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The Crossroads of Church and Culture

J. Bruce Ashton


J. Bruce Ashton

Professor Emeritus of Music at Southern Adventist University



  • December 21, 2007
    9:30 AM
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him while you wait on here because we need to know more we need first of all to know you and know you better and we need to know how to make that knowledge fit in our lives and work in our lives and make us servants so that others to will come to know you are afraid of this hour will be an hour when your Holy Spirit is in this room to teach us and to guide us and to love us in Jesus name how long would it take you to figure out what the following names have in common later on they all shut you off zero three already in there with me a cab Ahaz I'll just wore him J you Joya has a redundant it does kings of Israel jealous Jeroboam the second Zachariah Manon back to hire and become either sixteen of the nineteen kings who ruled Israel as the northern kingdom from the time of the division of the kingdom until it was taken into captivity by Syria and of every single one of those sixteen people whom I name Scripture says even if not exactly the same words very nearly the same let me and he did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord he departed not from all the students of close of Jeroboam all the Susan Jeroboam the son of the who made Israel to sin I would not like it to be said that I was the one who set the standard for sin Jeroboam was the first day of the ten tribes and it must mean something very significant I submit that he did was make him the lodestone of evil for the next one hundred and seventy five years and everybody who did evil was compared to him he did evil the same way Jeroboam did evil guy what a heritage you have any clues what to send wireless it was that bad well Jeroboam made calves of gold he should okay is idolatry he took it on himself to offer sacrifices thus becoming the priests taken over the priest 's office when he had no right to do that he declared feasts of the Lord had not made those are not specifically the things Scripture talks about as being instead does not condone any of them obviously but his first Kings thirteen thirty three thirty four after this thing zero ball returns not from his evil way but made again of the long list of the people priests he made priests who can make priests who chooses the briefs who threw everybody consecrated in the beginning one of the priests of the high places and this thing became sent under the house of Jeroboam even to cut off in the strife of a severe there was a sense by which he made all his release and he openly and deliberately him us distinction between sacred and secular Jews in common ordinary profane profane is just means you the usual the ordinary choosing those who are profaned to fill sacred office I have to believe on the basis of that and other things we'll talk about that God makes a distinction between secular and sacred is a distinction which is very much under fire in our day I will quote later for document which asserts religion consists of those actions purposes and experiences which are humanly significant nothing human is alien to the religious the distinction between the sacred and the secular can no longer be maintained not so read Exodus twenty eight eleven eight to eleven he will find that's not so we are told of her sixteen square to the secular activities really are more ridiculous necessary to make life go on on the seventh day when we do we come to do God 's work right oh I reawaken six days shalt thou labor and do all my work with the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God in these the Pentagon for the summit itself it says on the seventh day we enter into God 's rest is spent on a little further later on I want to start working on the not only did God rests on the Sabbath day he hallowed it he blessed if something is immaterial as time can be divided into holy and profane segments then there must be some difference between the sacred and secular just for the moment I'm going to assume something which I do not believe but for the sake of the argument here we go let us pretend right now the rock 'n roll the highest cultural form humanity has yet produced the best stuff there is there's nothing offensive about his subject matter there is nothing about its associations are anyways manifestations that is offensive it's good stuff would we not still have to agree the rock is what the world listens to day in and day out honest boomboxes and iPods and car stereos rockets infiltrated the planet to an extent that we just talk it is one word pop rock it's all one for pretty much and rock as it circled the planet this is the world on American Public media in every closing section of a hat which is some local cultural phenomenon musically the basis underneath it is rock matter what corner of the earth the hit of the day is taken from the sounds of rock music rock is a global language is the way people do their work is the way they express themselves it is the way they entertain themselves if there were no other reason at all to challenge the appropriateness of using rock in church the Sabbath commandment would have to make us think it's not daily stuff we should do something that is different on Sabbath we should not bring the weekday with us Dan Guarini has had an interesting book a good read by the way his own journey through the rock scene and the contemporary Christian music and worship scene on the way he quotes Rick Warren in other name or word purpose driven Church okay Rick Warren as follows this quote happens to be also in the park 's article in the endless firm we use the style of music the majority of people