism you are forced to depend on God and that's actually the point that the point of aggressive vandalism We don't shun it or run away from it because it's hard. We go through it because it's hard. We know that it will cause us the sense our need of God and I want you to notice what it says here in Bali and seven of the Testament Peter nineteen the greatest help that can be given our people is to do what it teaches them to work for God and to depend on him not on the ministers right now under the leaders not just the pastors. They've got their work to do but we've got a lot of work to do right. Oh that's the greatest thing that we can do is learn how to work for God That's what we need in in a vandalism. Now I want you to notice what it says here and actually Apostles page one of five this is just after the storing of Stephen the persecution that came upon the church in Jerusalem resulted in giving a great interest. Yes to the work of the gospel so the work of the Gospel went centered right after this persecution success had attended the Ministry of the word in that ways in Jerusalem and there was danger that the disciples would linger there too long. Unmindful of the Savior's commission to go into all of the world so they were there and they were thinking man you know what we've been doing here it's going and it was starting to think oh you know maybe we don't have to go into all the world right. But then look at it says they're getting that strength to resist a little is gained by aggressive service. They began to think that they had no work some important as that of shielding the church in Jerusalem from the attack of the enemy so there they are thinking oh we just you know the church is going well let's just feel that you know we need to do a little bit more in reach we don't want to go out there you know what if the church is being shaken up and then because there are two of them is so important to God that he spread them apart abroad through persecution instead of educating the new converts to carry the gospel to those who had not heard it they were in danger of taking a course that would lead our to be satisfied with what had been accomplished to scatter his representatives abroad where they could work for others. God what primitive Wow God permitted persecution to come upon them driven from Jerusalem the believers went everywhere preaching the worst sin that incredible importance the work of God is God says you know what I would rather my people experience some persecution and go out to the world than for them to become settled where they are and to believe that nothing else needs to happen you know I praise God I love being here because we hear all the amazing reports of what's been happening around the world and it inspires me on just like the Holy Spirit is there praise the Lord but I'm satisfied I know we cannot be because there is more there were people out there that need to hear the message and the moment that we start becoming satisfied we're in danger we're in danger and God It's what I want you to show this. Again it's a flip. We cannot forget that strength to resist evil is best gain by aggressive service when we're doing aggressive service for Christ. It's the best strength that we can it it doesn't say strength to resist evil is best gained by listening to sermons write them appreciate that you're all here. But there's I'm not giving you the best thing that you can have to resist evil. The best thing that you can do to resist evil is to look for God to be involved in evangelism that will help you. Isn't credible it God is so good he gives us tools so that we can actually overcome in our spiritual lives. You know I'm just so thankful because evangelism not only strengthens us to resist evil but it opens our eyes to the eternal and takes our eyes off of the Here and Now how many of you listen to this because morning during the morning devotional you are here watching for me I felt it was powerful I loved what he said you know heaven is real and sometimes we get so caught up in the here and now don't we. I want you to think about going to second Corinthians Chapter four verses sixteen to eighteen so I think and then for sixteen to eighteen or it's on the screen it says there. Therefore we do not lose heart even though I one man is perishing at the end when man is being renewed day by day when I was part of outward man perishing and he was working for God and he was doing some crazy things. He would go and he was stoned in one place and you get up and keep preaching he go back to that same place he was beaten you know he was persecuted and I would leave he was wearing away. But in the early he was being renewed day by day for I like affliction which is but a moment is working for us so far and exceeding eternal weight of glory. Now we do not look at the things which are seen but of the things which are not seen but I think what you're seeing are what temporary but the things which are not seen are eternal pomo just was this to realize that the thing that matters the most is what we. Cannot see now what we can see right now you know it's easy to get caught up with the stresses and worries of life and their children's and all of life and to start getting comfortable here. Right it is a lugger he said this morning. I don't I don't want to be here anymore. You know we can be comfortable in this world and it's very easy especially in places like here in America to be comfortable and to say you know what