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Selling Worship or Selling-out Worship?

J. Bruce Ashton


J. Bruce Ashton

Professor Emeritus of Music at Southern Adventist University




  • January 19, 2008
    2:45 PM
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him us begin with prayer place of honor another in all wisdom is not sufficient for these things we are not wise enough understanding enough to know how to live even in this world without the guidance that you promise to give us and so we ask that you will teach us that you will send your Spirit to inform our minds and our hearts about the greatness of your love and the best way we can respond to it in Jesus this session is entitled selling worship or selling out worship and the title selling worship comes from a book which I read recently by one people awarded the title of his book is selling worship I find that to be quite an oxymoron in these the conundrum if worship is as we describe this morning the proper response of all moral sentient beings to go on describing all honor and worth to their creator God precisely because he is worthy delightfully so I don't really understand how an appropriate response can be sold I have an even harder time figuring out how it appropriate response might be blocked our response is what happens inside in order for selling worship to mean anything at all worship must somehow be perceived as a commodity something thin pliable if I may invent one which is going to cheapen our notion of what worship is right off the bat by this subtitle tells us a little more how what we sing has changed the church product presents a problem for those who can send the music is morally neutral or morally irrelevant in order to know whether the problem is a real problem we have to know whether what or what we say has changed the church if his phrases exaggerated or inaccurate there's no problem we should get on the more important matters and maybe the church and worship shouldn't be so synonymous that there's even a connection between his title and subtitle selling worship how what we say has changed the church I have Mozilla because he puts them together in a way that he sees them as at least connected and I believe indeed what we sing at the eleven o'clock hour and other hours when we get together does have an impact on what the church becomes has what people are singing has four people have been singing changed the nature of the experience of the church and worship I want to be careful not to rest things out of their context but I wish to share with you four sentences from the introduction of his book the first one the culture of selling has begun to influence the culture and practice of the church I should point out in all fairness the Israel United Kingdom where apparently the contemporary worship music scene has been even more pronounced than in this country but his perception is that the culture of selling has begun to influence the culture and practice of the church beyond that he says the shifting patterns in metaphor and imagery common in worship songs reveal a gradual theological development the observation of the theology of the church is being changed through the songs that we sing is very significant if we had to this the realization of the changing patterns in theology are related to the way that popular music markets and sells itself as an important and perhaps less than positive observations can begin to be made one approach to our singing influences the church may come from the writings of line a lady who suggests that the content and purpose of fumes individually may be described as all objective subjective or reflexive object 's hymns are doctrinal or then there is some particular biblical experience they state some facet of truth about God in a straightforward way that Bouygues is on scriptural evidence about our maker newsworthiness immortal invisible God only wise that's an objective in that is about going subjective humans introduce a strong mixture of the worshipers personal experience they talk about me they talk about how my life has been changed or how I responded in commitment to what God has done in general those two categories are pretty much the same thing as the difference between humans and gospel songs a distinction which of Minneapolis I had time to go into I haven't had a chance to hear gospel songs have to do with telling others about what the gospel good for me humans have to do with explaining to go on how much I appreciate who he is ascribing the worthiness of his characteristics the reflexes him on the other hand is a hint about my singing for him about my own worship itself rather than even my experience those of us who have a great controversy understanding of the basis for responding to the subjective feelings a strong theological content God is supreme he is worthy of honor and praise his actions as they relate to the human family should be kept alive and fresh are experienced as a touchstone by which to evaluate our own experience the gospel song is a subjective genre and it focuses on how individual has responded what has God 's grace done for me however I been changed by how does it make me feel to honor extent feelings matter and they do what is illegally to believe what my beliefs lead me to do if there are warm fuzzies in our worship there to be found in the gospel self-interest since I come to the garden alone while the dew is still on the residence about me that's about it I gone but from my point of view that's a nice warm fuzzies kind of song we sing at that way and I'm not saying we shouldn't but we should recognize what it is it is not a here to go there's also a place here for an expression of my commitment I will follow the lifesaver were sore my lock lady of the gospel song it's a good one we should say that we should make a commitment but that is not a hymn of praise even here there can be trouble afoot that was the one puts in his book with contemporary songs the desire to sing songs to God about me rather than my singing about God has tended toward a lack of interest in the traditional theological content of your war of the songs in some cases the songs have very