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  • December 22, 2007
    7:00 AM
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him even less so far I have this is my fit GUI C in a row I haven't missed a single ISA for the first one and I know every time I come it gives us is getting better and better so how does that with you I know that David expected blessing because we have a wonderful lineup of speakers today not ours I have the privilege of introducing our speaker this morning Pastor Stephen Conway wins big in front of my and I was just vaccinated him a few minutes ago I asked him what can I say to introduce you and I don't embarrass into bad but absent some of his hobbies and he rightly said he said I like watching people to be careful around him because he might be observing you just as a licensed travel he likes to keep us a read but he said each and I know he likes the need to but he likes to read he's an avid reader and if you get a chance to pick his brain he has some wonderful thoughts his favorite quote is from desiring his page fifty two and went this by the simple act of believing in God the Holy Ghost creates the menu and I can say that page fifty two you can look it up Pastor Stephen Conaway is is a resident of Michigan he is happily married to his wife Tammy and have two kids Israel and Abby asked about it on here because of you could see them they're the cutest kids ever and they would be friends with each one of but today I don't want to take at this time I wanted introducing Pastor Steven Tyler to get to know him he's a wonderful man of God but before he comes out before his message I thought for pleased by intensifying you Fontaine has been so grateful to you that she is not here and left this morning week confessing our community you leave once humbler heart before you so that we can hear you speaking tour this morning and like you also promise that those that seek to early will find you and Ray Sears sixteen year in seeking a blessing so we claimed that promise you will be found in this morning please speak the message that we need here to change our hearts to change our minds to flex you and I pray a special thing of past economy as he shares your report may you communicate clearly here's and help I have understanding we thank you for hearing and answering prayer for me and see me good morning everyone happy Sabbath school to see you all out this morning the Mary something so you very short sample God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone but also on trees and the flowers and clouds and stars that was in by Martin Luther great Protestant reformer who helped the Christian world to come out of a dungeon of darkness and experience living my faith according to the promises of God 's word says here that the gospel is written in the star what on earth can the stars tell us of the gospel remember Paul says in Romans chapter one that the gospel he is the power of God unto salvation the number of stars in the known universe is seventy six I sent the known universe that means as far as the most powerful telescopes that have been created here on planet Earth are able to see seventy six billion stars that's seven times more than all the grains of sand on every beach and desert on the face of planet Earth the brightest star within two thousand light-years just for your information a light year is almost six trillion months so multiply that times two thousand the brightest star within two thousand light-years is right the most luminous star in the galaxy of sickness or pizza will number one and they sickness open to number twelve listen when you compare our planet Earth with the sun which is the medium-sized star compared with the other stars our son is three hundred and thirty thousand times larger then this planet Earth just to help you to get a bit of an idea how big that he is I was looking up something I love these little numbers and stuff and I found out that the first him your ways thirteen million two hundred seven billion necessary thousand maybe not pounce the weightless honest three hundred and thirty thousand times that the largest star that human telescopes have been able to define is the easy session or sci-fi that's thirty two thousand times larger than awesome now I won't Albert Einstein told us that energy equals mass times the speed of light square so every one of those thirteen trillion two hundred seven billion pounds of this planet Earth are the days for loaded with potential power and our son which is three hundred and thirty thousand times the size of this planet of ours is loaded with power and the largest star in the known universe which is thirty two thousand times the size of our sun is loaded with even more powerful knowledge on these things contain this much power by the way the fun lets out about three hundred and some thousand gigawatts of power think that money out it takes about a few thousand gigawatts to run everything here on the face of this planet Earth so I say to you again these stars are simply loaded with power now if these stars contain such power what about the word that spoke to into existence him in power in the lower there is power in the word Psalm thirty three verse beginning with verse six five L Y am the Lord were the heavens made and all most of them by the breath of his mouth let all the articles here the Lord that all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him for he spake and it was done he commanded and it still fast I say to you again there was power in God 's word there is not only a inexpensive universe for us to understand and come up with all these wonderful calculations about but there was also a sort of universe within us did you know that the bulk of the DNA in the human body is packed into chromosomes which are found in the nucleus of the sale this DNA is brought into twenty three pairs of chromosomes so therefore such transfer of DNA in nearly every cell of our body there are about ten to the thirteenth hour or ten trillion cells in the human body which means that they are about four hundred and sixty trillion strands of chromosomal DNA and the whole human body when you read to you what a scientist said his name is Doctor Dennis Alexander he's the chairman of the Minette molecular immunology program at the Abraham Institute Cambridge