it's not bad you know it's all right I mean I got pretty much everything that I need and my kids are doing well in school and because of the HELP message their you know their intellects are very sharp so they're doing well in school and and everything's going great and it's easy to just get comfortable here but we are not to look at what scene will look we can look at the unseen. Go to Second Kings Chapter six. You can actually go there in your Bible. Second Kings Chapter six and we're going to quickly read this experience of the writer so I think you suck the six and was verse fourteen. Here we know the king of Syria is making plans he's making plans of where they are going to go next to their army and and you know I say here's a life as a prophet and so God tells him what the king of Sirius plans are and so you like he goes and warns people so so the king of Syria thinks man who is who's giving away our secrets and he's like can you tell me which of the people who are betraying me why they keep telling the enemy our secrets and the man one man comes to the king and in verse twelve it says one of his servants said none O. Lord my king but the life of a puppet that is in Israel tells the king of Israel the words that you speak in your bed chamber. He's like you know was right. Incredible and he says in verse thirteen goes by where he is that I may send infections that go get him for me right now and then invest fourteen he sent those this interior is a great host and they came by night and compact the city about the King of the ring is all Armenian and compare. I think that city of don't spin and we know in the morning that he likes to surf it comes out in both fifteen when the servant of the man of God was risen early this is get his eye right he was wiping his eyes and he looks and he's like whoa. It's their last company compact the city both with horses and chariots. He sees the whole place surrounded and he says in verse fifteen I laugh my master how we do what are we going to do about that right. But notice in verse sixteen at last answered fear not for those that be with us are met or be with then Eliza came out and because of his eyes and face he immediately saw the unseen the thing that I could not see and I would actually says actually no to the Bible says in verse seventeen. You I should trade ins and let I play the open his eyes that he may see the eyes of the young man and he signed behold the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire around he like some of the roses of horses and chariots of fire around the city it was around in like a right there. The horses and chariots of fire were right there and he's like open his eyes and he saw he saw the unseen and you know that's what God wants us to see. He wants us to be able to take our eyes off this world of the business of the world. The stresses of life over things that consumers and to be able to look up and see that there is a murder that is coming that is so much better and that's actually real in upward look each to go to says for many minds a realization of the times in which we are living is as far away as heaven is from Earth. People don't realize. Have you seen that in our own life as normal people just going about their lives they don't realize the times in which we're living. It seems that their duty to prepare to meet a soon coming savior is entirely forgotten. Nothing out of it. We go through Article twenty four hours of our day without thinking about him. Do today to better prepare for the coming of Jesus. God wants us to come to our senses. He wants us to act like rational beings who are living on the borders of the eternal world. He wants us to be able to see the unseen. Basically he wants us to be able to not just focus on what's happening here but realize that we are on the toenail of time in a special sense that they are going to have been set in the world as watchman and like theirs to them has been entrusted the last warning message wanting for a perishing world and go down to the bottom. There is no other work of so great importance. They are wrong they are to allow nothing else to absorb their attention and that's a really powerful you know. She says nothing kills us to absorb our attention. Then giving this message to the world we know when she was Chapter eleven that there were a group of people who died in space. They were men and women of faith but they saw the promises afar off and notice if you go down here. But now they desire a better country that is a heavenly country therefore God is not prepared to be God is not ashamed to be called their God for He has prepared a city for them. These people and he was eleven were able to seize the city of thought and they declare that they were pilgrims and strangers in this land. That's what God wants us to do is to be able to see that this world is not our home and you know what when we are involved in witnessing and evangelism it helps us to see that there is another world out there that helps us to see the great controversy between good and evil and that these things are actually true. I want to share with you a couple of stories here I'll share with you case story. Kay is a young girl last summer she was canvasing and she was doing some business as we go to business to business sometimes with our books and as she was out there she was. There's about four businesses and then a stretch of grass and then several more businesses. The first tranche of business you go through