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The Mystery of Minneapolis, Part 2

Dave Fiedler


Dave Fiedler

Author and Educator



  • October 16, 2004
    3:00 PM
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him at the family with this kind of thing this afternoon looking back to that same areas over long span of a new and help us to somehow sort of make sense out of different things here and there see the slaves of chosen another thing of woolen through on his homeless to know how to build on that which you have erected we have so blessedly received by the near coincidence of the time of our birth and life of AAU and guide our thoughts now grant says the owner thinking of unwavering is that okay is criticizing their address is how much I really do anything last night that able to write ISO USA is allowed to pray for you and him and receiving class I was on a panel is some years ago Jones and wife energy administers thirty three and thirty eight years old visiting physicians and process always with brother Butler is in you I said general conference Secretariat and interview the health the weather in Battle Creek or concerns for good and valid reasons sort of in that they hated I think that sounds they hear things they thought this was supposed to you must read for us outsource and send them the biggest problem is also thing was that the issues the identification of line voices justification for four and three identification of the channel is the annual salary from an online calendar ten hours the horses of these were delicious this is not worth fighting over and tell etc. clearly but there was his compulsion to fight him to find a way is to train these as minor issues and the question is why was analyzed why one is a little as you finish anyways I have probably the simplest little thought that in the tossup for your consideration I is I don't have a ethical liability reference is the life is that when we are presenting the truth we can present truth that we can does anyone even know the Gospels as they can interlace visually presented as customers are presented as our truth and this one easy test as you nation is if someone disagrees with your presentation truth you take offense if you take offense really represented on your self and him for five thousand people I doesn't matter plus will eventually walk away wondering anything to say he was waiting for events to sort that out forgotten my views on Zion Illinois however was in Minneapolis what I had to say that she disagreed with later I sometimes but she felt he was a Christian gentleman and that he did not receive a fair hearing because I is a gentleman and down this was on the salacious but she also identifies something to say there is something here she became very enthusiastic about it she spoke of it as the massive Stars & Stripes she says this was her everywhere she said anything this is without a receiver June I asked them and take you directly to the voices from from a organizational point of view the FSF system to process and insurrection in his I will take as long as you because there were men in positions of influence and downgrading who were interested in what was being presented and certain individuals would have said all along were over fighting overly important malicious e-mail as soon as and for another truth and I also hypothesize the number of those quotations last night and I'm not going to send revealing out missiles for those of you are fresh this discussion is reasonable to your him him here was a box of Kauai 's writings and on the subject anything compiled a four minus eighteen eighty eight trails said sixty hundred eighty something like that you waste that time after time you are associating the new Consulate of Minneapolis with a question of individuals placing man what an opportunity I suggested that perhaps as useful as an abbreviation was not in terms of salvation and on the windows of his administration as an organizational authority issue and I think we close now I probably will be a little confusing because actually I think there is good whatever shall I have family this is everything you p.m. one one element I want a really sexy pics of the savings is important in this visitation of important LOI said repeatedly that the message of righteousness faith was the third Angels message and again the welcome to link to what is a linkage in our normal routine everyday understanding of righteousness by faith races I think this is just finish the stimulus dollars the community along RMS was her history testing whether you are right and includes or excludes sanctification is occasionally as an point at nausea or in any was going on as I think I tell us what he is hot how is concerning is thirty two thirty this message is aligned with marketing and it was all the soft and fuzzy fuzzy happy thought he'd is using because I was an adolescent on another note but if you actually stop is also a necessity was who had to deal with the personal salvation of the soul discrete and process sociological truths and optional is a hemispheric SMS their message went beyond half and included what you want to probably more appropriate term I will I will describe as radical faith of radical faith there were evidently been a good number of activists who frankly didn't know whether or not they could feel like they can claim salvation is the only body reasoning this is dangerous okay so this is going to his aces derogatorily again to e-mailing of the business also decided to impose our site is that what was needed is not almost all the money Angel is a later were the kind of people who went and went forward and were willing to go forward and whose location is less likely so invalid for various publications they say stuff from the statement if I have approved the loan will go forward on him the system and their many many many antagonized some people who wanted to say no don't you think this sort of frustrating as then in a administrative position with people on a seven when we tell them what to do they don't have any first-hand airliner as a antimissile really became the core issue that is not part of Minneapolis was chosen later that he did not want them telling them there is now this is a list of the open is the scariest thing about this in a brief aside as I said in our lives as is magnificent memories this is all I should see all the letters are not learn adenosine ask have you I sent not his when I read this scares the socks off because these guys no on the authority of testimony were wrong they sound so sublingual sildenafil and you don't ever think you know these results I hope you realize until I will say is that people I hold in very high regard and I frankly don't know that whatever measure up to their session skin is nice but Van Horn Morrison him him a hellish friend held Ireland Lindsay has a family and any or all of those others as well as ourselves you know Greenville is the movers and shakers and opening a translator in every day because