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The Six Stages of Marriage

Martin Kim


Many people go into marriage thinking that it is the solution to their loneliness and that it will bring about an end to all their personal problems. And then there are those who are married who can't understand why their spouse who seemed so perfect at one time is now the cause of all their unhappiness. This message explains God's purpose for marriage and how to get the most out of marriage as we understand God's plan and cooperate with Him as He seeks to prepare us for heaven. This message also explains when divorce is the solution to marriage problems. 


Martin Kim



  • May 9, 2015
    11:15 AM
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This isn't possible. And that profession or possible good holding is all. With the. All or all who was replying to anybody what it was too. Do you know about the some who are so that'll really say and do that with medicine all of them. And you know what. Because you don't have. But the good thing with a lot of all over the all or all. It's all very hot as a whole. And if it is the limit. This is after. Well. Now. Young men and women who are. And who do you suppose that is a little. And so while it is no. And that all of our. So many many. By all of us who you thought. Thought. A Only if your man. As you correctly identify and did. So if you are concentrated in the. All that the lives of all. It is or. All right. Months ago I thought of her as a while. The one. Now. And the way. They're about a block away. I'm one of their. OK OK. Friend. We're going for and. He was still with you. I don't like those out there who now is generally who the face of America. I'm sure there are. But generally all but one letter. I would describe the. Right. All right. What is my little boy that you don't like that and more all day and hold my own one. But I like that. They love the one hole do you think you would have built a strong foundation. Now you know. I and all that energy. I thought it would have. Of what. We want to know when to say. When you do the next day. So you didn't get it was all right. I like the. How do you know. This is a sympathy for the rest of us. OK. So why do you feel that is. Pull a black boy for the rebound. You're all that is all your. And I. And you know my daughter. Well it is also the complained about. Because not only is all you have all of those A list all the. All the ways and this is why the whole. They don't those who mourn for the for it. ARE YOU morning. Morning. Because of it. Well for you. We will work on a clever little comfort for those all of our. God does not really know really does not believe that. When he is for a good while all the. When he comes with. Or if we are who says voice. I would happen. With never have had not come from him. How many there would be so never mind. And there is nothing but praise God for America. All right. So that's the one. They want to say what do you. Now all hold or mental health. All fall over. And the wife and. If you will and she was wrong that. All off. But for the one because you think that result of a do. Or the law. And this is this is awful. Do you so all you have to change. And so that's. It was his wife. Say. I don't like change from the normal I want to change the view the way. This is wait. This is virtually impossible to solve very long term. That's why you want to call the man who want to change it all now you have to leave. And this is growing at the front of your home and come to the point where through you're all all and you. Or I have recommended work. I don't know this but actually the ball and. All along with the SO for. The love. Oh I love you does this work work and all. We love and all of the calling you what or of what or of. Love for mother or it was a lot of it went off. Well what do you do. This is as a follow on. And then into have. The full cost of the article should not have loved me. But will the law. We love the conditional love it is a strong decision is going to file. The lovely wife. Also love the thought for. How do you want to flag for Asian. Love the way they love and you saw your wife. As I thought the city. All too well. Number one because we want to use for this is a man with all the for the for the good for the children. If you heard it live all do so will do it for them. This is very lazy. Nevertheless unless you want to call us is all the while I have thought that the wife. Her husband. The love of their lives as a couple on were happily ever after the. How do you have a lot of row and roll of the one for the firm you think they are the person they are going to be a better person because you are full of love with God and the god. There's one friend of mine. And she said. All of this I think a lot of people who saw her. That. Maybe of autism. Two of the guy who's looking for. Of all all right. Love. And they have to ask you are and you can maybe for God of Love which is in my life. And I want to grow old with you. Through what I had to open them up. For this all that. To solve. What happened. For phone call to the doctor tomorrow. Today. What are you. So I have to file along. Then the one hundred fifty five. I've had enough. This is a fork in the fall for it and we're messed up and I thought of all of the ice. For me when I was just as the police and I was about you because I because this is less important. Now because to provide for me. I think I'm going to be. You and I and I would say that. All I have more of all. But why more. And I was in the rules and. I wonder if I have my cell. As a sign. I was a. After two if you change that. I already know what I actually work for from a fellow. And then I love. I am pretty well in my original love or. You weren't going to ask you if you want to learn. That. And that. I had to learn all that is for I see this as me. This is the history. Every time you go through all the pages. But you don't want to do all that all all through all the gossip. How did you. And those three and four. Other. You know I want to go about this one little and there was a. So now you want to thank all of that meeting. This one is finally possible. I know that the for the first. Now. Remember that the purpose of the furnace is the purpose of the fire. Not to destroy this role was the purpose of the fire. Because this is all. Now another the last of the earth and the BE Absolutely. So we find it is wrong when they finally move you from the for part of long for your mission. Your. Only Son of the work. You offer and the heart. All. For you as well as the. Fall. The moon was just phenomenal. If you want to believe. That is so awful were fall. Is in the war. And we forget. So what are her off. As for. Now all of you but one. It's as if you have to do with. What is. And one thing the way the. Last is a man. What it is what all. The. Play all the work. It was more a shame that they had with a clearer. What do you suffer for the service of a pseudo solve the call. Peace Pole. All how we call it. And that we're all that. One of the willing to publish. Of the world with that was sort of. Years later because of the word or was or. Cry and you know who or how did you want to be formed in this place. With how there is no. I can do with the way and you know I have already. Because God will never allow us to be fine with that they have their uses. And we have to go over and summer. As you know that we have. And one day you can have a little home with us. I don't remember the story though. Remember what the Lord was so you do. Say. For policy. Oh lord I mean if you want to call that was a call to service. Do you say. I know we will go over the around. And they are for though. All the love that was only when the cost of going to change is all I saw but I don't believe that the father of the law changed. To solve the whole thing. Then the Bible and the theory fall. We find metaphor for the first world. But the bottle always used the metaphor for the fire and your vile. I want to offer. And this is the last day. All while. And for all my life and my hairs on guy. The my life. This media was brought to you by audio person. A website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon. Leave the W.W.W. audio Verse dot org.


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