they all say no and they're like no no we're. I just said we don't have money we don't have time all the objections. And as she was walking down that that stretch of glass I guess it was a park there was a man that was sitting under a tree and he said hey what are you doing. And she said you know I'm she explained were just Christian students were showing these books and he said Oh OK Well let me come with you she said OK and he looked at her books and he brought a couple books of verses of all things and he said Come with me. So they go to the first tour as a tourist business and I said the first business then they walk in and he looks at the person behind the counter and he says give her ten dollars because books are about an hour and to the person behind the desk. OK and they pull out their wallet and they give her ten dollars and she was like that's weird. And they go to there's another person in that business and he says any She has question was How can we say no and the prisons. Oh OK And it's a lot in dollars and give it give it to her and she's just wondering who is this man. Maybe he works here right. And so she's like OK he said Come with me and she said we're going to another business so they go to the next business and they're all he does is he points at them and points at her and they put up ten dollars to give a church. She leaves them with another great controversy and he goes to another person says give you ten dollars and they pull it out and give it to her and she has another great controversy and this happens and this is a business for the rest of that strip. There are several books that went out in that show because that man did that and she's like and these people at the desk are asking him are asking her this thing is a suit out there and she's like no he's not that he works for them and so when they got out of that strip of business and he said well what about those businesses over there she said all they are he said no he said Come with me and they go over there and the same thing happens every single business do pull out their money. She gives them books and at the end she just says Who are you. And he says my name. How do you mean the thing with Martin. He said My name is Martin and she said Wow. Oh Who are you where you from and he said God bless you. And she's just crying because she's so overwhelmed with how terrible this experience was and she turns around and she looks back and he's just gone and she thinks oh you know when you look at how they're doing God's work on the show you things where you realize you're not the only ones here is are here too and you know I opened to the great controversy and you realize well that was the most incredible experience. I WANT I WANT ONE OF THAT did you know I want God to use me more when you're doing Avengers and you see God using you in the spiritual battle. It's exhilarating and you realize there's so much more to this world than the see what can be seen right. This lady named Jasmine Brian actually not been Jasmine's door and been trying not to was on her knees inside her house praying that God would give her light to understand the Bible. She heard the knock but she thought I don't know in time if you I don't want to answer the door so she doesn't answer. And she keeps on praying she's crying and praying and many minutes go by so if you think the person has left and she said OK I'll go see if they left anything on the door because sometimes they'll have a little card so she goes out there she opens the door and to her surprise he still standing there because I go by I don't know why he was still standing there maybe got impressed him to stay longer and he starts sharing with her what he's doing and he hears her Bible studies and she just starts crying and I was just praying that God would show me a light on the Bible she ended up getting Bible studies. A lady named knowing me Roman is the Bible worker in that area and she said give me bible studies right when you get the contact information I want to go and talk to those people right away. And because of that knowing we went and talked to Jasmine and ten months later Jasmine was baptized this is actually just right before this past summer. Or she was baptized and further for Brian. It made him realize that God actually wanted to use him in ministry. It made him realize that God was orchestrating events so that she could be there right at that moment when she was praying. Can you imagine how that would have to be orchestrated. I mean we weren't we're not in there's not many of us and to go to that town to that straight into that home and right at that time it opens your eyes to how great this universe is a god is real and the angels are real and God It's not a straight circumstances so that we can reach his people by thirty one more experience here Johnny on a couple years ago. He goes to school because we were in California and he loves to sing and so it's the door sometimes he'll sing for people after he sells them books after he talks with them and one day he met this lady in the lady was very sweet she bought some books and he said Can I sing for you and she said sure. So he starts singing his heart out. I don't know what song they were singing that was a ham and she said that was so beautiful. Well later on it was interesting because Come to find out this lady has a friend who is an administration and the friend that she has had a daughter that was also doing these arrests and so the story