LSU isolated facilities and in the after the Athenaeum for now the only problem at hand is not really as legal nurses had a season preview Michigan rather than Minneapolis is in the United States is in legal proceedings and when was that there now I went to the wasn't mean Board of Elders that now anyone who has for the Jonas is to reach as she was and asked the authorities and him and contacts I was fine SMU is an Seo season-opening was developed in this idea and always has this is the diseases it was a hatred of Jones Lang there was she says that those who resisted their message is and what have crucified messages with my crisis is a season is very harsh why they hate is nice in that they had to go back on his last lifetime that you I will try to her pelvis this is probably exacerbated the Tennessee side appreciation of we should all learn at the very least to be regarded in our world there was this so was this opposition this is the lack of appreciation for Jonas Langer and they would say this because I don't trust the Bible is the only way to appreciate along with that wasn't an issue that they carried on after the left and I am using a very small amount of what was actually discussing in Minneapolis and afterwards they left they let a little series of counties for your family how will these guys for your half an little onerous the book is the only one who is always a delight and excited for this in my own words for they didn't like about them was included in representative challenge to the authority system the structure that they were the things going because they do look a little because they said I asked if Ohio home town of philosophy was coming anyways I have found my answer him was however there was however have recently we dealt with most zealous one more incident I want to bring this is as good example of this is antiaging eighty three Jones and changing it was a Supreme Court decision having another details on this this is a poor decision was handed down and Jonas and Haskell both looking at this as necessary as it was an interesting little of a technician and you will a series of articles and think it was like three articles I think in the review is off to a USS was an interview in his article innings of the location you are what he said was essentially an entity uses metaphor in this accident the Supreme Court has sworn the initiative of these is needed in life is okay handlers and I said on the details what was being saying that mad decision of the Supreme Court of Maine is place for religious persecution and is a review Francis the article also read installments in any issue that is very final assault was here I said including a letter to the editor to Lewistown he responded in which he is diametrically opposed to his annihilating the same questions of English as a wrong him how you like what you said is a letter I is as half-full as an canvas were the complaint was visit Jones listen to say this to you what was to have a little week so perhaps in comparison to Jones I understand what you're saying that he must be careful not to say sometimes I be misunderstood because the lease is okay I know it was wrong that he and USS in that way however long letters Elena will save a life NFL at field level synthesis is that I am reading the letter we look at this and anything is my here is this rehab is a resident daughter a son of his life he was right Jones is on NATO and a discussion of Canada opened that Vanessa OSC handle angry at injustice to learn the need for the idea that I'm going to go ahead for a long time I was persistently taking down Celine intervening years and as I can say him where to and from this year have been traveling around in any one way was to England and was plus or an interesting thing there is a balance an interesting and challenging balance that needs to be considered advice on life did not receive a life this is the last day I never said I wasn't sure what to do vastly lesser is a famous quote which has been published for many years in which she said I received no a similar but I regard the solicitor General conference as for and so I went and how of linking was wrong and however she also said later on how it wasn't what was supposed to shoot in the writing and responding to the call zero two a Nielsen or alleles I think 's outcomes visited and she explained Susan and I have not had revealed the entire workings of living here to Australia that he may never fully understand the matter Lord was not leaving America did not reveal it was his will that I should mean that we the Lord is him will all move after your own imaginings learn what had happened at the VCU life his mother and her workers remain in America we were needed in the heart of the work and had neurosurgical session discern the true situation he would never consented to the movements that have been made for Margaret in the hearts of all there was so greater willingness to help us leaves of the Lord committed to saving lives those who are wary of the testimonies more or less without our separation agreement was when it had her own will and way Cézanne superiors away the Lord the result is now before you can join us in a machine name to me and the children are in a fourth eighteen eighty four five six one really really low said and will point and work the church in now those in the years people of some minority schools about building out for a civilizational confidence is nothing sacred there is another of those leaders and may contain any of my people want to now say that advice from here on out returning us you are for those years and was able to verify the settings from individuals were placed in positions of authority and outlay begin using language as well I think she is visiting a single rating on whim decided to individuals and bodies of death being him him him Rivera for and that it was rather delusional is title IX and that wasn't an official position as a function of this is will him and his wife is worth in selling this for someone was able and Olson was afraid to fire to send you a you refuse to take action within the explosion know if it was worth this is not immune from organizational issues and fail as always and it was a tough time doing that kind of welfare that allows us to flight engineer is out on anything please let us and receiving a fair amount of flat although he was given the opportunities they do anything those who want to say I is a little disappointing how often does the annual meeting and see if it was ever any heartfelt now there is no love lost in and he always was a researcher at times she was represented as a handy or something well okay initially based on analyzing fairly realities it is possible that one or the other these videos they made many moves away as soon as you have how many there were many who would make the single over the fatal conclusion that in Knoxville the past this is a fatal conclusion I turned out hopelessly now there are those who will grasp at what I consider to be optimistic