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This Mystery Called Music

J. Bruce Ashton


J. Bruce Ashton

Professor Emeritus of Music at Southern Adventist University




  • January 19, 2008
    8:40 AM
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him to read on a few songs I like to start with number seventy three which is familiar I think most of you is a privilege for us to be able to sing the same thing the Angel site Isaiah in the Old Testament in the Revelation the New Testament for the Angels Sing is holy holy holy is younger to go in all five of the punctuation what you thought of it or not because it sort of fits with further notes the old letters and punctuation the next stanza doesn't go exactly where you think it's going to go so I advise you to send the punctuation balls as we sing with the understanding as well as with spirit so let's see if we can get all the meaning that is hereby taking the breast for their golf is played all in all I and I are him for him to the spray together these father in heaven we are grateful that you extend to us the privilege of bringing praise back to you we pray that as we talk about worship and talk about praise that you will enlighten us that you will strengthen us that you will accept what we bring to you because we bring it to you in response our love response to your great love for us in Jesus name I would like to introduce our subject by what I think is rather interesting quotation from Marvin Don's book the second book she wrote on the subject of worship in the title of the what is the Royal waste of time to worship the Lord is in the world 's eyes a waste of time it is indeed a royal waste of time to waste nonetheless by engaging in it we do not accomplish anything useful in our society 's terms were spot not to be construed in any utilitarian way its purpose is not to gain numbers four through that again its purpose is not to gain numbers nor for our churches to be seen as successful rather the entire reason for our worship is the dog deserves it moreover it is even useful for earning points with God for what we do in worship will not change one whit how God feels about us we will still be helpless sinners caught in our endless inability to be what we should be or to make ourselves in a better and God will always still be merciful compassionate and gracious abounding in steadfast love and ready to forgive us as we come to him worship is a royal waste of time but it is indeed Royal Ford immerses us in the regal splendor of the cosmos I love that phrase do you go to church every week to be immersed in the regal splendor of the king of the cosmos the church 's worship provides opportunities for us to enjoy God 's presence in corporate ways that take us out of time and into the eternal purposes of God 's kingdom as a result we shall be changed but not because of anything we do gone on whom we are centered into the elusive it will transform us by the his revelation of himself to understand worship is a royal waste of time is good for us because it frees us to enter into the poverty of Christ we worship a triune God who chose to rest world created by means of the way of humility God sent his son into the world to empty himself in the obedience of a slave humbling himself to suffer throughout his entire life to die the worst of deaths on our behalf he did not come to be solving the worlds problems in any sense of the world could understand worship of such a God immerses us in such a way of life in Cairo and powered by a spirit who does not equip us with means of power or control accomplishment or success but with the ability and the humility to waste time in love of the neighbor for his worship come from is actually a contraction of the phrase worth ship worth ship and acknowledgment of the right or the status of another being is it ever like to attribute worthiness to other people are there people who are worthy of your respect I'm interested in chatting verse seven the Lord says the laborer is worthy of his hire apparently there is some sense at least in which worthiness can be attributed to human beings that really should be a caution to those of us who like to think the world owes us living if the laborer is worthy of his hire he sort of want to be sure he is under obligation to give back that which he is being paid for just because otherness promise to ask many dollars on your account if you were to grounds or service our calf you have a responsibility to see that so you get to her benefit for the work they are attributing to your son are persons where you have money there are some in our community who have money so that good friend of mine who gave a million and a half dollars to will the wellness center on the island on the unit half dollars doesn't make it more the antisense we kind of think so but if his money was honestly come by his use morally responsibly I think yes scholarship are the people who are worthy because of their scholarship yes if they can use it in areas of study which will make mankind 's condition better for his understanding of himself better for his understanding of his gone better political office are people in political office were think that's a bad question asking two thousand eight is I think yes provided they know how to use political office intelligently and responsibly and morally spiritual vigor there are people who are spiritually alive spiritually vital to have much to offer and yes it is worth recognizing their accomplishments and their contributions have interested also in the century and who built the Jews a synagogue in Capernaum he was in the runtime because his trusted slave was sick about to die the elders of the Jews came to Jesus they said help us that he is more of the newsworthy because he loves our nation is worthy because he built as a synagogue but in the century and say when Jesus started off to his house I grew the two should come under my very different views of worthy nests who else in one of Jesus 's parables that he was unworthy the prodigal son the prodigal son had broken his father 's heart he deprived his