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Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • September 7, 2015
    10:30 AM
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Very thankful for the opportunity to come before God. Once again. Who here from the voice of heaven. And what we need to do is make sure that our hearts are prepared to hear what I know heaven so desperately wants to give. And so as we prepare our heart to do that I believe the best way to do that is on our knees. And so I am going to kneel and if you're able to I'd like to invite to the new with me and let's go before the Lord together and let's pray together. Our loving father. Thank you so much for touching our hearts this weekend. Thank you for your incredible great amazing mercy. Thank you dear God for still investing with enough to breath of life. And Lord while we are still counted amongst the land of the living in our probation had been extended Please help us not a single moment. We're asking you to please abide with us and do something special for us. Even during this moment. When we shall meditate upon your word. Please forgive us we pray of our sins Granta the presence of your Holy Spirit and may he truly open. Our eye and help with the old wondrous things out of your word is our prayer that we are in Jesus' name amen. In the midst of so many realities of in time event. Knowing that time really is almost finished. Understanding that. Even the heathen world. People who don't believe in Christ. Have rejected Jesus. You are literally seeing agitation all around us that are even saying something's going to happen in the month of September. There are those who are saying that the economy is going to have a major shift. There are others who are saying they're expecting things like perhaps even comets or some type of asteroid to do some level of damage. And then of course you know that there is the papal visit that's taking place. That is really going to put a lot of the scenes of Bible prophecy in rapid succession. And so we're seeing that both the religious world. And even the secular world. Their understanding something's going on. There understanding that this mess can no longer be as usual. And God wants us to understand that the children of the world should not be wiser than the children of light. Yet we see that that in many cases. Remains to be a fact. And what God wants if he wants to raise up a people that will come back to his blueprint. Back to his message. Enter into an experience that is so deep and so real and so incredibly powerful and transforming that by the grace of God we will go from lip service to literal service. And God has a message. That is designed to finish this work. And that message is none other than that bless it herald of the first. The second. And the third angel's message. And it's in these messages that God has given to us that they are designed to produce. If rightly understood. And rightly recede. It is designed to produce an experience brothers and sisters. I'm telling you the truth. We have to get to a place where the Gospel goes beyond what we talk about. And listen to what I'm saying to you think it is impossible I believe for an individual that when they were in the world. There was a way they used to eat. Dress. Listen to things etc. And then supposedly they come to Jesus. And this still eating dressing and living in pro wrestling and acting certain ways. Like before they were converted. This something wrong with that my Bible. Your Bible tells us that if any man the in Christ. He's a new creature he's not a modified creature. He's a new creature. What that means is that the things that we used to love we should now hate. The things that we used to hate we should now love. There should be a very real change that exists within our hearts. Even when with by our selves and we are not amongst the saints of God and God can do this brothers and sisters. But there's an experience that we need. You know I often don't like giving titles to my messages because you know sometimes people call me What's your title. And I say I don't have one and they say what we need one. And then I'll give the title and then one times out of ten when I come. The law to give me something different and then I go ahead and contradict the very title I gave. That's real I don't like giving titles but I'll tell you God gave me a title this morning I was talking to the Lord as a father. What do you want me to say to your people they have heard many things. What do you want me to say and God put this very thought of my mind. Never you could never will marry. And I thought to myself. What does that mean God pressed it again in my mind tell them they have a choice. Never could never ordinary. And so I believe that the appropriate title when you see our study you'll understand what I'm thinking. I believe that all of us need to make a decision. But it's not enough to make a decision for Christ simply. We have to make a decision in such a way that it's either going to reflect. Never could never or marry. And you will understand what I mean as we progress in our study I want you to turn your Bibles with me to the Book of Revelation Chapter three. You see in Revelation the virtue after the vibe of that the snow that there is an experience that God's people need to have that we can make it not only through the Final Crisis but ultimately make it home. The Bible says in the Book of Revelation chapter three I remember one time I was talking to somebody about going home to heaven. And I mentioned I said I'm going home to heaven and somebody you know very theologically deep brother came to me and he said Listen brother Lemon did you say. Heavens are home. And I said yes. And he said well I'm sorry but I have to correct you. And I said What do you mean he says. The heavens not going to be our home. He said the earth. When it's made new is going to be our home and I said OK. I said I appreciate the correction Thank you I said listen when the meetings over where you go. He said I'm going back home. I said wait a minute how long you been there. So I've been in this out only for about ten years. I said what you can in a house for ten years and you called it home. I said so if you can be in your house for ten years and call the home. If I'm going to be in heaven for thousand years watching I call that home. So I believe it is appropriate to say Heaven will be our home and then we can see the newer It will be our final homes that are right. Amen amen. A aren't. So that when we go to the Book of Revelation three I believe that there is an experience that God wanted people to have. Before we go home. And I want you to see what the Bible says in Revelation the third chapter and if you're there just police event. Bible says in Revelation Chapter three we're just going to look at verse five this is the experience we need brothers and sisters. The Bible says in Revelation three in verse five it says He that what. He that overcome it. The same shall be clothed in white Rayment. And I will not blot out his name out of the book of life all i want Jesus to say that about me when I will not block out your name out of the book of life. Why not because I like you but because you overcame. You see God not going played favorites with anybody there is a qualification that needs to take place in which we can receive the heavenly reward. The Bible makes it very clear it's absolutely clear language he that overcome is the same job the clothing white Rayment. And I will not blot out his name out of the book of life. But I will confess his name before my father and before. Is angels you see God wants us to understand that we are getting ready to go through the greatest trial the greatest crisis that the people of God of face on planet Earth. We are going to see the beast power exercise his will in a way that mankind has not seen it before. But we're also going to see God magnify him self in a way that mankind has not seen it before. Outside of the example of Christ himself. And so it is that as we get ready to go through this Final Crisis God says that there's something that I want my people to experience. And it's called the power to overcome. And is only one thing that God wants His people to overcome. And we know it to be that being called sin. The Bible makes it clear that when Jesus came in Matthew one twenty one. The Bible says and they shall call his name Jesus. For he shall save his people not in but from their sins and to be safe from something means that it no longer poses a danger to you. And so it is that Christ says I have enough power I have enough spirit power that. If my people of alle their hearts unto me. I will pour out my Spirit in such a marked manner that they will be able to do. What humanity by itself could never ever had accomplished. Now brothers and sisters. I believe with all of my heart that God is going to have a people that will have complete total absolute victory over every sin. Before Jesus comes. I believe that now there's a reason I believe it you know why go to Revelation twenty two you know the verses. I'm just going to go ahead and play myself as the heavenly reminder to you all today. In