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Be Nonconformists

Andrea Oliver



  • December 20, 2007
    12:00 PM
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the reasons are that they will be fulfilled according to your purpose in our lives transform us Lord into your image into your life this in Jesus we just pray that your new beauty each attendee Lord keep us safe Lord we pray for Allison Lord he needs your prayers right now is in the hospital we want to keep for my Lord we just pray that that your Holy Spirit will come down to do for us we cannot do for ourselves we need the Holy Spirit ascended Lord Jesus we pray in your holy and precious name and something is happening I worked with Doctor Samuel Huntington and he says that over and over again many times I think the keeps things and sometimes we come here and what's happening with nothing the points on this session something is happening is called by the insulating all one something is happening and we want to get young people involved as well but the love couple here as you can see they are she's she's beautifully dressed and leaves interesting here what is happening with you guys was active as much as you did you guys and and dollars when Jon Lovett this is my wife download as we do in church planting among the working people in India for the last two years and I sent these are missionaries and not your normal missionaries they are a special class of missionaries and as you can see what the new form hundreds of Israelis is a specific movie class of missionaries before leaving commissioners what we got Las Vegas for its mission him to be only a five dad 's friends emissions I was involved in social services and my husband was building houses okay now I want to see cause you will always arrive for this attraction or what costs across the pond and go over to the other place across the question I heard a very very compelling presentation another missionary where the resources are in world where most of the Christians live where are the Bibles where the Christian literature on where the radio program all the resources and we are so used to wear her mask the thing is okay where are the unreached people and those that don't have the books and radio out his knife I see that I was also a resource time and money times in my life I'm a resource and as I had to pray and ask God to help me to have can use the somewhere else where there's fewer resources available to hear you are convicted to use your resources you have one he uses his people were not have aware were you guys serving for the past two we were in India Darjeeling India is actually in the far north we actually live in an elevation of about seven thousand feet and so it's quite cool there somewhere accustomed to the weather here and okay CSS feet above sea level in India can you describe what people like their predominant religion was elected first got there like the one and only never permitted yelling what would people do in India will the predominant people that we work with the court and so they are basically ethnically Nepali they speak Nepali they have Nepali traditions and actually this is a Nepali and the unsigned okay so I had to deserve people from Nepal who will come down to the India and you're there to do what the church plant John four two thousand four there were misunderstandings and Darjeeling India and now there's a small group meeting and we want to see a self-sustaining church movement began their that can go through the surrounding Darjeeling Hills and into all our industry the first Seventh-day Adventists to be clarified at the first Seventh-day Adventist was baptized in two thousand four a marriage is in our these are and then is looking for fresh soft missionary to go out and where is interesting Hassan closed to get into the culture as well as I see is what what how are you engaging the culture there what are some things are learning more and together or something that was the last two and half years studying the language and the culture and we put together a book written on the culture which is about five hundred pages long and the goal of that is weird as soon as we get back were going to begin to write a series of lessons is specifically targeting the Nepali people their minds in the way they think and what they value see also learning the language describe animal harming hate you and maybe American country that bad reputation for being monolingual and how his knee however there and had to become my question is unrehearsed know your urine American or Caucasian and your wife have red hair due to the locals comment on the obscurities this is off the record sort is that you remember that my freckles freckles could I have to skin disease nobody wants something incurable for and if he is okay and nicer weather of the mass is a high learning curve as I get a decent culture and therefore Jesus Christ what you need to explain what is even trying to do what's their mission what are their needs what can we help you with AFM we try to do is we try to look at the places in the world that are not growing him maybe the country is glowing growing as a whole but for perhaps their particular parts of that country that are not having any type of growth we look for those type of places and if I had to say that AFM has one a move their largest need is people that is absolutely barn on the highest neither we have I don't thought the Sunday before that the Lord has resources he has money he's got all this other pamphlets he's got airplanes he 's got everything one thing he needs is what people keyboard of the willingness to go out and do something on how people think London's AFM like how can people achieve my CNN people behind the camera out in the plug-ins of this image as they are on vote up again and what we need to personalize your mind within the exhibition will talk to ourselves Doctor John Baxter and you may begin help point you in some direction okay I was just holding up here is the saddest point how many of you brought your status will quarterly TGY C God bless your hearts out in the actually