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Deeper Still: Your Journey Toward the Heart of God

Angelo Grasso


Angelo Grasso

Director of resources for STRIDE



  • December 20, 2007
    10:45 AM
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morning how many of you have one here in the last tonight this is how good-looking is less than that okay get my name is Angelo Grasso I and I am a instructor at Atlantic Union College in Massachusetts and I think nothing is privileged to share God 's Word with you there we continue our talk about spiritual growth during the seminar so before we can assist our heads for Winnifred precious father in heaven this morning Lloyd as we open your word and father as he read a story that may feel familiar I pray that he will open our eyes again that your spirit will be our teacher and I will receive your word in Jesus name I pray and other so we covered a lot last I mean an hour going over the principles of discipleship and we started off by listing the three aspects of the call that Jesus makes each one of us as his followers we read in Matthew chapter four eighteen to twenty how Jesus came to visit to these men they were casting their nets into the sea when he came to them not as a reviewer here let's test out your knowledge or memory what it does not represent those men ultimately their identity very good answer Jesus Kamman 's call was followed me and I will make you fishers of men and in that call Jesus wanted to what you read the fine their identity so the call of discipleship is a call to the redefinition of our identity no longer will we identify ourselves in what we do know a lot Boulevard in ourselves and identify something where we're from who are parents are or what our culture is but when we accept the call to discipleship we find our identity ultimately in Jesus you mean we stop being from where we're from it doesn't mean we stop having the parents we have it doesn't mean that we stop being Puerto Rican or Asian or Dominican or American interests means that we become those things for Christ so we talked about the three aspects of the call follow me and I'll make you fishers of men what is the first aspect of the call follow me that if the call of the Savior that's why so these men were casting their nets into the Sea and Jesus came to them and he offers them another option is is no longer do you have to toilet your next no longer do I find your identity in what you do or where you're from but I'm giving you another option and that option is want you to find your identity in me the call of the season and then Jesus said unto them back this is followed he said and I will make you and that is the call of the sanctifier in other words when we choose to say yes to the call to discipleship Jesus promises that he will do a work in our hearts that will change us from what we were so what he wants us to be the call of the sanctifier Jesus says if you will just take this one principle and make a supreme follow me I will do a working I will change you I will make you the call of the sanctifier and then finally to assess fun and I'll make you fishers of men that's the call of the sender Jesus does not save us just for ourselves ultimately he saves us so we can save others we read how in the Christ in the book Christ's object lessons in the parable of the sewer how Jesus wants to reproduce his characters to gain us in such a manner that when other people see us they will be hearing the call of Jesus as is as is I made no sense anyway we went to the parable of the seller I am in the parable of the sewer I really don't have time to overview everything but basically what we what we talked about was that the heart of discipleship is competence and we agreed that competence is not only the knowledge of how to do something but the ability to do it well okay so competence is not is not only the knowledge of how to do something but it is the ability to do it well and we talked about how as for example in Atlantic in college we had a nursing program and for all the nurses you have to go through clinical rotations and those clinical rotations are basically going to the hospital and act like a nice you have to do the thing that enters that as I was not enough for nursing majors just to be able to explain how to draw blood they have to actually be able to draw blood that is competence and we talked about how Yahoo is a geology major in college and I wish that we could have the same kind of clinicals for future passes because a lot of times meteorology made as we passed as we like we really know how to talk about how to get stuff done but a lot of times you really know how to do it we talked about how competent the lack of competence in our church is the cause for many of our woes as a church we talked about how the reason so many young people are leaving the church is because they don't believe Christianity works and the reason they don't believe Christianity works is because they don't see Christianity working in the lives of their teachers and their parents and those who profess godliness the result of incompetence I have been devastating to our church split what is the heart of disciples if not only being able to talk the talk but ultimately coming to the point where we can walk the walk of following Jesus so we talked about the core competencies of the disciples of Christ we went to the parable of the seller and how would Jesus talked about the program so he basically painted a picture of a sower went forth to sow and there was different kinds of ground that it landed on we can get into the grounds is a renegade is my next lesson but basically the principle of the plan is this every plan this three aspects to it I know you're enjoying a drying we have the roots which represent a private life is we have the plant which represents the public lock and we have the fruits which represents the potential for what the potential for proliferation which is just a fancy word for multiplication so these are the core competencies of the Disciples of Christ the roads represent the private life because of where to roots grow under the ground where you can't see them we talked