Revelation twenty two the Bible lets us know and right there in verse eleven. The Bible makes it clear that this statement is given before revelation sixteen and onward becomes a reality. To the people of this earth. The Bible says and Revelation twenty two eleven he that is was unjust let him be was unjust still. And he which is filthy let him be filthy still. And he that is what right has let him be what right is still and he that is holy let him the. So God. Acknowledges that before the second coming of Jesus Christ. There will be a people who were already. Writes this. And will be sealed in that right to sniff. And we'll be right this still all the way up into the second coming of Jesus Christ. That's clear. Biblical teaching. So God wants us to understand that there will be a people that will have victory completely totally over every single debasing sin. That has ever existed in humanity and with Christ. This is possible. But we must understand that this will require painstaking effort. Better known as cooperation in the book Christ. Object lessons page three thirty one we are told an inspiration very clearly that to have a perfect character is not an easy attainment. And it makes it clear it is going to require hard. Stern battles with self. You and I are going to battle against ourselves like we never have before. Because we're going to get a clearer picture of ourselves because we are beholding the one who is altogether lovely. In the more that you stand in the midst of light is the easier it is to understand darkness the only reason we can see darkness is because light is present. When the light is present in front of us it helps us see the darkness all around us. But when there's no light then we're surrounded by darkness. And we can't see it because we're already in it. And so the more that we stand behind all in front of all with the one who says I am the light of the world the more that we stand with Jesus is the easier we will see the darkness that is within our hearts. And then we're going to know what needs to be surrendered because this also is the experience we must have before. This final crisis breaks loose. There must be a purification within the people of God that everything that is defiling everything that isn't godly. Everything that the Word of God speaks again. Must be up rooted from out of our heart and only God can do this type of farming. And so it is that God wants us to understand it is an experience that we desperately need we need Christ our rights is this to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves and to up root. Those deep rooted things listen to the brothers and sisters it's easy to come to the convocation. It's easy to come here and some of us come and some of us come and we know we are possessed by the demon of fornication. Some of us know we are possessed by the demon of greed. The demon of jealousy. And you know I used to think about this. Did you know the Church of Satan and Alice across the all those guys. They used the name demons they would go ahead and say the demon agree the demon of lust the demon of this. And I thought about that I said. I wonder if inspiration does that so one day I went to the elements writings and I started to type in demon. Of. And I just put it in quotation. Did you know that inspiration Livia like is at least fifteen references to specific demons. The demon. Of greed the demon. Of jealousy the demon of lust the demon of brothers and sisters we don't understand we wrestle not against flesh and blood. There are some of us that have very particular base entrapment had sins in our lives. And we come and we say hallelujah praise GOD THANK YOU JESUS. And we talk a lot of holiness. But there are some demons in our hearts. That must be removed. If we're going to be a people prepared to meet our God. And so God says this and I want you to overcome. So then I don't have to blot out your name. I prefer to blot out your sins. But it's going to require cooperation with Jesus. There are things right now that many of us as God's people do I marvel sometimes you know Facebook is a very annoying thing to say and I'm fine of us of constantly being rooted and we further and further away from that thing it is a very annoying thing sometimes and all I do sometimes. And some of you notice because a lot of you might be my friends and a lot of times. The only time you hear from me. A folk get ready come to this area. Keep us in prayer. Blessings. And we take all. Because Facebook is a very is very and trapping and one of the things that hurts me. Is there are a lot of people that I know from all sorts of parts of the world that profess the different principles of present truth. But at the same time. We will go ahead and we will deliberately put post up. About who won the game. Whether it be basketball baseball football everything else and I'm thinking to myself. How in the world can you acknowledge the Word of God and believe that you're living in the end times and all these things in crisis in the most holy place getting rid of finish the work. Here you are wasting your money. Wasting your time and giving a compromising example to the people that behold you as a minister the Gospel. And he was going to go ahead and be right there at the basketball court right there in the in the arena and go around talking about. They whine. And so on when the Bible says a slip in Chapter two something very clearly got a flip in students. You see sometimes we talk about this thing about victory. And we don't understand that this is why I believe Joe Cruz was right. When he put in that little book written the world when he said. Sin. Must be defined. Because too often we use this broad term called sin. Some of us get a little bit more specific and we face in is a breaking of God's law etc. But we don't understand a lot of things that the Bible condemns that if we were to magnify the law of God. We'll begin to see these things that we advocate and practice and do and promote that the Bible actually says is evil is wrong is the work of the flesh. And all who do social not inherit the kingdom of God. You see the Bible says in the book of Philip mean chapter two and I've always asked individual who believe in competitive sport. I said How in the world can you follow this. How can we endorse it. How can we participate in it. And at the same time. Re something like this The Bible says and slip in Chapter two is in verse one. If there be there for any consolation in Christ. If any comfort of love. If any fellowship of the Spirit. If any battle and mercy. It says fulfill you my joy that you might be was like minded. Having the same love being of one accord. One mind so notice God is literally pressing through the Apostle Paul. The importance of unity amongst the Brethren you see that same love. One mind one accord. God is really pressing it now goes in verse three. And he says therefore let what. Nothing Now last I checked nothing means nothing. Is no room for anything else to be added nothing means nothing it says let nothing be done to what stripe or vainglory strike literally in the Greek means rivalry. Literally the Greek word for strife is rivalry. The Bible says let how many things. Let nothing be done through. Strife or rivalry. All or for vain glory you know there is one way a man can get puffed up is when he can perform that don't go over another brother and everybody cheers and cries. When a brother can try to shake you out the negative senses focus on your hips and then you know you think you're shaking about the boom and he just tackles you down to the ground and stands over you with that ticket in his hand that call that football he just stands and look at you as he defeated you and lead you down sometimes the thing rises up inside of us call. Vainglory. And the Bible says that nothing be done to strike a vain glory. It says but in what kind of mind is said but in loneliness of mind let each is seen others was how can you strive to beat somebody. And at the same time as seen them better than yourself. You can't believe that brothers and sisters. You can't strive to beat somebody the whole purpose of me being on this court right now is to declare you the loser and declare me the winner. Yet on this team you better than myself. And on top of that what are the say next is that let each esteem. Other better than themselves. Is this look not every man on his was on his own thing so therefore don't go around thinking about what you can accomplish what you can do well. What you can do for yourself. But it says. Look not every man on his own things but ever meant also on the things of others. This means that you're looking out for them you're looking out for the best of them. And what hurts me is that we actually have decided to take the very thing that brought so much disunity amongst the disciples. Which was competition. And now we use this very same principle to try to establish our youth in the church by setting up all these different teams. And we are on this and this is not the method of Christ. This is not what God wants. This is not something that the Lord promotes we need to understand that we need to is steam. Others better than ourselves. We