England he writes in a paper called the genetic engineering and golf world each of the ten trillion somatic or knobs online sales in our body contains six feet of DNA packaged with proteins format twenty three thousand chromosomes if all DNA and all sales in a single human being or start out it would reach to the moon and back a thousand times eight thousand as millions of our sales divide every second each individual producers literally thousands of miles of newly copied DNA every minute now if you were to take on and take on a gargantuan task into a site I am interested in reading the informational just one of those lands of DNA you would have to read all thirty two thousand six hundred and forty pages of the Encyclopaedia Britannica over fifteen times just to be able to read all of the information on one side of human DNA and are over five hundred thousand pages of information just on one strand of our DNA the Bible says in Genesis topic to verse seven and the Lord God formed man of the death of the ground and he really read into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul so when God breathed into Adam 's nostrils goals five hundred thousand pages were filled immediately and instantaneously with information and man became a living soul there is power in the word and of the blast of God 's shepherd boy named David who didn't understand anything about what I just said to you by the way early this week I was sharing that with my little daughter Abigail is three years old and I was telling her all these science of the you want to visit for yourself and when I write what I completed this is this wonderful illustration would you like to know what my three -year-old daughter sent me existing one of the turn on and on Donovan okay you miss those numbers didn't mean anything to heart and they also didn't mean anything to a separate boy named David who was sitting on a hill possibly or maybe in one of his policies when he penned these words I am fearfully and wonderfully made with these all in mind open your Bibles with me to the book of Romans the book of Romans chapter eleven in Romans chapter eleven beginning with verse thirty three we read all that of the riches both of the Windows phone and knowledge of God how unsearchable are his judgments and his ways past finding out for floor have known the mind of the Lord I want you to answer me this will have been God 's counselor will have powers given to him and it shall be recompensed for him again for all ham and through him and slew him are all things so maybe glory forever amen Paul is contemplating on the depth of the knowledge the unsearchable him power of God and this is what suddenly Sam into what we read in Romans chapter twelve I beseech you therefore because of the winners don't have a wonderful holiday God possesses the cost of the death of his knowledge I beseech you I believe with you according to the mercies of God that you present your bodies a living sacrifice which is your reasonable service that were reasonable and mythological X only logical to yield ourselves completely totally and wholly to God like the one that we serve it's all reasonable service and be not conformed these not conform to this world but the transform by the renewing of your mind ladies and gentlemen God wants not just our fingernails he doesn't just want our nose hairs he doesn't just want the smallest parts of UNR God wants all of us you don't interestingly go to the DMV or BMV is getting ready to get a new license they ask your question that you do you want to be an organ donor we want to be an organ donor and that simply means that if you are the fatal accident or something like that happens when they come they will plow your license and they will see that this is an individual who was pledged his or her organs to be used again do you know that many of us play with not like that at my body when I'm done with you can take all of me just as much as you want as soon as there is nothing left for me to be able to do with myself as soon as my imagination has been perverted by repeated acts of promiscuity you can have me loan as soon as I wasted all of my youthful energies and there is nothing left at this body is completely depleted of every possible thing that could just be sure you can have me then but God friends of mine is not asking for us to give ourselves to him after we had healed everything God is asking us to give ourselves to him now what part of us does not specifically want Paula tells us be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind God wants our mind 's he wants to move as we learned last night the mind is the seat of the wheel and also a mind that is fully and totally given over to the controlling power of God will tell the party that it is connected to exactly what to do so God says give me your mind let me read to you is manufactured to meet with a particular passage of Scripture believe continues to deepen our thoughts as we consider how God wants our minds is found in the book of Isaiah site is found in the book of Isaiah Isaiah chapter twenty six very familiar passage of Scripture I want to look at it in a different way when this thing in Isaiah at twenty six getting the first three and this is a small but golf people were supposed to save him and Isaiah chapter twenty six verse three this is one person one line found will see him and have fixed piece pulls mind is stayed on the recall he trusted in thee let me read from the couple five version I really like this one you will guard him and keep him in perfect and constant peace whose mind of its influence inflammation and its character is they are going to be called he or she commits themselves to you leans on you and hope confidently in you oh what a beautiful translation they got it right that time so the Bible says that we will be constantly kept through the agency of our minds as our minds are cut and not get or stay more focused more fluff than one dollar in bonus up to five first one the Bible says therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God one Lord Jesus Christ so please is a result of being justified or being made right but Isaiah tells us Isaiah tells us that the way that we can remain in a white condition with if I keep me on my flaccid own doll what that means is that God has Hawaii to continue