in our church listen to on the radio interest they like to write happy cheerful music with a strong beat their ears are custom to music with a strong baseline and rhythm and again he says the music used on Sunday sure she should not be any different from the music people listen to on our car radios during the way as uninteresting as I ran second in other words God doesn't seem that way was not instructed us that way if we are going to adopt that argument we have to say music is the one realm of human experience that the Sabbath doesn't apply to are we ready to go there try Ezekiel twenty two twenty six her priests have done violence to my law and have profane my holy things may come executor made ordinary life 's holy things they have made no distinction between the holy and profane they are not taught the difference between unclean and clean in a hide their eyes from my sabbaths and I am profane I am made common ordinary secular if you please among them to undertake the worship of only gone on this holy day by using the most secular common ordinary manifestations of our contemporary culture is not just an oxymoron folks it's a whole lot bigger than some of the Iraq culture one can identify that there is an intersection across rows of your duties between church and culture from Jesus words in the John seventeen prayer I do not pray that you would take them out of the world I pray that you would keep them from the evil that is in the world apparently Christ thought there was some distinction to be picked up I do not consider all culture evil so I would like to explain how I use the word now I am thinking when I use the word culture Marva Dawn gives a very nice description in which she says culture footnotes every aspect of life visit that is produced by human beings as opposed to what is given in creation him there arose is not part of culture the layout of the Rose Garden is a son exists that is not part of culture Albert Bierstadt 's immense canvas among the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California is a company painted the fact that a human being has two folds of tissue which can be made to vibrate by passing breath between them is not culture what we choose to say it Roger Scriven goes on device culture into three branches common culture high culture and popular culture existing sections and culture has to do with those behaviors and beliefs which defined the group that I belong to that's what makes us a group is our common altar the things that we agree on and do together those also grown-up Adventists or have accepted the administration have a very distinct understanding of foot washing as a preparation for the communion service recall being a singer in a Sunday church on a particular Sunday when ever I think separator nine of us in southern in the choir and Presbyterian Church in the pastor rolled rather heavily on the foolishness of the notion of foot washing however he revealed he was stepping on our toes I don't know I have always wondered I have never asked before watching as we do it is a particularly Adventist thing very few other churches to high culture includes primarily the arts the notion of a cultivated mind a cultivated taste in that sense we say a cultured person is one who not only recognizes that appreciates and understands the genius of the poet like Gerard Manley Hopkins or composer like Johannes Brahms are painted by Caravaggio and overheads there is some that I feel better whether that individualism administers on irrelevant at that point we're not talking about his Adventist common cultural talking about the notion of high culture and the two are separate fields in rebellion against the legions in the high culture the premise of popular culture is that every humanly produced aspect of life deserves to be considered as no way inferior to those high culture artifacts in this view the graffiti on the public washroom wall is as genuinely cultural as the Statue of Liberty maybe the banjo picking the bluegrass or hold legal status with Yo-Yo Ma playing his cello Wade Clark roof access thinking about culture little farther he says culture has to do with making sense out of life as long as culture is the human produced things yes we are looking for ways to make sense out of life making sense out of life and formulating strategies for action and the ideas and symbols which people drawn in these fundamental undertakings are implicitly if not explicitly saturated with religious meaning religion itself he says is a set of cultural symbols Christianity 's video more than that but religion is a set of cultural symbols with grass and weeds if we think of the community of like believers per caps garments held closed by hooks and eyes and horse-drawn buggies are all part of what culture they almost alter of course and as long as the honest person lives in an Amish community is very easy to maintain those cultural items they make sense they're what make us what we are if the Amish person were to move into the middle of New York City will be little harder to maintain your daylight you will what makes the Amish culture what is belonging to a social set has more significance than we think scrutiny builds his discussion of culture as a phenomenon on the understanding the religion itself is the core of common culture so what is the culture of Adventism of automation for washing laundry try to make a comprehensive list of the things that we would have to include baptism by immersion is one that we don't share it with the Baptists but is definitely part of Adventist common culture at least lip service to the sacredness of the seventh day Sabbath I hope it goes beyond that service reverence for the Bible 's teaching commitment to its authority are peculiar observance of the Lord 's