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The Practical Method of Bible Study

Chester Clark III


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator




  • January 19, 2008
    1:30 PM
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has been improving on this artificially why I think wealth not why it's a little bit of interesting confirmation of why I think studying your Bible so important many of you ever heard of mega- churches mega- churches the finest Church of England 's five thousand fifteen thousand members are more in my congregation out of the five gymnastics now category three fifteen and thirty thousand members that the sort of the mother of the mega churches as Willow Creek which is just outside Chicago now I'm many Christian nominations have been going to Willow Creek last twenty years learning how to do church how to minister to their communities as it were in an and grow their numbers popular alkaline were not quite started hitting me that this last summer I book was released which detailed a five-year multimillion dollar study that will be good on itself they were trying to figure out which programs because they're sort of a program driven church which of the programs which they offer their members with their members were drawn to which of them help them grow spiritually I'm not sure exactly how they qualified spiritual growth they had to do with loving and serving God loving serving people more you know it was a close one of their benchmark of five spiritual growth and out it's very interesting because while while the Christian world has been adopting will increase model because it grew the numbers Willow Creek self analysis revealed that the programs that they were focusing on were not helping people grow spiritually yet given some credit for being honest about it but at the senior pastor Bill Hubble actually says this and is quoted in Christianity today sons Ganesh Mister Arenas to you he says we made a mistake some of the stuff that we put of millions of dollars into thinking it would really help our people grow and develop spiritually when the data actually came back it wasn't helping people that much other thing that we didn't put that much money into and didn't put my staff against his stuff our people are crying out for now we know our view with movable grating on some of the blood money into other programs in clubs and small groups organizations the notice what he says is the senior pastor says they should've done what we should have done when people cross the line of faith and became Christians we should of started telling people and teaching people that they have to take responsibility to become self theaters we should of gotten people talk people how to read their Bible between services interesting how to do this spiritual practices more aggressively on their own in other words what will treat discomfort from a multiyear multimillion dollar study analysis is reading your Bible and pray helps you grow spiritually more than the popular programs and having church is under review to those of us who've gone trying to imitate in duplicate when really we have had to answer all lossless is adaptively that's not to say that is not to say that a program that encourages independent Bible study prayer and real spiritual growth is going to necessarily attract hundreds and thousands of people have it which is better out of pocket the church with lots of people going buddy even their own analysis says they're not really being helped spiritually rather smaller church where people actually growing the Lord I think the growth of the smaller would be effective than typical and history that the majority are not really that interested in the religion of Jesus let's chat with you because I thought I'd is very fascinating that the Christian world has discovered that Bible study and prayer and witnessing are Keys to spiritual growth and on the foot that's what the CYC is sort of all dollars about how to grow spiritually we do that by Bible study prayer and outreach with what's going begin the stars from Earth prayer father in heaven we are grateful that you called us here we thank you that we can come to this quiet place and we can study and learn how to better study your word as we spend the next few minutes talking about some principles and basic habits perhaps some methods of my will study the praise of the material that we share possibly think would would be beneficial I pray your spirit be here to guide our hearts and to lead us into a close walk with you we thank you for this these gifts in Jesus name our first talk about first talk about why we have devotions or why we spend time in Bible study there there are many reasons I supposedly good if you know it might be helpful if those of you who were sitting in the section could just move to that side so people come in thank you very much then you could the naked to have a seat of the more comfortably why why do we have Bible study why do we spend time and personal devotions I suppose I suppose I had a I suppose if you are out if you are a person who is seeking for truth France is in your life there would be some really personal very practical reasons the one of finances find peaceful and joyful and happiness that the young person I cannot grow bananas church and so I wasn't really trying to I identify myself challenges for what I believe that in really I didn't really come up against in all a brick wall whereas the bottom of the barrel and I had nowhere to look that up I didn't really come into a position where I I I downloaded to my doctrines and so the question needed I asked myself was why should I say the Bible why do I say the Bible it is to have the nation formulation form is there good reason for I can tell you that for some of us especially new Adventists or those who didn't grow up in that this fate what happens is when you when you go through an experience like that Jeffrey described this morning where you you come into contact with Bible true doctrinal truth like prophecy and stay to the dad and the sad and always what it will regulate why yes as of late because really really siding where your site while in your your your goal is to go out and share it with people because this is his revolutionary people know that they need to know this right is a win-win year that when you're in that environment you even really do DNS thirst for Bible study but you know what every new Adventist of time lastly comes in all that is not saying and it gave comes a point where even a new Adventist is tempted to show was a lose their first love it is as if they reach a plateau of spiritual knowledge they know the document of the Sabbath another stated that in a sanctuary they know all of these things one while they share with others and there's a temptation in this sort of knees off of the of the intensity may be a Bible study and meeting rooms some of the fervor that comes when you're discovering truth so as I examine my own life and as I've watched new add venison being involved in evangelism the last I've had the privilege of seeing many many new evidence and have that excitement in that fervor and that thirst for the Scriptures the question is what can keep you what what's going at once and keep thy life I come to the conclusion that we need to have clear in our minds what our purpose for personal devotions really is and so I'm just share with you what I concluded from my own experience and I I present that to you is something for you to pray about that what about in your own life and younger Bush life I concluded that the purpose for me having devotions on a daily basis is not for me to learn my doctrines that it's not for me to learn something that I can convince somebody else with the purpose for me having my devotions first and foremost is that I might have a walk with Jesus for that day when I say that I want to back up just a bit and nine it was near this is not a seminar in such a rheology or salvation were not talking about primarily about what it means to be saved or how to be saved but Isaiah understand either two things primarily intellectually that I need to be cognizant of aware of every single day in order for me to have a consistent Christian life one is the character of God 's love for me his faithfulness is compassion his patients his unconditional love number two is my need of him they can have the first of November second I have almost become little and relevant irrelevant because I I become confident in myself I become comfortable with the status quo I'm anatomist I'm a vegetarian I know I will and I Wetherington or whatever it is I become comfortable in the status quo and the only way that I know to consistently cooperate with the Holy Spirit in helping him to show me my need is for me to spend time in the Bible that make sense the two things that I need intellectually to know and be aware of it had impressed upon my my reason on a daily basis one of the character of God second is ninety for him that I love about you but did you ever have those days where you wake up in the morning as Felix a final sometime during the last week that is so precious just like you don't want to tear yourself away from the word of God I wish I was like that every day that I will be honest of this doesn't discourage any of you from the listing the rest of this hour but I'll be honest I don't always feel that way I don't always feel like I just can't wait to roll out of bed and pray someday like I know I it just doesn't come to me that way I wake up in something else is on my mind summing is on my heart convenience of the burdens of the chairs of distractions or I get a phone call or something takes me wait and I don't even feel any great need to break there is a pastor many years ago that were not having enough that also a few years ago as a pastor said something that I really I really really sore stop in my tracks he said you know we need to pray when we feel a need to pray but we also need to pray when we don't feel a need to pray he said ultimately we need to pray until we feel him me to pray how while that's what devotions are for devotions are to tell me in the morning remind me of my my weakness and God 's strength is reminded to remind me that I need to keep depending upon him that I am nothing and he is everything that he is the often nominated again in the first philosophy often finisher he Jesus is my only hope today and only when I have that reminder only when I have that reminder tonight every day can I live a consistent Christian life as otherwise as this is my own experience you can take it for what it's worth my own experiences that if I don't have any reminder what happens is I become complacent I become self-confident and I go throughout my day thinking I can do it all right in the double backs off and he gives us freedom room to go ahead and do things our own for a while and once we become pretty much self assured and disconnected the income this temptation and income discouragement and I fail than I said the wrong thing done the wrong thing and I will I never learned the secret for me at least is it every day allow the Lord to show me my great need to spend time with him he can teach me what I need to know that they soak my first point I want to make this afternoon is that we have