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Biblical Perfection In the Light Of Justification- Part 2

Engleburg Toney



  • June 26, 2015
    11:00 AM
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We're going to talk about the culmination of that walk with Christ a man where that started finishing point they remember in the Greek a perfect means to is tele Olsen the Greek which means we start at a point and to finish up at another we arrive at another point and that up that point that God wants us to arrive that is to be just like his son Jesus Christ. A meant word switch being justified as you have chosen as your thing God already credits us with being like Jesus. So in essence we are perfect but I'm fortunately we do not retain that in our minds and in our hearts and that's why we go out and we have failures and we make mistakes and because we don't understand or have not accepted or believe that Christ lives within us so we're going to finish up on talking about the great number a great number that no man could number and Revelation Revelation Chapter seven so before we get into the the second part of that great number let's go ahead and invites invite God's presence father we are grateful to you for your goodness. Thank you for this conference which Lord God is we believe is from you we pray and thank you for all of the the workshops in the facilitators and we thank you for the organizers of this of this conference and now fathers we turn to you weren't We preannounced you will bless us with an understanding and a willingness to do what you have commanded we thank you and ask these blessings in Jesus' name amen praise the Lord so as we go to Revelation Chapter seven. Not going to restate what I've said already regarding this number that no man could number but it is interesting to know that there are two different classes of people that will be saved in the last days were very familiar with the first part Revelation Chapter seven vs one through four talks about four angels holding back before. When it's a man that the way it should not blown the earth until God's servants have been sealed in their foreheads a man we read about that and the bible john see these indices these individuals as Jews. Twelve thousand from each tribe of the children of Israel and then if we go down to verse number nine the Bible says. Out that this i be hailed and lo a great multitude a man which no man could number of all nations and kindreds and tongues and what everybody people do apologize and I have my Power Point But it has no pictures on the slides I don't know how to happen but peripherally will get through this measure think innocent people and tongue stood before the throne and before the lamb cloak with right. White robes and palms in their hands and cried with a loud voice saying salvation to our God would sit upon the throne and on to the Lamb and all the angel stood around about the throne and about the elders and the four beast and fail before the thrown on their faces and worship got saying a man blessings and glory and wisdom and Thanksgiving and honor and power and might be on to our God for ever and ever amen. And one of the elders answer saying up to me What are these which are raid in white robes and whence came day and I say it sir to him Sir ballin though is and he said to me these are the day which came out of great tribulation and have watched their robes and made them white in the blood of the lane a man so these are they that came through great tribulation the great mystery concerning the hundred forty four thousand and the great multitude can only be understood and the prophetic context given to us here and Revelation Chapter seven so if we study and has passed. Parka so eloquently put it we have study that salvation is not based upon our biology a man saying that you a fur generation for generation Seventh Day Adventists is not going to save a man he said that so well in the Bible teaches us that just because a person is born in the faith does not mean you're all spring will be saved just because a man we have to understand that we've studied that God's promise to Abraham. That's what we did study and if you read jugs rebel Romans for Romans for talks about Abraham being a fraud and how God established salvation based on the example of a brand that he believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness a man so we've been studying it. We understand from the Scriptures. A does is a difference between a spiritual Jew and about a logical Jew and there's a difference between a gentile Emma spiritual Jintao a man and we know that saps Abraham was promise that he would be the father of how many many many nations that is we understand that spirit to be a spiritual Jew one has to be circumcised and what does that mean. So consumers and Paul talked about in Romans chapter two he says a Jew is not one on the outward but one on the en route and we're not talking about circumcision of the flesh but of the heart and what is that a guy wants us to cut away from our heart he wants us to cut away carnality right Caudle nature of the carnal nature of the worldly thinking he wants us to cut this out the quote from the Spirit of Prophecy talking about attaching our sales to Christ will call those to want to detach from this world a man now there is a loophole if you will. In salvation the of prostate Protestants have it Seven Day Adventists have one we have a loophole and the a PA state loophole to salvation is called live beyond the ideal is that if I don't choose Christ Dowie my walk right now. Then