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"Arbeit Macht Frei"

Steven Conway



  • December 23, 2007
    7:00 AM
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him morning we had to print lands at hearing God 's word presented by Pastor Steve Conway he criticized from the University Avenue Michigan where he is a pastor at the campus help search help and for helping others prepare for eternity and today as he helped her prepare for eternity I would like to challenge each one of you to do more than just setting your seat and West Bank but that he led a life changer highlight change your life and think aloud and act on so after our opening prayer I would like to introduce you Pastor Steve Conway good morning please kneel with me as we pray for most loving heavenly father we thank you for the privilege we had for being energy why see this year we thank you for the Spirit 's presence that has been with us and this morning we want to uplift our speaker pastor Steve Conway in a very special way to you we pray that as he speaks to us for the last time this weekend UIC that he would give him an extra measure of your spirit and that we would receive the greatest blessing at thus far have created as we finished up at UIC today that we would take the sphere that has been with us this week back to our home churches and that we would carry the slide to the to the world around us also on a list with our friend Alastair long as he's in the hospital please continue to bring your healing touch to his body and I pray that each one of us here would be part of your closing work that would rightly represent your character to this world so that Jesus may come soon I pray all of all of these things in Jesus name and him say good morning and good to see so many of you here this morning after we were encouraged alumni to pray is my assumption that several of you do just that I know I was with a group of young people last night law wanted to get together and pray is that when the Lord lays a burden on our hearts for us to move immediately when he lays that burden on our hearts and so we have the privilege of sharing some prep time together the tracks chain from February which direction from the air and far from a variety of different countries all leading to the same place human beings were stuffed into train cars literally like animals not knowing where they were headed not knowing why they were being taken there yet they wound their way many of them when they arrived were hurried out of those train cars and their possessions were stripped from them immediately and they were they were forced to line up women over here in man over here and children over here families were torn apart and sample rate and then they were made to enter into a place that even in their wildest imaginations they wouldn't were slain that they would've ever been it is very interesting I believe very favorite significant that when these men women and children came all of these train car in front of one of the larger concentration camps in Europe how selects the day that they marched through rent on body mocks for work makes for work makes free it is very significant because in fact the one that they were preparing to win walk upon was not aware that was going about freedom it was in fact a warm that would lead to their deaths they would literally be more down to the family Bowden 's and then they would be barred like trash this was all part of a sinister master plan to the estimate of a particular group of people you know when war is going on the most fearful pain in a time of war is for sympathizers with your entities that dwell in your territory Ansell recalls these evil men believe that this particular group of people and were talking about Jews who were there in Europe because the Nazis believed that the Jewish race were in fact their enemies they decided to destroy them to exterminate them systematically playing mind games with them for it wasn't it wasn't just simple enough to go inhuman no we want to work every bit of life out of you and I believe that this mirror a much larger way that was taking place not in an earthly battle only but in the Galactic the war between Christ and Satan and there are people of God sympathizers with Jesus Christ dwell in Satan 's territory and since we are protected praise God we are protected by angels that excel in strength and since we are protected the calls we believe by the grace of God into harmony with God 's will as Satan immediately snuffed out agency simply minding with us lowering off into a a boxcar of an experience which leads us to a place that is that is therefore no other reason but to destroy us and all the while he's nicely authoring us in the days and selling of work makes three work makes three work makes three there are many stations that we can find to work at in this particular cat one of the stations is the lack meet impressed station at this station it is believed that I tend to go sufficient reasons to love me more time with menu models in the book of Romans Romans chapter five and moments out of five my favorite sex in the entire Bible Romans simplified verse eight we read but how come men to his loft for me and that while I was a sinner Christ die for me notice on personalizing Christ died for me while I was yet in my saves while I was still enjoying what I was the only met me rephrase it when I was at my bars right demonstrated his love for me when I could go no lower Jesus demonstrated his love for me and if as if not was not enough love moments that define it but God demonstrated a commitment as well toward me and while I was yet a set of Christ died for me bars night much more opinion being now justified by his blood we shall be saved from the throw when it hit him convince you that God loves you and the fact that Christ died for you and