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Biblical Perfection In the Light Of Justification- Part 1

Engleburg Toney



  • June 26, 2015
    11:00 AM
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Let us pray Father we are grateful to you for your goodness. Thank you again for your holy word we prayed a you would help us to assimilate it into our lives we pray for understanding of your word is upper in Jesus' name. Amy OK. Part Part two is entitled The progression of perfection and when we talk about justify like I say you know we have we have where we're supposed to be going. I'm not an audience but we all know the sanctuary this is the out of court right right where we have the the lab or the altar of that burnt offering right now over here we have a table of showbread the altar of incense and a candle sticks right. New year we have the arc of the Covenant. All right and if we were to split If so this would because justify this would become sanctified as the only place right now and this would be called a glorified most old Ok so when we talk about the progression of perfection I'm going to show you what most Christians do we bring our we bring Jesus and they were returned insanity and then we bring Jesus and then we go back and stand again and we bring Jesus and I was I mean this this this that writers call center say. By grace this action we were brings us we go back and see him again and that's majority of Christian they never make the progression here. Never do we stop at baptism. Many of us get this far just like Jesus told the parable of the store because of the fall of the midst of the phones girl in choke the word became unprofitable form right we go back out. Hardly ever do make it to the holy place especially with this stigmatism this is a state with this is the death of Christianity and specially the death of Adventism. So we talk about the progress of the if we talk about the progression of perfection we're going to talk about how we move from the the courtyard to the holy place to the most so because in the most holy We have to appear before a holy God without an intercessor. You're not going to get that don't exist. That's not progression that's digression a man. My premise text is Hebrews Let's go to Hebrews Chapter six. We're still talking about justify and we see if they justifiably remember we say to me the clay of writers as in what ought to be what it means. Hebrews Chapter six starting a verse one. And we're going to really wanted to. Therefore. Leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ. Let us go on unto what. Who doesn't believe they can be perfect Christians but the command is given. Let us go alone to perfection and not laying again the foundation of what repentance from what. And of faith toward God of the doctrinal baptisms and of laying on of hands and of resurrection of the date and of eternal judgment that I was go on unto perfection we do not want to go on and on to perfection and because of our minds to it we do not believe that we can be perfect. Mel the word perfect for my study the word perfect in Greek is telling us there are many words. Dead when you lose. This prefix and when I when I went out when I give you these examples you're going to see a progression. Jesus gave a parable shame on me for not knowing what verse Japanese but you'll know it. He talked about the the kingdom of heaven is like this blade of corn right first you have the first you have the sprout then you have the ear and then you have the corn in the ear right. The question I always ask for Met parable is when it is cold war not corn corn is corn here. Corn is corn here. Corn is corn when you see the court a man. We don't look at the corner say up there go play No we say they're going to go or what is no corny but that's not the way Christians you wouldn't say oh that's what Jesus land of Canaan heaven is like this but this word tell us right. It comes with the ideal starting. And one point. In arriving and another. Starting at a point. Arriving at another Tell us watched is what does it go. Right here is a signal right. Sent up to the satellite to your television. Started appointing arrive at his destination was this. Telephone right I started the euro dollars I'm trying to build a church. Yes I need a hungry. Telethon start at one point. Rabbit in the how much Ricky. Teleporting right. Beam me up Scotty. Right. Start here I want to get back to the enterprise right. This is the ideal of biblical perfection starting here in the here. Do you see that here. That's the wrong direction as my G.'s a of a man put his hand to the what. Plateau into what these now worthy. That's not progress. John to Wales. Wall in the light. Why. Now you have the light was going have to be a light. It's eventually going to go out. Probation is going to close but Christians were too busy living by grace and saving. No progression so how do we do it is in thinking of justify I prayed about what I should call this theme and I you know I like cars and we don't regret course of history many inventions by man have been perfected right and there was this one car commercial that I will never forget I was little boy and it came out in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine and it was a Lexus automobile now I can afford a Lexus but I like the car and I can remember is that the guy putting amount or pyramid of champagne glasses on and chin right. Stacking them up and then he ran to the engine up to one hundred forty five mph and the glasses do not move they don't fall and then