one of the back and I guess you look at Christmas mass sometimes I look at this on the subsequent morning is the status and it's on TV yes the southern Asia something as a division and there's two countries in Nepal and Bhutan can you describe your time on before describing what's happening on him very small country it has about two five million people and it is the world 's only Buddhist nation at this time it is extremely resistant enclosure Christianity so not much is happening we would like to see something happen all we need is you must take this we need young people to engage the culture of all the unreal societies out there and it was looking for some high quality viewing people you want to be a missionary in address and infectious Muslims when life after I remind them appear and there is something going we just talked letting him talk on Nepal and enhance your what is going on I know you're doing a project of global needs for yourself what is going on in your side of the world and global ring a man two thousand seven this year we had a grassroots movement begin the purpose of which to see the loud cry Bullets in the whole world in June of this year we saw over eighteen hundred and fifty churches in over eighty countries join in operation global rain to pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit okay maybe to describe this I don't know anything about operational I do run on satellite TV one is what is operation global rate is free to arrange for assistance in arranging on earth like the global warming what is it actually yet the mission of operation global rain a Sunni United shirts and praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit so that we are able to finish the work in this world attended a meeting with Sandy Neagle get together can read together and pray okay what happened this year and I was not happy because of that event coming right this year was only the beginning of something I believe this is incredible in two thousand eight we're introducing what we call out recent global rings three sixty have you heard of that OCR three sixty beginning this year January second when I have another ten days of prayer this one is going to be focused not only on the baptism of the of the Holy Spirit on former and an active Seventh-day Adventist after this ten days of prayer would I spend the next three months just reaching out on a global scale to those who were members but are no longer attending off following that when I have another ten day of prayer beginning in May and in major focus is going to be on non- members so whether it be praying specifically for power to go out and to reach those who do not know this message on the third meeting will take place in August all this information is on the West side Highway www. operation global rain .com on the third reading will be along the same lines when I go out with an appraiser and a limited goal and attempt to reach the world one thing we haven't together excited about is what were calling Globalstar and out will take place in September intermediate and the intensive door to door missionary outreach staff on exciting just imagine that on a global scale ten days of intensive door-to-door work are you still in two thousand eight there are three and a very sweet in the first study as it into former NFL march into the house 's razor hands no longer working I have sent okay you got it all advertising is illegal and the second is later to remove for non- synonymous how many nearby residents don't hopefully you know some non-Christians unless you are okay and that this garden is the same is it okay if it's the same okay this is a tough one and two thousand and nine two thousand nine that this is our know during the thing being planned for two thousand nine we are planning what we're calling the World Series World Series and what that is not again what that is is we are planning a ten to fourteen day evangelistic series that will happen on a global scale of freezing the three Angels messages in connection with righteousness by faith and we want to see hundreds and thousands of pastors lay people just as yourselves out your preaching holding meetings almost like to share him but on a global scale as so that's who were calling World Series and plans already underway to see this happening two thousand nine okay what are they wanting to look into this where's the website and when you decided operation global rain .com operation global rain document in a long decision help remembering your mind on what we find you easier every young person in this and this whatever you call it this building we need to think of being a man to hear where you're sure I'm wireless but all of us have the potential to do something in the next week is licensing a something is happening anyone I just started operation global snowstorm you don't want at her and I said is that this is the week award works human guy I like amazing very quickly in the book of Ezekiel as one this incredible season high Siegel sees these living creatures and then he CFCs his vision of a wheel within a wheel you're familiar with that vision white rice on that vision disorder revert quickly what she says she says it is God 's plan that every part of his work shall depend upon every other part as a wheel within a wheel all acting in harmony that meal represents the work of God on earth in harmony with the work of God in heaven we used generously six I like his season something that me broken wheels don't roll that with me broken we don't will if God 's judges not acting in harming we can't go anywhere and you think about how many of us are in our own part of the field doing our thing and focusing on our part of the work and I believe that God is calling movements like UIC operation globally to unite all of us the entire church to have a focused mission of bringing the loud cry message to the world and so I want you to to remember that that thought broken wheels don't roll the wheels don't role it's time for us to fix the wheel to work together united and harmony to see this message go to the world itself earlier that