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Five Names You Deserve to Know

J. Bruce Ashton


J. Bruce Ashton

Professor Emeritus of Music at Southern Adventist University



  • December 20, 2007
    3:45 PM
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father never really having a good time saying we've been having a good time learning not all of us came and sang the last hour we have things we want to say to you we have things we need to learn about how to approach how to talk to how the people of the past have come to you and express themselves in ways that also resonate with us we ask for wisdom we ask for your grace we ask for direction and understanding and give ourselves to you for this our learning in Jesus name you have to be a physicist to recognize the name Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein you have to be an artist to avert a Michelangelo or Claude Monet you don't have to be a musician enrolled at least there was such a fallacy on Sebastian Bach or Ludwig from NATO others besides historians can identify Abraham Lincoln or Charlemagne others besides medical personnel over to Florence Nightingale and Ben Carson others besides naturalists know about John James Audubon and John Muir these names are simply part of the cultural landscape they're part of being educated the part of knowing how life works there are I suggest a number of names which are just as important and should be just as familiar to the Protestant Christian I'm not sure they are it was written my intention to focus this session on five they is why the title five things you deserve to know in Christian humility and I had met us all picked out and I was ready to go in my conscience got at me because questioning the best-known names in some of the others are every bit as valid and so I started trying to argue myself into another group of five different five perhaps and then I couldn't stop so forget the him okay you select at some of the wealth of Christian unity that is available to us that happens for us this book this book is marvelous book got drawbacks with marvelous book if I ever guess what the writer is represented by more students than anyone else know actually not good yes good guess we double check to make sure I didn't hope I didn't miss up right now Isaac Watts Isaac Watts forty sixteen seventy four which was eleven years before Jan Sebastian Bach for those of you that have a way to link things together when sixteen seventy four walks his father was a Huguenot ancestry twice Isaac 's infancy was imprisoned for his nonconformist beliefs and people I have to say right here we too easily forget that our freedom to worship is not a given it is not a commodity worldwide available it has not been historically self and we forget at our own risk that is not always going to be here either wife's nine times great grandfather was beaten in America for taking spiritual comfort to someone who did not belong stage that is a heritage which in his own odd way we treasure Isaac himself was denied entrance to university because he would not sign allegiance to the thirty nine articles of the Church of England he trained therefore the nonconformist Academy eventually begin the ordained pastor of an independent congregation distrust by the poor quality you shall see his old church he began writing Scriptural paraphrases inverse is local fellowship enjoy them greatly standing only about five feet tall Watts was spiritually and intellectually head and shoulders above most of his fellow believers frequently ill money had been this preaching on a given Sunday he would write a pastoral letter to the flock which someone read on his behalf inns are certainly not his only contribution to the church I own and have read a copy of his very ridiculous and detailed study of prayer a fascinating read a little cloying at times he gets so detailed and yet he has wonderful things to say the book is entitled so amazing so divine where that came from his textbook on logic which I own a copy of it haven't read yet was still in use in Oxford a hundred years after his death that's interesting never in robust health he spent the last thirty six years which is almost exactly half of his life as a semi invalid supporting the gracious friends in Houston cared for and writing hymns devotional volumes and other works of theology the standard dictionary of humans is John Julian 's dictionary phonology which was published in nineteen ninety seven as a hundred and fifty years after Watts nine and at that time Julie and the right that the four hundred and fifty four skins four hundred and fifty four humans which Isaac Watts wrote that Julie deals with using the technology are all in common use at the present time four hundred and fifty hymns still being used around the world a hundred and fifty years later Watson 's philosophy can be well understood by the following quotations of which there are three number one I make no pretense as to the name of poet or polite writer I'm ambitious to be a servant to the churches and a helper to the joy of the yes Chris Jeanine this of course being the loneliest the homeless the most ordinary non- educated number two I would never indulge any mold metaphors or that of hard words or tempt the ignorant worshiper to sing about his understanding and number three it was hard to think every line to the level of the whole congregation and yet keep it above critical content it's a fine line to walk and he sensed and he felt it very