the caption comes the Lexus they read littlest pursuit of perfection. Why don't we pursue perfection. Why don't we do it. Matthew five forty eight Jesus talk. Matthew chapter five verse forty eight let's go to that he ses. If you fire forty eight ft. B. You were there for perfect even as your Father which is in heaven. But we don't believe that I just tell you what we call ourselves we don't call the sale sons of God we call us lives. Centers they migrate. You can be perfectly yourself with them. Christ in you the way hope of glory. Christ never called himself a slim Let this mind be you flippy instructed to which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God Listen to the context. Far did not robbery to be equal with God That's not what we say OK nobody do what Jesus did not even have Jesus is living in you that doesn't make any sense. It's it doesn't it denies faith and undermine salvation God is trying to say was but weren't saying oh we're just like Peter at the foot washing ceremony up Jesus can wash my feet. No you can't do it it will Peter Fido wash your feet you have no part of me. Well geez wash my hair my hands and feet are of Fortunately we don't have that kind of the ology we say that and because we've been conditioned to believe that we cannot be like Jesus but when you take upon the name Christine yen you're calling yourself Christ lived the whole religion is an oxymoron in change they have a double minded man is unstable in all those ways that's why we have this actions. I'm tell you began to hear this this this constantly going back and forth I call it a courtyard mentality when we go get the whale and we can leave. And we go get the lamb and we just filling up the courtyard with with lions because it's convenient and Grace is there were Cinnabar owns creates much more pounds so I like Lexus I understand it. I like the fact that the these inherent Ters they these engineers want to design a perfect automobile but we serve an omnipotent God and all knowing God and He can create the perfect human being there are a lot of things that we do perfectly but that's not even the context of what we're talking about right. Tell a tale to tell Eagles starting at one point writing in another justified his work God declares us right just now how do we become right his first jump three let's go to first John three first John three first three now I mane to agitate otherwise save we should agitate Now I've read that quote you need to read it just go to your search. Put an agitated on the island was writing you'll see a repeat that were three times as a tape educate add you to I mean to agitate your thinking about salvation because he's saying we already quoted it not one in one hundred understands the subject of salvation. OK So we go to firms John's and I liked I liked John John is of playing preacher young first three and we're going to look at verse number. Seven little children let no man deceive you. He didn't do it right just is what everybody is right has he to do it right as in this is right is even as he is right now what does he say don't be the sea because there are Christians who believe that you not right just when you do a guy say because they believe in tapes that were centers we are room we talk about that. And we are saying or are you going to be a standard fighting a guy got into a discussion with a fundamentalist fundamentalist Baptist the Baptists and he said to me. Angle bird you can never not be got sun you can never not be God's Son you're you're always be God's son and you can go and straight away and I was still love you and accept you as is all I was that little Bobby you've been reading but then a godly and in a biblical and they say What do you mean I say well I read the prodigal son and you read it to mail What was the status of the prodigal son when he left home. As reads this that out rather than one day he was what. Asked what the father say he wasn't when the everybody it but the father said he's De Jesus and that the De Berry did today so do you carry the same alone said this I am we need to stop this this is this is the key. How do you expect the progress to have told me their full without which the Bible say if no one will see go on we have to become holy right it's all we have to make the progress chin into perfection we have to start at a point in a arrive at the other is the when the starting point is the courtyard and so we look at this text. Now let's fine tune it. That's that progression a little bit more in Proverbs Chapter eleven. Proverbs Chapter eleven for those of you don't think that we can be perfect I wanted to list every every character. Figure in the Bible does say as it got so it was perfect. If we could do that but this one right here is is is proof positive on the five believe Proverbs eleven five six the right to dismiss. Righteousness of the perfect where you just say you can't be perfect. Not only are you perfectly but you say you can produce right just now those of you missed the first part of this no I'm not saying that I'm capable of producing good works on my own. We've already established that being justified allows me to do what Christ did. Because Christ comes and lives within me that is call righteousness by faith a man a term that has been lost since eight hundred eighty eight. A man OK So he says the righteousness of the perfect shall direct his way but the wicked shall fall by his own witness the righteousness of the upright show deliver them but transgressors shall be taken in their own not even it's a man's eye with