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By the Wayside: Devotion - Growing in the Right Place

Justin Kim


Justin Kim

Assistant Director of Sabbath School/Personal Ministries and Editor of the inVerse Bible Study Guide for the General Conference



  • December 20, 2007
    3:45 PM
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him follow you will we thank you that you have constructed an organization and convention such as this father forgive us because our physical bodies are quite tired and our spirits are very willing Lord we ask that you honor this inner intention of our hearts we asked the Holy Spirit may abide with us be with this poor vessel be with every person in this room can cause us to have a sober perspective on these things the greatest existing art yet all your requirements for the seminars you need a writing utensil some notes at the Bible can I present I had a little nifty PowerPoint thing for your for your individual entertainment and keep you awake but I wanted to be interactive and fun if you have any questions life by Mounties asked me afterwards nothing very just because I don't go against the middle in the event job of okay city Bible yes if you give I was ninety negative guilty just look at the person next to you if you're dating for survival that's not cool and if you have notes have a Bible or PDA like this when you appear sisters all technologically all all up to be here and he written of them okay you started getting outline the discipleship of any goal of the parts so that the parts for the next three sections so I went forth so word of God this is really this now by Wayside Sony ground among thorns the ground it doesn't matter insects John eight thirty one is I want us to memorize this open your Bibles to John ten thirty first thirty one estimate your lazy on open to it at all but he will also give you do know it's hard to both lipid levels in time to go to John chapter eight verse thirty one this seminar you can memorize one Bible verse in an taken memorizing Bible verse that someone says all grandpa Joe's is a lot how did you enjoy DUI seasons they want me I memorized a Bible verse is a wow okay for you and your friend go next year but it does have a person you want to minimize entire thing is the second case it reads if you continue in my word you finish it in the second half is out there sicker looking for it's not up there if you continue in my word what that is the fundamental structure for this seminar day if you understand that verse you sent all in a normal urine to be here in this two-part structure is first clause is conditional if the requirement is contingent in the second quarter then are ye my disciples indeed that is the absolute cause of the repercussions the resultant operative clause so if you been there and then you if there nests amen okay furniture were on same page and I'm here to regional policy if you do I'll point you out to the conditional clause continue to remain safe acting during a consistent and denoting a fixed location my reprint process of internal individual in this case it is who he needs us and work speech teachers doctors decorations saying eight three four consists since we then both doctrines and teachings of Jesus what happens we become disciples and presently lost you second-floor old person reference all of us a our second person poor condition up to be with his arguments in two thousand and nine delete possession in this case is referring to who Jesus and the disciples were medical students and indeed truly in reality most certainly for sure double absolution and promise faith itself this is poor honest and Jesus if you stay in my word unity disciple and off the recording of the author record literally next semester by semester next order the social quarterly is on the topic of his emerging churches of discipleship so this little presentation will help you while all of you are will be bona fide sound school teachers such you are my disciples are some weird ideas out there and discipleship today especially some demonstrators especially in Protestantism especially Christian Jesus had blue jeans so we know where it leads where did I get that I have no idea what I will say the Bible of the Bible say about discipleship Jesus Jesus my words will result in Jesus my disciples a you get the words become disciples is a clear is anyone confused with what it feels like a lifetime that you as a clear smart consistency in Jesus 's words a cause being disciples our state of being is dependent on our consistency and continue to work as some of you are already phasing out this attribute may let it more clear the point of today's seminar is that she practical methods on how to not phase out of a Bible seminar okay there is no such thing as a cultural Christian or Christian who does not believe in the word Richard Dawkins negatively is just too notable thought about just but maybe Google 's God delusion and he says just enough to be the you are all that I am a cultural Christian I worship but I keep Christmas I sing all the Christmas dude jingles and stuff and I go to church because I'm culturally Christian but I'm not a real Christmas probably doesn't exist in the majority which is saying that if we don't say that a lot of a few who living that way and how intercultural minutes but again these days so don't doubt if you'd heard it in the word of God that's