about how roots provide two fundamental things for the plan when those two things nurture and stability nourishment and stability and so our private life will determine the survival of our public walk we talked about how there was a certain southern rock sending in those rocks with those rocks David with a prevented the roads from taking root they prevented them from going down deep they prevented them from gaining nursing but that's what it's sprung up quickly I like healthy plants but in the parable talked about how when the sun came the plan with her way because it has no roots and so we talked about how the rocks represent cherish sin in our private life each one of us has a public block and private life is one of us has the faith that we present to others and the person who we really are when nobody's watching and we talked about how cherished sin destroys our relationship which is okay and we talked about the roots cause the growth of the plant are disregarding everything on the rocks we do we concluded from the parable that we read of the seller that the seed represents what the word of God that site and the soil represents what our hearts that say the soil represents our hearts and so we decided that because we are soiled that the first verse lesson to disciples you are dirt okay is the first lesson for you you are dirt Jesus said it he said you are your heart is the soil and oh and the scene comes to the soil now because the soil is rocky what powered the soil have to remove the rocks from within absolutely no power whose work is it to remove the rocks is the work of the farmer is the work of Jesus Christ and so that the process of competences in competence in our life is the process by which we create an environment of surrender in our hearts that allows Jesus to come and pull the rocks and gently pull the weeds from our lives discipleship is creating an environment in our hearts of surrender every day that allows users to pull the rocks and pull the weeds the difference between regular third I says there is a God has given there in the power of choice and it is our choice every day that determines how fully God can do his work in us we talked about the potential for proliferation in the parable the one thing that so are the farmer is looking for is more of that which was sown and so when we surely allow our lives to city surrendered to God and we allow them to do the work of growing us in his in a relationship with them we will ultimately bear fruit fruit is a reflection of Christ character in our hearts that food is the reflection of Christ character and actually reflect the character of Christ you know what's inside of each fruit is seed and the lives that we live in reflection of Christ character so seeds in the hearts of others and causing them to experience new life in Christ ultimately when the farmer is looking for is more of that which was sown I will make you fishers of men you were born for a reason you were born for purpose have you ever wondered why my life according to Jesus you are alive to bring him glory what is the purpose of the garden has anyone ever planted a garden presented in plenary guardian okay now what kind of you ever plan stuff in the garden that you don't want to eat now you want to classify the garden that you like to look at that you like the smell and I you like to eat the purpose of a garden is for the pleasure and joy of the garden and ultimately the purpose of our relationship with Christ as for his pleasure at his joy when we make it our goal to live a life that reflects Christ character so that we can make him happy so we can bring him joy so we can bring others into his kingdom which will even make him more joyful that is unreal experience the true meaning of discipleship and we talked about much of my stuff but I don't want to bore the people who were here already so working again soon our next lesson and this is another aspect of the disciples journey we talked about the cost of the first aspect of the disciples journey in the cause which is comes as an comes to us where we are and he gives us another option when we received a call Jesus wants to make a competent and that's where the policies and I'll make you fishers of men but Jesus also wants us to enter into community and community is a vital aspect of the disciples journey and community is also vital aspect of spiritual growth in a way to talk a little bit about our condition as a community of believers and if you concern to the wounded healer it's probably the it's the fourth page in your handout the wounded healer and just do a quick overview of Genesis chapter three Mississauga legends chapter three Rupert just a way a foundation for what's going on it's not in their malicious talk about it in Genesis chapter three was out of anywhere in the garden everything was was great the servant came deceived Eve she took of the fruit she gave to Adam he also present in the fruit sin entered the world let's talk about what were the immediate consequences of sin in Genesis chapter three at a meeting of the fruit and what kneeling what they realize they realized that they were naked so one of the first relationships that sin destroys is our relationship with myself so basically saying is in the business the devil is in the business of destroying relationships okay and the first relationship that sin destroyed one of the first but one of the relationships that synthesize is our relationship with ourselves they felt shame they saw that they were naked anywhere ashamed other so then what happens God pursued enemy now from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation it can be summed up in one phrase the theme of God 's word is this God pursues his people that the theme of the gospel is God pursues his people Jesus always takes the first step Jesus is coming after you he's seeking you out she wants to restore a relationship with you so what happens I do as companies like where are you guys what do they do they hate it so the second relationship that sin destroys is our relationship with God and his unlike in chronological order but it is one of the relationship stress and distress is our relationship