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This Mystery Called Music

J. Bruce Ashton


J. Bruce Ashton

Professor Emeritus of Music at Southern Adventist University



  • December 20, 2007
    9:30 AM
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him or lazy dumb and I welcome let me assure you that whoever picked the title for this series did not ask me I would love to think I'm adopted I have a Nikon have a clue about heavenly harmony I really need to and I'm totally convinced that the heavenly harmony when we get to be so different from anything we have ever experienced here that I couldn't begin to get you ready for that I would like to talk about what we can do with music here I like to start by sending and for that reason I would encourage everybody except that they are plugged into the wall back there I understand that you will together give a likely candidate losing better when were together so no front moves and move whatever I'm about to start by singing the first thing in your hand out and out begins you will notice with the pages synopsis on the back of that little souvenir to take home after that is what I hope when in our music God is glorified a lady noticed him while I determine excellent normative alleging unidentified music if there other identities but you can send words that are there okay I get permission to pick just one that I would like to see most of you know of any for all the saints that's a little more familiar are so witnessing these words to the tune for all the sites with or not they fit the only other hymnbook belted to the strike are you are a new math and will him will him to learn to an eye all the marvelous marbles that's great place father in heaven there is no point in our spending time here if it is not an worship and we worship with our minds as we learn we worship with our hearts and we would worship with our voices also we pray that what is done here will be done because you want it done that through us you will do well if you will help us to know you better know how to serve you better thank you for this time we get to spend talking together in Jesus if you have come here to get answers about how churches go to be wrong I'm suggesting you turn your hand out and go find another seminar I can't tell you how to music on the run I what I really want to do is to get you to ask better questions because an awful lot of what happens in church music never got questions in the first place it just sort of fell into place I know I've been there I watched it I've seen it happen there are some answers that work for me and I am I hope prepared to give you a reason for the beliefs that hold for me than work for me particularly about music and worship success the context very but if you're thinking that you own Sunday morning but all the church music issues resolved all I can say is that the Holy Spirit guide you I get no credit for anything that they and another to try music is often called the universal language is not is not the universal language at all because if it were any piece of music anywhere in the world should be accessible to me and I would understand it know what it means it is not true certainly different six there are many people who don't know what my music sets it is not really a language in that sense at all we borrow concepts and language when we talk about music just like we borrow concepts from space when we talk about music and we talk about time basically meaning that the musical impulse is universal and that's defensible as far as we know there has never been a culture on earth they did not have some kind of music the stories are not found anybody they didn't have something musical in their circumstances so in that sense doing music being musical is probably universal and is probably species specific as parliaments as you as far as we are as part of what makes us who we are we don't know what the past music sounded like was the music is stopped there's nothing like you have but do you have any music in your hands there is more shakier this lately is I know I know we call it the music is and isn't going on in Israel right now who in SF on the base image is black spots okay reminders notes when the speaker gets upfront he has notes or rifle reminding what is the say these notes and reminds you what you say but they're not the news the music was what happens when we do it that's the experience that we need to be looking at I've been fascinated to read how diligently evolutionists were to come up with a basis for music or did it come from why did the human race involve music I got bad news for then the human race the Naval music if not doing work creations so have to worry about that problem we know where music comes from God loves beauty God who loves beauty desires that everything that we experience in life partake of the same duty that he enjoys he knows and we know that in this earth with the sinful circumstances that we brought upon ourselves that is not all beautiful that's not his his job among other things is to restore the beauty and we are grateful for my friend and erstwhile colleague Nell Wes taking about a few moments ago King 's freshman church board meeting one time this is longtime back barbiturates find excessive some kind I don't remember and then a bit of a clubhouse mood he said the biggest wonder in heaven is going to be doing the Angels announced the opening song everybody's going to sales in the choice you probably but I think there is a bigger wonder even back and that his wife music what makes people so what makes people dance wireless music part of the human experience what makes God say Wisconsin limited evidence that God ever since