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In the Garden of the Resurrection

H.M.S. Richards Sr.


Christ Arose - King's Heralds

In the Garden - King's Heralds

He Did Not Die In Vain - Del Delker

He Is Not Here - King's Heralds

He Lives - King's Heralds


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This is the voice of prophecy. Later on in this program you'll hear a very important announcement. Lift up the drum curtain load Laird agreed to succumb to Gary and sure enough the pill dreams be joined for learns to. Jesus is coming again a and this is the mollies the prophecy. Loyce crying in the wilderness of these modern day prepare you the way of them don't come from a a get it and clone me get it from our voice of prophecy studios in Los Angeles California we welcome you to this half hour of inspiration that music with the king Taro's Dell DELL care Brad Brayley and H.M.S. Richard a Seventh Day Adventist minister was the prophecy speak for with a great day it's a way of coming to a bowl. The from the grave here all over being on my triumph or his old role of the victim from the old maid and Paulo terror it is day the rare. Room here. I lay low. Crummy roll over. Loads and loads cuties prick my hair if you're a told all over both goal with a smile LOL good the from the great hero America was weary of the minute he try and blow his bold hero the big trip around the dark goal mission and live Voltaire the way it is saying to the American Hero was hard for your mom i live your Crameri the loads. Heavenly Father we thank the that Jesus is a living Savior but he arose from the dead and ever live us to make intercession farce. We pray that this blessed and hope of ours in a risen Christ and in our own eternal life may be bright today. Bless this broadcast to all who lest we pray and Jesus' name there is a is a rare soft quote I had rare as near to the I thought cone. The day where seeing an umlaut more to go under. Own Jesus blessed Redeemer sent from the heart of God told us to bow before being near to the heart of God on icon who the god i know i loaded while the good is there along the rollover and of all over it's none here calling on my must follow him of global it is closer to I'm walks made me and he talks we and he turns me off. I mean it is all on the jaw they wished her to marry none other than Mon I had stayed in the go to when we're to go the night before Monday for all over. The do you think that it makes a goal for the flow to call the local It is closest to the you've quoted it didn't bother he woke Sweet Micky gal and he told Sweden weak and it hurts me who I am here to go home on the Jumbo it wish we'd Diallo Val. Not the of a local are can call those although it's MS Dell dock or brings us now the positive assurance of the song he did not die in vain. Walk won't quote from the game was located closer for was loading the old the air a little larry of your role in the air the air or won't hurt all over the a lower tone was home alone. Was was the old bloke low low to blow home or he told us the Good Samaritan. Or are rare moment my new low to the aus. We're following the room where Here now is H.M.S. Richards the voice of prophecy speaker is subject why I know Jesus is alive the trees were sobbing in a winter Tempest the cold wind driven rain obscured vision soaked everything that is everything in the open here in this limestone CAVE It was dry dry and quiet as it had been since the workman finished cutting it from the living rock one thousand nine hundred twenty years before. Caves like mountains and always been interesting to me. I had visited many of them. But this cave above all others had drawn me since childhood and here I was at last sitting within its rocky door looking out into the storm. A dream come true. The realization of a pilgrimage of the heart the cave was a to my outside the northern gate of Old Jerusalem. Believed by many to be the very sceptical heard Jesus had lain it had been prepared by the secret disciple Joseph of Adam a thief. Prepared for himself and presented as a gift of love to him move had no home and no grave a little garden about the door. Now the prayer of winter rain and wind was the Garden of the resurrection here one spring morning before sunrise the light of heaven flooded the world the earth trembled the guards found a way helpless as Angel hands rolled back the great stone that closed the door of the tomb so that the disciples coming there early in the morning to perform the final services of burial could see that the place was empty. And then the holy voice spoke. Fear or not you for I know that you seek Jesus which was crucified he is not here for he has arisen as he said come see the place where the Lord lay and go quickly and tell his disciples that He is a risen from the dead. Words found in Matthew twenty eight. Those were the angels words come see gold tail and that was the message that started the world shattered pagan civilization and built the Christian church he is not here. None of it for a reason. Larry Hughes is broke and run through me to the spillover into its role where it is not from the oil and to think this is the a bit well I do read Terry. Momo and it bred to reading on the on the if it is they are in the tomb how I thought about these words and repeated them he's not here. How cold a stone was house silent how changeless the greatest Christian preacher put it all in these simple words. How that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures and that he was buried in that he rose again the third day according to the Scriptures words of St Paul in First Corinthians fifteen three and isn't it strange that his enemies on that morning long ago which seems only yesterday when you visit the tomb one afraid he had risen and paid the guards to keep still about it. Wiley's friends thought that the wonderful news was just a story imagine by an excited woman and went on mourning his death. Read about it there in the sixteenth chapter of Mark he took a world of proof to convince them it was just too good to be true but it was true they believe it when they recognize him there on the Upper Room. No wonder they were glad and I'm glad to aren't you. Meditating there where the Lord lay the evidence for our Lord's Resurrection seemed like the five fingers on the hand the faith first the evidence of the empty tomb. Second the evidence of his post resurrection appearances three the testimony of the gods for the change in the apostles. Five The faith of the early church. All four gospels record Christ burial in the Tomb of the good Joseph of air on A C S. All four record that on the first day of the week which follow the Sabbath when certain women came to see this epic or bringing spices that they might come in on him they found the stone rolled away from the subject or and Mary Magdalene ran back and reported. They've taken away the Lord out of a separate are and we know not where they've laid him all agree both friends and enemies the tomb was empty. But tween the time of His resurrection and his ascension ten days later. Our Lord appeared at least ten times to his disciples. First to certain women returning from a separate or Matthew twenty eight one second to Mary Magdalene at the tune. John ten eleven. Third to the apostle Peter before the evening