how your real Christian talk about culture Christian John fifteen forty ten abide in me I is on his way way well I just highlighted the one where the address appearing over and over again abide in me I knew as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself is at the bottom divine number ten he said he wanted me I you are the branches he had applied it to me and I named the same bring forth much fruit if a man abide not in me for six percent if ye abide in me and my words abide in you for seven here is my father glorified that you bear much fruit so shall you be my good verse nine as the father hath loved me seven loves you continue you my love in a green network for your continuing work for by the same word and verse ten if you micromanage you shall abide in my love it hasn't kept my father 's management in light of his love Samara www. over to remove memorized if you continue in my work that were for continues to send what is invite continue of I just stayed consistent in the word of God the disciples centralized that in a simple as that but so they will let me know what would I confuse that at six seven if the word of God increases number of disciples multiplies interest greatly read that we really him the word of God increased the number of disciples multiplied and greatly a great company of prescribing through faith if the word of God goes up enough my pathetic uptime then the disciples also prolonged pain purpose this study will look at the parable of the sewer in order to see what practical things you need him to continue to work to become a disciple of Christ this is not a sermon here in the city when I can presentation this is the practical presentation the seminar is for your notes they appeared together and he did same and if you don't does razor hanging this is a kind of an interactive experience you pay some of the sites it Pamela Sower has four types of ground a warrant has us teach us how to keep the word of God in us I know a lot of you already know what comparable store isn't it a little in depth closer look at this and I think you will be rewarded by the Holy Spirit the parable of the sewer is found in the read of the other Gospels before Jonathan mention it the fact that all three Matthew Mark and John Matthew Mark and Luke mention it is awesome importance it's in chapter thirteen of Matthew chapter four Mark chapter eight of Luke first for the solar rent judge I'm just confident that either chambers freebies and behold I saw went forth to sow his thing with Scripture and reword is inspired by the wife of Holy Spirit God meant every word every word the first fourteen holes when the one of the Bible says behold what should you do behold in my imagination to work for behold she is in England Old Testament snug the measures there were no punctuation marks there is nothing is this letter letter letter let alone knows his letter letter letter letter letter letter letter letter letter mean the metadata they were everything is is shaping icons image I am Kate don't have I am how can you live without I don't understand it when you're communicating with someone and you want to express such audit shoring or utter disgust what do you put your comment sorry it has the makings of the estimation suffices if you're from the eighties whatever the nineties of two thousand when you do is is this thing called in a movie icon emoticon and eight was not producing a shot as you pick so if you say hey it could mean I am excited to see you or a new angry to see you or hate on apathetic but I was enough of that exhibit X afterwards lots if you put hay with us it's a warm and yes or no nice Scripture Sing Sing when the Bible writers were nearly this is a archer importance I want the reader to look at this city is one word that word is he may in Hebrew which means behold look at this it's important whenever you read before the Scripture imagine a HMO die like the eyes rooting big and in the mouth literature circle but in order to breathe this is disputed that would take Matthew thirteen verse three behold a shower went forth to sow Marxism a similar but it says what much of what participants are gullible input here I can't take parking and it was beautiful home business report there went out a cell were just so Luke Lucas Lucas a doctor he sat motionless at us so I went out to sow his seed came the thirty first thirty seven says he does so with the good seed is who in Scripture interprets Scripture the parser sewing is who is Jesus Christ himself came to see how Mark for fourteen the sewer so if the word Luke eight eleven now the parable is this the seed is the word of God there are some weird interpretations out there the people within work the seed is out to others but if the word of God in the Bible is clear on that six four sixty three it is the spirit of equity and equipping resurrects his life the flesh profits nothing the words that I speak unto you their spirit they are alive so I want us to understand I think fundamentals UIC in his philosophy is our interpretation of Scripture is this is the word of God no holds barred on adult rated word of God in an exact clear we've come to experience that there are many people in Christianity today the united aspect of relief especially the word of God is SS is adding disputes to select one described release with his words and we worship on the day work .exe takes a pause and say that's