your Bible says. Job Chapter twenty two Verse three and what I'm what I'm trying to do here is establish the fact that righteousness and perfection all the same right doing and perfecting is the same. OK And then the job twenty two Verse three this is the only fast talking to Joe because you know Joe Joe wanted to maintain his integrity he wanted to maintain a defect that all of these things were happening to him out because he did anything wrong and so every five say it's damn Is there any pleasure to the Almighty that thousand arthritis or is it a game to or is that AIG or is it is a game thinking I'm that out make us dice it waves perfect how can we make out ways PERCY The Bible says Christ is our way Christ is our right just is and we know that Christ was perfect. Ellen why says the desire of a just Page seven sixty two the law requires. As righteousness What does the law require a righteous life a perfect character and their man has not to give he cannot meet the claims of God's holy loll but cries coming to their earth as man live as that they have a holy life and develop a perfect character. Here that Christ lived a holy life and develop a perfect aired the first Peter first Peter chapter to go there. Let's go there first Peter chapters two and verse twenty one forced me to chapter two verse twenty one and we're going to reverse twenty two which will throw up for it for even here on to where you call it what is called mean everybody. Things and was in other words it was to modern more modern term for that church. Cliff sia. Right which means church the reason why you're here to get that seat is the it helps you when you put today's words what the scripture so you can understand what the Bible is saying this is why your church is what Peter's they the reason why your charges because Christ also what suffer for us leaving us what what it really was. OK so the slow right now crisis my example right. Cries my example and what kind of example do they leave us. That you should follow his staff who did what what it is not do so is it OK to say is it is it OK to send in why we do it. Don't answer that's rhetorical neighbor was gavel or deceit. Around in his mouth. In other words what he's saying he meant did we say they've been no follow up follow through we do it all the time a man bottle saving please as each of the five is better that you're not even what open your mouth the say anything will say to the angle that it was an error. Right because he's already written it down yes our first Peter first Peter to first Peter to twenty one and twenty two. OK Now why is it not OK for us to send a little bit well because again I'm going back to first John and this is pertinent to our understanding where we're supposed to be so are ready already know that I'm supposed to be like Jesus because they say of Christ called us as a church he brought us he called us out into this caught us out of darkness into his marvelous like so that we could be a church having left us an example that we should follow in his steps but the church doesn't believe that we can live like Christ and so we stumble and we fall and we leave a bad example for everybody else in the world when you get a chance read the chapter in the great controversy call the French Revolution. Dead is a very powerful powerful chapter in Great Scott controversy which also describes what's happening in America right now and you know who's responsible for the darkness in the world who know to church is the church is responsible for the darkness and the word Jesus says you are the light of the world we all the salt of the earth it is our job to shine and if we're not shining darkness envelops just like ring when you read a French Revolution you will find it was a search that calls the revolution in France. OK. First John chapter three verse numbers. I'll start at six. Really all of his good but let's start a six whosoever abided in him. Senate not now you know you hear all kinds of arguments between theologians say well this is practicing stand or this is living in scene or you know they give all these Greek context in all these kind of stuff but I'll just the planes I preach I'm going to read all of his side and get it in contests are a man I agree with you and that's why we covered in the first part of this series we covered that. This word right here means declared righteous. See that's where you stop. But read the whole definition is say is declared righteous and it all to me you never heard of more heavy. Be honest no to the whole the word this word means the claim of Rights is as it ought to be. Was ought to be. Tell me what that is how did God make out. How did God create out of. Know he created him perfectly right. So when God because when God justify when Jesus justified us he declared us like perfect so I agree with you. Salvation is a process. OK were credited for being like Jesus as we become like Him That's why the Bible says Be transformed by the renewing of your but we just never thought likeness that that came from humanity. What you're saying I believe I believe in the process of salvation the Bible says and Psalm seventy seven verse nineteen that I weigh a lord is in the center where so if I want to know how to be say God. Obs way there is no step in the Bible like this Every around goals. We were too busy. We're here we we come to the we come to the courtyard we leave we come to the core Yeah we leave we never make the progress they may but is here though it begins here this is the foundation for perfection the foundation because we