all of us make sure something is happening in France thanks much suddenly something is happening and will help in the afternoon because the reward for information to introduce to you the first plenary speaker for two thousand and seven Gbytes C many of us have known her the best president of UIC and currently the executive Secretary and we know her brilliance and going hungry guard with that from Princeton University she studies sociology Spanish and around she proceeded to law school one of the prestigious institutions in our country Washington and Lee middle school while there are good exceptionally well in fact she was a staff writer for the Journal of civil rights and social justice like this and working through the governments of raising university 's office of Government affairs it was unreal street is to add official correspondence is to national and international dignitaries in the cost of recovery Andrea has engaged people of diverse backgrounds including US congressmen well known human rights activities intellectuals juvenile fellows working class citizens law enforcement and countless objects those left known Andrea don't recognize therefore if Hardwick and had hired his commitment to policies you delete a I have known Andrea does the inception of G Y C a special deformity face sheet while the embodiment of G Weiss the authors that is our prison system to come commissioners it took a year off and then went back to school and during has that ethanol school country on tremendous assignment of organizing GUI seat Andrea represents true biblical human work I will call upon women to behold the sending is under your house choosing to be equally female she is not very black woman when Rochelle segregation has become acceptable feature of political expediency even in the church and reality leaves the racial comedy with lots to see here at CYC is not the ideal and the offense will she's not very obvious classical but the mediocrity of cultural authenticity Andrea aspires accidents academic and professional accidents combined with spirituality and she's extremely humble shift fault of Andrea 's cover and personality has shipped in July see us we know it today but there is more about Andrea this young lady experienced a remarkable conversion of the remarkable transformation experienced during her college years and he is from this that she felt compelled to give and dedicate their life for the cause of G Y C this afternoon will be the last time Andrea was done before Rusty no official capacity of the secretary of DY seat she represent the very best of UIC walk articles us to be his last to listen to their testimony the Holy Spirit challenge and inspire us to be the very best that we can be of especial music from the Steeles huge three oh seven here is unclear on the about Tony Enloe and beverage as the church has to offer to the moon and as you will him leading a little and him saying him at is seen as is him saying a is an and him he and I had a man will in a and he will be in a name need know I had that him and him a him and through whom I add I I believe I and him will him to and is a lean and that is a mean in a and I are in for caffeine and appreciate Doctor who comes on I found my notes made me cry vaccines and he has funny at what the other the San Fran administrative public university stands as all Rommel theme of the nanny said and I know that something that you will like you might laughing then he added but I know the truth I'm not on writing a guilty and find out but I can say that God was marvelously in my life intensifying to the Breslin has say that the plenary sessions but thank you I see that you're focusing on personal testimonies and for the programming committee message is share my personal testimony if you have been in the game never ends right there ran away from a ravenous advantage that segment if you have I believe that I haven't has more than Main you can relate to and printing of the challenge and craven European currents of regulating for thou I pray please join me in prayer you tell father in heaven I come before you so grateful for how you've given me my life back I think your life I worked in my life is nineteen ninety nine and got my entire life and now morality see what you have done for me me him and hopefully earning crazy people he fathered the apostle John phase and this is a convent that we have in him they every ask anything according to employee here at every know that he hears us whatsoever we are being out of the habitations we provide father in heaven I am ascertaining your bless us with your Holy Spirit is sitting about to give good gifts for children I pray father that you please annoy these people as I'm entirely dependent upon you I have no power of myself have only five had conveyed a powerful message and so I am completely entirely dependent on price please give me your message heavenly father I pray father that you please give everyone here please be with us please repair our highest receive a message that the Holy Spirit has to each and every one of Lord I pray that you will apply this message to each life here and when we leave me realize I can't estimate audit we ask all these things trusting and believing you've already set out to answer this book for asking and praying Christ's name and for his sake in it was a random days seven nineteen ninety nine three o'clock in the morning of walking back to my dorm room morning was clear the sky was dark most are the air was fastened with clean hands Chris and yet my mind is in a state of unrest and that my entire class many are president and characterize a perpetual uneasiness him my way back up in the morning on a Bible study and identify my way back from a online processing I was back from a party that was good to bottle things either in fact my vice president gave me a name that you are in need of Permanente want to get the best that I permanently drunk I was apparently done for the record I had a party invited my friends but at the same time feel all they know I is drawled and music era that all the excitement that any nihilists nothing