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7. Take Up the Cross

Dan Augsburger


Transformation and taking up the cross go hand in hand. What does this mean on a practical basis? We explore what the Bible and SOP say about transformation and the all important element of bearing the cross.


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Dan Augsburger divides his time between teaching part of the year at the Andrews University Theological Seminary, and holding seminars and revivals the rest of the year in various places in the world.



  • January 14, 2014
    7:00 PM


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We've covered a lot of territory the first evening we talked about the need to revive that it is our greatest and most urgent need and should be our first work right and that we should not expect that revival would come without prayer and that's why we've started every meeting with prayer and I hope that all of you are are praying at home as well and I'm certainly warmed by these united prayers and Kayla thank you for for sharing and you know it's there's there's something really wonderful Remember what I told you about. Evan Roberts he said I have a message from God For you what were the four things he talked of the first one was confess your sins I was an axe and make any known wrongs right. Third set aside any doubtful habits next and it was Be prompt to obey and finally let others know what Jesus is doing publicly testify G.'s and so Kayla you were prompt and you let us know and what a blessing and I was reading and I share this with you you know about the revivals that took place in first in Battle Creek and then in South Lancaster Massachusetts and how you know there are people who were on able to make things right but they they they really came forward and said you know we've we've made a promise and they just said you know we were going to do our best to do it when we can and you know I think maybe tomorrow night I'm going to do something and say he'd like to just share publicly I've got is convicted them so that we can pray for each other and I'll even go further I would like to suggest to the church that he choose to meet once a week. About revival just to keep praying and studying for a violin courage in which each other even if it's just praying I know I assume you have a prayer meeting but you know sometimes fermions can be actually study meetings and other things but something where you very specifically say Lord we will not stop asking I will not you know stop pursuing until our church experiences revival What do you think you know why you know they were told to tarry and till and we just don't have enough time to be VERY does have to move right on. And Alan White said if they needed it and then she talked about what they did. We needed even more and so you know I want to encourage you not to do to do something short so the first night was seeking revival then pursuing revive and I pointed out that that she says it is our work by confession you Milly a shaman repentance and what earnest prayer. Those are the conditions and that's the order to and usually in the admins church we start with prayer and we give a little bit of lip service but I'm not sure we do much beyond the prayer from what I've noticed and so I'm I'm thrilled we talked about what to confess and there was a long list wasn't there a long list of things to confess and we even added a few more later dinner way but I don't know about you folks but our families our houses different already. Praise the Lord and it's going to stay changed. And there's still more change coming and I know some of you share the same thing. Praise the Lord and that's that's what it should be you know there's there's rubbish on the king's highway and we need to move the rubbish you know and then we need to make room to be available to Jesus right. Many of us have are alive so schedule that if you want to do something like Lord I'm sorry we just don't have anything on the schedule this month it's all booked up and I think that if we're going to begin to really live for Him We're going to have to make sure that we make a priority of having the time to to spend with other people I think it's part of Satan's plan to just keep us busy busy busy. We talked about making things right. Restitution. We talked about repentance is more than feeling sorry that it's actually a change in behavior. We read a quotation where she says that many confess but they don't repent you know Judas you know he admitted he made a mistake but it and he semi repented but it wasn't repentance that was valid Was it so repentance is more than feeling sir and then we talked last night about about how we'll get to heaven some day in the bases of what Jesus is done and not what we have done and I wanted to share something with you because we're taking some some interesting steps together and it's something that I didn't focus on enough the other night here it is I love this. As Davis made this is in the little booklet called God has a kind of ours who his people it says this is no time now to make excuses and blame others for backsliding. No more excuses that's Line three o seven this is no time to make excuses and blame others for backsliding. No time now to flatter the soul. If circumstances had only been more favorable how much easier for us to work the work of God We must tell even those who profess to choose that they must cease to offend God by their sinful exercises and then she talks about the fact that God has made provision for every emergency and then Line three twenty. Jesus is our leader we must follow where he leads the way. Now we mustn't go in our own direction we must follow or he'll eat we are not to commence to plan for the second step. Another words usually when God leads he leads you one step at a time. He doesn't choose to show you the next two or three steps he wants you just to exercise faith on the next step and then after you've taken that step. He'll show you the next step after that. We are not to say Lord after I've taken the step what shall I do. Fresh meat with difficulties were not