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Starving Jesus

David Machado


David Machado

Bible worker instructor for Southeastern California Conference.



  • August 14, 2015
    8:00 PM


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Well happy stab it. Are there were terribly weak I know cameras as know that I should be happy that the savages come we work hard all week let's try this again having Slavitt Ryan that's a little better want they call to be here with the law. Mike asked me just moments ago are you nervous and I said yes I am nervous and he's as I am SOO and ours is really comforting the heads I have thankful to be up here with you I have to share the Word of Life with you how many of you have been blessed us why with the testing with our just shared how of all South on how God can change anybody and everybody if we just give him a chance I am so thankful to be part of the canvassing work I've been doing this for a little bit over seven years and the camera see work has made my relationship with God our reality as hard me to pray like I've never played before a family to seek God like I never saw him before it changed my life how about you and I remember this last the I'VE BEEN is doing in a medal is experienced with my fiance worse either she is a low dollar. Then are doing an evangelist experience in Redmond California and I got a little taste of the see how how powerful the canvassing work is there was a couple that were coming to the media because they thought that they got of wires or door they thought they were going to go watch a movie at as a church the graphic that was called the dawn in the rising of the sun so they thought it was going to be a movie and somebody was going to be shown in that church so there are lower let's go for the sake of you came with a church expecting to see a movie then I came on on the platform and I start Prejean anyways a captivated on the Word of God became alive to them and and they came night after night a man always so powerful about there's I saw them coming one after nine and every night I try to catch up to them try to meet them try to try to see if I can answer any of their objections that they may at hand but it keeps the they seem to keep slipping away while one of the canvassers was leaving the church and he was in the same parking lot ad she as this couple was and as they were about to get into the car the couple says a wait a minute I know you. And the cameras like you do and she's like yes you knocked on my door this last summer almost a year ago you knocked on my door and he got really is like yeah I'll never forget you get the most wonderful sour smile and you were so persistent I just I remember it was a Sunday morning we are getting ready to go to church stand Sunday afternoon excuse me were getting ready to go to church it and we were just out the door but you kept showing us these books finally my husband just start to look at the great controversy is that I need the book so I got the bookies are reading it he said he ran in in less than two months then there's a great controversy and ever since that time almost a whole year he and his wife says that this young man we have been looking for a church that preaches things that come from this book so I praise the Lord that our work is none and being in a same another when we put litter in people's homes the bio Alawite says that they will be read that they will have an impact and friends I don't think there is a better time to get literature is a people's homes than today I truly believe we are living in at the brink of being Christ coming out about your psyche to Anthony Barca and here's been convicted more I've been talking to Larry I've been dreaming about the second coming. I've been it's I mean I want I want to bet that the last thing that comes into my mind has seen Jesus comes in the cow clouds of glory. At one the most exciting things to me I I see a property has been fulfilled in the same old things that are happening around the fall the shoaling that God is coming soon for example the Bible says that the Jesus Christ when the common and the kind of going to be living is like following a moral one that is a fundamental moral was homosexuality we are seeing that happening today been legalized and the other things that we see is is a pole coming into town been invited into the Senate to speak to the Senate to the to the to the Congress to be able to get a Boy Scout to talk about what the problem of this war the. The saw the prince we are living in right now as the edges of seeing Christ come and it's a great privilege to be part of heating in and coming Well I know it's almost eight o'clock and we just heard a powerful message and we have been canvassing for ten weeks and we're kind of tired but I'm not going to preach for forty days and forty nights just give me about forty minutes can we just can we be sustained by that M.M. are I'll watch out for their due. That's Bauer have for what opera my father which is in heaven. Father we know that you're coming. See the signs all around us and father pray that you with please speak right now. Father I pray that you will remove all the structures they all of a sudden our cell phone would just die and the Bible next post will come alive. Father pray that you would please I beg of you give us your Holy Spirit inspire us father not to just finish this campus in experience and go home and do the same thing we were doing before this. Believe the speed place as missionaries for you to you can inspire us I pray now in Jesus name him either sermon title for today is called Starving G.'s us Star mean he's us how many of you have ever felt like you were starving. Are probably when you started canvassing and you learn that you only a two meals a day how many of you felt like you were starving after the first day of chemistry I R K R Yeah we understand that some how many of you have ever cream something like a saw a ice cream or something like that like Carroll were something how many of you of ever just crane something until you had it you need it is in order to be satisfied yet I remember on my first mission for boys to the Philippines in two thousand and eight with my clothes on it was there in the Philippines why fell God lead in calling