what's good for founders even when God was saying and doesn't create still creating this by default so criminals just come hang out John five twenty four very good essays you need that hears my word and believes on him that sent me has everlasting life and shall not come into condemnation but is passed from death character of God in every command and in every province of the word of God is the power to bring life of God himself I was maybe fulfill the promise realized he will by faith receive the word is receiving the very life and character goddesses and we embrace yes these words are pure energy from a science background in physics exciting water out of an oven or quarter report medicine for my part about running out of a busy little squiggly lines and causing theory and what you need out of we don't know our thinking it's cause for nothing it's like you don't have to go Mica 's greasy Lake in beating was receded saying that the actual essence of all reality is the word of God is unclear we believe wholeheartedly by default cannot live in a city can come up as a jihadist and beautiful so you have on achieving low-lying out of Ricky but if Jesus said that this thing will be transformed into a Giorgio Armani suit them just Jesus cannot live the spectrum now he creates everything with his guess is a clear issue has announced that he is unfamiliar to her this is when I was little my parents taught me how to lie dinnertime we each phone rings my parents wanted to get up since they just go pick it up I figured up and someone from church as always when I'm going trick or culture their dinnertime spread monetizing their waving their arms not here tell them we went somewhere else I'm thinking your giving of the law I sent him there not here right now and then set up Kate is a seventy yes if this happened to Jesus and I'm not saying it did happen to Jesus hypothetically comically speaking as an illustration if it happened to Jesus Jesus is sitting at dinner and a cow bell rings he goes over and anything is it hello with this Joseph and Mary there he looks over at Justin I like the were not here it he said they are not here as now or what at Jesus why is it just the men were not going on this is pure essence increased on you is a clear every scene brings forth fruit after his kind of silly sienna recognitions and will develop its own life in the plant receives into the soul by faith incorruptible seed of the word and bring forth a character and a life after the solitude of the F got disappoint when this word gets into loss we are now re-created into the very image and character of God now before I converted that was an eloquent and had no meaning for me but when I read this quote is actually a lot in this all-time favorite quote of all history is that one is my favorite book of all history I don't have been unable his reason but the Jesus was a perfect pattern what should be he was the strictest observer of his father 's law then he moved and perfect for you he had a fervor of enthusiastic he was calm sober and self-possessed he is elevated level above the common affairs of the world yet he didn't exclude himself in society and are Republicans that's that's tax lawyers and sinners plate of literature and entered them into his arms and less than a grace the wedding feast of his presence he shed tears of the great Lazarus is a lover of the beautiful nature and use the lilies to illustrate the value of natural simplicity in the side of God about artificial display use occupation of the husband meant to illustrate the most sublime truths a zeal never degenerated into passion nor his consistency into selfish options his benevolence never savored of weakness nor his sympathy of sentimentalist in combine in a this simplicity of a child family strengths all of them devotion to God and tender love for me this hospital is I'm just getting from this she possessed amending dignity combined with a winning grace and he manifested unyielding firmness with gentleness may we live daily in close connection with this perfect faultless character we have not six patterns the following are five really have one and that is Jesus Christ that's funny in having places page fifty four is an awesome quote but this I don't believe you have the following love with a man like this and gentlemen you want to be manly and yelling on human dignity and always wonderful to me that's the character of God I believe that the character of God Y Cliff I saw this on my Xanga page somewhere that where does the lawsuit is still in a conference recently for the character of Wyclif 's test with educating transforming power of the holy Scriptures it was the Bible in a meeting when he was on a performance by the wayside as the Scripture Matthew thirteen verse four she just says when she so that's the sort of Jesus Christ Jesus so some seeds fell by the wayside and the fowls came and devoured them up Mark Smart four four and all these guys have like a couple of the four it came to pass as he showed some fell by the wayside and the vows of air came and devoured up loops and think as he sowed some fell down note by the wayside is trodden down in a thousand they are devoured now scholars what is the difference between the three trotting very good Sebastian interpretation conscripted says verse nineteen of Matthew when anyone hears the word of the kingdom and understands is not anything comes we