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Praying With Power

Shelley Quinn
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The privilege of prayer is often taken for granted, and the power of prayer misunderstood. We can reach the heart of the One who sits on the throne of grace when we pray according to His will and His ways. In this session, learn how to step into the realm of increased faith and pray with power. 


Shelley Quinn

Speaker and Co-Director of Word Warrior Ministries




  • August 7, 2015
    3:30 PM
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And then my father would come in the name of Jesus and Lord we come to you to ask for your blessing over this time. Father we praise you for the gift of your Son Jesus Christ your Holy Spirit in your word and father our prayer is now that you will stay in your holy spirit to be our teacher. Pray father that you just get me out of the way in the Lord that as we get into your word you will show us your power. Your provisions for praying with power. We thank you Lord for all of your blessings. We thank you father that your words implanted in our heart had the power to save our souls so we surrender this time to you in the leading of your Holy Spirit. And thank you in advance for the answer to the prayer of faith in Jesus name Amen. All right first of all let's just kind of this is a tiny group but let's end my preaching to the choir is what I want to know how many of you are just totally satisfied with your prayer life. Raise your hand if you know that your prayer life just couldn't get any better. Good that I'm not preaching to the choir the way I look at it is we know that this our spiritual walk our this race that we're in. It's not a sprint it's a marathon. And there are reasons in our spiritual life. I remember in one nine hundred ninety nine when the Lord taught me to come to him and pray for an hour every day. And actually I began praying two hours and sometimes three hours a day God totally changed my life through prayer and I prayed that way for about seven years eight years but then gradually the more actually. I'm involved in ministry. The busier I got the less time I spent per year and since then it has been this struggle of giving the Lord the time that he deserves. Does anybody else identify with this. OK good because I have found that this is true of all people. I mean usually somebody doesn't admit this it's just because they're embarrassed or that they have got blinders over their eyes. As a matter of fact I wrote a book called pressing into his presence and it's all about prayer. When I finished with it I asked the Lord who should I send this to to have it reviewed. He gave me two names Kenneth Cox and David ESCHERICH. So I contacted Kenneth and I said I've just written a manuscript on prayer. I said Would you be so kind as to review it for me. He said please send it to me. And then I called David Ashford he was down in Australia at the time and he's actually New Zealand and I said David I've written this book would you review it for me. He said send it to me. Now here's the reason I'm sharing this story is you know Candace COX You know David Asher. The interesting thing is that Candace Cox told me later that he had stated this publicly so it's no big problem in repeating it but Candice Cox told me later I was praying and asking God for a resource to change my prayer life because I was having such trouble with my prayer life. And you're thinking Candace Cox was having trouble with their printer and he said this is going to help me so much. So he endorsed the book. The same thing with David Ashley David ESCHERICH he. Only said we came and he said at our camp meeting he said I was going through a time where he said I spent a lot of time in the world but I was having trouble with my prayer life. And so this helped me. So the reason that I'm sharing this is just to tell you we're all in the same boat. Every one of us is in the same boat. We all are facing similar problems. We're going to talk about just I'm going to open up with a few remarks about the problem that we're facing the predators that we're facing that prayer predator I call him and then we're going to get into our Bibles and look at God's provision for power for prayer and the fundamentals of powerful prayer are praying with power. Now I'm going to say something that makes me look really bad. Don't you just love these people who are so organized and you come to a seminar and they hand you out an outline that you can fill in the blank and they've got all of their their power points and everything. I admire someone who is so organized. It's hard to do that when you get to the seminar put together the day before you leave. So today we're not going to have power points. We're just going to get into the Word of God OK. So I hope you have your Bibles whether they're on your i Phones or whatever please get them out. But let's look at before we delve into the scriptures. I just want to share with you some thoughts that as I was praying about this and I promise you this wasn't procrastination in that this was just being too busy. But as I was praying this past weekend and asking the Lord what would you have me present. I want to share a few thoughts that he laid on my heart about our prayer. Them and one thing that I always tell people is we learn to teach and we teach to learn. What you hear if you have your bible is you may want to mark your Bibles as we go from Scripture to scripture to tell what the next scripture is going to be but if what we learn is not just for our own benefit we learn it to share. OK And then it's as we share with others that we really as we're teaching others. That's when we really learn it ourselves. But as I said last night with all of our talk about revival and reformation the one thing that I hear repeatedly is that there's a lack of spiritual power in our personal lives and in our church lives. We have people who are focused on revival and reformation yet they don't feel like anything is really happening to push this forward. So if we examine the reason why I can tell you it usually comes down to our lack for passion for prayer. If we lack a passion for prayer that's the root problem many people many Adventist are passionate about our doctrines. They're passionate about teaching you know Bible teaching. They're passionate about religious services they're passionate about their ministry. But if we don't see the hand extended time with God We're not passionate for prayer. It's amazing how curiously cool hearted We can be teaching on