to doing for time ministry and there in the Philippines you have one of the you have the greatest fruits in the world. M L You've got a mango I remember when we got there was just in season there were given the splatters of main goals it was just amazing amazing it was awesome I remember I got introduced to a new food I never seen before a call MANGELS Dean how many of you the man main goal seems I mean it was amazing I was having all the proof I ever wanted my favorite fruit but you know after the second week there was something that I was crane bean that somehow I couldn't get there I didn't get there. Now I am it's panic I am half Mexican and have Puerto Rican and you don't. Fruit is important but I think beings are a little bit more important. And after telling the weeks I was craving free holiday I would display when I was one in a sea of being from words like a devour it and I remember the when I got home that was the first thing I I I hope my sister my dad like it's my mom aside gimme some beings I am hungry I am craving this I remember last year had the privilege of going to India India is an amazing place and this kind of ironic because I am a Hispanic that doesn't like spicy food I can't stand it I stop at the use this terrible rip my stomach. Anyways I remember going to India now if any of you know India glove What are they LOVE LOVE fight the food so I was there and I just tried to go around a spice but I can I would go to a restaurant with my guide and I was a lot I want my food esp I.C. as a banana can you do that for me and you know they've just failed every single time it got so bad that my guy that was traveling with me had to go into the kitchen of restaurants and make me food because I I just couldn't handle anything well there was one thing that I was craving after the second week of been on in India you know what I was being too without any fight I remember the third week after the third week of coming back from India I landed into what our Portland as a line is a porn and I almost told the guy next to me because I was so excited I'm about to eat food that doesn't have to be spicy you know almost upright crave something that lines almost may have been the pride of things that we all love and things that we cherish and things that we seem to take for granted often but I have a question for you do sing Jesus craves anything do you think Geez us is looking for something to satisfy his need to turn to those familiar story in the Bible. Turn to John to the four I want to show you some things from John to the fore as we can see in the public of starving Jesus John chapter four men and their enemy or Hardy happy cope or a man all right Josh of the four here the pages turning away all their human. Jantsch of the for the Bible says and worse one upon when they're for the war knew how the Paris is that her that Jesus made and baptized more disciples than John though Jesus and south baptize not but his disciples he left to the and reported again it's a gallantly and he must needs go through where the Marian now. Question Why does Jesus need to leave to deal and go into gal me why the season if you go what was going on right now we just read a couple versus what was going on right now. Why did Jesus have to leave or feel like you needed to go. Controversy right if you read the context of Paris these were in the middle of trying to divide Jancis dipoles with Jesus' disciples the purses were doing something like a hoop that five more Jesus or John also Jesus is the better of angles than John or Dan baptize war and there was a controversy happening between the the disciples of John of the disciples of Jesus and of one thing I'm not about is he does not love controversy. He doesn't like it so one thing that Jesus there right here is the you know what I'm going to go I need to go to Galilee where the Bible says something. Inquiry interesting if it catches you find miss this also I What is Jesus say or what is a conscious of the stain he needs to go where to swim area so here's easy says OK we need to get out of here there's too much division too much complex Let's go to to Galilee but we need to go through some area in order to get to Galilee question is some areas the only way from where they're at to get a gallon now in fact most Jews during the feast would take a different route there take the Jordan Valley route around some area why why why why don't they just go through some areas a little bit easier to little bit quicker. Why were most used go to the Jordan Valley route around from area why would they do it they hated from the Samaritans of Fat Al why talks about this a little bit is as the Jews and the Samaritans were bitter enemies and as far as possible voided all dealings with each other a Jew were not borrow from a Samaritan nor receive kindness not even a morsel of bread or a cup of water. Yes with me so why does the Bible say that they need to go through some area. Jesus is just living just leaving this place this time where there were just a lot of complex a lot of division Jesus left that and it was think he would go a direction where there wouldn't be any conflicts where they will take a break from the conflict that they were just dealing with but sees the Bible says they needed to go through from area a place to whether enemies the most bitter of their enemies are. Why why did Jesus aside you know all we need to go to some area I know it's not are out there who typically we take I know it's not the most popular around I know those are the most peaceful route but we need to go to some area why let me tell you something else about Americans in charge of great Jesus rebuked for parents is that you are of the father your devil and the last of him do you do it don't a very very for you for in order for the Paris's the get back at Jesus they call unless they say they tell I'm a judge of a verse forty eight Do we not say Riley there you are in some merit in and have a demon so one of the ways that the ferry says God back at ease was to call him a demon possessed man was a Samaritan So in the eyes in the mind of the Jews a Samaritan is almost as an equal being demon possessed. Not good and Jesus a sane or the Qantas is saying here we need to go through some area. Question is why you probably