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11. Obtain Answers to Prayer

Dan Augsburger


Though prayer is the fourth element listed in meeting the conditions to achieve revival, it is just as important as the other, for we are told that we should not expect revival except in answer to earnest prayer. Learning to pray is to seek after revival. Listen and learn why in this concluding segment.


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Dan Augsburger divides his time between teaching part of the year at the Andrews University Theological Seminary, and holding seminars and revivals the rest of the year in various places in the world.



  • January 18, 2014
    7:00 PM


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Before I begin I just want to say what a blessing it's been to be with all of you here at the bench and harbor church I've been here once before but been able to spend the ten days has been a a wonderful blessing. Thank you once again for the invite. Thank you for the help thank you for your friendship and I would also say that as far as I'm concerned this can be the beginning of a longer term relationship I go all over the world and I tell people if you come to some meetings that I hold I choose to stay in contact. Maybe I'll go to this other microphone let me try this and is this better much better I don't know. Lapel microphones and I enlist their right to my mouth they don't work quite so well that's why I usually I'm holding one of these but thank you so much it's been a real bussing. There are plenty of resources available I handed out the booklet if you don't have one by all means ask her when we want everyone to have one and please read through some of the sections again some of that really you can only a probably read that on your knees because it's it's a very strong medicine it's called high fiber you know it's not white bread it's really life changing and that's the whole purpose and Rose and I are are praying together and our lives are changing as well so. Including what we talked about last evening about the call to to live like Jesus lived really it's a paradigm shift when you realize the call to take a good joke of a bead ins and service and to walk in meekness and lowliness with other people. You know I have read to the verse many times but until I really took it seriously it wasn't like I expected so please and the audio is on the web and the booklet is on the web and the things I've given out are on the Web Plus some things I mention are there as well so there's no reason and you know you can share the P.D.F. that's on the web as far as you want as far as I'm concerned and we just pray that the Lord will be able to use it. Secondly we do have a newsletter and I would love anyone to to be on it that once and I have two pads of paper Sam if you just pass around a lot of people put their name and phone numbers there yesterday and if you have then just pass it along if you choose not to receive anything digitally. That won't hurt my feelings but for some who would like to hear from Miss That's fine it's not a fund raising letter it's more where I talk about what God is doing. Although the last one I was in Mongolia and I discover that they truly they had all of three hundred dollars in the bank and I was in America and there was no other money and so Rose and we just felt led to give money. Whichever brought food and then I let others know through my newsletter that there's a real need in and it made all the difference for that ministry in Mongolia so Case me I let people know what else is going on but it's the purpose is not fundraising You know we live by faith but there are times when God calls upon a so be sure and write very carefully because usually I can't read all of the emails addresses and that's why there's the phone number so I can call people and say I just wasn't able to get you to work then I just want to say thank you to all the ministries represented here and know your generosity for what you do here is a church. Today we heard from you know about the blessings of giving for the ministry of Papa New Guinea and I feel pretty strongly that each one of us needs to pray and ask God what is it that you want me to do. As Rose mention either we should be a missionary. Well or the heart of the missionary it's one of those two things I'm not sure I have her wording right but the point is if we can go we should help someone they can go but I'm not here saying you should support rose and I'm saying you need to ask God what He wants you to do and do whatever he puts on your heart because there are a great many great needs and God is big enough for everyone that is working so by all means pray for everyone and do as much as you can but ask God to lead you in that. Thanks to this past week we've been and before we've been studying about revival right we first talked about how revival is the greatest and most urgent need in the church we talked about pursuing revival I pointed out to those attending that you know often when we pursue revival would begin with prayer and then we kind of work from there we kind of expected something to happen in the church as a result of our prayers and I pointed out that Ellen White says it is our work by and then she lists for things and they're in a very specific order she starts with confession she goes on to you Millie Asian Then she says repentance and she ends with earnest prayer because if we haven't confessed if we haven't you Milly aided ourselves if we have chosen not to repent you know we can confess Ellen White says but many confessed but don't repent they don't change their lives. If none of that goes on we are wasting our time praying at some level because God cannot muscles and I'm. Very concerned that in the administering in too many cases we are pursuing a very superficial revival that will not occur. It is when people say God show me what's needed and last night I read a verse from Second Chronicles twenty nine we won't look at it now but when has a Kyra was repairing the temple he told him to things. Sanctify yourselves or consecrate yourselves make a new surrender to God make a complete surrender to God and also remove all the rubbish from the holy place and all of us need to research and are ourselves and remove whatever robbers there is in our hearts in our lives in our thinking in our homes. Whatever the case might