when the secret rapture occurs I will get another opportunity to accept Jesus Christ when the anti christ as rain that's the way to a prostate believes in Adventism there was a loophole in our salvage probation cold is on the church before it closes on the work and so we have adopted this philosophy that if I don't make it with the one hundred forty four thousand I don't make it with the number that no man could number people will make you as you're just heard that before but when you talk to people about the number that no man could number Some have this theory about it some have that theory about it they say well you know the great number the no man could number is a number from from Adam all the way up to the end of the world that's not what the Bible say as the Bible says these are the day that came through great tribulation and we talked about those classes we talked about that class of people and the first part of this storm and so I won't restate those things but if you're interested I will be happy to respond and show you who this group is let's go to the Word of God in Luke Chapter seventeen. Versus thirty four thirty seven. So same is already attached to deception to the Gospel the enemy of life has crafted language in prophecy to provide people women with an out to get people in the out if they do not choose Christ and this side of life they will have another opportunity if I don't make Christ my Saviour now. All before probation closes then when that when probation does close I can just join up with the the group that no man could know Luke Chapter seventeen verse thirty four thirty seven. I tell you and that night there shall be two men and one be the one shall be taken and the other left a man to meet two women shall be grinding together the one shall be taken and the other left first thirty six to man shall be in the field the one shall be taken and the other left and they answered and said unto him well Lord and he said unto them worth soever the body is to the will the eagles be gathered together so we use this descriptors used to support the belief that there is a seeker Raptor too will be in the big one taken in the upper left in the disciples asked Well Jesus went well but the others left not asking where the others are taken but where are they left and Jesus responded whether the Eagles are in the the worth while the buzzards are we know what was or to do a man you see those big birds on the side of the road turn it carcass up right that is what they're asking about the one that will have they're not left alone by a man their lives day and much the same way we approach. We approached this ideology day at the hundred forty four thousand is an elite class of believers that that we would never be able to measure up to because first of all it's only one hundred forty four thousand of them so I know I'm not going to make that so we automatically say we're going to make the next play but it was the sister's The only difference between the hundred forty four thousand a great number that no man could number is their status as believers one is a class of juice the others a class the Gentiles or maybe NATION. Candra tongue and people. When we talk about a straight message it could be very very disturbing for the Minister to give up to preach these messages and people not understand the gospel message that's being carry forward this number of about the great number in the hundred forty four thousand has a part to play in your theme justified because beloved all of the classes of people who are saved are justified they're all justified they all have to be sealed the great number has to be sealed and the hundred forty four thousand. Has to be sealed so that means everybody has to come through Jesus in order to be saved a man and all of them because they are because of they belong to Jesus according to Glacier and elation Chapter three The Bible says if we be crisis then are we able to ham see in heirs according to the promises a man so we believe in Jesus Christ we are it's a BOREHAM shoulders and asked the fulfillment of the promise so when we talk about being justify circumcision is a part of that circumcision is the state of a believer it is a state of a believer. Paul says when we have come apart from the world and have associated our sales with Christ then we have become circumcised he says that in Romans chapter two verses twenty five to twenty nine. We are cut off from this world and the world is supposed to be cut off from us were justified. Where is saying now that we belong to Christ and Christ has claimed us as his own relationship the six verse fourteen says but God forbid that I should glory save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom the world is crucified on to me is the way it crucified also used today is it is a way of crucified and see what does that mean. Are you dead to the world is a way of day to you. John fifteen eighteen and nineteen. Jesus say is if the whale hate you. Does the world hate you. You know that it hated me before I hated you if you were of the world this is evil. Solving if you will of the world the world would love his own but because you are not of the world but I have chosen you out of the world they are full of the world hates you. So Jew or Gentile both are hated by the world and what is amazing to me is that a bit of this Wardley element has crept into the room the church the church finds it when itself our worship services. Emulate goals of goals can Tipperary style worship services where you know the praise and all of this views of praise music is it