have to accept this in our minds we have be transforming the helmet of salvation we talked about what does that help me do it protects you it protects the mind what is got trying to protect the mind from from believing that you cannot be successful. From believing that you're going to make mistakes. Jesus never made any and I'll tell you some energy the seventy make excuses. Say that he was a human or horse her skirt was extra sure. Right all David had to do a job of their IT then we just didn't turn out ridin brother took all of them we make too many excuses. Salvation is full and free and is complete which is also another meaning for the word perfect. Complete I agree with you I'm a complete here but that's where most Christianity July Haven't you noticed that most of Christianity most of Christianity stops somewhat Jordy of Christianity stops right here. That's where the majority of Christianity stops they know nothing of Christ as Aha Crees they know nothing about their right they began a they say salvation big a the names at the cross was that high praise. Yet if they were trying to bring back the priesthood on but see this is where we are. Then why say of present truth is pointing people want everybody to work Christ isn't a heavily fined to wear that's present truth and what is the what is he doing up there for us John fourteen one Let not your heart be trouble you believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house are what many mansions if it were not so I would I go there to do what. Prepare a place for you that where I am you maybe that's what he's mentally preparing a place for us but I believe I agree with your brother. I'm not complete here I'm a complete here I am complete it here this is where I have to appear before a holy God without an incest but I'm not going to aggregate their go on doing this I got to stop making excuses. That's why we're going to read this far as John says he that he was to have a blotted him stand in the whosoever Senate had not seen him. Neva not only a little children let no man to see you he did do it right just righteousness is righteous even as he is right is he that commanded seeing it is I who everybody knows he didn't commit same is of the devil is handy. I don't know man I don't like to think that you know way I get someone to cut me off on a highway in that expletive roll out there accidentally. That I'm of the Dell I don't but I'm just saying you know most Christians say well that's the reason why didn't you know he taught us and counseling. A does not equal C. and be right that Barry which is my brain. Equal seen the which is negative emotions and negative behavior so a of the activating event it wasn't the reason why I use profanity when a person cut me off. Wasn't because he cut me off it was already in there for from the abundance of the heart the mouth breaking my heart is not being conditioned not about been what transformed. Phase I laid back has not made an impression on me at my talks about day the very truth that we believe is not going to find us we're becoming more and more like the warmer world if if is evident I don't even you can see it for yourself. So when we talk about progression of perfection. Were saying that first of all you have to get does understand me that is not OK to sin. As a matter fact we talked about that in the first in the first subject the foundation of perfection which is justified when John Roll my little children these things are right on to you that you when people quote that scripture if they don't quote that part of the scripture you know what part they quote and if any man Syrians if you have an app again with the father but they left out the first problem text meaning it's a win win when John fans he's not saying we are. These areas there is no it's a hard thing to happen I mean if you know that's that's like hypothetical ill I don't expect you to go after a mess up you know James is more straightforward James savings dames chapter one Do not a are as Ali say it isn't that right. Yeah break that do not care. Jesus said it this way go and sin no more. As if we can do that and I like this you can you condition. All right so let's finish this. He didn't commit a sin is of the devil for the devil stemming from the what. Beginning for this purpose for this purpose one more time with Peter steak for this purpose the Son of God was manifest the dead he might destroy the works of the depth so a guy asked me at the work at the job he says look so you tell me you don't faint I say brother bought a grace of God he said well that's not true. You Making got out alive. Yes in the way other than that I was I'd never said I hadn't seen it. I'm never told me that I have no sin I said I don't see it as a different message like you asked me if I have sent him an ounce you know it was a you know I don't have any I'm an EMS But if you ask me if I had some I'd say I have some red ones and some blooms and some green ones right but right now I don't have an animal while you had the Dems because Jesus. Is that practical right now live but I live in a flash a little about the fate of the Son of God Now look as say asked him if this part is powerful man is still being debated among Christians today versus one. Whosoever is born of God does not command thing is I don't know what you do without How do you how do you wish to exit visas of it and it gets even deeper because even harnesses for his seat who is the seat everybody. Jesus Paul say we're not talking about seats with an S. the same but let's see. Being whom Christ why can we say for his seat. Remain it is him and look at what is safe and he can. Same help that possible because Christ lives it in me I'm a coded again I'm according to game because a lot of people in your then hear me say it the first time first to time now on to him. BET is able to keep you from falling and to do what everybody present you as though you had now to what Sandra Day in your life that's how it's possible only by the grace and mercy of God I have. Thank God that I'm not that those hanging out I like all the way preached about last night you know you you. He's right. We had to fight. Man and grow up in the same projects that he grew up in bomb from Oak Cliff. The guy. I'm from the loot side of Oakland. Right. I had to find a new way home. Every day from school. Because it allowed way somebody wanted to beat me up. I'm just are you telling the truth and the famous you learn quickly. About livin in a loop. Is that you had to fight to survive. Well you would be. Excuse expression. You would be pumped. Right. Bullied. Now maybe. I got them one by one sister Jackson. That's why I to find a new way home I go home to the creek. And sometimes I would take the lone way home right out of sight out of my neighborhood I could catch me right. When we're at the stop we have to stop with these excuses about standing everybody government is giving you. You know I'd say our Quote of the novel flippin for for thirteen I believe is days I can do all things through Christ Jesus that what everybody except stop sinning. Does it say that there's a saint. So if we're born of God. That means born again. Justified. I am justified. Now I have to be sanctified. And this is where we run into problems. This is where work becomes an issue for believers. Works right. I read my Bible every day. Right. I prayed. Three times a day like Daniel. And I share my faith with everybody even at the gas station right thanks for geisha. That's what we run into another problem is Christians that been is we have a day with them because we haven't thought of that in there. I don't leech Ochlik. Right. I don't even need me when I was I'm out. SAGAL out leave me right. We're setting up our what righteousness and they were calling everybody to come up to the stand. Let me enlighten you all something God has one standard and is the Romans three twenty three for the wages of sin. I'm sorry that's not right. AS Roma six twenty three. Romans three twenty three say have for all have seen inlet noticed now and come short of what everybody the glory of God. His character is the only standard that he has and his son Jesus came down here to live that standard for us right. Show us how to do it to be our example and we still say we can't do it. Now when we talk about progressing to the so the most holy people to the holy place we have to look at the site of occasion that Christ provides for us all right. The cites the case of the Christ provides for us is that Christ is working enough and we know we features Chapter two Everybody knows the features chapter two but let's read it anyway. You finish this chapter to a man and let's look at verse eight through T.N. versus a through keen insight to the caged in. We can't forget that it is crisis doing get it and sometimes I fall asleep on my knees. I've had two hours of sleep this weekend to out this the most on sick I mean I have does and if I know. Day when I get down there and start praying on will mostly I've done it several times. Right so I'm saying God if that's not basing my right Jason I'm glad God looks at the heart. As sees what I was shot. Accomplish a man and I got a wife. Fans he mixes is efficiency with my Sue fish and see isn't my right. See I see the role yet so fantasy with my insufficiency that as I'm grateful to God for that that's part of the being sanctified when we go to the phases chapter two verse starting a verse number eight For by grace are we would say through faith and that not of what our sales it is the way so when we get here we forget that it's still a gift. DAVIES And part of what everybody. Imparted meaning that God has given me the ability the both the wheel and to do of His good pleasure right so is Christ to working in the US at this stage of our sanctification and they made up in the process a proper perfection crisis still working it out and then they say it's for we are his what workmanship created in Christ Jesus. Onto what everybody good works right. Chavis would a talked about faith without works is dead you if you're not doing what right did you have a day and a week what we call the date fate demons faith you believe in God Now do as well the Devils also what believe instrument that's Damon St The best all your faith amounts to gain you have mobile fight then the devil right it has to be exhibited in our lives that we are followers of Jesus Christ. People ought to be a blue get us in though that there is a difference they made and when disaster happens they need the USA A what. And hopefully you've been studying on the Fatah. When you tell him I got the when I won one have you know I thought they came running up to me you are seldom you haven't seen anything yet because either say is these are the Beginning of Sorrows the A.M.A. usually they get brother just people live and then we had this this incident went with the Supreme Court ruling you know you know I've always said God going out apologetics out a make a more veto do some a man. Not apologetic. It is what it is and I and I told my church they'll tell you I'm going to get my T. shirt may and