supposed to raise questions OK. But by faith we must take that one step come what will and trust in Jesus it's so easy to say God if I if I make that change how will it affect my relationships how will it affect my my work you know and we would like to know about the future but Jesus is with me it's all or none and I think he chooses not to show us a lot about the future to force us to trust him you know he wants us to learn to trust him and we're going to see tonight that that that it's hard to learn to trust and how he does it is he put this in situations where we are compelled to learn that he is trustworthy and we'll talk about that but but he only was sure it's usually the next step. So don't be frustrated with me or with anyone else. Just say Lord is that your way I I choose to trust you I mean do you really trust Jesus or not let me ask you the question you do enough to trust Him I hope so because a lot of people say Oh I trust you know still so sweet to trust in Jesus right just to take him at his word well they sing it but they don't really mean it do they is if they met they would go right by with His word says in a very at all from it that many have great struggles. Well tonight we want to talk about what it means to take up the cross and follow Jesus. Tomorrow night we want to talk about why we need to choose. Emptiness in order to be filled and then the Thursday night we're going to talk about trials and why God uses trials you'll be surprised by what we learn there and Friday night adopting price lifestyle I didn't know what I mean talk about Friday until recently and I believe it's a hidden P. Ill explain much that we haven't understood. In fact we're told repeatedly that it is the place of the Christians power and when you know this it will make you look at everything differently. I promise I promise is so phrase the continue coming I I'll do my best to make sure that you don't feel in any way that your time is is wasted anyway. Let me have a word of prayer and then we'll get her to other things though I should mention I have a mailing list I hardly ever write I've only written once since I've been married which is terrible but I never used to write every day but it's change hasn't you don't see my letters anymore do you A.J. I apologize but anyway maybe twice. Couple times not many times but anyway if you give your name your e-mail address will put you on the list and Dan one of things he wants to do is begin writing more again and then secondly if anyone wants to visit with Rose and I an individual basis in your home we will be happy to make ourselves available. OK we're chilly here for you and we're glad to come so don't be shy about asking for this it you know now I want to pray Father in heaven I want to thank you that there's a group of people here who are earnestly wanted to know you with any rubbish in the highway and without anything holding you back from last Enos and using us in a profound way. Father in heaven we talk together about the fact it was Sen first has to do with your honor in our lives are we living in such a way that others will honor you because of the respect we give you and by the way that we carry yourself then we talked about the fact that that sin has to do with the fact that you have an earnest concern for people who don't know you and that you it gives us the gift of time and you give us the gift of money and you're concerned about how we use those two things and Lord if we don't take advantage of those things you you withdraw and you give the blessing to someone else and also large are very concerned about our relationship on an individual basis not because you want us to be putting in time in the Bible and putting together so many prayers but because you love us and you want to spend time with is just the same as a parent would with a child or with a husband or wife boyfriend girlfriend whatever. Father tonight we want to honor you we want to learn so that we can live for you and we want to have it all come together in a way that we can hear the world than and instead of crying as you did for the rich young ruler there would be joining in your heart. I've been chosen again. Lord I have nothing to affix that weakness and feebleness and unworthiness but he used to dunky you used people of all ages Lord you said you could even use rocks or please use me in a powerful way and father for those who aren't here might they also be blessed not because my words would get to them necessarily in a magical way but because somehow when the spirit is with us the spirit would be with them too. And further B. was showing a very special Willard might she just feel that she's missing something tonight please for Jesus say. But send the Spirit upon us now and buses in Jesus' name and Matt. This comes from the book The Life of victory. Mimic were made the same is that there's a great deal of modern preaching it's not in your book that there's a great deal of modern preaching which presents as a remedy for sin love social regeneration caught yourself development and you probably recognize it that's almost a quote from steps to Christ. There's a statement along that line there I believe it is but according to the Scriptures the only way to deal with sin is to begin with death we are not in the business of self-help we are so weak we are so broken that God says I can't even fix you I wish that you would lose hope in yourself so that you could put all of your hope in me and know someone said when we get discouraged with ourselves it's because we still hope for ourselves. Not right to be discovered with yourself because that means you're hoping that you'll be able to do something to help yourself and God says without me you can do how much nothing how much is nothing nothing and that's why when Satan comes as you know you're too bad. Say that's right say now I know that find refuge is OK and he said you're doing that's right. I'm trusting injuries OK. Satan doesn't like us to know the truth anyway. Undoubtedly the great difficulty with the majority of believers as that they're trying to live crisis live without first having died. Christ death like a we're trying to live the life of victory in ourselves instead of in Jesus is much more popular these days to talk about life and death but not more necessary for Das is the way into life. Many have not seen or understood in a sassy of this death and others haven't seen it. Are afraid or are unwilling to die it is the daily Dinah self that makes room for the living of the Lord Jesus Christ I mean repeat that last sentence it is the daily Dinah's self to makes room for the living Christ an extreme it comes from the book. God's amazing grace. Page to twenty five for those of you that take notes. It's not in the little booklet she says we cannot retain self and yet enter the Kingdom of God If we ever attain and to holiness it will be through the renunciation or the death of self and the reception of the mind of Christ. OK this is something that I don't believe we we understand enough and we really need to if you would turn in your Bibles not to Romans Chapter six from Chapter six Russian a start in the later verses of chapter five. It says verse nine hundred five one thousand Norman five one thousand for as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners so also by one man's obedience many will be made right. Praise the Lord. Everyone believed in the fall of Adam and how in Adam we all fell but do we all believe just as heartily that in Jesus we've all receive attention or to be new people new Christians do we ever think about that. Do we ever think about that now. We continue verse twenty one he says so that is sin rained in death even so Grace might rain to write chestnuts to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Thanks. So he says that those Sen brought the rule of death. Grace brought something wonderful in no. And most of his praise the Lord. We've all quoted Romans five therefore having been justified by faith we have what peace with God But Paul asked a question in Roman six What shall we say than show we continue in sin shall we keep right on sinning that grace may about this Paul say in Oh God Jesus died on the cross so that he could give us is Grace and it's by our continued to sin that we can prove how wonderful that graces How does he answer that he says certainly not how should we who died to sin live any longer in it. Paul makes a pretty strong statement that somehow because of our having died too soon we don't have any reason for living any longer and it does the Bible why does Paul lie. Absolutely now somehow as we understand this matter of dying to sin it brings a excuse me a victory that we didn't have before. When I use the the word dying to self. What do you invision What do you think about is it something that you are looking forward to her Do you think of when I use that term. Dying to self. Moment by moment. OK Michael. Crucifixion OK yeah what us on a personal basis what does it mean. Why do I have to give up we think about what we might have to give up. Why does losing one's identity or the. How about losing control losing control if you were to go to for example and we won't go there you we won't go there the point is is that when we think of dying to self we associate with pain right this is not going to be easy and I won't have as much of a word anymore as before in saying that I'm reminded of rosin go for she was married to Jonathan go forth we mention him early in the week and and when Jonathan proposer he said Now you must remember that that if you marry me. God will always have the last word and her younger age she had always prayed to God give me a man who's completely devoted to you and she kind of remonstrance she is she said initially I thought I don't like that I want to have some say. But then she thought yourself you know I pray for a man who is completely devoted to God a man completely devoted to God would certainly want God to have the last word in and I'll agree with that. And and so they work together interestingly enough you know visiting houses door to door in the poorer areas of Toronto and he was even disappoint another way he he came here one day and he said I don't want to disappoint you but I'm not giving you an engagement ring because I put the money into buying books to let people know about China does entertainer is money for China and she was disappointed but she does. Why that's what a a man devoted to God we do and so she expected that she was she was having to progressive Lee died a self and you know she was a a much blessed woman and what we're going to discover is that when God leads us through those experiences it actually gives us their freedom we never had before that you hear me anyway. Well it's a struggle and and so it's not always the easiest thing to to die to self. Now when we started our rights is by faith and I like to use different terminology I like to talk about receiving forgiveness and the merit of Jesus' life that's what what rights by faith is really all about. That speaks to what God does for us. OK. Martin Luther in his reformation he focused especially on the work of God for people and that's what justification by faith is about that's what rights by faith is all about but when one begins to claim the promises of Jesus in terms of righteous by faith one discovers that not only do we have mistakes that need forgiving but there is something in us that causes us to sometimes make mistakes even though we don't always want to do that would you agree I mean many of you are rejoicing in Jesus but you are aware that it sometimes Satan comes by with a really powerful temptation and you know you have to kind of pick yourself up off the ground in said Jesus forgive me I didn't want that it all and that's because not only is there an issue with our mistakes but there's a problem with what causes us to make mistakes. God is always willing and always able to forgive us but the way we change is a little different now to make this practical and Madge in the in the hurry to get to meeting you got stopped by the policeman and you were told if you want to fight this you can come in court and so you appear in court and let's let's give a better example. You know a family