know the answer. Oh because you want to know the woman of the world and job that's true but I don't want to miss a minutes after we powerful that keeping in charge of the former spy as we continue on the topic star B.G. The Bible says then come and he to a city of some area which is called Sick are near to the parcel the grounding Jacob gave to a son jokes are now Jacob's well was there. Jesus therefore being weary with his journey that's not on the well and it was about a six hour there comes the woman of the marriage to drink water. Jesus Senator give me to drink for as disciples were gone away into the city to buy me then said the woman of the Marriott to him How is it are you being a Jew ass drink of me which I am a woman of some area for the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans. Now before we talk about the woman at the Well let's talk about the well well well what does well call. I can hear you worked as well called everybody Are you sure it's going to good is this called Jacob's well in the Bible right here it's time Jacob's well but I want to show you something. Absolutely profound of where this well is and who actually a stablished it who actually made this land of aware there's a where there's a there's this well was eventually made. Turn your bible keep your ribbon there you have it turn to Genesis Chapter twelve. Genesis Chapter one let's talk a little bit about this world Jacob's well you'll find in Genesis Chapter twelve where this first of this the fault of place Genesis the twelve chapters we continue on the topic are starving G.'s us wanted enemy or name am I The Bible says you know this The Bible says and verse one now the Lord had sent on to Abraham get you out of your country and from a kindred and from your father's house and to Atlanta will show you and I will make of you a great nation I will bless you our Make your name green and you shall be a want to reveal any a blast in verse three I will bless them that bless you and I will curse him that curses you and Ange you show all the families of the R.C. what everybody was noticed were six and Abraham passed to the land and to the place of check on on to the plane a moral and a cane and I was then in the land and the Lord appeared on to Abraham and sentence of the speed I will give you this land and there he built in an altered the Lord who appeared on T.M. So here's Abraham and the very first place that he builds an altar is where it's incest commision where everybody second this is where Abraham built his first altar to the Lord are you guys with me with me same on now what's this fast forward. All the way to Jacob his grandson go to Genesis Chapter thirty three. Genesis Chapter thirty three. Powerful Genesis Chapter thirty three. Verse eighteen and Jake of a came to shale I'm a city of second which is in the land of Canaan when he came from but but Dan around and pitch to stand before the city and he bought a parcel those deals where he had spread is to at the hands of the children a March second father for a hundred pieces of of money and erected there an altar and called it L.O.L. Oh he is right Hal so was insulted that he arrested what was it called everybody as kind of a hard word what does it mean it means God the God of Israel are yours with me. Are to let's let's rewind a little bit recently Abraham the first place he makes one alters and check them. He were he he bows now needs are sacrifices bought first are also that the Abrahamic says in check and then you fast forward a little bit here streak about he is in track I'm and share and what is he doing there he is he finds assaults already makes this alter and he calls it God the God of Israel now notice when Mrs White says it was here that Abraham more than a hundred years before had made his first encampment and erected his first altar in the Land of Promise. Like Abraham Jacob set up beside us had an altar and the Lord calling the members of his house or to morning and evening sacrifice it was here also that the dogs the welterweight seventeenth centuries later came Jacobson and Savior and beside which resting during the new trying to heed he told his wondering heroes of that well of water springing up into everlasting life. So this well is made right next to this alter in the salt was called What everybody. Very hard Wurlitzer summarize in English to mean God the God of oil Israel So here here's this all to hear this well and right there and I will cation Jacob our son makes an alternate as God the God of Israel so notice where is God or where receives us here is that this well what is in the location of second and it is well were gods or exes we were Jake I'm self as this is where the God of Israel is in fast forward here Jesus at this well we're Oprah has been erected a long time before. Describe mean that God the God of Israel is here now was absolutely powerful is this God needs something this God are provided for Abraham Isaac and Jacob. This God that got them everywhere is now in the place where we're Jacob dedicated and dedicated assaulted a gothic the God the God of Israel he's here this is where he is brought me this wise let me and here is God and the very God who who's also this is named after hearing is needing something and White says that she's a sat by the well he was faint from hunger and thirst the journey since morning I belong and now the son of the noontime he beat upon him his thirst was increased by the thought of the cool refreshing water so near yet inaccessible to him for he had no war rope no water jar and a well was seen the lot of humanity was is but he waited for someone to come to draw the water. Welcome Jesus get that water if you wanted to because of what he wanted somebody else to satisfy his name Jesus is not a selfish man he could have done in himself but he says I'm going to give the privilege of having a person fulfill mine now waters turned back to John for turn back to Jan fourth year wake me or are you happier wake a man of the four very girls were looking after seven now where else you have to understand something well back in the east they were called the gift of God. Wealth were called the gift of God Why. Well because back in the east rain falling happening we see here my notes it only happened a few find Sydney there