little specifically gospel content instead they speak about what is happening between the worshiper and gone at that moment we forget to our own great peril the revealed truth is given so that we will have a validating touchstone by which to try the spirits and that's the cloud the nation as you know try the spirits whether they be of God not every spirit in the world is loyal to the other I think you know that as we minister most rising passion that Lucifer has is to be worshiped it behooves us to be very sure that our experience with the spirit in worship is in harmony with what the word of God cents is a sweet sweet spirit in this place leasing is nice I seem to recall Jesus saying that when the spirit of truth came he would reprove the world of sin of righteousness and of judgment that the world would not be able to receive him throughout John fourteen and fifteen the spirit is constantly presented as the Spirit of truth a comforter yes a counselor also his comfort witness into the forgiveness given to us is certainly sweet but his presence implies a lot more than just having a sweet expression on each face the reflexive song is a song about worship itself and more candidly expresses concern for the ten about the trend toward using more reflexive lyrics and fewer theological lyrics he reviews three recent examples of reflexive songs all of which he personally likes all of which is used none of which incidentally I have no pesticide point is comment regarding the first one quote if the course did not use the word Jesus it would be hard to identify any specifically Christian content in the song in fact the theological content relies on the worshiper filling in the gap 's furthermore he says charismatic worship is tended to focus on the work of the Spirit or the ascended Lord in a reflection of him we are generally singing about a disembodied you in focusing on singing songs to God there is a danger that we leave open the question which God are we singing as part of the movement which has been thirty told that in the last days receiving spiritual move widely under your you will visibly religious in the world is more than worth our while to be sure that the spirit and I'm writing this with a small S in whose company we saying is the spirit and not as a S whose allegiance we should keep who should have our allegiance regarding the third of those reflexive songs that bothers him having quoted line from the song claiming the heart of worship is all about you Jesus he says very few of the songs are really all about Jesus in fact many of the songs are not really about Jesus at all rather they are all about the worshiper and the experience in worship in other words the songs lay themselves open to the criticism that they have replaced the content of the Christian experience of Christian gospel with human experience through that again so I get straight the songs lay themselves open to the criticism that they have replaced the content of the Christian gospel with human experience instead of worshiping Jesus they give the impression that we are worshiping worship if those observations are true to what we say and does have the power to change the church what we choose to fill our minds aroused with is both indicative of what we believe and it is also formative about what we will believe now spend the rest of this time in what is going to be less obviously and ordered direction I hope there's been a fairly logical direction to the two previous hours the sun I'm going to give up and letting them to try because there are several things that I know ought to be addressed and they don't make a nice straight line so if you're willing I would like you to think in terms of the traditional free Association bubble and idea here and this is related to it and this is related to this is related to the grasping in the trace a really nice straight line around the outside number one Marvin on again quote it is important that congregations do all they can to counteract the present ID that we must do all we can to make worship easy for those who come so that they'll come back again if a letter is a very strong temptation we must do all we can to counteract the idea that we must make worship easy so that those who come will come back again the best way to ensure they will come back is to give them such a rich vision of God with such warm hospitality that they realize God is exactly who they need the most obviously holy time of my day is the time I spend my personal devotions right seeking learned from Scripture what God wants to teach me pledging myself to him maybe that's just the most obviously holy time of my daily that really is the most holy time of my day similarly when a ragtag company of believers ransomed people whether their seven over seven thousand of them I don't care what a ragtag company of believers which is what we all are with all their seeming incompatibilities of temperament experience unevenness of character when that group of believers response to the invitation of the great ruler of the universe and comes to offer corporate homage and worship to him is that not the most obviously holding time for that company indeed probably actually the holiest time for that company believers for that church does any outsider have any right to control what happens during most holy time for the group of people I hope the answer is obvious no outsider has a right to tell us what goes on during that holiest time of our experience as church that belongs to God and to those of us inside no passage in the Scriptures as worship of God in order to attract the unbeliever is nothing rather in countless tax we are commanded invited urged me to worship God because God is worthy of our pre- chorus John Blanchard was it in all the Old Testament references there is not one instance of music being used to help communicate Judaism to be there is no record of the Israelites organizing the Jewish religious folk Festival to try to convert the Hittites advice Jebusites are a lot like kites is even more significantly there is no reference in the New Testament to the early church using music to reach non-Christians with the gospel all the references are to