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The Eleven O'Clock WHAT Hour?

J. Bruce Ashton


J. Bruce Ashton

Professor Emeritus of Music at Southern Adventist University



  • December 20, 2007
    10:30 AM
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following with some crazy we have worsened you with our mouths we want to worship you with our hearts and we pray that you will help us also know how to worship you with online our heads may that be something we can learn together and study together during this hour in Jesus evidently said so far about music has something to do with our human nests music is a human activity people like to fuss about Birdsong and that's another issue that's not a human activity it may communicate another an argument doesn't unlike talks about the birds making the air vocal with their happy melodies and probably also staking out territory 's and households okay for those of us who believe that we are the magnificent product and people and go to emphasize that again we do not have enough all about our own bodies David had it figured out we are wonderfully and fearfully made it up and he didn't know the tenth of those of us who believe we had a magnificent product of an amazingly creative and loving my therefore believe the real something to the owner of that great line there is a necessary corollary how does music fit in our lives if we are intentional about acknowledging the fact that we are creatures his music and experience which is singular to our species very manifestation music beyond our planet how did music get to be part of what we are who we are and how does it relate to worship sorry portion of the introduction to Marva Dawn 's second and you will find if you look at the bibliography that I put highly recommend it very highly recommended beside these books Marvin on as a Lutheran writer a woman who is a theologian with having less on pastoral work and has also done independent Ministry of various sorts she is also a musician a fascinating person in her first book on the subject of worship was reaching out without dumbing down I looked at the time I said I needed the street is once as a subject that interests me the fact is it is a marvelous marvelous but my copy is so highlighted here and there hardly muted anymore and she got such a response to that focus she run a second one entitled why a waste of that is also well worth and both of these were surprises to her chin whitish to write about worship subject and retention she felt obliged as part of the introduction to a book of oil waste and voices okay a royal waste of time to worship the Lord is in the world 's eyes a waste of time it is indeed a royal waste of time what a waste nonetheless by engaging in it we do not accomplish anything useful in our societies were spot not to be construed in a utilitarian way its purpose is not to gain numbers of our churches we see the successful front of the entire reason for our worship is God deserves it moreover it is not useful in earning points with God for we do it worship will not change one quick how God feels about us we will always still be helpless sinners caught in our endless inability to be what we should be or make ourselves better and God will always still merciful compassionate and gracious abounding in steadfast love and ready to forgive us as we come to worship is a royalist divine but I think the royal court immerses us in the regal splendor of the Jews of the cosmos the church 's worship provides opportunities for us to enjoy God 's presence in corporate ways that take us out of time and into the eternal purposes of God 's kingdom as a result we should be changed but not because of anything we do not own them we are centered and invoices that will transform us by his revelation of himself to understand worship is a royal waste of time is good for us because it frees us to enter into the poverty of Christ we worship a triune God who chose to rescue the world he created by means of the way of humility God sent his son into the world to empty himself in the obedience of a slave only himself to suffer throughout his entire life and die the worst of deaths on our behalf is not gone to be solving the worlds problems in any sense that the world could understand worship of such a God immerses us in such a way of life and powered by a spirit who does not equip us with means of power or control a congressman or success but with the ability and the humility to waste time in the love of our neighbor if all of worship is God centered what makes us think that God cares to have any music involved in a worship service is music and worship is it somehow bought ordained or is it just a human idea of the weeds stuck in there because it makes us feel better or helps us focus is the fact that worship is a royal waste of time justify adding on the truck trappings of royalty twenty two high culture or folk culture horticulture or company manners and address of Russ Seeman introduced primary scriptural mandate is fear God and give glory to him and worship him that made to have a clear consistent intentional theology of worship where do we get our picture of the proper things to include or exclude from our corporate gatherings and maybe of interest also though we still have no really adequate theology of music and the reasons I think are the more interesting and somewhat more complex like to talk about briefly because this lack of theology of music is a concern of mine I do not know that when Charlie begotten by the late Charlie Peacock good what was interesting to the idea of the name Charlie Peacock at all until I read Doctor Nokia Facebook to Christian rock music I gather Charlie Peacock is one of the