member suddenly had a heart attack and you're rushing your family members of the hospital that's a better analogy or the policeman says you know this person looks mighty nice next to you in a you get if you're in court you know you can if you can if you can convince the judge that there was a real emergency he can let you off the hook I want so you pair and court and you can do three different things in court you can plead guilty and you can pay your fine. It's clear cut. You can say you're innocent and the judge will say do you want to jury trial and and then you're going to be able to argue it if necessary in front of your peers. But if you plead no contest you're basically saying listen judge there was an extenuating circumstance. A relative had a heart attack and by the way here's the emergency room report here's what the doctor said Here's the number of days the Britons in the hospital and yes I was going over the speed limit but there was a reason why I was doing it and then the judge basically says OK that's valid and I will give you mercy you are guilty but you admit that you made a mistake and I'll give you mercy and you're absolved of what you've done right now. Sometimes is not quite as dramatic as that sometimes maybe maybe you're just going too fast somewhere and when you appear before the judge you tell the judge listen you know I'm really trying to do better and I can afford to pay but would you please let me off and the judge then gives you a little bit of a lecture he says Do you promise that in the future you'll always drive the speed limit and what do you say a judge actually I don't plan to keep the speed limit right now is said Judge I'm going to be careful and you really mean it doesn't she. And when you leave your very careful in the next couple weeks you're very careful but then somehow that scene in front of the judge fades from your memory and and you find yourself going faster. Why because you were given mercy you weren't given transformation and the same in a relationship with Jesus. Rice by faith justification gives us mercy but it doesn't bring a complete transformation of the two go together but it is a progressive work for sanctification you follow what I'm saying. Some people are confused because they think that when they receive you know Jesus as their Savior that that automatically deals with everything else and it can but not necessarily And what I mean by that is that there are things we don't even know about yet and there are things that we really love that until we're ready to relinquish them. God can't really help us. OK so we gain mercy but we still need a way to to overcome so here Paul in Romans Chapter six is talking what shall we say should we continue and sending grace may abound. Certainly not how shall we who died to sin live any longer in it or do you not know Verse three that as many of us as were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptised where into his death. Therefore we were buried with him through baptism into death that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father even so we also should walk in newness of life. OK versus knowing this that our old man was crucified with him that the body of sin might be done away with that we should no longer be slaves isn't so what are old man was crucified where. With Jesus that did Paul say something like that ever in another book and Gratian who remembers the verse Gratian to twenty says I have been crucified with Christ I live yet not I It is Christ to live in May right a life that I now live I live by faith and Senate got it set or this is the point many people don't realize that when juices took their sins to the cross He also took them to the cross did you know that not only were your sins taking to the cross but the old man that you struggle with was taken there and that's what Satan doesn't want you to understand that's what Satan does not want you to understand because his Satan says no victories been one but instead of looking in your own self it at your feeling to see if you've won the victory you look to the cross and say I won the victory on the cross in Jesus and you claim that victory that victory can never be taken away and that's why. Satan's power is broken when you realize that your victory was when on the cross did you hear me OK now. Let me share a few a few analogies with you or a story from the Bible we talked about it recently Bilis do it again just for a moment. Do you remember when Jesus was talking to this I will say in Luke nine twenty three. What he said to them look at that would you leave Chapter nine verse twenty three. Look nine twenty three then he said to them all in the context there was he was talking a believe to the disciples then he said to them all. If anyone desires to come after me let him do what. Deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. When the disciples heard about this business of taking up the cross. What was their reaction. What was their reaction. Some of you have read the desire of ages how did they face what they were hearing that or is it something that they look forward to it all. No not at all. It pointed to the most humiliating kind of experience they could possibly imagine I don't think they really understood what was going on but for the disciples it was something really really awful You can read about it in an line seven forty one and says Jesus paid his followers take at the cross and bear after him to the disciples his words though dimly comprehend it I met line seven forty two his words though Daimler comprehend did pointed to their submission to the most bitter humiliation. Submission even and to death for the sake of Christ no more complete self-surrender could the Saviour's words have pictured OK It pointed to their submission to the most bitter human million submission even under death for the sake of Christ in those days a criminal was sentenced to die in across basically what did it mean for that person. What did it mean for that person if they were sentenced to death by hanging on across her you know being dying on a cross. Might it mean for the person on a