your soloist and when you are toolbars and that didn't change your mom if Christ is not for you when you are in fact condition how much more willing to for you once you become a member of his family when we were enemies the Bible says we were reconciled to God by the death of Jesus Christ and now that we members of the family file much more will God take care of there's another place in no this is the plant I believe God but no we need to stop focusing blocks I believe God bought that is only a philosophical proposition is not really practical his belief in God practical limit as requested on the human here have a job this year 's reasonable how many of you in here goes the New Zealand okay so every one of us here almost everyone of us either has a job or goals to school up why do you go to work while you work alone asking this question it I love to ask people why don't you go to work and the answer that I hear normally as well the Bible says that if you don't work you should meet legal homework in order to provide for the man of the house and unloaded from five Google for my family and you know and I'm working because you know I'm going to keep to the calls of God and I'm working because of this that and the other and I will also have the tale of that why do you go to school well I'm going to school because I'm going to be educated on going to become knowledgeable I'm going to become in a eighty eight the cooler and an eagle and and and and and a profitable member of society that's why our work that's why I go to school one Matthew chapter six verse thirty three do you know when one would in Matthew chapter six verse thirty three of very familiar passage of Scripture the Bible says as modified Jesus is speaking here but seek he fires but see the forest but seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things all these things all these things shall be added unto you if you read the context in which Jesus is speaking this angle don't worry about what you want to be don't worry about how you want to clone your sales don't worry about a place of shelter I'm going to take care of you even the animals who are out there on the field don't worry about those things cause I will live within yet here we are many of us and we're selling up and punching a clock in some cases and we're going to work not realizing why where you have and we're going to school and sitting in a classroom where taking notes meticulously again not even realizing why we are there go the monsoons gives this story to get with we forget that sometimes think we woke ourselves up in the morning think we made it to work safely all by ourselves think that no one went crazy on our jobs you know that happens right no one just flat out and log onto what has started to see your place of employment we I just think okay and that's how things are supposed to be all the while ignoring the fact that it is God gives us strength in order to get well and it is gone as are the protects us as we drive up and down the dangerous highways and byways and many times and online by accident and going right for the people warned the cause and don't even think they can happen to not realizing that Angel was are threatening all around our vehicles in protecting the not recognizing that may be one of our coworkers then flip a switch but the Angels of God may not individuals at home that day at the ophthalmology they didn't come and take someone's life in a place of employment over North line here because they've got the best professors in the world and the most intelligent man on the face of this planet are my Bible tells me that when I came down to Solomon and Solomon what do you want me to give you Solomon says anything with them that I might move your people and in one night Solomon became the wisest man on the face of this planet are letters at the wall this longsleeved tees we are not in school in order to get wisdom because when it comes from the we are not there are places of employment in order to get well because wealth comes from God you can go to the mailbox and open up an envelope and there is more money than you ever made in your entire life the energy was a gift by God there has to calmly resumed his wizard each so many of us have busied ourselves with doing God 's job for him that we are not even aware of what God wants the new faith is practical when you have the proper perspective when you have the proper perspective there's another workstation that says I own the ungodly but an unfair more than just believe that the station it did in John chapter six times bigger listen to what Jesus says in John chapter six John chapter six beginning with verse twenty eight the Bible says they made in John chapter six verse twenty eight then said they are than him what shall we do that we might work the works of God Jesus answered and said unto them this is the work of God that he believed on him he has to say the people were listening to Jesus 's words and a social learning something that we got to see just how what must we do as Jesus says this is the work that God expects each and every one of you the work is that you might believe on him whom God has sent the laminate after Conway don't I need to be sanctify time with me to accept twenty six mobile device like accepted twenty six twenty six verse eighteen Paul is here recounting what Jesus said to him we met Christ and isotopically states in the Bible says Jesus is speaking here to open their eyes to turn them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan unto God that they may receive for goodness of sins and inheritance among them which are sanctified by his essay yes no money to sanctify their unity with various application the same way in which various application in the work of God that you may believe on him whom God has notice at the end of verse eighteen which