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Sacred and Secular in Church and Culture

J. Bruce Ashton


J. Bruce Ashton

Professor Emeritus of Music at Southern Adventist University




  • January 19, 2008
    1:30 PM
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already more people wanted to come in a little later but let's go ahead and get ourselves started and I would like to set are told by singing again for the talk about music and worship Liotta things on your handout the backside of the second sheet if I have it all figured out correctly action may Jesus the very thought of the December two forty one from the handle was this written in the second eighteen sixty six the text by Bernard of Clairvaux written when in the twelfth century that's a long time ago is that as far back sorry logos photos we have a hand in our hymnal from the second century hunting years after the death of John in Revelation and some from almost every century between then and now we don't realize what kind of a treasure house this hymnal is finished probably not the best one of the world but it serves our purposes well so let's say something that comes in a thousand years ago from a larger bowl and vibrant art of Clairvaux this particular portion of it has been translated several times by different people a portion of the same poem is also a sacred head now wounded which most of us at least are acquainted with know what it is I like assessing all five senses together for the in the wrong him as a new and will go in or is in all morning long all he is a will is all I have and we are thankful that you have allowed us to know about Jesus and the great plan of salvation we thank you even what did you go beyond that allowed us to know Jesus our Lord our Savior and our brother we want to know how to sing his praise and your praise more effectively and so we ask for your wisdom and your grace to teach us your Holy Spirit to guide our thinking as we spend an hour together in Jesus name I was asked to make two announcements which I will do before we get further on with things one is just to remind everyone that there is a consecration service at four forty five after the second seminar this afternoon it apparently was not announced this morning and those who are organizing one of these shirts fresh in people 's lines there is one last meeting then at four forty five Ivan asked also to say that all of the seminars will be available from audio verse .org online including this one I do know this thing works big as cited in a similar presentation Minneapolis and sure enough on the website there I am loud as ever or whatever let me know I would have certain people like Crowder I wouldn't be in the start by just asking the question I'll ask it anyway I know to be limited knock this one off real fast how long would it take you to figure out what the following names have in common late and they are just a lie is very already and have the faith as I had Johor on J huge white has generally gentle ash Jeroboam the second Zachariah and often back a high ahead and become they are I stumbled over an occasionally these are sixteen of the nineteen kings who ruled Israel that is to say the northern kingdom from the time of the dividing of the kingdom until the second anniversary as I can tell and of every single one of these sixteen people Scripture records this and he did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord he departed not from all the sins of Jeroboam the son of feedback who made Israel to sin there are three other names that should be on the list to others shall on and post Shaye and of course I left off the first who was Jeroboam the first of the other two shallow metal shed there are negative things said the not quite so strongly of the sixteen he did that which was evil in the sight of the Lord he departed not from all the sins of Jeroboam the son of need that I have to wonder what in the world could Jeroboam the son of Levi has done that would make him the lodestone of evil four hundred and seventy five years I was going to try to remember and I forgot to look up through the present of the United States one hundred and seventy five years ago some of your history majors might be a good luck with that I can't write off whatever was I don't recall anybody saying the Clinton and Bush and Reagan and so I'm all done the same sort of thing he did a hundred and seventy five years ago and yet here is the story repeated over and over about every single king of Israel he did make cabs of gold Jeroboam did which was the wrong thing to do he took it on himself to offer sacrifices which he was forbidden to do he declared feasts was the Lord had not declared all of which is true but I'm interested in first Kings thirteen thirty three to thirty four which reads after this thing Jeroboam returned and offered his evil way that made again of the lowest of the people priests of the high places whosoever will it he consecrated him and he became one of the priests of the high places and this thing became sin under the health Journal even to cut off and destroyed with a severe he openly and deliberately disregarded God 's distinction between sacred and secular choosing those who were profane which is another word for which is another word for ordinary or secular choosing those who were profaned to fill a sacred office I have to believe if I had no other basis than that that God makes a distinction between sacred and secular recording the later on for significant documents from the twentieth century but I would like to give you just one sentence from at the moment religion consists of those actions purposes and experiences which are humanly significant nothing human is alien to the religious the distinction between