comes around to all of us that this woman whose daughter was not done. She left a message on her friend's phone and said hey you know I just want you to know I think some of the people from your church came and thanked me. There were two young men that were singing a beautiful song to me and when the story came around to Johnny Johnny said yeah I remember her I think her name was this is looks like this and she said yeah that was her and he said no one is me. It was just me but someone was with him right. Is Angel was seeing this beautiful place with them singing their hearts out together isn't that incredible. All eyes are opened to seeing that it's not just about the here and now it's about the eternal that one part of the angels are with us. Evangelism allows us the opportunity to finally get our eyes off of this world off of the stresses of life of everything that consumes us good or bad and helps us to realize that Jesus indeed is coming soon and that he is real and every stop for that and then also prepares us to be a strong army for God ready to fight God and time battles. Notice what it says here great controversy below gives a special truth for the people in emergency who will dare refuse to publish it. He commands his servants to resent the last invitation of mercy to the world. They cannot remain silent except at the peril of their souls. This is towards the end of the great controversies talking about the last days and he's talking about the people who are to the people of God they cannot keep it in. They may have to go and give the news. Christ and that didn't have nothing to do with consequences. They must perform their duty and leave the results with God you do this picture of people living in the last days who were convicted that this message must go forward and they are not afraid of consequences they know now that they need to do is more important now no matter what the consequence is. Notice this in that same chapter as the opposition rises to a fiercer height their testimony is we did not temper with God's Word. Dividing his holy law calling one portion essential another non-essential to gain the favor of the world the one whom we serve is able to deliver us has conquered the powers of the earth and shall we be afraid of the lives already conquered. You get the picture of a group of people who are strong to do God's battle in the end there is this persecution in its very forms is the development of a principle which will exist as long as things exist and Christianity has a vital power no man can serve God without enlisting against himself the opposition of the hosts of darkness he knows that no man can serve God without enlisting against himself the opposition of the host of darkness if you are going to be a beggar for God in the last days you know that you have. This against you and you to be prepared to stand evil angels will assail him. Alarmed that his influence is taking the pulley from his hands. It's exciting the evil angels in realizing oh no I pray they're taking away our prey Lackland servants of God with their faces lighted up and shining with holy consecration will hasten from place to very typical in the message from heaven by thousands of voices on earth. The learning will be given. Miracles will be wrought. This it will be healed and signs and wonders will follow the believers. Wow you can just picture that in the last two days God truly does have an army of men and women probably young and old who are willing to fight his battles and who do not care about the consequences because they love the Lord I'm losing and I look at myself and I think I really am I going to be one of those people as I am struggling so much in my spiritual life now. If I'm struggling so much to even work for him now in a time of peace how are you in a time of persecution when you have to ask these questions because the things that the prophet talked about are going to happen and I want to be a part of those people. But we must ask ourselves and I really going to be a part of that strong army that is not afraid of consequences. Notice that she says in last events when the churches become living working churches the Holy Spirit will be given an answer to their sincere request. Then the windows of heaven will be open for the shadows of the Latter Rain. That's only when the churches become living and working churches run one here review and herald the great outpouring of the Spirit of God which lightens the halos of glory that revelation eighteen will not come until we have enlightened people that know by experience what it means to be labourers together with God Do you know what it means. My brothers and sisters to be a labor together with God by X.. It's when we have entire hearted consecration of the service of Christ. God will recognize the fact by an outpouring of the spirit without measure. But this will not be one of the largest portion of the church are not labourers together with God because how can the Holy Spirit be pointed out to give power to the loud cry if his people are not giving the wanker I write that the purpose of that only spirit does you have the Holy Spirit to be pointed out that when we pray for all the time but how can the Holy Spirit be poured out if we're not giving experts in our personal lives every day to hasten his soon return. Here my twelve are side says if you have run with the footman and they have wearied you then how can you contend with horses and if in the land of peace in