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A Safe Place

Keala Thompson


Keala Thompson

Speaker/Director of A Loud & Clear Call Ministries




  • September 5, 2015
    2:30 PM
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Within every single one of us I realized that there the desire to will belong to a safe place a place that they give you a set that in love. Whether that's going to be all a school a church or especially in the home and in our recent came from a speaking engagement at a camp meeting and as I was trying to have these breakout groups and people are sharing and wanting to share are realizing that they had they were having a hard time in his place that or that I am. They're having a hard time with the breakout sessions and being chance parent especially in this location and is not in this country so than other country they have our time being Rio and transparent and he couldn't do it they all noted that my seminars was actually decreasing and with less attendance in every session and I don't know what is going on like what am I doing wrong you know like this in less and less people and they finally clicked if you would tell me look the people in this country and some he did for me recently my head alters wife told me that this country the people are very secretive. They don't like to be transparent I don't like to be real I mean that's how we are in America but even more soul. OK so the didn't want to open up and share those getting less and less and I was going on in find he was coming out in the breakout session that people were saying look the problem is that we don't feel that our churches are safe places that they cannot be real they can be transparent they can tell the struggle there struggling where that Hank can talk about the pain then the the thin they're going through in all these other thing they can to be real at church so they have to be fake and they have to live a lie is only in this country we think is on your home church history thing that's true. King is Honey if you can be real in your churches I mean cnts OK OK good. Give us good to see a few hands so you can actually have that that realness in Hawaii there's a place called me been to Hawaii let me see hands who along with a lot of you guys here. I mean it didn't go to hallway and it becomes a better question. OK if you're eager to me as want to go away. So in a way the place called to a whole new or or whole now now I mean you've been to the Big Island hallway and he's been to that place. Poor whole new oh ho Now now it is actually called in with the actually call it also the city of refuge. Me's been to that then you see hands were OK only two people I mean you could overtake the city of refuge in a Bible in a city of refuge in a bible if you have committed a crime you could go to the city of refuge right so let me tell you about the city of refuge in how I because it is very similar to the city of refuge in Hawaii so as a place that you they had to swim to is right off the coast of in Kona Hawaii and yet the swim to desire in energies go to his island. If you have committed like a murder a cop who is something like A is A You broke a law couple were actually you broke it there was a death penalty for doing that so there chase you down and they're trying to kill you and I just go to his island that Eileen was called a City of Refuge which was that whole nano means actually rescued a place of safety a piece and is that this place that actually you were safe so it was actually called a safe place and that's what is important about having this city of refuge. The problem is that this city is no more right because there's no couple laws there's only a structure of saying there's a safe place but is no longer truly a safe place and in the same way I think a lot of times we say that Al church is a really safe places. But I read them to leave it in a sense that. I feel like a lot of people getting baptized into the church or than it coming to the church and a lot of them or any of they don't. Within six months or two years you know it's the one saw one statistic up to seventy percent of the people who got baptized and I believe in the church within two years so you see night this is not a safe place the homes are NOT SAY places people running away from home or they actually want to leave home early I have a problem I guess I saw with something culture in Hawaii or allow the young people are actually joining the military as a way to escape the home and so I see there's like a trend of people I do want to get away because they fear the home is that it's a place and the churches are not safe places and it looks like this is a refuge it looks like a safe place there and those the foreman structure of the City of Refuge this threw up but is not operating in other words that may look like the church is a safe places but it's chilly Knopper Anyhow God I believe wants us to operate so poor who means say place so my question is this afternoon where is your pool Noya Where is your safe place I have a friend he works for C.P.S. Child Protective Services with a see that ws right now so he goes into the homes and had to work with the children and he's a on watch in awe for the children and protecting them and he said every time he goes out he was asked the young people the children and a young teenager the same question he asked them this. Where is a safe place where is your safe place now there was a was a place that you can go that you feel safe going to get into trouble you know you getting arrested and you know it is problems with the police and but if you can find a safe place because he knew that if you find the same place you going to thrive even to do well so we're just a place so when he told me to store one these three teenagers where they were running away from home and they were there scaping the police and run away from the police and he has a way of finding people I'm better than the police he can track you down because he was born and raised there and he does know how to find you so he actually found them in the present even found them yet you know he find them and he sucks that I mean he says where's a safe place and they said thing about you say please and he said to