was only a few rivers in the east and the rainfall would only come from October to April so during the month of May to September they needed water so wells were call the gift of God because they provided life when there was no like around them are you with me yet so here Jesus John to the forward looking over seven then come at a woman of some areas to draw water Jesus an answer give me to drink first disciples were gone away on to the city to buy mean then said the woman of Samarian Tim How is it that you being a Jew as drink of me which I am a woman of some area for the Jews are no dealings with the Samaritans notice verse ten Jesus answered and said to her if you knew the gift of God If you know what everybody now in her mind what is the gift of God me water the well knows what Jesus says He says if you mean news a gift of God and who it is the that is asking you to give him a drink you would have asked him and he would have given you living water. Jesus has a and I'm asking you for the gift of of God but I am here to give you the gift of God I am asking you to fulfill my needs but I really am here to fulfill your needs. Now now watch so don't don't grow weary now we're get back to get into it right now let's just we understand the song prior heard a thousand times prior purred at the woman at the well I was seeking a hundred times we know the store we know that I don't want to miss this all let's go a little bit deeper about wells in the Bible. Let's look at one of the first world that was a stablished by Father Abraham. Turn your bibles of Genesis Chapter twenty one. Genesis Chapter twenty one as we continue on the topic starving G.'s us Genesis the twenty first chapter one of the enemy your name on Genesis Chapter twenty one. We're looking now well when was the first well made for God or made in general. Genesis Chapter twenty one was one of the first times you ever read about the well and it's a verse twenty five you read a little bit by Hagar is there as maid servant all the stopping here is really where it gets powerful Genesis Chapter twenty one verse twenty five Abraham reproved the been a lack because of a well of water which a bell experimenting had Vialli taken away so noticed here is Abraham happy here almost week to me is a rejoicing he is angry the Bible says Abraham is rebuking a keen some of us and catch up. Abraham is rebuking eighteen over a well. Now those were the bible says a verse twenty five itself and would have been less driven had Vialli taken away source. Abrams like talking to the Queen rebuking him say look you your service have spoke in a way my well my well now your own chance of things. Wells in the Bible mean a lot of means your life force in means of a image like support it means protection it means that you have well it means that you have needs of providing for it means a lot of things. Here's a BRAM arguing with the Kings they note you took my well known noticed this verse twenty six a been like said I don't know who have done this thing. Neither did you tell me neither yet I heard of it but today and Abraham took sheep and absent and gave them onto a bill act and both of them made a covenant and he grabs that seventy a lamb for the flock by themselves and a biblical sense Abraham would mean the seventy Lambs which hours there besides them but by themselves and he said for these seven lands you shall take of my hand that they may be a witness and to me that I have dig this well. Wherefore he called the place perceiver because there they swear both of them are yours with me. What has happened here. Well an argument was just settled a Brown was like This is my well and image like OK you can have it are we did I even know what's going on is a guest. Let's make a coven around Alex sacrifice seven lamp to describe that no longer are you going to take my wallet these are mine. I've worked hard for this I've dedicated these to the Lord. This belongs to me are you guys with me but notice what happened. Turn to Chapter twenty six look at Abraham's son has to deal with the same keen same struggle a Genesis Chapter twenty six verse one. The Bible says and there was a famine in the land besides the first family that was in the days of Abraham and Isaac went into been lacking of the Philistines and to grow our and avoid appearance image that go down into Egypt one of them which I shall tell of you. So Jordan is when I will be with you I will bless you for unto you and at the your seed I will give you all your countries outperform the oath which I swore to Abraham your father and I will make your seat of motor apply the stars of heaven I will give in to Your see it in all these countries and in your seed shot all the nations of the earth be blessed wipers five because that Abraham obeyed my voice kept my trout Mike a mammoth my statues are my laws and Isaac world and girl are so what's taking place here there was a what kind of in the land also happen in the land. There's a famine now where did I have to go where to go first one were to go the Bible says there was a famine in the days of Abraham Isaac went to a been elected in of the philosophical there's a famine there's a need and Isaac goes to the queen. Now God rebuke them and says listen I don't ever want you to go to Egypt I don't ever want to go to any pagan keen when you are suffering when you're going to our time comes to me I made a promise you one to your father that if you be obedient I will take care of you even if the world or is this family in for water and food. Your bread and water shall be still sometimes a scam a service we want to turn to our leaders friends it's all over the ten weeks is now over. We oftentimes the views are key are our chemistry leaders and teens and and queens and rightly so they've worked hard they've won our respect they have gone through all we've got the present the ten weeks is now over. Who are you going to go to when you're feeling empty inside who are you going to go to when you're feeling like there's no one around you there's no help around you when you are in a secular university and you're the only avenue is there when you are work and you're not allowed to talk about these who are you to go through. Drake of or excuse me Isaac learned a valuable lesson here that I am now going to go