praying. An hour a day and I got so much negative responses from people who are saying you're just trying to make us feel bad like you could pray an hour a day and I thought people are so curiously cool hearted about spinning that time with God and what we end up doing too often is that we treat prayer as if it's a spiritual exercise or if it's just something that it's a matter of obligation. We offer up a short prayer before our meetings we offer up you know our morning prayer during our devotional five minutes here. We offer up a prayer for Thanksgiving for our food our evening prayers. Often we just give God what's left over and we just give him the leftovers and it becomes an exercise of habit an exercise of pathos. So if you want to keep a finger on your spiritual pulse just check how much time you're spending in Bible study and prayer. That's how the heavenly physician tells the condition of our hearts. I mean you can be busy in ministry and not be spending enough time to really have if you're not in a time. Our priorities are misplaced when we are neglecting prayer it is in this sounds harsh but it's true and I'm not pointing a finger because as I said when I first began. We all are on this walk and there's times in my own life that I have to remember that negligence of prayer and misplaced priorities are as kind of an understood rendered life. That sounds out doesn't it. But that is the truth. Insufficient prayer. Up with us a condition of spiritual weakness and this is something that we often camouflage. You know there are so many people who are involved in ministry who are just not one full steam ahead who when you talk to them they'll say man I am just spiritually spent I'm burnt out. And but to the public they're there. They cover this up in a lot of the students at church. Of course now prayer is multi-faceted and it comes in many shapes and forms and we can't put a rule or fast rule to say this is how long we should pray. I mean you know that's just not a possibility. But I will tell you this that those who spend extended time in prayer with God those who pray the longest also pray the most efficient short prayers. When you've got that personal relationship. So a good indicator of the value that we place on something is how much time we devote to it. So with that thought in mind how much time are you devoting to prayer. What value do you place on prayer. It isn't something that was just put on our to do list this should be as instinctive as breathing to the child of God We don't pray not because we don't recognize the joys of communing with our Heavenly Father of infinite love he longs to guide us into bliss and to fill us with his power to cause us to be all that he has called us to be. So sometimes we know we're languishing spiritually. We don't know how to fix it. I went through such a spell not too long ago after my sister died she was sixty one years old she was my baby sister she went to bed for a nap and she never woke up and she was my last living relative and I went to this little sparrow where you know with your grieving I mean I had still very busy but I was not praying in spending the time with the Lord that I should. And then I went to despair of what's wrong with her heart. Have you ever cried out out to God what's wrong with being bored. And it's like I know what with me I'm the one who stepped back. God didn't move I did. But when we get focused on what's wrong with me as we're lamenting about this. Here's what happened. Often we try to change it by our own power. Have you ever done that. It's like oh I need to pray before I need to be in my Bible more. I need to do this I need to. It's just like you're kicking it off. The things that we should be performing to draw closer to God and when we do this in our own flesh we're going to we're going to lose we're going to fail. One thing that we have to recognize and I'm rather sure I'm rather slow to recognize this is we're in a spiritual battle. There is a prayer predator out there waiting don't wrestle against flesh and blood but against the principle allergies and the powers of darkness that are in heavenly places. And I guarantee you the devil does everything he can to keep us from prayer. No so far as to say he doesn't care if you're giving a Bible study as long as you're not praying because it's a prayer that releases God's power on earth. Many of us are involved in ministries that were asking for God to bless our plans instead of being involved in God's plan. So I want to just give you real quickly these introductory comments. The four D. plan the devil's four D. plan by which he exercises diabolic influence over a perma number one distraction. The enemy uses every possible distraction to get us to either rush in our prayer to postpone our prayer or to neglect prayer and let me tell you that a distraction can be a good thing. What I don't mean distractions are good but the the good things that he will use to distract you. You don't recognize what the devil's doing. He doesn't care if you're doing good things as long as you're not doing the greatest thing the greatest thing we can be doing is praying the greatest thing we can be doing is praying he can keep you busy with works. You can be working with the community services you can be setting up and evangelistic campaign but he will do anything he can to keep you from praying because he knows that that is going to cut you off from the spiritual power. And if you ever get to the point where you feel you are too busy to pray may I suggest that busy. Across state for Bundy under Satan's yoke the U. S. Y. bondage under Satan joke. This second D. is discouragement. Feelings of unworthiness feelings of guilt. He causes us to you know our feelings of apathy. He causes us to see prayer as requiring too great of the sacrifice or perhaps it's just too great of a struggle as we strive in our own strength to have a meaningful prayer life and fail. The third D. is this illusion and I can't tell you how many times J. day my husband raise your hand on my husband's right here sitting next to the birthday girl happy birthday and we get phone calls at three A.B.N. over time saying I feel like my prayers are bouncing off the ceiling. I feel like you know there's no need for me to pray because there is you know the Bible what the Scriptures say about prayer just aren't true there's not that kind of proper power in prayer. So this is a disillusionment that the devil uses the third thing. Or fourth D. is a delayed response. It uses all of his schemes to hinder and delay the response time to Daniel Chapter