devotions not to be able to prove the Bible to not to be able to prove that this message true I have devotions because I need to know for myself this day what my need for the Savior 's annual that doesn't matter it doesn't matter whether you knew that Minister Olga is the same as a view if you're in that new first love experience in your really thirsty and eating up the Bible praise the Lord for that insatiable desire for four for facts and figures and Bible doctrinal truths into realization of the need every day for an awareness of your own heart and if you're not a nut first love you can recover by spending time with the Lord and in his words so are we talking about a couple of things here and were going to be looking at some of some methods that can be used to run through a couple of things that that can be shall I say they could be ideas needed to jumpstart your devotions or to help you get some variety perhaps it is Monday and are boring I'm going to go through some questions that you can ask that will help you think about what you're reading have you ever gotten up in the morning and read when you finish reading to know what you read and I've done that in there and done and so I'm going to talk about that I'm going to be talking about some of them just so my personal experiences and maybe others understand talk I miss into a couple of things to get them out of the way just sure couple of ideas that really get into the ring core that is how to sort of dig into the passage or how to how to ask questions and and I get the most out of your Bible study okay so I'm in and give me some ideas on how to get them to you with a one-hour presentation as much as I want to cover without misgivings are visible in list they may not seem connected but I'm doing some ideas okay first of all if you don't really know where to read where to study only give me some ideas I have found it very helpful to read the Bible of Bible passage with the spirit of prophecy nearby or in parallel as a commentary gate so how do you do that I would recommend I personally believe a strong instead of prophecy is a great gift to God 's church building is replace the Bible but I believe it helps me understand the Bible rightly used helped me appreciate the Bible warns well but what happened what I like to do and I tell my students don't don't use other non- inspired books for your devotions there may be good Christian books out there that's great when you are studying for your devotions you need to know that you have a really indirect connection between you and have you shouldn't be having to say when you read something in the morning for personal devotions on is that truer is not understand everything else that I'm not confident is inspired I have to be testing improving and my devotions really is an ideal time for that I need to be how allowing God to open access to my heart thing will it says that I may not like it I agree with it but that's inspired I've got it open it up and listen to it that's her left flank or just use by the boxing out encourage you if your soda that Ground Zero I would encourage you to take the conference they just series utilizes you read ten pages of a confident the ages series of standards and profits prophets kings that it is exit possibly controversy if you read ten pages of those five books every day you will maybe morning and evening and morning and evening he will finish all five books in one year and a dozen computers is that many really and you can even put on ABC and they have all five books SS obsesses us a blessing in one little paper speech soft back binding you can take it when you travel I carry everywhere I go as of ten pages a day this is what I do when I'm what I have no other relevant interest that I'm studying if I disorder have a default plan if they go to where I left off in the coffee lady series and I began reading those ten pages and as I'm reading those ten pages those those that story is about some passage in the Bible right and so I'll read that passage in the Bible and I don't mean to ten pages in the spirit of prophecy and all cross reference the tube in other words when I read the verse in the end in the spirit of prophecy and I say wow immunoassay where in the Bible as from all think I'm wondering find that verse on get out my concordance don't try to reward his and then I'll write in the margins must be brought to book the reference that she eluded to what that does for me is is not only giving me an inspired amplified version of the passes are reading the Bible but it's helping me to learn not just that passage of the Bible better but as I'm cross-referencing my Bible to that passage I'm learning my whole Bible but is in a sense just an idea I'm not going to not going to dwell on that too much but the spirit of prophecy is a wonderful tool that I've used to help me get off of flat-footed start I guess you might see in my devotional experience sometimes we read the Bible just doesn't come alive when I relied on white commented about that Bible story that applications my personal life become very plain very apparent okay what I another thing that I've learned is that I have a problem is my personal experience you can you can perhaps learn from her he may have a different experience there's a more seats appear if you all would like to join coffee is given of this guitar I move my coat here we thank digital age okay and so we are very much accustomed to doing everything with some sort of a connection I often say I don't think very well without my computer printer it's hard for me even with a pen or pencil because I entitled assessing and right when I try to ride it is it is