to God I'm not going to go to my father anymore I'm going to go to the God of my father I'm going to seek him when I feel like I'm starving when I'm in need. He's the one I'm going to go to now what was absolutely powerful domesticity misses the missile sermon here is a verse while the Bible says then Isaac sold in that land with a land where God told them to go. Verse twelve Chapter twenty six in the same year he received a hundred for and the Lord blessed them and a man was great and went forward and grew until it became very great he had possessions of was possession of herd and great store of service an appeal of time were little Bible say next. The Bible says that the Philistines what everybody with a girl of mine Cappie that Isaac was been blessed when the world was damaged in the way you wouldn't they weren't happy they were happy that everything that I succeeded. Florist in something grew out of it they were unhappy because they were dine the war was time but this I think Guy was alive he was doing well. Noticed this so the Philistines did something and don't miss this this is what the devil's going to want to do with you watch the absolute powerful Burstein for all the world which is pother servant said they get in the days of Abraham his father the vilest I know his father the vilest line had stopped them and filled them with earth. Well we're a source of life was a source of protection was a source of this is mine. Territory the Phyllis times saw how God was busting Abraham and Isaac and he said let's stop their blessings let's give them no hope. Let's stop the world let's fill them out with the yours so that they can no longer three can as a result. Die A By the way we're living in a famine they need water so let's go fill up all the wealth the life force their lives source so that they can just sign out and we can regain power again. So notice where you can read in the Bible says here that the pillar finds fill these wells up with the earth knows the next verse a bill next sentence a Isaac go from us for YOUR much my you than we are. I supported stance and pitched a tent in the valley of gore and Walter Isaac did a dig again the wealth of water which they dig in the days of a Rams father for the Philistines had stopped them after the death of a right hand and he called the name that the names by which his father called them and eyes experiments date in the valley and found there a whirl of spring in water. The heard men of girl are did strive with Isaac first meant saying the water is ours and he called the name of the well as a sect because they strove with them and they dig another well and show for that also any call the name of it said no and he removed from that knowledge was happening every Well the spa there is made. He's going to it and it's either plugged up by the earth or dirt or people are striving for it that's the only life force they have there's a famine alliance but notice this next verse the Bible says in verse twenty two he removed from thence and dig another well and for that they strolled now and he called the name of it for a hobo and he slept for now the Lord has made room for us and we shall be fruitful in the land God Jesus needed to go through some area because there was someone there that was going to make room for him like almost a thousand years ago Isaac finally found a well and there was no striving there was no fighting it was really given and he said this The we shall call it red hoboes and he said for now the Lord has made room for us here is Jesus and the reason why Jesus is need to go through from area is because if you're going to find someone there who is going to make room for Him How is your world today I'm sure it's running over after ten weeks of summer camp. Chemistry and one but how is your well are you making room for deeds of every day or have you been depended on your leaders to give you worship every single day of the week in order for you to get some life in you I want to tell you from experience is going to be Starling but it's real it's a fact as soon as you leave this campus in program there's a devil out there that looking forward to filling your well back up with the world there is a double out there that waiting for you to leave ice or waiting for you to go back home so he can fill up your life back with the world remember you used to do this. Remember used to watch this. Remember used to like to do these things before and now these last ten weeks you were training bonded not able to do it anymore. Do you remember those days. Well guess what you can do is go back to those temptations. Go back to those early desires go back and soon you will find if you go back into your well is completely filled with the world you are completely families you know have any life in you anymore. There's a number of things I want to bring out really quick. The woman was at a well we're god mean an altar and the altar was named the God the God of Israel this woman. Winter that well maybe perhaps every single day and yet she did not know the God of Islam until that day I believe there may be some of us who have enjoyed these last ten weeks going to the well but not knowing for ourselves the god of Islam. I believe maybe perhaps or some of us who are not like the woman at the well not completely given up everything at first to Jesus but are struggling with a couple of things are not fully let go you still have some of the earth in your well in your connection with God or you have now police are rendered this about a month ago I went to many go went to point the violence out of beautiful place I went there for a wedding and I was coming on a wedding one of my good friends and it was amazing I mean there we had our own private beach I hate the beach but I like that reach their own beats together the water was warm it was clear it was amazing. One day you know one day the guys we got a reason you know we saw like now fine we still like to be kids sometimes so I saw the phrase bridge beat but the way we're going to play is what I'm going man I'm going to throw it into the ocean and you going to run and you going to try to catch it before the the wall before the way knocks you down so we have a good time we were getting knocked down less than Ryan will finally I was going