brighter lights was called contemporary Christian music movement he is an award-winning recording artist producer and songwriter and I assure you that my ignorance is a lot more about me this is about him I learned my typing his name in the iTunes search window that he had at least a hundred and fifty items that I could buy for ninety nine cents apiece if I chose to lessen some of the thirty second sound samples that you have before you buy I found the less interesting than a quotation on page one hundred and sixty two Doctor pocket of his book which is taken from Charlie Peacock a book entitled at the crossroads which book I also want to get a copy and read I've read at least some of it here's what Mister Peacock said quote what is missing from contemporary Christian music is a comprehensive theology of music in general and if theology of CCM artistry industry and on his you are beginning to rethink and separate Christian music we will first have to recognize the necessity of developing a comprehensive theology interesting words when interesting source and continues without God 's thoughts and God 's ways we are left with our own damn and insufficient ideas if we willfully chose to neglect the work of building truthful theologies for our callings we will find ourselves waving goodbye to the brightness which illuminates life we will find ourselves someone blindly down the way which seems right to a man believes nothing but darkness any words for your thinking CCN or administer I do not have the time my particular interest to supply his life theology pursues you a solid business I do have a very strong conviction however the most of the tensions which surface in our church about the worship of one arise because we do not have a credible theology of music even music in general or church music I talked with someone who was on the committee the Phillies came up with the philosophy of music I talked about the theology musings right click right-click within trying for years I'm not a theologian I do have ideas I have some great ideas why hasn't happened I'd like to suggest some because while I know that we can excuse the fact that maybe it looks like someone is a difference between a reason unexcused personal theology is a rigorously structured highly involved discipline I went to the dictionary to find our theology as it says quote a usually four-year course of specialized religious training in a Roman Catholic major seminary all jail where from experience I can tell you that the study of music is also a powerful complex full-time occupation but nobody I know would consider adequately treated in four years of Anastasio music is along term for life study and they're still doing okay precious few individuals have ever developed enough expertise in both fields really talk intelligently about the issue license is not excuse is a reason there just aren't that many people one of two undoubtedly was Martin Luther was a profoundly affected musician and of course a great theologian in fact he had a good deal to say about music inside and outside the church he is one of the major resources would have to be a major resource in studying music theology number two music because it is so insubstantial almost ephemeral is simply not seen as worthy of a place and something is overwhelmingly important theology is not that the item the music is is a peripheral which can be easily dismissed is clear from the attitude of school administrators when the budget gets tight you got it I know music education is expensive it always has been a solid auditing we've never paid for ourselves not yet not everyone this is a just and maybe themselves hundreds of you students out there one teacher okay with these one-on-one in charge tuition I estimate what we are losing for next inch bonded that in number phraseology is in general and biblical theologies in particular have as their recognized focus the study of one specific goal and as they explore his manifestations and interactions with his creatures music I is almost as fast a field as can be imagined covering everything from Gregorian chant which we heard some of the last session the country-western from the gum a lot of orchestras in Indonesia to the operas of your strong strumming a guitar electronic synthesis is and regulate sound materials the very breadth of musical styles militates against any single study ever being in the justice for the whole and since there will always be some initial type of musical event the job of relating music music physiology is very frustrating environment endless number four as far as a specifically Adventist theology of music is concerned we are and ought to be one of the most polyglot organizations in the world we get people from everywhere every background every nationality every culture in which I'm not complaining lately however since we believe that on this illogical mandate covers the whole blow as a result we welcome into our fellowship persons of every possible ethnicity culture social background whatever else is it any wonder that without a hard time making a unified theology of music was the word worship come from is a God on excellent acidity is etymology back a ways it comes from two words worth ship was shipped occasionally there are people who live on the way we approach as here elements for your lessor airworthiness or willingness to minister however your willingness to put our situations where that has been the appropriate address the milkmaid on the estate of the Duke if she approached him addressing that your worthiness and she showed recognition of his work by doing a lot a courtesy which we of course contracted into their okay same I get so worship is unacknowledged without warrants