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What's So Yucky About Hymns?

J. Bruce Ashton


J. Bruce Ashton

Professor Emeritus of Music at Southern Adventist University



  • December 20, 2007
    2:30 PM
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him in volume by my watch it's time to start so let's start I would like to start I'm using a third of the song that is in your sheet we should be the front side of about the third page and it should say how firm a foundation if I'm at the right place even before we say that I'm going to point out I'm trying to teach a lesson by an example as it happens we have how firm a foundation same to the church in the make a copy and handed out that particular arrangement is under copyright I know the man that owns the copyright but I'm talking for a long time I would've had to find his phone number get permission so that Donna found in the Baptist General and the Saints is that it is a copyright so don't look like an Adventist single page all is not that much difference is inapposite even about the settlement is not a copyright version these people respect copyright church choirs are probably the worst offenders in all of America and there's no excuse if you don't know that you're not a right to say if you do own it therefore that's all so here's how firm a foundation most marvelous uplifting hands the ones that the students in my class almost always pick from the list of things the best both learned a thing together how firm a foundation from them or him to know him and him and on early for him and is is is is is is and all is is is is will lose on a and is a man of that out of her husband out of her I say that attack let's pray why they haven't won a magnificent assurance and we cannot be put in a situation where you will not go with us you are saying this is a trial unnecessary elitists in the tribal wherever we are nearing your head you are there with us for this we praise you we ask for your guidance and blessing we think together about the ways we can pray this is the same as pretty much throughout the second half I essentially Kim 's have suffered a major decline in popularity in and in some circles and acceptability and I have wondered why after eight ideas I ran out so here are my first date ideas about why people have not sung in its as much lately number one it may be just the kind of a normal cycle sort of thing like those who don't believe in global warming would like to tell us is just a matter gone around again not a serious issue and a look at the history of him singing in the Christian church will show you anything but straight line it has not been constant progression of constant progression down our constant flux maybe we just announced possible number two I think there may be a decline in seriously invested accompanying musicians anything other than Seymour and Doctor Edward Andrews and heard him the song services and I know he wasn't the one up there at the pulpit he was the one of the Lord and he could make a congregation sing like I have not heard very many other places and he could build you up and you can set you down gently and he can take you to a spiritual climax with nothing but the pipes of his brilliant brilliant musician brilliant church musician there are a whole lot of the loan bears on the estimates that he was the only one but he certainly was a figure who taught many others and his heart was singing to his fingers and his feet he would have been as influential if he had not had it in his heart first it can be done on the piano also doesn't have to be organ but it does require Christian pairs thanks number three there seems to Minnesota on the decline in available as common as when I was growing up taking the piano was everybody's every child job well not every child you know what a great majority my aunt was music teacher in Worthington Ohio and many of the neighborhood children where they are taking lessons and they got to where they could play for song service and I find that the percentage of young people doing the same now is considerably smaller maybe there just aren't people to do the job number for our culture does not invite us to say why large we are not a singing culture menacing generation might have given you go to the symphony concert of the ballgame whenever they do the national anthem or percentage of the audience sings the rest of you dancing at best unfair question is is very high but we don't sing as much and I wonder how many of those who can sing and I slept them can still sing take me out to the ballgame or let me call you Sweetheart or anyone else knows of songs that the last generation new just knew inside because the sun on the boat ride when southern faculty would go getting together for a social occasion been a citizen for forty minutes songs everybody knew some of those songs have been through lately are the reason for that I think is the fact that we keep getting better and better performances available for our listening up singing I can remember the days of old seventy eight records shellac records and then the vinyl LPs the trustees shall not know how to run but that's all right in a cassette came and went and CDs who knows how long will be around an iPod Monticello may also assume that we really needed part of it comes also from changes in taste foisted on us by the producers of all of these CDs and iPods the stuff is out there listening is not all is suitable as on top of old Smokey was for my Christmas or how firm a foundation even never fire my favorite it has been a change in the general attitudes of society in the shadow of the atomic Mall which was all through the Cold War under the threat of another 9/11 with a whole lot more global orientation making us more aware of the invisible children of Darfur more of whatever maybe we just haven't got the heart to sing anymore it's a depressing world folks it's a tough world and I think our culture is responded somewhat number six is a decline I think in the universality of vocal training I talked about kids taking piano lessons learned naked singing voice lesson anymore I remember it was the standard scenario fifty years ago in funny movies for the family and teenage girl renting it up into her