there's one obscure text in Scripture nine reviews it is the basis of my theology of music when I get around to writing it not that it will be all built on Alan that I got to start somewhere I can't even start their he will rejoice over you that will and I had to go through trend of mine who is in the geology department knows that goal I would just in asking the other something on the translation I need to know is that really not quite accurate also that's exactly is this is a strange sex I thought about it before but it's at that exact the goals what makes can't say what makes God Sudanese region him a cool loss for a number of years I have been fond of these simple lines from the writer GK Chesterton and my dear daughter Eleanor and I love these lines wrote them up in a nice little calligraphy which I have sitting on my desk here dies another day during which I have had eyes ears hands and the great world around me and with tomorrow begins another why will a man who knew how to live with all in all is something we lose out on meeting me fast what does all meeting to us when I grew up listening up until ten buttons and talk to practically anybody in the world right here that's awesome what is there left to be awed by your everyday and they get a flyer you will find places where you get Internet access anything you want to know about anybody and want to know right so unreservedly on why we lose the capacity to the box about the same size will show me exactly where on the planet I am including all far above sea level lion and have a GPS unit my client one imagines it was on the satellites up there in orbit how far will you guess even on a really good night maybe you're lucky if you will you spend money you can attach the speakers to your stereo without any wires but mainly one room right in Ghana and avail nothing much money is not the matter in a major effort to try to awaken that sense of all I want to start as an illustration for very very interesting read by Daniel Levinson but they design about who is the I think was not just long enough to say about the handout if by any chance you are not planning to stay through all six sessions and that's okay I'm not complaining to if you are not planning to stay through please leave the handouts because most of the handout consists of hymns were missing this afternoon there sessions three and four okay and if perchance you take them with you and I don't have enough other people I would be sorry if they couldn't sing so you're welcome and if you're not planning staff abilities let us have it long enough for the people to write since I said that last debate you have and thank you Daniel Levin 's book exercising this is your brain on music kind of a title grabs my attention S I might offer to caveats before you decide to run out and buy one of those though it's a good read it's a fascinating read but I have to tell you that his evolutionary foundation is so pervasive that it gets a little sticky for a while for Christian reading it just doesn't quite make sense and number two redraws vary extensively from types of popular music that I think by and large the Christian ought not be terribly well acquainted with both Clinton says otherwise is the book here goes imagine you are inside a chamber roughly the size let's say the typical elevator in a room doesn't matter whether where the door is is behind you probably in the wall in front of you is a window less than twenty inches in diameter round circle cutout day limit as things now your imagination can work across the window there is stress that these plot think she pillowcases on the US ROK is why Paul stretched across the window on the other side of that window outside your room there is an unknown number of people each of whom has an unknown number of ping-pong balls and is sending you don't know where and with regard with regard to that window how far away they are will I are the only thing you have to go by is what you see when the ping-pong balls they throw in the window that's your link was outside and then at runtime you want to their natural time to minoxidil and eliminator is all there all the ping-pong balls what do you want to see the ping-pong balls hitting on that little twenty inch window covered with with sheep and your job is to figure out how many people there are how far away they are how many balls each one has I wanted a lab in relation to the window we I don't think so and yet that is what happens when you listen to your draws your eyes right now see the delivery fighting again I've read I can't be on a point of contact between the end you his molecules of air banging up against your ear that it is nothing else and by means of that bonus window in your eardrum initially different about having three tenacious as makers of Bob enslavement token megastar library as your drum as that twenty inch window that and what happens is these molecules come bouncing against that little three eighths inch diameter window and you figure out what's going on on the other side while the first is very good shop almost driving California I will for sure nine resources online I thought maybe so unless a lot like a noble they get raises down near the bottom is gotten who else should almost sort of thing and changes the color Clinton's little bit longer and is also same thing I went out and you shallow let's could not string family Internet on New Zealand is the silent flute I thought we were never troubled at this cake I not find out when are you and how your eardrums are bouncing at this point very complicated if I make a single waveform out of all of the sounds that are going on at once and that single life those are the instruments as