is the still ball small voice of God penetrated my heart instead Andrea you know I'm not reading you for this are you here how can I get there I have an array is as fast as they affect the right of bringing but you know I become so insane if those disenchanted for what I then have for religion I got high that many are our friends holiday boring try pieces a desire that all times are many apartment the five landmines are not impressed by your fancy word eschatology Christology filtered out the IATA on fire I'm why I need you and I'm not finding him here Bradley merely one time I ask higher as the event theme try boring and they are going to make that many names of God got tired me was paying him in the same dry land and you make manner people singing and I will tell a story I yammer at all ninety one I agree I A the first place and I thought about that I think entirety neither seemed like all the dog all these tragic and went quite well if he would later leave the church run will they went belief that afternoon now that's not related to me but most of all I got my of the antibody related the authoritative guide meeting that evening anything that required a mad crazy those characterized I perpetual uncertainty about my dad is the idea one timekeeper meets about the college guys and very long if I worked hard they got them all Clinton called it Lisa called me the answer comes when school began really like easier and the massacre is true and I I have eyes the University and I just now they could go on safe to go and fill in the time came for me to step on a plane from Seattle to come here at Delta Airpark pomposity and timekeeper me to go from Seattle Tacoma Airport it seemed newer liberty international Airport say goodbye to my friends could buy for my family everything familiar I'll send it by the time the bioterrorist experience this is a fear of hell in this scam events family religion is another Kenyan the church the call hello there I love the brilliance of my professors I love the academic prestige of Princeton University I love my faith very thin and just seeing classism all over the United States and all over the world I love that but you see something that wasn't quite right I blame is on the greatest minds on the planet and immemorial is not when friends through communion with the great minds omnipotent God of our knowledge I couldn't say when I wanted to do it I wanted to eat what I want to go out and live film that I wanted and again my heart was enslaved was in bondage to Dallas where he and fear for the future by many so-called friends they were never around when you get them I could feed lever wanted so he filled to activate you ever wanted that worldly relationships this left me feeling empty and hardens in Senegal I was a lot time in the mirror alignment is in a fifteen minutes a day p.m. I make a racist economic people are the numbers for something but underneath I do so solve a soulful and influence people selected for what was you'll understand the pressure on women these days it is difficult for other e-mail like this and verify the class of two thousand and two eleven of us can learn from this outgoing queue I wanted to females that I had I won the election and another young man him I think the UK without Levin enough for me I want to plan for my live client the right sideline of living without her and letting me the Bible and fifty seven twenty and twenty one the blanket I could trouble the this lot is cast up Meyer concerns there is no peace and my God to the wicked fun you can relate some of you are so conformed to this world is on the outside can tell it widely fast different forms with logic and pointed at a payment of customs this call and therefore your also conformity with stresses burden miseries and things don't change it states that I have walking home my dorm room I couldn't sleep I had a wide-awake and then I was wondering if God are you out there if you see this struggle and going guy I wanted to say don't know how I feel like this one that I leave seven billion people in the world how do you notice me God you care I felt like I got to fight for life committee and files than I I I wanted to have my processing in a sinful lifestyle and family setting a price out I just lying to know God will say no the end result isn't fully known to Jesus as if you are the only one inside the distress and everyone has him for a week since his year the teams all men to himself they found follow me and spent most upon their hearts to draw them to come to him I didn't know that my crying after five have been led by God himself who was driving the because we had a guest of his father in his work she says month he loves us as his children he loves you have an insultingly so nothing greater nothing pending therefore some undesired ages Isaiah forty nine fourteen to sixteen saves but the Lord has forsaken me my Lord have forgot me those are my words can one forget her sucking child that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb is Amy forgot yet will I not forget the beholds I have been in the apartment also my hands and walls are continually before me I also know that as I was despairing and ready to give up it's working me back I will cease in Washington state and got impressive pray for me in fact his appraiser meet every single every morning that the low oscillator in the middle of the night when I was doing something foolish and he would tell her she will play France or in the freezer and you have a nice you forgive seasons roll over Beth am tired she would remain for me she had particularly she's the pray and pray and pray for the burn went away that many times I know that those present the reason my miniatures today a him and people at high and presently the praise for someone a few I've been in the last time they craved by this person better deal at I know someone etc. open her up and and and no other niacin presently the president there as well she went back to sleep as you learn land at that very moment murder you don't know anyone from King 's the twentieth leave you all night to do homework examine