need to not look for what can be done for us. But what we can do for others. And you cannot do that when you have the spirit of competition. Can do it. And that's why English is five God just something of real nice go to place in fun when you look at glaciers the fifth chapter. What the guys say here look at this. The Bible civilization of the fifth chapter. Those with the Bible says. In Galatians five Now look carefully at verse nineteen and watch what the Bible says here in Galatians five in verse one thousand the Bible says now. The work of the work. Flesh on manifests. Which are these verse. Adultery fornication. Uncleanness last seriousness. Idolatry. Witchcraft hatred. Variance. What that next word. Did you know that to emulate means to try to be equal to or better then somebody else. That would mean to emulate Satan was emulating God. He was trying to be equal to him but in truth he was trying to actually be better than him. He was trying to supersede him. And that's why whenever you study. Even the very spirit of competition it all started in heaven. And it did not initiate with got it initiated. With Satan. This is not the kind of stuff that God wants our minds to begin getting six into aesthetically in such a late hour. In Earth's history brothers and sisters. There is a tremendous focus. That God wants His people to have now the bible also said that adultery was in there. Now brothers and sisters we know that the Bible makes it very clear that adultery is when a man or a woman has interrelationships one with another. And they did it outside of the marriage covenant. But I want you to see what the Bible says a Matthew five. You see these are things that we would do well to continue to remind ourselves of. And I believe being here that I can see that it still is necessary to give this reminder. The Bible says in the book of Matthew the fifth chapter and when you get their police say a man. The Bible says in Matthew chapter five verse twenty seven. It says The have heard that it was said by them of all time. Bal shout not do what. Commit adultery but I say unto you That whosoever does what. Look here on a woman to lust after her. Has already committed adultery with her in his hearts. We have to understand brothers that a covenant needs to be made with our eyes that we will not look upon a woman in a love for manner. We have to understand that God does not take it lightly God calls that thing sin and sin separates men from God and God does not want to he keep lust resident within our hearts. We Christ of Ruthie's things. Why do you think it is that in verse nineteen the first four works with the flesh. All deal with sexual sin. You have paid attention that collation five one thing when you look at it it says a loss of the flesh. The work of the flesh are these adultery fornication. Last seriousness licensee of all that the unclean and all of that deal with central sin. God know that this is going to be an issue in the last days. So God is telling his men as well as his women that do not even look in these last four manners. There are some who have Fox in their mind that says. If I could do it I would. And in the eyes of God Once a man gets to a place that he says. If I could. I would in the eyes of God. You just did it. And that's why he says that we should not even look upon a woman to lust after her sister. We have to understand that proverbs seven. Is a reality as well so go to Providence the Bible says in the Book of Proverbs the seven chapters. And when you get there. Just please let me know by saying amen. The Bible says in the Book of Proverbs the seventh chapter. Brother this is is a sad reality and I say this because I'm your brother is a sad reality that when brethren come to a holy convocation. They still have to Vattel. With where they look because God women still do not understand a very important principle. Found in Proverbs that the Bible says and probably seven chapter notice what it says in the tenth verse. The Bible says improper seven a verse ten and behold there met him a woman with the what a tire of what and hard it. Now notice in the verse was the woman a heart it in that verse. Know what it says she was wearing the what the tire of an harlot. That means that clothing has personality clothing sends a message. As count going help a six hundred says. All were our actions. Our address. Our daily living creatures the prophet said. And she said I The Gathering with Christ or scattering abroad. We have to understand that when you get dressed in the day when you put your clothes on. You gotta look in the mirror and ask yourself one simple question what. Sermon is my are my outfit preaching. Because every outfit. Preaches a sermon. The Bible makes that clear so there are times when even at a complication. Cleavage is still being hit huggers all these tight jeans and everything fitting tighten accentuating the body and sister. We actually believe that this is right. This is what I'm saying to you because what I'm saying Gee I'm speaking to your heart. Because I believe with family brothers and sisters. What I'm telling you is that this something wrong. When we can have conversation at the complication at the complication at the convocation that when you come to the convocation years later they're still nakedness. All over the place. That means something's not getting across the understand things. Something's not getting across and woe be to us as leaders who think that blindness is virtuous. We have to love our sisters enough to tell them listen this is not acceptable. This is something that God makes very clear that is offensive to him this is something that promotes the spirit of adultery. You see is easy to say victory over sin victory over sin and we use that as this new calling to turn. But brothers and sisters we have to understand. When we really look at what is sin it's a lot deeper. It's a lot broader. This is why some one nine hundred ninety six tells us that commandment hard. Seeding Braun is the very deep so listen. Let us not fall into this trap of talking about overcoming. It's happening. A lot brothers and sisters. We love to teach the sanctuary we love to talk about the most holy place work of Christ. And we do a lot of cute. Gymnastics to try to show folks. Of the realities of what's going on the sanctuary. But brothers and sisters. Is that truth does not go from our heads to our hearts in our practical day to day living. We will not be counted amongst the overcomers. And as a result of that. Rather than our sins being blotted out. Our names get blotted out. We got to get back to the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. And we have to test everything. You gotta test everything. Whatever fashions you and I like test it with the word. Whatever food groups you like to eat. Test it with the word. Whatever entertainment you like to watch. Test it with the words I challenge your brothers and sisters listen to me I'm telling you I'm speaking as a man who have done this myself. And do this myself in other words it's still continuing in my life. I test everything. If I'm going to upgrade from one cell phone to another I have to ask myself why do I do it before I just do it because sometimes we're trying to keep up with Joneses and get the latest in the greatest like passage does that earlier. So that way somebody could just see we've got the latest. And we see that demon called Pride and secure so why do I drive the car that I drive. Why did I pick this house versus that house. Why is it that I live this outfit. Versus another outfit. I guarantee you brother this is this the more that you and I begin to ask ourselves the question. Why do I do what I do. Why do I buy what I buy Why do I have the philosophy that I have. You will be amazed at what we will discover is in our hearts and crisis. That's exactly what I need to up root that I can count you as one of my overcomers. And I can blot out your sin. Keep your name in. And so it is brothers and sisters. If we truly want to be a people prepared to meet our God if we want to have this experience with Jesus that. By the grace of God we can make it through the Final Crisis. Brothers and Sisters. The Bible says is only one way. He overcome it. That's the one that's going to be clothed in the white room and that's the one that he promises I'm not going to bludgeoning them. I'm so thankful because God is not making it hard for us he's making a comprehensive. He sing this expression even now because this unfold. We sing because we love it when Jesus was tempted to cause pain when we're tempted it brings pleasure. We have to understand that God says I need. The character of my son was selected in the heart of my people and the question is how in the world does this get done. So the more that I begin looking at the realities of what getting ready to come. The more that I see. Hold my word Lord. There's so many things happening in the world. But look at what's going on in my heart. I don't know you. As it is my privilege to know you I still don't love you and that is my privilege to love you therefore how can I be counted among the overcoming But Jesus says something to us and is found in John