to Colorado as long as all my eyes are fastened for God Lehrer once a month to remain flaccid when his work so the mind is the place law the action takes place but when my mind when you are mine these are transformed or renewal what Charlie does this look like I've got three suggestions for you this morning in order for me to explain the first one I want to open your Bibles to Matthew chapter eighteen what will I think Matthew chapter eight three in Matthew chapter eighteen beginning with verse one the Bible says at the same time came the disciples unto Jesus I will write us in the kingdom of heaven and Jesus called a little child up to him and set him in the midst of them and he said first three truly or verily I say unto you except GP convert and become as little children he shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven will select therefore shall humble himself as this little child the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven Jesus saith that we must be converted Jesus says that we must become as little children and panties of Ad-Aware that we must humble ourselves and become as little children and I thought to myself are little children humble not tilted up at a three -year-old daughter named Abigail I don't know where it comes from my wife is not this type of person she's not the type who dances around in the mirror over and over spent a lot of time you know in and in the mirror a lot of times my wife is not concerned with how she looks in you know of being the husband that I am a have to save money let's not go out like this and eighty when it's another sort so she didn't she didn't get it from her mother that she didn't get it her father but my little girl will change holes three years old she will change for the five times a day she's not changing clothes because she was the clown Prince of what is love to play dress she takes front of arrest after money has been forgive meticulously done her hair she takes a breath out and put them arrest or her little stuffed animals and sometimes when she gets a new dress to put it on she'll say mommy daddy and spin around and as I was watching someone else there was little children are humble I don't I don't know if that's it what did Jesus mean the one thing that all of the children have in common and I believe this is what Jesus was suggesting is that little children are with us I little children are dependent they need as they need and they need and they need somehow if I woke up in the morning and went downstairs as well the refrigerator you know what the audacity some of them well mom dad why haven't you shopped to fix what's for dinner they are needy there are deep pendant so when Jesus in Matthew chapter eighteen says that we must humble ourselves and become as little children I believe that Jesus is a little into the fight that we must be confounded so that we can become depends upon the sum when our minds are transform a transform a renewal of the mind is a defendant mind has to soon expounded on my next point last night so I won't go into it the second part of a transform to renew mine is a submitted we are part with a little bit of time on this he is a tender conscience see a lot of us have the idea that it's usually when I converted when I transform when my mind is renewal that must mean I'll never sent in the naked word of caution so the conformity to renew the transform I is not promised that one will never fall golf is a wire that would mean that God has removed the elements only however it is a promise that God will keep our hearts and our consciences tend to give you some biblical examples could you look like you don't believe me this morning and I told you I love it when I see that look from me to my second son I second son second Samuel chapter twelve second Samuel chapter twelve and you all remember the story this is the story contain year of David and Bathsheba David has to say and he has committed adultery with this woman Bathsheba and he has also had her husband assassinated so that it is fitting bracket he's not taking Bathsheba be his wife everything is cool everything is fine no one 's ever going to find out no one ever want to know and all of a sudden gets a visit from a big mouth profit they make and they give their face value donated several doing soft flannel brother Nathan I said listen I want to tell you a story about something that took place in New York in the local and county with the story and he goes into this parable of the Lamb and David David you are is slowly rising up inside of them as here is about itself this that has been performed in his kingdom limited to the commercial break you that's just how each and every one of us are we get angry about things that we hear that others have done when in fact we done the very same things so before we are transforming new before we experience the gift the miracle of offenses when we hear about things that we ourselves are guilty of how their output they can such things I never said that before Uganda's you know you better think your answer yes I would never I could never live no one not perfect but so David gets a NASA 's you know what data that we give you the worst part about the story and think this is going to make a film and Nathan looks and in the eyes and point cinemas this file on me and David entire world is literally cyber in those words if you are the one thing about what Nathan said today that I believe in the mind of David if not that he has been discovered probably what little it is my is that David didn't even want in our minds when he was doing not to say that he was ignorant of his you know what he was doing that since he was ignorant of the fact that he was going on in something that was displeasing to the God that he loves so much and here is what I'm talking about insecticide in chapter twelve or thirteen and David said on Sunday then I at the low you think when David was made aware of his planes this was hard line because David's mine and we knew his conscience with tender towards both things phone displays my question for you this morning is how you feel about forcing us you want to know how might it ever been written do you want to know if you'll just have to single piece you want to know if you can remain covered while this is a thought well the education that we really