very keen because of the reluctance of many believers to say what were called hymns of human invention if they weren't Scripture wants early on recast almost the entire biblical Psalter into metered verse that sang Psalm twenty three the last hour that was not from his silver the Scottish Salter Isaac wants to the whole job himself virtually all hundred nineteen song as a huge job and some of his son settings are ones that we have in our book others and on the same project as early as the fifteen forties in French which was the Genevan Psalter the Scottish solver fifteen sixty four that we sang from last time watch when further purposely reading the gospel into the song scores he said the songs Christianize which is interesting alas also unafraid reading some of Great Britain into that as well as a kind of an eighteenth century Jerusalem I'll update on what source you quote marks road between four hundred and fifty and six hundred hymns in some settings I would guess most of you have sung when I survey the wondrous Cross talk more about that when a minute which is the best known of his output I think you may be as familiar with I Sing the mighty power of God recited this morning will go on our help in ages passages Psalm one hundred eighty is setting and marching to Zion which is one R Junior says Wallace enjoyed Sidewinder history to a different one it should be number ninety four in the handle nature with open volume stands him about the melody just got a copy of the handout leave your wages if you can find it rule and all kind of all is in an and more on times in a day is a lie on there is wrong on all years and is a will is will and will all will and will he is a is a all a boy and a him all the thirty three years after the birth of Isaac Watts is kind of people in context the eight team child of Samuel and Susanna Wesley incidentally if you look back to the birth of the oldest child it wasn't a whole lot more than eighteen years before they were busy couple the atheist child of Samuel and Susanna Wesley was born his name was Charles while he and his older brother John would it seem to have done sufficient service for the world by founding the Methodist Church and we ought not forget the dumb and harm came straight into the Adventist movement from the Methodist Church eighteen forty two their gifts qualify them for an even larger work better presenting and teaching church doctrine in the form of hymnody that they believe intensely what they were doing is apparent from the fact there forty eight years the brothers compiled and published sixty four separate no collections that's one every nine months for half a century and when you stop and think about what publishing involved when they lived it was not wordprocessing and running it off on the duplicator S Intergraph is one of his later handles John wrote in what other publication of this kind do you have so distinct and full on account of scriptural Christianity such a declaration of the heights and depths of religion speculative and practical such strong cautions against most plausible errors particularly those that are now most prevalent and so clear directions for making your calling and election sure for perfecting holiness this is the fear of God 's creatures are he was a pastor from various experiences John developed a profound respect for the beliefs and practices the Moravian brethren a nation this morning how Charles and John were on their way to America on a ship which had a large company of more aliens traveling over here I have hundred or so you should run into incredible storm of such a nature that nobody was sure they would ever get to America in the Wesley brothers who were coming as missionaries are the more aliens singing in the midst of the storm and they couldn't have how that could be John Lennon asked earlier how can you soon when death is so close by emergency room afraid your wife your children know and unafraid to go John Wesley stood there with his mouth hanging open he said I want to know more he got one of the leaders of the of the of brotherly Kijiji German so that he can start translating some of their German into English it'll translate easily get down to that little bit later as we do have something in writing trend tradition alongside of the knowledge skill as a preacher John Wesley was a competent organizer and a businessman he was the moving force behind producing all of his volumes of hints he was not the quality of his brother was out Charles was blessed with the poetic news is generally known as the Charles Wesley wrote something like six thousand hints maybe sixty five hundred and astonishing number nobody pretends that girl masterpieces I don't suppose anybody could write that many have Moby really marvelous but there are as many as five hundred that are still in common use today which is again a remarkable tribute eighteen of them in the handled by the later twenty four Isaac Watts I didn't get your number twenty four Isaac why thinking by Charles we provide a strong foundation for Christian worship and personal growth as you would expect the founder of the Methodist movement I'm going to hope that you are already familiar with love divine all loves excelling the video Christ the Lord is risen today alleluia I hope you know soldiers of Christ to rise over a thousand tongues to sing these are all Charles Wesley maybe you don't know as well but I can assure you people in my class have come to love and we met as rigorous and stimulating