saws and I can like to maintain a middle down in effectively as him I'm afraid I won't say very clear that if I ever have taken it myself we have been no great and is this is a big one okay please think of when I was sent to the work that the season caring for not much happened on the subject of AZ eighty eight righteousness by faith through the AGM else Daniels had to deal with these guys again Osler resignation one services in nineteen twenty in Wanless termination of the present in a kneeling angels is an Asian painting has been at times and later was as was always but when when Daniels resigned very only was needed this is any I think this is an a few years later he went back in his mind went back to the issue of eighteen eighty eight he said there was something there is something there he will Christ our righteousness that same title as above related written him in nineteen forty seven and was in and out and this is a suitable companion although in order to resurrect Shelley say on the issues making a say this message can you know I is for you to tell us everything the zoning is very easy to identify messages as you know outside the him for saying it was a meeting to live there and the beginning there is something of value then we actively breast-feeding cessation is asynchronous and Daniels is quite a clear his vision resume is little market town in the church is not unveiled a the way it was presented in eighteen eighty and hope appears busy really clean was a citizen must go back to understand this now his focus in a is almost solely on the side of the theoretical nocturnal waiver issue of righteousness I hate hearing on assassination the justification forgiveness process as righteousness learning how to write his is is working in government they said there's something here that we have never really a entirely let's see here the means you probably more or less die for our latest thinking twenty six is looking out the next eighteen years and nothing more was published with the agitator sent on the issue in eighteen forty five and booking on lingering traces right now in terms of publications is easily from the something to think about was my gentlemen the name of normal peace and it was classy it wasn't even about it this is an unpublished master 's thesis on justification isolating the senator has church for a him at length they came on the issue and in this work piece incessantly singing and different from what is that as we had a golden opportunity and when we encounter was when this need to recover that piece of a little different approach message of the vote in brightness exchange was here and he was winless in the church and the building owner says visitor assessment in nineteen forty seven that another solicitors on this presentation works now more or less the more chapter feelings Minneapolis exercise faith six pages and you will the author basically said the same thing as that this is a great message and within the time is in nineteen forty nine will host more or less in sync in nineteen fifty significantly interesting to say that so is good as I can hear and he says he's still relatively young missionaries were back in the United States from there Mrs. Elizabeth Harris they had a series of of events circumstances that they were here for you and I must forego something like that and hearing on the plan was to call it him he is the cause term in the spring anyone who obsesses within the general conference and angled back to that one reason for this is the whole sort and probably went into business on which presently there was that it wasn't interesting things that have been found Mrs. Belfast Robert realized and hitting referred to as before let's have even referred to above by the way they play face Wegener's book on Galatians and he never had the book that he sat down and typed two chapters of the book college professors think of the women of Africa and while in Africa we found that they were useless very useful we got over there and he was very concerned with the prevailing laxity in social morality amongst the native population and he was told by his measures this is as close as anything change is as is this is something about a lot of things applicable everywhere with you in the sonar is now in easy chapters follows that he felt was seven more successful than abandoning the vision of any address the issue of how you do how does the believer he had chosen that was basically an increase in an ever receding down a Sony will probably was a service organization that will and was taken class him for the last philosophy seminary on righteousness by faith and how if you have any issue this is greatly as they can have thousands reason this hasn't him what he was learning his class and is exactly as I thought he was understanding from why his relations as I went to the Dean of the school at the time and shared his concerns the president is the president of the seminary has shared his concerns is only one side of the story is the cost this is a fun game that is always nice to hear both sides I will siphon this particular day this is this is the story basically coming from Wheelers sidedness and I think it's probably pretty and have to share any concerns he was shocked when the president of the University or the seminary told him that he must leave the seminary immediately the president is handling the single organism and environment began helping check out he was a large circulation is available on the environment Mrs. Wheeler was of course the software provided what happens is less government itself when asked what seems to make a residence in Asia because investigators attached to an existing NATO demands wasn't anything severe reversal it was just his observation of the policy was taken to not agree with Wagner 's crisis of faith at the time was that he don't know anything about his meetings so you see what you were an entity having RSS is an is a fourth and I know you had more time on his hands and voices in the honorary residency lightheadedness I'm working a massive fan is on the site is as Althouse he wins because he didn't have anything to do there is a new time and this is studying theology my distaste for house plans and and began studying there this Thursday with their moon and legal way acids yellow eyes eighteen eighty eight comments the reasons are sometimes sold in the top it was controversial so access is not easily unit CS Lewis credentials related like that he was a general hostility to Muslims and revivals transmission in Africa and also as e-mail and listening to his life he also knew the vision was that he knew his son who was ineffective as a result he was given access to the file process and is the enemy in Illinois state authorities need her endorsers and later in his reviews reading this for now he newly discovered a scandal region abortions and for all there was his rightness of this is the vision I is in their Canadian copying using Z it's always a close meaning at five twenty was the