private life all he said Sheryl created for me your think among number nineteen ninety nine in my life that same environment and a third printing and I think I remember my first prayer with the link to learn out and hear me out and from doing this right of my prayers are bouncing off the ceiling I am giving you my heart Lord that is just one condition you see I'm tired of going back-and-forth I needed to keep the faithful Cleveland Hamid speak in God has been honoring that prayer in our allies say God bless a spiritually he blessed me socially gamy really good friends health of us academically and I say that because I haven't many of you young people are our much as I stress out about raises antibody dysphagia filing fans five okay well and I have been if I can really let that some of you don't live my nation little like having to worry about Raytheon humanity because a right not getting that a body I haven't think I have a sort of very important these were because I am want to sell you outside last me when I am I gave my life illuminate important I had a classic painting your pet and can't American political thought and we are meeting from the great work of political philosophy reading results of democracy in America like spiked online we're also reading houses are revised in many other works and at the end of that semester we have finally found in a three-hour exam and that that your house really had exams back-to-back effective ALS Wednesday Thursday Friday and nine Monday from round Robin Givens but I was very busy in a ministry I was going door-to-door in Trenton on dozens thing I think I'll stick with the bloodstream as he plowed him young classical literature bluffing I will think I can fit you with the campus ministry and out of all of them is a nonprofit that from around the house by relating to all this classic nonimmune of the primary grade anything before the family Professor handed out with a seven question anything of these seven questions and they are very difficult they're very involved a part a lot of research and reading and reviewing of my notes that I Nancy in these seven questions of the seven questions that you think that was less than men for money exam pain and anything I might impair the fifth and you will have to answer one question from each pair then incentivize me they then I'm going to pair these questions I have ran down to utilize defense again I have to prepare to answer all questions for the unarmed and Panama will think a lot about me as I go through a learning of studying and ending in a team to be the night before the exam the maximum on a Thursday night and I the board will and I you know Laura I see the link twenty next ravens important things on here mean simply something to do well for your sake is a valid those latest questions and I said while I'm a professor nominated and I think you'll pair of questions number one in six two and seven five now the question before us could be on their and then I said while I must appear to answer question number one out of one six Monterey definition of a seven ounce unit seven and a favorite answer question number three native state of stress the night nine thirty went to bed on time healthwise amen enough and they have got a health seminar in Mexico and and and has someone to bed next day I think that violent them and now the moment to the con of the professor handed out the van many but it facedown areas your own moments you upside down heart palpitations by such husband got into trust in God and that a fetal mommy came in he said yesterday Tower is to complete this exam you may need to and that I always pray before the exams I know you healthy I know that you can help me now please tell me to emulate and complete something to honor you even in taking this exam slip toilet paper necessary for me and him feeling what they did before I got my message will story like that only leaves lays out the lab you will change your life he is struggling if you are not densely have to do anything story after story after story about last week the main purpose you that story is if we had plenty of time and I mean some of you have any arrival some of you are not seeing ministry and you know it he needs to because and acetic acid to happen in our yard at the idealism of the thinking is that a man can and you and you need to get your priorities straight to his talking about the difference between your friend intimately thinking of a Fisher and the movie thing missing in and be a fisherman think you and I visited friends yet I am ideal long as we delete by related my other cold scene I think I might declassify New Jersey and in the therapist the Third Circuit I feel a lot I am Christian I found Van Venice I am a gospel work I make a very flavorful I think writing and everything else that is really your yard and two and the reason and there is not a tremendous need out there tremendously a man by the name of William Ellery Channing once said three men of the volume beyond freedom not add that across the pages of many unit volume are written the words with the desperation help and guidance they become you I have in my dorm room one night at Princeton Athlon Levi Strauss bathroom as an enemy something wasn't quite right I had instead there and I heard the five things going full blast I heard as well the fussing over and over and over again I heard is awful to hiking and you haven't alright alright alright in the five lymphoblastic is Gatti like vomiting and the flow of funds is still there for about three thirty minutes listening to and then how come the mind as you and I think that they can start and she confided to bulimic she is she was just turn on the phosphate form lasting child out the sounds of her vomiting to fuss over and over and over again just so perfect on the outside of beautiful person very talented but little did he lament on I have so many problems family problems and issues of their self image prestressed by the hardships of life as you exists almost every case it is lean over the porcelain and his mom troubles for pain of her life away my hearts never mind if you