it to his ever carried gospel truth if number one ninety eight in our book and were missing it is a good old Methodist to and can it be as rude as I I I and him are him a high and laws as in a all in all all in and I will will as long as you will will will be him him alone for all all all in a will to and is a you and him and I know in and I is in all and I and he is in my own will and I is no as I is him him him all he is in and I is will will will him is no know in all I is will I was in a similar is less clarity like gospel living the next page that's an additional and it is an interesting item I give you the person that he understood I had the great privilege of spending a week working with Alice Parker and a lot of you don't know she was the right end member Robert Shaw who was America's greatest choral conductor for number of years now started then it many many arrangements particularly of folk songs and folk humans which are off just so I was just a workshop under a cellular goal on the display I saluted him since before she was so gracious charming person this was just after a new hymnal had come out and she had been on the editorial staff it was actually more avian hymnal she helped him put together and so she required us to buy that handle as part of our material and she gave us a half a dozen numbers from the hills and go back to your rooms like find one of these incidents speaks to you and do something with follow-through and I came across this when I was simply not between the eyes O thou traveler unknown who still I hold that cannot see interesting contradiction by itself ever stop to wonder where God was neither Jacob 's wrestling in Jacobson 's while I was at the time of Jacob 's trouble coming folks reviewing our arms my company before is gone is that it's all family everything split into two parts sent across the river he remained back by himself and I am left alone with the with the all night I need to stay in rest until the break of day I did not tell him who I am was was Jacob was the naming liar cheat finance chief reserves I need not tell me who I have my misery as soon declare my name by Southwest call me by my name upon my hands in the arena whose existence he had your name on his head look on your hands and read there but who I asked the heart how tell me ninety and sound goes on for fourteen stands as a result the I hope you will take it home and be quiet but was of interest to me is the preface up at the top Charles Wesley once said he would gladly trade all the NZ written two of written when I survey the wondrous Cross and to his credit I did want to listen as we found thirty three years older was quoted as saying that single polymer wrestling Jacob was worth all the verses he himself whatever mutual admiration society shortly after Charles 's death John tried to teach this in writing my company before is gone and I'm left alone it was more than he could take that particular song by the way was in the old nineteen forty one traditional three stanzas of the three is enough to do justice to this verse there were three stanzas there somewhere I'm supposed to have a copy of the old setting was in the old hymnal is so bad you can't believe that it's awful music is plastic music pardon me it's it it is music to the appropriate at a funeral for the little matchbox Morgan back there behind the screen to be playing some baseless e-mail is now wrestling so as we talk to our morning about music and had which one has more impact music with words not only is there bad music but there's good music badly set that wasn't excellent example on just really really off I have heard it done to assume that I like it's not one that's available to us and describe the view that set of words that you go home and learn from it okay next president also to eighteen texts by Frances Jane Crosby was the guest is right up there thought had a Crosby by far the largest part of her output belongs to the gospel song category the gospel in the Sabbath school song sung to the social meeting but my body of work we weren't restfully found the Watson written four hundred and fifty ends we are aggressively find the Charles Wesley wrote six thousand eighty six thousand five hundred latest count most people at knowledge that she is so far that we know of it she has written nine thousand lyrics she was so embarrassed to have her name out there so much that she gave pseudonyms as many as two hundred ten names so people wouldn't also we have a hard time knowing which ones already than Crosby one for six weeks never thought they were conscious life she was married twenty five years of my musician until his death in eighteen eighty three so if you look her up into his picture economic issues Francis von Holstein 's name still nine thousand incredible number of song even if we allow that some of them are not particularly high quality poetry Julian actually says their simplicity and earnestness are there redeeming features okay is right everyone wanted her life she was sign a contract the publishing house to provide three new songs every week for a year I was sitting in the account she chose to make a virtue of her handicap I recognize the letter work with fewer distractions than other people at amazingly before the age of ten she had penned these words hold what a happy soul and I although I cannot see I resulted in this world contented I will be how many blessings I enjoy that other people don't delete the inside because I'm blind I cannot and I