order you sold in the Stadium they cannot have the same file that he was on another file that contain much information I changed the owner is very a will to survive in the letter was is the reason I mention this is because since understanding there was a time here is now minor degree of paranoia something is collectively than one seconds have we landing instead had one owner as well as Florida's is donating his Mercedes even as they are resourceful and that it is being only nineteen fifteen he started writing to every old Adventist minister he didn't even address for the same way during nineteen eighty eight letters are really copying on this free Xerox machine and pain you imagine losing a leg in a grim tales so they started setting office is going to say in learning more monasteries a league don't have the necessary Canadian window and there is as I now live in hindsight is twenty five and I must say I would ever do anything smarter than any looking back at diseases is looking at how is there any message because the house information him him for assistance only as a life if I got hired as is the thing I think it was a conspiracy to an honey is that decision-making is there in all please let you see me and what he was saying this pointless we got immediately on the loss when he finally laminated as we only discover and we know reclaim the access is RSS is handling you ever capitalize on well-known tendrils around favorites zero purposes and as circumstances would haven't the same as here righteousness the article is related and his good friend Donald short rows a letter to the General conference about the one in the conference was I will read this is innocent everything else is the case in his shoes his lead of the letter even today the age of shock jocks author generations that is able page letter by Robert do you always look than one thousand articles news is not a failure for melodramatic theoretical necessity for a reason people are seeing not to go back on the truth the author and finisher of our faith the president is a certain rest last night I was in the faceless organizations they forthrightly him we both hate what is your presently there is great confusion reigns today this conclusion was and he calls Christ centered preaching for depositing the NSR Association meetings and that is addressed our vision run up and down however in the confusion is designed unless the so-called Christ centered preaching is in reality merely anti- Christ centered preaching of man is not harmful now any Syrian missionaries from Africa fired off a letter exactly okay moving over into a lot of detail was the only openings for Naomi Ms. Lord will remain to his life but it was the Lord was Dale and an airplane was then inserted a reducing vascular designs using revealed here is an little wardrobe for some reference to God is in the Salinas Army said it would allow you to believe that the people who are teaching a message I think the reason I sent anything since translation is yes how they receive a letter back saying we really don't understand how he will be sure that you would like to hear that people has said anything about Africa maybe I will infringe on you him to six weeks I think it was an exciting alanine life enhancing is for page legal size manuscripts and they do everything they may know helicopters that were talking carbon paper and then a small business they only have a review you are as curious as I is in you will follow me and I have a nice and is visible as soon as you is released Linda was anything he is also what was known names like this is called indeed is the real user think I'm a man and he is in any of the General conference okay so we need to know when this order now this is a clear proof of the literature and in connection was to say that it was a secretary to General conference to has taken great interest in so he can call him processing is always a series to illegally copy to know a young medical students are willing to who was in that place engaged in the process of trying to gauge and he and his significant other spending hours in their database tightening the manuscripts onto schedules special was to produce a thousand copies what well-known resort has certainly you list all the services in particular information is in the field showing it was entitled eighteen eighty eight and re-examine anything republished any number of times this is my personal here is the responses to it he is often the committee and a committee said we seen the light here is what them we would like you to write about this with short because they have a very minor or is anything I so regardless of in a very high sense of the authority of God properly delegated church and this is why I say this is one of America but I was in the field sanitation and was being hashed and rehashed to discuss them to choose on the nations of the age of conversation with another room were entitled to further appraisal of the main cities in a re-examined forty nine pages which basically said we were wrong now the message was accepted evidence five Savannah with a short him him or is very high sense of nuclear disasters and the same time as any since this is stifling with a familiar plaintiff is shifting things and from them it was painted over the years the value of reciprocity is your further concerns and so they will in answer to this is immediately examine this document is seventy pages was sent off to the general purposes and again it was leaked to the public and amazingly emaciated physicians is legally loving brother were thankful that you feel that our management was worthy of further price last three years now so is your conclusion that we must accurately love you as a nineteen sixty two in your release assignment is entitled by faith alone was really a reorganization forty five and is set up as these as recently as this was definitely been going on recess nineteen sixty six working on a Nielsen is entitled to crisis is reasoning is wanted in the process said that he wants a crisis of access ten eighteen eighty eight I was always all thirteen years later assassination away to his surprise figuring fantasizing along with successes in building process in making sixty nine rupees the same the same as smallest thing sixty four pages is a condensation of the screen what is everyone earlier I was so wrote a book of seven hundred pages and how the NSA and the wellness of the title is a moment arises as I will and flowing goes to the house and I think his voice documenting a developing is also that his message of racist like faith was in and is marching on the movement of destiny it will eventually five hundred letters and will size as he is the inception of his his work call from Daniels 's four years in the nineteen thirties e.g. candles commissioned me as a young man he said I want to deciding us all out I was a social setting analysis English Irish Irish Louisiana's as I was preliminary and on our seasons are shorter so now I is an amazing thing is that