out and somebody threw the Frisbee and I missed it and we've got me in the waves with the Brisbane. So I'm kind of competitive was the Don't worry guys I'm going to get it so I swam out and as I'm swimming I'm like man this disease any further further what's going on here so I kept swimming and swimming and all of a sudden I got caught in a rip tide it took me and I remember I was in this one section I was the been there for ten minutes I was kicking I was doing everything I can to get out now I'm not a good swimmer I dug a paddle that's how it swim and I'm just struggling I'm struggling I'm struggling I can't get out and finally wants to I'm drinking all the salt water the waves are crashing down upon me and finally I saw my friends are just looking at me like what did they come having fun out here by myself. So violent acts I just looked out and I say they help me help me and when my friends once the opposite direction like weapons so he goes and he gets a like best I don't know that and even when it's of the he put it the little pins on whatever and he jumped into the warning start swimming toward me and felt like an internal to the waves were crashing I literally thought I'm going to dine I no more strange the horror is getting into my throat into my lungs on top mean I'm not having a good sign. Finally my friend gets to me he brings me over to the store I have a life vest on I'm blowed and brings me over and I said did you get the Frisbee. What if I got two men your only I was looking at him and then after I copped a little more and after I got over the things he said David there's one thing that shocked me he said when I was pulling you out of the rip tide your face had an expression of no fear why I said because my well is full of a farm if I die I'm ready. Jesus has come to why well he's filled it up by God's grace everything that he's told me to get rid of I strive to get rid of it I am serious when my relationship with God but friends often times we spend our lives trying to catch phrase we think it is often risking our lives who regularly just take a step back. It's of crazy that I will die for something that was absolutely nothing you look in your life right now and ask yourself what is worse of me holding on to this thing rather than letting go and embrace in my G.'s US you'll find friends that there is nothing in this world that it was more than just surrendering and giving your life to God you'll find it a silly is running after of Brisbane almost dying for it. Judge of the four turned bad for John to the for first time as we continue on the topic starving geezer. The Bible says then Jesus answered sensor if you knew the gift of God and who it is that that says to you give me to drink you would have asked of him and he would have given you living water. Then the woman said a time sir you have nothing to draw with and the well is deep for Went to have you that living water. You may be sitting here and you're looking at these they looked three thus there is no way you could reach me I have fallen so deep interest in third no way or avenue that you can reach me at let me tell you a little bit how God reach me I was in the world. Love the world I would gain a lot of trouble with the law and the way God how to reach me was me of grain faking me to go to a rap artist concert he's a David there's a rap artist I want you to go here as a rule I really I used to like the music back in the day and he was like yeah you need to hear it. He's actually going to go a church and probably rather like you to rap and church like because that's really cool. Or and I'll go so I remember you gave me a flyer and I went over to Capitol church it was March fifth two thousand and seven and I was there I sat in the back I was all you know Madden N.F.L. frustrated because it didn't look like a rock author across there and all the stuff and all of a sudden the African-American guy involve head go Tetons to the front for sharing this testimony and he talked about how he turned down an eight hundred thousand dollar contract I'm looking at this guy's like this guy's crazy and eight hundred thousand dollar contract then as soon as I'm thinking I was like that's worth nothing compared to what the total life is world and I'm sitting there and almost any for talking about all kinds of things I'm sitting there just listening listening and I'm personally pressure but then gods are working on me and finally makes an appeal of the and whoever wants to give the life of Jesus come to the front and I am the first thought was not all. I've cleaned so much I've fallen so far there's no way to go well except me back I grew up at seven am and if there's no way God I knew all this stuff there's no way God could examine and the very next was a guy said well it doesn't matter what your reputation is come to the front door was a change a line tears are streaming down my face and I gave my heart to Jesus and March fifth two thousand that I want to let you know there in your little mind me think like it's impossible for Gallup poll you reach me fully which my uncle fully which my sister fully reach my family. Whatever but God can. Right here the woman tasted you know the soil what has of happening. The Saviour fulfills and he says where you bring your husband to this well she's like I want us to be more OK you wanted bring your husband so I don't have any I was many years ago right. Bring your other six thousand then or your five other ones and she's like one of the world you must be a profit how do you know these things. What's amazing to me is Jesus is able to tell or every century committed and yet she's not angry with I mean here's Jesus in Ian Bell her deepest darkest secrets and he says I know you have six men in your life I know you're not happy I know your auntie I know you feel like you were nothing but guess what. I know these things and I still want to feel you I still value you there was one draw last year hysteria California Her name is Adrian one of the campus in leaders. Knocked on our door with last four experience he Sperry I was a leader there I live put them into a gated community they went inside the star knocking on doors the last door. Leah knocked on a door. Adrian was their age and come to the door she's going to be will the