really bad I treated afterwards was actually my computer but I found is that when I plug my computer or get out of bed in the morning are going to have devotions reading up on my computer and what you think I see on my desktop I see something that I need to do an e-mail and respond to something I need to work on and is finishing a goat connection I wonder about the news or weather and before you know it I is Tony my own weakness I have had devotions I've been doing something else so I found a couple of things that can help one is great a different username on the shooter Asian login and just talking different settings and different everything and I can sometimes help but I've also done and this is my my my study what I've done is I've set up my computer on one desk and I have a desk that you thank you clean there with my back like where I have my devotion that allows me if I need to use my computer to look something up I can I can use it by my study is with the title out again you heal work out what works with you but if you want consistent devotions you have to do something like we really been learning this week was a Jeffrey talking about action knows this is now this morning hi I'm idea and mix all the things I learn up in one blessing so anyway we hear and do something about it that shows that he really earnest about having emotions for me it means either staying away from my computer using a different username artist just putting my desk is separately so that I can have devotions okay I want one idea now let's move on from that into just some other principles another one that I had would like to encourage is that you take notes now if you travel a lot like I do you may end up having to adapt how you can announce whether it's on a computer is on the PalmPilot something that you can you can use most of the time I think it's helpful if you're starting a passage to reference your notes on a daily basis not so much chronologically as by the passage of your beauty take notes on looseleaf paper you can put them in binders and organize them by the passages that we could go back in thing in the passage again you can always call out those notes and look at those notes and see what you learned last time to start where you left off there's a there's a principle has more seats appear as a principal at the that I was taught in school I don't know how well I learned and applied it in all my teachers always try to get me to take notes your teachers like that the principle is something like this book but the dullest pencil is better than the sharpest mind and when I'm setting and I have a real insight into what I'm learning about in the Bible at that moment I am absolutely confident of one thing I'll never forget this is so special this is so special is is wow I mean I'll never forget this since I don't write it down and eighty two things you are almost guaranteed to have better recall number one write it down number two changing to somebody else and you'll keep it otherwise it's lost it's lost for long enough from the Holy Spirit is able to bring all these things back in Vermont Needham not done it down and teach someone about and then you remember what you learned it is another thing that I would like to just mention until it brings a little random by the way talking about my dependence on computers of this yesterday afternoon my computer crashed and so I've reconstructed my thoughts constructed new thoughts and I suppose Lord has a hand in everything but him if I'm a little disjointed to understand another important principle is to pray and talk about that in just a minute what I have often found is that I and my human understanding of Bible study and prayer have disjointed the two-for-one from the other I don't really think that's how God intended our devotions to be I don't think that I I know that that that the Lord did spent whole nights in prayer and the disciples did see Jesus pray and go to him and ask him to teach them to pray but there's nothing saying that when Jesus was kneeling during those nights he didn't have a scrolling from influencing conduct across even mentions at least to be good for us to study the Bible honor was at me what needs to me is when I'm studying the Bible instead of saying okay on the sacred being or not lessen his studies in your spirit on the stand point like that I study my Bible and have prayer and instead of that I really ought to be praying and talking to God through out my devotional time and what is as we move to the next point I'm going to I'm going to show you how that can be accomplished okay him and give you think that's an chalk here on getting an acronym address love acronyms and so on and give you another acronym that you can add to your year a repertoire this one it are there many I've even seen several for Bible study but then the acting and I'm going to give the right today is called escape okay and this sighting comes verse ten is ten thirteen says that no temptation taken you but such as is common to man God 's faithfulness of your detention of that year it will but will with the condition also make a way of escaping a be able to bear so someone came up with this acronym being in old the heating on God 's word which is one of his way to the states of that acronym stands for this and these are questions that you can ask yourself as you are reading any passive weathers the Bible is bitter prophecy where focusing on the Bible he escaped the date of the acronym stands for this is there an example for me to follow the adhering the passage gas is up because it varies then for me to avoid it is there a command for me to obey the only networking all right is