sacred and secular can no longer be maintained I've heard that encircles other than the one whence this document but I suggest that if we read Exodus twenty eight to eleven that notion cannot possibly stand six days later told her for the doing of our secular activities that's what the six days are for providing for necessities dealing with the contingencies of this earthly life one day is to be remembered as a different reserve for sacred purposes the day itself is called holding that the designation that I don't have the authority to be so big of you God is the one who makes something holding and analysis six days shalt thou labor and do all thy work now I don't know about you but I was kind of expected that the other would say to the seventh day you shall come to God 's work is what it says this is the seventh day we ask is supposed to come in enter into God 's rest not his work that injuries we will do it a little later on also not only did God rests on the Sabbath day he blessed that he hallowed it if something as immaterial as time can be divided into the holy and profane segments surely the understanding of sacred and secular as separate categories make sense and is still valid now you try real hard to stretch your imagination 's for the sake of this five minutes of argument and not beyond that we try to pretend with me for just this argument that rock 'n roll represents the highest cultural form that mankind has yet devised I hope that stretches there is nothing offensive about his subject matter its associations or its manifestations I still suggest that rock is what the world listens to six days a week seven days a week for that matter it is what people do their work to it is the common language the profane language I use that in the most polite sense of the word it is the ordinary language of the culture of our world it is encircled the planet no matter what you listen to you will hear evidences of good old American pop rock in almost every piece of music that comes listen to the world through American public radio last ten minutes is always a piece of music from somewhere in the world you listen to it it's got little American pop rock somewhere in the background if it isn't dominating the matter what corner of the earth the world youth culture has adopted American pop rock as the language rock is as the global musical language it is the way people express themselves is the way they entertain themselves the way they do their work if there were no other reason at all to challenge the appropriateness of using rocky and worship the Sabbath commandment would have to require a change of style during those hours that are sacred hours and different from the day is not just another profane day and we are not treated in a fashion on your bibliography you'll find a book by Daniel Greaney a rather nice narrative of his own journey through the rock scene and the CCM praise and worship seems confessions of a former praise and worship leader along the way as he describes his experience he quotes Rick Moran a name that probably more of you know Rick Warren the author of the purpose driven Church and this is what Rick Warren said we use this style of music the majority of people in our church listen to radio they like bright happy cheerful music with a strong week barriers are accustomed to music with a strong baseline and rhythm and again a quote from the same writer the music is on Sunday in church should not be any different from the music people listen to on their car radios during the week if we accept that argument we make music the one realm of human experience which does not need to bow to the sacredness the sanctity of Sabbath time I don't think we want to go there it makes no sense and in the book of Ezekiel the Lord spells out very clearly how he sees that Ezekiel twenty two twenty six her priests have done violence to my law and have profaned my holy things they have made no distinction between the holy and profane and have not fought the difference between the unclean and the clean they hide their eyes from my sabbaths treating the things weekdays and I am profane God says I and made common iron made ordinary I end me she among them to undertake to worship the holy God on his holy day by using the most secular which equals which equals profane manifestations of our contemporary culture is not just an oxymoron folks it is unscriptural it is indefensible Israel would like to talk about church and culture one can identify that there is a distinction and intersection between the two from Jesus words in the John seventeen prayer I do not pray the doctrines taken out of the world but that thou shouldst keep them from the evil now I don't think all culture is evil I would like to explain how I use the word culture what I think of I borrow your description for Marva Dawn a very fine writer on worship two of her books are on the list there I recommend them both very very highly she says quote culture connotes every aspect of life it is produced by human beings as opposed to that which is given in creation culture is what the human does I submit a rose is not a part of culture the layout of a rose garden is a set exist it is not a part of culture but Albert Bierstadt 's great canvas among the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California his painting of the Vista that's you and culture the fact that I have two folds of tissue would be made to vibrate by moving breath between them that's our culture that's what God created watches to say or say his culture Roger Scriven Golisano expands the notion of culture industry agencies is this common culture high culture and popular culture culture has to do with those behaviors and beliefs which define the group I belong to in terms