sixteen. And when Jesus says to us I believe we need to make sure we take this home with us. The Bible says and John sixteen. And I want you to carefully look at verse thirty three in John sixteen and verse thirty three. The Bible says. These things I have spoken to you that in me. You might have what peace in the world. You shall have tribulation but be what. Be of good cheer why. Because I have overcome the world. You see Christ is saying that we must overcome. Jesus says. Yes it does seem impossible but the of good cheer because he said. I overcame so because Christ. Overcame. Then the question is how can I overcome. And the answer is Revelation free again. Go back to Revelation three. Crisis be a good cheer already overcame. Whatever the battle may be that you and I will face whatever the tribulation is that you and I may go through Christ says Be of good cheer. Because he says I've already overcome the world. And therefore the Bible says in Revelation three in verse twenty one. It's seven Revelation three in verse twenty one to him that what. Overcome it. Will I grant to sit with me in my throne. Even as I also know what over came and sat down as in my father's throne. Jesus makes it clear be a good cheer. Because I've already overcome. So therefore God says I want you to overcome and the only way to overcome is as cries over Cain. That's the only way. So again here we are be holding Jesus. We have to look at him. You see that Christ our example that was my time in all this we can. Christ our example we have to look to Jesus and look at his example. Jesus how did you overcome the world. Because I'm battling with the lust of the flesh I'm battling with the lust of the out. I'm battling with the pride of life and often it overcomes me. When you're calling me to overcome it. And I can't overcome it by myself. So now I'm looking and to Jesus. The author. And the finisher of my face. And I'm looking at him thing Lord. How did you overcome the last of the flesh. How did you overcome the last of the eyes. How did you overcome the pride of life. How did you overcome the world. Because that's our only hope. And Jesus says well let you in on a clue. And I believe that just looking at this verse is going to teach us much. I want you to go to John Chapter five with me. When you go to John the fifth chapter you're going to see a dynamic in the life of Christ. That quite honestly was lived out through his entire life literally from the cradle to the grave and I want you to see how the Bible brings it out in John the fifth chapter. And I want you to see what it says as we consider verse thirty. The Bible says and John five in verse thirty and I like this verse because we have to understand the dynamics of who Christ would be for this experience Jesus was God. Now he is God. But we know he veiled in self and flesh so he didn't live on this earth. As God per se he lived as a human being that's why he's also called the Son of man. And when Christ lives on this earth. He chose to live a certain way and I want you to see it in John five thirty. The Bible says and John five Verse thirty I can have my own self do was nothing that's a Deeping to say when you can do everything. That's a powerful statement of humility. When Jesus could do anything there was a time president came to him. And they were given to arrest him Peter pulled up that sword gets ready chapter brothers head off and Jesus says this in this innocent for that sort of way. Those are the by the sword will die by the sword. He says you don't understand he says. If I wanted to I could call of these an angel right now to deliver me and they would. So he's one of the make it clear I could do pretty much whatever I want because I am God. But he chose to live on this earth. As a complete humble servant. And so what is he said. I can of my own self do nothing. And then he goes on to say. As I hear. I judge. And my judgment is just because I seek not mine. All will. But the will of the Father. Which has sent me. Literally this is how Jesus lived his whole life. You can take whatever story you want and it's purely a manifestation of John five thirty. Whatever story you want from gets them any the cross. You can look at the times when they came and he was in the temple and he turned tables over. And they came in attacked him and started to go after him times when they try to take him to throw him off a cliff. Everything. At every stage of Christ live John five thirty was his life. It was his reality. I could have my own soul do nothing only do what the father wants. I completely holistically. Absolutely. Unadulterated really rely upon my father to do for me. What I will not do for myself. You know this is call. This is something very special that should be special to you and I you know this is called this. This lifestyle of Jesus we just look at just some one simple verse is called the face of Jesus. And reason why this is important is because we're told in the book Revelation fourteen that. Here is a place that the same zero day that keep the commanders of God and the of Jesus so when we look at this when we think of the faith of Jesus. We are told. And I want you to look at this I'm so sorry that the screen is the way it is so I'll read it from here. It says the face of Jesus. It's TALK OF. But not understood. I want you to think about that. This is by the way search that I can never just page one seventy two paragraph three. It says the faith of Jesus is talk of but not understood what constitutes the faith of Jesus that belongs to the third angels message. Jesus becoming our sin. There are that he might become our sin pardoning savior. He was treated as we deserve to be treated. He came to our world and took our sins that we might take his right to sniff. Now watch the clothes and they in the of billets see of Christ to save us. And plea and fully and tiredly is the face of Jesus. What you think about them. Say in the ability of Christ to save us. And plea and fully and tiredly is the face of Jesus. Third selected messages page one seventy two paragraph three. You see when you listen to a lot of sermon sometimes we don't talk a lot about the face of Jesus. Yet that's the very thing we need to finish the work. The very thing we need to finish the work it's not enough to simply say here are they that keep the commandments of God. Because many a Christian. Pursue that wrong. We often try to be right this without God. We often try to be right just in and of ourselves. We often try to be righted simply because we say we know better therefore our do better. And we have learned that determination is not enough. But here goes the Bible letting us know there's a key ingredient. Yes. The things keep the commands of God. But they also have the face of Jesus in the face of Jesus is the enabler. To keep the commandments of God. Because now I am trusting fully completely amply and entirely for Christ to do in me. What I cannot do for myself. Do I cooperate with a lot or yes we're going to talk about that legal justification here. No forensic justification here no sir. Brothers and sisters we need to understand that God wants us to recognize that what he is requiring of us cannot be done simply by us. There is an experience that we need with Jesus. Where in his power his influence his strength. Becomes outpower our influence our string. It's going to require that wonderful little thing called cooperation. Now. The reason why I like this study I appreciate the study is because I learned something. You see all these movements that are getting ready to take place even this month. Did you know that you can see it summed up. If you really want to understand the issue between the market the beast and the feel of the Living God. I believe that great controversy five seventy one and five seventy two helps us tremendously with this. When you read great controversy especially five seventy two. It lets us know that the great work in fact the secret of the papacies power is to develop two classes of people. And I want you to think about this defeat the secret of the papacies power you read this in page five seventy two. The secret of the papacies power is to produce two classes of people that will basically sum up almost all of mankind. Those who are saved by their merits. And those who are saved in their sins. This is the very last work. That is given to come before. That's why but I don't know if you understand it. You see we have been told for a long time. That the thirty inches message is justification by faith in verity. I started thinking about I just did a sermon you can hear it is going to be an audio verse and a little bit I did it just a week or so ago. And a sermon called the counterattacks and reason why it was called the counterattack as I showed systematically that the very birth of the Reformation the Protestant Reformation. Of course we know. Martin Luther being recognized as a father we know there were others who started before him. But Martin Luther made that most profound hit in the world. That's why he's often referred to as the father the Reformation. Now. What was Martin Luther's been his vent was on Justification by Faith. Right now. Sola scriptura sort of