there an action for me to take something for me to do right now is there I promise information claim is there an expression something we should tell the Lord or someone else that you find in that passage now this is easy because it is acronym once you learn and become familiar with it you can not to carry anything special with your doctor will have to be a handle heaven and a dictionary or anything else he does remember there are there are these questions these six questions that I'm going to ask as I need this passage no the beautiful thing is that I seen this is this not only gives me a reason to engage my mind when I'm sitting there's no not really reading disorder the eyes are going over the characters in the page this gives me something to engage my mind it also gives me something to engage the Lord with because not only can you ask your self these questions but in reality you can even ask Lord these questions that make sense so now instead of just instead of just is reading something and hoping Simmons jumps out at me and the Holy Spirit is able to foot if you don't wake me up in my slumber now I'm asking the Lord show me show me the examples that you given in the Scriptures that I can emulate I can be more like Shaw me this says that I need to avoid that I need to be aware of that browser even a mild heart that the pride and the resentment whatever it may be either weaknesses shown in a command that I need to donate actions I can take what I can do the date as I come out of this Bible study how I can live my life differently and and you'd be surprised when you when you ask God for specific things God is able to give specific answers he was the reason we have not is because we ask not the fact that his Bible truth my friends he wants specific answers to prayer as for specific things if you want to learn specific things in the Bible as others are specific things and eight you know the Holy Spirit is able to I we could take almost any passage in the Bible I just open it up and and start looking at it and start asking these questions and I don't I don't really chair however abstract remote or seemingly disconnected the passages from your life if you open your Bible and pray ask God to give you specific answers to these type of questions you'll do it she really will it may not be all of these questions all the time but has you as you study that passage and is you as you look at what the Bible saying you're going to find your undefined God speaking to you like you never had in speeches before and not is not an accident is not because this morning with the right mood not because this morning somehow God has happened to be wanting to bless you for favors from heaven because you asked when you ask God has permission to give and so I decided first floor for the sake of it I like to take a passage at night for us to thought of just reading together and try to ask these questions and that we prayed in the beginning the more people come into the Braden were opening the Bible and ask a study announced immediately wealth rested good and pray once more than fair assist our heads father we want to be in your will we want to understand your word and I just want to pray that now is the open its pages you would give us a sense of its holiness of our great need for use read tedious I pray this afternoon Jesus they laughed and oranges turned the start to show we mark chapter two March fifty two proceeding disciples on the Pharisees used a fast and they come in saying to him Jesus wanted a disciple of John the Pharisees fast but thy disciples fast not is evident in the children the bridegroom fast for the bridegroom is with them as long as they have the bridegroom with them they cannot fast weasel the bridegroom shall be taken away from them and then shall they fast in those days no man sows a new piece of new cloth and old garments else the new piece that sort of takes away from the old and the rent is made worse no man puts new wine into old bottles also the first models wine is spilled bottles remark that must be put into new bottles no my personal practice would be not to read that much before I stop and start asking some questions that just because were a group I thought it would go a little further we start asking these types of questions is an example from your fall wedding light enough the opposite is an example not to follow him both can be in path we think in this passage is there something that you can learn from the example of a character or churches that are detailed here question of Jesus the also the Pharisees right and we can stop and think about it you can also stop and start praying that the Lord is there something wait a minute the Jewish leaders you were trying to catch Jesus as their own spiritual private and realize they totally missed the point of fast and all their spiritual exercise the things they practiced the masculine what about me I manager comes out of every week safely I do this I news I decided that I like the Pharisees mean doing those things while missing the whole point was active wasn't immediately comes into my mind immediately it shows me that there's a danger in being a practicing Christian right is endangering a sometimes I can be doing all the right things but missing the whole point of actually like the Pharisees they were fighting Jesus instead of accepting this other thing that I can learn we go on down let's say is there a sin for me to avoid what is this passage teaching new wine in old bottles wet weather what is the sin of the mistake of putting new one no bottles spiritually speaking trying to take the truth of God into my life trying to simply improve who