know how to read him and Peterson many of volume I written the words helped me I knew another young man different to mine ratings his tall dark and handsome athletic build they had a confession he told me one thing and you have a problem with the problem is that I am addicted to sex and that's all I can think about all I think life when I can get it next and it is in session undertaking over my life very was a picture masculinity can control himself every man of the boring if you read I have other friends I could type out Janco sorrows away its page on the Valentines when a bead cocaine heroine ecstasy and marijuana these are people on the street is Ari how may I remain consummate one prison they were just calling me about his general toys saying the thing and did reveal ideas because it's the only way I could feel love this life is so hard eight one eight yes I feel so warm inside me feel like being alone him and him and once the high wire off humane job decides Satanic death than and surprise he hasn't committed suicide except the man of God and the like today line out he can anyone send that a man is a line if you know how to read them and on the pages of many human volume are written words help me God is finished to help them weather your frontier missionary or whether he are caused in a way that you are walking the streets Wall Street with your accessory case of cufflinks and entire equipment expense assume you are a minister the cost of your Christian beliefs your passage that I think it's going to shock many of you probably made your credit by field prevents us the sober reality is taken from reflecting Christ these two forty three last night as he was presented before me I may never feel free to reveal all of it I will reveal a little it seems that any men ball of fire came down upon the world and crust large houses from place of slaves rose the cried a lot like many run permits immediate but if you are saying Russia's ally in praising the Lord inquired both upon whom was coming at a destruction because they see what we are looking for the simplest possible if you leave it these things are coming why did you not tell us with a terrible response we do not know about these being the line delete again and again you have seen on why they do not become acquainted with us and tell us of its estimated time at the Paris now we are locked but I think in listen every church member if it's rainy and select in order that he may gain a clear understanding of the love of time-consuming everyone is educative toys that you may communicate and not the Scriptures of those are in ignorance May God help us to stand like Daniel in our lives in placing these the proposed probation that remain I propose to use other people 's houses are not nameless scare phases of no names young when they are they organic chemistry professor why didn't you tell me dedicated to continue significant complex again at any Athenian class might tell me at focused on a new one mauling at the last released he will educate you and I entered will there I believe I come to the mission if I want to get the Dragon I felt to me as I made for me I need to think about what my dialogue rather than the middle of the night he then got I am too tired knowledge that you have another executive secretary I be speaking to you right now I have my eye they got rid self-sacrifice I think God that your iPad I got my life back lastly since they handle anything the second resurrection right now why don't you tell a people oh yeah I know some of you get so nervous we don't want to say down on these people to listen to me am afraid I'm inseminated in the socket you later tell people there are many running the ministries of money many month on down through and whom I have been saved if their neighbors men and women have different personal effort for them many awaits a personal interest in the race family and neighborhood the town from event this work for us if you as missionaries for crimes they are Christians this work will be our delight there are many wonderful things that will be also reports that have been many great things will be looking to the one good thing that we can I'm feeling a consultancy 's doing now the latest studies only your obligations definitely be nonconformists knowing with his passes at October sixth Doctor Martin Luther King spoke them for a few years ago that applies a force today this hour in history needs a dedicated Circle transforms nonconformance dangerous passes of pride each as selfishness are drones in our lives truth lies prostrate on the rugged hills and name of Calvary the seething underworld impending doom upon not to the complacent adjustments the conforming majority but to the creative maladjustments in a non- conforming minority be nonconforming things like him him to him though we are silent they address at this time in history eleven of whom as we have the whole laborers together with you the green omnipotence of the universe all gone some open times father Peter Pan for how unfavorably and spraying the gospel to those who know all my resolve five please think I was homeless to read team the time that we have the precious time that we have please government seizes your burden for small please can I say bring a friend for a few hours policy and more faithful hunting ministries of trust everything else in her life to you heavily fining not have much time I believe that in each criteria families one prison that we can think of one person is coming to mind that we can reach out to last of these guys see me preface send messages only reminds you pray that you continue to inspire a word for you be we know that we read and in Christ object lessons they angels are leaving teams are waiting and are willing to a locker that affects all helpless domain that the most careless and even the most hardened hearts might be know that with you all things are possible and we know that you will work with us as he worked for they were forceful screenprint on these things in Jesus name and for his sake amen posted eleven


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