won't select reading now I love her planet everybody knows reading I think probably as familiar as any brazen brazen to God be the glory Blessed assurance Jesus is mine all the way my Savior leads me these are all wonderful Fanny Crosby tunes and lyrics one of her strongest hands actually appeared in the eighteen eighty six instances is curious is this one because our publisher was not the review and Herald or the old presses it was known before that but for some reason the editor of the eighteen eighty six institutions which was the first official Adventist hymnal got a hold of this particular him and he has been using only maybe two hymnals other than Afghanistan ever since and him reminiscent of ever since the Lord in Zion the rate of undressing noticed you were missing the stands at least is number seven in the national cannot overcome or save for later own their own rule will I know I know is I is all I thought and is in is moving on who is doing a small island in an is an hard as I is a no and him and I will on them I is in all all him now is as long as and the will him to him to mainstream him not a gospel song in this case assuming one of the most delightfully half we forget sometimes about Ellen White's family hello I had an older sister and older sister Sarah married a man named Stephen Belden five children born to that couple the oldest of whom was Franklin Edson Elden making him Ellen White's nephew musically gifted the age of twenty eight thousand call ended the music for the largest and most comprehensive handbook the Adventist church ever put out the incidents it had one thousand four hundred and thirteen musical items in it we stopping short of seven hundred here not have to twice the number we have now eighty of which his texts and eighty seven tunes without that's a remarkable contribution twenty two zero twenty two years later he single-handedly published the volume notice Christ and saw it was never officially adopted as a Churchill which was the book my parents grew up with and enjoyed particularly that book at eighty six of his texts in the hundred and nine of his own things almost all of them being again awful songs rather than humans as such but it's kind of fun to get an idea of Belden 's gifts we find that he would frequently during Sabbath morning service write several stances based on whatever the Scripture for the morning lots slanted toward what the preacher was saying about it and composed music for the words you just written in any of his wife a single knew him as the final hymn for the service I like it anonymity of the original manuscript of the preacher the sooner him any happiness among our hot to know him writers and he was on my original list of five yes Effie Belisario most logical undeserving choice there are twelve items by you in the handle and in every case he wrote both the words and the music which is of course not true of watch Leslie Fanny Crosby we know I will sing of Jesus love cover with his life we will not be our psychologist and a different point backfield Hinson Tuesday that appraiser doesn't look like the other pages right from the lips of angels spoke as long as it's Christmas season I still think something it feels like Christmas and have a building text to doing that I think you probably have heard before somewhere and see how it goes on to lose and so on God is all him and tells him home to a small on him to go when I was a all a name on a you is such a short history in this way the money to get all confused with a seasonal with all the sizes in between is used in this solace is the landmark startled shepherds store is all in is in and I I was able to see I may all will you know I am on an I knew all is on and no you don't live in a day on a I know the law and will will will will will and in a small and he knew he is an online and have news for him to run a long time on an all in a half an MRI and a advisory number two ninety seven minutes and the more familiar angels in the realms of glory is Montgomery 's center Morrison goes to the same tune I think in the skip the next one which is another of the Belden a more typical gospel song clinic got enough to do to keep on going so that's four of my first five Leslie thinks seriously writing is a lost art we need to consider the human revival more than sometimes called the human explosion which took place in late twentieth century England one of his earliest representatives was Eric Routledge I have knowledge just who has to end in our book probably a little better known the Fred can't mess five Timothy Dudley Smith has five Brian Wren has ten and Fred Pratt green fifteen a Methodist minister on primitive Methodist connection five green by the way is one of wonderful British double name still look under G defined in the buckets creating that's his name you must not hyphenated he says I'm thirty eight years as a Methodist minister but after he retired in nineteen sixty nine began writing teams which it got been much of before it's interesting how much like Isaac Watts concerns his work as he thought about writing for the congregation a coordination coming to him writing after experience as a poet I have learned to distinguish between the two activities other words being a Polynesian writer not the same thing he says one writes poetry to please oneself one write hymns as a servant of Christ and his church only one thing matters to him shall be right for use in worship most of this author sex are intended for particular occasions