need here in the story updated in and call us that's the question in my heart tender with the spirit of God brings them online for all things that are out of harmony with the law and with the will of God do I make excuses like everyone else is doing or pesticides and such my mom and dad on my Google you are this person or that person do I make excuses or is my heart broken the spirit about me feels the need not been doing something that has been a Harding I love the second example of this is found in second Chronicles chapter thirty four verse nineteen you remember the Archangel site he asked for he asked for someone to go into the treasure house and ask them to find out you know what they had there in the midst of all of this there was found an old book of the law and in second Chronicles thirty four verse nineteen that book is brought in its rental site in Windows site here's the schedule so I don't want to take what leveraging was the he was a good thing he did what was right in the sight of the Lord but there were things in his life follow the people of God what is life but he was not aware around and when these things were brought to his attention only wasn't looking at the only vehicle things with more right in the sight of the Lord the Bible tells us there and parts might be a second Chronicles thirty four Josiah rent has gone those much garments will support feeling holes that were probably the most expensive than the entire nation of Israel is not the potential signing is the God that he loved was displeased by his transform renew my means that our conscience have been made ten you can see examples of this over and over in the Scriptures Peter the disciple of Jesus after he denies the Lord and Peter finally has revealed to him he's the person that he didn't think he wants and Jesus knowing all of all and we're told that he went to the very same spot that was still wet with the blood and sweat and tears of Jesus and the early weapon out and is repetitive and brought his heart that he broke off our minds are transferring this is the element of a converted individual is not that I never follow it is that what I do for it breaks my heart that I have broken so I ask you again how do you feel when you break God 's heart all right I need to be dependent alright I need to submit will yes I agree I need a federal heart attend our conscious how do I experience this share this with you on somewhere some just found it okay tell me about the Matthew chapter twelve about I think book of Matthew L Penn Matthew chapter twelve verse thirty four this is a very very familiar thanks I'm sure you've all heard you already before but you hear it in your read again Matthew chapter twelve verse thirty four Jesus is speaking old generation of vipers how can eating evil speak good things for out of listen out the abundance of the heart the mouth speaking out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaking words are words are an expression of our faults or feelings are you are convictions so when you listen to when individual FERC is speaking it is like flipping through the part O of their mind they are telling you every thing that resides in them I called the abundance of the heart what am I the mouth speaking now that's interesting because the Bible says that we are to have the mind of Christ in fact in one particular place or thing we have to mind of Christ and live yourself to let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus and our minds are a car or SUV our minds are expressed through the words that we speak what's going on up here is revealed by what comes out of fear of the Bible tells us that our minds are the likewise that we are to have his mom is possible how do I have the mind of Christ him him I want because I love talking about stuff that people repeat over and over again but really have no clue what is talking about I love to listen the people 's answers because I think that so many times before a lot of times around dying to self oh yes we need to die to self with me please only we need to be converted we are born again yes I have reprinted but was leaning wanting what does it mean to have a mind of Christ and how do we experience this in front of my if you have have the word of God we have access to the mind of God for in God 's word we find an expression of God 's faults in God 's feelings I don't think you'd you call that I know it's important for me to the mind of God at all we actually had it but I don't understand the transaction I don't understand what takes place I don't understand how it takes place if you came in this morning with God 's work in your hand you were holding the mind of God in your pain you can know what God thinks about you based on what he has said you can know what God 's will is for certain things in your life know what we think in your life based on what God has said and if we have the word of God then we've got the mind of God that's why so many more in the ministry are constantly being approached with questions and are being asked what was I doing it right what do I do there and I imagine much like myself that sometimes it becomes it becomes a bit are you God has clearly spoken each and every individual the password doesn't have a monopoly on the mind of God those who stand up you represent also read both parts off no one has a monopoly on the mind of God is available to each and every one of us as we feel it is water if we would only put down the novels if we would only turn the Internet all helpless lower if we would only stop text messaging if we would only get off of the cell phone if we would only spend time in God 's part we would have a clear revelation of God 's mind in fact we would be developed into a very mind of God written somewhere were favored over mongrel and this is probably on my way Dang gave you was instead Christ page fifty two this is probably one of my most you know fables inside and think of it being a problem because I couldn't tell you where his file but I have read and assess that our thoughts and all feelings on paraphrasing now can become soul united with the thought and feelings on top that we can reach a point of nonexistence where we feel we are but acting out the impulses of our own minds and we're not even conscious of the fact speaking to us I promise my mind is so