with God they ran away from God when God confronts them wet what does he confront Saddam and his wife is using the trilogy that those units enough and what does he say the woman that you gave me so the third relationship that sin destroys is our relationship with others sin destroys our relationship with God destroyed our relationship with ourselves and it destroys our relationship with others in distress our relationship with God because God who only wants to pursue us and love us and so his grace upon us is God who is love we want to run away from him because of sin sin destroys our relationship with self because even after we ask God for forgiveness sometimes the hardest person to find forgiveness from his ourselves and ultimately it destroys our relationship with others every relationship that we have urinary is a microcosm of the kind of relationship that a guy wants to have with us and believe that God has with himself in the Trinity and so the devil wants to destroy relationships so that we can so you can furthermore our picture of the character of God every relationship we have hundreds whether it's a friendship relationship a marriage relationship of family relationship in one way or another reveals an aspect of the character of God and the devil wants to destroy those relationships so that we can forget about the picture of God he's painted for us so if sin destroyed these relationships what then is the purpose of redemption or restoration the purpose of redemption is to restore each and at each and every one of these relationships to God 's ideal the purpose and the work of sanctification the purpose and the work of restoration is the work of restoring relationships God wants to restore our relationship with him he wants to restore our relationship with ourselves and he wants to restore our relationship with our family and our friends and once was terrible it seems that now how many of you have read the parable of the good Samaritan before any of her to the prevalence Americans so many times that you can't even count how many times even stated that Samantha Howe maybe you know of the good Samaritan stories about I think it Iraq not being around but there is an aspect of the parable of the good Samaritan that we overlooked because we go immediately to the cinema past or the common interpretation of the parable of the good Samaritan and one of the common interpretation of the Paralympics American what is it right because other people I do good things for strangers via good Samaritan the greatest changes help other people need to update forget that for now let's start with a clean slate let's read the word of God and see what it says that has one-time father in heaven as he opened there were now we pray for your divine understanding in the name of Jesus and Joseph Luke chapter ten versus twenty five to twenty nine Chuck December 's twenty five says and behold a certain lawyer stood up and tested him saying teacher what shall I do to inherit eternal life he said to him what is written in the law what is your reading habits so he answered and said you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your strength and with all your mind and your neighbor as yourself and he said to him you have answered rightly do this and you will live but he wanted to justify himself said to Jesus and who is my neighbor lets break down the sex inductively question one is why did the expert in the law stand up to ask Jesus a question according to the diversity five wife ideology is a question to chat tonight and as another version thinking of things that attempt so he set out to test Jesus question two is what is the question that this lawyer asks Jesus what shall I do or what must I do to inherit eternal life what is wrong with that question is there something odd about the question what must I do to inherit eternal life okay how do you inherit something it's passed down to you and what causes it to be passed down to you or someone else who you are related to his passing ability in other words and inheritance is passed down through family lines so the lawyer says what must I do to inherit eternal life what's odd about the question is there's nothing you can do to inherit eternal life because eternal life is not about what you do it's about who you are I will inherit my families estate because I am a son discipleship is not about what you do or don't do discipleship is about who you are the theme of this USC is the it's not about what you do or don't do it's about who you are this is the driving point of the disciples journey we must always remind ourselves that my identity is not in my activity my identity is not in the group that I run with my identity is in the fact that I am a son and daughter of Jesus Christ because he has adopted me into his family and it is because of that adoption because I can call him the daddy that when he comes again I can inherit eternal life as a year this guy he is a lawyer he has a mix of because he's asking what must I do to inherit eternal life but Jesus doesn't address this he doesn't he basically says to him where does Jesus pointed him to a fitting answer this question what does he say what is written in the law how do you even after such a delicious says the question back on him and says what have you read and what is written in the law and seven the lawyer turns back and says you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and I do so and love your neighbor as yourself and how does Jesus responds to his response what does you say them he says that answer thank you for playing have a nice day but Jesus is that I is thereafter you've answered correctly and yet how does the man responds to Jesus 's affirmation of his of his 's formula who is whenever and why did he ask that question within the Bible say seeking to justify himself he asked was when now why do people generally digestive funds under what conditions do we try to justify ourselves when we're wrong or when we're accused not to Jesus Jesus man of anything known all Jesus that was enhanced by his own life accused him that he wasn't even the him that he was for some reason and that's why seeking to justify