well as the notes is awesome Mrs. Sullivan is a cabinet you are not in I know you got to understand and that they and everything that comes in and bounces off that eardrum as it were gets reduced down to something smaller yet definitely dine in your pocket all at on second look at the words in God we trust you have a good idea okay either in front of the president 's words in God we trust the artist as you know first multi- ended the game gone is approximately the same size as the foot of the state please let us what goes on into the inner window in your inner ear since the only window in your ear so all of that so not only comes through the window comes through and you shall receive all of the stuff we've been talking about how does that work what else is amazing is that you can do about it you don't have your files I recall coming back to the artist Jonathan Thomas on a late Saturday night somebody will have a lot of DVD they wanted to watch unfortunately our buses equipped so that can be done sorry him anyway on and I wasn't much interested in what was going on as I shut my eyes and try to sleep now I've been shot out what I was would've been looking at no way I could shut out the sound had little tiff with my wife over that we should admit it because I finally gave up and watch the movie and she was upset because one worthwhile changes right I had to say I'm sorry but unfortunately what I was hearing with my ears was rousing pictures in my mind were worst ones on the screen sorry you cannot stop the sound is like second hand smoke in the Philly area but we get the sound is in the area they hear that's a puberty seven days a week to earn sixty five days a year for three stories down so you don't lose too much of it toward the end and it is there all during the time when you are asleep with your vision isn't anything for you is your taste is very for you it touches finally reconciled itself to the pressure of the sheets but that silence settle the year is still on duty and if the power transformer across the street was out in the low by one of today's video here the explosion itself or your conditional stop going into silence will bother your area and it will he will disrupt your slumbers and depending on what it's like a little and maybe make a little nervous about going on an amazing thing this year but what about the music attorney with a time how does that get through how does that work what is it due to us it was imposing the early nineties the life and I went to the Chicago entitled music and the brain it was totally astonishing for three days Saturn is one auditorium in every thirty minutes somebody knew would get up and start telling us all the results of the research of his thirty years of labor and and and and Dragon off the station accident and it was just as information overload now his amazing things that Afghans there of people doing various things that scanned some in the crossword puzzle in the corner over here in the language area it's all that up there's a lot of activity going on there that can resume playing chef saw the corner over here working on new chats and scanning somebody reading a book okay that's very straightforward and would let that stand in somebody who is my music music music center is all layer they recently flooded this is fun listen to music starts with subcortical structures that his structures below the vortex the cochlear nuclei of the brain stem cerebellum and then moves up to auditory cortices on both sides bring trying to follow along with music that you know what is in the silage are familiar with recruit additional regions in the brain including the hippocampus which is the memory center and subsections of the frontal lobe particularly a region called the inferior frontal cortex which is in the lowest part of the frontal lobe that is causing huge in the drop your head and I have brain tapping along with the music whether you actually do it or just in your mind involves the cerebellum and assigning circuits performing music regardless of what is mentioned like forcing or conduct involves the frontal lobes again for planning your behavior the motor cortex of the posterior part of the frontal lobes is underneath the top of your head and the sensory cortex which provides the tactile feedback that you did press the right key on your instrument or move the dongle you thought you reading music involves the visual cortex in the back of your head in the occipital lobe you are thinking about the lyrics involve language centers including Broca's one of his area as well as other language centers in sample and frontal lobes is going on meeting this info in a marvelous and I notice he didn't say anything about the social interactions that go on everything and acquired another or disregard us together nor did he talk about the emotions that we actually sounds that are inspired in us when the music happens those out on the cerebellar vermis in the amygdala we are talking about whole brain activity everything is going as a whole brain consists of a hundred billion neurons the number by the way hundred billion neurons each of which is connected to anywhere for thousands and thousands of other neurons are many connections what sort of music I went to my Google online Merriam-Webster dictionary say like you could do in the dictionary tells me the music is the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession in combination and temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity in all it is also very accurate in our Western culture we brought up experiencing music which has three primary elements maybe a fourth person to talk about his harmony melody and harmony questions and