father of years of good service he enlisted beaucoup bucks in degenerate living he knew that was not the way his father son often he knew that was on the way father set off to live as always Odyssey Melissa self-examination he recognized that he'd given up any right any claim to honor for responsibility or more but what intrigues me always about that story is that boy never wise where the to be called his father 's son because worthiness has nothing to do with it when you are your father 's son that what I do I live father-son matter what my son zero they are my sons has nothing to do with it yes he was right to feel guilt he was right to feel shame for what it done but worthiness is not a factor in Sun ship either you are or you aren't none of us are worthy to be God 's children but he finds us all and for that we are grateful to God worthy is not worthy of our love is gone ready of our trust in God isn't worthy worthy of our praise worthy of our service I like it in sans eighteen verse three where you says very straightforwardly the Lord is worthy to be praised thanks so valid if we had any questions there is a settlement there on what basis is gone worthy of our praise revelation for verse eleven thou art worthy O Lord to receive glory and honor and power why for thou hast created all things and for thy pleasure they are and were created he is the sovereign over everything and in his sovereign greatness he has chosen to create to create new because he wanted to spend time with you because he wanted to get to know you because he wanted you to be on his short list of friends are now sure special six FW on this planet under having weather somewhere else so with a short list never went if you are still on his short list of friends you are important to him him again Revelation five verse nine there's more of our worthy to take the book and open the seals on it because thou wast slain 3-D Mister God by thy blood out of every kindred and telling people and nation our redemption accomplished through his humiliation suffering on the folds and amazing depth of reasonable basis for our homage he reveals unworthiness and you and I could never have even dreamed up Revelation five verse twelve worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing which I learned first in Handel 's Messiah that I read in the Bible I think after that so is God worthy of more than our week of my time for our math with you even three devices and school and obviously but how much is he worthy he's worthy of everything so what is my worship my worship is my life to him is the whole thing it's always long and I like the way Doctor and DA Carson puts it worship he says and this is the beginning of his definition which is not disloyal and the resulting expense thirty pages elaborating on worship is the proper response of all moral sentient beings to God worship is the proper response to go on describing all honor and worth to their creator God precisely because he is worthy and then he adds to words that are intriguing delightfully so I run those tests Job lately and I wonder a little sometimes if we are always really sure that he is delightfully worthy of our praise he is worthy yes any of us who understood the great controversy level picture of how what how things are going we do not doubt that he is worth this was like crazy for my phrase is making a more worthy doesn't feed us and they can do any better does it really is they doesn't improve the social economic conditions around in a tangible way what good use praise he is said to be worthy of praise he is worthy of our praise for what is good for I like the CS Lewis talks about in his book reflections on the songs I'm not going to redo the whole chapter but if you have a chance to get a copy of the books on a very big book chapter nine is a chapter about praise is intriguing reading is a bit of a summary list particularly before he was converted to be a Christian found himself very put off by the admonitions in the Psalms to praise God including such things as Psalm fifty verse twenty three who so offer praise and glorify me does God need to require such feeding that he was legal praise out of his subjects and Lois was sort of a God is this kind of admiration gave got any satisfaction at all if they praise makes God somehow feel better if it feels his cock is a luxury nice about God 's character is indeed that kind of thing but Lewis was unwilling to be stopped Mary was a thinker and he decided he had to go on farther I discover something more about Friday's is there are some books that are admirable books well-written books good books and say good things to say the well under challenging there are perhaps other things besides books paintings Gardens scientific accomplishments compositions of music there are things that have in themselves enough integrity enough vision enough technical excellence and enough purpose that they deserve to be recognized there good work guys are not all such good works ever get the admiral in service of their good works never get read them you look at Shonda obligor somewhere nobody ever sees the thing that even the very poorly spoken out n are all of the things that get admired worth admiring this very cheap work the people happened like a latch onto a sellout of them harmless it really isn't very without respect or lack of respect for the work has nothing to do with the worth of the object itself either is good worker it is a good work actually said works like that judge us if we don't see the value in a dozen sending Draco of Negri about our perceptions are understandings furthermore you said what I find a really good book or really good picture or really good whatever the first thing I really want to do is share some times I remember my wife and I be driving back from somewhere and all of a sudden at evening the life of the whole sky just lights up the stunning orange and pay from there to their all aware out in front of us enough him as a whole lot more fun to enjoy it if she's there to enjoy it than it is just a giant right the sharing is part of the enjoyment the sharing