which you trusted They where you then how will you do in the floodplain of the Jordan. It's saying here you know if you can't even work for God in a time of peace how is it going to be in the last days in a time of persecution and hardship. I don't want to be weak in the last days I don't want to be the person where people are trying to keep me on the straight and narrow in trying to encourage me out of this was about encouraging others and saying hey listen God is coming we can do this he's on our side right. Going to personal chapter seventeen and we're going to go to a familiar passage here I love this example of David Samuel Tempest first Daniel Chapter seventeen and here this is a young man and he comes up to the armies of God right. The armies of Israel you go to First Samuel seventeen and going to ten we know that the great giant comes out the Philistine in verse ten and he says I defy the armies of Israel this do give me a man that we can fight together. So who is this giant that's coming out and was coming to the armies of God and the so called armies of God The people who are supposed to be fighting for God right and what is it was once and was eleven when so. All Israel heard those words of the Philistine they were dismayed and greatly afraid that it was twenty four and you can see another response they had all the women of Israel when they saw the man right when they saw Goliath go fled from him and they were so far afraid it was as if they were advancing and then all of that you like everywhere right there just so afraid this is also you know was fighting God's battle and running away. But notice in those twenty six a young man comes David. He spoke to the men that stood by him and said what should be done to the man that killed at the scene and take the really reproach from Israel for designs are going says the scene that he should be fired the armies of the Living God to deal with when he came he took he took it personally when seventy five God and he said that what could be done to this man was going to be done for the man who who who killed this man that killed the Philistine in the people in verse twenty seven answered him in this manner things so shall it be done to the man kills him. We know that only and we know that our job comes to him and he says I know why you're here his oldest brother you've got to know you're to see the fight. I know the pride of your heart right. But notice David's response in verse twenty nine. David said What have I done. Is there not a cause and he turned from him toward another and speak the same manner and if we will answer him again after the former manner. So you going around and he's like is there not a cause and the people are tuning around he's one of them it's in their cars and they're just turning around there and that's why. And he's the only one this young man out of all the thousands of people that are there he's the only one that seeing who despite this battle for God will notice in the in the forty eighth will go down here. We know the David finally got permission to go and confront the lies and was actually going to was forty five and I love his spirit here. We go to the Philistine. He says You come to me with a sword with a spirit with a spear with a shield but I come to you in the name of the boat of hosts the God of the armies of Israel whom you have defied this day we're going to deliver you into my hand I will likely take your head for me and I will give the caucuses of the host of the Philistines this day into the thought of the heir to the lobby for the oath that every word may know that there is a God in Israel clothes and shoes I'd afraid he comes up to that guy and he's he's going you know it is going to take him so confident as go right and you can imagine what the people are thinking they're like This guy's crazy this is the only one who really believes that God can do something in that circumstance. He's going to believe that God can actually win the battle. You know I look at David's face in courage and I want to rouse. How did he have that notice and it says your improper picture can profit the six forty eight there was only a few of us in this in his tone a look of triumph and rejoicing upon his fair countenance. This speech given in a clear musical voice rang out in the air and was distinctly heard by the listening. Thousands marshal for war so as David's going out there and he's he's confronting Goliath. They are all listening and they hear him say these words. And Allan actually says later that it inspires faith in them and makes them spring into action. This young boy maybe sixteen or seventeen years old is inspiring things and all the other people because of his confidence in God That's what God wants us to be like in these last days when we had to fight great battles for him he doesn't want to be one of the armies of Israel shaking in a booth. I can go do that I don't know what it was they reject me what if something happens and I'm one hundred. He want us to be able to say let's do this let's good and win souls for God let's go fight go to battle you know. I asked myself why is it that David was able to have so much confidence when he went up to Goliath. If we go back. In our Bible we don't actually have to read it but before David goes out he talked to soul and remember what he said he said you know what God delivered me from the the hand of the lion in the bear when he was a shepherd the lion would come out and he literally would