of Adventist culture those of us who brought up at dinosaur have accepted his teachings we had a particular understanding of washing which is not common in the Protestant world in the Christian world in general people don't do it for washing I remember being in a church choir not an Adventist church in which there were eager to enter a dozen of us said that is helping to fill in a good preacher great rather made light of the notion of people washing people speaking part of parties I don't know how many of us behind them he thought he was stepping on both washing is an element in either the sculpture common culture that's part of what makes us who we are a culture includes primarily the arts and involves the notion of a cultivated mind a cultivated taste a cultured person in this sense is not one who only recognizes but who understands and appreciates the genius of the painter such as Caravaggio or the genius of the composer Brahms for the genius of the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins it doesn't matter whether an advertisement that has nothing to do with it that's not the common culture notion this is high culture and it is generally thought to be somewhat elitist and there a lot of people who don't like to be just thinking and so they say ordinary cultures as good as the ideas popular culture works just as well let's elevate popular culture to be just as fine in our opinion as old high culture so in our point of view the graffiti on the public washroom wall is just as genuinely cultural as is the Statue of Liberty Hill gate banjo picking of the bluegrass or as equal status with the cello artistry of Yo-Yo Ma will him testing organizations are popular culture high culture and culture Wade Clark roof goes little farther uses culture has to do with making sense out of life and formulating strategies for action and the ideas and symbols people drawn in these fundamental undertakings are implicitly saturated with religious meaning religion itself he says is a set of cultural symbols I think religion is more than a set of cultural symbols but it certainly includes the link between religion culture is easier for us to think of perhaps if we think about communities that are formed of like-minded believers if you insisted on wearing only close that are fastened held together by hooks and eyes in our general culture you'd be followed peculiar if you live the knowledge Village that's the only kind there is that goes like that's just a normal part of how you belong there that belongs horse-drawn buggies prayer caps all part of the Amish culture as long as you're in an Amish community policing something about the those of us in the outside smile perhaps or take note of what's going on but it's much easier to defend that kind of common culture when you are in the community for everybody's doing and it is indeed part of how we deal with life furthermore any social site has a greater significance than we sometimes think scrutiny builds his discussion of culture as a phenomenon on the understanding that religion really was the core of common culture originally and I would recommend you read his book because I want to go farther analogous point B Mason very very interesting points what makes up the culture of Adventism I like to try to comprehend everything in our invention foot washing is talk about the culture of Adventism would have to talk about the sacredness of the seven suicide is at least lip service to baptism by immersion which of course we share with the Baptists are peculiar observance of the Lord 's supper not just for watching the fact that we insist on nonalcoholic breakthroughs and non- salted wafers by the fact that it comes every three months that's part of Adventist common culture the idea that our religious belief should shape our health and lifestyle behaviors is not entirely unique certainly not practiced widely by other belief systems are presumed places last a Christian citizens we don't like to use the word remnant anymore and are taking the soul sleep and which is perhaps as distinctive as anything we have these are aspects of Adventist culture but that makes up the culture of 21st-century America what kind of a cultured we live in if the board is concerned that we be in the world but not of the world what is this world that he is concerned about in 21st-century America well America is obviously imported lots and lots of cultural things from many parts of the world but he suggested certain technologies are particularly obvious and I think the most obvious one is television television is one of the major influences in American culture in worldwide culture a more I was interested to learn that at the turn-of-the-century which is now eight years ago at the turn-of-the-century over ninety eight percent of United States homes had a television and think of the number the percentage of homes that are ghetto homes or substandard housing homes the fact that ninety eight percent of American homes have a television is of interest the average actually is two two cents per household that means there are eleven television sets in every five homes across America if you walk into Sam's Best Buy you are sure that is not going away soon they will ask on the fall playing same thing fortunately graduating high school seniors have spent on average eighty percent of their discretionary time in front of the tube although I can't help wondering the last seven years whether some of that may have been diverted to video games in nineteen eighty seven million four wrote the television even then was beginning to usurp the role which until recently has been the role of the church in our society namely to shape our system of values to embody our faith to express our cultural essence