gets a little outlandish sometimes right I'm not one of those Adventists they believe that drums is the. I remember coming to the faith I know that being a member of several different ad been a search is nobody wanted to rooms in the church and I could never understand why people would want drums in the church. The drones O'Neill you fix the drummer and the drones will be OK a man where I'm never understood that but it is always this fear that when we come to church we have this fear that the church will become world and we don't want that element in our church and and most of the time the people that better. Brunt of that our young people. Right they said all the way is old fashion is burning yada yada yada. This is what young people used to say and when I was a youth leader when I was a while my wife was in a while you have the. Father director our kids just always talk about how boring church was a man but change is not about being entertained it's not about performing a less you doing what she has asked you to do as told in the form is God is interested in a minute but but rather us building I relate relationship with Jesus Christ that is what it's about I have close to bombs with heathen then I do with people in the church I have a close a bond with people in the world than I do right here in the church there are people who are more angry with me in the church then there are more people and work me in the world there are more people. Brothers and Sisters when I tell you when I tell people that they can live without fear and in Jesus name is more people in the trans who argue with me then as more people outside of the church that argue with me when I tell them I can live without sayin there could I like May What work how do we do that but in the charge is heresy is heresy to teach that it's no different in way the way Jesus was treated Jesus said of my own self I can do not then then turn around and say that I am my father one day when he said that we don't the Bible say that the Jews took up stones ready to kill him yet it is not understood through the teaching of righteousness by fate that you win our brothers and sisters because of the teaching of Rights is by faith we also have this one is with God but we don't believe that when Jesus says I and my Father are one. He was not just saying that he was God to him was saying like me and God we were OK and they were together we were justified. Why we also have that oneness with God Jesus pray don't you remember his plans on seventy he played we would be one so was it was an heresy to believe that because Jesus lives within me that I came in with the same Nobody believes that in the church in the women church second Peter chapter one verse for such a PITA Chapter one Verse four civs is I'm still talking about the great numbers kind of taken a long way around but you'll see it here in a minute so I give people chapter one and verse for the Bible says whereabouts are given out to was exceeding great and precious promises what kind of promises. Grade What does GREAT mean the you so many great movies made stuff that makes you as though like right great great and precious precious mean just you just want to you know is that we're precious means the users want to hold it tight. Great and precious promises right that by these he might be what partakers of the divine nature. What does that mean we're partakers of the divine age. Justify God justified me he may be just like his son. But do we believe that I am I just like Jesus. PART IN put it that way. Part is that he was like Jesus Paul actually say he died in Jesus took over. Relations to twenty I am crucified with what Christ Nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ liveth in me and the life that I live this in that he says the light that I live in the flesh I live about the faith. Oh of the Son of God who loved me. Gave Himself for me a man so when we say that we are justify were taken on the divine nature we also we also are falling in line with Abraham who the Bible says believe in God it was counted to him for right just naysaying Abraham showed us many examples of his faith in God showed us many examples the fact that God told him to get up and go oh he got up in with not knowing where he was going to go that exhibited great faith. Brothers sisters God only has one standard and I've said this before in the other sessions and that one standard is glory. Anything less than God's glory is unacceptable. A man His glory His righteousness his truth his son and his wall all in the same they're all the same because Jesus is the express image of the fob. He is he is the example of what got the father is like he left us an example he lived the perfect life he what he died for us he what the glory and now he comes back and the person of His Holy Spirit and lives within you and I to duplicate what he did two thousand years ago that is to say that the hundred forty four thousand because you noticed you know the the characteristic of the hundred forty four thousand. These are virgins D's a day that follow the what the lamb with us to weigh every goal and so we know that the Jews the spiritual Jews are those that follow the lamb with a so every goal in the Bible says that they have their father's name written in their foreheads meaning that they have come into the full form this that's really the season let's go to features real quick if season chef before I what I want to our ways quote is when I quoted I always leave one of those big words out there Paul uses I want to make sure I get every one of them we talked. The