of volume down a dipping okay if you please other human beings who are worthy of your respect to most people that are doing anything that has other persons are worthy of your respect okay on what basis you can summon Lords as a laborer is worthy of his life okay there is legally use the word that way is it fair to read that as a corollary that the labor is under obligation to be worthy of his hire probably on what basis do we assume someone is for the on the basis of the amount of money he has well I know of some people I know some people who have a lot of money got honestly and is a morally and I respect and you know something in the name wanted to at least you have one I got a immoral rich people will never forget it don't ever forget it we are all incredibly rich in this country astonishing summary was for a scholarship possibly I would hope is using a scholarship to better humanity 's lot somehow but those who studied are worthy of recognition for their study on the basis of political office perhaps an Arctic island only as I'm a porkbarrel projects he manages to scrounge through right sex on a half on on the recognize worthiness for their spiritual vigor it was an awesome bunch to stand in line with last night apparent platform will wonderful people I know if you on the basis of beneficence what they have done giving the century and who built into the synagogue in Capernaum but that's a these way wasn't working right in their eyes and they certainly he was worthy because you build a synagogue but he save himself where the exigency was the prodigal son ever worthy to be called his father son and shakers this way whether this has nothing to do in here somewhere you are the son I think I know how the Chronicle felt they were not have been clear all the way and for our country yet but I recall a certain Friday afternoon they were the two years that I spent Mount Vernon Academy honors about an hours drive Mornington and to one most likely connecting routes is right past the house that I grew up in I was there Mount Vernon I started adding up my responsibilities for the weekend and found amazingly that I didn't have a whole lot I was responsible for that weekend the new compass require that you very often but there was a weekend that I didn't have to be doing various things that are defined just follow on the car in those days Academy students didn't have cars lots is a family-friendly from commercial vehicle operated only on a very regular Route nine in which Weigel roughly one so I hope when I went out permission signed off a weekend leaving copyrighted Mister Richardson without any advance notice my folks on the unplanned and showed up at my door while not suffered on Friday evening nothing illegal about his hope for the sacrament in essence only really stupid reasonably but it was genuine anyway you know was stupid and irrelevant needs is that I feel like I don't really deserve the admire my mother looked at me and got I've been brought up to little responsible life in the right thing at the right time to be rather supposed to be harmless I had Henry Pike County sort of felt like that here was the prodigal son did not deserve to be on Letterman I don't deserve has anything to do with it I cover my bases I was being welcomed home that you will handle on the prodigal speech was the prodigal ever worthy to be called some doctrine not really you want doesn't matter where it has nothing to do with it he was a son not because he was good he was a son because he was born there he could not give up his son ship by being that he was also on and he was therefore in that sense still working he had lived with them reasonable is gone working is gone worthy of our trust is gone worthy of our love is gone worthy of our service is not worthy of our graves songwriting three the Lord is ready to replace the suicidal or desirable were not down again sorry to bring the Lord he is worthy to be praised on what basis is gone for the three grades is a creator God precisely right they didn't stop there which is a good thing for us Revelation four eleven Dartmoor the Lord to receive glory and honor and power for thou hast created all things and for thy pleasure they were created and who you you were created for his pleasure comfort Revelation five nine it is more now are ready to take the book and open the seals thereof for thou wast slain and has read deemed us post a placer has redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred and tongue and people and nation our redemption accomplished through his humiliation and suffering unfolds a vastly deeper reason a deeper basis for our homage revealing a worthiness that you and I could never have been coming down we couldn't invent on our own relationship I've twelve worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing is gone worthy of more than hour a week of our time I should hope so of how much is the everything everything you are everything I have all the time I have he deserves all his audience so what is worship worship is our theology of his worthiness so when we do that twenty four seven phone twenty four seven the whole time soon and what we do with this thing on Sunday morning have to start seventh morning person present interestingly worship is the proper response of all moral sentient beings to go I like that worship is the proper response of all moral sentient beings to go on ascribing all honor and worth to their creator God precisely because he is worthy to isolate self Carson thwarts CS Lewis 's book reflections on the Psalms has a passage which I found very useful in discussing the matter of grace will start off finding himself very put off by the repeated admonitions in the great Old Testament