quaternary I'd also probably permanently in foreign revivalist will will will will the mall or no no honey this was possible that his environment why does this get downright banal and I'm sorry if there is harmony it may be just one otherwise going on zero two voices going to notify regarding you have a lot more than that is the first example of English one flavor while imprisoned gelatine and organize the harmony it comes in a three-part harmony it may range all the way up to very very many parts of this example starts off fairly sparse this paper is an example of my fact is written for a quiet voice choir party hearts on Friday both I suspect this was written for the Queen 's fortieth birthday we're not sure what it is thicker and thicker are the heart is a factor in Western music is not a factor in most Eastern musics there are many cultures that do not have harmony at all certainly not in the sense we think on it it is in certain respects like perspective in art many of the Eastern arts not have the sense of depth that we think of in Western painting and harmony is kind of analogous to that by definition the sound produced by the simultaneous sound of two or more inches I began to get more deep detailed and that so what do we have if we don't have hardly nowadays ha ha so it is not living the successes out of single digits by one after the other is much harder for us to imagine music that doesn't have melody but the definition says that music is supposed to be organized in such a way that the whole is perceived as a coherent soundbite has continuity it has unity and would like you to notice in this example how the epidemic highlighted on the piano this one how each ways as it were of Melanie Logos to a higher pitch by one and the one we just had another bills all laughed upon excellent abs back very much the same way or the nicest developed melodies that I have no of let's try and I and I and for I will not see you who I largest let us put together but not us how to live harmony and that also the harmony becomes a resource from which the nominee flaws interaction between the two is almost indistinguishable nonintercourse is the tune of Safari the homeless and the other the easy part remember as I heard twice this morning about all on you that part okay we listen the victim my boss colleague which is a gorgeous plainsong so I have to ask the question and all the notes of a single harmony we heard it once okay you definite definition is working out once again and all the notes of a melody once the battery is there must be the passing of time and the time factor in music is called with rhythm Kennedy music without harmony yes can there be music without Melanie thank you for playing I dry I have been trying to prove you wrong and it really is a good outlet no not at all not possible cannot be because music because revenue is all the time aspects of music and music only exists in but can we get rid of knowledge I submit that we can and would offer as an example this one tossing them into magnifying our life one is now anti- stress my definition far enough ahead and most of you could do are not financially governmentwide I have talked to about one hundred example in a sense music is a way to make time on now you could argue admitted losing the ticking clock does the same thing now is not much fun especially when I have two clocks in my studio and I don't quite think at the same time unless there is another need on the sticking and related upsets their sense but again okay not much fun to listen to the clock tick but music which consists solely of rhythm has the capacity to detect and disarm you are amazing amount of emotion most of you remember where you were when you heard about airplanes flying into the New York Center trade center at the sunny life in my studio school and told him what happened I submitted believer it was like a idiot talking to me I she's not it anyway I knew there was no that was nothing to relate to me didn't make sense it was incomprehensible by the same token I can tell you most of you don't have to worry about this one I think that you are I was when I found out that John Kennedy had been shot nineteen sixty three November twenty two few of you can remember that Byron are also what happened the next few days I was a Hinsdale of the time I member they brought in the biggest television and find which was by no means a sixty inch plasma blaming nineteen sixty three they had a big TV set up in the lobby at Hinsdale sand and those who were coming and going I want going on specimen morning funeral analysis observing the morning of the funeral and what I remember the most about that experience was after the funeral the long procession of Darlington and all the way out there the only sound to be heard with what he remember the military death March I have tried for thirty years to get a sound clip it would let me play the military death Martin is not better I can't find it anywhere so I try to make one of my synthesizer and I realized further I went the worse it got so give me what I usually do which is my own fake version okay and you will have to recognize that I cannot do it anything like justice but I will try the largest blade on one problem lawful thing that they now snared him on everything Sara Ramirez the problem okay muffle that is with a piece of cloth laid on it so that the sound is dollar than it would be otherwise in this approximate because I can't do a good role is approximately what we heard and did for three hours the only interruptions was one song for announcer was being paid on the television otherwise not allowed that article biased so she would say something brilliant like they're turning