father's name written in our foreheads and you know my series is a religious pursuit of perfection because I believe that God wants us to be perfect amount of fact is not about what I was God was it what God has done. God has made those perfect right and we're going to see that here. And efficient force and I want to start a verse number eleven because I believe as my duty as a pastor to teach you to be perfect. That's my job. We're going to read verse eleven and he gave somewhat Apostles and somewhat prophets and saw me. Vangelis and some pastors and what the what the but for the for the perfecting of the Saints will pass and we can't be perfect but my job is to teach you to be perfect for the perfect remember saints for the work of the ministry for the edifying of the building up of the Body of Christ which is this church so we all come in the unity of what everybody the face and all the knowledge of the some of the a. What kind of person a sinner saved by grace. Oh no we are sinners. Oh no no no no no no no no we're Center were centers where Center saved by grace. If I tell you that we do then we get rid of this is just what you want to do. Or God didn't say it but my job as a pastor is full of perfecting the saints so that's true because the state. That's my job and then to say Oh so the measure of their stature. This of Christ. If I don't know. You know what you know what I like about this text. Palm out only says it here but he says it to the church the Coliseum collages collages chapter one that's what your class to shop the one he says it against and we're going to look at verse number. Twenty five started verse twenty five we're going to read through twenty nine I want you to catch it now gets does so why did God give us Apostles evangelists and all of these people for the perfecting of the saints to we become perfect into the fullness of the statue of Jesus you know what I would get there. Calling yourself a center. I'm sorry you're not because when you've been justified the old man of San die. A May I live with that mindset. My wife would say that I was roll me out of the church. Center say by grace because guess what I was doing. Sin and while I was on the grace. Exactly so now look let's look at clashes one starting a verse number twenty four. Paul says again who now rejoice in my sufferings for you and fill up that which is behind of the flickers of Christ in my flesh was body sick which is a church where of clashes one verse twenty five now where of Iowa made a minister according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you to fulfil the Word of God Even the mystery which had been here for ages and from generation but now is made manifest to his saints to whom God would make nor what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles were remember that number than Omega number which is what Christ in you the hope of glory. Verse twenty eight when we play each watches now wanting every maint and changing every man in all wisdom that we may. Every man how perfect and Christ Jesus noticed i'm just don't notice those three one of the Pauline I am to uproot she was a speech. Everybody in Christ Jesus to be you will never do come to if you come to the Rock of Ages they ask him that tell you you would never hear there's plenty to say to you that's alright baby Jesus understands. I know what you were here to point to say is we stop messing that up I want to hear me say because he has given us power remember he's given us great. Oh yeah I missed that he's given us great and precious promises a man and we just read two zero first of all you have got to tell us we can do it I can do is to Christ Jesus that stress a bit me except SOB lost in that the women came to don't pass almost sinner saved by grace. Or as my brother my brother Pastor Tony Corey Tony is the pastor of the new leaf church nondenominational he says he's a Christian on the construction. I've never heard it put like before but I like it right he's a Christian under construction so what if you have a construction then why do you justify gods to market. Let me be clear you perfect that's why because you write you justify is not thinking about it it's called faith. Right just miss by faith I believe God made the transition in my life there by I can live a perfect life because I'm perfect. Any inquiries Jesus if I step back. The case then I'm older I'm no longer perfect right. OK I know that this is the this is strange this is a new teaching right. It's not brother says is been in the Bible for a long time but let's finish this up. Publishers of Bravo's that God is not finished with the Israel of the flesh. However he does not the blindness of his fellow fellow countrymen for the sake of us Gentiles and we go to Romans chapter eleven verse one and two Paul talks about his love for his people and even talks about how God has not cast away Israel wrote Romans eleven verse wanted to say as I say the end had got castaways people God forbid for I also am an Israelite of the sea the loo. Abraham and of the tribe of Benjamin. God had not castaways people which he for new soul Paula saying No God is not really through with Israel yet but if you drive down there to verse eleven. Romans eleven verse eleven. I say been have they stumbled that they should fall. God forbid would rather do with their salvation is come up to the Gentiles for it to provoke them to jealousy What is God trying to do. Strether made for a light the biological Israelites chalice because of all of us do you must make them shall is what is just the other way around. You ever