him I'll say places of it Grandma and Grandpa but we can never go there because the C.P.S. law says that if they have a criminal record they can take care of you. So because they have a criminal record. Grandma and Grandpa couldn't take care of these teenagers children and so he says Come with me so he went to grandma and grandpa and he said to them Look I know your record but you are going to his really want to be with you and if you were going to take home and then I'm going to put hand that they're not here. He did that and he does that by the way I can see his name but he does that. So he does that and. So what happened to me tell you what happened with this story so these teenagers who are like getting two pounds with the long running away they went to on the grandparents was a legal to go in the left in it and I don't see them tonight. Here so he left them alone. So they're actually being raised right by their grandparents and he know what the chopper teenagers are there with so horrible and this getting child with a please and all of that isn't so bad and after wanted their began to do so good and so well and even the police there with don't know where they're at. And so they finally at the months later in the police though the noise there at these teenagers in a running from the law and they're they're my friend tells me that you know they contacted him and then say look please want to come in and turn ourselves in and we want to go back to high school we want to finish school what is a man you know it made a difference and it's something that's really an hitting me. What made the difference was that they were now in a safe place they were in a safe environment and so it really hit me like Don't let's not underestimate the power of actually having a safe place like if we can only get our young people into like an environment that is actually saved that is actually conducive to spiritual growth as actually helps people to grow spiritually if we can only get them they're going to see amazing things happen you can get them into a a home where they can thrive or they can get to a church group that actually is is a nurturing group may think things can happen. And so that's what this whole presentation of the bone as called as they please. So make God become help with the experience and a heart the truth a place Jesus Christ that is pretty father as your word is open help us to understand in to apply what you want to learn his appearance you just name Amen. OK so we can do is going to go to the story here in the prodigal son. So we don't pair was going to a cowboy here in the new parable the next session right after this. So the chapter fifteen verse eleven to thirteen is the opening tax loop Shapter fifteen and go look at the store the prodigal son now what did the younger son do Lou fifteen verse eleven to thirteen knows what the Bible says. Luke Chapter fifteen verse eleven to thirteen and then he said a certain man had two sons and the young and then said to his father Father give me the parson a good the false of me so he divided them his livelihood and not many days after the younger son gavel altogether and journey to a far country and there are ways that his possessions were prodigal living so he had how many sons again two sons right. OK and then inversed wall right what did the sun say here to the Father what do you say give me my inheritance right now normally when do people normally get an inheritance after was after your parents die right. Yet the way all right in the world did you get to the money so there was a father dead yet so what is the same here basically his dad that he wished why I wish you were dead. So here you have a son who's actually this respect full to his father right he wanted the money only care about the money so this is fact what was that any want to go and that it is in thirteen. Not many days after the youngest son he got everything and he went to where it is by was that he went to. Or in a country so in other words if you're in the United States he went away to where you can of the right. Sickle but not even that is not dislike him she bought one. Fall our country so even a night he stays in he went to far country where would you be then. Egypt. You're aware of China or ako whatever yeah. So you way out there before. Far away so that's why he went. Now why do you think he probably went far away could he had just been or on to the next town got the money to deploy it all away and this had fun right. Was his goal only in having fun because you could have blown even at home we compile you stated home right. But maybe that is went to the next town to maybe even to Canada right why a foreign country you think get away from his father. Right you want to get away so maybe didn't like me being at home for some reason right to get something. Or more exciting by living in like a small town I want to go down to the lake L.A. but maybe a laziness though cunts same country who know them by another country fire is via more exciting way. OK so look fifteen verse fourteen to sixteen this continue on a story in the product called science so verse fourteen the Bible says but when he had spent how much. All their roads a severe famine in the land and he began to be in want. Right then it says here then he went in Join hands out to citizen of that country and its enemy to the fields of Pete's wind and were glad we have filled his stomach with the POV that the swine ate and no one gave him any thing so we had all his money went to a functioning What do you do with all his money he wanted he blew out his money have you been there before. As me writing this is me on the prodigal son ten times over. Blow of my money so it's been a lot of money and the rows of sliver Fareham in a land and now is began to be in ones so now he's hitting he lost everything now he's hitting his rock bottom you're heard that before. Here to hit the worst part of his life things were not going well and then it says you know he began to want to know you had the money he needed things he's actually been in need the bio says your ass and fitting that he went and joined us out to a citizen of that country. Unequally yoked. Then it is here and he sent him to the fields to feed while