be because if we do not God cannot and WILL NOT glasses did you hear me. God cannot Brust someone who's choosing to go contrary to his word. Now maybe you haven't thought of it that way but that is the absolute truth. God cannot and will not because if he were to blast us what would be the message given you can do whatever you want it will make no difference with God but that's not the way that it works and when we speak of revival. Revival being the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in great power that happens when a church has fully surrendered to the control and individuals have surrendered to the control of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit will not look at certain things the Holy Spirit will not walk to certain places the Holy Spirit will not do certain things and so if we choose to to look and to go and to do the Holy Spirit's as you go but you go with me did you hear me. So if we want the presence of the Holy Spirit we need to accept the values of the Holy Spirit we need to accept the values of the Bible and to the degree that we follow those values to that degree. God will be able to blast us please understand. After everything is said and done as was mentioned in Sabbath school this morning. Even if we think we are perfect when we really see who God is like we are humbled when you and I go to heaven it's not because we have worked our way to heaven this is not about salvation by works at all this is about people who respond in love and realize that God has a message you give to others and they don't want anything in their lives that dishonors God. Hinders their ability to witness for God or prevent them from having that daily relationship that will give them that power. OK And so you know when when when we when our brother sang for us about if my people who are called by my name right if they will pray if they will turn right then God will come and that is the great need my brothers and sisters in the Seventh Day Adventist Church God wants to bless a survival more than we could possibly imagine so the order is confession humiliation Reeve Henson's an earnest prayer when we follow those conditions and I believe that's the right order then I believe we will see revival and we have kind of taken that direction this week so we we talked about pursuing a Revive and then we we went through I think what was a bit of a challenging evening where we discussed what's to confess and we talked about a lot of things didn't way. And I would urge you to look in your in your book is and will review some of those things this morning and then I talked about the need to make restitution the repenting is more than beans sorry. OK it's a change of behavior and if necessary making things right with other people and making things right with God We spent a couple of sessions on reveling in God's mercy receiving the pardon of God and and the righteousness of Jesus were God treatises if we never made any mistakes. We talked about the need to make the kind of surrender symbolized by taking up the cross you know when the person died on the cross that was the end they were led against their wishes you know and died and we read acquitted my own White says that you know it's it's hard to crucify self and not let self have a resurrection every other day we need to have a complete death to self and that's the critical need you know we can say I choose just surrender but do we choose to die it is still an incomplete surrender then we talked about the need to be emptied of ourselves and our ideas so that the Holy Spirit could take over. Thursday night we talked about the need to accept God's providence is as blessings and we pointed out that when the boys were in the fiery furnace those three were these the only thing they got affected were those things that were artificially preventing them from walking in freedom they were thrown into the fire with ropes but in the fire they lost the results but their clothes weren't singed didn't burn there they don't even have the smell of smoke and so when God puts us in the fiery furnace it's not to damages is not to hurt us it's actually to give us a freedom that we're unwilling to receive I'd like to suggest in our case often on a voluntary basis. Did you hear me. We put ourselves through so much grief and heartache because we're so stubborn and God says I care too much and so God allows difficulties to come because he wants us to truly know the freedom he wants to give us in Jesus right. And what does the Bible say. Your ideas your opinions your stubbornness will set you free right. No the Bible says the truth will set you free and that's why we've looked at a lot of truth this week in the Bible and in the writings of Ellen White it is the truth that sets us free and for those who think they want to be independent and free to do whatever they want. Ellen White says actually that that's the greatest bond as you could have the only true freedom is the freedom found in the Lord Jesus Christ and then last night we talked about taking up a lifestyle of Jesus which is choosing to to seek always to obey Him choosing to always be in service to him and doing it in a meek and humble way this morning I wanted to talk with you know about prayer I told you that you know there were the four things and it would be wrong of me not distance and time talking about prayer. There was a man a pastor but anyone John McCready John McCready said he said no power but the Holy Spirit could have caused such a blasted change as has taken place among our dear people this is back in the eight hundred he says I'm just in awe of what God has done. He says in fact it is beyond anything we had expected as to prayer meetings people now delight in coming to them who could not be induced to do so before. Interesting that when we are converted there's a desire to come to the param eating like never before and I found a statement just this week. Never seen it before and it doesn't appear even a book on prayer where she says the spiritual pulse of the church is found in their prayer mean that churches that are not spiritual. Don't want to have prayer meetings and the people don't want to come to a prayer meeting. Interesting. Anyway so he says now people want to come now. And his own case he began praying with other people. Eventual easy attendance will do about forty people he began telling his people about