ten and we're going to take a quick look and we'll come back to Daniel in just a moment. But then you know Chapter ten the prophet is on his face he's praying day and night before the Lord for three full weeks. He's purring. He's more. He's not partaking of his regular food and drink. He is fasting and in gang of ten in verse twelve. This is what the Bible records. Then he said to me he being an angel do not fear Daniel for from the first day that you set your heart to understand and to humble yourself before your lord your words were heard from the first day that he started praying. Your words were heard and the angel said and I have come because of your words and other words I have come because of your prayers. But the angels of the prince of the kingdom of Persia and evil spiritual principle where if you had me for twenty one days three four weeks and Angel of the Lord a powerful angel then it was a battle going on in the in the heavenly. That he could not get through with God Saints are saying we don't think about these things often. We just know I'm praying and I'm praying and I don't know why I have the answers not coming. Maybe God's not hearing my prayers and sometimes people going into this poor pitiful me have a look precious little soul that I probably talk with about once a week and she's like I just may as well give up. Doug's not answering my parishioners. You know I can pray for others and I see the answer but when I pray for him he's not answering my purse so I give up. But let's talk about what happens when we get to that place. A prayer listeners or neglecting prayer and I when I say prayer listeners I don't mean sometimes I can pray short prayers all day long but it's still not praying with power. And the reason usually that we find that lies at the root of this is spiritual oppression of the devil and we need to open our eyes and asked Is this what's going on unbelief than our lack of love for our Savior. Does that sound harsh. We've got to actually examine our hearts and see you know people who will say they're too busy to pray almost always find time to talk to their loved ones talk to friends maybe find some kind of pleasure. You know some kind in their hobbies some form of entertainment. But the idea of spending an hour and I'm not suggesting an hour is is the magic number say thirty minutes the idea of spending thirty minutes in prayer is kind of a hike. Well no I'm too busy as I said. Often we give God only leftovers because we have forgotten our first love. When you've got that first love experience with the Lord you can't wait to spend time with Him in prayer. So if you read tonight and all with it's all too common condition what we've got to do is wake up and change our attitude about prayer. We need a paradigm shift to understand God's purpose of prayer and we need to know how to appropriate God's provisions for powerful prayer life. So here's the purpose. This isn't as I said these are just a few opening comments that God was giving me is I mean asking him what. It's the purpose and the power of prayer. Let me quickly go through this. Prayer is part of God's purpose for your spiritual progression. No man can expect to make progress in holiness who is not often and long alone with God. Prayer helps us to draw nearer to him. And what does he say did you know that's actually a condition. Someday I wish to need to put my husband's interesting testimony in this. He kept waiting for God to draw near to him. But what is James four six or four eight say drawn near to me and I will drawn near to you. Some of us are waiting for God to show up in our face rather than drawing here but doing prayer God reveals himself in an increasingly personal manner. As our lord of infinite love he helps us to understand his plan of salvation. Do you know what his plan of salvation is. Total total dependence upon him total dependence upon his gifts of grace and the three greatest gifts of grace our Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit and and the Word of God Prayer is the divinely appointed means of bringing us into a relationship of sacred intimacy with him and it teaches us the privilege of being his child. Prayer develops in us the character of Christ the character of his submissiveness and his humility. Prayer teaches us to wait on God It develops in a compassion for others. Intercessory prayer will not only develop the passion but it will give you a desire for service and I'll go so far as to even say it will fit you for service. It helps us to recognize God's very personal involvement in not only our lives but in others and how it's his hand that's moving to bestow all of this promised spiritual and physical blessings on us. You know sometimes have you had this experience had you ever prayed for something and you get an answer right away. Let's say you're praying for. I'll give you an example that happened to me. I was giving seminars in the secular world. I was unhappy with the lack of opportunity to witness and I prayed specifically one night to the Lord and I said Lord give me an opportunity to witness. Actually it was in the morning that I prayed and at lunch I am seated at a table at secular table with all these there's probably eight C.P.A.'s and a man comes up who was at his seminar and he said to me you're a Christian aren't you. And I said yes. I had not spoken a word of that during the seminar but he said I thought so and he sat down and started asking me questions. Now it is up in being like an hour of talking about the LORD God had that planned all along it was a divine appointment but you know what I think it was going to happen whether or prayed or not but the idea that I prayed it made me think it was God's hand moving. Next thing it will come back to that little bit. So prayer is the power of God is released on earth through prayer prayer release and God's peace into our lives as we keep our eyes focused on him trusting in Him That's why Paul wrote to the Philippines Chapter four verse six and seven Be anxious for nothing but by L. things all prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God in the Peace of God which transcends all understanding. Guard your heart and your mind that's the Libyans for six and seven. Prayer teaches us the secret of true worship as we learn to seek his face and not his hands. It leads us to become a friend with God and enjoy a two way communication with him as he speaks to us. Number one through his words. And secondly as he reveals his mysteries to us through His Spirit. Let me stop for just a second. We'll come back to this when I wrote pressing into his presence. Maybe you've watched that program. There was from a few people a little resistance about the idea because pressing into his presence is teaching you to really get there to seek the face of God and when I talked about listening for the still small voice I had a few old time Adventists who called me and said you know you're teaching something that's not in agreement with Sister White. I had a lot of scripture in there to prove it with a buyer. No but they said this is what Sister White I want to read you something from Christ. Object lessons. Page one twenty nine Christ object lesson page one twenty nine. Sister wide says Our prayers will take the form of a conversation with God as we would talk with a friend. He will speak his mysteries to us personally. We got to train our ear to hear the still small voice of the Lord. That's when the Holy Spirit impresses upon our hearts the thoughts of God We need to train our ear for the here and let me give you something to put your any fear out of your heart. Is that collage Christ object lessons page one twenty nine. The Holy Spirit will never say anything that doesn't line up in perfect agreement with the word ever. If you ever you know if you're impressed with the thought and you're worried whether this is the Lord or not. Find out if it's in the Bible God is not going to tell you anything that doesn't line up in agreement with his word. So I've said all of this to just say prayers and take a bow value unspeakable value in far too often we take this privilege for granted. So we've got to admit that we are helpless to overcome. I took way too long. Let's get into this. I didn't think those opening comments were supposed to be five minutes in the thirty's gone. What we want to look at is God's provision for powerful prayer turned to efficiency. Chapter six what we need to do is. I ask God to give us a passion for his presence a passion for daily intimate fellowship. And if we recognize God has a plan for our lives we will become passionate about his presence and we've got to ask him to teach us to pray by the power of his provision. I'm going to read efficiency eleven to eighteen very quickly. But listen for the provisions that God has given you put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the wilds of the devil. But we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities the good powers against the rulers of the darkness of the stage against spiritual host of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand with stand in the evil day and having done all to stand. Therefore stand having your waist girded with truth that the provision for powerful prayer have been put on the breastplate of righteousness another provision having shot your feet with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace. Above all take up the shield of faith with which you'll be able to quench all the fiery darts. Take the helm of the salvation. Another provision for powerful prayer. The sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God One of his greatest provisions. Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit being watchful being watchful in the spirit is the greatest provision we have to know that if we strive to pray with power in our own strength we will fail. But when we learn to hand this over to God. In prayer by the provision of the Holy Spirit our prayers will become powerful if our prayer life suffers we suffer and we grieve the very one who was sent to be our comforter and prove God because we refuse to surrender to His love and leading. But let's talk about what it means to pray in the Holy Spirit turn to Jude chapter one in verse twenty. There's only one chapter and you just turn to Jude Chapter twenty Jude verse twenty. You know this is something that we're going to talk about if that's praying in a holy spirit and a lot of our charismatic brothers try to say that this is praying with glossolalia But this is not what the Lord is saying so let's look at it. Judith twenty but your beloved building yourself up on your most holy faith praying in the Holy Spirit keep yourself in the love of God looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ into eternal life. Let's unpack it. But you beloved we are the object of God's love. You have great value to the Lord. Let me say this. You are worth nothing less than the price that he put on you. He paid for your life with the blood of His Son Jesus Christ but you may love that. He looks on us with approval not because we're perfect but because Christ is perfect and we have that breast plate of righteousness on were covered with that robe righteousness. He says Build in yourself that now in the Great this is a metaphor for building a house. So he said building yourself. Our instructor Romans eight twenty six. Likewise the Spirit helps in our witnesses but we don't know how to pray as we are. But the Spirit himself makes intercession for us in Gronings which cannot be uttered. So before you go to the throne of grace seek the Holy Spirit guide and commit your prayer time to him leading and he will change the way you prayer. We build ourselves up our most holy faith as we pray with the word and pray with the spirit then continuing in verse twenty one. Keep yourself in the love of God When God is our first love. Prayer is the natural expression of our love for him. So we need to consciously and continually abide in the love abiding Christ and know that nothing can separate us from him except our own Will our own self destructive attitudes you know turn to John Chapter fourteen John Chapter fourteen you will know this scripture John fourteen and fifteen but I want to show you something because we usually leave out verse sixteen. John fourteen fifteen yo finish it for me. If you love me keep my commandments. But look at what verse sixteen says this is the result. If you love me keep my commandments and I will pray the Father and He will give you another Helper. Al those paddock twenty times in the Greek hours meaning one who is just exactly like me. He will give you another Helper. So we see that if we're going to abide in Christ we need to walk in obedience and obedience is essential in preparation for receiving the Holy Spirit. So as we open our heart before the Lord what we want to do you know what first John two three to five says that anyone who says I know him but does not keep his commandments. He's a liar right. So we remember that obedience is the highest form of worship and it is by God's grace. By the way you know obedience requires human effort. But