so why what are the swine pigs so what do you know about Jews and big Well you know bought seven the avenues and pigs the pigs are unclean right so the do the pig was unclean anomaly we now for the eat it I mean it was an even touch the carcass right or you be considered was unclean right so the Jews they say far away so I mean he had his rock band he lost all his money spent all blue laws money and now he's actually I'm equally yoked right and then only was the unequally yoked. But now he's actually with pigs and feeding pigs here and that's what he's doing now. He hit his rock bottom and then only what happened here look at a ballot said in verse fifteen he sent him to the pure so he was actually feeding the pigs right but now only that but what did he want to do as use feeding a pig what he want. Where do you see there now by what hacks you want to was he wanted to eat a pig slop So there you saw him hit rock bottom last hours monies touching PIIGS and he's actually craving. He's hit rock band so much as craving to the take slap the fairy forty's feeding the pigs. Now I want you to notice that in the end and say it's here and no one gave him was anything my question is what happened to his friends. Whether you're looking for say plays maybe in his friends write some kind of community thought that he wasn't getting at home that he was a maybe happy way to the home that he actually wanting to run far away from home and go for into a foreign country and both to another country because he was unhappy now you think a fine a true community or a safe place so he thought were his friends but now as friends was using him for money an accident no place to be found and then they found that you know the meters of the about two friends. Is when you go through hard times that you find out who your true friends are true when things are not going good in your home. Me apparently going to divorce your no one's really been there for you you find out who your true friends are who stick around when you actually don't have the money we don't have the nice car you don't have anything to offer them then you find all of you who are my two friends and I know to my experiences in my light that what I've gone through that it's hard to find friends and he says around a solid with those who have a safe place for us now look at verse seventeen to nineteen What did his son think about all he repented but what do you think about before he repented it was about the zero seven Team Obama says but when he came to his senses himself he said. How mean and my father's heart servants had bred enough to spare and I perish with hunger and I ride the go to my father and I will save him. Father have sinned against heaven and before you and I'm in no longer worth it because your son make me like one of your hired what servants running so what made him turn to want to come back home and historian what do you see here why do you want to come home because a lot of he had a need. OK good. Why do you think he repented was in the story. These things you see here that makes them want is this. Particles of what made him to repent and make anything come of it. Go ahead. OK good so he saw that had the services that work for his father were treated better than him. Right OK good. So what did he see what the E.C. and that he saw what the character of his father that his father was one. Bad or good. He was what he was good. So how is the connection between repentance of what he experience and actually seen his father has been good. What is that connection there is my one of my favorite Tex I argues the isn't what it is. Romans one chapter two verse four right which is the goodness of God What you said right. Leads us to our repentance So this particle son the only reason he repented was because he saw for the first time that his father was actually good and when he saw the goodness of his father then he actually repent in a same thing go through you and me in other words many times we may leave our home and then we may lead the church I mean leave God because you know I we have never seen God for being good. We never see him for being law we never seen for being compassionate and will even then go to the world we hit the rock bottom out there and is actually when you finally see it this a glimpse that you Heavenly Father's actually good that glints of bring us to repentance what a wonderful girl is a man and that's what brought the prodigal son back to repentance and you think what is that important. How do we get people in our churches to have repentance How do you people in the world what we must do is we must show them a picture of God that the god is actually good what is a man and we show a picture the gods they left the church they left your home because they were not happy but the particles and they want to run for way from church the church home right and so what they're looking for the looking for a safe place and save people because a place is made out of people not just the institutional building right. So looking for three person in you and it's a person in me and I want to be that person how about you what is a argument so when he saw that good is that I want to know is also that this say played the goodness I've gone that is the way the something big that it's all about his father or something small always thought I was a little glimpse of his servants do you know this being treated with a little better food than how he was eating right this something smaller take for granted and yet that goodness was the now for him to expense repentance and that's how God want to do with us also. Arny's of this a little glimpse of God's goodness and that would bring us to repentance. Look what happens next and fifteen birth when he looked up the fifteen birth twenty No the balances here and he rose and came to his father. But when he was still a great way off his father saw him and has compassion and ran and fell on his neck and wild kissed him so easy walking back home his or her thing was going to say and there in the distance the father was there are waiting for him now if you've been waiting for that one time don't you think that he was also waiting every single day right for his son he was waiting because he is longing