and book praise God praise the Lord and particularly what stock is probably some fifty twenty three whoso offers praise glorifies me with those words the amount of any human being about egotist and Lewis had to say to himself is not going to understand the thoughts you don't require such feeding that he must entice praise from the frames are the subject making them in such induced admiration ever give gone any satisfaction in the dollars you doesn't say very nice about the character of God as we understand character Lewis had the capacity to not stop at the obvious to keep on looking a daughter not only the nature but the usefulness of praise he observes some books are admirable and rather think paintings or gardens or sculpture or any other sort of thing some things are admirable by which he means they have in themselves enough integrity enough him they deserve to be recognized on back to the human level avoiding us there are people who are worthy in various regards there are things that are so well done that we should respect them they deserve to be acknowledged as the work not all such works ever get the admiration nation there are some very good things I mentioned Eleanor sent from the old handbook which is a very very good him a good text open to visitors and nobody's held passes the domination said not and there are some things that are not worthy they get a lot of admiration know that as well but if I do not admire something that deserves admiration that does not detract from the value of the thing it shows you that I shall trust will I tell the respect or lack of respect has no real bearing on the worth of the object itself whether people respected does not make it worthy or not working of respect instead such works judge us if we do not see the value we show ourselves to be incensed that's unfortunate but there's more than that when I read a really good book I get a list of Sumner on the back I think a really good books I can be a form that sister when I read a really good book or come across some really gorgeous wildflower alike are both while far photographers and amateurs that's a pretty decent shots and having naughty ladies dress unsigned of our diverging body ladies dresses are not related addresses are not even there orchids orchids are about three sixty three inch long they grow around the stem and the whole stem is not that tall him out also have to look to see textures on the paths of my hair really truly magnificent piece of music my first desire is to share with someone widely share my response with somebody Angela says there's nothing worse than hearing a joke it really catches your attention and the person who would know it would respond to the best died last week we resulted the video is good if you can't tell if somebody unity of the sheriff saying something laudatory helps to show up measure of appreciation it shows me how much more I really value this thing if I can share my own enjoyment water how full it is and always be expanded by praising the work of somebody else who also understands and you know as well as I frustrating if whereas perhaps driving down the road and become sunset time to look over this guy over there and she's one of those nights when you know okay and another other people incarcerate all I need is built on by myself she regularly on somebody's busy reading about Idi Amin is honest Sheriff automation the extra out of it I want to pray is it an appraising others is part of my enjoyment of this part of my appreciation for God is giving us the opportunity to enhance our favorable appraisal of how great he is this is the recipient marbles at the theater into a deeper level of fellowship with him and with the people nonverbal of Saint might be that our attitude toward God actually judges us if we somehow can't grasp the intensity of his there is great this is nothing more about the fact that he's also great about us not being able to recognize who were received if all reading the creation of all of never needed redeeming creation is going to describe alternate worthiness to the land doesn't make me look pretty stupid if I miss out reside in the first hour the music is species specific it even identifies our species then we'll music I'm using is a verb now music in whatever sense you're doing is worth listening to our performing or conducting whatever man will music even at the expense of honor lashes or Stella being bombed out from under him or he will feel the contraction of his soul if he does on again then how can we come to God who designed our race right down to the last detail for us as we heard this morning before we were ever formed how to become the human activity intended to knowledge is created worthiness without expressing ourselves in praise we couldn't we cannot possibly if the spirit has drawn us of his Spirit is drawing us there is something within us which compels us to see his glory and his price our emissions Zephaniah three sixty and seventeen in that they actually said address and do not fear Zion let not your hands be weak the Lord your God is in your midst the mighty one will say he will rejoice over you with gladness he will quiet you need is love he will rejoice over you with singing what moves God the second love love causes muscle sometime causing love songs all the other transcendental sort along who could devise a way to save fallen man and figured it was worthwhile to endure humiliation to accomplish redemption of just adjust you all things because he's happy closings because he rejoices he sings in tender triumph over the one she was found and recovered and restored to the flock of the inverse quantization all I wish I I wish I I want to find out that the immensity of