I want a front is going to have it's an abomination. Is going to that rainbow flag only what a circle would arrange strike across it and then it's going to Scripture on the bottom and went reporter come stick that microphone in my face is the jacks skim assertively tell me what do you say it's an abomination see that's where you're wrong. The insight it was an abomination. Hasty it was an abomination. What we can to tell the true I mean I got a cousin that again not against a list come against homosexuality had a problem with damp wouldn't stop talking to my wife all we could see me I wonder how I was told just stop dying for a week because we had an argument about been asking me for my last well maybe this is a small I want to get better we're going to be better Christians we have to we have to we have to live up to the faith that God has given us which is the faith of Jesus in me and my brother had a he taught me some Greek before him between stanchions and I still believe yes sir. There we saw I think it is our own ability right now it wasn't you know this is where and when the struggle we struggle struggle here on the scientists get were we are struggling now we we start to think began to think that we have our own righteousness reproducing our own good works and we just read the text of God created us to do good works which God of the day that we should walk in them and so you know living living the Christ like life I like what you say because I was going to conclude well how do we make the progression of perfection one day at a time. I can't think about what I'm gonna do tomorrow even Jesus say don't even think about it right. Don't think about them all we have is right now I can address you know like like some courses I mean you've all Santa's day how do you know what I will do when they don't make you don't only Spears right and here is their job to convict the world of what sand so I'm sure that if obtuse may be up to me. Right and so so every day like you say it there is a submission of my will to God's will but the but listen to what you're saying if you submit your will to God's Will you are then being because we pray the prayer. Viii we're to be gone. Why pray that if you don't mean that the sight of occasion began to these are ones that you have an OK the sight of occasion begins with that with that believe that Christ comes with A and E.'s draws living out the Father's will within me I have to believe that and get up in the morning Paul says I'd die first printed fifty he says I die daily. It begins there. Of submission of my wheel to wheel because I am prone to wonder right. I am prone to walk out you know you are first a brother this is the same a nobody can pluck us idea but I can tiptoe right OWN out if I want to write we came so I have three new my commitment to Jesus Christ a every single morning. Rightful causes compassion is a renewed every morning and I would agree I would agree that this say that being covered by the righteousness of Christ would cover all of the sea is that I'm not aware of but I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit I believe that if we do something wrong there's just like guys they are thirty twenty one ses and nine yr shall hear a word from behind the say this is the way want to eat it when he turned to the and. You can see the I believe it I believe Holy Spirit would do that if when Paul says if we're if we're glad of the spirit right we would have that relationship with God where we can be able to hear God's voice got telling us what to do when to do it and when not to do it right you know how many times I've heard conversations in order to produce a known Don't don't don't don't don't do it right for whatever reason and I'd be tempted to jump in that conversation I will do and sometimes I do it the Holy Spirit again you need to tell. Correct that right well you know we have to condition our sales hear God's voice but I'm still talking about this progression so what we call to when we go to we talk about being perfect Remember it is about starting here now if we got a second Timothy Chapter three I like second Timothy Chapter three we thought we don't all the time. Read everything that that God gives to us and context and I like like what it's easier. Paul talking to Timothy saying to him talking about being perfect and states versus the All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable or beneficial for doctrine for reproof for correction for instruction the righteousness verse that retains key that the made up god may be perfect why do we have to worry. So make us perfect What does that mean they were saved by word of I had in mind heart did I not say am against E. So if I learned God's word on learn the doctrine I am obedient to lower the spirit in the Holy Spirit is planet the writers of Christ in part of the writers of Christ. Me and I believe by fate that Jesus it becomes natural is automatic I don't give up Saturday morning and say all about like months my little brother's seeing it when is it over. Right there was no way to Sabbath is always tell me what time is tomorrow. But if you don't you had attitude anymore right because you're in love with Jesus and Jesus has you write your that we wrapped up into love. Mounds and we talk about the holy place we talk about the important rights as a crisis we get to the most holy place we progress in through and we talk about being perfect. The glorification is pretty much the outward work. It is the outward working the outward change first Corinthians fifteen talks about