are sanctified by faith that is in the butt well that's enough character don't we need to be perfect when the chapter finds that everyone knows that chapter is a classic character what about that Pastor Conway with me and your minds in the book of people 's Wimbledon I think Hebrews chapter scene Hebrews chapter ten verse fourteen it's in verse fourteen the Bible reads for by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified and how we sanctify and reduce our sanctification is by faith our profession and Christian character is by faith this is the work of God she might be there is another station as they are afraid of belief space you believe I will bring the belief we have seen the idea of belief perverted and we allow the war itself and the concept of the hijacked out of our Christian vocabularies well there's more than just believe there anyone anytime someone talks about faith in Christ or believing in Christ we've got Adam but to have told me I believe what you believe but you can get it I'll know if you always are sentencing many of you there would've been nice of you with a window but you know God is gracious and give you another opportunity to make up for your mistake if you miss out on these the biblical holiness workshop that was going on there Pastor Philip Don has written a marvelous book calls for salvation salvation is sure from the open source salvation is in their and in this book and in his workshop even he was he was talking about the one across you know we had this problem with that the phone calls curious he expresses faith in Jesus Christ he sees Jesus as his Savior his only opportunity not only for this life for life was that they saved on the encoding actually been sanctified down across me then you need to roll a procedure or daily needs of doing this and doing that if the thief pastor Dunn says that come down from the cross and lived with thirty more years and developed and grown in Christ he would not have been more saying that he was only when he expressed belief in Jesus Cal Journal control any of what else am a little save on more so what type of foolishness is that gift that will give you a chance so we are afraid of belief and the other reason wherefore you believe this because because we've got a misconception we've been listening to some of our Christian brothers and sisters going around and talking about I believe that is not really belief and we have this idea in our minds that belief is passive friends about belief is not passive it's active that chapter Hebrews in the book of Hebrews Chapter 11 the live within your Bibles were right I was in that nice in Hebrews Chapter 11 listen to how the Bible reads in Hebrews chapter eleven beginning with verse four by faith Abel it was now just about it just can't not the recliner as well as eliminate L Levine sent by a able off word in verse four in verse seven by faith Noah being warned of God of things not seen as yet in what he moved brothers and sisters faith is active you can read the entire chapter of Hebrews chapter eleven and will find the same thing over and over again a move faith is the thing I love about biblical faith is a biblical faith is Maggie biblical faith reminds God of what he's promising along my wife and I my families live in New York Lisa live in a little shot in orange County New York Greenwood Lake beautiful little town beautiful town and and and our home we had a nice little deck and you could look out and you could see the expanse of a late it was really beautiful especially when it's no more because then the leaves were treated with Seymour Billy but when we would go to church and we go to the store anywhere we went we had to drive around the lake and it wasn't people live in the late and they all see I just take off right off the water near the run my little son Israel's as it happens to love airplanes I think anything that moves you have to love cars motorcycles airplanes helicopters they settled in all the higher education with a fascinating old the more he loves it and so we must set out on the court sometimes and we would watch the CBC plays as they raised up into the sky where they were coming in for landing on one particular time we had stopped by the store and is picked up water and maybe a pack a bag of chips or something like that it wasn't anything really significant and we were on our way back home and we drove by one of these seaplanes and my son Israel says to me he says that he suggests Israel Scythian encore he says that he wants you to do something for me and I said okay what he wanted to sign because I want to buy me an airplane of Israel yesterday with daddy daddy Kennedy ran Israel than any finish first okay yes that he wanted 's webcasting can't actually afford an airplane you know we're not in that income brackets on you know we're we're just not there that you can't afford that and you know my son said yes you can and you know I said to Will Israel know I can't know this little guy about four years old at the time this little man argued with me for about eight minutes she was just sure that I could purchase an airplane for him and I'm trying to explain them this is not possible any sense what you've got I will we just came from the flooring you use it for my water and you use it the Mike Jackson music if you just use that possible that's connected to a bank account and Israel give me the fund you would never know the job managing his day you know as we got home the golf course and unload I sort of the thing was an example of real faith I believe an example of biblical faith because for my four -year-old son he didn't need an enormous thing in order to believe in his father 's ability to do for him all he needed was a ninety nine cent bottle of water and twenty five cent bag of chips that was all the evidence he needed and he was going ahead