rooms thesis was an accident creating a little cognitive dissonance and someone wanted to any existing things happen at this time survey of legislative and the pin is there were and flow made a and interesting comments from is this him from without you saying we were short by name site is down their works and nation there are concerns on a question anything except it had enough incentive for yourself and see said essentially that he was pretty clear his his self-evaluation is an error they are practicing this afternoon they are distorting reinventing is deliberate malicious and he said and ourselves paraphrasing is that an exclusive session is due the church for what they and we would ensure again this higher SS of the authority of the church said we do Microsoft faces is interesting calendar template is hardly going on here okay the less I like to show the right know anything about in a case will go as he was fairly entitled an explicit confession do the church is in him to play and in the same as a result is OSCE the amusing thing about this is that he may go through and I like to read someone else's assessment of this island is my own although I invited him him a is is is is almost as I is in a sophisticated order form can willingly as this one is as challenging as I remains an issue with a paper entitled this was a necessity of the church have it was not beneficial to one's position on the paraphrasing because most of the Anderson Northside and there are carefully outlining is a challenge then we went is beginning responsible mining for the logical ground rules he had agreed to the slot was really physical health on a video game Examiner Yahoo legacy agrees that these I seen a spirit of prophecy testimony constitutes the determining factor here writing this is as has been stated on a segregated funds were therefore lost he settled his inclusion or exclusion of these atheists are testing it is vital and relevant amino acid C testimony as possible as regularly as villagers will insist on seeing anyone seen anything these are not successfully to offer students are then proceed to unleash pages and pages and pages of exorcism devastating our life savings from this conveniently left out of the seven hundred page tome which is accepted at face value alternatively if it was established as an extremely testimony of Donna as needed to help him out as is the helpful things in the discussion is he is winless all operating from one him was morning as Israeli as this is the Flossie and Suzanne they say this is this is fire it is always correct this itself in no event may not accept is is is is is is is is all these years that if I have a single statement is on this except to inspire source idealism is is is nails one they are soon as I figured we had to limit myself to think that he is leaving office so was learning inductively and consistently writing letters are writing about them is that I is him being a little overall class is among this was Mister Fosse and greater extent than for than we are sorry that I is talking this guy talking the sky really is and also to serve as this was amazing they deserve see no other factor is the accumulation of data will initially said no it's the only determinant source and discuss anything it is safe unless you want to history the owners on the land Florida in logic and handful never seem to grasp that and I think I feel sorry for the Somerset he was them is always I guess this is the wall all this is a logical and finally as I was on all things on the letter from home sometimes inelegant there is something different wellness easy as they are really frustrating to design and losing is now I know I'll be honest I mean what is a post is very positive negative you are building on what is in designing for an argument is busy working on his premises in a common ground NEC analysis was unhelpful to well they got anything to hand as individual was sound Robert Peterson and Peterson did something that I think was perhaps very fine taking the lives of right and wrong thing inside with them the publishing them on the phone will die if you live on the phone was in poor health this time he died six months later in their lives and letters is request the interests of the lift from him and I will knows there is seventies that raises off handsomely you will at least recognize the names in the same assuming you've heard of Robert David Lindsay was leaving the sixties video complete enough him on this issue and others for not all of her endless involved in the eye of the session is a meeting resume I believe this is very far from great time in this discussion a short force and wealthy people who also want to always involve online no and Palmdale conversations as I was able to get in a fight has shown what is justification is by faith how is that it is very easy as you know this now offers analysis and parsing on the fine detail such as after Palmdale is not the time right now actually it brings a loosely so talking procedure and the is my first memories in this whole process analysis and as soon as this is our business for something that basically publishes glowing is on alcohol and dairy and everybody who is your position on issue other illness industries only meeting after she later the review actually published a consensus statement in Vietnam argument with her precisely what he overstated his case is the same this decision is realized by nature hardly ever decide anything is okay you not like a fossilized organisms in an existing was going to get you will write to say no justification process lasso is arguing back and forth is one thing another center was overshadowed in nineteen seventy nine when this form gave his stations using what you said at the end we've essentially him us him for years they are at a forty two ago I've been teaching and whatnot and is now says I have immediately twenty years so you have your choices before relying out think of it sometimes lying in nineteen eighty nine he was in reference to Colorado to analyze all of our societies and as so as you soon overshadowed Kylie is designing a slave this of course is your credentials were taken from him because of his positions on policy identification in their sanctuary and related topics fairness then of course the eighties anything he is everything and anything active nineteen eighty eight Alexandria he is a and you are you sure so alive so I verily is a nasty fellow like you are seeing what we shall pay all and having an outlet and so you know how to present this process correctly this is the rate is and in somebody's acolyte is made or is I to myself as an related note they said hey I really need he was a lot as everything is thought to himself as a formally assessed in the Illinois Angels him will him all the way wife knows it has now I was a vision of voice is not here as in Irene Lewis I don't think there is no is amazing it is like he is boring stuff and this is a very solar by fostering international Republican was intended just for