that's scary but each individual watches an average of over four hours a day of television even the faith Luke on for three full hours on Sabbath morning the Lord 's house are on average getting nine times as much indoctrination from the secular world don't not even talking to the Lord about stewardship of our time what are the values which our system is in betting us I say weightlifting as much as I can but sometimes for an stuck having to get my oil changed the car I'm sitting in waiting room where there's no way to get away from the television and the thing that I notice first is the incivility and the crudeness is just plain boorish behavior young old for most parts the interviews with people even the giving of the news is not done with style with fashion with class it's done in most cases I've offended by the attitudes the talk shooter talkshow guru 's as well and then of course there are the coarser sitcoms another thing television does to us we haven't realized yet is that it cripples are imagining as the lesson we should encourage children to use their imaginations in picturing the beauties of heaven is here ever read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books also okay I thought so okay and you have your own picture in your mind of what the parlor looked like and what the wallpaper was like when that brush flew out of Laura's hand ends ever than okay that she was in big trouble in but if you watch on television your imagination doesn't have to worry about that anymore using it which is one of the biggest drawbacks in my opinion with the movie which cannot not too long ago about the passion of the Christ I love crucifixion looked like I have my own pictures what you see on the screen you know the thing that the news imagination anymore television cripples and destroys imagination fills the same sort of thing is on television well violence always makes good screenplay always as always something going on violent with free will left behind the one-on-one shoot about it's more fun if we just destroy galaxies on once great also plays pretty well falsely plays very well or least inaccuracy in advertising meal toys Boston points out that the earliest advertisements published in newspapers told you how good the goods you wanted to buy war you'll find out anything about the quality of the goods on television advertising all you find out is what kind of people by electing one of those people to deliver the goods are worth it or not is totally irrelevant the advertising industry religious artifact doesn't play very well on television patient had noticed the fact that it doesn't play there at all simply display the religion obviously is Marshall doesn't I realize this is sideshow but it certainly does appear on television is his role that of a hero for Buffalo New Delhi but beyond that even a great deal of television is built on the cult of personality television lets you see Jay Leno or anybody else you want to name right up close far closer than anybody is ever likely to really get to see we become enamored of his face we learn to recognize his style we think of him as a star a celebrity so it's all I got to do with the church well I think a couple of things we mentioned briefly this morning what you bring to worship is what you have become in the six days between if you become less civil war boorish more greedy more thing oriented less imaginative more callous to violence and indecency less respectful of the pastor who lead your church 's equitable factor sensitivities gone your gratitude to God your awareness of your own poverty of silent hero need of a Savior I think it's fair to include here an additional deeper reading of something Ellen White wrote in a July four eighteen ninety nine review and Herald she says divine help is provided for men and women they have the opportunity of cooperating with the heavenly intelligences of being laborers together with God there is placed before them the possibility of gaining a fitness for the presence of God and obviously the principal applications were going to see God face to face beyond the second coming being in his liberal do we not speak every week is coming into the presence of God in his house we say we are going to come into his presence are we fit to be in his presence how do we gain of fitness devices there is help provided provided on the big screen the cultivation of our character all week long has to do with our fitness for being in his presence onset of way the second thing I think is related to AR if you chose that probably will feel step out on sorry cultic identification with the face on the screen is not spiritually healthy Marva Dawn says the church is the last place for anyone ought to be famous and on pondering through it I agree with her very strongly the church is the last place for anyone ought to be famous the church is not a personality cult the church is a fellowship of lost sinners will be plucked as it were from the burning and given a new hope in Jesus Christ and him alone I am not here to attack breath of life quiet hour or any of the other satellite series don't get me wrong I'm not saying the screen has never been cannot be or will not ever be used to do that I am saying however that the medium bills on that kind of stardom the television medium is built around that kind of personality cult is not built on good conceptual discourse which is what the breaching of doctrine is that I like my friend John status of the Pope and preaches the word isn't really very good television for this are the kind of thing themselves there's a little spinoff from that star mentality in earlier centuries the pastor when he's so on Sunday morning spoke in front of the whole Council of Elders on the platform behind him