could one catches away that which is sown in his heart Mark these are the by the wayside when the word is so one may have heard sin comes immediately takes away the word of sign arms with a twelve nose by the wayside are they that hear the cometh the devil and take away the work on their hearts lest he should be God bless you should believe and be saved each of these four have four couplets with this so the word means your hearing the word of God is straight from Scripture fell by the wayside did not understand how same thing comes without regard to see same takes with the clear you this should not be anything a look at something interesting verse eight verse five papers five trodden down receiving to interesting word study on Wayside there is see that's great the way beings the main road and interesting about that way is the same way that she says I am the way that you can let the universe the same way but as the wayside means it's here are but it's right next to where it should be here just as they are hurting their lives define a single word was neglected cast aside to getting the word but it's my understanding is just on a superficial level beginning I believe the majority of us Christians are at this level with a locator the sea sung by the way suburbs is the word of God as a fault upon the heart of the inattentive humor this is a preacher 's nightmare when I first preached as a youth pastor in at one hundred kids in there with someone who fell asleep in my sermon now I was a law of a carnal nature yet immature pastor and I'm thinking oh my goodness how to very false in my servant is so offended now after many years of your visit one creature people falsely minimizing the time in attention to the word of God is a huge disease why is it in North America when Scripture is read there is no respect for Scripture I went to Atlanta would I go with what I know about it I south Iceland Scripture reading from the Muslim half sister I saw Stephen Tyson security you people do just what was going on with QuickTime and with people stand up here I am looking around and guess what the only one sitting down us are the Americans Avis instead of looking it up and dig out to show respect to the word of God why is it the restructuring during Frankenstein at divine service Richard is going on the US have those people who read Scripture and the like and I'll also would like to offer a sick and it could be just that I'd also start just humbles the law overwork the word of God that all week in practice is one verse and they commonly used on Sabbath morning with a Bible verse always object there Mike and if they frustrated everything printed they still messed up this book has lost respect over the men share the word of God but they understand not having a rest Virginia divorce and then you don't understand your this kind the suit also were talking to you here in the earlier they do not discern that it applies to the tiny research on human will you do not like yourselves out I'm amazing like I'm a information of the quite what I learn from this universal I will love to learn things from you I will love the prophecies yes honey you know the four ninety the two hundred two thousand three should know all the better you should note of how many times we applied for so know how I how the process got me Jesus came out at the right time that enough I realize Jesus is never late he comes a time in a part of myself on your hour Jesus I want to be on time is a family it reflects my crater model and he was not great at all the changes that's exactly twenty seven and thirty three set up in the evening 's office he don't know then on-time on all these things reply everything this morning how many hard pastor his message coming the love of awesomeness is a smart awesome you're a business 's afternoon and a costly one preceptor you know we sit down like it hurts I see people rush out and like to get lunch from their plaintiff implying there that specialize in they do not incentivize themselves they do not realize their need for their danger receive the love of Christ they pacify the message of his grace is something that does not concern them again this whole the next three seminars registering a in-depth study on Christ onto buses P forty four get the book it's an awesome book practical she sang been attentive hearers people of no understanding this is although this is the the wayside people take him here is no understanding the patient itself on realizing the lines of love and grace of Christ and what we need to do is come in him a practical guide I love verbs adjectives as does make life annoying of verbs are awesome here understand apply and realize in ever more experience in chemical of acronym is a cool RA and this is also cool to get out of the bizarre blend of the Geneva go to Nehemiah chapter eight in my separate and Bibles were need much Nehemiah chapter he and this is by the formula on how to start a revival in your life is through food and that of the word of God she receipts and totally crazy going on chapter eight of verse one is everything in their ticket first one all the people gathered themselves together as one man on finishing up before the Watergate and he speaks as ascribed to bring the book of the law of Moses verse two as the priest brought the law before the conversation before man and woman that all could hear with one with understanding we lack