recital and was hanging from the grades because she was so scared so is experience a lot of it will never add their largest thing we haven't taught ourselves to sing we haven't studied local culture to the same extent perhaps it happened in the past and did furthermore if you've got a lollipop and Oldenburg like this you know have to say well anyway because the microphone the terrible mittens and the value of your world in the winter it hasn't helped that number seven I think we are a less poetic generation than in the past this isn't safe is it how many of you know Jack be quick check the will work with the rest of the here and home wireless since when I then made using the passenger tossed like a mother nursery rhymes I say home for the Canadian finish stopping by Woods on a snowy evening that Robert Frost the woods are lovely dark and deep and just how many downgraded out but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep all you that when I was in school two roads diverged in a yellow wood and sorry I could not travel both and be one traveler long I stood and looked down one as okay and ongoing it is sort of it okay that is made all the difference okay but poetry involves enjoy and we don't use language for enjoyment we use it for soundbites on the each member L'Engle writes about what happens to vocabulary the time of war she's is invariably in the final vocabulary shrinks we use fewer words we use words and we can move the whole century of war World War I to Korean War Vietnam War Desert Storm it's been a law of war I member H Johannes requires looking away from self to God and a whole lot of what the nineteenth century 's cultural evolution did turn man away from God to self marks and Lennon and Darwin and Industrial Revolution which is going to promise man his own paradise by his own efforts and the astonishing discoveries inventions of telegraph telephone radio television automobile air travel rocket science not to mention cell phones and global positioning systems God can use all reasonable means them more quickly I buy yourself the American humanist movement without talking more about another time for morning learning a focus on one's own experiences relating to God rather than talking to God himself will come up with more of that later also given any or all of the above is it a wonder that we don't sing hymns like we use nine over for Linda that's for people of my color hair I'm saying that I know but we don't enter any reasons in many respects a church is handled is the Layman 's Bible particularly and eighty four Lehman had a Bible or could read his Bible the songs he could sing often find the gospel and we haven't need that anymore what did the same kinds to internalize better than what they just hear Ya I think so I think so even what we read aloud a responsive reading if you select it has a different impact it comes closer to home it stays with you better working the added emotional impact of the music joins with the intensity of the grafted language to make a really powerful statement by the soul and to the soul of what I would like to point out during this hour is that not everything in the hymnal and therefore we need to do a little learning recently my home church instituted a worship committee is a good idea if it was some changes in leadership we had along the way we need a worship committee and by intentional planet included three or four at least how we want to define a broad term actually and I think that's a good idea I'm in favor of it I would like to see included and involved but I would also like to see them talk and mentor and assist a number that is visited what I have in mind there was a week on my choir was singing and whoever was responsible on worship committee for the service shows as the opening hymn so send I you that is why folks him as an animal is not again so high says Nottingham then you have a right to challenge me and say what you are like US will I him is a tribute of praise to an easy thing that's like him is so send I you was not that it's a draw fine song but it's not that invalidity told my worship into blog my main worship in the morning is so send I you like this out is not talking to God it's all that hard even talking about the negative fifty it was lunch uninformed choice and nobody had told the youth who was using in Albany and I don't want to go home and makes a mistake if I can help I'm reminded of a statement by Blaise asked all the French philosopher who said you are right this announcement is a lot not may not need my intelligence but he certainly does not need my ignorance by hand is a song of praise to God there are seven definitions the Reagan Bush I along later the Jamaica property qualify must be praise and must be directed specifically to God hear our prayer Lord is reckoned right direction but that's prior that the petition is not praise so send I use neither petitioner race is not directed toward God nothing within my soul on the Savior an excellent statement of personal commitment but has open grazing on specific methodology in my experience and how I respond I didn't does not have to have music particularly in the seventeenth century the time of George Herbert and John Doe number Kim's which of course at the music at least a twentieth century by him is a text at him his whole well I had Jim is a text a poem describing honor to someone there are hints to the pagan gods in ancient Greek literature that's legitimate use of the word progression the person to whom we can offer our praises God so the fact is there is a distinct minority of him and are not I would guess I didn't haven't done accurate evaluation count I would guess that approximately one in ten of the items that are important for you and we should know which ones we should know how to figure out which one so the one which choose for it often the service or hands are appropriate we also something our service should be well thought I might suggest is a quintessential him number twenty one and I should be the next thing in your hand out probably on the backside of what you just sign a television instead appear not to weekend I very know him and allowing him to him to him for a smooth as a is a and I all all all all I want to go it