is so what do you believe that he was going to argue with me about my abilities and why don't they can't enhance my authorities for you get things for me I'm already seeing you take care of me so this is nothing you can do it just in case the biblical example is found in G in book of Genesis in the book of Genesis chapter thirty two what book I think Genesis chapter thirty two and they are in Genesis chapter thirty two in Genesis chapter thirty two of the beginning with verse twenty four the Bible says and Jacob verse twenty four Genesis thirty two and Jacob was left alone and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the him we saw that he prevailed not against him because the hollow of his lot in the hollow of Jacob I was out of joint as he wrestled with him and he said let me know the day breaking and he said I will not let me go except thou bless me Jacob at first begins to think that he's being accosted by a thief in this particular area but as he begins to Russell he even recognizes and realizes that he's not recently over the one when he is wrestling with and then there's supernatural event where the Angel was Jesus touches Jacob the hollow of his fine all of a sudden is is is is is a native hit ball is no longer connected with medical and he was in excruciating pain and not only recognizing that I am wrestling off with a man on wrestling with someone was more than simply a man I will not let them go and Jesus says almost as though he's trusting him we've been out this post alone let me go and you know Jesus doesn't really want to be let go of what he says behold legal just like when I wrestled with my son I let them way you know when you're wrestling with Jesus Jesus always let you way my little son will come and jump on me and I'll just go around to the floor as always that powerful he's really not what I want him to win every time we wrestled and so I was you and I when it comes to wrestling with Jesus but Jacob refuses to let it go because I will not let you go until you bless me know we don't know what words were being exchanged the Bible does not tell us exactly what Jacob was saying while he was wrestling with Jesus however a prayer of Jacob in the preceding verses gives us an indication of the actual I think a president was as he was wrestling with Christ it was not a jump of thirty two and Jacob said Olga although my father Abraham and Donald my father Isaac the Lord said unto me returned under my country and to my kindred and I will deal well with me I am not worthy of the least of all of your mercies and along the tool which thou hast sold under the assortment with my staff I passed over this Jordan and now I come to hand deliver me I pray the one the hand of my brother from the hand of these all fluoride MSC will come and smite me in the mother with children and policy I will surely do the goat and make thy seed as the sand of the sea which cannot be numbered for multitude did you get it or did you miss it was there twice in the beginning of his prayer Jacob says you say the only reason I'm here is because you think that I should be here he said it again at the end of his prayer you say you say what blasphemy how can I be blessed when I went away using so Wednesday is wrestling with Christ I imagine this is what is crying out I will not let you go I refused to relinquish my grasp on you because you are you saying he would take care of me you say that you don't forsake your people the right to use and then we don't have to pay for rent use a seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you that if I couldn't my things that you will be faithful and just to forgive me of my sins and plans me from all unlike the you yeah you yeah you said that he would take care of me that if I was willing to stand up for your saddle mules I this is how we wrestle with the God wants us to we reminding him of what he has seen brothers and sisters faith belief is the ash 's of what Christians like is to be about nonsense relief in the chairs are sitting in not just believe an unmanned floor but we and the wire of God the first morning we talked of God 's love for us we must be that God loves us and slight of all the circumstances surrounding this we must believe that God loves us and limited brothers and sisters friends of mine sometimes I know sometimes I know that it's hard to believe that God can love even the one I look at myself is hard to believe that God can love but we must believe what he says today's I do not on the second morning we came together we talked about the forgive this of God we talked about the wonderful transaction that takes place in this miraculous event of forgiveness where God takes what we are and replaces it with everything that he used we believe that the reason I remember evangelist was sharing a story and he said that one of these men was was at his hat at his event him this man had just accepted Jesus Christ into his life he was upset he was a slow so much so that it was permeating his poor in the alcohol is not open his mouth it was okay to feel like he will be well but this man came to the meeting this man heard the message are the ultimate tools of modern residents overcoming cited is God wants anyway when Jesus comes I believe that he forgives me I believe many keeping our and that none after getting himself to the little he was driving home on the freeway and he saw a particular exit if you drive home in on the freeway from work or whatever one you went to church you know almost a generic one of those exits you know the gas station you know who one has the lowest prices you know whether shopping mall leaves you with a grocery story is this man knew within the coastal loss and as he was driving home and a half I can't exit signs and assume one miles ago all of a sudden and it was very mild he could taste the alcohol you