understanding today friends having any devotions present having here devotion legalistic aeruginosa to be sarcastic but resort when I see my devotions of the untreated chapter a day having done and I don't care what I understand it or not want to finish the chapter I just feel so good I can go throughout the day and I hated first Chronicles near the top of the first Chronicles mercy Percy Leviticus I was running mercy that I was still at Calvary to spare proxy looks when a chapter a day you read this book those chapters are like fifty pages long in like font he had nothing I can do this we should be striving for understanding not for completion God will have mercy on the Kentucky with understanding verse three you read there and before the street goes before the Watergate from morning until the day cause it is not clocked at twelve o'clock noon at standing up on sleep for three hours first where are we oversleep before the men and women and those I could understand and understand comes up again go to verse five is opened book is that of all the people and when he opened it all the people want spit up for six Ezra blessed the Lord in great of the great God all the people answered saying amen amen and lifted up their hands they bow their heads and worshiped the ground the Lord their faces to the ground percentage of all those names PA they caused people to what understand the law and the peoples that in the place first eighth they read in them they read in the book of the law of God distinctly and gave a sense and cause them to what understanding understand understand understand the secret to revivalists understand the word of God must rebut memorization but not debunked memorization is normative I'm just emerge about numbers in and understand lower number snuggle on here nor to understand that we apply once you understand it apply yourself do not apply to someone else that's not your job if some people who think they're like no incarnations of the Holy Spirit don't do that applied to yourself and then realize the love of God and experience in a safe tactics this is something speed forty four this is how Satan takes away our attention solid crisis driver soul by his love scene tries to turn away the tension of the one who is moved to seek the Savior engages in mind worldly schemes excites criticism or in serious doubt and unbelief the speaker 's choice of language or is met or may not please let your any dwell upon these defects thus the truth they need and which God 's grace he sent them is no lasting impression having the boring creature her down one of having you are so fixed on the way he says something or the way you but that ugly pink tide of these wages can't get beyond that same cause of our tension to be to be just get away from the word of God it's like anything else out there the crying baby the politics are like last year as you know whatever it is a just take your attention anywhere off the work order word of God that you can translate attention in cases with the world excites criticism judgment as to discern a guys if you see a drunk person there anywhere you guys community discernment this people is a will I went judging by what I was going to be his friend knowing the strongest don't hang out with her weekly sobered up the search engine is very different insinuates down and belief makes us to dwell upon defects go back turned their attention I believe today friends there there are the next generation of preachers were getting more and more hyperactive ADD note you are talking medicine some of us here we have to be that way why we are competing with what you two these the same ease top you see if you do not grab the attention of an audience the first thirty seconds loss here that is not true because and in the nearly two thousand and five in this study if they revise that if you don't grab the attention in the first three seconds loss how to get Teresa is that three seconds crazy and so is this quarrel often great controversy it says that at the end of time we might have to extra to put an extraordinary effort to capture the attention of God 's people TV got not so ADD you to iPhone on Apple all these things you are soon talking up so that our young people more into this kind of media if we go to old fashioned from the nineteen forties pastor and we display the service mercy we went to ourselves why we wants to go to president I want to hear the word of guys on here for forgetting what he looks like forget what his voice is like forget what I'm here for the word of God give me the word of God should be a focus yes gone by the wayside wayside on the track but not on the track this describes people who are next to other like on the way but not next to the way if you are sensing there in the church and in the church there doing devotions but they're not in the book they're reading the word of God but they're not reading the work there praying for the upright the reaching out but they're not reaching to understand C- interviews conflict already it is also where the focus is sometimes we go through the motions and we satisfy ourselves thinking hey I'm been having that Christians must do one doing what the main essence of Christianity is not that is seeking the word of God on although WIC we sit up straight men and assays of revising the proper eyes open and see what I hear for the food in it were not here for the food the food