and so they talk about specific social or doctrinal topics fifteen of his sex certainly administer no one number of them the number itself be quite a tribute to his ability most of them I think are probably not familiar to you if you came this morning first thing on you got to sing when in our music God is glorified to make tax was direct to the tune of most of us know better than when it's in the book I like just using another one number five eighty one when the church of Jesus if this doesn't give us pause for thought we probably aren't thinking much to one another as a news for us all a lesson in all of Israel is warned in a are all owned in the room you know is a moralizing as is as is my own mall is all organizations and all was in an is will is is an is an all in all I go to a okay and is and I is in and in this far-off a second we've been talking about here is what arthritis is my first five that I couldn't quit there so many other names that are so important that matches well we talked about to writer so far less serious handicaps Watson was sick great deal Fanny Crosby the blindness William Cooper by nature high strung insensitive and very unfortunate events simply send him off the deep end the Middle East four attempts on his own life he spent a year and a half in asylum fortunately there was summoned Karen passionately tenderly for heaven over a period of time he recovered a reasonable degree of stability roughly five years after his class he joined John Newton in Christian service to the impoverished community of money only man with a maid and only how asking outside only a community of lace makers included cottage work sat at home I very poor lights had lease for commercial sale John Newton by the way is the same one yes who wrote amazing race the two of them serve together together they prepared a booklet is the only humans about a fifth of which were actually Cooper restroom is not for amazing race first appears I have a copy of the only humans have been a civil has three of Coopers in six of mutants I'm guessing that you may have Sunil for a closer walk with God that's within Cooper but you may not know as well number one oh seven Gordon moves in mysterious way to prove on rules and is is is is is is is home to their full sayings is an a a small are in the Chanel name is in for a moment and was will him more as a area in the name is is is is is a moon and news is as is and all I had on me as a anonymous is a day I is is all in a line is in Cecil Humphreys is very much concerned when she overheard one of her God sends complaining that he didn't understand the catechism so she decided to simplify the difficulty by writing hymns for children based on the different articles of the apostles Creed when she notices the session of his people here I want the most to say this to everybody okay here I go usual responsible for pushing the church offer for children to sing her usual response our present society is something like they are Kaesong or maybe you know I'd is one of the issue Obama people don't insult good lines with that kind of schlock children can sing children can learn children are still hardwired to learn to or so they will remember everything that an intent and what they don't use stars getting from the way give them something worth hanging onto I have heard for -year-old and four -year-old children safely our prayer all three stanzas he has no party it's just as accessible as anything else in March and goddesses I had all four stanzas I know kids can do it and they will appreciate it and they will thank you for it people keep raising the bar got I wouldn't doubt it I would undoubtedly challenge their minds use their minds they have the capacity to learn anything they want to and all things bright and beautiful with most of you probably incite initiative as an example of a meal Carol I didn't duplicated as the units under copyright the setting is under copyright and all things bright and beautiful was Cecil Humphrey 's way of trying to explain the creation part of the green for children to understand I receive now I wasn't much more than three or four that's a good example the carols we talked about last time she later married Alexander surname is Cecil Alexander she also wrote once in Royal David's city which some of you may be familiar with sure there is a green hill far away as of course the crucifixion both easily related to church doctrine but also designed to be easily grasped physically challenging worthwhile like to suggest recent number two eighty five this is what I grew up with cousins one of my aunts favorites and this again was her way of explaining the Masters call to the fishermen beside the sink or through him and all will all I was in him live a Moose saloon was wrong to you as a loan all is will and will will not pay as long as I will be honest and is all in all in all I am as God 's will be more than he is all is high fantasy and in all some of all the is a question earlier the more avian 's and Moravian brethren he was in seventeen twenty two wealthy nobleman Count Niklas Ludwig fallen within the north a carpenter who had come to Saxony to escape persecution Düsseldorf was twenty two years old at the time he was educated to be a lawyer he was deeply convicted of the need for personal religion what he called the Christianity of the heart having both the resources and compassion he began to give refuge to these oppressed believers on his own estate within ten years there were six hundred