what God is doing in other places and there came a desire there came a desire to to have revival but there was still the careless in difference that had existed before and so he became concerned and he preached a sermon on limitations five Why do you forget us forever. This pastor was concerned because other churches were being revived but his church was not being revived and so he he preached he begged the people in this is what he told them he publicly confess that eleven years ago on by without a single conversion in his church under his ministry and he begged his members to go to their closets and ask for the Holy Spirit to come into the church the pastor admitted in so many words I have been failing and my brothers and sisters many of us would probably have to make the confession that we have been failing Would you agree if we have a last day message and we have been called to be the light of the world and the Holy Spirit has been given would unite agree that the our visions of that last day message and the power that should attend it is sadly lacking Would you agree we have come to accept what is unacceptable and the pastor admittedly freely suddenly his members became concerned like him they began coming under conviction and were converted they began sharing what God was doing in their lives of the people around them and soon people began coming seriously. Eventually the prayer meeting became so crowded He said We sometimes have twelve hundred people coming to prayer mean isn't that amazing. Now there are crowded congregations upon the Sabbath many come out to hear who for years did not instead of shunning religious conversations with their pastor they are anxious about spiritual things my brothers and sisters is that not what you want now. I haven't prayed it I plan to get on my knees and just bit about prayer but the point is is God wants to do an amazing or God wants to do an amazing work and remember I told you about five things that Evan Roberts sheared in history in one thousand and four in Wales. Versing he said if you want revival first confess your sins to make any known Ron's right. Three Set aside any doubtful habits for Be prompt to obey and finally let others know publicly what God is doing. I'd like to pay for just a moment. Father in heaven that was somewhat of a a lengthy beginning to what I want to share this morning. But I believe a necessary one because many people have not been with us Lord during the week. I ask that you would be with us now. Please forgive us Lord of our sins Lord you know that there are those sins that so easily be set us there's the call of the world there's the vagaries in our own minds Lord and sometimes Lord that we don't like to admit it there are habits and things in our lives that don't belong there and sometimes it's not often we don't even want to let you get rid of them for us and others suffer in our families at the workplace and certainly your kingdom does too. Father I asked that you would move down out of the way and that you speak to me this morning. Oh Father blast was in a mighty mighty way please to the Holy Spirit for Jesus' sake for the sake of your kingdom and for the sake of those who don't know about you and father for the sake of those we pray for. But perhaps are Persian not been answered because some of the things that will talk about today I ask this in Jesus' name with gratitude thank you learn and that I gave you a bit of a handout if you want to take that hand out. If you don't have it if you raise your hand a deacon can bring one to you I was told well go through this without too much delay. If anyone is like in a handout raise your hand we have a person here in the front lacking several. And there's even a section for you to write in answers to. I love to give written material because that way people remember what they've heard after the fact I'm not going to look up all the verses for the things on the first page you can look them up later. First of all the most important thing I could tell you about getting answers to prayer is unless you pray you will not get in Surrey I know that seems simple but look at the two quotations there it is part of God's plan to grant is in answer to the paraphase that which he would not bestow did we not have their blessings. Waiting to God will not give us if we're not brain but notice the next one prayer has been made the means of obtaining blast things that would not otherwise be received. There's lots of reasons why people don't pray I believe partially because they prayed and they haven't seen answer so they kind of given up or they bought into the idea that prayer is a discipline some kind of exercise you go through that is not true. Prayer is like a conversation with her friend where you share what's on your heart and what you need and a loving heavenly Father says is that all. Isn't there more because God must of glasses in abundant ways so their first clue of getting answers to prayer is to ask ask and what it shall be given unto you seek and you will find not and the door what will be open for everyone who asks receives he was see signs and to him and ask it will be opened. Secondly none of us are good enough sometimes who are aware of that. But Jesus said to ask in My Name Jesus is always worthy and when we ask in his name we always have standing in the father's heart literally our prayers go out to Jesus and Jesus had his marriage his request and it goes to the Father as whose request the requested uses an R.V. have we must always pass in Jesus' name noticed he explained that the secret of their success would be in asking for strength and grace how in his name he would be present before the father to make requests for them the prayer of the humble petition or he presents as his own desire and that Soulsby Have you never have even the slightest reason to say I'm not worthy I'm unable to pray pray in Jesus' name and you are Third we must believe we must believe. OK We must believe and you know I'm I'm giving you sure change let's look up the verses look at Mark a living twenty four there are not many here the powers in the world we've talked about it this week. Mark eleven twenty four you can look them up later. Therefore I say do whatever things you ask when you pray believe that you receive them and what if you're lucky you'll have them right no you will have them. Prayer is this is the quotation Mark