himself the man knew in his heart that he wasn't living up to the standard answer seeking to justify himself he asked the question who is my neighbor in other words if it's about loving God with all your heart and loving your neighbor as much as yourself what are the minimum with a minimum amount of people that have to live in order to get to heaven as if anyone is outside of this inner circle of neighbor I don't want eleven because oh I mean I try to get them and that's it send to the bare minimum to get there so who is my name or you don't draw the line for me so that I can know what's still announced that they are like asset of God this is where the line you know what would just tell me just give me a list of do 's and don'ts so that I can know when I'm in and when I'm out so that this guy is asking the cycle is my neighbor what is the least that I have to do to get that and so in order to answer the question of who is my neighbor Jesus tells the story a sense of Luke chapter ten Mrs. thirty five thirty two thirty five verse thirty and it says that Jesus answered and said a certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho and fell among thieves who stripped him of his clothing wounded him and departed leaving him half naked and you have to not by chance a certain priest came down that road and when he saw him he passed behind the other side likewise a Levite when he arrived at the place came and looked and passed by and the other side but a certain Samaritan as he journeyed came where he was and when he saw him he had compassion so he went to him and bandaged his wounds pouring on oil and wine and he sent him on his own animal Botkins went in and took care of him on the next day when you depart at the narrow high and gave it to the innkeeper and said to him take care of him and whatever you stand when I come again I will retain let's break that down you've heard it before let's break it down let's start by making three four lists so much to find a blank piece in your page and I want to make for the way to make for less the first list that were intimate is working out with the characters in the story okay so first thing women with the characters on porcine okay so this is going on the story to start this as a now a certain man obviously have a man was next before the priest the robbers of history and the robbers then we have the priests and the Levites OS Samaritan next character okay we have innkeeper and finally we have the donkey that occasionally on the donkey the donkeys us a character can't see the characters in the state I know the robbers came and they they jump this guy what is a robber of the present would take something that doesn't belong to them someone would take some of the nonsense go down and talk about the robber the robbers let's just listen characteristics of robbers what are some what are some things that we can assume about routers selfish let us I bless dishonest now how do they treat him they were violins right so violent anything else about we can assume that the character of Robert with that manipulates Al Qaeda thing is manipulative this will stop there but obviously there's my things and we can talk about have you ever been robbed of their never been robbed how does it feel just terrible I then said that human robber but we will message in his hands for them now let's make our third with and this is from the Bible let's looking though in the Bible and lettuce make a list of the description that the Bible gives on the condition of the man after he's the enough and taken away I mean and left left so what does the Bible say how do they reason naked White House wounded White House that let us what do they take from him everything I said he was poor helpless and was just telling a long so that the commission they left him and all and in all those states now we know oh I see that presentation I pacify the other side we know that the Levi came and passed on your site and we could get into a study of you know why they may have justified themselves in the book of Leviticus there is a law that says the priests and the Levites cannot defile themselves by the touching of dead bodies unless their family but what was wrong with their response to this man he was so often in our attempt to obey God we deal with the people so they can probably stop and consider the condition they just assumed he was dead or dying and with a guys long like China taken somewhere and get the files that are not enough to go still this ritual and God is limited to China go to church in China go preach my segment something to leave and leave him be let someone else deal with them what do you know about Samaritans they were what they were not what love argues they were despised by Jews they were false worshipers they were receiving mixed with juice setting they were like a they were like a mix of that she then and the Jewish culture there were since I was similar to the Jewish worship style and that made them extra despicable to the Jews when the management in the book are subject lessons when the lawyer asked Jesus who is my neighbor kids and even consider the Samaritans what he was talking about who among these Jews are my neighbor not cool when I'm not meaning to consider that maybe someone outside of the Jewish community would be considered any of the communities within the Jewish community there were different levels of society in other was they were the poor and it was just a case system as I said cool among the users of my neighbor him missing this five the Samaritans they were half breeds now let's make our final list let's listen the actions taken by the Samaritan the development beyond the actual text and according to the text what are the specific actions taken by the Samaritan before your passing where they have to do okay first thing it says is she came where he was we learned that in the journey of a disciple who take the first step is so the first thing he did as he came to him he came where he was he came with the second thing that she saw him affair and then what she had compassion and what he bandaged his wounds and in what poured in oil oil and wine and then with the native put them