supper not just for washing that using nonalcoholic grape juice and unsalted waivers in fact we do it every three months set of every week at the culture the very concept of one's religious beliefs and shape one's lifestyle in the areas of health marriage our notion of ourselves as lastly Christians even if we don't like to use the word remnant anymore not a bad word folks are teaching the sulci and that very unique to the Adventist church so that's what makes up Adventist culture what makes up twentieth enjoy first century America's culture and talk about America because it's where we are most of us live and because so much of American culture has been exported and adopted globally anything is not possible to generalize about the cultural practice of relations so full of various ethnic and political backgrounds but there are some things that I think are pretty universal and will start with television television the question is one of the major influences in American culture and in worldwide culture at the turn-of-the-century over ninety percent of United States always had a television that doesn't surprise you I'm surprised is a ninety nine hundred dollars on a hundred percent I know there's one house you know there's one house posted that's two two cents for household in America to avoid two sets of arousal that's eleven sets in every five home and we walked into Best Buy and Sam's are enough of these individuals go to keep going for a long time phalanx of all the same picture over and over and over again graduating high school seniors have on average spend eighty percent of their discretionary time in front of the tube as scary people eighty percent of their discretionary time in front of the tube although I'm guessing the last seven years some of that has been switched over the videogame screen or the computer or the computer doing videogame service in nineteen eighty seven when he informed wrote the television already even then was quote beginning to usurp a role which until recently has been the role of the church in our society namely to shape our system of values and body our faith and express our cultural essence or that by once more as early as nineteen eighty seven an observer could write television is beginning to usurp a role which until recently has been the role of the church in our society namely to shape our system of values to embody our faith to express our cultural essence each individual in America watches an average of more than four hours of television him him your average major spending twenty four twenty five twenty six hours a week on television even the faithful who do there fold hours on Sabbath morning are still being outweighed nine two one by the indoctrination doesn't even talk about stewardship of time for the moment let's talk about what are the values the television offers us we start with crudeness and instability items in front one very often but sometimes my car 's oil needs changing I had up at the station and they got something going up there and like I said about not having your flaps it's awfully hard to support his and ignore it a try I think for us rebels I take books to read and I still find myself but what I find so offensive is the attitude of the talkshow hosts they're constantly out to get something nasty on to make some nasty company the talk shows that and Ludlow whether talking about that's bad enough also another mentality that has crippled our imaginations Ellen White says we should teach our children to use their imaginations in picturing the glories of heaven and other valuable ways also to use the imagination but the visual media are death to the imagination but masculinity went to see Mel Gibson 's the passion of Christ will know I don't care but I do know that those who went to see you don't have a question about anymore Christ looks like missing also very know Moreno flattered which is in the television all of a sudden takes away your picture and you have your mind reading the books about what happened like you to know your imagination is needed movies are not good for the imagination movers destroy imagination and that's hard on our cultural background violets of course always makes good screenplay and we buy large of left one-on-one shoot them out because is more fun involved all galaxies a time green plays very well on television alongside falsity or at least inaccuracy in advertising your postman must put it before it makes an interesting observation the earliest printed advertisements that you find in newspapers of the nineteenth century for instance are very particular about telling you the merits of what it is they have for sale this item is good quality because it will last it is made out of this or that whatever contemporary advertising you don't learn a thing in the world about how well your car is made what you find out is that the people who drive cars like yours are such happy people is so you could be one to if you drove one to talk about the quality of the product anymore religion by the way does not play very well on television Janice very fact that it doesn't play at all Cindy says it doesn't matter its marginal leave it off and put a clergyman does appear is his role at heroic role you tell me there's even more than the awfully dangerous for stepping on toes here understand I don't take on names with any malice of any kind him that a great deal of television is built on great deal of television is built on the cult of personality television Leslie C Jay Leno right up to our micrograph to say the television also let's reason Steve Conway Dwight Nelson right and I'm not saying it's for the same purpose by want us to ask better questions I want justice figure out whether that cult of personality I don't accuse assessment going on either