to see Isn't the sun finally came on the bow it says that he had compassion upon him you see even though this son didn't see it. This father was there a compassionate father. True Image and the same way even though we may or may not fully see it you must still believe that our God in Heaven is the compassionate Father what is a man and a father ran to him fell on his neck and kissed him and never mind the smell like pigs never mind he looked all dirty Never mind he was so filthy for his father still loves him and embrace him because that boy was though his son and beloved nevermind smell like spiritual pigs never mind you look spiritual dirty never mind us virtually filthy for your heavenly Father was still love and embrace you while you still owe a dirty and smelly and rags on your body. Christ will come and he were rap is arms and hug you in case you want to God We say what is a meant there was you don't have to change God than love UNICEF you as you are this particle son was a step that why because you are his child and garlands you what happened next and twenty one and twenty two No the Bible says and the sunset in a father I have sinned against heaven and in your sight. I'm no longer worthy to be called just son but the father said to his servant like he toll ignored his sign and he said bring out the best robe in put it on him and put a ring on his hand and sandals on his feet he see even though he was giving out his confession to the father the father totally ignored him brought out the best role now this best role was the father's role. It was a special role and uses road to cover all the wretchedness of his son so they're no longer he saw his wretchedness But you saw the father's role and you know that's what God does to you mean what is a mint he brings out the best rovers of the Christ perfect right chestnuts we talk about Christ our rights of this Christ perfect right in this is given to us and it covers us now look at your hand out of the hand on here I want to look at his quotation phone review and Howard November four eight hundred ninety so this is right in this by fate our only father has a rope a rightness to give to us that would cover all our witness someone who knows what it says here it says here. Right just miss is obedience to the law so in other words the word rights of US means that you become obedient to the Law God So the law demands that unite become writers and this is in a holster law but he is incapable of rendering it in other ways we can to make ourselves good the only way in which we can attain to rises this is through what faith by faith we can bring to God the merits of Christ and the Lord places the obedience of his son to the sinners. Account crisis right isn't a separate in place a man's failure and God receives pardons justify the repenting believing so. Treason as though he were writers and loves and as if he loves his son what is a man. Another words you know the thirty three years JESUS live on is are when that a perfect life you know a god does he takes those thirty three years and when you cept Christ until I know he does he put that thirty three years into your life for now when he sees you he C thirty three years a perfection of Jesus lived in a perfect life. Whenever he looks at you when I go Amen. That is Christ All right. Isness when God the Father looks at uni sees Jesus being perfect in you you don't have to worry about your profession because your where faction isn't Jesus Christ right. And because that's a justification in now because his life is in you his thoughts to change your life. He sought to become a new person a new creature in Jesus Christ look at the next quotation from signs of the times a portent it in ninety three. No people struggling going on I can be. Never good. Aware never good enough no the bow it says the right is man falls how many times seven times right and gets back up again right there the worst crisis is looking for the right relationship you have with him whether we see the rightness a crisis or not because if you received then you may stumble but the bike was still calling you write is even though you fall and seven times what is a man and so God is looking to you as if you have never said notices here we're not to serve God as if we were not human but with a certain that those who have been we deemed by the Son of God and through the right is a crisis we shall stand before God pardon as though we had never won since no though is when you stand before we Christ rising of his robe arises he looks at you as if you had never seen in one sitting. Your whole life. I me of Everest innocent he lived in Seattle in order. I've seen you know so when I see that Chris Rogers has over me you know what freedom I haven't that they are not well you know I'm going to fall I did this in a distance you know I know that while Christ covers me that I'm considered writers in God's eyes what a Goddess or what is a human but what are the father to look at verse twenty three or twenty four Luke Chapter fifteen verse twenty three and twenty four know the by would says it says here and bring the fatted calf here and kill it and let it eat and be merry for this my son was dead in is alive again he was lost and is found and they began to be merry said a father who threw a great celebration and celebrated the fact that his son was one that is now a lie and they was once lost the now found I want you to notice that the father's happiness was not based upon what is done. Was doing but this father's happiness was based upon whether his son was rightly related to him or not. And same way I have any father's joy is not some months based upon what we're doing and not doing but instead I have the father's joy based upon whether we have a right relationship with God because in God know that once we have a right relationship with Him and His righteousness is given to us and then we start do good things and that's what God wants us to have in our lives right. Doing is right just this you know how many brothers were there in the story too so we look at the first brother right and there's actually a second brother here in verse twenty five to twenty and not only look at the probable science but we're going to do is going to look