practical basis that they say yes sir I will go you know I'll lay down time mean put me up is that what they did know they were forced to go right and they were forced to go to the place of execution they were forced to lay down on that cross they were forced to you know submit to being tied down they were forced to having the cross lifted up and they knew it was the end of their life right now think about that in terms of the spiritual life what does it mean to take up the cross on a practical basis what do you suppose it means to take of the cross on a practical basis. Jesus said. Deniers uptake of your car first of all let's start with a denier So what did he mean when he said deny yourself. Tonight yourself. Was that you know deny certain foods. OK It was choosing to ignore what you wanted. I.K. That's the first step is making the decision to not insist on having your way. OK First how do you feel about that. That's called losing control in a certain way isn't it. Yeah the Jesus said deniers serve and then what. Take up your cross but it is where it's me or do his words mean take up your cross. Judy what to walk with Jesus. OK OK. I came here was. OK a bake sickly meant when to a man who was being crucified he was losing one hundred percent control of his life period. OK he wouldn't have even the slightest say in where he was taken the slightest say in how he was going to die and when everything was said and he was going to be as dead as a doornail. Right and when Jesus said take of your cross he said Your choosing to lose absolute control. You're choosing to say yes and you keep saying yes whether you want to enter. That's what it means to Dallas and he said Do that every day. Jesus said deniers of and take if your car stereo now there's a big difference. What's the difference between a criminal there was crucified in the days of Jesus and a person today who takes of the cross and follow Jesus. It's what he's talking about is that the criminal was taking kicking and screaming but Jesus voluntarily walk voluntarily gave of his life. Voluntarily submitted and that's the right answer. Jesus calls us to Lalan terribly take up our death every single day yes. Had ZACHARY That's all we can do is we can only make a choice and then God can honor that choice. So Jesus said deny yourself take of your cross daily and follow me. Now notice the next well let me just let's let's talk about a few people who are some people that you can think of in the Bible that God led into a very real dined to self experience who are some people that were led into a very real dying to self experience Moses in what way was Moses led Michael. What but is that where it started. OK but where did it start from Moses is one of the nick them when they wrote down and what when he he made a mistake he he went to Egypt and he tried to do God's work. Moses is way at most is his timing and instead of helping the situation what happens he kills a man and he goes flying into the desert and God let him sit there and cool his heels for how long. Forty years until finally he had no confidence right. He truly had gotten to the point where he only felt qualified to lead cheap in the desert and then what did God do the most is I need yet but how do you call and it's wonderful how God called him there was a bush that was bringing the he was this was high and that Bush was in it. But the Bush wasn't being consumed and it's a good at the good illustration rested when God calls us you know the fire may be hot but we won't be consuming working forgot that you hear me. So God calls him and he finally goes back does any and it wasn't easy when he went back but but Moses is called endure forty years in the wilderness until he finally got to the point where apparently he was repaired to obey God in leading the people out of each it. Yes that's exactly and you're so right. God wants to speak joyfully and that's and joyful must think about the example of the one I love to think about is Joseph Joseph was called to a great work he even had dreams to that effect you know where he you know with the stars in the she's you know bowing down or kind of inclining themselves and he wore a special code and got had a job for him so how did God prepare him for his work. Why did God do to prepare Joseph or his work the first thing he did was he had him sold into slavery how many of you would like to prepare to work for God by being sold as a slave. He allowed but it was part of God's plan we need to have see where God does the right. Anyway he gets their news working for part of her yes. The sister mentions that she thinks that for Joe said being betrayed by his brother was his heart is as the later in slave and departed for and that's probably true the point is though is that got a lot in the B.B. trade got a lot in to be sold into slavery gods and later allowed him to be falsely accused. Now here's here's a point I want to I want to point out to you that when he served Potter for he was going through a difficult experience with a smile on his face. Part of her would have never put him in charge of everything had he not had complete confidence in Joseph. And I'd like to suggest that we're only really dying to self when we're doing it with a smile interface that you hear me OK. Then he's falsely accused he would have been killed had it been true but because it was a false accusation part of her knew it he was thrown in jail and there he said I give up God no more smiles from Joseph Now where did you. He continued serving God with a smile on his face right and then two men get thrown in jail in and he helps me as a little bit of hope right. But they forgot him didn't see God was letting Joe's a be disappointed and disappointed disappointed because that disappointment was so important to Joseph being prepared to be God's man doing God's work God's way God's time and very strong Did you hear me. Because you see Joe's It had to come to the point where he was prepared to do just what he was told and sometimes the best with the God teaches that is that point is through various trials where we have to learn to trust God in ways we never wanted