grab it by its a beard I don't know what he would do he would punch it. He would kick it he would strangle it I'm not sure but somehow you can do it I mean that's intense. I don't know how many of you have killed a lion in a very silly but it does not seem like it would be that easy. But in that time he had trusted God in a previous time to fight his battles he had gone and he had gone through experiences that should have been him. So that when he came up with a lot of these like you can be stronger than that line or I can take him down and I went and he had confidence because of the previous experiences he had when God delivered him I want you to know that in this time of peace and this time though God is calling you to be involved in evangelism so that you can revive your spiritual life is because there are greater battles to fight for God in the future. Too cold to be strong for him now that you will be strong enough to fight his battles in the future you know I believe that God is raising up an army of not just youth of everyone of all ages of people who will fight these battles in the last days and gospel workers eighty two I'm sorry she says we want men who will push the triumph of the cross. Men who are a person of the year under discouragement and probations who will have the zeal and resolution and face that are indispensable to the missionary field but we know that so much is going to happen in these last days you know I remember just growing up I always say the Jews coming soon and you would have the people who are a little older and there are years and they're like honey I was saying that for a long time and I'm like OK well maybe he's not going to get in then I wouldn't buy that but I don't know where this thing I'm going to spin this thing I said that for a long time. No hasn't happened and as a young person I look at that and I think well you know that might be true I'm still going to work my hardest for God but I cannot help but notice in the days that we live in that they are much different than just fifty years ago than just eighty years ago. They're very different we know the things that are happening in our world particularly things that are happening here in America all of the world are happening. But we know that things are rapidly happening you know and after the end you know and in a group like this or even hands on a conference I know that there are probably people that struggle with homosexuality so there's nothing against them at all. But this is just looking at the facts that we are rapidly declining as the wind that was passed the one of the chief justices and in his dissent was saying that you know all the principles that we're using right now to allow this to happen are the same principles that people can use to what polygamy and not long after that when it was passed just a few days later. There were people who were wanting to use those same principles to say when you need to recognize our polygamous relationships because of that it's rapidly declining. We know that one of the twin institutions of God has been just shot down by that and we know the second one will be soon. I just realized you know when I see all of that happening it's it doesn't make me afraid. It doesn't make me think oh man I gotta get my life together do you consider it makes me think wow we don't have a lot of time we need to be pushing the times of the cross. We really focusing on what really matters right now because we're kind of that the last event will be rapid lines. And now is the time that God is calling you to take up his cross to focus more on what really matters to take your eyes off of the temporal and to start having the eyes of faith to some eternal. He's wanting us to start saying no to. People in our lives to say no to temptation and I praise God because when we are involved in active ministry and evangelism it actually revived our spiritual life. It helps us to do those very things. It helps us to say no to wrong. It helps us to realize that God in heaven is real helps us to be able to do the things that God wants us to do in the last days and be strong for it. I want to go to Matthew Chapter eleven in Matthew eleven this is also a familiar passage in Matthew eleven verse twenty eight to thirty and you know when we revisit this passage we tend to read it devotionally which is good. We tend to read it kind of their own eyes and our own experience. Matthew chapter eleven verse twenty eight. Electronics are never as fast as actually having a Bible. Matthew eleven twenty eight come unto me all you that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. We look at that and I claim that promise a lot especially when I'm overwhelmed with lots of things but I want to as we read this to think about maybe the context of what he seeking here. Take my joke upon you and learn of me for I need a lonely at heart and you will find rest for your souls. So my yoke is easy and my burden is light. You know here Jesus is saying something interesting he saying Come to me and take my yoke upon you have you ever heard of the historian Justin Martyr. He was actually very near the time when Jesus lives and when you look at the historic writings it actually talks about how Jesus was most likely Obviously we know he was a carpenter son but he most likely worked on yokes for Ox and actually else he actually made those things he most likely did that because that was a major thing that the carpenters did back then and so you