heard of a Zionist governor resign is a design is a Christian that believes that God steals that still has a fulfillment with the real Israel but we know that all of the promises that were to little Israel are now to the church a man the spiritual Jews. Verse twenty five say it's eleven verse twenty five says for I would not brother in that you should be ignorant of this mystery late she should be was in your own conceits that blindness in part is happened to Israel until they're saying this of the Gentiles be come in rim of the great number that no man could number first of all this we already talked about this in part one is a fulfillment of God's promise that God would make of Abraham a father of many nations and now we see here that God will not look again to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles be brought in a man. Mel polishers his brothers that God is not finished with Israel. However this blindness must continue until the film is what is this point is that the Gentiles Luke twenty one twenty four states and they shall fall by the edge of the sword and she'll be led away captive into all nations. Andrews one shall be trodden down of the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles before feels well gee those talked about this fulfillment or this time fulfillment of the Gentiles Paul talks about it a man. Ellen Weiss says in the book. Acts of the Apostles page three seventy five through unbelief and the rejection of Heaven's purpose for her. Israel as a nation lost her connection with God So biological Israel is no longer relevant and we not only have that but we also have this. The four hundred and ninety day prophecy Amen amen. Yeah I remember the four hundred and ninety to make an end of Santa finished a transgression to anoint the most only a man God he was done with Israel and maybe thirty four M. a great controversy page six fifteen when God's presence was finally withdrawn from the Jewish nation. Priest and people knew it not through under the the under the control of Satan and swayed by the most horrible and malignant passions they still regard at them. Sales is a chosen of God the ministration into Temple continued sacrifices were offered upon this polluted alters and they lead to divine blessing was invoked upon a people guilty of the blood of God's dear son and seeking to slay his ministers and apostles the forms of religion will be continued by people from whom the Spirit of God has been finally withdrawn and the say ten example with which the Prince of evil will inspire them for the accomplishment of his malignant designs will bear those symbol ends of zeal for God so we can be fired up all we want to his wishes same but unless we have that pure connection with Jesus Christ we do not have a place and God's Kingdom the time of trouble and probation for one class of people and begins it for enough time of trouble and fit for the church began fit for the gentiles did you catch that the time of trouble in Spain a mission for the church began to feel as though the class of people call Gentiles from every nation can tongue and people so when you hear me say you can go from being a gentile to a Jew but you can't go from a Jew to a gym to out if Tom would trouble when probation calls on the Chess brothers and sisters and we find ourselves being shaken out of the church you have a lost your place. You would not come up in the number that no man could number because you want you to you. God's people you because the sun the law is passed a man so you people don't want to you know everybody thinks they look well if I don't if I'm not one of the one forty four I make the grade you will make your my get all you can make it all while God was building His Church the door probation was still open to the name. Of his real but what happened. Rima stoning of Stephen you remember they're right. Paula's grafted into the Holy Church room of power was a he was a Jew of the jew you say about me I'm a Hebrew the you can't get no deep within me I said at the feet of the Mainly I wanted the toughest cringes the Jews ever had right as what Paul said and Paul says well I'm on that account is done so when Paul went solo convert he became Paul and Paul said he's preaching here and acts starting verse forty five to fifty going to read all of it but I won't want you to see what he said he says but when verse forty five when the Jews saw the multitude they were filled with envy and spank against those things which were spoken by Paul contradicting and blasphemy then Paul and Barnabas wax ball instead. Here it is verse forty six it was necessary that the Word of God should first have been preached as have been first spoken to you but seeing he put it from you and Judge Rosales on worthy of everlasting life. Lol we turn to The Who So probation close on to Israel as a nation and then we're going to dust will go to the Gentiles same thing's going to happen in our time the straight testimony is being preached now and then why tells us that we're going to some are going to rise up against it and this is going to call the shaking among doubts people and when God People say that they're someone else. Guess what the gas was going to go there. To the Gentiles and yes was left after the shaking How many did you see standing on Mount Sinai A hundred forty four thousand seven hundred and forty four thousand will be restless after the shaking and they are going get the number that no man could number now you're sitting out there saying you mean to tell me of all that of the sixteen. Instead of a bad rent is the only God's