willing up so harmonize with the mind what around to say hi to somebody and I we do recognize that it was God the thought in my mind finally the recognized that it was God says the dollar I at some smile that individual to individual and in your best to the individual get something out of your bank account the individual spend some time with that individual I even realize I'm operating in the mind of God old what a value what a wonderful promise so how do we experience our minds being renovated renewal transformed on Mars or renovated renewal transformed by spending time in the word of God now if you've ever done a construction or renovation you know that one of the things you need is a hammering the right that you need a hammer and who in Jeremiah chapter twenty three verse twenty nine I believe it is the Bible says is not God 's word like I and like a hammer that breaks the rock and piece out in my mind even if they bring in the Hammer of God 's word he'll tear down everything that does not belong he'll replace it with every good and perfect gift notice what Paul says in Romans seven twelve p.m. I can't form that is what will be transformed by the renewing organization of your mind that you may parole what is that cool and acceptable and perfect will of God the one about another website will of God is the mind of God we can roll the mind of God because we got the word of God implanted in our minds that will stop asking questions like what's wrong with best not to renew my resume I devastate what's wrong with this one I don't see anything wrong with that the renewal of my rules what is acceptable to God the renewal of life then this is what God 's word says he is not God 's wheel is it doesn't look as always with they wanted out of responsibility if they have I know what possibilities I know what God wants for me because you spoken to me about it in his word the wonderful thing about God 's word is that God 's word will enter into the experience vessel God 's work in the person of Jesus the Bible of John chapter one call Jesus the divine alphabet the word of God and Jesus answered and to the experience of humanity and God now wants to use it is leaving squeezing words to enter into our human experiences so with the dark clouds of grief have swollen up over my head because I lost a loved one in my family of iPod experience some symptomatic formal brief or pain when those clouds are blotting out the very excellent the word of God can answer into my human experience but my heart is broken in a relationship and I'm not sure if I can ever love it because I lost the ability to trust the word of God can enter into my human experience when I'm having a problem forgiving someone that thinks that that is done well mean and hateful things fourthly the word of God can enter into my human experience I went to one of the Arkansas mine human experience than I am for ever change even as the world was forever changed when the living word answer into the experience of humanity when Jesus Christ was and should fit into the human race this human race has never been the same sense the word of God and into your experience as the word of God in there with you when no one else could comfort you has a lot of thought been there with you when you were standing on the process of temptation and wanted to jump at all no one allowed that it was in so doing the life for all and no one would see that you wanted to do it as the word of God incidence of your experience and my experience at all every week is fully beloved we need an experienced God 's word is not sufficient for you listen to what I say or what anyone else is we need an individual experience with software not just so we can say we've memorized lots of text not even simply for the purpose of being able to share it with others but solely that of sales might be useful might be changed all right passive and are I see how to get it but I still am wondering still wondering ten I be sure for HIV-positive athletes moderately just all my love was quite upsetting on that precipice and I want to jump off and I want a bungee cord if I want to go down I want to come back when they are in the word of God powerful enough to be able to run itself around me and embracing anything that point I say to you yes the word of God 's power I know for sure the same word that holds those stars there is the same word of power is available for each and every one of us but I don't know how life will let me make it even playing you and I can trust the word which entrusted with all of our heart and with all the mama because when God had promised to send his son and humanity gave gone as Marie Reese in the universe to say no and changes more heated he did take them imagine Jesus on death row for four thousand years and every single day of those four thousand years he received letters and phone calls from human beans saying you shouldn't we don't take her it doesn't matter what Arsenal every single day for four thousand years the very people Jesus was getting ready to come and thought for all we don't want to be sent by never go back on my word is simply not possible I can do if you ever doubt friends of the eleventh the ability of God to fulfill his word based on what you have to you race the thought from human humanity Jane every opportunity to turn around and God 's steel chain through painful field is for both us and our house outside in my baptism might go in what God 's will power them I just don't have power in your life but the Conway and identifiable studies to other people and then I turned around and I use the confidence and trust that those same people and meet Jen God are all in my life yes I did have power in your life but as the Conway my wife knows lot really and even though I color charts not look good she doubts whether or not a part of power in my life and God 's heart had enough power in my life so that my spouse if one that my religion is real you are working on power like Conway is in high school when a public university or even one of our own sock universities and no one around me and inspired no one around me desire to the things of God are you telling me that God our powerful enough to take one individual and places at once individual moves mine has been transformed in the mind of God and a half island territory and allow that