fulfills the enjoyment makes it bigger it makes it richer it makes it more worthwhile it seems then that my own enjoyment of something is expanded by praising it the praising actually fulfills the process of enjoying it enriches my experience so why should I be offended if God wanted to praise him he wants me to illustrate a rich my experience he doesn't want me groveling in the DOS SL appraises he's giving me a chance to expand enhance complete my understanding of how great he is by praising it by sharing with other people around me here on this Earth and indeed as we said before about other objects that are worthy the kind of judge us my attitude for this great and ultimately worthy God actually judges me if I can't get my mind around if I can't bring myself to accept and understand how incredibly great he is how much she is merit exceeds mine that is sending about how adequate he is this is only about how adequate I is my understanding that the end of time all of me being creation and all the rest of creation he never needed reading and all creation together is going to back get down our enemies and describe alternate worthiness to the Lamb who made himself of no reputation in order to save me know if I can't figure that out and get part of the faces of the scene makes me look stupid doesn't wow is the same way Lewis quotes from the scotch catechism scotch catechism says that man's chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy here forever we talked about the glorify from time to time we don't often talk about the enjoy Lewis as we shall then know that these are the same thing fully to enjoy is to glorify in commanding us to glorify him God is inviting us to enjoy him true price calls for something of effort on our part if the finest compliment I know how to play anything maybe I find I well-written essay or a really nice sculpture somewhere or I move by the singing of the choir or I get to see half no not there in Yosemite is the best biggest most wonderful thing I know how to say is anyway Glenn is very inspired sell is really very high praise the ancient Jews were past masters of the art of praise and you and I read their writings with a lock on overblown gets a little carried away doesn't it but I'm willing to believe they were sincere and I'm willing to believe they said what they understood and vague phrasing in ways that make us sound sometimes a little bit insipid is a quote from the cottage standard Jewish liturgy magnified and sanctified be his great name in the world which he created according to his will and may he establish his kingdom during your life and during your days and during the life of all the house of Israel speedily and in the near future Blessed praised and glorified and exalted extolled and honored adored and lauded be the name of the holy one Blessed be beyond all blessings and him 's praises and songs that are honored in the world in the same way cool and other somehow that's a little deeper how long 's it been since any of us express ourselves about God in terms like will I get to another question worship is gone second because God is worthy of our worship worthy of our praise worthy of being recognized if all of worship is God centered what makes us think that God has any interest in having music in our corporate worship times we don't particularly have art there most of the time most churches we don't particularly have literature there except for really good sermon we hope regularly again the Scripture reading the other arts don't generally intrude why do we expect somehow that music should be part of worship is that the fact that worship is over one oh waste of time a royal waste of time justify adding the trappings of royalty such as high culture for full culture good dining company manner special dress all the things we kind of think are supposed to go along with our corporate worship like I was wondering what Scripture tells us about worship and music you were the first appearance of the word worship is I respect you do I do neither I'd go look it up but I found that the first mention of the word worship in the Bible is in one of the most puzzling difficult and heartbreaking passages in all of Scripture Abraham had been traveling for three days with his teenage son in a group of servants and again to the point where God said there's not right over there and Abraham said now to the severances were within you say here I liable go yonder and what is worship and come again to pass the first time I find the worship in the Bible if so I couldn't help wondering how much music was involved in that story methinks not much I don't think Abraham and Isaac went forward singing at that point I really don't I don't think they had said anything since I left the home tents behind three days earlier and then come back soon I'm willing to allow that I don't have a record number of the next dozen or more uses of the word worship say anything whatever about music so apparently it's not unnecessary adjunct although we seem to think it's pretty much appropriate what did Abraham and Isaac 's worship consist of submission obedience and sacrifice what I wanted worst to first use the word singing in a bottle that comes even later Texas chapter fifteen is this chapter fifteen we find singing as part of a great national celebration over the deliverance of the Red Sea now there was undoubtedly a spiritual element in that festival but it was still primarily a great relief it was a great secular relief he were still alive S Kennedy Jindal was no longer a threat to the they had been delivered they didn't have to worry about whether they would be carried back into captivity it was not until quite a few years after that we find the functions of worship and music combined actually not until we get to David Shepherd warrior musician Jane remarkable man and we find during his reign that there was a lot of worship and music combined at the Temple never got to thinking David's reign took place over the one thousand BC here Mark other words roughly a thousand years before Christ that is to say just basically three thousand