that love which moves in the sink she drawn at least some feeble response from the very limited in response relate how they sell seriously as merging of music and worship that we know about apparently was under David Shepherd warrior king and the services at the Temple four thousand singers who I'm acquired directory I get jealous operating for another center in Ottawa they all say the same time maybe my courses that I don't care four thousand singers instrumentalist participating in the next late Latin liturgy extolling the virtues of the promised savior in an expectable that investors will it was some spectacle with it under the thing to speculate on the site of the same there's a difference if thought is an excellent creator and if he has produced an excellent world in orders of magnitude faster more beautiful and we have left out for six thousand years an estimate is not his worship deserve the highest level of excellence we can reach what you think David moved David to write some hundred and nineteen Omaha Solomon is that him that you have maybe not sure the longest acrostic name versus each of which begins with the next letter in the alphabet of the mental challenge we got paid extra for Alan I don't think so but millions of buffer gone respect for his law anyone do something special something extra something beyond what we bring to God when we come to worship what can we bring going to come to worship and we bring in money to make it rich who says that if you are hungry you wouldn't want to tell us nobody's is very offering and we bring in our remarkable insights and understandings are good lines every layer ray of light and truth in every scientific knowledge originated within who gives to all men liberally and without scolding immigration hearings things that he would notify us to enjoy effectively makes the grass of the field which today is tomorrow's casting the evidence more beautiful once times and then Solomon in all his glory so we cannot bring him those things we are fools for agreement of us we are ungrateful of bringing any less only can bring in a barman on sizes are clearly visible sinfulness and in his hand we received restoration forgiveness acceptance exaltation hope compassion graciousness and yet as we come to worship we do bring in something we bring him what we have made ourselves in the seventies in those intervening days if we have made ourselves more calloused by playing grand theft auto him increasingly calloused itself is what we bring to worship if we have given our grasp of his greatness by profaning his name always long we bring him a less sensitive awareness of his great perfection which is what his name stands for if we and all our senses by too little sleep and too little exercise and too much food and too much noise blasted earlier both the brain and offering blemished by her own influence or disrespect how we perceive our relationship will be seen by the way we cooperate or do not cooperate with his efforts to restore us to physical mental and spiritual and social wholeness our attitude toward worship will reveal much of what we have become in the six things between which is one of Aragon has a marvelous marvelous chapter on why we must limit exposure to the media with while Chuck does God work with us and get us to enhance our lives as we bring in worship the great historical culture it is not the Adventist culture but it's a fascinating story I think it speaks to us anyway a Benedictine monastery full of those Vatican II zeal decided to implement many changes in our prayer life one of the things they discarded the habit of getting up in the middle of an item chatting laughing she just briefly if you don't know who services the monks in the monastery have paid services along through the day and I start very early before sunrise and the last one is way way down there at night and during the services they chant the Psalms and the services are so structured that every week they go through all hundred and fifty song singing on a potential for plus OLAP disco sound like two or three o'clock in the morning interruption I think pretty bad him getting getting up and singing things instead they substituted a spoken or even privately read divine office in place chaplain office which usually took place over the Sonata same hour but instead of putting on their habits and getting down to them wherever the same together they just read this on savings the monks began to complain about being tired everybody brought a series of doctors the voice of the first doctors and of course they were targeting a little of my so elastic schedules changed and get up any longer much less sing or speak or read for an hour Doctor overlook the fact that monks in this order of the rising generations the six century without any complaints schedule change the another doctor was called in at once the problem must be the lack of need in their diet insecurities modern-day monks of their heavy teaching schedules could maintain their strength that morning so they added me to the diet then without noticing the monks in this order had gone without much need for fifteen hundred years thorough environmental psychological and physical analyses were done finally the French physician Pilates was brought in immediately restore the old schedule and the old diet and most importantly restore the check within ten days he did report that all fatigues that from the forest once they began to chant they could give up that hour of sleep and forget the need to still be able to enjoy the kind of vigor which makes the average life expectancy of a lot more than nineteen years old who sent me now that our new start program staff and singing direction something there is about