me to become a alienating as well SES bought this saw that two pairs of socks and a holy out and we were bringing is carrying a ion is less sinful for Muslims are you sure this is the argument is related to you out of and without the time he originated in the late eighties as well be needing this exciting form and begin down I think I see is some negative nine in the morning and I is an know with those of another decade and a half something familiar as anything and it's a long time since eighteen eighty eight welcome again saw this was a singling on a recess is that culminating in a you be facetious harder harder positioning I think that probably most of us would have to admit that he does something fell short something to carry through the I process that could have should have culminated the final events was taking their ability to the issue of the Supreme Court decision there is eighteen ninety three and recently missing M was Jones later is is slotted properly eighty thousand and nine Fonseca and if this is the message was alleviated a lot of dry unless you live in a Supreme Court decision may well have a few much more significant than it does now for eleven years later right now would look at that friend right now we would look at it as flat as they are in the meeting write anything solid on its hands seeking corporately if you know anything relating to his it has had a long and contentious history and I assume also realizing the only thing that I think I know anything is we have spent a great deal of time and effort trying to identify the unique contribution of Jones Lang and this was Robert Lewis concern and going towards concern is that we handle this information assume all know what it is sometimes in their business him this is the father of analysis magic bullet for is something there that you will is limited and other Fenian conspiracy to holding that the most important lesson will assess the person outranks who shot JFK and for her last twenty two years now and ultimately the phone lines that this is anything that enables the movie and I think it's a real necessity so now we've got have a feeling that what I said I think another way to stay in the vision and I said any ongoing frustration has been the zero is in the glandular father will unrighteous I think he was the difference in what he will come in both the something was broadly speaking these dazzling legalists and Butler never wants a little and Oregon data center to say that was what did you mean really you you have the people even in isolation as I pressed yes okay and I will is did he save gas him fireworks were the sound level is amazing a citizen can honestly say what he said I only will you find it endlessly fascinated as evil meeting soon as you have him uninspired person I is assessing of another uninspired person always some letters are very only and only loss is willing to say is it is very frustrating ambiguity they say things like brother so-and-so confessed his Lord Minneapolis and came out forcefully on the right side side side of the only dividing lines that were in existence recently personal to come out on the right side means to say hey yes I feel now that I can be in harmony with the word translated as a lot as I is there was a difference however here is the difference and this is again a difference in our interface I have to have those along the long side and I is not a lack of saying the wrong side were all very fancy and a sentimentalism later basic training and this is my evaluation I can't tell you this because I have a compulsion to will fire on the US evaluated in as the uniform of his regular self Cialis and is studied medicine and convincingly log off as I is a valuation was at hand the difference is essentially that the wrong side had taken offense based on Jones later were opposed to them personally for what they knew as this is the structure of the church regularly this is a young obsession California are rationalizing the General Hospital is softly feminine and I don't know can tell you for sure that any microphone is exactly the suppose I may own suppose my name is more than the president I will lose my boss okay question is what I gain a lot of household movers San Jose California was attacking my boss now with safeguarding was safe for me to think I have to finally if you don't decide his usually to the seller one man says as I was born and I is holding that I was paying the him or not emotionally and are not when we place human beings any human being that's out Contra Costa government ought to get on conference offices is that Texas is going to any human being you are not alone as the we are defenseless were wrong on the wrong camp commander undressing we have separate ourselves from 's remit is a losing is this a citizen of indirect influence there is no enforcement of this is a great sin of his volume of his people displacing men allowing for education cautious over the socialism is now a Navy under the value session was to those who also think responsibilities it is true he does his session was an iffy nationwide Luis is gone will be an assassin was in point everyone to someone else under himself as I is in fact successful as we have lost any in this executive summary is personalized because talking affairs however people now in your access to the other and Morrison are personalities involved I would like to submit to you the same thing can easily be done not with individuals him Yahoo willing to place more about you anything else that gives it away I'm not perfect liberty to tell us do this is where something like this is my summation when Joseph Wagner offered the church more than any other one thing was a radical faith that was faulty and existing anything is going to think that there is flying was a way to turn away as soon as the same in her inner Santa Fe as specifically as it related to healing and furniture inside a positive influence another individual status enough to influence a hundred and eighty three dollars and I guess eighty five liters six seven week something like that they way they maintain the position is safe can be searched you can pray with certainty and know that you have any person as you know you asked a winner or a susceptibility to pray for physical healing and as Doctor Kellogg something you don't think this is proper any sightseeing in cases where they pray for physical healing in a healing but unfortunately I was sort of healing and Doctor Kellogg I think rationally said on Sunday I went in there to continue treatment said him and will not assume that views brunette is is is that you were in in years after this appointment was in time with a pale effort for you and I came down with threadless he will and it was a crisis is a little flawed on an annular heartless that sometimes you are as they learn that they wouldn't play as your home button will translate a website is even a positive status is an annual son-in-law people had to deal with no one however due to visiting existing he seemed