don't talk about maybe it's not alcohol you maybe it's sex maybe you've given ourselves to God and then all of a sudden you are reminded of the exhilarating feelings that you have when you did what you are not supposed to do maybe it's a Navy 's last maybe it's a whole host of things I don't know what it is what I'm talking about a temptation that is so very strong I can feel it in your draft he wanted to this man this feeling will tighten hey put the link on any pulled over into the median before he hit that exit and he got out of his vehicle and slammed his door and he went over to the type of his vehicle and he knelt down on the freeway and said law is not me if not I myself these items online most of the demon called alcoholism to you I feel I feel like that these feelings are not really help me please forgiveness is real and we have no business listening listening to the enemy when he whispers in her ear and tells us she is on the decision is emotional help Jeannie once he is here no one is going on because it has certainly fourteen weeks one one is not me I'm a new creature in Christ Jesus it's not the tsunami talk of God 's forgiveness we talked of the power when yesterday morning of God 's word is a living word that we can be leaving we can exercise the faith that we're talking about this morning in the living word of God one of the most profound things that came to my attention friends of God is is this I was studying on Matthew chapter four new thanks what Jesus was temptation to temptation in the wilderness Jesus is being tempted in the wilderness I think confidence is solving the son of God commanded the solvent time to bring Jesus 's response is written Man shall not live by when alone but by and Greek word that proceeds from the mouth of God so I was interested in nine months but to the book of new money I began to read and most of the speaking and in the book of Deuteronomy MSE speaking for the people of God he says something that is so very interesting he says the day you eat of it by the hand and lead you into the wilderness and then this call my attention to software you to be hungry go allow you to be hungry so that he might teach you that man does not live by bread alone but by every one that proceeds from the mouth and I scratch my head is does that mean what I think it means is so of course you know I wanted to see what some would serve the Lord had to say so I looked him in the book page often profits and there is said that the Israelites had not really one out of but what they had come to is that they are comfortable point where they sold the end of their provisions and seeing the in of the provisions they began to wonder how they would survive after what they had physically in front of them as I thought there is people like point in their experiences with a graffiti in all honestly how are you with me this morning God that he will there live because he wanted to change them that is not the arm of flesh that is really your help he wanted that Susan is not how many cans of beans you got in your cover letter to help me one of these and it's not how big the number is that in your bank account that will provide for you he wanted to teach his people that man does not imply what you can see and what is tangible and what he has in his hands one man in my everywhere that proceed from the mouth of God word are you at a point in your life where you have reached the individual provisions maybe maybe you've got no more money for school maybe just in the cupboards are bare there is no more money available for me to go to school yet I know God has called me here why we're tempted to doubt God limiting something for the mind gone has legend to that point to teach you individually then you do not believe my bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of his mouth means science to places in online where we need to see how humanly possible there was a way of escape but God leads us there and provides an opportunity for us to have faith and we thought all of our challenges what because God will we thought maybe we were outside on the will of God and how God has brought us there is an opportunity to leave and I were walking around God doesn't love me well Paul Galois is not unlimited because when he is not on those provisions instead of depending on the man doesn't leave much room but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of Lou but you are busy you got to believe my friends do you believe do you believe in spite of what you are experiencing this do you believe in spite of what your feelings say to you do you believe I know that we've come here from a variety of different places but I believe the message that God wants us to receive while we hear the message that we must exercise faith in him it is not in the Christian disciplines themselves that we are saved but it is when those disciplines are entered upon the roof right through faith it is the prayer of faith it is the life of faith and then it is from faith to faith slot believe that God has brought me here at each and every one of you friends of God here to give us an opportunity to grass with biblical faith these biblical faith in God 's love for us biblical faith in God 's willingness to forgive us and his willingness to import power in our lives biblical faith in the living word of God is time for us to make an escape concentration camp of the enemy it's time for us to break free from this idea that we can work our ways into the good graces of God is time for us to break free from these ideas then we can make God love us more like doing a lot of good stuff is time for us to make briefly on the idea that if I do this with that just enough then I'll really be able to experience victory is time for some great free because my Bible tells me these are the words of Jesus and Jesus didn't say