he was backed up by the community and its leaders he was not unfair up front as a solo performer it was as though he were their spokesman and they were his support the leadership was a joy leadership is as everybody couldn't speak it once he was the one who spoke for them I find it very common anymore when someone is ready to preach the sermon that everybody in the platform takes about loosing gets out of the way and I don't think it's healthy we don't need one man up then one man's opinion we need to know what the word of God says that we need to know the community is supporting what he says and if for no other reason but at least the choir has to say upfront college them because it looks like there's somebody back there behind what he has to say and I can't help wondering also whether the big screens in our churches built teacher to the personality cult is learned on says nobody has ever yet showed me a beautiful screen if we're trying to beautify our churches screen started number three those who mastermind what you see on your weekday television screen have at the very best only this much interest in elevating your soul that's not where they're going they are as a matter fact much more likely agents of the real 21st-century religion you know that is founded in the nineteen thirties it was an organ there is an organization known as the American humanist Association they published as one of their first statements I document now known as humanist manifesto one in his third paragraph of Judy's words I quote while his age does does all of last debt to the traditional religions it is nonetheless obvious that any religion they can hope to be a synthesizing a dynamic force for today must be shaped to the needs of this page to establish such a religion is a major necessity of the present it is a responsibility which rests upon this generation we therefore affirm that would urethra that they are undertaking to establish a religion suitable to the needs of the twentieth century it reads out we therefore affirm the following first religious humanists regard the universe as self existing and not created that will there goes an awful lot of theology there was theology there goes God out of the picture gone finished done through over there fifteen of these affirmations and as an aside the seventh section is the one which says the distinction between sacred and secular and no longer be maintained why should the first fundamental affirmation disposes of God God is the only being resurrected negativing secretary that have sacred secular and more archaeological images it also in the ninth section of manifesto to which gain of forty years later nineteen seventy three these by the way available on the Internet you are looking the separation of church and state and the separation of etiology and state are imperatives the state should encourage maximum freedom for different moral political religious and social values in society it should not favor any particular religious bodies the views of public monies nor espouse a single ideology and function thereby as an instrument of propaganda or oppression predicted against dissenters as for that I remember the first proposition in manifesto one is that the universe is self existing and not created a strike slated every public school board across the nation supported by your tax dollars and my tax dollars is preaching that the state obviously should be isolated from all religious beliefs that there interesting it is a short believe that humanity is all areas at least on this planet that humanity has within itself the power to achieve the realization of the world of his dreams in a quest for the good life is the central task for mankind if television producers still believe the same they certainly produce works that fit no wonder the artistic creative cultural art forms presented and promoted on television focus on the present life and its pleasures ladies and gentlemen rock music is one of those cultural art forms it focuses on the present of the setting is the time to introduce one of Marvin Gardens fine insights and I quote let's face the question squarely if television is causing people to be dissatisfied with the worship of our churches should we change worship to be more like television or should display an door of our worship cause people to ask better questions about television that of course requires an intense look at worship but I have to ask do we take that words blend door with us what kind of splendor did you experience in church this morning or last week did you go looking for splendor the splendor of glide the splendor of the infinite God the sum of popular culture and society were several fundamental tenets of June is not taught in every public school in a form the inescapable foundation everything is meant by the television culture the universe is self existing not created man has emerged from nature as a result of continuous process religionist formulate its hopes and plans in light of the scientific spirit there will be no uniquely religious emotions and attitudes of the kind hitherto associated with belief in the supernatural these are all quotations from the humanist manifesto by definition popular culture is intended to reach the populace the people the common people the ordinary people it seeks to provide the ideas and symbols that people draw on and making sense out of life for the common since the goal is to reach everybody the ideas and the symbols the means of reaching everybody must be accessible to everybody therefore they must be structured on the lowest common dominator there is no incentive to create anything cultural with excellence because excelling is the province of the few who excel in our remembering that some of us who are