C.D.'s or so the script or the Bible alone sold a few days which was just the case and by faith alone. OK That was his emphasis now. When Martin Luther put forth that effort that helped springboard many other Blessitt precious truth. The other reformers began to pick up Wesley started to do think if occasion violates Roger Williams. Religious liberty. Etc All these things that are coming in the picture. Now what. What happened was the very foundation of protest in to them. Was the understanding of the Bible alone. And by faith alone in Jesus Christ. To do for us what we can't do for ourselves. Martin Luther did not have the full understanding like we have today. Yet. He had a very right understanding of a beginning phase of the work. Now. Understanding that. Did you know that last year was absolutely monumental because it was not just an attack. It was an attack on the third angel. You see last year. Never really seen it done before between Protestantism in the papacy. Last year there was a very deliberate statement saying We believe in Justification by Faith too and when they made that statement we believe in justification by faith through. That's when they came to the rationale. Which was before there's no longer need to protest. And you remember the great of angelical said this is a heaven born message. And everybody started pulling together. What we don't understand is that it didn't stop there. August twenty eighth last year I played the video clip. I showed them literally it happened on August twenty eighth and I preached in August twenty ninth I caught the video. Put the video up on the screen. Now the Vatican is erecting a certain part in Rome where they are going to pay homage to Martin Luther. Pope Francis wanted to make it clear. Hey involved with this a seventy advantage played a major part in this reality but Pope Francis want to put his words in. Yes we are very happy about this and so on why because this NG We believe in Justification by Faith. But what happens is God wants us to understand that while we see the very essence and foundation of the third angel's message. Now being more forcefully attacked than we've ever seen it before God expects his people to give a counterattack. So you look for that message that message we cover some deep things on it. Now the point is right now. There is a message that is sweeping the majority of the world and Christian to which is telling people you can be saved either. In your sins or. By your marriage. And it's basically sweeping almost every class of religion and humanity all over the world. And that's while i told us in this inspired statement facing workplace eighteen. There is not a point that needs to be doing well. Upon more earnestly. Repeated more frequently or less stablished more firmly in the minds of all. Then the possibility of fallen man. Narrating anything. By his own best good works. Salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ alone. This is the emphasis. And can you imagine. This is in the time of the third engine. So while we must give the warning of the Sunday law crisis or I believe we need to emphasize the experience we need the experience brothers and sisters that we may know how to enter into you see when you study the Bible look at Romans one. Remember Romans one go there. If you look at Romans the first chapter. You remember what the Bible says Romans one. And it talks about it in verse sixteen and seventeen. And notice what the Bible says Romans one vs sixteen and seventeen. It is not that victory over sin is not possible but we don't want to fall into the trap that the devil the trying to put. You see the message of stayed in sin is also a victory over sin message is just perverted. I don't have to stop sinning myself per se because Christ did it all. So therefore I disclaim his narrative. To cover my sinful life. That's an indoor snuff and that's why I hate that picture. I'm the honest with you now I mean when I say hate it that's a strong word but I really I don't like it because it is such a false representation of the gospel. You know a picture I'm talking about is a picture that we've seen sometimes even on the quarterlies and everything else in a lot of our books and A.B.C. we see this picture of a white man. And he has on a dirty robe and he's hanging his head down low. And then when that man is hang in there like that all of a sudden you see these hands would have beautiful white robes and the white robe. Is going over her. The dirty robe. You see the picture for having me. I don't like that picture. You know why that contradicts the Bible go to Zacharias three. Will go back to Rome as one goes accuracy. If you go to Zacharias three knows what the Bible says. I don't like that picture. I think we need to change it and people try to be funny you know if I've said it on Facebook one time and some persons that. All I guess we should have a naked picture on might know men don't want to miss the point. Why give a picture that gives an absolute contradictory and false image of the gospel. And your best rationale as always we put a naked picture. No. The bottom line is if you can't tell the truth and just don't put the picture of you see I learned there in the history of the Reformation. There's a lot of power in pictures. It was one day that the pompous pope would often ride around on his horse with all of his retinue before him. And they were trying to figure out what's the best way to help the people understand. The deceptive power of the pope. In comparison to Christ. And in rather than preaching it. They decided to draw up a picture. I don't know if you remember that store and if you look at picture and he drew a picture of the lonely Jesus. And then they drew a picture of the pompous pope. And they put it up on that wall and everybody walked by they just look and they said Jesus. The Pope. And they saw. There is no match here. And many of people's minds were delivered on the power of a picture. So what is that tell me. If people's minds can be delivered to the power of a picture. That means people's minds can be deceased to the power of a picture. So when I began to look at that picture and see this picture of a man with that dirty nasty robe and here it is that this beautiful white robe is now covering his dirty nasty row. I said that is not what the Bible teaches go to vectorize for you if you dare Saemon Bible says and secularize the third chapter and he showed me Joshua. The high priest standing before the angel of the Lord and Satan standing at his right hand to resist him. And the LORD said unto Satan. The lot of these the even the law that has children Jerusalem to be. Is not this a grand book out of the five. Now Joshua was clothed with filthy garment and stood before the angel. And he answered and spake unto those that stood before him think do what. Take all the way. The filthy garments from him and unto him he said Behold I have caused that iniquity to what past. Notice that I thought I knew to pass from the. And I will close the with change. Of the rain and. So God take away the dirty garment. And then he closed it with right common. He does not put his beautiful right business. Over our sin. He takes away our sin. That's why John says Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world. You're going to give a picture at least we did at the accurate. And so it is that Jesus wanted us to understand that while this false message is a victory over sin. Save in sin. Or saved by marriage. Meaning the more that I do is the more that I merit. And I have a right to go to God and completely contradict the fetus to fees or to sell For by grace are you safe and free and that not of yourselves. It is the gift of God then it's is not zero were less what. No wonder some people have such a bold attitude towards God. Because they think my marriage is what made me right in this area and as a result of that. I'm all right so you. All me haven't you told me my blessings. There's a lot of people to have that arrogant attitude towards Christ. So Satan exult over these false message is a victory over sin. I saved myself a still picture of a sin. But they think they did it. When they really didn't. Because once we put the magnifying glass on our lives. We can see that while we thought we were not adulterers many of us discovered all my words. We are adulterous. While we thought we did not have another gonna licencee lot I have many gods in my life as well I appreciate God putting the magnifying glass. Listen that work has not died. That work has not died with this is. You need to put the magnifying glass on the commandments of God. You need to let us remind us as seventy AD that it was certainly the world. We have to let them see the depth of God's commandments. Because there are many people that think I'm all created. And we already know what that disease is called is called out to see about Mrs thinking we're all right. When we're all wrong. And so it is saved by Mary deception saved in sin deception. Saved by faith. Reality. And what Christ wants is he needs that message or to be lifted up in powerful clear clarion tones. That's why we go back to Romans chapter one. Now when you go to Romans