going to only save one hundred forty four thousand dollars is that would you tell me Pastor is a literal number that's what you got to ask you see how there were since we're not talking about it I can't go into it. A man but I want you to see the responsibility we have we are Jude's and you can't go back once you've been justified. You can't go back. Are you with me you need to make it as a Jew or you go out there right now live in here you know it's a hazy when I pass a Sunday law you listen you say they have remember when I was going to that church some about the son in law let me go back down or you can be that kind of Christian get out while ago is good so you have another opportunity to come back again. Doesn't make sense does it. Just like similar say by grace don't make sense. Right but that's the big brothers and sisters let's close this out you remember God say that blindness is happen until to drive them to jealousy you remember the Bible says then when the juice all the multi to what happened. They became jealous what he say he became just going to happen when we see all these folks these uncouth people these mediators Burger King eaters and all of these folk come into the room the church will get bad a way past Did you see what she had no I already ran it today and I am I am I right about then I Wanted To Know It All right Deborah did you see what she had no I mean ready for this influx of gentlemen. People to come in our presence. Well out of Jenin. She is still in the hot dogs pastor. And chocolate I'm ready for this influx of uncouth Christians pass and he still has a little twitch. Always. I don't know why why do I say to let me let me do this and cut this short. Zachariah go to Zacharias chapter Chapter eight and this is one of my favorite picks. In the Bible to you know I only have like three or four this is one of the and we go to Zachariah going back to when Christ was about to be crucified. Pilot asked him a question. Jesus never responded when Jesus was telling him about his his purpose in coming pilot asked him the question save em I'll just in other words your kingdom. I'm a Jew right. Zacharias chapter four chapters that chapter eight Chapter eight that this one might say talking about the great multitude So you and I are our responsibility is to go get it. That's that's our job. Only people who are justified. Will understand their purposes as far as preaching the everlasting Gospel Romans I mean back around chapter eight starting a verse twenty two the eight many people and strong nations show come to seek the LORD of hosts in Jerusalem and to pray before the Lord the said The Lord of hosts in those days it shall come to pass that ten man shall do what are you there. Take hold of all languages of the missions even take hold of the scared of him better than what you say we will go with you said we have heard that Emanuel whale one of the many well me. Little guy would you because we've had or that God is with you but if you believe if you don't believe that you can justify. Then you're not going to live your life is though God is with you because that essentially what you're saying when you're justified. God is with me and now people from all different languages and nations in tongues should be following me the church owns that that's what I say you shall come to pass. So go get showcase. Because I want to say a turntable was a fall off a church. Government was going to be true is common choices are coming back so we don't we all we haven't noticed noted they want to call of the scale of him as a what everybody and one of the hundred forty four thousand Jews so that's right spirit to do so we gotta go get that scene. You can't be one of the team. You didn't Am I making sense you can be one of the taking about the be the job because that's what you ascribe to. I may so this year still sometime live. Remember so many are prying out one year. Growing praise the lower grades. Praise the Lord so brothers and sisters I thank God for you but I want to appeal to you seriously on this note. Take to heart what I just told you you are perfect in Christ Jesus. Now start living that life. S. my appeal to you let's pray Father in heaven we thank you Lord for your goodness. Thank you for the word that you have given us may we receive it with Joe in peace so that we will not be deluded into believing that there is righteous nice and unrighteousness. Father we pray and ask that you would help us that we go out the allies may be an example to those around us may you may you be exalted in our life. May you be exalted in our language and enough thoughts so that whenever we do whenever we act people will know that you are with us and they would want to come to inquire with the and what must they do to inherit eternal life but I also ask your blessings upon the members of the S Y C. The officers in all the organizers Lord it put this event together we pray and asked you will continue to allow your blessings to fall upon them. We prayed that you would help this this institution in this organization to grow and to that it will fulfill its purpose that she would have designed for it to have. We pray for the young people who are here today lower knowing that there are some conflicting things that they've heard during this conference we pray that you would make them be at peace because you said we are justified and have obtained peace with you we pray and asked he will bless us mass we depart from this place. Give us your piece that is and we pray in Jesus' name amen. 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