Levin twenty four was diverse. Prayer is heavens ordained means of success in the conflict with sin and the development of Christian character. The divine influences they come in answer to the prayer of faith the prayer that's based on the promises of God will accomplish in the soil of supply is the one asking how much all for that which he pleads for the pardon of sin for the Holy Spirit for a Christ like temper for wisdom and strength to do his work for any give his promise we may ask and the promise is what you will receive what you asked for. OK. God has said you're my child. Ask I will give for we must pray according to God's will sometimes we have a very immature attitude towards prayer and some of you may remember this from when I was here last time I ever friend in another part of the world who when she was first married was very immature in her face and she prayed and said God I'm not happy in my marriage my husband has a dangerous job because trees and what he at least part of the tree in direct cut himself up with a chainsaw. Either way my husband I sincere and when her husband came home she was frustrated because God had answered her prayer. My brothers and sisters. God will only answer your prayers if they are for His glory and for your good and for the good of others did you hear me you cannot print say God have this person you know. Die because they're getting in the way of my success God would not answer that prayer did you hear me. Notice Christ makes it plain that are asking must be according to God's will we must ask for the things that he has promised and whatever receive we must use it and doing his will the conditions met the promise is what on equivocal look at the promise first John Chapter five first John Chapter five verse fourteen and fifteen. Now this is the confidence that we have in him that if we ask what anything according to His will He hears us and they if we know that he hears us whatever we ask we know that we have the petitions that we've asked of him if we pass according to God's will the promises we will receive it. Do you want to have a one hundred percent. Brain average so to speak. Always ask according to God's will but remember every parent knows is no is as much an answer as Yes right no is as much an answer as yes. Next the need to comply with God's conditions look at John nine thirty one. John nine thirty one and says Now we know that God does not hear sinners but if anyone is a worshipper of God and does His will He hears him another words it says that God doesn't listen to sinners and I have to add in caviar they're in the same way that he listens to his children but it says to those who worship and what and do His will obey Him I have noticed the grad sometimes answers prayers for people who don't love God don't know anything about and I believe it's because God often will reveal Himself to answered prayer but if you claim to be a child of God and you are doing something that is dishonoring God let me assure you God will not ignore what you were doing and still answer your prayers. Did you hear me. Because you see what is God's ever to reveal himself to someone else if you were to answer your prayers would only be supporting your rebellion did you hear me. Remember the story of David bringing the Ark back to Jerusalem the vilest giant Senate was golden rats because they'd ask their priest how can we do this in a respectful way and they told of a new car you know so you know that it's gone. Put some rats just to please the guide and Ellen White says they got accepted what they did because they knew so little but when David put the are kind of heart and try to bring it back and thirty thousand people came out. Ellen White says that was rebellion because David knew better and thirty thousand people came out with two ideas either it doesn't matter or they figured someone else had studied. And God doesn't buy into someone else studied or doesn't matter. My brothers and sisters we serve a God who has given us the most amazing guidebook for happiness and he's not about to say some other book is fine or your own opinion is fine then we need to persist. Local Levon five to nine you know the story. Probably we're not going to read all of that Luke Chapter eleven. Bruce is five to nine it says there. It's big seven a friend coming at midnight and needing something asking for three loaves and admits that he has nothing to put before this person and it densest choices I say to you. VS though he will not rise and give him because he is his friend yet because of his persistence he will arise and give him a much as much as he needs. There is something about persistence and notice the quotation and we're really persist in prayer God does not say pray once and I will answer you. His word is pray be instant in prayer believing he have the things she asked and what he shall receive them I will answer you. Our persistence zero is not to change God's mind did you know that usually our persistence is so that our own minds in our own lives are changed so they were prepared to receive the blessings if you look at most prayers where for example Hannah Maybe you remember the story of Hannah she was praying for sun and she prayed and nothing was changing right. But finally when they got a letter to devote that sign as gods. Then God can answer prayer because you see that sun had been chosen by God to be a priest to be a leader until she was prepared to raise that child for good and give that child to God God could not interest that child with her she had many children later but their first child had a special calling in some of us are prayers are too small We're praying for something we need in God's eyes hold that prayer bigger prayer. OK And then there's something to be said for for praise. Philippians for over six Philippians four first six probably you could all put these verses by memory to me. Flipkens for over six Daniel didn't have the New Testament then but he certainly live by this. Be anxious for nothing most of us are very disobedient in that respect but in everything by prayer and supplication. How with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to glad every prayer must include Thanksgiving and sometimes people ask the question why. Thanksgiving Why is it so important because Thanksgiving gives us the courage to keep persisting. If we just said God please pray why aren't you want