trust him before do you hear me. And finally when God thought that Joseph was prepared to abate his instructions then he promoted him from the dungeon to the palace in a single day. Maybe there are some here who are finding themselves struggling look at it through the eyes of faith look at it through the stories of Joseph in Moses' and realize that your matriculation your education may be looking a little strange compared to the world which is all about high fives and success. But it says you're being faithful and what my look pretty dreary not difficult circumstances those are the very circumstances the good is using the make you a future leader of God's people. OK. Moses did a great work and later when those brothers who betrayed him came along why did you say to them. Humanity for evil but God meant it for good. He he saw the hand of God all the way through and so God allowed Joseph to experience a progressive journey of dying to self. Who else experienced a a lengthy journey of dying to self. Abraham Abraham was called to go to a place he didn't know about. Certainly who outs. Daniel did and we'll talk more about Daniel. Friday night who outs or Thursday. Job did you remain faithful. Here's a group you forgotten about we can really identify with this given that is the children of Israel if you think about their journey. Follow me their journey was a burglar S. of Journey of dying to self the Israelites had the problem that we have they had and forcing gotten accustomed to the nice positions in Goshen and the nice landing Goshen the nice houses in Goshen and they rather lighted in God is looking at at prophecy insane these people are supposed to be leaving but they're too in love with Egypt and I'm going to have to always can them to want something better for guess what got a lot to happen. He allowed a fair they didn't know Joseph to come along who is intimidate he was worried was any and so he began to make her life miserable and eventually they were experiencing babies being killed and the men being hauled off every day to work as slaves. How long did that condition go on at a very minimum. How many years do we know that that when a. Well they I'm not sure they ever learn but how long was it before they were finally delivered from Egypt how many years. How many years. Well no no that's a total time but from the time their difficulties began when they were being in slaves and all of that. Eighty years because as forty years you know that Moses was living there in the palace before he finally killed the men and forty years later when he was leaving the people in the wilderness I mean when he was in the wilderness herding sheep so we know at least eighty years when I write. I believe that's right if I'm wrong. Tommy here's here's here's the one to make he was eighty years or more it took that long before those people are ready to leave Egypt and they were losing babies and their and their menfolk were being treated in the most abysmal ways right but they still weren't ready to leave Egypt Why here's a little lesson and prayer because they were praying. Blast me in Egypt prayers instead of deliver me from Egypt prayers and when we pray bless me in Egypt prayers instead of making things better. God makes things worse Did you hear me. And so God just let things get worse and worse until finally the people are ready to leave but we can tell it's hard to leave Egypt because every time something bad happened what did they want to do they want to go back to eat it. Finer though Moses came there were the plagues and it was time to go in the last leg was what if you don't put the blood on the lintel the eldest child is going to die that was the first big dying to self experience for the children of his or what was the lesson that they were to learn at that point the very real us obedience if God says something he can afford to disobey because if you do there will be consequences that will break your heart. OK I am convinced with all my heart in that every time we disobey it hurts us and hurts people in our families. Oftentimes God calls us to be faithful no matter if others understand or not and so here they are they are told and everyone to put the blood on the lintel because they took seriously were God said they were delivered right. And then they began marching to the promised land. Did they take the fast route to go to the promise land. No they went by a different route didn't say instead of going directly to the Promised Land they went to the Red Sea right and when they get to the Red Sea There's water in front of them there's mounds I need side right and behind them is what the Egyptians right there coming. Did the way look impossible. Absolutely. What was the second well the second lesson was what learning to accept God's direction. Right they had to die to self I had to go there. Why did God leads into the Red Sea what to teach them trust but what else. That was the one place where God to get rid of the Egyptian army. It was to give them deliverance sure how many times at the Egyptian army attacked him during their wandering through the wilderness. Never because the Egyptian army was all destroyed but you see I could imagine people saying Moses is a mistake let's go to the easy route but Moses said no no no we must obey God because God knows what he's doing and God led them to where what was drag ran for them ended up disaster and death for the entire Egyptian army but they had to die to self to go there and they had to learn to accept God's way of deliverance to and what was the way of deliverance. As far as they were concerned it wasn't the water it was their obedience to hear me it was their obedience that brought deliverance and then they get on the other side and they sing the song Moses and everyone's excited and then they continue little further right and and there they hurried right to the promised land right what happened the next three days. Who knows the story. No not yet. Actually the Bible says they walked for three days through the hot desert sands. Three days no water hot what. Yeah three days of hot does it sends why because they had to die to