we can only obey by grace. Philippians two twelve says Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. But first thirteen says not in your own strength for in God who works in you to will and to do HIS good pleasure. So June twenty one continues he says looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. We need this diversity because we've sinned against God we've neglected ignored and even disobeyed Him We breathed in resisted and quenched his Holy Spirit. But when we come before him these are our provision that he has given us His Word and His Spirit and we need to spend time seeking this mercy. So now let's get down to the meat of this. I'm going to go quickly through the fundamentals of praying with power. The first three fundamentals have to do with our approach to God. Number one is to pause to consider who you are approaching pause. Who consider who you are approaching the lake. Chapter four and verse six collations chapter four in verse six. Because you are sick and tired then fourth the spirit of his hand into your hearts crying about Father he regained us so that we might receive the adoption. As a fan you know was an error Aramaic term. It has a very intimate suggestion it's a word like papa or daddy. Why is it important for us to consider who we are approaching. Consider that you are a child of God and you will approach the Lord differently. Did you know that in Roman law an adopted child even a former slave was guaranteed all legal rights to the inheritance of his father. There was no difference between a biological child and an adopted child. So an adopted child was not a second class citizen. He was equal in all ways and we have to understand our full identity and I think the identity crisis that we have because we don't know who we are in Christ. We don't come before the Lord with the request that we should be making. Consider who you are as God's child that he has promised that all of his promises are Yours in Christ Jesus. And then when you have paused to consider that that you're approaching your father who wants to speak. They had been Hebrews five to seven So speaking of Christ in the days of this foolish when he had offered up prayers and supplications with a hand that cried in tears to him who was able to save him from death and was heard because of his godly fear he was heard because of his reverent submission. You know if that was Christ's approach should ours be anything less. The third thing in the IP still on the approach we paused to consider who were approaching. We approached boldly reverently and then we approach God with the provision of His Holy Spirit Turn to Romans chapter eight. But we've read that we don't have to turn if you don't want but Romans eight twenty six and twenty seven we if we're going to pray with power we should start our prayer by requesting the Holy Spirit would lay upon our hearts those petitions. We should bring before the Father according to His Word and His will. We don't know how to pray as is necessary. Romans eight twenty six and twenty seven says Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weaknesses but we don't know how to pray what we should pray for as we ought but the Spirit himself makes intercession for us with groanings that cannot be uttered so we can see the end from the beginning by God or we don't know if the things we ask for would be best. And in our little nest and our own pride sometimes we pray for self centered little prayers. It's just amazing. We need to ask God not to bless our plans. For the day. But to fulfill his plan in us for the day we need to just come before him and recognize our honor help and helplessness. Without God save humility in prayer is to recognize our dependence upon the Holy Spirit to pray. I tell people every day the first thing you should do when you wake up in the morning is pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit the Bible things we can grieve the Spirit of God we can resist the Spirit of God We can even quench the Holy Spirit of God. We need to be impeded self and filled with His Spirit and sometimes flesh rises up and quench the spirit but ready to be filled pray the Spirit will guide you through prayers and then you will pray powerful prayers come to God by praying in the power of His Spirit and He will impress upon our hearts how we should pray. You know I remember once some of the prayed greatest friends that I've ever prayed or where I asked God there's times that I pray and I just start praying and sometimes I'm praying the word. I was at a women's meeting. We had prayed a week before for a woman to be healed a heart valve God healed her. So boy everybody was excited and they all brought their friends with them the next week to this women's group. And so this woman came up to me after I'd finished speaking and she said I've got lung cancer and I want you to pray for me and I began to pray and I prayed the Word of God thanking God that he was Jehovah RA for the Lord who he of all of our disease. I was. During the you know thank you lord that you sent your word to heal us. Thank you that by His stripes we are healed. I am praying the Word of God over here there's power in praying the Word of God and all of a sudden you know what I hear not an audible voice but I hear in my own mind what's impressed upon my heart is is this Who darkened my counsel with words without wisdom. Well you talk about stopping short and prayer and man I mean I just stopped up short and I said Lord send me your spirit what how am I supposed to pray for this woman the first thing the spirits said was ask her if she smoke. She can smell like smoke and I said to her sister are you still smoking. And she said Well yes. And I looked at her and I said I can't pray for your healing. If you're not going to cooperate with God's way does that make sense. We need to know the spirit of the Lord changed the prayer that we began to pray that he would deliver her from the power of the addiction of nicotine. And he did do that and I cannot tell you about the rest of the story because I don't know the rest of the story. We moved away and I don't know if she ever I lost contact I don't know if God healed her but he did heal her of her addiction. He healed her emotionally and spiritually and brought her to him. We have to pray by the power of the Holy Spirit and not the pride of our flesh. Number four walking in obedience first draw and let me say this walking in confident obedient confident obedience. First John chapter three in verse twenty one The Bible says beloved if our heart does not condemn us we