to answer and we would leave our prayer time discouraged but if we say Lord we've prayed and I know you've heard all the answers coming praise the Lord. There's something about our hearts and our emotions following what comes out of this and that's why if you're going to a discouraging time by all means look for anything and everything to praise God for did you know that I had a friend who told me she was discouraged or Preston and she decided she was going to thank God for anything and she told me. Dan when the skies are gray I I praise God because I have eyes to see that the skies are gray and she said as I began thanking God over and over again the mist began to lift until finally I was a joyful Christian there is something to praise and says in the Bible a merry heart works like a what a good medicine and I believe it works better than all the medications that science has come up with and I must tell you. That there are things that hinder answers so we're going to have a little bit of high fiber time now OK just for a few minutes notice first some steps to Christ if we regard and Nick witty in our hearts if we claim to any known sin the lord what will not hear us but the prayer of the penitent contracts so it was always accepted when all known wrongs are righted. We've maybe leave the god will answer our petitions that says if we regard iniquity What does it mean to regard iniquity or she enters it says if we cling to any known sin if we cherish something that's wrong we say I don't care what you said I'm going to keep this she says clearly that God will not hear us OK. Look at some sixty six verse eighteen some sixty six first eighteen some sixty fifth verse eighteen I'm waiting a few moments you can all find it sounds sixty six verse eighteen. It says If I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord what will not hear and my brothers and sisters that is true if you are cherishing something that is outside of God's will and you have been busily praying for God to help you in some way please don't be upset with God Please do something for yourself choose to let God remove that thing out of your life so their God will be able to answer your prayer. Did you hear me. But always to go to live in such a way the God is unable to answer our prayers. Other verses there as well you can look them up but but at least look at Proverbs twenty eight burst nine it's not like God is is ambiguous on the subject at all. Proverbs twenty eight verse nine it says there. One who turns away his ear from hearing the law even his prayer is an abomination. We've turned away from God Even our prayers come up as an abomination before God Now let's turn to the book of Isaiah Let's see what was the hindering factor in Isaiah's date Isaiah Chapter one chapter one I could give you quotes and every one of these things. Verses fifteen to seventeen and now please write it in if you would when you spread your hands I will hide my eyes from you another is when your brain I'm not going to notice even though you make many prayers I will not hear why your hands are full of blood. Wash yourselves make yourselves clean put away the evil of doing evil. Of your doings from before my I cease to do evil. Learn to do good then seek justice. Rebuke the oppressor. Defend the fatherless plead for the widow. Eyes ears said there isn't a concern for justice and doing right. You're forgetting others who are unfortunate. OK you can read more about it. Says everyone loves bribes and follows after wards they do not defend the fatherless nor the cause of the widow's comes of for them it's an it's an uncaring attitude it's a you know what responsibility is that to me that's the first one then if you would look at Chapter fifty eight verse three. Isaiah fifty eight verse three. It says there why have we fasted they say and you have not seen why have we have footed our schools and you take no notice. In fact in the day of your fast you find pleasure and exploit all your laborers there was exploitation going on. Noticed her six and seven. Is this not the fast that I've chosen to loose the bonds of wickedness to under the heavy burdens to let the oppressed go free that you break every yoke is it not to share your bread with the hungry that you bring to your house the poor who are cast out when you see the naked that you cover him and not hide yourself from your own flesh. Then our promise in verse eight then your light shall break forth like the morning your healing just bring forth speedily and you're right she says she'll go before you. Verse nine and you should call the Lord will answer you should cry and he'll say here I am so there its care for the needy and then verse thirteen if you turn away your foot from doing the service from doing your pleasure on my holy day and call the Sabbath a delight the holy day of the Lord. Honorable and she'll honor him not doing your own ways nor finding your own pleasure or speak in your own words then you show the like yourself in the Lord and I will cause you to write in the High heels of the sound of the earth the problem there was they were breaking the Sabbath they weren't keeping the Sabbath in the way the God intended and in my study this week and I shared some good Tasia is with a group during the rig if we are breaking the Sabbath. It will stop. Revival and lessons from coming. God means to be honored. What hindered in my caused a look at my kitchen after three vs four in six. Micah chapter three verses four and six. Micah chapter three verses four and six. Takes a while the find that little book. Micah chapter three verses for then they will cry to the Lord but what but he will not hear them he will even hide his face from them at that time because they've been evil in their deeds the says the Lord concerning the prophets who make my people stray who chant peace Well they chew with thirty's but who prepare war against him who puts nothing into their mouths. Therefore you shall have night without vision etc The point is is they had a problem with listening to fault. Profits today. It's a sad thing but you almost feel guilty in some churches if you read the writings of L. and might like there's something wrong if you want to know the bus ins of God. You must go back you must go back and accept her writings not necessarily popular but I believe God gave her writings to be a great blessing. Now if you would look up the book