I am without entire transformation is visiting even having devotions you could think that having emotions units are like instigate the process of evolution and your disk and evolve into a better Christian new stuff good stuff and eventually like to be holy perfect something that does look under the new heart of creating new spirit within you are making the new creature old things vastly built all things new and when your new bottle then you can put new wine and wonderful guy with a force that I need when I study my Bible and the Holy Spirit speaking to harnessing Chester don't think they just reading your Bible Tennessee view of the relationship with me the good things you do fasting or reading the Bible whatever they're not going to see his knowing Jesus is having it miraculous conversion experiences in a perfect unconverted God sees me as perfect as long as concerned him I met on the accounts he will do the work in me fill me with that and give me new experience okay so is her promise to claim well I don't know we could we could spend more time looking that we probably better move on is there a command to take an action so forth if you read the rest of the passage which we won't take the time to write now you see Jesus on the Sabbath day going through in his disciples up in Cornyn and so forth there's a lot of things you can learn from this passage you see how it is read the passage you can read it in for five minutes and not really get a lot from it but if you think about it and I again I can't emphasize enough if you pray about the Holy Spirit will answer your prayers and teach you something that you need to know for that day from the passage is couple other questions that I'm going to and going to give you today that what I think the helpful i.e. I get him questions for this reason all of the tools of Bible study or method of Bible study that I could teach you would only be relevant if you learn how to ask questions and there's only so much we can do this afternoon as far as tools and I'm not going to teach Chinese records or lexicon or need those things but it you know how to ask questions you can be looking for some of those tools the finances of the questions that make sense you know if you know how to use it records know how to use a commentary no honey as a lexicon on all the rest of the wounded didn't even in the Bible you simply won't use them if you are asking questions because any read a passage in your content with a superficial reading of it your content mega saying will this is what it says and I never remember where that person is now you not really can use those other tools even if you have a negative disposal and so when I look more at some other questions that down then you can ask because every other method or tool that I could give you would only be used as useful as the question you can ask tools are only there to find answers to your questions so what the Middle East ten questions and honest start what does Verizon put a blank there is one of the main what does mean what is old models represent what what what is what is Jesus trying to say here that make sense what is this phrase mean now if you have that phrase and you asked that question guess what you're probably going to want to have some sort of a tool to find an answer and so that's where you look for a Bible dictionary any scholars only bruises booksellers if you can do it online your computer 's lawyers free programs of great Bible dictionaries if you want to invest a little bit I'd recommend it get a good Bible dictionary you have to have the full commentary series and the government is a good Bible dictionary going to a used bookstore blends old Windsor the ones that give you a lot of money getting a good Bible dictionary when you asked one of them he was all whiny little Bible dictionary or some sort of the Bible not concordance encyclopedia and you start learning about how they would they would harvest the grapes and they would press the grapes into juice and then we would make these sacks basically leather pouches especially when they traveled of how to carry the wine not to put if you put the wine and fresh wine into a use power when things can happen that one it's going to ferment very quickly because there's already the aged fermented wine residue in the bag that makes sense as so and so so like you don't mix your milk this week with those left from last week 's milk is and go sour and assist something we learned when when when you when you look in those tools like a Bible dictionary Wikipedia what you're doing is you're answering the question the vast right into your finding out what this old wine are her new bags or other containers is meant to meant to reveal what does what it does and then yet another blank tell us about David we look at the passage we just read what does the question that the Pharisees asked Jesus tells about them we think when they ask their why don't you disciples fast with itself what does it tell you about them nursing mother okay I miss the disciples are thought to have fun and there's a little bit of a pair of spiritual pride congrats is there any know were pretty conservative we sat you guys why don't your disciples fast does that give a little more insight into maybe a lesson I can learn from them talk about an example to them later to learn I asked the question why why does the soul what is the answer Jesus gave tell him tell us about him I have to question maybe maybe it is the next question come to my mind the disciples would they've been well served to a fasted by William hurt where the disciples were converted bread thoroughly beyond Jesus is so full of grace as Jesus