have confidence before God In other words when our consciences are clear we can come to our Heavenly Father without fear. Confident that he hears our requests but he says and whatever we ask will receive of him because we keep His commandments and do the things that are pleasing in his sight. There's a part and a Part B. Here the part of this scripture is if our heart does not condemn us who can go before the Lord. What a psalm twenty four say Verse three and four who can attend the Hill of the Lord. He who had clean hands and a pure heart. If you want to pray powerfully to pray with power besides the three steps of approach the next thing you need to do after you've asked for the provision of the Holy Spirit. You need to do self examination and you need to be asked to confess and ask for forgiveness of your sins right up front we have to find if there is anything and that is hindering our prayer life. You know confession is the clearinghouse of the conscience and we've got to come before the Lord to confess those in Isaiah fifty nine says the Lord's hand is not shortened that it cannot save his ears not that he cannot hear but your iniquities have separated you from your god and your sin has hidden his face from you so that he will not hear and sometimes if we let say that something has happened in our experience. This is where I am. We may as well be a Catholic walk into the booth. Father forgive me for I had walked out of the booth let's go again. Now we come before the Lord and by the power of the Holy Spirit we ask more what is it that I'm doing that the graving your Holy Spirit forgive me for greeting your Holy Spirit. And I'm being unforgiving toward someone you've told me that you will forgive me as I forgive others. What is it that I am doing. Lord show me and you know the more of the word you know the better your conscience will be educated. Sometimes our consciences aren't educated enough and we need to have the Holy Spirit do that for now the second part of that was he said that if we get back to that scripture if he says whatever we ask of Him we see because we keep His commandments. Faith obedience is a pathway to blessing God respond to his obedient children. Here's a scripture I'm like This is a great scripture to share with people who think obedience is not necessary. Hebrews to and in verse thirty six Hebrews ten in verse thirty six where you had me in durance so that after you have done the will of God You may receive the promise you have need of in durance so that after you've done the will of God you will receive the promise. OK The fifth step for praying in power is that abiding in Christ with his word abiding. You know John fifteen and verse seven. John says. Taking and verses seven Jesus said this If you abide in me and my word abide in you you will ask what answer you desire and it shall be done for you. And then he goes on I'm looking misstepped as I didn't write it down in John fifteen in verse nine. He says this as the father loved me. I also have loved you a buy this in my life. What does it mean to abide in Jesus Christ. I ask a few people that I really hadn't planned to explain this but I ask a few people that question and I got such interesting answers I thought perhaps I need to answer that. Some people think this is being very mystical. There's nothing mystical about abiding in Christ. If somebody comes to you and says What does it mean to abide in Christ. Here's If you're there at John Chapter fifteen just put a little marker there in your bible to go to first John chapter four. John is the one who uses this phrase about abiding in Christ which integrate means to do well to remain in Christ and in first John chapter four. He does a good job of explaining it. Let me turn there right now let's turn or just take a moment because this is important. First John chapter four and let's look at what it means to abide in Christ. Because if we want to ask what we desire and it shall be done for us we need to know how to abide in Christ right. So first John chapter four in verse fourteen says this We have seen him testify that the Father has sent the Son as savior of the world. Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God in him and he in God so verse fourteen saying they've heard the Gospel. Verse fifteen saying they expected Christ as Savior by grace through faith they remain in vinyl you know me and with Christ for his life giving SAP and let's look at verse thirteen to see that this is that the spirit the knowing can power he says by this verse John fourteen thirty first on four thirty. By this we know that we abide in Him and He and that because he had given us of His Spirit. So when we have the Spirit and then verse sixteen goes on to say that we abide in Him if we abide in his love we can't abide in Christ the Living Word. If we're not abiding in his love and in his Scriptures he says right here abide in me and as I will if you abide in me and my words abide you ask whatever you will and it shall be done for you. We have been given the mind of Christ. Isn't that what Paul told the Corinthians First Corinthians two sixteenth. Here it is here it is. This is the mind of Christ revealed to us. You have been given the mind of Christ and the more this word that you have in your heart the more you will operate by the mind of Christ. So if Jesus says if you are buying in me if you are in do well by My Spirit if you're a behaving in letting the Spirit poured out his love into your heart if you are abiding in love loving one another abiding in me and you. Once abiding you ask what you will and it will be done for you. The sixth step according to His will. We can turn right over there at the next page first John Chapter five in verses fourteen and fifteen. First John five fourteen and fifteen he says now this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask anything according to His will He hears that and if we know that he hears us whatever we ask we know that we have the petition that we have asked of him. How do you know if you are praying according to God's will. If you're praying according to the word being led by the spirit and I just encourage you to pray the Word of God over your own life and into the lives of others as your interceding for them I say fifty five verse eleven. God said My Word will not return to the board but will complete every purpose for which I sent it. Jeremiah one twelve he says I watch over my word to perform it. Jeremiah one twelve so bring in the Lord into remembrance of his promises praise his promises over your life. Now number seven in