at the second brother and verse twenty five to twenty know the power says next now his oldest son was in the field and he came in to near to the house he heard music and dancing so he called one of the servants announce what these things meant and he said to him Your brother has come and because you receive in safe and sound your father's killed a father cast but he the older brother was one angry mad and would not go in there for his father came out and pleaded with him so the older brother heard the music and he heard the dancing in the ass of service was going on and told that there was actually a party going on because the his younger brother come back and he wouldn't go into the party you see in the cult of the time is the responsibility of the older brother to go out and to greet the guess that whenever he came in and make a few comfortable now that the other brother was angry and none of that but the oldest son's anger toward his younger brother was so strong that he would even go in other words this older brother was an abusive person. He was angry and he tried to be manipulative he tried to control the father by say hello why is it doing this and I'm not going to go inside the party you know hoping that his father apologizing to control him and guilt trip him and trying to make is seem like you know if you don't do that then once you know that if you don't change things to me if you know maybe shut down his party early. I'm different not going to go and so he's trying to control the actions of the father to anger and manipulation he was abusive to his father and controlling in the same way do you think as possible that there are abusive older brothers or the sisters in the church home today who when they don't get things going their way the tend to get angry and controlling the thing as possible. Yeah things that because they won't you won't do what they want you to do and the reason why this manipulating goes on in a church because the same manipulation also goes on in the home and that's what it's almost brokenness within our churches today I want you to notice that in the same day the father went out twice the first time he went out he went on to a repentant loss product will sign the second time he went out he went on to a lost church member older brother the father went on twice a day one for a lost sinner who repents in and one who was a church member who is self righteous I want to be the products on how about you what is here I am in now what do they outed sensei was a reason he was angry look at twenty nine to thirty in the Bible not what it says here so yes it is said to his father lo these many years I have been serving you I'd never transgressor can command at any time and you never gave me a young goal that I may make merry my friends but in student this son of yours came with the power of your livelihood with harlots you killed the fabric have for him so what do you call his brother he called him what he said that this is what he's not my brother he's one your son or in other words he was so angry he that does not even my brother anymore. He's your son dad he's not my brother and call them out. I want you to notice. Why he was actually abusive in this situation the oldest son fell a favor for a favor again he felt that if I was a do something and then my dad were actually pay me back all the years I stayed home. How come he didn't show me a party is like a writer by works I do something in a you do something back for me and yet you know what I do something good in a do nothing good for me and yet my younger brother does something bad and you do something good for him right now that makes sense. No So actually he was very angry I want you to notice where did the younger son get converted was it in the home over the Daschle out in the world where they get converted it was in the world and in the same way God often allows people to leave the church to experience out there to actually experience conversion rather than church why because a church is not a safe place for people to be long now you want to warn the world that I get that right. He there's a could you hand out there's a quotation I want to look at here now this home with the older brother been abusive do you think that it was actually a safe place being at home not because those abusive home right it was not a safe place so in other words God allow the youngest son to leave home and I was not in the home I mean let me make the parable it was not in the church that the youngest son was converted right in fact not only was not in a church that was not converted but it was not even in the church that he saw God's goodness are you following me and it was he had to leave the home and parallel to the church he had to leave. Right the father as a church he had to leave the home and going to the world and it was in the world that number one he saw for the first time in his life the goodness of God. Because his older brother his older fellow brother Christian right more years in a church should have been given a Tchoupitoulas of the character of God in a church but because he didn't give it to picture of the character of God He gave a false picture. So because of the fast take to the younger brother never saw to picture the Father's love and it's same way there are many older Christian Brother Christian the older sisters in the church who have been in the church longer than the new Christians but because they're giving a false picture of God's character many people in a church. Never see the good is a God and thus never experienced repent him so Dodd does the that he allows these people to leave the church and going to the world and while they're out there in the world away from the church they actually see for the first time that God our Father is actually good what I got a man and not only that they see God's goodness in a world and is in the world that the actually become convert it now you seen as blasphemy. OK before you stone me. There's a quotation I want to look at here. Testimony to the church. Valan sixty three seventy no it wouldn't say is here. Goes along with a story by the mouth of two witnesses so every word B.S. that is the first witness I call to my standards tell you what I'm saying