of Zachariah that go it's a little bit further along saccharine Chapter seven vs eight to thirteen and you're welcome to go back later to look at these verses on your own. I will come back at least maybe to one of them. Seven starting in verse eight. Does the word of the Lord came to Zacharias sane the says the LORD of hosts. Execute true justice show mercy and compassion. Everyone to his brother do not oppress the widow or the fatherless the alien or the poor let none of you plan he will in his heart against his brother but they refuse to heed shrug their shoulders and stopped their ears so they could not hear yes they made their hearts like Flint. Refusing to hear the law and the words which the LORD of hosts it sent by his spirit to the former prophets. Thus great wrath came from the LORD of hosts. Therefore it happened the just as he put claim they would not hear so they called out and I would not listen says the LORD of hosts once again in fact the rise ministry God says because you refused to listen to the profits that I sent you when you pray I will not hear what you say did you hear me. Because you refused to hear my profits I will not respond. If you would look at Second Chronicles thirty six Second Chronicles thirty six this is I believe very true today. Very true today. Sadly and there's no shame by those who who disdain but verses fifteen and sixteen and the Lord God of their fathers and warnings to them by his messengers rising up early and sending them because he had compassion. God has given us a prophet in our day. Not alive now but has given us a prophet in his compassion because we were ignoring what the Bible taught but notice resisting but they mock the messengers of God They despise his words and scoffed at his profits until the wrath of the Lord. A rose against his people. Till there was no remedy my brothers and sisters if God cared enough to send a profit Don't you think you would be wise for us to read and learn and thereby receive God's wrath and I'm very serious about what I say it's interest in and I don't have a verse in front of me but Jesus when he was talking to the people of his a he said Sunday when you get the kingdom you're going to see Abraham you go through all the patriarchs and the profits you see the very people that they had rejected Jesus says you're going to find all of them up into heaven some day and Sunday we're going to find those people that we have rejected why do we not accept God's blessings do we really want to be the people which the disk Bible describes is coming to the point of having no remedy. Let me be personal some day when you and I get to heaven by the grace of God will we be happy knowing that there are people who are not in heaven because we stubbornly refused to comply and thereby our prayers never got through. Did you hear me. We are personally responsible we are personally responsible and I look at the bigger Malik I look at the book America Malakai Chapter one The middle part of Verse six God says where is my reverence says the LORD of hosts to you priesthood despise my name. Do reverence God do we shall reverence trigger in his sanctuary in his house even here yet you say in what way have we despise your name you offer defiled foods on my older but say in what way have we defile you buy same the table of the Lord is contemptible and when you offer the blind as a sacrifice is it not evil and when you offer the layman the sick is it not evil. Offered then to your governor would he be placed with you. Would he accept you favorably. Says the Lord of host another words we are offering God not the best but whatever we don't need I don't want to see this in criticism but I remember hearing once a man talking about his in gathering night is in getting his investment project for the Lord he said folks my project is I go for a walk every day and if I find a coin on the ground I pick it up and I put in the bucket so I have something to give an investment Sabbath does that mean that you have such low regard for God that all you can give him is what you found on the road instead of taking it from your own funds. Please my brothers and sisters that's nothing to rejoice over that's what you get on your needs a God forgive us open us open up our eyes so that we will not fall and fail in that kind of thinking. God has made you a steward I told the people early in the week that if you want to understand an aspect of sin. Imagine the fact that you have a child that lives at a distance and there is someone who said I'm going to do what I can to befriend your child and you see praise God I'm going to send you some money to do that and you check when this is first and says you know I'm sorry but I joined a bowling league. I'm sorry but man we have a church baseball team and I hope I'm not stepping on any toes but we just haven't had time to go out and what about your money well you know we need a new uniforms we needed some new equipment. My brothers and sisters it's like that was got God trust gives us money and he gives his time for a purpose not to waste on ourselves and Sunday we will be asked to give account for what has been given as did you hear me. Did you hear me that I believe is what God is talking about there and look America and by the way the most precious resource you have is the gift of time that can never be replaced money can but not time. Will be asked to give account for time look at Malakai Chapter two verses thirteen and fourteen. And this is the second thing you do you cover the altar of the Lord with tears with weeping and crying so he does not regard the offering anymore. No receive it was good will from your hands yet you say for what reason because the Lord has been witness between you and the wife of your youth with whom you have dealt treacherously yet she is your companion and your wife by continent. God says I can hear if you are not respecting your wife God hates divorce for good reason I hated as well and if we think that we can just leave and move on and expect God's blessings. Book America says not so not so doesn't mean if we've made a mistake in repented that we can come back into relationship God says exceedingly clear that if you are not cherishing the wife of your youth when you're married to. You're choosing just abandon it would definitely take a toll in your spirituality you must not assume you can just forget your promises you know and