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Why Not to Worry… Four Reasons for Christians

H.M.S. Richards Sr.


Every Time I Feel the Spirit - Del Delker and Bob Seamount

The King's Business - King's Heralds

On A Rugged Hill - Del Delker

Trusting - King's Heralds


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“Lift up the trumpet and loud let it ring:

 Jesus is coming again!

Cheer up, ye pilgrims, be joyful and sing:

Jesus is coming again!


This is the Voice of Prophecy – a voice crying in the wilderness of these modern days. Prepare ye the way of the Lord.


“Coming again, coming again,

Jesus is coming again!”


From our Voice of Prophecy studios in Los Angeles California, we welcome you to this half hour of inspiration and music with the King's Heralds, Del Delker, Brad Braley and H.M.S. Richards, a Seventh Day Adventist Preacher, the Voice of Prophecy speaker.


Del Delker and Bob Seamount sing for us now by multiple tape recording; all of the voices of a lady’s trio in a male quartet.  The song is a spiritual - Every time I feel the Spirit.


            Every time I feel the Spirit

            Movin’ in my heart, I will pray

            Every time I feel the Spirit

Movin’ in my heart, I will pray.


Jordan River, chilly and cold,

Chill the body, not the soul

All around me look so shine

Ask my Lord if all was mind


            Every time I feel the Spirit

            Movin’ in my heart, I will pray

            Every time I feel the Spirit

Movin’ in my heart, I will pray.


Satan tempts me all in vain

With my Jesus, I remain

In the valley, on my knees

Ask my Lord mercy please


            Every time I feel the Spirit

            Movin’ in my heart, I will pray

            Every time I feel the Spirit

Movin’ in my heart, I will pray.


Our Heavenly Father, we pray that Thou will bless this broadcast to all who hear. Take fear from our hearts. Help us to trust Thee and have faith in Thee that all things work together for good to them that love God. We pray for the leaders of the nations and for men everywhere who seek Thee. In Jesus' name it


There is a place of quiet rest,

Near to the heart of God,
A place where sin cannot molest,

Near to the heart of God.


O Jesus, blest Redeemer, 

Sent from the heart of God,
Hold us, who bow before Thee, 

Near to the heart of God.




I am a stranger here, within a foreign land;

My home is far away, upon a golden strand;

Ambassador to be of realms beyond the sea,

I’m here on business for my King.



            This is the message that I bring

            A message angels fain would sing

            “Oh, be ye reconciled,” Thus saith my Lord and King

            “Oh, be ye reconciled to God”


My home is brighter far than Sharon’s rosy plain,

Eternal life and joy throughout its vast domain;

My Souv’reign bids me tell how mortals there may dwell,

And that’s my business for my King.



            On a rugged hill, stood a rugged cross

            And upon that cross, there hang in shame

            God’s beloved Son, Christ, the lovely One

            Who from heaven to the sinner came


            Calv’ry, rugged hill of sorrow

            Where the prince of glory died for me

            Wounded, crushed and broken hearted

            He suffered untold agony


            Sinless, there He bore my burden

            That from sinful shame I might be free.

            Glorious day, He took my sins away

On the cross of Calvary.


Now this special message to all of our friends and listeners in the Battle Creek Michigan area: beginning next Friday evening, March 29, Mr. Richards will conduct a series of  evangelistic sermons in the Battle Creek Michigan tabernacle located at 19 North Washington Avenue. Our special invitation goes to all who live in the Battle Creek Michigan area. Plan now to hear Mr. Richards in this outstanding series of evangelistic sermons. Each night will feature the solo voice of Del Delker and the organ music of Brad Braley. We appeal to all our listeners across the country to pray for these meetings that God will use this campaign in a mighty way and that many hearts will be turned to Christ.


Now with today's message here is H.M.S. Richards, the Voice of Prophecy speaker. His subject: why not to worry.


And millions of people need to take the worry cure today because millions of people are worried. We’re the greatest nation of warriors on earth. We’ll read now the beautiful words of the 14th chapter of John's Gospel, beginning with the first verse continuing to the end of the third verse. If you have a Bible handy, we'd be happy to have you turn to these Words and read them with us. We begin with the words of Jesus: “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.”