Moravian brethren living on his life was known as the Lord 's shelter Herrin North house before lawns and snort himself studied form received a license to preach he became a bishop of Moray views in seventeen thirty seven no longer in favor with the prevailing Lutheran society he began to travel as a missionary to families with him and came to establish Moravian communities in Germany Holland England and America he arrived in Bethlehem Pennsylvania on Christmas Day Bethlehem 's been a big Moravian community ever since I mentioned this morning what a strong musical tradition may have eventually no longer bound by the Lutheran Church he went back home or he died with his wealth Tony exhausted all gone a poor man in seventeen sixty six North wrote something like two thousand ten spread across his entire adult life unfortunately the hints don't translate easily into English the readers don't work well one of the most successful translators is Catherine Wentworth eight of her translations are in the handle not always as an snorts work but it gives us access to some of the corrals we looked at earlier John Wesley to translate some of the sins endorsed work as well and that's what we say next one seventy seven Jesus your blood and righteousness with two aims that are important to us from two she was going on online is a lie I is a you and will him say and is in is him for a long way to go all living on a is a is is in a you a was all so and a know I is and is and I thought as I was running short on time I think that our past that I want to go to the fight is going to be our last one Martin records rather than cobble together an account of his experience in the region John Julian says in the dictionary phonology he is now courting also from an earlier source the greater part of records professional life was passed amid the horrors of the thirty years war island bird being a walled town became a refuge for fugitive small around being so overcrowded not unnaturally suffered from pestilence and famine during the great passes of sixteen thirty seven the superintendent went away for change of air I could not be persuaded to return on August seven Radiohead who officiated the funerals of two of the town clergy and she would have to leave their livings in the country livings being a theological pastoral care rendered to us for some time was the only clergyman in the place and often read the funeral service over some forty to fifty persons a day in all about four thousand four hundred and eight at last the refugees had to be buried in trenches without service during the whole epidemic some eight thousand persons died including records first wife died May eight sixteen thirty seven I hope you guess the next sentence the next year he had an epidemic of marriages to encounter and himself fell a victim on June twenty four immediately thereafter came the most severe famine during which triggers resources restrained to the uttermost to help his people twice also he saved on bird from the Swedes was the beginning of sixteen thirty seven negative sixteen thirty nine going outside the city with his own wife like to argue with the commander of the opposing forces that he release some of the terms that you believe the terms of surrender unfortunately the services he rendered the place seem to have made those in authority the more ungrateful in his latter years he was much harassed by the financial and other matters by the time the long looked for peace came in sixteen forty eight he was worn out and prematurely old are good people we have only one him we haven't a single by this man is usually written around sixteen thirty six when the war dragged on for some eighteen years already for the next twelve years were not foreseeable the sufferings that already been caused to this point were terrible enough so what kind of a hymn in figure nine this kind of position is going to write I think of you pay attention to what the man is saying to recall the tragic and oppressive circumstances around him I mean no disrespect to any contemporary believer or artist when I say what I'm about to say but I have to tell you if I have before me spiritual fair I such a manner as Martin Rickert has an alternative a popular style song by 21st-century national commercial artist smiles contentedly all the way to the bank with the royalties from his or her platinum single I can tell you where and when to go for meat in due season I invite you to do the same humans are not boring inns are not yet in this are very much for real the sentence on rule alone I do all of all time is all a thought of as him to do as I say all manhood so I will on as he is in a find the time is in a format as I know all and is a you will him to the wall on Annan is is all you have in our life is not been through a yet we would like to think we will not go through that we are greatly encouraged to know one who has been there tends to see the hand of the love of God the gift of God the supportive and we pray this one and it is our law to be in the same kind of situation our faith you are thank you for letting us share with you Jesus this media was through by audio burgers and hope media ministry review I see a generation of grades would like to listen more great immediately this presentation or if you would like to learn more about emergency please visit WW CYC where Gore also find reading with some media on your verse or hand had a video got a a a a


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