kind of shock and kind of amazed at some of that adore share with a big old big old smile and all as you showing her the books and and and and agents looking at it she sees the desire of agency see these books and she's almost started to cry she had a hole the back and palaces you don't understand how much of what this means to me right now I was about to commit suicide at this very moment I was about to give all my life because my well is then see the Earth is inside and yet I have no polls I am not alive I am zine I cried out The guy's a God if you're real speak to me right now and I was that exact moment someone knocked on our door gave her the desired result go read the desire of ages in less than one month signed up for bible studies that girl went to the Vangelis a Clear is I was conducting that young girl who was about to commit suicide would like the woman at the well. Seeking pleasures everywhere else except from Jesus yet she found him and now she's an active member of our church to a Bible verse twenty the same chapter. After she hears this after she takes this water of life the Jesus loving her the woman then left her water park and went away into the city and said to the man comes the a man which told me all things that I ever did is not this the Christ then they went out of the city and came on to him. So what's going on here geez this woman has tasted us well what if you just want to drink you first South she want to share this water that is change your life that is transformed her life is actually is giving this water to everybody's in those trees and for me there Steve told me that his ass to be the Messiah and there's a knob on the town the whole town goes out to me Jesus friend did this woman ever satisfy Christ need this tree ever give him a cup of water I want to show you what Christ will be first or quotation from desire of a just page one ninety nine one ninety one excuse me our redeemer worse for recognition he hungers for the sympathy and love of those whom he has purchased with his own blood. He longs with any expressible desire that they should come to him and have a life as a mother who watches the smiled recognition from a little child. Which tells of the dawning of intelligence so does Christ what for the expression of grateful love which shows that spiritual life is begun in the So You Want To satisfy Jesus the star BE JESUS you want to feed him you want to you want to quench his thirst. Give him attention. Spent time with Jesus in the morning. Open up your heart and say God I'm empty I'm sent for I need you and you will find that as your eyes you are being satisfied by Jesus you are also satisfy name this woman left Jesus first thing you just walked about thirty miles in the saw and he and the with the for the quotation that he was waiting and just thinking about the pool water will just make it a more thirty finally this woman gets there as soon as he sees the dawning of intelligence of overkill brother are being converted and she sees he's given him a tension and she goes on and talked about him and all those in the disciples come and say we brought you food and he's like I don't need that what you mean the way that you needed. Did you read the I Have me that you know not of. I have drank I have I have eight in something that I satisfy me completely you want to satisfy the needs of the starving Jesus in this world. Spent time don't allow your well to get a bit of this or let Jesus take it all out. Another man to man. Leader it was Eric we're doing another evangelist experience and Marco and on there was a woman there by name of Cannae with her this has raised a Catholic but he was over when this is a study with Mormons and other presidents I was going to panic awful truck seen at all he says it all. And Eric was going to her house or to the TALF and she was about to get it for a car and as Eric was getting there he said a way we and he starts there in the county is like I'm sorry I don't live here. I my mom lived here she is inside you could cause or I gotta leave an Arab was like wait a minute you need this gave her a book she talks about these are looking at the books are looking to achieve was like wow this is amazing. Yeah OK I'll get this I'll get this she signed up for bible studies Eric had the privilege of studying the Bible was someone who sold the book with for about a month and I have Eric had the privilege of seeing this woman come to almost every night of the evangelist experience and at the end he saw this woman who you sold a book to decide to get baptized this woman was getting water from a well that was filled with nothing. She went to all the shortest seeking for content minute satisfaction but you have found him not until she found a church that preaches living water. The preachers of a coming Savior as a privilege of also knocking on a door who would later who inside was a woman who was starving. Jazz is incurable disease her son just died in a freak accident construction accident. She was feeling deprived suicidal thoughts were going in for mine and she cried out Oh Lord she's a god idea I've heard from are by the way her father was an atheist and a mother was into witchcraft and she said God up. I'm speaking to you even though I wasn't raised to speak to you I was raised to look at a crystal ball I was raised to believe there is no God I am crying out to you now because there's no one else I could cry to I have sought help from this person this search and this I've got nothing so I'm asking you please when someone so Miles who will teach me things from the Bible and so I could feel some sense of life one day later I knock on a door and in general I thought so in the Bible with them this woman love that she thought inviting your friends in the apartment complex so I haven't a health as for the people all of a sudden we start transfer and as I say you guys it comes to the evangelistic series on about old they came to the evangelist experience friend Jenna and our three friends were glued in or her husband was not a Christian. Decided get baptized because they were tired of drinking from a well that could not satisfy them I want to challenge you to see me maybe you have left your well that well of the world of the things that the world has to offer you this