these particular B+ soliciting and we do it because it's so nice because they can see the versus face McKenna for two thirds the way that I'm saying I don't mind but I want us to wonder about whether it's doing more than we think it's doing we become enamored of the face we learn to recognize the style we pick up on the person very easily one of the oldest to newest church well I think they do couple things what you bring to worship is what you have become with or without the Holy Spirit 's help in the days between sabbaths what you bring to worship is what you have become and it's not I think out of place to say what you have made of yourself we all know there's only way to build ourselves profitably without Holy Spirit there was a lonely spirit out we are still building ourselves not profitably if you have become less civil less decent more greedy more thing oriented less imaginative and more callous to violence and indecency less respectful of your pastors calling how's that going to affect you when you get to church going to affect your sensitivity all gratitude on your awareness of your own poverty is sold in near the Savior would like to include here the passage on White wrote in the fourth of July eighteen ninety nine reviewing here divine help is provided for men and women they have the opportunity of cooperating with the heavenly intelligences of being laborers together with broad there is placed before them the possibility of gaining a fitness for the presence of God no you read that first time around I read a first time around that over my lifetime I have the opportunity of becoming fit to see God when he comes but have you ever heard set on Sabbath morning we come into your presence to and how do we become fit to be in his presence I think the application is not only our whole life and the second coming of the application is six days and seven when we come in a special way into his presence the way we cultivate our character all week long impacts our fitness for being images present number two this cultic identification of the face I think is not necessarily a spiritually healthy thing a lot of stares intensely at the news they write I write on a rabble-rouser I was Martineau says the church is the last place where anyone ought to be famous organelle and apply the church is the last place for anyone ought to be famous the church is not a personality cult the church is a fellowship of lost sinners who have been plucked as a war is a brand from the burning and given new hope in Jesus Christ and nobody else is notion of a activity of one person by himself upfront is a spinoff of the star mentality and I understand that in earlier centuries in the Protestant churches when the pastor got up to speak he got up from being part of a body of elders who were sitting on the platform behind him and he arose as their spokesman he spoke on their behalf they validated his message by their presence there when we do now we driven platform was time for the server everybody gets on the way so one man could have been a mistake and have the shelves sorry but it's the way comes about and it came about as a result of the television influence the bridges free download wandered back and forth in a soft simple literal the preacher is free to wander back and forth anywhere unless the camera following and always wherever he goes it started on television it is part of the cultural spinoff and if we don't ever ask the question about what it's doing to us that we don't think about what it might be doing to us as I ask you to consider the question number three those who mastermind what you do see on the television are not terribly interested in elevating yourself if she had noticed instead of whether on purpose or not they are actually agents of what is by default the real American religion of the twenty first century Europe the real American religion of the twenty first century is I've said several times that the real religion in America today is tolerance get your way I like and why my way okay you have it your way you probably have as fast as I do doesn't matter the road is an important backing down I think that's only a spinoff of the real American religion I think you'll find this interesting engineer who are aware of the American Buddhist Association of New York and New Jersey some of you the American humanist Association founded in nineteen thirties one of his first official statements of the document now notice humanist manifesto one A but ever read his manifesto one thousand eight long clinical pages on the Internet you even says you can copy it it does say at the bottom in fine print that if you're copying for a purpose such as I am using it this morning they want to give permission in the third paragraph appear the following words quote while this change does all of us Dexter Jude to the traditional religions is nonetheless obvious that any religion they can hope to be a synthesizing a dynamic force for today must be shaped for the needs of this age to establish such a religion is a major necessity of the present is a responsibility which rests upon this generation zombie like they're trying to make a religion straightforward their we therefore affirm the following first religious humanists regard the universe as self existent and not created and on down to the fifteenth and last of their premises of genocide and referring to an earlier topping this talk the seventh section is the one that says the distinction between the sacred and the secular no longer be maintained why was the first fundamental affirmation of God God is the only one who can make things sacred or holy are you minimizing any distinction between the sacred and the second argument of the of course they don't think there's a difference the section nine