is true is the Word of God What is a men the Word of God said that the second thing I'd like to come a second wind isn't calling to the stand is called a spirit a policy was I'm going to read and this is an active verify or said no that is here the Lord does not now work to bring many snows into the truth. Why because of the church members who are NEVER been converted and those who were once converted but who have backslidden what influence with these An consecrated members have a new converts within the make of no effect the God given method which is people are to bear I want you to notice what it says here. Another word God actively stops people from coming to his remnant church I'll say that again. God actively not me oh you I'm talking and talking. God himself actively stops people from coming into his women in church and it's a strong statement but what is a thing then the next question is I guess is this what why would God actively stop people from coming into his room in church is a good question and he goes on to say because why the Church member of the church members and the church is not a safe place. That's why God actively stops do you think God Once people come into his room interchange of course he does so what MS can't do such an action to actually actively stop people from trying to come into his church is only because he knows somehow through it all there is safer to be the world in certain location is a safer place for these people to be we're going to grow spiritually and actually experienced God's good is an experience conversion more so than even gas when in charge because why because we are prophesied to be Laodicea is the natural right to men and I know it's a hard truth to swallow but it is the truth what is a believe and Salem has a man actually is not what I'm saying is actually the word in the surface of what is a man by the way we shouldn't play God either way right now the words we should be telling people who God bringing into the church don't come into the church and play God right. Gabi God right and it's same time the God putting people out of it or God not allowing them to come out we shouldn't use guilt trip. Manipulation techniques to manipulate them into the Church of God not calling them in ANY the right so we don't play God Either which way. Nominet question is this Could it be possible the god has acted least stop people from coming into the church that you currently attend is my next question I mean let's be real. Maybe because it is the toxic church and is not a safe place to be in and could it also be possible that God allowed your family or friends to actually leave the church because he felt that it was safest for them to be in a world like the particle sun then in your own chart to write I think his questions we need to at the cells and really ponder upon of what's really happening in our churches is really what God wants to hop in a church is now. There are two things you can do with it for these people. Number one you can pray for them write him and and and second thing is this I know that sometimes when people leave the church we tend to cut them off because they know they feel they're lost right. Because the al start of the institution we feel that they are loss rate and we are OK. Unlike the or the brother syndrome right. We think long and they get mad at his younger brother but you know it could be that they're actually in a better position and can actually can work with them better out there in that in the world right and actually to go and by the way I'm not advocating for you to leave the church or the same and if you're in it sustain it but I'll try to help us understand the condition of God's church today. Laodicea about it says that we are living a pierce those known and read by men in the war zone episode with a letter and I know as we are living walking Bible so people can see the goodness of God they knew and when you see the goodness I got a new in the church they can be brought that goodness can lead them to repentance what is a man so God I want to use you to show and to be a safe place in the church now whether church will be healthier Tawfiq is dependent upon the understanding of righteousness by faith because you know this oldest son here I miss going to the to look up the fitting if in of the last couple versus says and he said to him Son you're always with me and all that I have is yours it is right that we should make merry and be glad for your brother was dead and is alive again and was lost and is found in other words I have blessed you are you should be joyous that I give you an otherwise you only serve me son because you should realize that everything I have is already your the No as I've already bless you you only do good because you already been blessed you don't do good things because you expect me to do something as you know you ask God for something then he blesses you God or the work that we've got our YOU blesses us and because he initiated first then we respond and then we want to serve him from a free heart what is a man rather than the other way around. That's right isn't my faith when he didn't understand is all the time and he ordered something like not I do something first I stayed home all these years first and then you should of Secondly God responded and threw me a party right. And that's right isn't this by works and that's the contrast between the two rights and by faith and rights is buying works we need a fresh revelation of God's goodness in our churches today. A believe that let me see him and him and see what's going to change a church a different picture of who God is. You want to change a church I mean want to change her what is a human to make it it's a place you have to be the say place he had to live that's this conference you know this is God divine I don't think I've been to a conference yet the has this theme of Christ are right is this this is a good team because it is the foundation root cause if you were to see God's goodness and we focus of refunds and right as my friend God's love more you would become a safe place right into my fake create a safe place. Right to those by works like the older brother. Creates unsafe place and so we want to say plays in our churches