submission to His will. We pray according to His will but in submission to His will. Look twenty two forty two. Jesus said Father that if you will take this cup from me. Nevertheless not my will but yours be done. Christ total focus on earth was to do the will of the Lord and he faced a very real personal struggle though as he looked at the cruel horror of crucifixion the shame of hanging their next hit. The the pain of the separation from his father. This was a real struggle and you know I love this verse because it tells me it's never wrong to express my true feelings in worship or in prayer card those words you know I have told God before some things that some of you might think is a reverend but God worked in me to change you know I have and I'm going to just I've said it from is with that God was impressing upon me to pray for the salvation of someone who had done very horrible things in our life even threatened to kill me even supposedly gotten a gang to kill me. OK so the Lord tells me one day as I'm saying Father lead me by your spirit how to pray the Lord says pray for his salvation. This guy was a Muslim. Pray for his salvation. You knew what I said to the Lord is going to have a heart attack because I'm going to tell you this I said to him I don't want him to be saved. Let him rot in hell. Now that was that was a long time ago I may not talk to the Lord like that I know it's unlovely and Christ like but I was still a baby Christian but to my heart anyway but you know what God taught me. I mean I finally said OK Lord I will pray according to your word in submission to your word and your will in submission to your will and as I prayed for that man and I told the Lord I'll pray for his salvation but you know I don't mean it. God anyway so I am praying and you know what happens as I am praying for this man's salvation. Not meaning it. At all at first. Eventually within just a couple of weeks I find myself praying earnestly for the salvation of the soul. And guess what happened God Clint's my heart of unforgiveness did that man care that I was praying for him I doubt it. You know I read this once and I wish I could find where the source of this is. Remember when Jesus said pray for your enemies because by doing so you keep coals upon their heads. I read once that in that culture there was the thing that a headdress that they put on that it was like a pan and when they were repenting they put coals on top of that walked around with this pain. So if that is true which I haven't I think I can find the source but if it's true what Jesus was saying is the more you pray for your enemy the more you will help him to come in to repentance. So we pray and sub mission to His will. Now I want to give you an example of praying in the mission. If we are praying for family friends people of the world to be saved do we have to worry if we're praying in submission to the will of the Lord. What is first Timothy to forsake First Timothy two forces. This is the will of God that all would be saved. Now what if I'm praying for healing for a friend. Can I just pray the healing promises and because there are some good even promises in the Bible if we are praying in submission to His Will we're praying in accordance to the authority of his word and we're seeking his individual will we had a pastor someone recently. It came to us and ask us to anoint his wife and they did not want us to pray. If you will for her he just accept my faith it was through you know I can't I can't ask you this because I haven't. I answer this because I haven't asked the pastor if God told him I think he caught us a little off guard and we obliged and we prayed for healing without saying if it your will but you know there's nowhere in Scripture where we are promised that we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms there's nowhere in scripture that promises us healing here on Earth and I would say that the evidence is pretty compelling that not all saints are healed. So I believe how I pray and this sounds like a cop out but how I pray is Father Don't let them die one day sooner than your perfect will or live one day longer than your perfect will. But we need to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit so that we know how to pray. You know Paul prayed I mean God use Paul. God works through Paul to perform miracles. Did he not even with his handkerchief that he sent out and people would be healed. Yet Paul praying for his own healing. What did God telling my grace is sufficient for you. So he didn't get healed and even are you familiar with second Timothy four and verse twenty. God works through Paul to heal many. But Paul had to leave his companion Tropinin behind thick. Listen to this second Timothy for twenty a rack. This date in Corinth but troublesome as Paul writes to the efficient I have left and the light is sick so. God doesn't tell us that we can pray for everyone. With the we have to pray in submission to him. Now we only have five more minutes and I'm sorry I I feel like I wasted time with the opening comments. Number is believing if you are going to pray with say you've got to implore I mean if you're going to pray with power you've got to employ the faith factor. Mark eleven twenty four Mark eleven twenty four The Bible says that this is Jesus speaking therefore I say to you what ever things you ask when you pray believe that you receive them and you will have them. Do we believe that or come on do you really believe that you may believe it here or mental assent because it is written in the Bible but I can tell you we here could look at the limits of our prayer we pray such prayers we box God and you know it's like I love John Carter's statement. What did John Carter pray for he didn't pray Lord get me over to rush and let me have it when evangelistic series. He prayed noise give me a rush. And thousands were saved because of that prayer. Jesus said what ever they do ask him pray in prayer believe that you receive them and you will have them. We have to pray with faith to pray with power we have to have faith that God believes and here's that he's granting these promises and it does have a conditional but very comprehensive I mean it is comprehensive but it has a conditional promise you have to have a basis for your believing and that is the Word of God right. Little work little thing little. They a little prayer. We've got to have a basis for our believing and then we must believe that God will do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think now. Number Nine ask in the authority of the name of Jesus. There's