self to God's timing which is one of the hardest things that I too. OK they had to learn to accept God's timing instead of their own and many of us we pray for a day or two we want to change now but God says Nonono you must learn to trust my timing too and God allow us to go through one two or three days you know. Figure to be speaking of dry desert sands but God is intentional in what he's doing and they're tired and then finding the distance they see some water mirage in the distance and I can imagine ever insane wider and they run and they kneel down at the water's M R N What was the water like it was bitter and part of dying to self is learning to accept disappointment as well did you hear me. Got intentional are going to experience disappointment because when you die to self you must learn to accept good times or bad times. Equally because a dead man could argue or disagree with what God is doing. Did you hear me OK. And then he let them they had to learn about prayer they prayed in the water was Sweden God took those bitter experiences and so in them and then they were taken to even where there were twelve wells and seventy palm trees and they had to learn to accept blessings to God likes us to be boss sometimes do nothing wrong with that as long as it's according to God's plan and then they continue dying to see what were some of the other things that they had to die to self to now that you know what we're talking about. Heavens diet this is she said a bland diet but it was Heaven's diet. Haven't strike and and his men are right and it's interesting that that that man it was given at a normal amount six days a week except the last day five days and sixty there was twice as much why because God is also teaching it except the Sabbath at the same time and they had to learn to to die to self to heavens Dyad and heavens day did you hear me. This is a progressive journey of dying to self. Later they had to learn to accept God's leadership. Gods gods the direction of Moses etc He was a progressive journey of dying to self and the sad thing is that if they didn't learn. Glad let them come back and keep learning to they'd learn the lesson. Finally brothers and sisters they got to Katie's Bernier and there they had the opportunity go over but but some people said we can't write too said we can we must. But ten said we can't and so they turned back in the wilderness. Did God take care of them there. Their food their water was sure the their shoes don't wear out but they enjoyed Promised Land blessings I mean they enjoyed wilderness blessings not promise land blessings and I believe that many members in our church are enjoying the food and water you know in the shoes are wearing out but wilderness blessings not promise land lessons did you hear me and they stayed there a long time didn't they stay there long time and finally they excuse me. There when they turn in the wilderness instead of enjoying Promised Land blessings they enjoyed wilderness blessings. Another words it wasn't a land phone with milk and honey when they were back in the wilderness the guys just took care of them he gave them food water their shoes and wear out but it was just a tiny blessing compared to a god would have done had he gone over the river again and so many of us are enjoying wilderness blessing than we're so used to wilderness blessings that we think that's as good as it gets. Of my brothers and sisters what God wants to give us something much much better. Why do you think we are I agree with you we are we are limiting guard and and remember I said what what gave him the victory to the Red Sea Was it the water no it was their obedience that allowed God to use that natural power and so it is when we choose to obey that it allows God to work in other ways. And when we look at the life of Daniel you'll find it is because Daniel basic God can bless him and in our day it's when we will be the God can bless us of FINALLY GOT allowed them to cross the river by that time they had developed battering rams. Right they had gotten stronger said Man you be the first one to and you can fight the first group right now God given some strange instructions he said go and I want you to walk around the city without saying a word the first day. Sending the second day and tension this is a group that was prone to complaining in arguing right and God told them intensely. No talk this is a whole different thing they were having to obey perfectly OK so here and we can imagine that the residue Urkel even saying what is wrong with these crazy people what is wrong with these crazy people. So they they went around six days and then the seventh day at the right time God shut it I mean he got told them to shout and what happened. God brought the walls down when we are prepared to obey completely to obey without complaining to obey even in a peculiar way that no one understands. Iley the God will bring the walls done in our lives. OK And we're dying to self it's in all of this is it is a daily decision say God I choose to deny myself I choose to stop thinking about what what effects me me and mine I choose to trust you and I believe that somehow by what happened when when the old man died on the cross I can choose to trust you and obey you and somehow it gives God The Billy and the power to work in ways that he could not did you hear me and I think on a project or base what base is what happens is is that God puts us in situations that we could not change because he's teaching us that we can trust him no matter what's going on. And the sooner we say yes the sooner he can bless many people they say I'm in a fight I'm going to do this in God saying I do not work that way. Work that way. So when we're talking about this matter of victory the first part of the tree it's actually a two fold thing. The first half is dying to self. OK. We died as self not to become a benevolent nobody that people walk on or a door mat did you hear me. That's not the purpose of dying to self. We died a self so that we will be completely available to God because you see before where we were concerned about our agenda and we were working in our