of the day of the resurrection the twenty four thirty four for the Cleopus and another disciple on the way till M.E.'s on the afternoon of the Resurrection Day. Luke twenty four thirteen five to the ten apostles. Thomas being absent John twenty nine thousand a week later to all the eleven apostles John twenty twenty six. To several of his disciples at the Sea of Galilee. John twenty one. To the Apostles and five hundred brother and on a mountain in Galilee. Matthew twenty eight sixteen to James Scranton fifteen seven and last to the apostles before his ascension from the Mount of Olives X. one. We have the testimony of the guards that Christ had risen. You'll find it in Matthew twenty eight eleven they did not know how the body of our Lord ever got out of the tomb but they convinced the chief priests and the elders at the tomb was suddenly empty and this conviction was so strong that these authorities paid their gods money and plenty of it. Large money to keep still about the truth of the empty tomb to tell the strange story that the disciples came and stole the Lord's body while they slept on duty. Any argument based on the testimony of sleeping witnesses is stopped before it begins. Especially when the witness is a paid large money for their testimony but money talks it did in this case the change in the apostles was a mighty testimony also to the resurrection of Jesus one day they were fearful. Sorrowing unbelieving forty days later fearless and rejoicing in the Iran breakable faith that Jesus was alive they went forth spreading the good news everywhere even at the risk of life itself. They knew that something had changed the world for them and it has changed the lives of everybody else who has believed that testimony from that day to this the Christian church itself is proof of the resurrection of Jesus. For Had there been no resurrection there would have been no church the church has a continuous record from that glorious day to this and it still says that the resurrection is a fact. Christ is alive today and remember this we have unimpeachable historical documentary evidence that Jesus Christ predicted that he would rise from the dead. For instance early in his ministry said to the people of Jerusalem. Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up. He spake of the temple of his body. John to nineteen. Jesus himself had on wavering faith that this dependence miracle would take place as indeed authentic records prove that he did. Matthew twelve forty and a dozen other texts it's a fact also that the Gospel narrators devote more space to Christ's resurrection than to any other part of his in. Tire life except his trial and crucifixion to see this read the four Gospels again get a really do your heart good and all the early Apostolate preaching recorded in the book of Acts and in the epistles of the New Testament is filled with a declaration repeated like hammer blows. Heroes heroes heroes time after time before they crucified our Lord Jesus said I will rise from the dead then after His resurrection that is cycles actually saw him alive and he said to them. Behold my hands and my feet that is I myself handle me and see. That's Luke twenty four thirty nine he was a real person actually there and he convinced of disciples that he was there a real being. I am He that liveth and was dead we read in Revelation one eighteen the words of Christ and behold I am alive for evermore. There in the tomb I sat at the Long lay stormy day and thought about these things then I lay down in the stone circle where the body of the Lord had been how cold was the stone How hard how lifeless and then I thought he was here his body had been wounded at very body here on the cold stone but he's not in this to me now I'm not in any tomb he's alive alive right now as I'm here he's a lie I shall never forget the thrill it came to me there. Jesus is alive alive today. Why should any Christian ever fear death Jesus is alive and he said because I live you need shall live also. John fourteen ninety and so I know that Jesus is alive today because he said that he would rise again and because he was seen by hundreds of witnesses bodily alive after his public execution of the Christian Church grew on the reality of the resurrection of Christ and the Holy Scriptures declare it to be a fact but best of all and most wonderful of all to me I know that Jesus rose from the dead because he has changed my life and by His Spirit dwells in my heart every day I believe he is alive because I know him now just as the Apostle put it that I may know him and the power of His resurrection. Philippians three tan and that's the testimony of Christians everywhere around this way. I've been around the world again and again in different countries and people of every race have the same experience. Their hearts are changed their lives are changed where there was hatred as love and where there was a worry and trouble and fear their confidence. Christ has changed their lives. He's alive today. He ever live us not only to make intercession for us but to change us and to live a new in us that's the testimony of Christian experience the flowers in Joseph garden or to bloom but Mary saw them not. She sought a tomb an empty tomb she found it when she came and kneeling weapon alone there then her name the master spoke it clear and plain she heard and how she ran the bring the other's word her wondrous joy as brave the ages through she knew he was alive she knew she knew and while yet the lilies Bloom about the door where Jesus rose to live forever more and still the tomb is empty in our day from which the mighty stone was rolled away. I know he lives he lives today and now I do not know the mystery in all of the how but in my heart of hearts he speaks and so I know he lives today I know I know I observe the really isn't a review I know like me is they be quote I am assuming they heard the voice the own mind the aviation the where it is right. Those leaders today he walked with me and dogs with me on all my it's narrow Larry here's here live off its YOUR me off and all I know all the really Joyce rejoiced Oh great it doesn't hurt Ohio Valley or the you know to be a global over the years here is criteria those weird today. You walk with me and talks with me and all nightmare Omeri here's you. Off. You're off. You know this is all the libraries and of the voice of prophecy. With this word of encouragement. The Christ who is still the tempest of the Sea of Galilee can still a tempest in our lives today so let us keep looking up. Ever Going Forward in Faith. Friends remember that today we're introducing for the first time are the light of the world Bible course. Be sure and send for the light of the world the story of Jesus. It's free and I always say have faith in God the stone of doubt has now been rolled away. Have faith in God for Christ is a raise and the holy angels say have faith in God he is alive he is alive today. Have faith dear friend in God built this program was brought blessing to you. We invite you to hear us again next week. Another broadcast brought by the voice of prophecy the Lord bless the and keep the lard make his face shine upon the and be gracious on to the the Lord lift up his countenance upon the and give the P O.


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