one watch what the Bible says as we consider the principle of the Bible was how the Gospel works and it's beautiful. Or my work whether this is beautiful look at this Romans one. In Romans one we are going to help others. As God is helping us understand the very essence of the gospel. The very essence of Justification by Faith and so the Bible says and Romans chapter one of the their police Amen. The Bible says and Romans one verse sixteen. For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes to the Jew first and also the Greek. Now was verse seventeen for there in is what the right distance of God what. Now hold on to that point. That's why for years we have been trying to help people understand. The gospel is not limited to lip service. The gospel was always meant to be something. Revealed. It was something that was to be made manifest. You understand that. And so it is that it says For there in is the right is of God revealed from what faith to say the just shall live by faith. So notice that God makes it clear that the Gospel is God's power. It leads to salvation. It belongs to everybody who believes regard less of genealogy location creed or any of that other stuff. Jew and the greed. And in the Gospel is the right distance of God revealed from faith to faith. First it's revealed to us as we behold pride our rights isness. And as we behold Christ our right to see this. There is a reciprocating effect that is done very miraculously and spiritually. By which God as we behold him. As we study him. And as we commune with him. He produces something called Love in our hearts. The Bible says that the love of God is said of brought in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto God begins to put that love in that's good news this somebody in here perhaps this says I don't love God and I don't even know if I can. The great news is that while God was love God doesn't command you to give it because he already knows you can't. That's why Christ is I got to put it in you. See Jesus says I am love so you need me in you but the only way I can come is to my spirit. And the only people who get my spirit. Are those who ask. So you gotta ask for God's Spirit what put your love within my heart. Teach me how to love the loving things of Jesus and the more that we study that's called cultivation. Over this is I'm afeard the country living. Because the more you start working in that farm and you work I saw you start understanding cultivation. You start understanding how serious it is when you got to break up the soil. When you got to put the right nutrients in it because the sort of been so depleted and so damaged. And then when the saw is just right now. The seed can go in and as the sea dive life comes out and it's cetera. Brothers and Sisters. It is a cultivation. That's how you love God is not like God just simply just one day just goes over into schools. You feel when he said that of Jesus' love these no brothers and sisters is cultivation. The Spirit of God will work with us and as we study really guys into all truth and God's Word is true so we're going to go through the word in the Spirit of God is going to guide you going to help us behold the lovely image of Jesus. And by behold nebulous that image we're going to be drawn to him. And we get drawn closer and closer and closer I'm telling you. Like I said yesterday. He is the first and the only man that I have found to be attractive. Jesus is beautiful brothers and sisters. And as you start to beholden to hold me hold this something reckless that God begins to put inside of us that we never could have manufactured ourselves. And I think it's called love. And Jesus said. If you love me what happens. So now all the just to live by faith and we go from face to face. Number one. We behold cranky is revealed to us. And then as we behold. Right now Christ reveals Himself through us. Now. The reason why this is important is because we come to Jesus by would save go to collage unseen. When you go to collage the second chapter. What you know what the Bible says we come to Jesus by the. That's why I love going through the Vic is for the because for I think spells out the plan of salvation clearer than many other verses that I've gone through in the Bible. I mean it filled it out so clear. It's beautiful I love this thing. Like the bottom of this incredible puzzle that God just allows us to a spirit to begin to put it all together. And we begin to understand in the Bible says a colossus to adversity. As the act therefore what. Receive Christ Jesus HOW DO WE WERE season by faith sources as we have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord. So do was walk in him. So if I receive Christ by faith then that means that I must walk by faith and not by the understand. So the same implicit trust that I hadn't got to save me from the penalty of sin is the same implicit trust and cooperation I will work with got that he can save me from the power of sin. Moment by moment. Day by day. And so it is that the more that we begin to study this beautiful campus we begin to learn that justification by faith is something that is not just something that happened in the past is something that walks with us. You see there was a statement that was used by Ellen White. In the book faith and works and she says that. Another term for sanctification is justification. Retained. Justification retained. And also committed as pretty powerful because I had to add. Why justification by faith. Why is it that that's the for hurting just missed in verity why you sometimes have to ask why did God she was just this occasion. He said it on purpose. In the morning we begin to understand that this is why it's in the was very powerful. You see when you look at eight hundred eighty eight you know the champion at that time was none other than Jones and Wagner Now what the N.Y.C. about these brothers and their message. She says in last events two hundred. The Lord in His great mercy sent a most precious message to his people to Elvis he's a Wagner and eighty Joan. This message was to bring more prominently before the world. The UP listed savior. The sacrifice for the sins of the whole world. It presented what justification through faith in the surety it invited the people to receive the right distance of Christ which is made what. Manifest in obedience all the commandments of God. This is what the papacy is afraid of. Is the right. Understanding of Justification by Faith is always making manifest. A people that are obedient to all of God's commandments that is what justification by faith. Was always supposed to produce the just shall live by how faithful what it seems to say go to James two. I like looking at these verses over and over and over again. I have no problem with that is called cementing. In James to what is the Bible thing. The Bible says and James Chapter Two knows what the Bible says. The Bible says and change that the two verse twenty. And I give you these verses because those some of us know what they might even be one person that doesn't. And if I want to see a James to a verse twenty the Bible says. What will down over a man that faith without what works is dead so the just I live by faith but faith is always revealed by works now what is the motive of those words glacial five. When you go to glaciers five Notice this is beautiful in Gracious the fifth chapter what is the motive of these works that reveals our fate. The Bible says and relations five notice what it says in verse six. The Bible says and relations five in verse six. If you dare say amen. The Bible says in the nation five six four in Jesus Christ. Neither circumcision avail anything nor uncircumcision. But faith which work of. By the love becomes the motive. Love becomes the motive of my works. Which reveals that I've been justified by faith. This is the balance of justification by faith. That is under the banner of the third angels message and must be given to the people. So that they will not fall for one of those two deadly traps. Savings in saved by merits saved by faith. We are saved by grace through faith. And we need to understand that it is to be revealed. And that's why we're told in this beautiful quotation. Do you ask how am I to abide in Christ. In the same way as you receives enough arsed that we do certain classes to fix. Somebody says how my to abide in Christ in the same way as you would see them at first as the as therefore receive Christ Jesus the Lord so walking in him. Notice that glosses to fix is the just shall divide faith. You gave yourself to God to be his holy to serve and obey him. And you took Christ as your Savior. Notice. You could not yourself. Atone for your sins or change your heart. But having given yourself to God you believe that he for Christ's sake. Did all this for you by faith. You became cried. And by faith. You want to grow up in him. By giving and taking. You are to give all your heart. Your will your service. Give yourself the him to obey what. All his requirements. And you must take all. Christ. The fullness of all blessing to abide in your heart to be your strength. Your right to snip your everlasting helper to give you the power to obey. Our father