imagine him saying take my yoke upon you and learn from. Me You know you can put in our world we can put lots of different yokes upon ourselves. We can put the yoke of expectations of other people the yoke of work the work the yoke of school different burdens and yokes that we place upon ourselves but only crisis yoke is easy and only he is of the light and his only is rings true breast to our souls that you know is the yoke of service it's the yoke that where we learn of him and we learn of the burden that he has on his heart which is saving souls you know a burden is with you always a burden always has some type of weight and the burden that the world puts upon us is very heavy the burdens that the world with upon us our burdens of sin are burdens of you know whatever it might be lots of burdens that the world can place upon us but the burden that Christ puts upon it is easy and it's lights and you know the yoke that he gives us causes all other burdens to be light as well you know I believe that when we put on the yoke of service that Christ is given to us that all the other folks and burdens that the world gives us will actually become lighter. You know if you were living a life where it's really consumed in the everyday life of work and school and family and all those things are wonderful great things but when it consumes you and you have not put on the yoke of Christ where you're living a lifestyle of witnessing of evangelism I believe you're carrying a heavier load than you were ever meant to carry. Because when you carry the yoke of Christ when you do service for him those loads are really not as heavy anymore because you start to have a true deep abiding satisfaction in joy that comes from service your spiritual life becomes revived when you do ministry when you are working for God. Had you truly are experiencing true rest in Christ and the other burdens in yokes that the world gives become lighter. I know that God is calling each one of us in here to take upon ourselves his York to take upon ourselves the burden that he wants us to carry and that's the burden to go to the world and to preach the Gospel and to share the good news. I know some of you might be thinking well you know I just don't have any of those talents and skills I just don't you know I don't have the opportunity I'm not sure what to do. You know I when I first started out with ministry my parents actually thought I would never make it to you thresh they thought I would never make it through literature vandeven because a lot of people think literature is have to be very social and you know strong and just happy and all of that and I was really shy. Every time I went into a room of more than five people my palms would start sweating. I don't know how to carry on a conversation. People would talk my older sister was very sanguine and social and she just seemed to know how to do everything really well and I just felt like I didn't know what to say you know I just I wasn't very social I didn't know how to speak up front but you know God takes us just where we're at it and he doesn't call the qualified right. He qualifies the called he he will qualify you. There might be something that you are thinking of right now that you need to do when you go back home. Perhaps there's something you need to take out of your life that you can be involved in the work that God has you to do before he comes again and I want to encourage you to not place upon yourselves offical Xin challenges and say oh I just don't have this or I can't do that. God will provide the means he will provide the way and even if you think man I want to do something but I just don't know where to start. And you ask God and you say Lord what is it that you want me to do. Is there something that I need to go into or is there is there a type of ministry work that you want to do when I go back. No equip me for it. Show me what it is. God will show you so he'll teach you and he'll train you as well you know my great fear is that I will come and and the day when Jesus comes I hope to be alive I hope to be able to see it happen in the clouds. And if I do my great fear is that when I see that small dark cloud that's becoming brighter and brighter that I will have regret in my mind and think oh no this is much sooner than I thought. I wish I had done more for God I wish I had taken those opportunities. I wish I had just done away with that hobby that really wasn't that great for me anyway took up a lot of my time and money but I would say I want to work for God more. I don't want to have that regret. I think we were probably all of us have some type of regrets when we see us come because we live in a simple world and we've probably wasted time money resources whatever. But I want to lessen that regret as much as possible. I'm going to be able to see Jesus and say God I did everything I could. I spent every last ounce of effort in your work and my friends I will tell you this that the only reason my life these past ten years that I have been working for God The only reason that I'm still here and that every year my passion for God becomes more and more and that by His grace is nothing good in the end that I still struggle in life but I know that God has allowed me the privilege of being a part of ministry and that is what's kept me spiritually going that is what revived my spirit because it gives context to prayer and Bible study and I want you to think when you go home to really pray and say Lord