individual to stand a thousand times yes God 's word is probably no creative word friends of God is keeping what will you do get anything in the creative word is that he was still straining water that's why I'm always amazed when people say yes we believe that the Lord created the earth in seven and six safely rested on the seventh and get all the host of them and all the other stuff and when it comes to talking about what God is capable God is able to analyze you hear people talk about you but what I believe God created but I don't even fill it with whatever you want let me tell you something that is again the fifth of the gospel you cannot believe in the created our software as Intel .tv power the thing keeping Paul wrote that word in your life is impossible it is not possible if you look about the song and not you say wow what an awesome God is in you find yourself ready to fall into temptation you must understand that the power that keeps your heart be the power that keeps the blood running warming of things the power that allows your respiratory system to keep functioning and allows you to keep reading is the same power that can keep you from seeing that power became real in my life when I was about the age of seventeen all levels are considered well much to talk about nothing and they man list if you would've known me twenty four hours before the word of God got a hold of me you would want to the other side of the street you when I wanted anything to do with me SSC has allowed remember my brother handheld things working with an evangelist and my brother play for me because I was just way out there for the Lord has brought me to the point where at least I was now living in my parents home again so there I was I had gone down to the front at this particular at the appeal was made I was there I was weeping at the altar and I was promised the Lord wants something better I want something more wants something more and I accepted Christ into my life a new outlet home that night it was the Sabbath man was riding high you know that feeling you may just be the myself to the Lord when all of a sudden after the sun is set and my families feel sitting around reminiscing on the goodness of God the phone rings I answer the phone and it's one of my best ways didn't know client was a Christian any fifteen listen them to tell you all got to take its to the turkey you don't know what the turkey Tammy but in Cleveland Ohio where I grew up around Thanksgiving and he and the Cleveland convention center downtown Cleveland what happened this enormous party and it will help lots of different bands and have professional singers you know famous people that will come in and perform now I was only about seventy nineteen years old you have to be twenty five years old in order to gain it in a you know how when you're seventeen sixteen you always want to be older than you are just like the twenty one set the Guinness need is the right of twenty one he was wanted and left while thinking of and all of a sudden my friends and got to take it but I want across the U .com you got the car with some new and we will win the one and I remember holding the phone and all of a sudden that was glossy Jeff Keefe 's twenty my brother had pickup the phone at the exact same time I did not in the Wii was listening and TV on the corner and she repeated the words of the Holy Spirit that effects the you just gave yourself to the Lord finance and want to hear that right now all I hear man in hospital they are necessity listen you going to do it in my mind began to want upstairs I had a new pair of black jeans that just jeans and a new Tommy Hilfiger sweater and a new pair of boots and leather coat and a hat to match and an asphalt of think about myself they are walking in an afterlife I got a vivid imagination and effort on this effective place them on my all of a sudden the spirit of God salty in which we naturally also I want pleading with God for a new and more powerful experience in our phone to mammography saves the money they are fit yes I'm here these that was going on then we will know what to do I need to call someone else are you down Steve said no different to say that he says he did not want to give them an opportunity speaking what do I but if you must go read the local Mike's question asked my friend didn't like to think I couldn't hear that argues sure he wanted to theta and I was so overwhelmed with the ability to say no not put them up to my mouth again I said he went okay while I was somebody else and I hung the phone up I felt as though I was getting ready to hit him teen years of life on planet Earth had her pain experience why do you want that site has no power over a man woman boy or girl who has the courage to say no to that day the word of God entered into my human experience and I experience his power his mother his wheel is real to me and I walked into the living room and I didn't even have another thought of the terms here's a great part that was chest copycat that was just the beginning God has brought me a mighty long way aside imagine that he has done for many of us we need to be reminded be reminded of the power of God to do even more and Mike and marvelous things in our lives my experience at seventeen years old is not sufficient for the day that a life now got two kids now got feels now I need God 's word to be experienced of fresh in my life every single him so when I awake in the morning I'm looking towards Heather 's bakery piece of bread Lord I pray I need enough bread to give me this is a more clear to me that in my daily prayer give me give me a connection with your mind give me a connection with your how many of you this morning want a fresh connection with the mind how many of you want the word of God to answer into your human experience is that your design I want to the stand to your feet with bow your heads loving father we thank you thank you thank you for the power of your Word may it reign down on one of the hall now that's no less we're here today this evening was produced by audio burgers review ministry GUIs I remember growing would like to listen you working would like to learn more about you visit WW UIC web or not you would you argue reverse downward and to open you are a you will and will you


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