cares. Paid seventy two paragraph three. God wanted us to understand. And we came to him. Fully completely amply trusting him to do for us. What we could not do for ourselves. So what is it that's how we walk with him every day. So if God says I want you to change some things about your life. Lord. I can't do it but I'm trusting that you will give me power to do it. What does that power look like. What does it look like to trust God to do for us what we can do for ourselves. John five. Beautiful verse brothers and sisters. What does it look like I want to know what it looks like. You don't say answers because one time I'm studying. And you know you hear a lot about victory over Senate cetera. But the question is What does it look like. How does it work. Well as look at John Fine. I like John five because it's a powerful story. I wish I had the commentary for ministry healing but that's all right. You can read in John five What is the Bible say look at the story John five verse one. It says after this. There was a feast of the Jews. And Jesus went up to Jerusalem. Now there is absolutely by the sheet market a pool which is called of the Hebrew tongue with Esther having five porches. In these lay a great multitude of impotent folk. Of blind halt withered waiting for the moving of the water for an Angel went down at a certain season into the pool and chop of the world. Whosoever then first after the troubling of the water step in was made whole whatsoever disease he had. And a certain man was there. Which had an infirmity thirty and eight years. When Jesus saw him lie and knew that he had been now a long time in that case. He say that to him without he made all the impotent man answered him Sir I have no man when the waters trouble to put me into the pool. But while I am coming another step is now before me and was these next point. Jesus say isn't to him rise. Take up that bed and walk. What is a by the same verse nine. And what immediately. The man was made whole and took up his bed and wall and on the same day with the seven. Now. When Jesus told him. Take your mat and walk all the power everything that was needed to supply and have performed. What he commanded. Was already set in place. All the brother had to do. Was exercise faith that what Jesus said is so. So what did he do. He acted on the Word of God. Ellen White makes it clear that if this brother would have waited to feel energy in his legs. He never would have gotten up. So it is that he was not waiting to feel the sonobuoy or fluid get all back in between the joints he was not waiting to feel blood flow whatever. He heard the word of God. He chest didn't believe God that God had enough power to perform what he commanded me to do. And therefore he said lord. I'm going to trust that what you said. Is already done. So now I'm just going to act on your word. And as he put his hand on the ground. To start getting up immediately blood flow started to go through his legs. Also a self-starter coming back alive. All of a sudden snow your fluid is all developing in between is joined this brother was experiencing the power of God. He acted on the word. This is why we're told in early writings seventy two faith is ours to exercise. But joyful feeling in the bless the. Our gods to give to us. Brothers and Sisters. We can live by faith. Whatever God tells you to do. All his bidding. Are enabling. So that means that whatever God tells us to do. We can do it. So there's nothing that we have to be fearful of there's no time for us to say a lot. It's impossible. If God says Take all your money out of your account. Put it into the work. Put that money you can seem put it into the work. Start building the ark. You see when no one saw that the end was coming. Know it took everything he had and he put it into the only thing that was going to last. And that was the art. There was a lot of people I'm sure this is no you crazy man you know I you know messed up the IRA. You got a mess of your for one K. I don't want to send us a fact that there was like a backup no sound leave in Annapolis if he says I believe in this doctor idea and put all my stock into the Word of God. So it is no IF that I'm going to do it now God is telling some of us to do they gotta sell me some of this thing that we're reserving. And some of us are like that man built the barn and got of me. Maybe is giving us different instruction. And some was a free Lot How can I do it. Lot of can you really take care of me rather this is you see. That's the frustration. There are times when God calls us to do things that we forget God is saying don't you understand I'm holding myself accountable to get it done. God says I hold myself accountable. So if I tell you to do it causes then I am responsible to make sure you get it done. And I have never failed a cage. And the more that we learn to trust him and act on his word God is common some of us from our common occupations. Why in seven of the testimony to the church page twenty seven. We are told clear as day. That there are some that God and His Spirit is going to call people out of the common vocations of life. And that he is going to have them getting quip. To go forward in gospel work. I don't know if we understand relatives as we're living in a time where it's all hands on deck. Everything's about to wrap up we're all going to be hit by this it's remember all the vertical sleeping and eventually it's going to waken up but some will be revealed as wise. And some will be revealed as foolish. God doesn't want us to be the foolish virgins. And so God is trying to say to us right now. You and I must learn what it means to live by faith. To walk by faith that doesn't mean that we have some type of mystical magical ascent. Where God is doing a bunch of stuff and we're doing nothing. Not any of that foolishness. No brothers or sisters. They're going to require that thing called choice. The exercise of the will. He's going to show us what to do he's going to give us every promise every power source to make it available to you. But he will not choose for you. You have to choose. Can you imagine that there are some people that might be getting ready to get married. Spent money. Told everybody. And next thing you know God I say. She's not the one. He's not the one. Stop the marriage. In our minds are going to be a lot of we. We put so much money we spent we prepared. We told everybody. I can deal with that ridicule. Gussie. That's the problem that I have with humanity. We don't know. I just listen and do what he says and chest and think if we really trusted God would we ever question. We want to question him because we were saying. Whatever you say I know it got to be right. So our issue is a trust issue. Better known as a fake. Issue. And what Jesus wants is we want to develop within us. Such trust such belief such confidence in him that we will recognize Lords who have island Earth Society. If I go into the ground you therefore go anyplace else you didn't know about what could possibly accomplish without you. You've already said it without me you can do nothing. Teach me oh god. The war Bussy. Teach me to trust you and trusting God is more than an intellectual assent. Trusting God is something that is revealed as demonstrated in the life. Through the exercise of the will. Which he gave to us that makes us different from the animal kingdom. And so it is that when the prophet of God was asked the question when she started to look at the third angel's message and the question came in where she says. Several I've written to me inquiring if the message of Justification by Faith is the third in his message and I have answered. It is the third angel's message in a verity evangelism one ninety. Somebody says well what exactly is justification by faith. Is it purely the parting power of God. It's not just the part because the keeping power of God. Justification by Faith is an overall principle that God teaches us. Which is this. What is justification by faith. It is the work of God in laying the glory of man in the dust and doing. For man. That which it is not in his power to do for himself. Testimony to ministers and gospel workers for fifty six paragraph three. Justification by Faith reminds us that we were sinful. We were wretched we were miserable poor blind and naked. And we had a one way ticket straight to eternal separation from God. And it was only through the marriage in the right business in the love of Christ that he was willing to save sinners. If we would simply accept the Atonement. We believe that by faith and we said Lord upon your marriage. I trust that you can put me in a right position with God. We confess our sins. We declare before God by your grace. You are mine. And I am yours. God turns up any part of the from our sin. And then God says now. Go all on and to perfection. We say Lord that's our Gustus remember the same way you came to me is the same way you walk in me. When I say you can be perfect you believe that I can make you perfect. When I say you can have victory over seeing you believe I can give you victory over everything. The WHAT I LOVE SEX GOD says I can teach you to hate it outside of marriage. Amen. Somebody said Brad love