that this mortal shall put on immortality this corrupt the Bush put on and corruption policy of the flippy in chapter three that my vile law as the word to use my vile body shale be made on to his glorious body. OK that's an outward outward working of an inward strange OK. Dissolute if the case you as then why say is it is the fixation of the law of God in our hearts. That's what glorification is it is a settling into the truth known for wrestling What do you know of the Paul talk about glaciers five what a spirit left against the flash in the flesh left against the spirit right and these work against each other when we get the glorification that's all squashed the peace of God Now rules right that's what he sees it squashes that war that conflict now I have been assimilated the character of God the Father's name was inscribed on my forehead and is as they are saying who shall buy an album lasting burnings. Who who is going to be able to do well in the presence of the holy God without a name disaster those that have made the complete transformation right those who have assimilated the faith of Jesus and a quiet the character the incorruptible character of Jesus Christ so the last text I'm going to share with you on this progression. ROMANS They twenty nine through thirty talking about progression and I like I like one word it really hit me I had to look it up the coast I know my prince with Syrian brothers and sisters may believe what predestination means that God has determined pre-determined who's going to be saved and who will be lost and I always wonder why you go to Church me how I was told people Look if I'm going go to a long ago for was me and I was a manger and I don't go away bro right about the grace of God I'm not look I don't want play Church as all of you will be printed material and God has already got it figured out you know you will be saying the last day and I'm not even track I watch rag I don't know what you don't do the right so we look at the Romans chapter eight and the word they hit me as predestined and I looked it up and just like this word right here justify what you know we only hear this part of the definition. This part is left out so is this word predestined I looked it up and it interested me and what it meant well let's read it anyway twenty nine for whom this is I got twenty nine to thirty for whom he did for no he also did what everybody. To be consumer. To the image of who you just told me us than or Sony by agrees. That's not the image of His Son His Son is a some got to him by believe its own. I'm his main to them gave he went power XO SEO the right the all farty to be called the Sons of God. Right that's what we call so we say as prevents mate to be conformed to the image of his son that he might be the first born among many brethren notice here's another progression more Romy did what predestination then he also what what we say call me. Church that's why you call those he predestinated conformed to the image of his son those he called the church and who may come to them also he they want everybody to Claire like your son as it ought to be asked because whereas before I was a me of God right. I couldn't stand them I was not subject to the law of God I could not do these things that God wanted me to do but now he is declared me his son just like you ought to be all right. Then those that he justify he also glorified. Now the word that interested me was predestinate because I looked it up and I thought just like most Presbyterian brothers and sisters thought dated men. OK you know if you don't have a you don't have a hand in this is already beat President that's not what it means and this text it means Paul gave you the answer. Conformed to the image of His Son In other words God's destiny for us it is to be like his son that's where predestinate means in this context it means to be she's us awesome it so God is I repeat a term in my seat. Oh I want you to be like Miles as you should be. That makes too much. There is a. There is a lawyer. So again I don't want to get into the part three here. We're going to take a break and. I just want. I just want to challenge you again brothers sisters. Please do your own study. When a preacher gets up and say these things like the Breen's right. Go back and look it up. Challenge it. Because our salvation is at stake. Just don't take a man's word for just as he says is in the word Hugo I can look at it. Just like these words I'm learning I learn this stuff tele olds and declare right isn't predestinate right. I have I been through just told me all this stuff and when I get the words I like the people with the flow that. Right you tell people about start a float. And I read about a four hundred years right. And when you saw Metta say a seven letter to my you put it in the book. Phone. You got a light otherwise they got a big like you look at what hidden treasure and praise God he will show it to you make his will the Bible say that is is simple. We can look at it read it. And by God's grace will be a man let us pray Father we thank you again for what you have given us. It is our desire to live up. Live in this truth that you have given us that we are your children. Help us Lord solidified is by being conform to your word. Into the image of your son. We thank you for this. In Jesus name in this media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about body over. If you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave it there. W W W dot. Audio person dot org.


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