and manifest out to which is prepared in a public forty years later that his nineteen seventy three as he also is on their website vitamin or less the separation of church and state and the separation of ideology and state are imperatives the state should encourage maximum freedom for different moral political religious and social values in society it should not favor any particular religious bodies to the public use of the use of public monies or styles a single ideology and function thereby as an instrument of propaganda or oppression predicted against dissenters hangout Myong sounds good to me but may I remind you that the humanists are using your tax dollars to promote their self existent universe in every public school across America they don't believe in separation of church and state not as their religion interest you're paying for journalism and short leaves the humanity is always on the spot there's nothing else humanity by the same again has within itself the power to achieve the realization of the world history yet all the power probably the will and of the quest for the good life is still the central task of mankind is improving out if television producers don't believe it they certainly produce works compatible limit no wonder the artistic creative cultural art forms presented and promoted on television focus on this life and its pleasures ladies and gentlemen I is one of those I would like this another one of Oregon's gorgeous insights let us face the question squarely if television is causing people to be dissatisfied with the worship in our churches should we change abortion to be like television or should this blend door of our worship cause people to ask better questions about television that of course requires a truly intense look at worship was there any splendor it wherever you were last Sabbath morning and whoever tried to take that word with you even sitting outside and watching what's going on was their splendor or even your worship and if so what sort will close it up next hour I saw Bluebell popular culture permanent .com popular culture and society were several fundamental tenets of Judaism are taught in every public school and these form the inescapable foundation for virtually everything on television culture these tenants include the universe itself exists in our creative bananas emerged from nature as a result of continuous process also known as evolution religion must formulate its hopes and plans in the light of the scientific spirit and method forth that there will be no uniquely religious emotions and attitudes of the kind hitherto associated with belief in the supernatural and six on the here and in having their that you ever seen something complexly organized appear from causeless us to suddenly be there was hereby repeatable experiment may happen that is one of the tenets of science if you can do it again and extending happened in your premises are at least question I've ever seen it happen I don't know sinuses originated we ask that you ever see anything complexly organized produced by intelligence poetry music art and literature and it's all around us repeatable experiments show intelligence producing something complex and organized Jordanian origin in the night of whose a science folks with a science neck and can even show you one example let alone do it over again and things assigned to the women who can show you repeatable experiments of intelligence producing something complex and organized on a cigarette anabolic high-definition popular culture is intended to reach the populace patients of course as an alternative to high culture thinks provide the ideas and symbols the people drawn in making sense out of life for the common for the average rate for the uneducated since the goal is to reach everybody the ideas of the symbols and meanings that are used was accessible to everybody right otherwise is not common culture therefore these ideas and symbols must be built on the lowest possible common denominator there is no idea no incentive for excellence because excellence in part implies something that is never going I really don't grade inflation and if ninety percent of the school lies on the honor roll and it is the honorable young so why bother I if I misunderstood life on the honor roll and you are on their something okay so in order to succeed with the masses popular culture has to not make any significant demands on the observer on a participant industries it without requiring any expertise these experts are those other kinds of people I enough who were working for its path is the path of least resistance it's most likely avenue to success is to simply because everybody enjoys entertainment everybody can undertake face-to-face with the Christians understanding of the worship of the supreme omnipotent compassionate personal God entertainment concept read badly wanting every syllabus in my course is in the Christian church I've included this quotation worship that is too easy sheaths on worship it is through easy chance I worship that is too easy cheats us in the process of the grandeur of an infinite God are narcissistic culture makes it difficult for many you get outside of themselves to appreciate ideas and ideals that are larger than they are worship must therefore be an invitation and invitation to the profound joy of the presence of gone involvement in the community of praise to disciplines which nurture personal and corporate growth in character market on the first book of hers it's under bibliography containing only three US two hundred dollars that have a more for the Christian there is somebody more there is somewhat infinitely greater and the juncture between our planet bound little lower than the angels existence and his inconceivable this is the real