the church at worship there are no references to the use of music in evangelism of us intriguing notion that I would like you to consider the implications of what is now frequently referred to as the seeker driven service to whatever extent the church body or its leaders flavor or modify their most intense and most effective worship practices in order to try to appeal to the nonbeliever to exactly the extent they have yielded the control of their holiest moment to somebody who knows the least about scary consider a very crude illustration here the fact that I knowledge that I know very very little about tennis particular the house scores run this is a rather complicated procedure assuming you are tennis expert I might ask you to play games in the heart of this thing happen and you wanting sieges of activities you can offer to buy us both tickets to the tournaments even telling play-by-play as things go on what's happening I'm delighted the only avoided that you pick me up he drives across town to soccer stadium for the duration about you give me really good descriptions of what's going on and I learned a whole lot about soccer when I complained that wasn't really what I asked for you shrug a single tennis is really pretty demanding I didn't think you were ready for it yet resides in soccer there so many more people playing in the action as it is lot more exciting I thought you'd enjoy it more am I happy when I construct my worship experiences of fine work of entertainment in order that my neighbor will not find anything offensive there and maybe we'll come back to I have children's soccer not tennis I have shown in elegant appealing spectacle I have not shown him worship indeed what I have done actually is to turn my worship toward the unbeliever forcefulness it says one of the subtlest ways of flattering man is to communicate the gospel in a way he wants rather than the way he needs Marva Dawn observes when she asks what people want at church she gets a totally different answer than if she asks the same people what is appropriate for church Neil postman says it so well I believe I'm not mistaken in saying that Christianity is a demanding and serious religion when it is delivered as easy and amusing it is another kind of religion altogether is it possible that one reason I'm so anxious not to offend my neighbor by anything my church is that I have forgotten how to be offended myself as I bring my meager pitiful disciples shift before the scrutiny of Almighty God even when I know that God is also likely passionate tender loving father is a great paragraph by the early twentieth century preacher nearest liquor when I say his name but I have to sell you anyway his name is Arthur Dawson okay he writes this insensibility of ours is a bad symptom for one thing implies we have no spiritual ambition else we should not be satisfied with such poor lives we cannot have thought out the fact of Jesus Christ and how it may surely he has raised the standard will you hang your wretched dogs beside the works of Titian and Michelangelo cannot be shamed by the enormous contrast with you stand back and say we satisfy there is great original thinking this face to face with Jesus Christ and be content with what you are I believe really want to know what happens in my church on Sabbath morning anyway other than mere curiosity or maybe having to fulfill a school assignment the most likely reason is set forth again by gossip in the marvelous passage they are in the New Testament we blunder in on Christ and find him on his needs and wants at least air we can escape cannot overhear him treating our name neither pray I for these alone that is for Peter and John and the rest but for those who will believe through this that is for you any the Lord Christ is praying for you and what isn't he asks for us that we be given such a spirit of unity and brother Innes and Christ likeness that people coming upon us will look at us in and then from us to Jesus peace seeking the explanation of awesome there like to expand on that premise because I think it is crucial in a world bread that is young people feel increasingly comfortable watching whatever movies the rest of the people are watching for in whatever fashion 's other young people are wearing playing whatever video games other young people are eroding their time their adrenaline on market on once more worship is not of interest to our unchurched neighbors also much because of its style or substance but because they don't see that those who regularly participate in it aren't any different from anybody else Ellen White said longtime friend marveled on this Christ's followers are to seek to improve the moral tone of the world under the influence of the impartation the Spirit of God they are not to come down to the world 's level thinking that by doing this they will uplift inwards in dress in spirit in everything there is to be a marked distinction between Christians and worldliness this distinction has a convincing influence upon world things notice what it is that has a convincing influence upon worldly it is not our likeness to them it is not our ability to do what they do it is our principal difference from we have for a very long time trying to convince ourselves that by closing our distinctiveness in the garb of the count culture around us we would somehow have a greater and more favorable influence in the world have we not we have tried to do what the world is doing so that we know they will know that we care about them and it really like them so why should they bother with what else matters to us in doing so we have thrown away the very single and serving Celsus would have the most telling and our associations with those around us this is rocket science high have no excuse this time and excuse less than I said in my last lecture if I have a little more time the more money I would've bought a dozen tennis balls you let nice Day-Glo yellow sort of color will happen in a plastic bag in the other half dozen other plastic bag along with one nice bright blue racquetball ball and I show you this bag and I say which body and notice that she was diagnosed they wish both you notice is the one that's