is if you positively should sing with the spirit and with the understanding of punctuation leaves us in our understanding of the second stanza last half again by Justice White Mountains high soaring above and half by clouds of Freitag got to do with anything that's what we're sorry I love you got good lungs you can carry it through and there was a rough we should buy justice and then serial as I to a sense acts as they should make sensible and sing praise to God by Arthur Sampson who is in a him to him to him as a day for a a is a mainstream solid center of the floor in that place that tasted on my next question is does it matter what I do with it and I will and that he is not here to ask for a new for you so I have to ask another question unless I was the last time that makes jazz dance the court 's I can show you the most of the records that are used in jazz impossible music in settings that are not yet wholesale wholesale and jazz harmony is certainly a kind of a family of things that we thought they can't even only in this case we ultimately we decided right next chance to the rhythm is part of a certainly part of it was just the what makes jazz jazz more than anything else his attitude I will tell you one chance has its attitude is legitimate innocence is reasonable these understandable sacking name probably mid- eighties or thereabouts linking the southern end in a chapel program congregation program who was the co-author of a book entitled the century that's all I remember that he written a book he was a historian that he was co-author of this coffee-table book about the century any point out one thing to read I had never thought of when even I agree is appropriate or not one of the traditional rights of passage for young man has often has always been pretty much through human history the ability to fight to prove himself physically this soldier to be a brave warrior and I would like more are not this has for many many cultures been improving at so we got to the first world war nineteen fourteen fifteen and we got young people who said they'll start it seems to work since this is an unprovided for good cause as I find out what they are in it under conscious and something changed inserting the German airplane machine guns not on the wings and just went down just like to fight back today and got no defense against limiting the mustard gas and debris there are people who died long laborious and difficult deaths over years and years after the mustard gas you can't stand Western Cas you can't slash his throat skin should and suddenly the nature of warfare was not going to be the longer place to cool yourself and the despair and destroy that the frustration that grew out of that experience among other things contributed to the attitudes of the twenties flapper zero Prohibition speakeasy and that was the era in which jazz it was music that said I is still the effort this isn't just that's the attitude of I submit by the same token the act is what makes a human he is not the notes you find same notes he was not playing them with the right and the attitude which we bring to our hints is at least part of what makes it I the marvelous in immortal invisible not only why started about this they will come back with something else washout minute there are many things I love that are not even close to the same as the next thing you find in your handout is what more I wanted Chris through the Boone will go on him in this room will move on in all there is a move on to a is a challenge this time we given in the second line don't quit ziggurats of its own in the face until I say you can quit singing to make that note we stay all away through second stanza rule of law and in on all and I will go on to all I will him through an will for him on all available on an as in all and all in all two and a daughter-in-law is being all I seize us in a in a dive on the life he to a year in a and I will begin not merely as a VA is ensures unbelievable what you is underhanded girdles are going and coming and roughness in my latest Gallup poll is that this is precisely eleven more than there were in the church in nineteen forty one we made progress in a nasal tokenism of progress okay I don't want to balance ought to be another try to guess what it is a different kind of sound it can be just as genuinely can be just as real and the attitude has as much to do with you I doesn't make sense good okay the whole wonderful okay people use only and punctuation notion okay second thing you're going to be amazed that is the speed heads up in a nasal corral steak forever not this one doesn't know everything about what it says about that it was a thing for you is what you want those arteries adrenaline is a wants heights are prior life when you zero seven arise minutes and then when you go from there by the way back to the top midnight solemn hour installing his chariot wheels are you will need times prepare the Virgin 's wife then you didn't want answers understanding of the redesign movement I regards to the top and I don't want after crying I know there's one I don't want to hear after trying Dragon naturally but not after trying year ago when own way and now I are all a and is in a and him to and yelling at us about it in his past physical health multiple for the Crown Council good old German thing when the courthouse was a Martin Luther didn't like Cuba's most Israeli no one are grounds because he wanted his people to see in the fourth century the church oh I think historically what the church was in the fourth century A.D. the church had a Council called the Council Laodicea among other things they decided out the way to see that the only people who seem church which require congregations no longer sung in church furthermore the market only thing Scripture why may not be a wholly bad thing I don't know but only require six and congregations from that time on did not see until the age of Mark and I thought how losing years the fourth century the fifteenth century and Luther said that people need to send I can teach them if they say I help them learn if they say I will give them something to say in essence what they had its grounds although some marvelous marvelous paralysis something about our age