one God one mediator between Man God and man and that is the man Christ Jesus and John fourteen and verse thirteen says this Jesus is whatever you ask in my name that I will do that your father may be glorified. If you ask anything in my name I will do it. Simply praying and making a request and adding in the name of Jesus Christ is not necessarily praying in the name of Jesus to pray in the name of Jesus means that we are making our prayer request according to the authority of his revealed will. Will we have to be abiding in Christ. We have to pray with the mind of Christ and pray by the authority of his word. Remember the seven sons of Schipa in Acts chapters nineteen. They're praying and they're saying in the name of Jesus Christ whom Paul preaches. They try to kick out the demon so they thought that was praying in the name of Jesus. What happened that day was a Paul I know Jesus I know who are you. And they overtook him. So pray in the name of Jesus. And then I'm a lady with two quick last words seek earnestly think earnestly with an intense and sincere effort not to just a nominal effort to come. Only if you want to pray with power don't wait till the end of the night come early seek earnestly something be three. I love this song. Sixty three one through four. David writes Oh GOD YOU ARE MY GOD early Well I think you might go thirst for you my flesh and longs for you and I tried to reach the land where there's no water so I have looked for you in the sanctuary see your power and your glory because your loving kindness is better than life my lips will praise you that I will bless you while I live I lift up my hands in your name you know when you Lasher illogic I was praying for the rain to come in. Remember after three years of drought. Now he's he's a little he's got something going on here. God told him it's time to pray. So he lives it goes up and he prays how many times did he send his servant out to see if it was raining. Your neighbour sent time do you think. OK Can you see the light. Says he was on his face before the Lord he is praying. He tells us or go see if there's any right now. Do you think he just got back and said OK Lord is it time for the right you can use in the right. He was praying honestly to pray with power we've got to pray earnestly and I guarantee you that all preachers are praying mamas and prophets that have done anything worthy for God know that the power of prayer was made available to them through the instrument of that power was made to them available to the instrument of prayer so the effectual fervent prayers have always been the most powerful weapon of the most powerful warriors and then pray with persistence and tell you. Do you get the answer. Luke eighteen seven through eight in our time with Zepp shoved God not a very end his own elect Jesus who cry out day and night to him though he bears along with him. I tell you that he will avenge them speedily Nevertheless when the Son of Man come. Will he really find faith on this person or bearing the prayer is a channel through which spiritual power comes to us to be overcomers to work in God's service and to lead the and saved to the Lord. Little Word little prayer little little faith Little Faith little prayer. We've got to as Jesus said Ask and it will be given to you seek and you will find knock and the door will be opened to you in the Greek. These are linear verbs. It means to ask and keep on asking to seek and keep on seeking to knocking keep on not. Jesus wants us to persevered in prayer so let me sum this up to twelfth point that we won't have time to turn a staffer that is praying in fasting because there are two. He says that when he wants to hear. There are times you know we talked about Daniel praying infecting it he got the answer in twenty one days to Daniel nine we see he's praying and fasting and he the Lord hears immediately right. But if you want to pray with power paused to consider who you are approaching approach boldly but River in the Reverent submission approach God with the provision of His Spirit. If you don't go out of here with anything else today that. That's what you have to remember every time you pray and ask God at the beginning of the prayer to say in the Holy Spirit to direct your prayer. You will see an amazing difference in your prayer life. You know we were rushing in with our own ideas but we don't know how to pray as we are if we will have the Holy Spirit to guide and to give that prayer life today and you'll see an amazing difference. And you know in Isaiah I'm not sure right now but I have to look it up. We see Isaiah I think it's fifty nine. Isaiah sixty fifty nine sixteen. It says that God was looking for intercessors and he looks all over and he wonders that there is no way or sister. That's the Bible the Word the Bible use he wonders. I tell you what he's wondering. He's wondering why people don't love people enough to pray for them. And he's wondering why people don't believe in his power to change their lives. So we need to become powerful intercessors. That's the highest call to ministry that there is a ministry of our risen an exalted savior. Number four was walking in confident obedience. We confess our sins before him and do our best to obey abiding in Christ according to His will and submission to His will. Pray believing employing the faith sector asking in the authority of the name of Jesus speak earnestly with persistence and praying infecting for those special occasions. I hope that you've got something out of this today. It will change your prayer life if you put this in in here and I apologize that we had it we ran out of time. I just want to end this with prayer. Let's just go before the Lord father in the name of Jesus we come for you. Oh Lord send your Holy Spirit to to make sense of all of this and I pray in the name of Jesus that you will plant this this good seed that has been cast out let it be planted deep into the heart and I ask in the name of Jesus Father that you will help each one of us to understand our total dependence upon you even for prayer. We ask in the name of Jesus Father that you will teach us to pray by the power of your Holy Spirit and that more you will help us to forgive us for our own ignorance forgive us for our pride forgive us that we have boxed you and our teachers to pray powerfully that our many released we thank you Lord for your teaching if you will not ever having to sleep in services and in the street if you would like to learn or if you like to FREE W.W.W. to you first.


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