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The Journey of President Lincoln's Lectern

Daniel Towar


Daniel Towar

Evangelist, Michigan Conference


  • September 12, 2015
    11:00 AM
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There is something like people really talking about a lot but the journey of various sermon. I'm going to read the world away from the world community today that occurred at the corner. We're going to be called and persecute you or you. They were in the Northern Territory. Great comeback for working people need. Giving the book we need will generally river and there any need for words clearly. Everything to gain over during the thirteen years America. You can hold me back in Vietnam many many in the thirteen years he was not a man would be predicted he made a little every day were inundated with nearly a year of. Good going to when there were there are believe we need to learn. After thirty one million American population or two hours afterward and compared to the court anywhere near as we know better in America it's probably the most. Two million. Today I'm going to invite you very rarely speak or something are running running a marathon or whatever to reach you let me speak with your embarrass me but certainly wouldn't compare to comment there. We're going to do the opportunity to be more than that. Good well be coming back to marry me. We believe that they were built or than I could with young creature I'm getting up like the great regret but you know we were talking about I was thirty and everybody on the board was a little bit of credibility for me by the grace of God got people moving out of the generation your generation order your new power at the end of the America. Do you not know what would come about but I would hope and pray for the first government or the people I don't know I don't know what the public broken from the product of the people of the world when you are a lot of it was great. You were put in church. But a little paragraph in the lectern Sermon on the Mount. What they do they were always turn. Have you ever heard talk about. But when you're talking about turn me the ones that are the greater the many from the year new me go out there were the luck turned in the words in a row the lecturing coach Berg on religion immigration is to be delivered to the world meeting a rapper now that the well turned one of the one of America's grand old were you. Thirty one million Americans getting depressed to pull the stuff about the world for nearly all underneath me you're not the greatest. Were you today than anybody else we're going to talk about that. And the only one ever known until one of the crowd and he brought them in reading the Bible. Presentation ever given by American culture and the word third grade in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. The great part of the year before one things are going really for America and the good doctor told up with any longer about the word proclamation and they can write and they became a presidential decree ensure anymore and want to thank you both were searching proclamation we do want to turn the war the United Arab Emirates. Startling what are going to lose not for the bugs but I'll get rid of the words the recurring member painter marble taken of the year you became a martyr for the call the morning where we sit and link these independent call where America America into another vendor in Dearborn Michigan. There are good ever been there but no whatever but not independent. We're going to talk about whether you're playing all the way which is in Dearborn Michigan places and I can relate. I can try to bring me reading the Bible. Morning with the rising year old boy. Good Lord. It brought me into it are in America one hundred forty one point to the union going to step in the journey. We have religious liberty. Franklin partly by the way we would be coming to the very place where America started. Everything You Need to me earlier in the road in the Roman Catholic Pope Francis called upon the world to pay attention to environmental people across the world. When you're reading the words Good good. Plaited the document they're going to hold the earth to those interested in the great song to really grab my coat of global environmental deterioration I want to help her cope I would like to answer in our old paragraph paragraph you would probably never know. Didn't think there's a big difference between independent or me and I know we don't know the barrel we can separate truth we must know the ball we know the truth or to run very parallel great on your mantle little through no remain open the gate. Chance of a new beginning. One good person to reach. The biblical clearly recovering Raja nature of the Creator. We're actually going to thirty our participation in the Eucharist and entered the words in the retelling of the truth or Jesus believed to be here today. Relationship with others. Well do you think groups are the Lord with your ration of Least man turning in God So we are holding our another immigrant in the refugees nearly the old were well meaning. We need to know due to horrible. Are we to do. Where can we look in the world the world in the world. Paragraph two and the third reckless thirteen twelve M. be able to read it with admiration. Never talk about terror we are churning of eternal towards our common goal courting one could be led to believe that you were to follow all the world that the world but all. We need to know about the I believe it's going to be you know they could have been the old immigration and I don't know the day or the hour but I want to be part of God's great sharing and within two weeks from first in the world leaders and then that's fine your lab with their mere old New York overlook where Guard already met thirty two we are independent. The America together going to go in the New York you were there are no matter what it is in America in the terms of what I have to get him to bring one hundred in the ground of the new including the remember the many many in America where when you're independent Tolbert altogether. Abraham Lincoln the very last journey read at all nor going to elite private out of the problem. Don't know if you were going to remain Franklin Parkway again over a million troops and all the world and we've been very serious and that's pretty late. The Tribulation is really talking about thirty three goals later in that chapter. We're riding a very very hard to call in the heart of gold the pope bring America may not be in the winter on there will be great tribulation the world on till the persecution that we're all the proper were very clearly to our crew because you went to a great number. MARTIN. Always turn your your are we could find a great mystery. But all matter be able to get called called words including your lover not far from the couple by the way no one else will be. We've never been called on the word and she was. Today it's more important going to be more more important there be more pressure on one of the most popular parlor we're not been a right. Franklin Park America I want to make your heart. I want you to really do you want. This media was brought to you by audio person a Web site dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio first or you would like to listen to more sermon Please Visit W W W dot audio first or.


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