years ago now with relatively by the six thousand year age of the earth for the first half of man's existence we don't know anything about music and worship not a whole lot about worship we know some so why are we so sure that music even belongs as part of our corporate worship what do we as a people have is a theology music director theology of music administer otherwise I haven't I have looked I have looked as an artifact I look at a couple of systematic theology is an music is even in the end reference to music in the theologies I think the reasons should be have a theology of worship should we have a theology of music should be a biblical theology where would you start to create a theology of music I will tell you where I would start anything of first and then read ever well yes even Ali Baba we've been so not degenerative for a long time it is something I am all the places to start one's doctoral study Zephaniah three sixteen and seventeen in that day shall be so dangerous and do not fear Zion the Niger hands be weak the Lord your God is in your midst the mighty one will save you he will rejoice over you with gladness he will quiet you in his love he will rejoice over you with singing on the musician I'm not a theologian so I didn't know whether there was something about the Hebrew that I needed to know so I went to one of my worthy colleagues in the school religion and I said is there something funny about the way this is translated that means it invigorating maybe doesn't mean exactly that nice event versus exactly what needs not met that went up a study it because it's it's it's unique in all of Scripture but it's exactly what it says he will rejoice over you with singing so what moves God to send his love for us love a great transcendental love a love which was big enough to devise a way to save fallen man a lot of which not only could figure out how but once he saw as otherwise as the only way infinite wisdom could devise to say fallen man once he saw it he was willing to go through it he was willing to invest in he thought is a worthwhile thing to do to ask to endure that inexpressible humiliation to save oneself also yours mine the whole story is for your soul thoughts things because he's happy about things because he rejoices Hebrews twelve through Jesus the author and finisher of our faith for the joy that was set before him endured the cross despising the shame and sat down at the right hand of the will he seems in tender triumph over the one she found restored the cosmic flock of the universe what is he saying off now I wish I knew I don't know what God thinks I'm noisy one it sounds like I love to experience it I hope to get there Sunday but I have to believe that somehow is a slowly worthy of God 's heart worthy of God 's heart he's invested too much in my salvation to treat it lightly I sometimes careless enough to it is not treat my salvation lightly casually cheaply my salvation is important to you it matters and must not be a density of that love which moves into saying about me shouldn't that draw out of me some kind of response at least a feeble response hopefully a vital blowing vivid magnificent response not as an excellent creator everything you did he said he did well and you should know there is gone after it is an excellent world which he has which even after six thousand years of Groningen travailing under the curse of sin still has left his magnificent things to look at if you could make a world like that doesn't his worship deserve the highest level of excellence we know how to give what you think move David to write an astonishing meditation on the law of God in the form of a century across sticks on all twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabet you know that's a someone ideas fascinating moralism easily had to do that he did it because he was moved by what he saw Jeremiah do the same they half a dozen times over the lamentations the same kind of poetic impulse thing about guys we really want to show yourself a worthy gentleman to and presently the young lady even taken McDonald's save Imperial guard for the loft or some such place what a really selfish and that is to bring Arkansas corsage and analyzer along and zero cents when you think if God really cares about us to see content this is the lowest common denominator sort of jingle over us where's he going to fashion a really elegant well crafted and at on our part if we have an appreciation of who God is and what he is done and how and since this love is are we going to just level some off-the-cuff duty when we come to praise or can we raise our sights and bring in praise of the highest quality we can imagine maybe for an careful how it goes a step on here maybe even investing in learning how to use our voices properly music concerns about using the Christian church class often totally unsuited I like to sing beautifully also involve people out on the losing your there is nobody whose voice cannot be improved enough to become a comfortable companion in worship and maybe that investment is something we should consider I think there's another reason why music belongs in worship we are creatures made in the image of God and God is passionately involved in living life to the fullest his life to the fullest he doesn't live on the edge he lives in the middle of few lives rich like he lives fully it is logical that he would enjoy seeing us all we can out of our lives also and there is arguably no activity that the human being engages in that involves more of the belief that music evidence the problem Daniel Levinson has written a very interesting books in the appendix B in the geography there in your hand out the light is one of the nicest things I think about a gathering of this sort that is what you can take home with you to have a little time afterward think about some of the newest active books that try to sell you a little bit about each ones they don't spend your money for something that wasn't what you wanted after all and London book fair in that handout in that bibliography is entitled this is your brain on music and he describes