the only cancers was doing out was on radical faith that this is this is sometimes they offer this is an lady on this I am waiting on a vesicular or even the safe confines of history and whether this is something that I think is interesting and I think the more I him while watching them watching it almost wants to finalizing guilty watching too long and far less likely culminated in the I would like to use as this is him my wife and I don't receive any hay reimburses the associate various parties and everything is okay I think in the last two years we had a marvelous illustrations and messaging I think Chris demonstration since I think we may have even had a clearer demonstration some evening I have seen me out of her life is quickly a kind of faith that he is right now that says God said he is in a discussion removal answer that is in regard to the gas that would mention his name in this context of the sessions of premieres tonight in the case you become familiar with he is shaking in the circles of the movers and shakers is shaking in the evidence concept of a world to have translators also advised that he is promoting a new set of exercising someone think of the five guys that pretty well it's almost half okay and so on the process is as tall as a long process as well as leading a life in the South is he says I'm putting him him County case is now here take a person takes something out was how he says is that when God commands something he disempowered and discussion when God commands they can also think it's a good and discussion what is the cost a lot of money to do it is over and he discussed the challenge for me okay risqué one of using the guideline was when I told my wife thirty leading regular exercises that are flattening in paradise I human being is regularly used to criticize working on something that is going on there is errors with the missionaries came agonizing decision states that he fraudulently known initially as a tour of duty soliciting down to is like that he was he was like an accountant sunsets is now being held in Florida is that of absolutely honorable job and that he also taught computer science collagen is a perfectly honorable and shoulders until the service is relayed from the United States and the Santa Anita said his real mission and mission missionaries are you as a and a herd of ten ninety him it is a shame they heard of were really missing is they say that the necessary ID miscellaneous name is scarcely like that is season I is dreaming a lot of the Sabbath they were eating the eggs and it also Saturday and Sunday to white man is overcome in the face of these is certainly a Americana and machinery for four years there is no wilting and drying his hands on some place and many of his leadership said no when we need to find something that you believe are the most for us as a result of his life in and to disseminate as I ever watchful and as a family led to a startling and that was was was is not surprising surprising to him that was announced in his or her this is deathly in the news airplane in the pilot I have the so he said I'll go back to see smiling but you don't have the money will help a secular to pay for everything you places in the cities the buyer and then linking them to select him continue to grow now this is a thing that David is saying this power is safe and later criticized her around the SI Colorado this because this is the single David is not operating on good this principle is operating on radical business principles in the first diet and what he says particularly he says hey 9/11 changed everything this is thinking again nothing is normal now everything amazes the form does not make sense now I can't help but see some parallels really awesome earlier extremists in and alarmist as well as their enough to send him as a synchronization raising a lot of people are saying you know now is a bad thing is that really hasn't changed anything fundamentally immediately say yes yes later perhaps visitors follows the Lord and perhaps if we don't follow so closely prior history on another backfill an unusual plan to address and I actually heard you heard of me in Bolivia where he was working at the time he heard it satellite so I never take the same TV broadcasting network wanted to reach Olivia him as so as to know the criminal country is only one four million dollars and one five eight hundred thousand dollars is how they are here and people eliminated by the silent is even very higher political types I'll have a this is what I wanted to in a sense okay how much we pay and he said okay you are in a signals office of film music inconvenience for this are not a moment he said well letter fifty thousand broke anyhow followed by his by a single no side-by-side buyer thought is was if I is in a way to fully enact the new facility and this is that we still believe other other other revenue is paying if I is on the first building down and he will finally world and will you and yours I am along a sizzling story details on C the nineteenth on the lesson is him to fear the sword from the other side of the I doesn't work out a friend of mine was involved with theater provided any and only half him as the money was necessary as his last December December twenty fourth and resellers say David we absolutely have to have five hundred thousand dollars policy nation to that point was was paying us a visit with interest paid off in August on the owner capital and the sellers and Catholics want to say anything the legal media vision we believe Madonna cited in your room like this eventually as the water from paraphrases and north-south anonymity can again we need half a million by the state was that there was a gentleman a California and he's a convicted needed to clean out some newsman 's life in himself and well-to-do and team to sellers on and so he wanted to give five hundred thousand handed out to Santa Monica involved in data processing stages of a CPA who looks like for like thirty years fantasy actually lots of all his assets into accounts that effectively become a cosigner on healing as this is an is no known overreaction in his life that you declare an insane something like that is what you can be alone is not long he told them him for a variety of legal threats that there is a five hundred thousand dollars out on the evening of December twenty three wire to him the twenty fourth and David Sousa is recognizing insanity the next morning was the spring and he says the Lord I am so thankful for your provision needs and you know I think there's a certain justification being costs of saying a wartime every single day and now I can I don't know exactly what you know what went on here in the state but in reality was I found the last time that the value thanking me for not thanking you for the five thousand well they him face it unless anything is down by January one in Munich on who a lot of people watching and saying is this guy doing something done on closing these was easily radical movements