Christ are rational is the theme he will evaluate as a man a man and you need to experience that in your life and understanding your mine only what I'm explaining. But any experiences in your heart as well let's go to our last Texas first gone for both ten first on top the forest ten first John chapter four verse ten. How are we to love so as to create this say Place first John for birth ten and by was death in this is love not that we love God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the perp it to a shared for Allison So John is saying here. OK you want to know what love is here is low and my question is Where is love phone and I think a lot of times we focus on the wrong thing because jobs are dancing here here in his love by you loving god is I would say in there. He said here in his long not that you love God and you need to be obedient to God right this is where love is found this is really all of what's it all about. Not that what you loving God are you obeying God because of that love that starts to be a focus here in his love and I know this is really the root cause is that not that you love gospel was that God loves you and I really believe that a method has to be more folks upon actually God's love for us rather than what we have to do all the time when it's a man because if we focus upon God's love for us more so we were Demi come more obedient because God's love to us would become more beating you believe Elam is a minimum and that's what God wants us to experience in our lives and that's where we turn first and for a one thousand nine hundred that we love because He first world loved us so your loving is really no big deal why because you need to experience God's love for you first and then your love we're actually become a live look at what it says here in the Ziba agents going to this quotation from Illinois that's why he says about focusing on God's love he says it will be well for us to spend a thought for our each day in contemplation of the life of Christ we should take it point by point and let the imagination grass each seeing especially the closing ones as we the world upon his great sacrifice for us our confidence in him would be more constant a lover be quick in and we should be more. Deeply and viewed with his spirit it would be say the last we must learn the lesson of penitence and humiliation at the foot of the cross what is a man in other words we suspend a thoughtful one hour a day focusing on God's love toward us what is a man and you will see God low come just as your weak hopeless and ready to die his pardon is full and free and as of Sept is of you means rest to your so red in his love I want to rest and love what he's a you know a man there was a young man who had run away from home and he had gone for way too and he had been how to last all human and his dad had turned really bad and very bitter and become very angry any less home but it was many years later and he felt repent and then he wanted to come home but he wasn't sure of his dad would accept them coming home so us on a train in he called his mom and he said Mom I don't know dad wants me home when you're a mom the dad that if you really want to be home this put like a little white handkerchief on the window that did I see a white handkerchief then I know that dad really wants me home so they hung up anyway. Continue on the train and the going on and sat next to a minister and he told him in a serious host Oreo is Dad and go along and he's a fight in our view and got very angry and he ran away from home and he left home and has been years since I came home and. He turned the whole story tone and you know he told his mom to let his dad know that if you really want them home than to leave a handkerchief by the window white handkerchief to know that he says that it is that I want them back home and so as he was getting closer he couldn't bear to see anything and see was ahead in the told the minister Look I don't want to see I don't look at my house like I can't stand to look at what could could be cause I am afraid even to say no so pretty please look at the the train window look for me and see if if you see anything white please minister tell me the same thing when Please let me know. So as they were going out I'm minister was looking and looking and the boy said is just around the corner and is looking and the minister is almost like you forgot who you want his dog screaming and jumping up and down is giving Look look you just gotta look out there you've got to look out the window you go look what's out there and as they looked the we don't go around to the train when he looked out the train when any saw his are now only a white handkerchief but you saw white sheets on the windows and install in a white paper everywhere enough kin and shirts and pants and everything went to every was and the whole house was covered with white and his son was so touched any lasting the minutes of saw was the back legs of his this son running with always made up the hill to see is that he was reunited again now so I have the father is with us author we serve a loving God who can't wait for you to come along when he's a man and he wants you to come home he wants you because when you look around at his train window his whole home is covered in white and he longed for you to come home. Where is your poor nor where is your safe place. May say please be found in a god with steps you and loves you just as that Lee as you are a love you so much that he can leave you that way or the GOD WITH WHAT IS A MAN I WANT TO How about you when I say amen. When to pray but when the breakout session but out that a prayer Father rethink you for your goodness and love and then pray Lord that remains see the Mrs of your rights is this in our lives and there you me see how much you really love us and that every white thing is on that home in this to this longing for us to come home for a lot in our hearts that this time he would open for those who want to come before the something in the beginning in just a mere human. This media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more service leave Visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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