on the donkey and validated seven thirty and ended with either the chairman how I can take care of what does the Bible say all night long because of the next day of it so all night care all night care and in the next day he and he paid and what to promises that he make to the innkeeper will him assuming I will return and I will repay so the promises he makes the innkeeper is I will return and I will repay the favor look at the list of the actions taken by the Samaritan who is Jesus describing himself Jesus describes himself as the good Samaritan we need to understand something if the point of this parable was that we should help people that we should help people on the side of the road who need help who would be doing these actions that you the man would be doing these actions and who would be regarding up on the side of the road the Samaritan is what Jesus was trying to teach us was that you should be nice to Samaritan this American would be on the side of the road and she would be the one going to help but the Jew Jesus places the Jew as which character in the story at this guy naked wounded had that poor helpless alone miserable he places him in the position of the Beta man why why does Jesus flip the script on this man let's talk about burst thirty six two thirty seven says Jesus seventeen which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers the expert in the law reply the one who had mercy on him Jesus told him go and do likewise question one what was the last question in verse twenty nine what with glorious initial question was you will is my neighbor okay and what was Jesus 's question in verse thirty six which of these three was a neighbor to the man who fell in the hands of robbers so how does Jesus question number thirty six differ from the lawyers question this is how it differs the layer of Jesus who is my neighbor who among these people should I be nice to cushion the group to push the car into and this is the quote this is how Jesus asked the question is my neighbor cool will come and help me Jesus completely flips the script on this man the point of the story is that you and I are the man on the road the point of the story is that you and I are wretched miserable poor blind and naked and we are being up so that it were unconscious to our own condition the point of the story is that we need a Savior the point of the story is that Jesus took a journey along way from home and he came to where we were actually saw our condition and had compassion the point of this story is that Jesus picks us up he bandages our wounds he takes us to a safe place of healing and he takes care of us all night long Jesus is the consumer that's the point I want so the neighbors Jesus Jesus is the good Samaritan questions before we we went to that convention minutes ago two question number seven and that's for you personally is what do you hear Jesus saying to you in the story what do you hear Jesus saying to you in the story the church of Laodicea is the can is in the condition of the same that certain Revelation three is in the condition of this man and Jesus is offering himself to our search to us as a people is offering himself to us as a savior now we can either be here we can also be Robert we can also ask questions below once a cause damage to the lives of young attitude when China walked away we can at times be selfish aggressive dishonest violent and manipulative can we not there's a principle and is this if you are not a wounded healer you will become an unhealed wound if you are not a wounded healer you'll become an unhealed wound now let's just talk about the specifics of what this man did and who helped him understand there in the section that says apprenticeship in community at fifteen okay such as apprenticeship and community what was the mission of the Samaritan once he found the man on the roof so the Samaritan found the man on the road and what was his primary mission what he ought from from what you saw the actions that effect the series as a primary mission of the man with the shielding was to bring him back to health okay not the primary mission of the Savior is to restore us back to the ideal of a question to his coat not the Samaritan accomplice 's mission and what were their roles so it was always the first check about the strengthening of the commission the donkey okay and when the donkey do you carry the man from the place of danger to the place of safety okay so it was the second character who helped the Samaritan accomplishes mission the innkeeper and whether the innkeeper do he continued the process of healing okay so this American camp it's a caramel nightlight law and in the Samaritan had to go and so he said to the innkeeper listen I want you to do to this man what I would do if I were here I want you to care for him in mice that I wanted to represent me I wanted to facilitate the healing process in his life I want you to continue to provide an environment by which the healing process can take place so then the question is what does the in represents a in the story and the exhaust so whether the representing the story to that man shelter wealth of the represent safety okay they represent a safe place where ceiling can take place where the where the bandages can be taken off where the wounds can be cleaned where all the messy dirty stinky work of healing can take place within the represent us the church at its best the church at its best you always were broken hopeless wounded people can come and find safety that shirts should be a place where we can do the dirty work of sanctification the greatest tragedy of the administration and the West is our refusal to accept and acknowledge our brokenness the greatest tragedy of our church today is our refusal to accept and acknowledge our brokenness we come to church all dressed up lacquered with a nice smile on our face thinking that we have to be okay if where a church and the church does not become a safe place for broken people instead it becomes a place for that pointing of the finger but got search is a place that is safe for healing and restoration it's a place where I can show you my wounds and you can show me your wounds