as soon love people watching from research at five hundred thousand dollars I had no idea of usually of the latest early and late January he had given them and in January him he was somewhere forbade her man on one of their broadcasting centers and is staying at a hotel and across the I/O bus hauler and it was a another thousands and let her engineering for them as well as I introduced himself and said your database sizing systems as you are with I was thinking of Spanish and A B then here is the name of his life has no salutary means he is coming something I never have you are the nearest thing that I really don't have an organizer with the South is a new design is always not as he was a process that is what I can only see that this is something item is family and later on that night this is the same as we have a group of three hundred ministers of Brazil the meeting and praying for you and you six months ago Cinnabar members albeit having the same dream repeatedly held them were instructed that they would be cable network will broadcast for this is to come in Brazil anyway saying with all supported entirely explicitly because it was the truth is the logical place in the ICU program is less and you've got yourself how efficiently he is honestly say officials of and his initial interest there was some sitting I him I often they are is when I is I broadcast is on a hill overlooking this is processing the feeling of feeling tables she is certainly there he's as busy as I said no and all the dignitaries in the Sicilian cities now of the activity governor whatever it in the name of the town is a pretty high racial breakdown of the stations that he was that these guys these three hundred nine businesses wanted to buy was not just a single station is pioneering the Brazilian lingerie being the implicit or explicit nice to begin an entire network to cover ladies country is able to talk to these guys and they say as they are in Ennis is a genius as well maybe some as one twenty five and before you have black and gray and he said I think this is the only found competent that was the thing to a cellular he said okay and they said what I dislike that this is like okay is is is sold in that as well I have to delete is not on the market is him will him just as is presented later in the cell phone rang for them to have that was offering six thousand dollars one million buyers and sellers outside of Jerusalem the phone rang so many times in the next flowers and he discusses in his latest cell phones off normally stupefied by the radio that you here's my point window closes I suspect it will require a radical faith I think he is a human being and is not only is that okay I've been following him and following very closely since I first heard about his link I don't know if she was the person but I see any difference is also probably associated and faulty manner okay I is you and I and you know anyone was in Dallas and Anaheim he is thinking myself know this sounds to me a lot like counseling was the promulgation of a radical excesses of the authority of the day Saddam Hussein is what he says is his him him or is training session kind of philosophy excruciating ISI and may have a high respect for as you is not a notch in the van saying that that is a level of challenge will be seen before in my lifetime now be easily measured as dollars I finally lose my music is this easy media of exchange I think the reporter there are many other ways I sat in the same radical commitment to God he demonstrated how there are a fan and as far as I have never been my thing but you cannot do the same thing with our life do we have to take care of ourselves going to take care of us is theoretically do I need a safety net is done in my weaknesses is this faith is an international and the message in eighteen eighty eight perhaps the most fast the thing that him us him across was entirely focused on on initial salvation assessing intangible thing kind of self reason is self focused they know am I safe is I see in database and see others as an asynchronous physician failed to offer something new comes in a shakeup the church and a new concept Susan and immediate advantage because of its others focused self focused as if that makes sense is a lot of anxiety I hold is a sense that raise questions come and get me some raw material even more alive for yourself and maybe make some applications of it is something that will be helpful I at least is useful if you will also raise questions because prison related issues if so hanging firing missiles and that is what did happen message handling the beginning of when we will take an optional thing going to continue elderly hypersensitive they are an amazing thing he has for years struggled with trying to explain his understanding and him processing is always an inherent intangibility as I say and trying to explain what is going to lay here and is an excellent the unit is following along with with him have you made offense and I have him there was the idea of corporate repentance will allow for twenty years is as elusive as it was always as famous as carelessly the idea of this is really saying anything lost in Haiti is fortified expressly advised of the court vacated the position as you are in town I think this is an ill-defined and is so another metaphor is used as the the concept of and only forensic justification antiracism organizations is to be lost in the Seo will help people find anything that is of the character is in is creating fortunately not as much sense on some of his pickup they are I okay I say and all those things may have had some element of truth in jostling if we look at it from the perspective of enough things going and if we look at it who say you know what he was about the authority of God and faith radical faith accepts the facilities have to nestle to file him that this is the name time of trouble will say hello as easy as I think part of it on the helmet is older is a you can easily take your authority Allison marries when God says this is the final authority from the knife it is a latest opinions in science or place of economics is probably networking integration and NFC are superhuman rate is something different that is going on here lifeless dinosaurs father is very impressive job of trying to present some ideas today we are thankful you are perfect and we would access your perfection have faith and confidence in accept your power have faith confidence and access your love to have faith and confidence in having accepted these things will change this will change what we do and how we do it and you would also mean I was when I have faith and confidence in your perfect understanding and willingness as surely as we will follow up regularly will help us to move on to move forward with a radical him before relying that forward as a sort of their various deception is a blow to their young Adonis with whom I do your will continue trusting in Jesus and


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