on fifteenth Avenue America one associate degrees and it costs us let me experience this thing it was overwhelming it was very very powerful in that music would you get saved was neither that music helped to know America I give you music has to have written there is no such thing as music without really I wanted more than once how human experience would be diminished if music just disappear on the ones I know there are some people on my campus who without they are put there by foot have some kind of withdrawal symptoms in this and I'm long as I'm talking about your buds please keep the volume down we talked about the size of that window inner as long as the speaker appears online where the speaker is for this follows is a speaker up here there's a lot of distance between you and it and its energy is being dispersed this way the amount that actually gets in here is not that you start the source right here how many cubic centimeters of air are you having a new .net it doesn't take much to get too much of your seventh orchestra went to Greece one year and when you're on a tour like that you got to go where you're told to go because that's where the next activity is of the next food is or whatever the last night they took us to what is called a top-down Ya sure enough it's pretty close to what you think was that unless otherwise we suffer and America was in the comparative show was very very good and it was interesting to note down the belly dancers which point we decided we probably had enough my somewhere else who I recall out of that experience was that after about twenty minutes of the main show going on so we turned the volume up in the room was almost painful and I wondered why they did I was stupid because I knew perfectly well if I stop to think of anything I will protect your ear if yes your inner ear damage the smallest muscle in your body I guess format five six ninety eight is in reality a minute okay on the size of the muscles that are only very good I work on some topic is the muscle to protect cheerier the bottom three eighths ignorance resistance and long not across all night and its normal muscle shape us that's the Muslim protects your ear how long is that Muslims stay contracted before or so about twenty minutes okay what happened was they didn't turn the volume of what happened was my poor little Muslims trying to protect my ear gave up everything to gain and was louder now in the responsibility doing damage inside English muscle folks overworking those earbuds down a bit okay I decide that it's necessarily actually a church without a music I'd even suggested that a timer to buy there been enough disputes about what ought to be a thousands do it out for lunch with us to come back to them is ever taken me up on it their euros MMS 's degree I directed the church acquired Hinsdale Illinois and less let's just say it was not a total success they I was in a graduate student I thought I knew how to do things the previous director and always had the church choir potluck Sabbath afternoon enacted on high-quality practice for an hour and half or so and getting ready for next week 's church and began to be doing the Lords practice workman said as for W Reverend rehearsals on Wednesday nights we firstly we had Ivanov twenty people twenty five maybe in about a month we were down fifteen many long log January February May had thirteen people I can count on a measure to seven hundred people at the church for nothing but this is not being terribly successful on I still believe as I believe before the value of the rehearsing sometime over the tablet about essentiality of when I get a whole autonomous voltages this bank wire for the rest near all be gone I'm going somewhere else the next guy can do what he wants videos as this is a vacation on the church board was a gentleman and Joseph Creon 's who was the Dean of the school of music at Roosevelt University downtown Chicago is not like going to school but I knew him his daughter Kathleen is almost safe limits I had to an important discussion remember Doctor Creon say getting the floor and he said my daughter comes downstairs in the morning I can make her wash the dishes I can make or sweep the floor I cannot make her sing and it will soon why does God say it has something to say about it we don't say if we don't have something to say about and I have wondered about what music really does need to us particularly when I downloaded from the Internet some documents describing Australia during its early years in the early Australia over the function for Anglin sent all its contracts to get rid of them was a penal colony and life in Australia in those early years was incredibly brutal among other things one could be given a hundred lashes for owning a piece of paper one hundred lashes for smiling while on work detail one could be given a hundred lashes for singing would you say is there something inside us that needs singing that that I had to wonder wonderful story not the cellist of Sarajevo I can read in full detail my classes I didn't bring the whole story this morning with a little too long of a briefly during the war this cellist who had been principal cellist of Sarajevo Opera is obviously high culture position very dignified man into music happened to be observing when a shell landed in the line with you outside a bakery is still happen to have a little flour immediately twenty people were splattered all over the sidewalk Sunday walls nearby whatever that is it was his breaking point he couldn't take it anymore so I deleted the next afternoon at four clock he dressed up in his white tie and tails the camp stool and one out instead his stool in the middle of the crater that