here is not so great were not here define our future spouse advertising walk through those doors I want turned on to gain it it's not your future spouse the Lord will take care of the inedible reticular food in worst year for the word of God were not here to be entertained either street word of God if your account if your ADD spiritually needy you are the wayside ground education page two sixty this is my all-time favorite quote I keep saying that because it will particularly education by the way all young people he reported his it's not about education ironically I never read a book that is what education I read a lot about life and it says many even in their seasons of the lotion and sale of receiving the blessing of real communion with God they are too great haste you don't talk about having your students in a class a class at eight o'clock I would put seven by Kent my devotions on federal custody eight eclectic article you got seen infinitely and certain class of people or mothers nursing a mother to devotions she can't because her baby screaming his head off mother King Kong mothers go to be Lord take care of my baby out how to have the most you just like I said this in your something focus is the singular with Harry says they pressed through the circle of Christ loving presence pausing perhaps a moment within the sacred precincts but not waiting for counsel they have no time to remain with one teacher so with their burdens they return back to their work continues they must give themselves time to do one think to pray three week of the numbers in their day to wait upon God for renewal of physical mental and spiritual they need uplifting influence of the Spirit receiving this that we quickened by fresh life the weird frame and a hard rain will be refreshed the burden heart be light not forepaws not apart from woman this presents a personal contact with Christ to sit in companionship with him this is our need in the state is pretty stressed out you don't need a massage need Jesus parents are you stressed out you don't need a vacation Jesus ratings a society don't demand me Jesus and Mary Borden on the TV you need Jesus and all your devotions I I encourage you to not read a chapter a day access your thing to another praise the Lord with better being a master of one and a student of nine hundred said Lord I want to study this passage don't understand the Holy Spirit ball you promised your Holy Spirit will teach me it I want to understand and you pray there and you'll get off your needs until you understand even if you're late for class he stayed there and wait for God the great preachers of all time yeah what what what was the experience that cause you to do even the also missing there hundreds of years of property also the same thing is in this one morning and something holding up the morning one morning I open Word of God and waited for God spoke and Charles Wesley see an opportunity that the gags here atrocity audiologist agents of the hundred things that I don't know I don't but they all have same experience and today we need to have expressed an free morning how much more powerful Christians are leaving you a lack of attention understanding focus can result in the working place in that wayside the character of God is reproducible and it simply as a result objective here is how the character got in us because our ADD we don't get it all right because life is the key to get back off the wayside and on the ground tomorrow I'll recover devotions to article on stony ground Thompson worshiped the process of debt how to become a profound deeper question among foreign subversion process of rebellion had go against the system all of your young people hear all of you have are either going to or have passed through puberty the Lord needs geodesic adolescents he does he's people want to go against the grain and school against the system that system is not against his government the system is not the church Kate system is the world in a word and discover what that would actually means I want to encourage you guys lets in the race this is important since the word of God is the one that defines us as Christians last days and I get tired God bless you for the listened this far and any questions for us but I hope for you clear tomorrow but it impresses a lot of stuff we quickly and until then godless disorder word of prayer and house and have the blessing and economic okay for fun anymore we asked forgiveness for our how were attention deficient brains Lord we ask for that rest of the Sabbath promises that rest permit our minds our souls our hearts that we may be focused questions or committee Christians who really love your words were addicted to the father if we are on stony ground if we are on foot and among thorns and if we are the wayside yes pick us up and place us on the and spread us a lot of seats for the needlework bless this group here plus their hearts for for surviving this far rent and energy for the rest of this day father as being reflect honestly maybe have nothing but praise for you we pray this wonderful name of Jesus Christ as Weidner was produced by audio birds will review ministry generation and would like to listen to more great music is present or you would like to learn more about UNC to the UIC web or emulsifying treatment you on your verse board and hair video .com


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