different one is different catches your attention if they're all the same so that's the first model of a liberty the notion of a celebration service strikes me as a very strange notion for a group of people who've honestly accept the fact that we are the church of latency I went back to Revelation two and three and you know what I don't find much in the Laodicean message to celebrate I really don't the Ephesus message highlights their works their toil in their patient endurance as well as the fact that a part of their first love letter to see his works on the other hand a subtype of God can stand those at Smyrna are identified by tribulation and poverty but you are rich it says slider and suffering also the legacy of most of her riches and prosperity not knowing that she is wretched and pitiable poor blind and naked tuberculous given the recognition of helping fat holding fast God 's name to five tyrant and acknowledgment of love and faith and service and patient endurance Sardis 's data needs to be awakened me to see is not dead legacy is just the law Philadelphia's twice described as having kept God 's word of patient world 's legacy is lifestyle doesn't cherish patient anything Laodicea lives in a world of instant gratification even if her riches and prosperity have been bought with plastic and we paid for seventeen nine nine percent interest fortunately the rebukes DeLay to see you are also supreme evidences of God 's love those whom I love I reprove and chasing but the call is not for celebration the cause for zealous repentance the time will come soon enough reading together a fellowship in together even raining on the throne with Jesus Christ himself but that promises only given to him who conquers does it really make sense to contrive an upbeat driving service complete with all the trappings of our contemporary culture at the risk of missing the knock at the door when he knocks at the door it is not a given that anyone will hear his voice and open the door he says if someone feels a little too close to the Masters question when the Son of Man comes will he find faith on the earth bubble over three something a little longer Ms. got a fun I saw this one out to six probably quite a lot of you I've got it for many many places over the years have a significant question about the matter of sacred and secular as it relates to church music in the past Martin Luther supposed to send why should the Devil have all the good tunes how many of your card have heard that somewhere okay I thought so thank you I feel better now it is also freely asserted that he is barred to use an adapted them for church use by putting in sacred words in a sanctified them for his parishioners use I think we need to talk about and I would recommend if you want a fuller treatment of the subject that you get the book by Paul Jones it's in your bibliography there simulating worship excellent excellent volume there's a bit of a summary there are three aspects of these this question I think we need to look at the other one is the matter of Martin's Luther now I have to give you a quick lesson in musical form to make this one clear you know you were here for a form lesson that we can they get work I think that in your handout you will find a familiar Martin Luther to find guessing you've also know mighty fortress sometime another in your life that you haven't there on your pages should be number five hundred and sixty be the front side of the third sheets hung on the state 's biggest one so engrossing first stanza through at least to get it in her mind telling the segment mainly on and on and on and on a measures Colorado Gibson was again to come back to where those are still issues we might call in a motive and it comes back again down here right about the music in the second pair of measures are at the end of the line the on on on on on on on on on Saturday and it does are is here also here also again fallen back on hinges curious so I haven't had a end of the have in the same area and the same we want to identify more units for still our ancient photo likening else no selling any awesome vocalizing on nothing to her as well as elegant nails really okay is crafting our great nothing doing else and armed with cruel hate totally unlike anything else and it would get this one back again it happened down there than I said you see how the diagram shows how the music that you works that will summarize this new summarizes on making this in a use of the handle rest of this together down here which is different visiting that access to the that particular musical structure that particular form goes back a very long ways in music history goes back only to ancient Greece it occurs in plainsong it occurs frequently in the secular songs of the Middle Ages particular the Meistersinger 's and it hasn't me to the name of that for Ms. are for delivery is barred to heated back and because of this little tweaking of the English vocabulary we have all of a sudden come up with a major problem are we going to do something areas as far as is presently known only once did Luther take a second or two and set sacred words to it him a couple of years he was so embarrassed by the associations that he wrote another to go with a set of words and in the next publication is in the substitution was made visitors publisher agreed within the government of the one that was what remained Martin Luther used margins he was using bar form two Krause Luther wrote practically for the church is in that form we have perhaps a dozen or so an article that match that for end of our form is a perfectly legitimate thing by itself it has nothing to do with the Tavern or the club so we get a loser off the hook that time around the use is a use bar form tunes I use our students are one down up up at the Devil has told good quotes to know what nobody has yet found anywhere in Martin Luther 's writings and there are those who looked his author the fact is that Albert Schweitzer the great humanitarian it was a medical doctor and a very fine musical scholar attributed it to Luther he probably thought that's where I was as always that Satan saying is been blamed on Isaac Watts is inflamed on both John