is there a way I can be involved or is this something that you want me to do because it will bring revival into your lives you find yourself Manning to spend time in prayer or you find yourself you can't even wait to get into the Bible because you want to search the scriptures you want to see so you can have an answer so that you can just hear the Word of God speaking to you and feeding you if you are lacking that. In your life maybe you come to the Bible and you're like I don't really even want to open it and when I come to it I am just counting down the minutes or yeah you know I had to put it second priority because there's too many things going on in life. If you're having that experience in your spiritual life or if you don't even want to spend time in prayer it's blowing to you maybe or maybe when people come together in prayer like OK I hope this and soon or whatever it might be if you're experiencing that I know it's something that we can all struggle with. I want to encourage you to become more involved in witnessing in an evangelist I'm led to encourage you to take the steps out there out of your comfort zone and actually do something for God because you will see the rest of those areas become stronger as well. God has a plan for each person in here. I know he does I never knew what the plan was and I believe that my plan is still unfolding but there are there are people that only you can reach. There are people out there in the world that only you can reach and I know that God is trying to equip you to be able to stand and these last days and so I want to appeal to you guys this afternoon. My appeal today and you know I doesn't have to be long. I just want to ask you if there's anyone here that feels like perhaps there's something in their life that they need to put aside whether it's good or bad something in their lives or they realize this is taking up too much of my time. This is taking away my money and my time and my energy that I could be spending for God I want to encourage you to go home and say the word Help me to take that way and if that's something that you prayed about and you've been thinking and saying Lord I need to let go of those things I need to make more time for you. Would you say to him right now I think there's something in my life and God knows God sees your hands he knows your heart he knows right now what you're thinking of those very things that you need to put aside and you know as you've raised your hands know that the angels are not only recording it but they're going to help you. They're going to help you when you go home to give you the power. To put those things away to put the things out of your life so that you can finally devote your time and your energy and your money to what really matters in these last days. You know perhaps some of you here realize that you are in need of a daily revival and conversion experience I know I do. I think a lot of us do here and perhaps your fire for evangelism ministry maybe some of you guys really did have a fire for evangelism in ministry and at one point were really on fire for God but you notice that your spiritual life is dwindling. You know I'm praying for you and I want you when you go home to rekindle my fire. I don't need to see what it is that I can do for you and I want even if you don't feel like it. Go to your pastor go to your leader and say What can I do for God Here give me a some assignment give me a Bible study I can take over I want to start a prayer whatever it is get involved in evangelism again because God longs for his people to be experiencing daily revival daily conversion. We don't want to be satisfied in our spiritual life with just feeling God's presence and being on fire for him one day a week. God wants you to experience revival every day that comes with prayer that comes of Bible study and it comes with sharing your faith. Remember to take upon you the whole armor of God Don't leave any of it out. Don't just pick up the defensive armor take up the whole offensive armor of God and go out there do something for God you will see a difference in your spiritual lives. Let's pray Father in Heaven Lord we thank you so much that you have the power to change people like us. Well you know how much our church needs revival Lord we thank you that you can give it to us if we pray for it if we seek for it. If we do something about it Lord we pray that you would forgive us God for our spiritual lethargy. For putting things ahead of you that well when we're standing on the sea of glass a lot of we're going to look at those things and just think wow how insignificant they were. Lord I pray that you would give us power to put those things out of our lives that are taking up our time and energy and talents and money and put those put our time and talents in the right place in your service. And I pray that all of these people in here including myself will experience the daily baptism of your Holy Spirit as we do our work for you. Lord I pray that we would not leave this general conference session the same but that we would leave changed and on fire and are ready to go. Brenda message to a dying world we thank you so much for being with us today and for sharing our prayers because we were asked to be your news media was brought to you by a website dedicated to spreading God's word to sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about. If you'd like more W W W E.


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