power. Now we're concerned about God's agenda and he gets is busy doing his work and we probably are busier than we ever were before but it's productive busy and less busy. Did you hear me. We don't die to self to be taken advantage of by other people. It so that we can give ourselves completely to God and every day we have to make the decision. Jesus said If you want to follow me tonight yourself take of your cross how often I would even at every moment sometimes if you want to know the truth in order to follow me we cannot follow if we are full of ourselves. Joseph Moses DANIEL Many went through the kind of experience that I described but they had made a decision right they had purposed in their hearts. Had purposed in their hearts that they would be faithful to God and instead of going into these experience with a with a frown in anger. They went into it with a smile didn't say and God uses experiences. To make them a wonderful blessing now you must come back to my own it is we're going to talk about been emptied and filled by by the Lord Jesus by the Holy Spirit because because you need that part of it just as much OK so you must come back but that's where we'll enter night please if you would look at your your booklet and read the the experiences are really quotations there and you'll pick up what we didn't have time to talk about but the point is that if you want to be revived as an individual you want to be revived as a church. You must personally choose to take at the cross and follow. There's no victory if you choose not to take of the cross and Mrs White even says the church is needed to south as well you see God wants to be in charge of your life not to make you miserable but so that he can bless you he knows the formula and it's almost like until we make the decision to be obedient God cannot fully bless us. And sadly were heard and God is honored because he can't fully busses. Once you like to be one of the people that chooses to completely died is completely surrender that's really what the word means completely surrender so that God can have his way I have to ask my my wife a second or did I share with you about my dying to suffer experience here we speak so often me. Known and know when I when I was told write a letter Good bye let me share just a brief story can I because this will make it very practical. I I'm thrilled that I married because it takes away a lot of houses in life you know it's better to be married you that the things you don't have to worry about anymore but anyway I was very close to marrying someone and but I realized it wasn't what God had in mind in Michael tells me he was praying that it that it won't go through either so thank you for your parents Michael and roses glad about that too is unchanged anyway and I pulled back and I told the person I'm not convinced that you want to be married to me with my lifestyle and so you can do whatever you want but I unless you really choose to be what we're going to be if we get married which is a life devoted to God It's just not going to go for it and I thought the version we come back and say Dan absolutely I feel called to walk at your side but to my surprise. In fact eventually began dating someone else and Dan has been accused of being a glassy eyed optimist just descend into the depths of despair I couldn't eat I couldn't sleep it was so unlike me I was really into pression and I was hardly making it and one day a Sabbath afternoon I cried out to goodness of God unless you help me I'm not going to make it and that evening as I was reading some good taste and then trusting God to my mom suddenly God spoke to me out of the blue and God said the following. Write her a letter Good bye and by the way your struggle isn't with her your struggles with me do you trust me. Wow. Because you see I had been second guessing had I done the right thing was he making the right decision was he worthy and God said that's not what this is about it all I was the one that led you and do you trust me or not and I said yes I do and immediately the peace of God came over my heart it was wonderful I had had it for ages and I went to bed that night. Woke up at four o'clock in the morning and the first thing I thought about was this letter never written a letter like that before didn't know what I was doing and she knows I share that story you know she's married now and I'm happy for her. I'm thrilled for me too by the way but anyway I woke up thinking about this letter that I was to write and in my father there was a hole in the ground next to me and I magine that she was the bottom of the hole and I was burying my problem and God spoke one more time he said no no that's not how it is and I didn't feel good about it either because I thought I could do that I cared too much about her. That's a no no it's you're down in the hole and I get to hold the shovel and you no longer need to worry about this problem. This relationship and I learned a lesson when we die to self it doesn't mean our lives magically free from problems but now we place all of our issues in God's hands and we believe that he knows what he's doing. My brothers and sisters I believe that we serve a God that is so kind and so good that he will lead us in the very best way and though I went through all kinds of agony back then tell you what I am so glad he did because the person I married to now. You know when when we choose not to trust God. When we choose not to obey God we are hurting ourselves more than we could possibly imagine. Did You Know That. Please trust God because it's as we obey the victories come and we will see great plus and so we need to close. Let's break into groups small groups of two can we do that tonight and pray for a few minutes and and just ask God to give us the the desire to truly every day deny ourselves take of the cross and and and and follow died a South please and then we'll call you back. Let's spend a few minutes brain this media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the over light of this war service leave it there. W.W.W. audio dot org.


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