just move on and I magine you understand me. Malakai chapter three verse seven in the middle. Returned to me and I will return to you says the LORD of hosts but you said in what way shall we return will a man rob God yet you have robbed me but you say in what way have we robbed you in tithes and offerings you are cursed with a curse for you have robbed me even this whole nation bring all the tides into the storehouse that there may be food in my house and try me now in this says the LORD of hosts if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such a blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it God says When we are not faithful with are tied we are robbing him and God says I cannot blushes my brothers and sisters that tide is a constant reminder that all we have belongs to God and God doesn't take lightly when we ignore that called to be faithful to God with our time I've then turned to the book of hag I turn to the book of Hagel Malaka as a last look he was before that the book of Hagel just a few books before. Haggard Chapter One God is speaking to the people and it says there are the says the LORD of hosts chapter one verse to this people says The time has not come the time that the Lord's house should be built they were delaying working on God's house then the word of the Lord came by Haggar the prophet saying is it time for you yourself to dwell in your panel the houses and this temple to lie in ruins. God says how is it that you can live in such a nice way. All my work is not going forward well. Well my house is in ruins now consider you have sewn much for six and bring in little you either do not have enough you drink but you are not filled with drink you quote yourself but no one is warm and he earns wages earns wages to put it into a bag with holes that says the Lord. Consider your ways go to the mountains. Build a temple Demi take pleasure in it and be glorified says the Lord. God says all of these things have come because you have failed you have taken care of yourself instead of taking care of my house my brothers and sisters in a rhetorical way. Is God's house in ruins I think is not doing nearly as well as it should be if we were all faithful there would be no lack of means to support in further the work of God OK. Jesus added to other things Jesus said If you go to the altar and remember there that that there's something between you and your brother what did he say to do. Leave the gift at the altar go to your brother. Make things right and then come back. Notice the quotation. One great reason why our brother and sisters have no more confidence towards God in prayer is that nearly all neglect to follow the words of Jesus and preserving the harmony between brother and the allow various wrongs to exist and while these differences exist God neither here nor answers their prayers you cannot be in a feud with someone else and expect your prayers to be answered Did you hear me she says and it comes from the Bible. Matthew eleven twenty five if you want to see there's a type of there I apologize. MARKEL Levon twenty five. Look that up if you would for just a moment. I hope you never forget what I've shared today. Mark eleven twenty five it says and whenever you stand brain and if you have anything against anyone forgive him that your Father in Heaven may also forgive you your trespasses But if you do not forgive. Neither will your Father in Heaven forgive your trespass is if we refuse to forgive or ask forgiveness it will keep us out of heaven did you hear me. And the quotation there says while these differences exist God neither hears nor answers your prayer in my experience there was a time when I was getting no answers to prayer and so kind. Finally got convicted me about this and I wrote letters out as a result of that I saw the windows of heaven open like I could have never imagined. I've had people tell me Dan God would never expect me to do that I don't want to disappoint you but your god is a lot more patient than you are and he was just keep turning the screw harder and harder until you finally decide that you need to take it seriously and by the way when you go and make things right it takes a load off your shoulders. You'll become friends with that person and I've seen people healed in dramatic ways. Literally And I've seen entire families. Converted because one person in the family decided to make things right with someone else. My brothers and sisters do not let if you'd continue your prayers will not be answered if that's what's going on finally First Peter three verse Ivan first Peter three verse of an hour going to the back of the Bible. First Peter three verse seven it says husbands likewise dwell with them with understanding giving honor to the wife as to the weaker vessel and as been errors to go there are other grace of life that your prayers may not be injured you cannot be unkind and unloving to wife and expect to get your prayers answered Did you hear me. If you want to find your job description as a husband. It's funny Feagin is twenty five twenty five husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church that your job description. Wives there is a submission but it's submission to a godly loving husband who'd be willing to give his life on your behalf did you hear me. Our relationships in the family can hinder our prayers my brothers and sisters these are the things that the Bible talks about and if some of these things feel a little close to home if you feel like I've stepped on your toes then instead of getting on your knees and saying God please change what Dan says. Say Lord help me to make the changes so that I will not waste my time praying anymore did you hear me. We waste our time when these things that I've mentioned are not addressed so please go home and read through these verses I suggest other verses in each case if you were to take that seriously I believe you would see amazing answers to prayer. I've seen those answers. Others assume those answers why waste our time. Ways God's time to no avail. God plans to come back for a holy people. God wants to come back Sunday to a people for whom Heaven has already begun in their midst. We are won by we represent the Lord Jesus Christ. Each of us needs to be a committee of one to research render ourselves to whatever the Bible teaches and then as we discover the rubbish in our hearts in our lives in our