This is Christ's cure for worry. He gives us 4 reasons why we should stop worrying, if we are worrying or why we should not begin to worry.


Four reasons why Christians should never worry


Notice the first reason given: “Let not your heart be troubled” that a newspaper language for stop worrying or don't worry. What's the first reason? “Ye believe in God.” Anyone who really truly believes in God should stop worrying. The great God of the universe knows all things, Our Heavenly Father. He's too wise to make a mistake. He's too good to be unkind. “The eternal God is Thy refuge,” one scripture says, and underneath are the everlasting arms” – Deuteronomy 33:27. That's a wonderful text. So why should we worry? If you have time, read also the 40th chapter of Isaiah especially verses 28 to 31.


Let not your heart be troubled, friend. If you believe in God, He understands. He is a loving heavenly Father. He is a forgiving Heavenly Father.


Remember how he welcomed the prodigal son back home again. Read that story. Read it there in the 15th chapter of Luke. You’ll never doubt that He's a forgiving Father then. The boy came home. The father ran to meet him. You know the beautiful story. Read it. Don't worry anymore. He'll receive you too. His love will cover all your sins. His forgiveness and mercy are infinite for there's a wideness in God's mercy like the wideness of the sea. If we trust God a little more, we’d worry a lot less.


We may not be atheist, but we act as though we were if we do not depend upon God or pray to Him or read His Word. If there is a God and if He's a good God, we have to stop worrying. Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid, you believe in God.


A famous nose and throat specialist was compelled to operate on a little girl without any anesthetic, so he took a fifty cent piece out of his pocket and said, “That's for you, honey, you can spend it exactly as you wish. Now I'm going to hurt you a little but not for long. Take a good look at that fifty cent piece before I begin. Hold it tight in your hand and while I'm at work, remember what you saw, it won't hurt nearly so much if you do that.” When it was over, the doctor patted the child on the head, he said, “You're a brave little girl. Now tell me what you thought about when I was at work.” “Oh,” she said, “the words.” “The words? You mean the date on that coin, don’t you?” He hardly remembered that the coin had words at all. “No, no, the words at the top,” she said, “those words- In God We Trust. I've never seen them before because I'd never seen a half dollar before. That's the first one I ever saw. It's lovely to have those words there so folks who have half dollars can think about them all the time.”

Yes, friends, in God we trust, that's it. Quit worrying. Let not your heart be troubled. God understands your heartache. He knows. He knows our thoughts afar off. Psalm 139 tells the second verse. Knows all about us; loves us just the same.


And now we come to the second reason why Christians shouldn't worry. Here it is in verse, well it’s the second verse really of John 14. “Let not your heart be troubled, you believe in God, believe also in me.” Don't worry; you believe in Christ, you believe in Jesus as the savior of the world. You believe He died on the cross as your atoning sacrifice. Why should you worry about your sins then if you forsaken and repented of them? All those confessed and forsaken sins of ours have been covered with His blood.


Why should we worry about the future? Christ foresees the future. In the 24th chapter of Matthew, here’s an outline of the future, a prophecy of the days to come. Our Christ takes care of the past. He takes care of the future, too and He promises that those who love Him will be with Him where He is. John 17:24. Then why should we worry? As the old song puts it we sang when we were children,

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,

 Just from sin and self to cease;

 Just from Jesus simply taking

Life and rest, and joy and peace.


And now we come to the third reason why Christians should never worry. It’s found in John 14:2 also. “In my Father's house are many mansions, if it were not so, I would have told you, I go to prepare a place for you.” There it is. Don't worry because there's a home for you over there. There's a heaven beyond. You look about and see the way things going this life, sometimes we are tempted to be discouraged and worry. We see strife, confusion among the nation's, preparations for war, disappointment, trouble, heartache, tears in our lives, injustice, inequalities; but here we have this great truth which brings confidence and peace to the hearts of God's people. This life isn't the end of the story. There's something beyond. There's a life beyond, the land beyond. The reunion where the children of God will meet beyond a better land, a place for God's people. Happiness, it’s real, it's a place.