and Charles Wesley it was blamed on July thirty five disobedience at once his name was Roland Hill and he lived in seventeen forty four to eighteen thirty three and he was so concerned about the need for good to see in the church that he himself compiled and published five collections of Psalms and hymns three of which were specifically for children so yet a burden to do something about the devil having all religions and Wesley and lots and Luther are all off the hook there is however an interesting angle to that because even if Mark had said he didn't say what you thought he said he will send what you saw he has a pussy how might it have a single because losers regally referred to the papal church is the double so he really would have been saying this license Roman Catholic Church with all that marvelous plainsong have all the fun stuff of that changes its nature and it doesn't not only did he replace the ones in the borrowed as he was afraid parishioners would be distracted with his secular associations he also took many of his corrals and arrange them before nice for voice settings we've lost out on some of the social singing they used to be common it was not at all uncommon after a meal for Salida Colorado passout part books and the people would have time to sit down and sing together now I invite you to think your way through that is the same as giving giving the tenors just the tenor part same like you get just the saxophone part and then giving the office just image you can sing your part off just the part is given to you now that's a better musical security most of us when it comes to reading critically when you have breasts that don't line up with somebody else's writing is so complicated after what he said specifically I want to attract the youth who should and must be trained in music and other fine arts I wanted to attract them away from love songs and current pieces given submittals and learn so he scored his chorales which normally would been sung simply as a unison tuning church for four-part settings interesting just because they love their offloads anyway letter but he also answers no Charles and John Leslie from time to time took dance Hall days ago sacred words to the use of their outdoor evangelistic meetings as far as I know they did not find these in their worship services provided belabor that point deliver another point instead which I think is more important that your mother really never ever say to you just because of her health is doing it doesn't make it right we would love to excuse our wanting to use secular music in church because so-and-so didn't have Martin Luther didn't and will by no essays presenting it right was that necessarily the best thing my sister and I didn't strengthen the church in the way the church needed strengthening idol claim to give you an absolute yes on absolute no but I have to ask you to ask a question that does not justify what we would like a little before as I suggested in the last hour the Christian church has a responsibility to evaluate and when necessary pass judgment on the culture of the world in which it exists I would like to reinforce that by paragraph from Bernard Giddings Dell should find rather interesting written in nineteen forty five I don't think you have things changed that much since as will the church thinks and says what influence does that have on the handling of American politics the conduct of American education the regulation of marriage and divorce sex and drink on how industrial disputes are settled on how we carry on business as a plain matter-of-fact religion in this country is generally regarded as a tolerated pastime for such people as happened like to indulge in occasional godly exercises a strictly private matter in increasingly close-knit and socially acting society in other words is something that does not count I would like to see the church recognize that it has been pushed into the realm of the nonessentials I would like to persuade the fight like fury for the right and the duty to bring every act of America and Americans before the our postjudgment Christian leaders are making valiant claim to such a writing duty but the great mass of church members are content to regard the church is a conglomerate of private culture clubs nice for christenings weddings funerals most church members readily agree with the unchurched majority that it is not the proper business of the church to criticize America or Americans that's also a little scary bubble over five two quick sentences from great controversy page five oh nine conformity to worldly customs converts the church to the world it never converts the world to Christ familiarity with sin will inevitably cause it to appear less repulsive conformity to worldly customs converts the church to the world it never converts the world to Christ and missionary book of the year which was published somewhere around nineteen sixty one over George Van and unfocused plot in rebellion related a conversation which took place while he was accompanying a group of Adventist young people on a study tour in the valleys and mountains of northern Italy from this point on I'm quoting from his book then this Waldensian elder unladen in the church said with conviction this is our great heritage of the past but we really do not have any future we have given up the teachings in which we once believed we no longer believe that Jesus will soon come in the clouds of heaven disbelief we have abandoned from all that I can observe from what I have heard about your people you must now carry out people in nearby mountain by the way when the orcs was over there couple years ago and just be aborted leachate to see one of these will mention Kaplan swappable mentioned churches one of the schools from which these people White House having memorized the book of John before they went and having copied at a stone table portions of Scripture which they could hide in their garments hands if you look at your mountainside he will see what a normal dungeon chapels you'll notice on this chapel has on all our chapels these words and the light shyness in darkness no more appropriate passage Raymond says good of being inscribed