having to assign a way that were assigned grades I was still students I don't give grades I just record them of what is a parallel here with the problem of grade inflation if ninety percent of the school body can make the honor roll possible and be in our own really excellence has its own merit and excellence is not to be degraded to the popular in order to succeed with the masses popular culture does not not make any significant demands on the observer popular culture has to simply decent without requiring any investment on his part or any expertise otherwise is talking the talk I will ship right these resistance the greatest likelihood is of success this is simply entertained but when we come face-to-face with the Christians understanding of worship worship of the supreme omnipotent compassionate personal creative gone entertainment comes up pretty badly wanting in every syllabus in my course music in the Christian church I've included this quotation on the share with you to market on again worship that is too easy sheets on the solid sets worship that is too easy sheets off worship that is too easy cheats us it deprives us of the grandeur of an infinite God are narcissistic culture makes it difficult for many to get outside of themselves to appreciate ideas ideas that are larger than they are worshiped as therefore be invitation invitation to the profound joy of the presence of God invitation to involvement in the community of praise invitation to disciplines that nurture personal and corporate growth in character the humanist humanities all or it for the Christian there is someone infinitely greater and the juncture between our planet bound little lower than the angels existence and his inconceivable greatness is the real intersection between the church and culture I met it will not surprise most of you that I came here with my own set of convictions that I rather expect most of you think I'm going to make those convictions not a right nobody's surprised you got I have to tell you there are many you do not agree with Mike at the salon and not really but it's only fair to include somebody else's viewpoint in your bibliography so in your bibliography you will find a very fine volume by Brian Wren is a fascinating character using a writer in our fact there are ten Brian read texts in our church and two of them I think are absolutely marvelous two of the lie unused question we would've voted against divided on the committee but I was not a committee rest of the line somewhere between thefts first makes a very good case as thorough as probably can be made for including any and every musical style in worship and I give you his book and I welcome your rated in his comprehensive study of congregational song Doctor Ren who describes himself as a poet who is also a pastor theologian teacher and who is fascinated by public worship in its varied forms in his book he outlines a brief trip which he and his wife made when it is in the five New England churches each of which advertise some form of twelve contemporary worship they also took in on that same trip OBJ evening concert by a praise band complete with high amplification flashing lights and driving rhythm by his own description part of what made the experience so attractive to so many people included a nonvoting the compelling rhythms of the music whose lyrics lyrics as the words whose lyrics and melodies that's the dunes whose lyrics and melodies surged and end like the tide yet left few ripples on the sands of memory was he saying the words didn't stick the Jews didn't stick what we remember was the week that the the snowboarding was for the worship services soon had in common their phraseology from the Jesus in the spirit among us to log on to justice different musical dialect from folk to folk rock to renewal music and soft rock what they shared was the insistence ribbons of popular music in our culture is further on the elaboration of what it means he says when people talk about music with the beat but they probably have in mind of the strongly accentuated instrumental rhythms of most current popular music delivered at a high enough amplification developed through flesh bone and concrete of contemporary worship music has many variants almost all of it is written to the backbeat and inner pops rhythmic structures in mind this is true music for an example as even the smallest pieces have a percussive element is always a pop rock has become the norm obviously Doctor red approves of this use of the contemporary culture by the church for the church 's adoption of popular culture is really a good thing has been determined at least in part by the nature of the culture were talking about in order to consider whether the church should simply appropriate the culture around it on the proposed three models one of them is apocryphal the other two are not I wish they were everyone imagined with me that in the first century church some successful evangelist probably taller one of his cohorts resents the Gospels and gladiatorial trainees is the Christ wins a handful of them to be Christians see Santa had gone back to the death is the only thing they really know and understand as a way to make a living living interesting should attend therefore simply former Christian gladiatorial league and hold evangelistic events in which one but one let us offer each other perhaps with the lotto we killed with grace is learning what new convert wouldn't gladly give his life to win forty four Congress four thousand more converts portend more converts that's the way new sealed works without a minute appropriate tool for evangelism or to the first century church stand in judgment on that particular cultural tests overdue some years ago the newscaster and commentator Paul