us that wants to do things the easy way while somebody devise a way to put wheels on luggage and get help bringing in the him us this morning worship is an enterprise were doing an easy way to set and items of value is interesting book entitled exit interviews by William Hendrix exit interviews this isn't in the bibliography in this book Hendrix talk to fifteen or sixteen or so young people are simply slipped out the back door of institutional Christianity not Adventist Christianity one rather startling conclusion presented itself once did analyze the data that he got not one not one of those within the scope left because worship was to be in a Sega not one left because worship was getting some departed because of the inadequate intellectual challenge some departed because of musical ineptness some regarded because of insufficient attention to developing character or sense of community Willow Creek community Church in the name libels outside Chicago has long been a leader in the model of secretive and services talk more about that in the succession for morning many congregations try to figure out how Bill Haeckel 's does what he does to get thousands of people to come to the eleven o'clock service and many many churches have arduously copied the high energy extravaganzas which were presented and without understanding one very crucial humbles himself does not consider the eleven o'clock Sunday morning service these churches worship service worship service for the faithless on Wednesday but aggressive Christianity letting it has great success bringing numbers I will does is less than five worship the same focus I'm not saying you shouldn't call people to the altar and worshiped and save functions are different and have a right to be different and we have not explored the difference always careful immediately under convert would be really wanted was recruited into the church she was recruited in something for the church and he was a parking lot attendant and he did something else of that sort the theory was that those who would immediately become active in the Fellowship would thereby become stronger Christians interested spiritual growth is expected to follow activity as long as it took place within the Christian environment the reason I bring this up now is because there is a new book out entitled reveal where are you which is a study done by the staff of Willow Creek Church and it is in the order of public confession and he says essentially all it hasn't worked for the number of people who like to come trucking along and catching on to the latest fad to see how scenarios doesn't grab that they understand are not this is a major show or should be here's a striking sentence what has to be unbelievably difficult confession from the staff of the church this is from the book quote we made a mistake we have done what we should have done when people cross the line of faith and became Christians we should have started telling people in teaching people that they have to take responsibility to become self leaders we should have gotten people talk people how to read their Bible between services how do the spiritual practices much more aggressively on their own according to the report nearly one in four number so the Fellowship upon their own evaluation stalled in their spiritual growth or dissatisfied with the church many of whom are considering leaving furthermore the most dissatisfied group within the church according to the survey was those considered to be the most originally much of our law they were getting nobody left because she was too a desire more challenging depth from the services nice sixty percent would like to see more in-depth Bible teaching and I can read reviews there on the Adventist review website the increase articles archives of anyone more Johnson Reagan is one of the founders a little singing gospel group known as Sweet Honey in the rock no limit okay regarding the kind of wrong spiritual coming-of-age she reports this way quote I became a member of the church and a Christian after that I didn't act the same I was less frivolous nowhere conducted myself I can also remember thinking that if I was really a Christian I had to learn to sing more difficult song she points out a truly significant distinction in these words quote it was good news to lay down the world and shoulder the cross of Jesus it's not a good time but it's good news we like the time the time is not necessary as worship should not be easy worship should not be entertaining worship should not be convenient worship is Marva Dawn puts it in the title of one of her chapters worship ought to show us we sat on yes him in the water as evidence that Bush would follows our baptism often represent the newness of life in the newness of life may not be a good time it's good it's honoring heaven we thank you for what you have done us we thank you that you are great enough to accept us the matter how foolish we have the two are great enough going to not want us to stay from your grateful that you accept this letter how careless we have been that you love us enough to not want us to stay careless we ask that you will help us to think clearly about the depth of our worship about the depth of our experience with you about the depth of our knowledge of and to be willing to the deeper to learn more to do more because by your grace you have made us in Jesus this media was produced by audio burners media ministry soon our generation for Christ would like to listen to this present work you would like to learn more and see visit www. G Weiss even when or also find great witnessing media and on your verse board and a video .com will and


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