what goes on in your head when you are into music on region one are you ready listening to music starts with subcortical structures the cochlear nuclei the brand 's brain stem and cerebellum then moves up to auditory cortices on both sides of the brain trying to follow along with music did you know or at least in the style you're familiar with recruits additional regions of the brain and in the hippocampus which is the memory center and subsections of the frontal lobe particularly a region called the inferior frontal cortex which is in the lowest parts of the frontal lobe that is closer to your gender and the top your head right now here well somewhere always anyway okay tapping along with music either actually or just a involves the cerebellum signing circuits performing music regardless of what instrument you play or when using her conduct involves the frontal lobes again for planning your behavior the motor cortex in the posterior part of the frontal love just underneath the top of your head and the sensory cortex which provides tactile feedback that you did press the right key on your instrument or move your baton or you thought you did a reading as it involves the visual cortex the back of your head in the occipital lobe listening to or recalling lyrics involves language centers of learning Brokaw 's Americas area as well as other language centers in the temporal and frontal loan since the whole thing folks it all lights I wife and I had a chance to be in I symposium in Chicago back in the early nineties called music and the brain they showed us that scans of people doing various things let's guess I like playing chess also cornerback in the problem-solving areas got lots and one fluoride that point somebody reading a book well okay so there's only over here in the word areas only listen to speech Arnold's in the over here in the workings area and are doing is X the whole thing blows and he hasn't mentioned the social interactions that are included in being part of the choir or the manner the string quartet and neither is he admits on the following pages even started talking about the emotions that recently responded to music with that the ads in the cerebellar purpose of enabling music sums up practically everything the brain knows how to do and puts it all together it is also interesting to stop and think through that singing is the only thing in the worship service that we really truly all together or can do together offer and by comes by I stick my net I hope you will notice a nice also in a Nazirite okay that's find a business the sermon yet you hear with your ears we all listen together but address your pockets of your writer wanderings are high the prayer yesterday overall praying together I found myself on spraying my prayer while there prayed that prayer is all right for you okay but we can send you and when we sing together we become one body in a way that we do not have any other time in the service okay I've belabor that were long enough not surprisingly we all tend to want to do things the easy way is on the items are particularly in my children coming up I'm used to grabbing a piece of luggage and height high standard going on my way so I don't even notice it has wheels on it so like his brother wheels and brought along behind a whole lot less work Herbert changing tire once my friend Wayne just let me use the lift over the shop change the tires I got car up just fine also I was often grounded over started working said upwards easy we also do things the easy way right but worship I suggest using enterprise were doing it the easy way dilutes it do it the easy weight she brings it doing worship the easy way undermines what it's been interesting volume entitled exit interviews I will download the dark drifting William Hendrix talk with fifteen or sixteen young people who would simply slipped out the back door of Christianity not Adventism specific Christianity in general and once he and analyze the data from the interviews she conducted one very startling conclusion came to him not one not one of those with whom we spoke left the church because worship was to the one Summit departed because the inadequate electoral challenge some of the party because of musical ineptness in the service some of the departed because of insufficient attention to developing character or not being able to develop a sense of community or whatever but no matter how loudly you may like to complain about having to go to convocation having to go to Vespers and having to go to church the worst thing is to get there if either is enough intellectual meat on the bottom to make it worth your time right and there will make you gone skinny something worth going for and that's exactly the truth with worship him it's really important we be there let's make a challenging and rewarding enough to justify and I believe the same thing is true of our music if we're going to have music in worship but still make it the cheapest thing we can come up with the select the easy way out let's stimulate our minds and raise our site spiritually and culturally also brings to awesome rate is the sound is a gospel singing group called Sweet Honey in the rock have any of you ever heard of the she writes about her own spiritual coming-of-age she tells that the slices begin a member of the church anti-Christian after that I didn't act the same I was less frivolous way I conducted myself I can also remember thinking that if I was really a Christian I had to learn to sing more difficult songs and she points out a truly significant distinction in these words she said it was good news to lay down the world and shoulder the cross of Jesus it's not a good time but it's good news if we are ready for a good time the church in the closing years of gray converse is not the place to look for the good time isn't there therefore looking for good news there's nothing else worth checking out that's where the good news is what we bring to God when we come to worship we bring everything and wanting to make it richer he said if I was hungry when I tell you but he still says bring an