Stop worrying about the future. All your affairs are in God's hands. You know, friend, while your heart may be broken today because you lately lost a dear one, let not your heart be troubled, you believe in God’s land of tomorrow. Somewhere beyond the night, in the sunset, your heartache will be healed. The Bible plainly says it will know each other over there. Jesus says that we shall be like Him. Disciples knew Him after His resurrection from the dead; the way He look, the way He spoke, the things He did. They recognized Him. So don't worry. You believe in God, you believe in Jesus, you believe in heaven.


Three great questions of life are whence, what, whither. Where did I come from? What's my duty here and where am I going? The Christian faith answers all three of these questions.


When Marco Polo, the famous Phoenician traveller in the thirteenth century came back and told the people of the wonders he'd seen in China, very few believed him. When he was dying, one of his attendants urged him to recant, to withdraw all the false statements he’d made – the stories he told about China, the lands of the Far East. He said, “No, I have nothing to recant, I haven't told half of what I saw.” And so no matter what heaven is like, it's beyond our most vivid imagination. The Bible doesn't reveal a thousandth part of what it would be like. Dear friend, let not your heart be troubled.


And now we come to the third verse of the 14th chapter of John, the fourth reason Jesus gives why Christians shouldn't worry. First is we believe in God. The second, we believe in Jesus, the Redeemer. The third, we believe in heaven.


And now listen, “If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive unto Myself that where I am there, there ye maybe also.” That's the glorious truth which we look forward. Jesus will come again. The Voice of Prophecy is proclaiming it in word and song. The cross was not the end of the story of Jesus. His ascension to heaven was not the end. His holy ministries, our High Priest in heaven, is not the end. No, He's coming again in glory, in power, in majesty. He’s coming, this time not the suffering Savior but reigning King. Looking out upon the conditions that confront mankind, war, famine, sickness, confusion, death, hearts filling in for fear, people need to hear this: Jesus is coming. There’s a great change just ahead and then shall the Son of Man come in a cloud with power and great glory. The Bible tells us that He will come as He went away. Acts 1:11 says “this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen Him go into heaven.”


You want Him to come. You believe in God. You believe that Jesus redeemed you from your sins. You believe there's a heaven beyond.  Don’t you want Christ to come and wipe away all tears from your eyes?


There’s every reason why we should have courage if we have faith in God, in Christ, in Heaven, then our Lord's return. Why should we worry anymore? O my friend, listen, if you look about the world, you see beyond its sorrow, its broken homes, and broken hearts, you see beyond the troubles and the mistakes and the darkness. You see the dawning of a great day coming. You see something better beyond. Has Christ received you as His child? By faith, do you belong to God? Do you know that there’s something better beyond the heaven for you?


My friends, better than a heaven beyond is a Christ beyond, Someone beyond. He's coming back for you and for me.


What a terrible mistake to worry all the time. Be happy. Look up for your redemption draweth nigh. We should give our hearts to God. We should trust in Jesus Christ as our only Savior, the Son of Man from heaven. We should look forward to that home. Take good courage, friend, for your redemption draweth nigh. Turned to God today in faith, believing, and find peace for your troubled heart.


            When Jesus left glory He came to this earth

            To take away sorrow and shame

            He’s pleading in heaven, the Savior divine

            And sinners may trust in His name


                        Trusting, I am trusting

                        Trusting, now in Him

                        I have left it all with Jesus

                        Now, I’m trusting Him


            And so I will trust Him, I know He is mine

            And all of my sorrows He shares

            He came with His pardoning love to my heart

            And now all my burdens He bears


Trusting, I am trusting

                        Trusting, now in Him

                        I have left it all with Jesus

                        Now, I’m trusting Him


And now, friends, until we meet again. This is Orville Iverson of the Voice of Prophecy saying, let us keep looking up going forward in faith.


Have faith in God, courageous be and strong

Have faith in God, fear not the power of wrong

Have faith in God, His arm is always strong

Have faith, dear friend, in God.

We hope this program served to bring blessing to you. I invite you to join us again next week for a program brought to you by the Voice of Prophecy.


Now, friends, remember, we expect to be personally at Battle Creek Michigan beginning this next Friday night, a series of meetings, there with the Pastor Charles Schemer. We invite all of our friends in that area to meet with us at the Battle Creek Michigan tabernacle beginning Friday night and every night for a week.


God bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee. The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee and give thee peace.




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