last ten weeks you have left it and for the first time in your life or have your thout satisfaction that has lasted longer than an hour you've heard the word of God speak with power and is revolutionize and change your life and these weeks ten weeks have been an awesome experience. However there's still some of the earth than you. There's still some of these worldly pleasures that behind closed doors you have still been partaking of what I mean to say is you have been going to the well every single day you've been hearing worships you have heard of this God of Israel but the God of Israel hasn't been your god yet you have not fully so rendered you know what it is the things of this world whatever may be. And before you go home you want to leave you want to go home with a well that's filled with everlasting one you want to go whole spiel from a well that will never run dry. Today you want to say. These ten weeks I've heard about the God of Israel like the woman at the well I'm still hungry because I haven't fully so rendered some things of this world but today I want to make an altar. I want to make an altar right here and I want and I want to call it the God the God of Israel not not the God my God my God of Israel the my god the god of David I want to make an altar right here and I want to surrender the things of this world the things that have clogged my relation with God These past years before and even now I want to let it all goes so like the woman out the well I could feel the sense of satisfaction like I've never had before. When I make an appeal. You want to fool and let go of these earthly pleasures and grab hold of the God who could satisfy or and if that's you that your desire you haven't fully let go of the things of this world and if you hold onto it a little bit longer and may stop your well from from getting any more water Amy stop your growth. Amy stunt your growth but today you want to say Lord and then it go I'm telling you right now my secrets and Lord I'm telling you right now the things are struggle with and it's all right like the woman at the well you knew my deepest darkest secrets and yet you still small value when me and Lord I'm thankful for that and what I want to say I'm thankful. By coming to this alter right here and claiming you to be my God not just for today for the rest of my mind is that you and there's a woman at the world today. I want to invite you to come right here there's a lot there's things in my life I have now fully surrendered and today I want to go home with my well filled I want to go home with my well filled to the brim I wanted to be overflowing I don't want to go back to the world. Back home where they were this all these wells are that has no sense of of of of satisfaction I want to go back home I want to change my whole I want to change my friends by first allowing myself to be fully changed you want to let go of the world today you want to say right here I am making an altar to my God And it's a place where I can continually get water from the water of life and it's going to be called my God my God of Israel the God of David your name there you want to make it your god here you want to see Lor the things of this world I have not fully gone let go of. I've been Smalley that worships I've been singing along but there is a tune in my heart that is not that it's off key that I want to get back on and the way I want to do it is by giving up that thing to you right now. My second challenge you want to satisfy and quench the thirst of Jesus. He's starving you know the only way you can fulfil his heart his for long in the only way you can fulfill given complete satisfaction is by spending time with him every day if you're in the front or if you're sitting down still I want to make this talents to you you want you to raise your hand for this one you're going to say Lord every single day I want to satisfy us you satisfy me. I'm either standing right here in the front because I want to be completely satisfy you buy you one sitting there on because I am satisfied by you but the day Lord I want to make a commitment. Where every single day I satisfy you and as a result you satisfy me. I want to open up the word of life and I want to drink from the well that will never run dry I want to spend time with you Lord and and and and fulfill your niece the needs of recognition of sympathy in love I want to give you that by spending time with you every day if that is your desire of quenching the source of Jesus the starving Jesus by dedicating every single day in spending time in prayer and study the Bible if that if you want to fulfil that challenge if you want to quench the thirst of Jesus I want you to raise your hand and say Lord help me by your grace go to that well that never runs dry spend time with you spent time talking with you spend time reading about you and as a result although I can walk away from my time knowing that I have quenched your needs being quenched by myself there is a lot I'm brothers and sisters there is a well then never runs dry. By God's grace for the last eight years I have not missed one day at the well with my G.P. and that's the only way I'm going to keep going as the only way we can keep going. I beg of you on this I share challenge I challenge you to spend time at the well with Jesus. Let go of those earthly pleasures. Satisfy the needed to use us and you'll find that you won't need anything else. That's right my father which is in heaven. I am not a saint I am not perfect I am far from a father I've tasted from the well that never was I come to you Lord with my sins every day. Recognizing that I am weak. Recognizing that the Earth may have come in a little bit then day but today father along with my friends here I asked for my Hardly me take the world a father I would find a place with you every day that I could say I know the God of Israel. Help me Lord to leave this I share experience not knowing of the god or knowing of the God of Israel but personally experience the God of Israel is hopeless I pray with all my heart I said this media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse four you would like to listen to more sermon leave Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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