intersect between church and culture I suspect it will not surprise anybody here that I came here with a set of convictions in this price about the I imagine it will surprise no one that I was instructed to present my convictions about good there are many many people who do not agree with my convictions I'm aware that you are aware of the Seminoles and express their contrary opinions very well in the interest of fairness I've included in your bibliography a book which I don't particularly believe in that which I think is worth your time reading anyway the one by Brian ran down near the end of list is alphabetical list by the way I really has tensions in our Adventist church they as it happens one of those I think that's been marvelous the two of them I promise you I would've voted against by the committee to decide what the author makes a very very good case as good as can possibly be made as far as I'm concerned for including any and every musical style in worship if you haven't figured out yet that's not my conviction is gone rancid study of congregational song Doctor redden and he describes himself quote as a poet who is also a pastor theologian and teacher is interesting on what order he chooses to put his qualifications in the assassinated he says by public worship in its varied forms he outlines in this book I brief trip during which he and his marriage partner pastor visited five New England churches each of which advertise some form of quote contemporary worship okay so without a fact-finding expedition was to see what's going on they also do this description one weekday evening concert by a praise band complete with high amplification flashing lights and driving rhythm by his own description and I'm quoting part of what made the experience so attractive to so many people included the compelling rhythms of the music whose lyrics and melodies surged and and like the tide yet left few ripples on the sense of memory if I may translate that what he says is needed to remember the words and we can send tunes what we remembered and this is his quote what we remembered was the beat this is five worship services and one concert when we remembered was the beach I continue to quote the beat was what the worship services too had a common effort in theology from immune to Jesus to the spirit among us to love God and the justice different musical dialect from folk and folk rock to renewal music and soft rock what they share with the insistent rhythms of the popular music of our culture is further elaboration of what it means Doctor Reddy says this when people talk about music with the beat and mother probably had in mind are the strongly accentuated instrumental rhythms of most current popular music a legendary pop rock is all one word basically more of contemporary worship music has many variants almost all of it is written to the backbeat in an era pop rhythmic structure in mind this is true for music of any tempo even the smallest pieces have the same percussive element opposite doctorate approves of this adoption by the church of the popular culture units of which the church exists whether or not it is really a good thing we might determine at least in part by the nature of the culture and how it impacts us in order to consider whether that is appropriate for church would like to propose three also one of which is totally apocryphal village of which are not seen your imaginations were imagined with me that in the first century church some successful evangelist nebulas pollinating as one of his colleagues then one of his successors as the Gospels and gladiatorial trainings I was a handful of them to Christianity Suzanne Hancock about the death is what they know what they are trained for should they not then form a Christian gladiatorial league may be using the model we chilled with grace and a visibility evangelism what new convert would be willing to give his life even if it meant being hacked to death during twenty one Congress or two thousand Congress for the church that had been an appropriate tool for evangelism in the first century church stand in opposition to and pass judgment on that particular piece of Roman culture number two some years ago the newscaster commentator Paul Harvey related to us that there was a young woman who bills herself as a stripper for the Lord by her own client once she finished her action was sure there were indeed many audiences saw the light not been asked to figure out what the rest of the men saw interact Christianized double or does it represent a cultural phenomena outside what Christianity is a number three according to a recent New York Times article churches all across this country are using Halo three as an evangelistic call in the use and as they because that's what will get young men into their churches never mind that you have to be eight to seventeen or eighteen to buy this thing they don't ask all the kids on the twelve and thirteen -year-old kids can we set our shooting each other down on the TV screen and then they give them a lesson about the Prince of peace good will I I propose the rock music is no better fitted than any of those three I have mentioned already these are for evangelizing or for worship in the cause of Christ you probably would like to know why I'm here to tell you we spoke yesterday those who are very first session will remember we describe the whole brain involvement of music I read your document which I can read you today because I asked that they got my notes I don't have it the wonderful description for the eleventh his book about how much of the brain is involved when we are doing music answer is all everything is the most whole brain activity has been argued is probably the most complex thing human beings ever did the possible exception