work makes for what he says that if the summer set you free you win the free indeed freedom only comes through Jesus it only comes through Jesus I'm getting ready to make an appeal and this appeal what I would like to do this I would like to ask why I'm going to ask for commitment from those of you will hear a commitment to a radical biblical type of faith faith in God 's love faith and gospel achievements phase in every one that is called from the multiple and an experience and experience where we give God the right to bring us to the end of our provisions will we give God the right to bring us to the places in our experiences where there is no water to be found and there's nowhere to be found and we must I reason I want to make this appeal is because I believe this is the type of faith this is the only type of faith the only type of faith that will enable us to leave and the times that are fast approach when every earthly support we'll be at all when mothers and fathers will turn on children when brothers and sisters will turn on one another each member 's consent one another when husband is the problem wives and wives one husband was going to hold you the is not the word of God is not belief in a Savior who says I will never have I only nor forsake you hold using a Windows nothing under your way how were you watching on the Odyssey suspicion that each and every one of you know where he or she is with what we discussed today you know if you really believe God loves you you know if you really believe that he is off for capable or you don't you will know you know whether or not Satan has had to file in his concentration on June you sunburn on the righteousness of Jesus why do words no no no what I want to ask you for right now by the authority of Jesus Christ as an asset I is to throw your self is the St. Laurent I believe help thou mine unbelief I simply believe not all self into your hands all I can muster lower I wanted to in the future and I will know what my friend reminded turn their backs on the law essentially don't know I do know we can play I do know that I question your love I do know the pin on people and beings instead of depending on you maybe illegal depending on this conference is that depending on the process of this conference right now I want you to come down here and sing Lord the rim the turn back on I am a Lord this is their business it this is what you want your team all will understand more general one of people are people and while you has within closer on Commandant in heaven this is the very foundation of everything that we've heard it all of the wonderful seminars and workshops all of the life-changing experiences that we talk about at the plenary session is the foundation of all we mosh him you for when we do or you promise us in your all day of mass or we are here this morning Lord confessing our unbelief and we're thankful for that wonderful promise and desire of ages that tells us among the men son was being possessed Jesus says to him who you normally believe in me doing all the history of himself at the feet of Jesus will really help thou mine unbelief and we are told as long as we pray this prayer we can neither know now for loss lowered don't let any of us will we are here because we want this writer to be our hearts cry are you letting them know we make the children of Israel who looked just like the we make the same mistakes when you look very same things in spite of the fact that we have their testimony laying lifetime or phrases we found no reason not to believe in you and today we confess that because we are told in Romans chapter fourteen and whatsoever is not the same we confess our unbelievable what I ask you today to figure from free from the same free mouse interface everything is found in every loans lower I would like to ask for the person is free I do that is promised all you who promised you what we refuse to relinquish our whole team doing for us thank you for being who you want to thank you for giving us the privilege of love serving you we ask all of these things is because we feel that we have a brother in heaven we love our behalf we are not worthy he is an right now up and had a reasonably father my love my love it will be leaving my coleslaw I will my bluff on this process and only in the name of them we have come to her and it is because of all things that we have faith and belief that you have already answered this prayer we thank in that precious name of Jesus let all of God 's children say publish the Bible tells us that the goals and time church will become apprised by second things CA visitations of the saints here are the typical monuments of gold and have the faith of Jesus drove face in the last days which suffer weariness hunger pain and delay it will trust the Lord and when it doesn't know where in the Lord is leading people trust him again though equally know how the Lord will work things out through faith will trust dental even though it knows not how long it would take for gold to do what he has promised this phase is going to be very real because God is going to points where people befall the qualitative or saying she had expectations focusing Rob I will cubicle monuments enough defeat of Jesus not fifteen Jesus faith of Jesus they will trust the Lord did enough Jesus trusted his father is up so it is both all people go all the way this is what you want to see his own about in this morning because we don't reduce the size of these on the contested in many countries the undying young being rejected Yahoo losing the patient because of some of you will is as it was by another medium that is really a very willing to listen more great immediately or if you would like to learn more about WW utilizing web board also as you are over board him in on you and a


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