Harvey related there was a young woman who billed himself as a stripper for the Lord by role-playing what she finished track she was sure there were indeed many audiences saw the light I don't think I need to explain what the rest of the men saw is that a Christian eyes of all I or is that a cultural phenomenon the just doesn't somehow fit Christian useful number three according to a recent New York Times article churches all across this country are using Halo three is a quote evangelistic tool also you don't know what Halo is I would never buy and read the article some of you do Halo is one of the most violent video games presently available Halo three is so violent that you can't legally buy it if you're under age seventeen I'm not sure what seventeen has to do with having been grown up yet but that's the agents that are not anyway again churches all across this country are buying site licenses setting up anywhere up to eight television screens in their basements and inviting any young person in the community without carting them for age to come in spite of our with the joy of killing but it was not increased gospel of his something working at the him and I propose the rock as it is no better fitted than any of the three above for worship or even losing in the cause of Christ and you would probably like to know what here's why original passage this morning talked about the whole brain involvement of music everything lights up when you're doing music it involves all areas of the brain complete and total I did not know however until recently actually reading Levin 's book that the on the ear not only sends electrical signals along the auditory nerve up to the auditory cortex but also has projections which go directly to the cerebellum which that's the prorated portion of the brain which contains more than half of all brain cells by the way and is responsible for coordinating sensory input with motor activity control it also oversees the brain 's concepts of rhythmic temporal experiences evil Leviton effective music as the term is sometimes used effectively as it involves subtle violations of timing areas earlier talked about the ion the experience of a rat in his whole and a tree branch blown by the winds tapping and it would cause fear in the rat because the irregular activity with disturbed his understanding of what's going on just as the rat has an emotional response to the violation of the rhythm of the branch hitting his house we have an emotional response to the violation of timing in music that is group the rut with no context for the tying violation experiences of sphere we know through culture and experience the music is not threatening in our cognitive system interprets these violations as a sources of pleasure and amusement missing also response to prove occurs via the ear Sarah Bellamy wrote rather than the ear auditory cortex root our response to groove is largely pre- conscience or on conscious because it goes through the cerebellum rather than through the frontal votes what is remarkable that all these different pathways integrate into our experience of a single salt another way of saying something similar is that if you hear a gunshot so you jump before your brain has figured out what it was you hurt the signal goes in first loud sounds and rhythmic sounds cohesion first then you think about what they are all of which is simply more academic way of saying what the rockstar Jimi Hendrix set music use a spiritual thing of its own we can hypnotize people with music and when they are at their weakest point we can breach into their subconscious what we want them to say I was rather have a sociologist Simon first tell you outward -based approach is not helpful in getting at the meaning of rock the words as they are noticed at all are absorbed after the music has made its mark Timothy Leary the Harvard psychologist who advocated and practiced the use of marijuana and LSD wrote in his book don't listen to the words it's the music that has its own message I'd installed on using enzymes the music is what will get you going for listening Ira Altshuler his study a psychiatrist experiences with music as a therapeutic agent music which does not depend upon the master brain to gain entrance into the organism and still aroused by way of the palace the relay station of all emotions sensations and feelings once the stimulus 's been able to reach the talisman master brain is automatically innovative here's the explanation that comes from research scientists Daniel and Bernadette screaming the conclusion of these studies is twofold number one lyrics are of minor importance here whether the words are evil innocuous or based on holy Scripture the overall neurophysiological effects generated by rock music remains there simply is no such thing as Christian rock that is substantively different in its impact second short-term implications involve either much big words you're welcome background okay short-term implications involve a decrease in receptivity in discursive communication discursive as in this course my long term implications both serious questions for rehabilitation of degraded left hemisphere cognitive skills in less technical jargon and a specific context we should expect the abilities to receive and deliver the gospel both receive and deliver abilities to receive and deliver the gospel to pray discursively and to study Scripture are compromised by rock music what a winner the evil one has on his hands not only has he devised the musical manifestation which is addictive devotees of rock music taken off cold turkey and exhibited all the symptoms of withdrawal which raises the pulse rate by typically ten beats per minute within five minutes if a viewer exercise but you know you have to