federal example of course is what what's in portraits that if I can remember now how I run this machine I will see if I can show you how mighty fortress is supposed to go out I was wondering if you work out I was wondering if there are no will and will and will I and I will will and will and in a I will say you look on the back of the first page of your handout find one that University launches a centimeter for Salinas is one of the there is an image of a very rare autographed copy delivers a right on the money court this is the manuscript as you and you don't have to be a scholar to knows old notation to realize there two different note shapes there's this kind and I'm sort of shamanism that will stem going up nothing in half as long and is not just all announcement in the same area of the low start going up every so often at least those are shorter knows just when I sent it here you go again same thing in will will and will and will and is and will will one reason grounds I is because Oberg time congregations came to seeing them with all the same know about the got square because they were square they got stodgy and they were soggy people could be interested in seeing them this is him now him right out of the has the right gone one direction but as a musical style that is totally different backgrounds that are about seven or eight from around the inner heart and a notice on the whole lot and for good reason because people think they should endlessly almost funny no civilian runnable alternative when harnessing religion and so please get him we lose by just we could gain something by placing this one one more time on the Olympics will slow need a little more chance only do the first answer I would like to get a feel for the strike that Martin Luther and his company were trying to provide you read the results it is a very sensitive physiotherapist says the Lamb of God the heavens adore him on on on wrong for him and him and him know and I is and is I am in a birth and on along the way that you run out of average arm alas it worked that Brett Pakistan not after wandering every no one's more Minamata games I will in all I is a I to all for him for all in all and in all and is making is actually the background setting it's a fellow she gets a phone cumin dishonest and has absolutely more harmless the other so now good good listening is to let out again of why doesn't need it underestimated on no account to join and come along with again this is one I took from the Baptist and also that we have a legitimate copy no laws who on God 's law there is a soul on soul laws on Ron Paul news here is a law of God because love is because global unknown mu there is a full dose form on its own or more high school to move back in I read all below and formalized school program of funds to get a good enough him him know you were living longer hair menacingly this can already be messing with this man okay I wonder if I stops you're just going to stay on whatever note you are saying no same or just stayed in I do the same for you you need to stay on the same note stated numbers in a melanoma drugs and parts not really was a resource together ready to go on the dog SSI sentences as you have in your book Autoblog to move on include all on on include all I is in on to move on and then I do see a online Lucy Law is all I know I lose to the flexibility don't have as many well-established radiators are hopefully have some and they are worth knowing that's not that's not the opening him for church at the campfire music got a guitar on the front is a mighty Fortress and guitar is very high is still about Santa Fe is this is a song suicide it wasn't about the songs universe him I think John will find a foot actually comes from the Scottish Salter Salter Salter visited actually a collection of the songs rewritten so that they can be sung as versus you can take a Bible song I necessarily have the words fit the same melody after dozen times throughout her not put together that way but if you restructure that you can do that that's precisely what the songs are for the Salters are for the Scottish self-image even Solomon Estes 's owner Damon sorry I guess scads of these would have represented pieces from almost all of those in our book from the menacing song twenty three we have done for wireless dog doors as you are gone as he is being I will do all in on a day in my all in all in all and is a you is will is in a all I will us in and live in to on his eye and all is a I is a cause and a multi- day in a man who had lost a as late as the songs and there are many of those settings also in Oriental I wish I was criticized by the Jane's hair salons copyright issues and happiness with prisoner handling and brother James and I got some beautiful setting of North model will create great to mammals a couple of examples labor of Gregorian chant plainsong all the most earlier to which we say when I survey the wondrous Cross full restoration of the place own doesn't her today but there is one that really has the freedom we plainsong the heavens this is the right seizing the opportunity here's number one sixteen of the father 's love begotten and if it also should not have a compliment we are just sitting but you have to sing with the flexibility that the words suggest that the freedom of the notes calls all those bloggers love create all the head of the big to create tears on all involved in the year the lessor the end the all the things that are the is the future years shells he law and for old war year I have a floor in a show on this Friday's NCAA power and installed me following the next prologue laws and to the dilettante on earth peace all three boys in concert through the verbal and fooled to say the last incident I'm sorry to be so short on time and lots more and more than that but that's a song that's unlike anything else probably the largest number of items in our book however one would properly be called Gospels gospel hymns and I'm not going to fuss over the distinction is nonexistent for gospel on and because it implies a different sort of sound then why would you call mainstream agencies and you sound like immortal invisible not only wife's gospel songs are written and use to talk about our response to