on these chapels were light shone out to the dark centuries of the past but he added during the past years in these valleys so filled with sacred history we have no longer the vision we once had we have tried vainly to hold our young people in the church beside these chapels where it is written the light shines in darkness we have built dance halls thinking that in this way we might be able to hold our young people now they seem to have no more interest in your love for the church their interest now is down the bright lights of the big cities no longer do they want to remain here one American notice that your church still has young people who are interested in coming up there to our value in studying the history we love so much but that is all in the past now the sad thing is that we are not moving forward with courage for the future you must carry on and I ask you young people is that the testimony you want read over what's left of your church forty five years from now or ten years from now or a hundred years from now does it really make sense to go the Waldenses one letter and not Bill dance halls next to our churches we just bring the dance band into the house of worship the sounds of praise and worship team imitate as closely as they dare or as closely as they can afford to the sounds of the disco we are not going to convert the world to the church we will convert the church to the world would like to conclude by introducing you to a most remarkable man his name was Martin Rickert I could've cobbled together an account of his experience but I think it's better if I just read to you from Julian 's dictionary technology himself is quoting from the earlier source and this is the story of the last part of the life of Martin Rinker to have a reason for this quote the greater part of records professional life was passed amid the horrors of the thirty years that historians recognize the term the thirty years war sixteen eighteen to sixteen forty eight a religious war basically which totally wipe out much of Europe particularly Germany Island bird being a walled town became a refuge for fugitive small around and being so overcrowded not unnaturally suffered from pestilence and famine during the great assets of sixteen thirty seven the superintendent went away for a change of air and could not be persuaded to return on August seven rendered had to officiate at the funerals of two of the town clergy and two had to leave their livings in the country livings apparently that timeless of this kind of the parish arrangement it had to do with religious leadership regard to us for some time was the only clergyman in the place and often read the funeral service over forty to fifty persons a day in all over about four thousand four hundred and eighty at last the refugee him buried in trenches without service during the whole epidemic some eight thousand persons died including records first wife who died on May eight sixteen thirty seven the next year he had an epidemic of marriages to encounter at himself fell a victim on June twenty four immediately thereafter get the most severe famine during which records resources restrained to the uttermost to help his people twice also he save on inverting the Swedes was the beginning of sixteen thirty seven and again in sixteen thirty nine unfortunately the services he rendered to the place seem to evade those in authority the more ungrateful and by the time the long looked for peace came on October twenty four sixteen forty eight he was a worn-out and prematurely aged man good people we have only one hand in the Adventist syllabi this man seems deliberate around the year sixteen thirty six but the war dragged on for some eighteen years already obviously he could not foresee the horrors of the next twelve years but what is suffered already was terrible enough what kind of in music and then would write who has been through what he had been through you have in your hand up I would like us to say now thank we all are gone with hardened hands and voices who wondrous things have done it to his world rejoices eighteen years into a bitter battle over her mother 's arms have blessed us on our way with countless gifts of love and still is ours today rule hey all all I is will him all to him and for him to live in a no is a gentleman I do not mean to insult a contemporary artist of any stripe but I have to tell you that I have the option of choosing between singing such a hearing by such a man forcing the popular style solved by a twenty first century Nashville contemporary singer smiles contentedly all the way to the bank with the royalties in the last platinum single I know where I'm going to look from the indices in use are not boring humans are not yucky feelings are the voice of the church at worship Jim's deserve to be our study our meet our focus in our language I'm not telling anybody here want to listen to it home or at work or school six days a week I think it's a related subject but it's a different subject but in our corporate worship S mutually learn and be edified by the strong theological meet of real hints whether they come from the second century the twelfth century with the twenty first century let us revitalize our worship by singing the true worth of the God who made us who has saved us who loves us with an intensity far beyond the feel-good show me love which cheapens our awareness of what grace really means me the faith of our fathers sung with boldness and confidence and bolster us in our daily experience our weekly experience and ground us in his nationalists and incomprehensible greatness father in heaven we are yours you have made us for your own pleasure you have enriched us with gifts from our mother 's arms we do not know how much we owe to you we live in a pleasant place we live our religion does not cost us heavily that will change we waited while we have the opportunity we will store our minds and our soul what's with the reassurances and the challenges and the understandings which serious worship can bring to us thank you for accepting our worship for allowing our worship and for enabling our worship in Jesus


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