exercise a long time interesting also that weekend in a shove it back in five minutes with rock music which causes the overproduction of adrenaline which the brain then converts to agree to grow which is chemically in Dallas EMS link which is normal manifestation of loudness degrades the organs of hearing which affects hormonal secretion leading to lowered blood sugar levels and impairment of judgment which might very nature encourages and represents the lowest common denominator anti- intelligence which its own proponents describe as quote anti- religious anti- nationalistic and anti- morality were John Lennon by the way not only has he come up with such a musical form but he has done it with a medium which cannot be shut out if you are in its neighborhood you have high lives you don't have your facts and you succeeded in recruiting the use of the entire world has its address must use pastors now get on the same bandwagon as well if there is any conflict between the message of the music and the message of the words the message of the music we hands-down overpoweringly every time end of discussion that is severely wired up there October ten caucuses the whole idea of rock 'n roll is the vegetarians if we try to sing God 's message of grace and love to the music was burden is to offend your parents where does that leave the Fifth Amendment when rock music is the medium rock music is the message word syncretism means the fusion of diverse religious beliefs and practices it happened when the free desert lights what are you going to take them back to Egypt in their thinking to go along some of the people had given up on the bulk out of Egypt yet Mister Hall the fellow he doesn't got impressive thing sure enough got across the Red Sea that was nice but combining his power with the visibility of the golden idol would make a marvelously powerful religion when it is often suggested there's really later years never really through over their belief in the one God Moses worshiped him to provide a range of their crops again I'm gone they'll also provided training for their crops why not go to the blessings and one release of a religion besides the worship of veil was a lot of fun same kind of fun rock music offers by the way God has never offered to share his throne with any other deity certainly not the deity leads humans to see themselves as self sufficient manifesto one night as a last becoming aware that he alone is responsible for the realization of the world of history that he has within himself the power for its achievement that is what the most pervasive music in our world believes Jesus however said I am the way the truth and the life to me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you what a drug-induced psychedelic high continued exposure to rock music stimulate so much adrenaline did you end up with LSD in your brain is addicted and I will give you what highly amplified cultural phenomena which typically ranges twenty to thirty decibels above the threshold for damaging your inner ear and thereby degrade your quality of life Denis and I will give you what free sex rock music use sex the big beat matches the body 's rhythms Frank Zappa rock is visceral it does disturbing things your body in spite of yourself you find your body tingling moving with the music looks like to me and I will give you what the ultimate egocentrism the main purpose of rock 'n roll is the celebration of self Daryl Hall for unapologetic crudity Tom Robinson after ten years of bland brilliant music we were back to a rock 'n roll should be nasty crude rebellious people 's music three and I will give you rest is ever occurred to you please serve the only God knows the human existence anywhere offers rest reason for yourself and some twenty three he makes a lot lying down in green pastures the bottom efficiency never let you lie down the gauntlet success never let you lie down but on a popularity gives you no breaks the weekend off it is unknown to the gone defamer the God of wealth none of them will ever let you let alone make you lie down the poster that I saw was the school of music what is next year 's contest winner doing right now practice saying the David servant God who not only let him lie down he made him lie down for Jim Shepherd Lingle says he made it possible for him to lie down in the Shepherd writes that that means he was free from parasites free from hunger free from fear of predators free from social friction within the flock and all of those freedoms are token by the presence of the shepherd of the fourth commandment with me six days shalt thou labor and do all of our work but on the seventh day you come in rests rests let's not lock it up with that which even the world knows even its proponents know is not only common secular and profane third-base and destructive the greatness of his magnanimous love accommodates no comparison whatever it was that other stuff literature sites except his deliverance and rest and worship him in the beauty of holiness rather than in a society where what you remember is that the father in heaven we are thankful that the God we serve is so incredibly much greater than we are that hour and a standings on our experience has been we are grateful also that God who inhabits eternity and who creates that his wheel and for his pleasure delight in us sings over us when we follow him sings over us because he has redeemed us and wants to share with us in eternity of beauty of enjoyment of creativity of happiness and fellowship we pray that you will strengthen us to make better choices that you will help us to ask better questions that you will help us always to accept the answer whose name is Jesus Christ our Lord he


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