mom had made and sent down playing his cello on the street he had no idea who was listened whether anybody was listening to the lower listener listens and barred windows and shuttered windows hiding in the basement but he played a vital concert the next day he did it again the next day he did it again some kind of an inner defiance that had to call for civilization for decency for responsibility in the midst of this incredible chaos and laid apparently protected because the wall is lower will require interaction when I played the size and inflating even to the point where his cello was destroyed I like music how much does music mean to us how important should it be put aside several of them right now because there's an aspect I want to touch on briefly before we move on to the next session not infrequently when I did she is in the Christian church all have a student asked me gender-based a typical Adventist music and movies on the identifiably offs that's a good question I have thought of before actually there are not very many groups that can actually playing that kind of a personalized sound one group would be the old order Amish the honest thing for me and will call the house one which has been in continuous use for over four hundred years at the record single single other little more about Bialystok house one before I came here to have gotten this heritage for a long time this resigns as old as our denomination the original book basin fifteen sixty four it contains only words which is true many handles tunes are extra they were solving fifty one course songs which are the ones that were not original book is fifty one songs lean very heavily not surprisingly for the suffering church in a hostile environment you wonder why he is half of those songs were composed in the dungeon apostle Castle at least one of the authors and authors did not survive his imprisonment later additions of that as many as a hundred and forty songs but I an illustration along with music as I have been in meetings neuronal recordings is not for public consumption that's what the church has that is sacred to them in a very real sense there is a believe Mary does have a very recognizable style known as the more avian writing for an interesting group and the sound of their music is very much out of a geocentric classicism out of Mozart and Haydn the sound is very similar to that their culture is continually encouraged music made a very real and vital cultural force and we will see in a letter talk that it was the Moravian brethren who actually led the Wesley brothers to their real conversion experience hence Methodism and singing I do an important part that got this note Sandra Saucedo the otherwise visited America John and Charles Wesley founders of Methodism British and thirty coast of Georgia I reached for three or four years there John did but on the way here the ship they were on run into a humongous storm of the nature that nobody was sure they would come all the rest of the way on over indebtedness of the storm the Wesley brothers for the Moravians of whom there were forty or fifty on about saving a little way he couldn't fathom how the middle of the storm they could be so calm in so short as to be singing if I want to talk to them Mister was afraid of dying is a problem our life through God 's hands we will present as long as they are brought in the Wesley said something about this Jonathan was so impressed that he asked for blessings German blessing for the no German and him journalism even translate some of these wonderful German Moravian hens in English as himself after they went back to England he and Charles experienced their own real conversion method is of course is the result of a lot of history since then Moravians have their own distinct style is very recognizable if you have no problem is you probably never be unlikely to its very esoteric Limited sort of style but it whenever there is something playing that is my landlord is pretty good guess where it comes from the common heritage of things we already doesn't have distinctions of that sort it would be very very difficult like they would be impossible if I decide outside playing through the handle one after the other for you to tell me what it was a Baptist Episcopalian or Presbyterian growth inhibiting the way you know that's not a serious problem I don't think the high liturgical churches will probably single St. James a good bit more slowly than we Anabaptists will probably accompaniment more flourishes and valid result of the piano when we do but the notion of Christian hymns bring much a style of its own the best literature as a church is managed so far is something called an SDA philosophy of music notes philosophy not theology ontogenetic and later we have some good well-rounded guidelines and I am very much thankful to those who took the time and put on the effort into establishing that much I understand from those who were on the committee that was not easy to get that far Doctor Don Quixote in his book the Christian rock music presented first one in the bibliography you don't know this book it's worth getting to know says that he is offering and I quote the first feeble attempts to address the most important subject which has been largely ignored that is a theology of music the authorities is not aware of any significant study produced by him scholars who examine church music in the context of the distinctive Adventist beliefs but NSF study were done I submit that the differences were not the musical notice they would be for content and how they should have a distinct content doing what you buy finality and Evelyn Watson and come back to staff find out a lot of what's in