our experience with God rather than our worship of God and assuming they are worth saving practically every invitation to him did you never heard of evangelistic series of the Gospels okay this is how they work that's what they're good for anywhere but Jesus is a usually quite lightweight musically they often dance a little bit I say that the lack of the language is usually pretty simple very direct they are not challenging to the intellect as a whole but they are so challenging to the emotions is one of if not we were going to say now has what is called compound meter you recognize the field musically it has a refrain that she has almost invariably don't see anything with a friend is probably a gospel song fairly responsible decision it has to do with my response to the gospel my benefits and believing everything you think of softly and tenderly for you I'm praying I need thee every hour passing on a gentle Ciel on this whole wonderful gospel songs the wonderful things for a song over yonder marching to Zion these are all great gospel songs in the hymnal of nineteen forty one they were at least approximately putting different setting the first two hundred or so were more likely to be mainstream against everything from two hundred on a six outer self was pretty much Sabbath school songs gospel songs and beatings on millions of the more aggravating songs okay this general category we should use and wishing he is a rich label we should not confuse them this might get people is not the opening hymn for church to February the what a him to him the moon is unlawful on a and is and is in him as a rolling eyes in a call is a you and I will and I will also envision his there are evenly not of very very few real carols elegant all those Christmas things are all Christmas Carol factionalism are the Christmas songs they don't fit the typical category of care will show you one should be on the list then ask as Jacob with travel anyone how interesting you listed all I'm guessing ninety five percent at least don't and I think that's a major gradient the funny thing about this initiative both pages so they are entering a major luck on the other side whatever it is this all goes together this is a longer life okay as you are in a and I are going to use off as a kind as will as well as I is I am in Ali and happily gazing out at any of the second stanza as long as long as I is a you is is is all in a house as I is a bad way and in and is is is is is is is is is is is is is will him and not offensive categories Carol even though she doesn't precisely right the shape of the Carol only occurs in a couple of cases in our hymnal the best known probably is all things bright and beautiful all things Bright and beautiful all creatures great okay good so you think I first went missing the sense of anything refraining and refrain comes firsthand last drive in the fight across has the same structure their couple of others that's the real form of a typical count with the burden first the refrain for scald burn effectively refrain first and last understand this in between while selling a lot of different things he went to forty one handling it had a little section called choir and special I'm glad they left out virus got nothing on their own there are a few things that listen the letter almost as awkward as that but to my benefit on those and of course there are the worship music items the Gloria Autry and the doxology as we refer to it and calls to prayer and responses to prayer even the category of calls to prayer has texts that come from Habakkuk Isaiah the Psalms riders in the twentieth century from the nineteenth century from the eighteenth century the seventeenth century the sixteenth century the thirteenth century the fifth entry people most of us have some kind of an all response I thought all this morning we are somehow kind of in all when we see something that is that old newsreel the real thing genuine article itself I found went will sell me one page out of the first published English Bible provided in the bar with considerable blood money it received the Star-Spangled Banner the special thing that Sony has spent eight million dollars over the last fifteen years restoring it as close as it can innocently still hasn't hasn't been written on it yet it's new display case with the humidity control the Declaration of Independence the archives of very basic and boy you better not to fight against the glass okay but the real thing is something special Christian tourists go to the holy land before it happened was the real thing how far back does this book go and you know that in this book is the oldest known extent Christian the very first one we had any definite record up to his editor has also over five fifty five in your book creators of music doesn't lack of our musical it goes back to the idea century but the words go all the way back to Clement of Alexandria perhaps a hundred years after John the apostle died is getting a long ways back this should put us in touch with the Christianity of an earlier day is a way for us to find out what was there nouveaux foundation says the earliest Christians you expect on this you don't want a surprising move of events and him and move I know I will will is him I was in a and I will add online and I and all in all the holiday is you and I is the is and in the new rules on how time and I a is in all and I will and how is a on all know that as as you are all in all matters on and is now only and I will and will and all all this I talked with an era long gone long ago that has a lot to say yet to us astray while they haven't wanted treasure we have in our hands what resources we have this thing about you and listen to the dissing your love and praise your grace and your goodness thank you for all this and more to come we seek your blessing as we continue the same work and to send in Jesus name this meeting was organized by onlookers and hope medium ministry generation of Christ would like to listen to more great immediately this presentation or if you would like to learn more about emergency needs visit WW UIC where or also find recently to meet you on your verse board and then hope that you got the


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