smoking I love drugs I love whatever. God says I can show you how to hate what you love. Show you how to love what you hate God says I can do anything. In a heart that's willing. And the same way that he did for me. What I could not do for myself to bring the end is the same way I'm trusting him every step of the way to do for me what I can't do for myself. And this is how justification is retained. Because we're getting ready to go up against the beast our brothers and sisters that's going to help us realize that we have nothing in us. That can beat him. There is nothing in us there's no planning there's no devising. There's nothing in any of you in me. That can beat was getting ready to come. We need Christ in His brothers and sisters. We need the right business of Jesus Christ like never before and that thing must be real. And we have to reveal it. And testified to the world though also to the message of the papacy. No it's not saved in sin no it's not saved by merits but it is saved by grace through faith. Which is revealed in all works that are motivated by love somebody says. I want God to lay my glory in the dust. Somebody says I want God to lay my glory in the dust. We have a natural glory about ourselves brothers and sisters. We think we look good one thousand cars whatever it may be some of us know how to talk preach speak. Great articulation Oh there's much things that we could say about ourselves when Jesus is absent from our presence. But I want God to lead our glory in the dust. We need lead in the dust. How many of you want God. His Glory. To lay hours in the dust. You want I don't YOU were brothers and sisters I didn't forget the title of our message. You see. This is why God gave it to me. You see never kidneys are in there you have something in common. I want to see God. You know what never can is in there you have in common. Both of their glories were laid in the dust is that right. You remember. It was in Daniel for twenty nine to thirty three what it never can as a sea is not this great Babylon that I've built. He began to talk about his nasty. He began to talk about his glory. And as he talked about his glory brothers and sisters and he was gloating over what he seemed to think was his accomplishment and his ability. Next thing you know that voice of judgment came from him or that we can in this day is shall be fulfilled. And God says. And you shall do well with the animals in the field never could never literally was laid in the dust that brother now slept on the field and on the ground like animals. Started having nails growing and all this other stuff. God. Literally humbled never could never by laying his glory in the dust. But then Mary Mary. Love to listen to Jesus. And when you read Matthew twenty six verses six to thirteen you know as beautiful. Jesus visit Simon. The leopard house. And as easy as visit his house and he's kind of going on and everybody's gathered around Christ and they love to be around the man. This woman just comes in if you never can never had a lot to see. But every account of this story. You know how much Mary had to say nothing. You know why because Mary knew that I was amiss the one who has everything. And there you know there's nothing about me to say about me. And so all that Mary did when she came in this thing nothing about herself and she just simply came to the master. Took out that alabaster box. Anointed him when his feet with her tears took her hair which is a woman. Glory. She took her hair and white his feet. That were covered in dust. And she voluntarily. Lit a her glory in the day. At the feet of Jesus. You see brothers and sisters you said. I want God to lay my glory in the dust. Do you want never could never will do you want marry you see brothers and sisters. The good news is both of them were saved. Isn't it something that we say from God is a merciful God rather than incredibly versatile guy but he had to humble. Nebuchadnezzar because never could never would not humble himself whether this is don't put yourself in a position where God has to do to you what he did in a beginner don't have got have to lay new in the dust. Instead. I think we can learn a lesson from Mary. As the like Mary. Everything that we think we can glory about this late in the dust before Jesus. Some of you there might be a bank account something you might glory in your bank account that's one of the reasons why you might need to start empty in that thing and put it into the word might cause some of you to be law for the California you know you've got wealth. You've got There's no excuse that a God given sanitarium could not be set up in Southern California. There's absolutely no excuse other California been blessed. You've been blessed and don't think for a moment that God will not hold you accountable in the judgment for what you're doing with your funds. And so God wants you to understand maybe for some of us are glorious in our bank account maybe for some of us are glorious in our possession. Whatever may be for some of us are Glory might be an opposition. If we got a high influential position. And we started to think ourselves better and better and more than other people. Whatever it may be. Where ever you think. Wherever I think because I'm sort of my everyday brother says this. Do you know being a speaking event of a preacher teacher. That there's an opportunity to glorify and that you know that people call you all over the planet. Offering you this that the other never think you have no idea how imperative it is that you keep your brothers in prayer whom God is called to the ministry. We struggle with being humble sometimes and sometimes it's the people's fault. Because they love to lift the man up. So we have to understand we all struggle in battle with this thing about self glory. In one way or another. And so it is something a gifted in music. He's acting out to keep you home. What ever it may be. Remember. We have a choice. Now because never marry and brother says I've made a couple of guys advise your great father. I want to approach you like Mary approach do you agree. Me my glory be laid in the dust. To the power of God's Spirit. And ultimately may we find ourselves going home with Jesus. If you realize that glory is the issue for you and you know. I need my glory to be laid in the dust. And you know you battle with that thing like for real. And there's a self righteousness that is still residing within our hearts. We compare ourselves with each other we see ministers do it all the time Mrs compare themselves a minister. Make no mistake about it that play can affect us. If we're not careful. So for literally from the pulpit to the Pew is a struggle for every single one of us. The question God is asking is do you recognize that sometimes the woman with the long flowing hair. Things are still Vetter than the ones with the short course hair. Sometimes the light skinned do with the dark. Sometimes the white does it with the black sometimes the black do it with the white sometimes the American does it with the non american brothers and sisters. This is a disease. It's a disease. We keep looking at ourselves and we keep thinking more of ourselves and we should. And we're putting ourselves in the position that. If we are say. It might be never could never have the experience and I don't want to because I want Mary. I want Mary. And if you recognize Lord. I'm probably on the road of being humble. But please teach me how to humble myself in the sight of the Lord. Just to imagine. The greatest way to do that is the do what Mary did sit at the feet of Jesus. Learn of him. Study him. Live for him. And when you're not for him. Then you'll die for him. You will be free if this is the experience you want please Sandy if and with me. This is what I'm sending you home with I want you to go home and just remember never you could never marry. What I choose Mary. And I choose me. And I believe that God is going to do something special in our hearts. If you keep the experience that you had throughout this week and don't let the birds of Satan. Feel that way the precious the that have been planted in our hearts. Let's see a lot of this is with our loving Father. Thank you you love us with and ever lasting love. So incredibly gracious. So wonderfully merciful. Please features or to sit at the feet of Jesus. To learn of him and then we behold him so strongly that he will consume our thoughts and that anything. Unlike you. You will take it away. We give you permission to take our heart because we cannot give it. It is your property. And keep it pure for we cannot keep it for the and save us in spite of ourselves are weak and Christ like the mold often fast enough and raise us to a whole the atmosphere where only the rich currents of I love. Can flow who are also. And as we have this experience. Help us Dear God to share it with as many as possible before it is eternally to me. We commit ourselves into your hands father. They call lives and let it be consecrated Lord to the. We ask in Jesus name Amen. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermon sleeve visit. W W W dot. Audio verse. Dot org.


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