homes we should have the courage to remove them and change them to the god can come in power and bring the revival they were hoping for his every person this truce does that the Holy Spirit will be here and it exert and your church will be crowded because God will call those who are faithful waiting to see the real thing and God will feel free to trust others with us but he is is it too hard to do our part so their God can do are his part I don't think so I know for Rose and I were going to do our best to the grace of God and I hope you join us as well thank you so much that's my prayer this morning in Jesus' name. Now as we come to the end of our service. I want to make a bit of an appeal. You've heard a lot of things this week and I pray that it's gotten through but it must continue right it must continue if you want to make a commitment to doing all you can to keep a revival. Continuing because I believe a revival has begun I want you to come to the front and say God by the grace of God I'm going to take this little handa and I want to make sure there's nothing that's going to hinder my prayers or by the way. Hinder revival and I'm going to pray for others and I'm going to get together with others and keep rain until the blessings come. I'm absolutely convinced that God will bring the blessings if we are serious with him this is not an emotional appeal this is purely a kind of a white knuckled one sane than I'm willing to put my life in God's hands and ask that he would carry me forward you know in the rivers will believing that he'll lead me and keep me and sustained me and whatever that means if you want to do that and you're really serious about it you don't want to lie to god right then please come forward and stand here in the front as your sign that you want to be a part of the solution this morning please come forward. This is like Guinn's ban you know those that are saying we're going to allow our lives to change you're taking humans to us but God is rejoicing and he will send help like you can to mention thank you so much I want to pray Father in Heaven you have seen people come forward this morning I am not playing with your emotions. I'm just telling you on their behalf that we want to be found faithful. And we believe been found faithful happens one day to time every moment to the day we invite you Lord to come into our lives in a mighty way we ask that you would open our eyes to see ourselves as you see this. We asked Father that you'd convict is thought about the things in our home the don't belong to the things that we find in our homes in our lives that don't belong there and board we believe that that whatever you say is true and we are choosing Lord to obey you without thinking about the consequences. Obeying you to go forward. It's the strongly it's the wise way. Please father Satan is going to fight to give us your help. Thank you that your Grace is greater than our our sin you can do what is impossible. As shaver the other night you know we can do all things through Christ and how you always leads us forward in trying but we claim that victory. Thank you though that every person here standing is in Jesus and new creation by faith. Make it real and do it now. Thank you Lord in Jesus name I pray and then you have just listen to the final segment of a ten part even series on revival entitled revival now given in Benton Harbor Michigan in January of two thousand and fourteen with a final session on prayer. Sabbath morning by myself. Dan Augsburg or if you have listened to the prior installments you know that we have considered a variety of subjects that speaks to the need and the pursuit of revival throughout the series we have been deeply concerned the believers realise the gods formula for forgiveness and revival begins as noted in first John one nine if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. We are of the opinion that many efforts for a viable began and with prayer only giving lip service to the all important elements of confession. Humiliation and repentance. We have accordingly spent much time on the need to confess what we need to confess the need to make things right and the pathway to changing one's behavior including receiving God's pardon been changes who the end dwelling savior the role of trials and taking up Christ lifestyle in the segment you just listen to we consider the sense that have kept God from answering prayers in the past the list was unfortunately extensive and listed many things that are going on in the church today if you would like to hand out. Please check out the revival now page for P.D.F. or riotous at Path to prayer at G. Mail dot com I hope you have personalize what you've heard our troubled as a result and feeling the conviction of the Holy Spirit that some things need to change. Well what should you do anything something here are some suggestions first confess your sins admit you've been wrong it may be a struggle but it is necessary. Next make things right so far as you are able even if you are humbled into the dust. Doing so then commit to changing your ways. Don't forget to ask and claim God's forgiveness as well then ask God to show you anything that is wrong or DAVO in your life and set them aside. Do that to the best of your ability. Doubtful things hinder the spirits presence in your life. Finally earnestly see God's blessing on your quest for a viable make sure part of your prayers asking God to show you anything that would keep your prayers from being answered. Be prob to obey and let others know what God is doing. We would appreciate knowing how you have been blessed in that regard. Please write us had passed your prayer and G. Mail dot com And that is no the blessings and the changes that have taken place. There are also many other resources on our Web site disciple heart dot com Let me repeat that disciple hard nosed space disciple hard dot com where you may find very helpful. Our resources in answers. Feel free to also write as if you can help further. We will do our part to get back to you with a horrible answer or resource as soon as possible. Rose joins me in wishing you all of God's best and we will be praying for you. Please also pray for us. I blush you media was brought by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free. Sermon audio and much more if you would like for you.


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