and we can be innkeepers for each other and help each other along the path of restoration which leads to question five what does the innkeeper represents a in the story and beat us a in the story the innkeeper represents a person or community that helps facilitate the healing properly the agent representing a person who helps facilitate the healing process for the man and it represents to us people or community groups through the Holy Spirit help facilitate the process of healing I casually only the Holy Spirit can hear you Jesus let the circus and I will be here with another comforter and the Holy Spirit is the one who does the work of regard him Jason but the Holy Spirit wants to use our what a privilege to facilitate that process in the lives of our fellow community what this parable was saying to me in verse seven when this is what are the implications not that that's not it are siding with this parable was saying to me is this uneasy and you need me in my walk with God I come to this realization that Jesus doesn't call us to the disciples by ourselves Jesus wants us to enter community and I come to the realization that I can only grow so sorry my relationship with God by myself and that's a hard realization I wanted you all by myself I don't want to do that I want to invest in other people as too risky but I've come to the realization that community is essential to spiritual growth as I grew and I walk with God I thought I had it all I thought I had the formula and then I came to a ceiling in my walk with God and Jesus told me answer community become vulnerable draw people close to you and I bucked and bucked and I said no I can do it I don't want to do it it's not about that marijuana dealing and when you stop growing you start dying are you part of the community do you have an inner circle of fellow believers a fellow disciples who you can be yourself around it's essential to spiritual growth a case of question sixes what two promises that the Samaritan make to the innkeeper what promises I will return and I will repay is another promise that Jesus makes us I will come again and it will all be worth it when I come I will return and I will repay an analysis of the question and about the innkeeper and that is what kind of a relationship can we assume that the innkeeper had with the Samaritan for him to leave him with the money and say I'll return anything trust there has to be a relationship of trust in other words how did this American have to trust the innkeeper what did this American have to trust about the innkeeper one that he would do what he said he would they would take care of him and said he would charge an extra and what did this America were to be a keeper have to trust about this American that he was in a comeback and that the investment would be worth it when finally Jesus comes again everything that we step report all for the sake of the cause of God when we finally get to heaven real estate heaven is cheap enough it's worth it so the summary is one entry into biblical community is through the realization that I am the man on the road that needs to be picked up as the first realization I am the man on the roof soon we take the role of donkeys and innkeepers we cooperate with God in this process of saving others so how do we play the role of donkeys hey there's this thing happening in my church business conference is called the edge you are seeing I have next to spot you want to come jive two thousand miles of him you know if anyone agrees that no guy wants to partner with us in this process in the book Christ object lessons in the chapter on the good Samaritan it says this I call operating with heavenly beings in their work on earth we are preparing for their companionship and having in cooperating with heavenly beings in their work on earth we are preparing for continued for their companionship in heaven five Christ object lessons is the chapter on the good Samaritan I don't have the page number as I was reading it online and so on number three the third part of this experience is that when we choose to cooperate with God when we choose to allow him to heal us when we choose to enter community not only to receive the gift of healing but too often get the feeling of others when we choose to cooperate with heavenly beings in bringing people into the community of faith it says that when we live like this Jesus promises us that he will return and key will repay them before the question for you do you have a safe place where you are healing and growing under the loving care of an innkeeper and are you interested in offering this gift to others let us pray precious father in heaven we are so grateful to you that you came to where we were and he chose to take this journey that you have compassion on and that Jesus you have conversations I pray Lord today that we will not him realization that we are wretched miserable poor blind naked and in need of a Savior is a Jesus again we want to accept the gift of healing that you are offering seems everyone father I want to pray for every young person was I want to pray Lord that he will give them opportunities to enter communities of healing I pray Lord that they will be challenged to go home and if there is no community of showing that he will give them this flight to create communities of healing I pray father that their schools can become in where people can be healed that their churches can become in their homes can become an where people can find the loving care of the same father I pray that as we choose to offer this gift to others that you will grant us the joy of the whole of the glory that is used to return father we look forward to a with wonderful things we thank you for what you have done for us so far in this team I see experienced and I pray that you will continue to manifest a revelation of character throughout the rest of this in the name of your precious to me this really is a human essay is a generation and grace would like to listen more great music and personal or learn more about you please visit www. lies well worth a read with you are you are saying or and and www. video


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