of flying helicopter which I guess is pretty involved I did not know until very recently that the cochlea difficulty is wholesale shell in there you know the hearing thirty okay the coffee not only sends electrical signals along the auditory nerve the auditory cortex to be deciphered it also has projections directly to the cerebellum which is that so-called primitive portion of the brain which contains more than half of the brain cells at high power dense stuff folks and is responsible for coordinating sensory input with motor activity control I along words here make sure you belong together it is responsible for coordinating sensory input with motor activity from other words when you hear a gunshot you are already jumping and running before your brain tells you that's what you heard because the defense mechanism the cerebellum is said this is dangerous do something quick before your this line is I hate how was it done the sound goes straight in straight in even before you know what it wants that kind of interest the cerebellum cerebellum is also responsible for overseeing the rhythmic and temporal experiences Daniel Levin again this was gratifying effective music was amazing things going well Faye my flow that Mister C talks about effective music group involves subtle violations of timing and he is already used illustration of a rat in his hole and it is not a tree branch so that it helps against the ground above the surface of the ground he senses this movement and if the movement changes he has reason to be nervous just as the rat has emotional response to a violation of the rhythm of the branch it is house we have an emotional response to the violation of timing in music which we call group the rat with no context for the signing drive violations phrases is there for all we know through culture experiencing music is not threatening and our cognitive system interprets these violations as a source of pleasure and amusement this emotional response to prove occurs via the ear cerebellum nucleus accumbens the next circuit rather than by the year auditory cortex circuit our response to groovy is largely pre- conscious or unconscious because it goes through the cerebellum rather than the envelopes what is remarkable is that all these different pathways integrate into our experience of a single song all of which is a very academic way of saying something Jimi Hendrix said whole lot more directly music is a spiritual thing of its own we advise people with music and then when they are at their weakest point we could reach into their subconscious what we want to say those we have the straight road in we get there before the line gets there we get into the body into the brain before the line weeks would you rather have a sociologist to Simon Fred award -based approach is not helpful at getting out the meaning of rock the words as they are noticed that all are absorbed after the music has made his mark activity during some of you may know the name of the Harvard psychologists who advocated and practiced marijuana and the use of marijuana and LSD wrote his book the politics of ecstasy listens and learns is the music that hasn't some message I will install it on the music in any time the music is what will get you going on is in dire Altshuler is studying psychiatrist experiences with music as a therapeutic agent music which does not depend upon the master brain to gain entrance into the organism and still aroused by way of the phallus the relay station of all emotion sensation and feeling once the stimulus has been able to reach the thalamus the master brain is automatically invaded by his choice of words here's the explanation that comes from Daniel and Bernadette Scooter and losing our studies is twofold first of all lyrics are of minor importance here whether the words are evil binoculars or based in holy Scripture the overall neurophysiological effects generated by rock music remained the same there is simply no such thing as Christian rock that is substantively different in its impact second you like talent like this suck short-term implications involved increase in receptivity for discursive communication discursive this course I decrease in the ability to receive this course a decrease in the mental capacity to hear what preacher says why long-term obligations pose serious questions for the rehabilitation of degraded left hemisphere cognitive skills in last Festival journey in a specific context and this is all in emphasis by the writers we should expect the abilities to receive and deliver the gospel to pray discursive late and to study Scripture are compromised by rock music but a winner the evil one has got on his hands is not advising musical manifestation which is addicted in people who are rock music addicts when they are taken off rock music show the signs of withdrawal just as they would with chemical dependency not only does he have a manifestation which raises the pulse rate by typically ten beats per minute within five minutes of listening to nothing to exercise to know what you're supposed to the pulse rate stuff as was way the more you exercise a stronger heart becomes a slow pulse means that the slower user you okay good so rock music raises your pulse attendees per minute the first five minutes of listening on my Honda exercise featured resting pulse down ten weeks I can tell you it's a long process not only is he devised a musical manifestation which is addictive an exit road raises your pulse rate it also causes the overproduction of adrenaline which the brain and conversely Google Chrome which is chemically related LSD nestling in the configuring and installing on the music many times no really pissed off a manifestation of the graves the physiological organs of hearing you all know that loud is