the better handle doesn't represent our denomination fairly they will just give up and save the expense of writing it is not in a single zip wasn't alike right but it wasn't exclusively on and what else is in the I have one item in the church and few of you that policy doesn't matter anyway that's okay I get royalties on enough to retire on every thirty or selling either time is not every eighteen hymnals that gets sold to get sold I get any review okay since it'll came out I've probably taken close to twenty six hundred dollars spread over quite a few years but it's been probably somewhere on twenty since I got out of it was actually seven hundred dollars that's not a penny for every eighteen he's one of those results a five hundred and ninety five or forty ninety five slovenly people I was grateful the college of church just replaced all the handles last I have my theories and procedures class lives as they buy one are very delayed Tel Aviv 's conflict of interest you I later cut in half off my class but it is expensive there are nominations that say they needed to handle every twenty years as is the next fact I live in lottery twenty years we haven't done under the along is not since the last one is the lock while yet before you know is looking for the Adventist contribution is going to be in terms of the text what do you expect to find in an Adventist question begins the about well a lot of the games are going to be about the same things that we'll see about the sovereignty of God the Majesty of God faithfulness and going to the corner on that right the incarnation the son of God peace and hope and comfort in the Christian life is that this is all standard shared material should be shared some of our doctrines are in emphasize as much as they used to be the if you take the tribunal and look in the topical index under death you will be referred to the section called Hope and comfort in a section therefore Kenyans listed not a one of which says anything about understanding of what happens when a person dies onward for you will be sent to the section called eternal life which has twenty four hands all of which talk about what happens after the resurrection address Russia's a dumb doctrine if we aren't asleep first to talk anything about the soul sleep in death the dressing room and institutions came out as the official SDA handle back in the late nineteen eighteen hundreds there were no fewer than fifty nine begins about death the subject is a lot more current in some respects back then my father 's mother was one of five children possibly six were not certain by the records mourns her parents only two of them grew up death was there all the time going to Boston bought hundred for over a period of five years in which there was only one unity one of his children if you want to deal with it they had to have a death march if you please something to help them over the world a more into our best to just kind of letting go was you don't sing hymns and carols interesting interesting I would like to suggest one thing more and this is going to sound like sour grapes I don't mean it to be like I could in three minutes I can talk on Italy that whatever the symbol I would like to think the Adventist contributors might be worth a Barnabas horizontal have one son a Muslim I know several people saw I'm happy it's okay to tell you about as an example Harold a Miller Carolyn Miller was a significant man in Adventist music education for thirty seven years he served the church in Auburn Academy at CUC which was then washing missionary college when I got graduated from SRU which is an southern junior-college Union College and Pacific Union College in fact the choral rehearsal room at Southern 's name the Earl Miller therefore is a picture of them beside the door the event into the handle says that of his more than two hundred published hymns and songs there were ten in nineteen forty one Churchill district check that out nineteen forty one handles Y grew up with the old church and what because a survey of pastors revealed that they were being used very little all were deleted by the committee working on the president is making a difference whether or not they were good holidays it is the church somehow just assume that a prophet from your own country is noise it's too easy that way seven thousand and nineteen forty one when you put a stake in an effort to get to know we can want before you fire a fact as a professional musician I'm willing to tell you that all of them were decently well-written I will tell you the three of them are really really good in that ought to be in our common vocabulary one of them the text by the way by Francis Scott Key saying on the road Star-Spangled Banner Diane music by Miller on absolute normalcy and eleven it's not because you are lovable I would like to just invite you to do your part to validate the work of the present Adventist contributors to the present by first discovering and learning and finally using their hints I'm not interested in reverse discrimination I just would like stretching this out I don't wonder myoclonus good question and I don't answer that real quick my copy of the companions of the SCA handle is a nice vagueness in the back heart therefore because clocks as I'm supposed to the backyard fifteen minutes University regular much this meeting was produced by a audio burners media ministry unites generation of writers you would like to listen to more granular person or who would like to learn more about you see is WW G Weiss went to work and also find treatments you are you worse that Lord and in the video .com will or a known as a and a


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