offering and come from essentially bring the offering his site our site are saying we need to be reminded attribute is due to him and we bring in our remarkable insights and understandings of devices every ray of truth and light and true scientific knowledge originated within and he gives to all men liberally and without scolding on the other hand I've always loved this quote from scholar French philosopher who said God may not need my intelligence but he certainly does not need my ignorance God in intelligence but he certainly does not need my ignorance can we bring cuties to God he fashions the grass of the field which is today and tomorrow is cast in the oven with a split of any seventies and it is all never knew I could bring in any new beauty Gino's beauty on a much broader and wider and greater scale than I do but it is not appropriate therefore to bring in some random words linked up with some careless to say that's like me know all we can really brings market onset is our puny miserable sinfulness and forget we can receive restoration forgiveness and acceptance in exultation and help and compassion and graciousness and yet as we come to worship and speaking specifically of our corporate worship Sabbath morning we do bring him something what we bring him his phone we have made of ourselves in the seven days between we bring and what we have made of ourselves if we have made ourselves more callous by playing grand theft auto of several hours during the week that increasingly calloused self is over there and worship if we have cheapened our grasp of how great he is vicariously profaning his name all week long we bring in less sensitivity to the great perfection which is name represents if we have dull our senses by too little sleep and too little exercise and too much food and too much noise blasting our earbuds we bring an offering that is blemished by her own sloppy ways in this respect avoiding a how we perceive our relation to him will be seen by death my notes how we perceive our relationship you will be seen by the way we cooperate or do not cooperate his efforts to restore us in his efforts to restore us are diligent in earnest and ongoing all the time he wants us to behold he wants us to be physically mentally morally spiritually and socially whole beings in our attitude toward worship will reveal what we have become what we have made of ourselves in between so what shall we say when we got into his presence with thanksgiving and make a joyful noise under him the Psalms of praise Psalm ninety five two I submit that for many years humans have served as the voice of the worshiping congregation in the same excellence the same value which may be appropriate for expressing God 's worship in the past isn't lost today some like to complain that the language is outdated and outmoded some of it is that it's unable to carefully change a few words here and there a negative field more contemporary that the taste letter not to get caught up in that one but would like to suggest that often what the complainer really means is that writers using words I don't know well Merry Christmas your teacher on the selected Sony doing if I ever get out let us find out what it means stretch your mind the more words you have in your vocabulary the greater your capacity to think of a label says we think because we have words not the other way around we think based on our words and those of us who want to use just the fewest words we can get by with cheat ourselves into new good thing to stretch our lives introduce new concepts new understandings bigger things that are common words and things get us out of it also says vocabulary always shrinks in a time of war in the twentieth century minded people was a time of war first world war second world war Korean War Vietnam War Desert Storm warned all century long basically in our vocabulary has suffered because of it we do well to look back to earlier agents and to use words that were good words that are still good words now if we given the chance reverse phone number seventy three which I thought we were missing at this point somebody is the next one bringing your hand out to be over thirty six holes all in whose presence what you notice as we sing this how many word pictures there are their metaphors in this I cannot give there a simile 's decision although the difference is that metaphors away so what uses lidar as the metaphor just says it's Mister it's that or it's whatever else is a marvelous metaphors and beautiful word pictures to describe the beauties and glories of the Lord our key number thirty six Joseph Swain 's beautiful hymn meeting room on a time is him is the for so a picture of worthiness of God one when you quit this is under twenty one again you'll find it there in your handout he talks the void in this case talks about many of the specific attributes which only apply to the great God who made everything who sustains everything who loves everything he's made in the yes Paul him he threw in as a kind of the punctuations in a funny place at the sentence if we take a breath after I love most of you have lungs the good negative more syllables you're a good night flowers which I promise I'll give you room for breath after clouds I is addressed as it was more of a scenario I asked him days I him so much fun Thursday and him who all live in him I can know that heaven is a grateful that you think enough of us give us a chance to enjoy you and we are grateful to know that the enjoyment of our gone is wrapped up in the way we express our price we are grateful for good means of praise for challenges to our minds to our thinking to our words challenges to our lives we thank you for accepting us and for the great gift it was given to make it possible for us to be reconciled to article B prayer blessing at all what transpires this day on our worship on the way we treat our bodies and our lines between worship sessions may we indeed respond intelligently to the great God who made us and may our lives show your graves as well as saying in Jesus name


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