synonymous with rock and louder the better and typically a rock concert is about roughly thirty decibels above the threshold for damage to your years and as I mentioned yesterday attributed through the little ones always turn the volume down please save your ears it affects hormonal secretion lowers blood sugar levels impairs judgment by its very nature encourages the lowest common denominator anti- intelligence its own proponents have described as anti- religious anti- nationalistic and anti- morality is a quote from John Lennon by the way the devil has done it not only having all of those traits that he is done with the meeting which again shut out if it's in the neighborhood and he is it really has succeeded in recruiting the use of the entire globe is a sentence while it is any conflict between the message of music and the message of the text guess which one wins hands-down invariably in every times just all wired up the music gets there first there is a quote from the rock emerging coffee who said the whole idea of rock 'n roll is within your parents okay so we were trying to send message of God 's grace and love for music whose burdens to offender parents how does that fit with the fifth towards syncretism means the fusion of diverse religious beliefs and practices syncretism is what happened when the freed Israelites demanded going to take them back to Egypt and are obliged some of the people the mixed multitude had not given up the sacred bull calf of Egypt others yelled a fellow that they come across it doesn't three press if they cross the river that was nice but sure if I could combine his power with the familiar visibility of the God they knew that unless I wonderful a really powerful religion is been suggested that has really later years never really through over their belief in the one God Moses worshiped the God was busted one of provided rain for the crops they also provide a range of the process worship of the advice is not right we can have a lot of fun in a time to modify rock music offers folks with rock music is medium rock music is the message but God has never offered to share his throne with any other deity certainly not the one who needs humans to see themselves as sufficient and self-sufficient manifesto one nine is at last becoming aware that he alone is responsible for the realization of the world of history that he has within himself the power for its achievement that's the religion of 21st-century America that's the religion of the culture in which we did that is what the most pervasive music of our culture also beliefs Jesus says I am the way the truth the life to me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you what a drug-induced psychedelic high I will give you what highly amplified cultural phenomena will destroy your hearing I will give you what free license for sex whenever you want rock music is sex the big beat matches the body 's rhythms Frank Zappa I will give you what the ultimate egocentrism the main purpose of rock 'n roll the celebration of the self Daryl Hall of all the notes ten years of land of brilliant music we were back to what rock 'n roll should be nasty crude rebellious people 's music Tom Robinson deleted I will give you what rests has never crossed your that as Christians we serve the only God anyone in the universe has ever invented or known who offers man breasts written some twenty three he makes me lie down in green pastures of something gone of efficiency never let your light got a success never let you live the Gautama never let you lie down there's a poster that has been put up in more than one school of music I'm sure what is next year 's contest winner during right now practice saying Southwest folks David serve a God who not only let down he named him I sometimes we need that we didn't get pretty busy truck tomorrow he made down at Shepherd lingo saying that he made in later life down said he made it possible for him to lie down the positions will not lie down unless it is free from four things unless it is free from hunger let's is free from the fear of predators unless it is free from parasites unless it is free from social friction within that should say something to us about our church communities also David said my God makes me lie down he has taken care of all four of us I can rest the fourth amendment six A show the labor and do all my work on the seventh day come and do all my work yeah but his work him us him except his rest he makes our work is work six days a week let's not lock up God 's rest regardless even the world knows even as proponents know even as performers knows not just car not just secular and profane it is based and destructive the greatness of his gift accommodates no comparison with another stuff that your sites except his deliverance his rest his worship and worship him in the beauty of holiness not under the stimulation of the big father in heaven how we worship you does say something about how we understand you if we see was a taskmaster is a hard driver we have to worship by working hard but you have shown yourself to be the shepherd shepherd who makes it possible for us to lie down to rest to be at ease in your presence sinful that we have been because of your magnificent love for us we need principles in our lives to know how to live in humble worship give us the strength and grace to live by and to apply them as you would have us this meeting was produced by outing over medium ministry thirteen minus generation for Christ you would like to listen to more great medium is present or if you would like to learn more about people I see them visit WW CYC web Gabor also find great with you on your first board and are you I will go home and known as a a


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