could've blasted his own disciples they were converted by the way most of the crochet crochet not thoroughly blasphemous and well know one of these days do we converted Mister doing that to you I simply said a new fast during the wedding are you joyful meeting feasting wedding course weddings not for hours like this now whatever he wants the week after they leave afterwards over then you might be down fasting not eating but feast gave an answer that covered his disciples even with grace for the coming of Jesus is so compassionately e.g. really heat even when when when he when talking to Peter noticed you will flash this is also unique excuse he understands and knows our frame of the seven songs he remembers a robust test Thomas Ima Jean 's dozen but if we go on another question when where did this happen but where a win we could ask the circumstances circumstances of this occurrence taking place we do we can ask what nominate handwritings deteriorating as you can see what is a think or teach or believe sometimes is helpful for us to think about the people Jesus was addressing cool is he talking to her parents Jesus but in many of the New Testament writings it's a particular group of people sometimes Gentile sometimes people in particular environment we think about for example Paul's letter to Philippi the Philippians I love that letter is so full of optimism and hope and rejoicing enjoy me know when I asked this question is this passage addressed to it makes me make some of those passages come with even greater depth in my mind you think about rejoicing would always and again I say rejoice I have learned in whatsoever state I am therewith to be content you know of some foot is to divorce us all of all of these sort of wonderful expressions of joy in any circumstances and he asked the question who are they addressed to I can imagine that letter being read on Sabbath morning in Philippi I visited to apply for the first time last year and I saw the remnants of that tens than by the River where where the jailer was baptized when I asked that question who is his address to it it comes alive for me because I can just imagine a little church of believers maybe needing out by the river still with Lydia Soler purple and this letter came in from Paul to imagine excitement and enthusiasm and NSA reading this letter there's one man in the back of the audience that is especially saying yes yes amen rejoice large and always organizing the joys I can imagine the Philippian jailer found so much more meaning in that letter than almost anyone else did because he listened to Paul and Silas singing when the skin was being off their backs were locked in shackles on whites of their feet were raised about the fortunate there bears skinless backs were down in the dungeon smelly stinky filthy floor they were in pain and agony what were they doing they were sent and so when Paul wrote to the Philippians rejoice what always and I say rejoice it meant even one of them and that means us today because they had seen his life and action and what he was saying to them was don't be happy when you can't start the morning be happy even when you're giving your life when you're being debilitated and scarred for the rest your life because your faith when you're really suffering loss or pain still be happy to and so it makes it gives me a deeper understanding of what what was being said we get it we got the question why did this happen for why was this said when asked the question about the Pharisees why do they ask visiting is pretty clear at least in most cases it was pretty clear they were trying to trap Jesus right eight eight eight it could be we could we could ask the question who wrote this one were talking and especially in the New Testament Old Testament who wrote this that helps us understand we would look at his background help Paul Paul's writing something means of a little different than Peter writing something just that passage in Philippians that I is referred to minute ago where's as I've learned whatsoever state I am therewith to be content I've learned how to be humbled to be out of bounds right exalted to be abased for Paul to write that meant something quite different than for Peter to write that right 's fear was always humble fisherman you know something for something for me to say you know I've learned I learned how to report I've looked out of the no comfortable when I was always talking on and sometimes I happened to get an upgrade or something that has a thing for a person who is dealing up a tremendous amount of power prestige and wealth for the gospel to see isn't so when I rest the question who wrote this much is asking for me asking what their background is and what that adds to the meaning for my life today how can I apply this perhaps is the most important questions how can I apply this to my life no known life the complainer but sometimes we don't see yourselves complaining I read these things every all clippings angry I've learned that I know that those footprints to footings for all of things but when I read the things I asked Lord Houck applies my life I'm sometimes convicted and yelled by the way we asked these questions using these vital passages don't be surprised of the Lord answers your questions in ways you don't expect sometimes you'll say Lord how can I apply this passage my own life and later that day out of your devotions cannot go to group cannot speak you outside of devotional time I hope so right when we compartmentalize their life so drastically but later that day don't be surprised if you listening to a sermon you go to church or you have the worship or something else something and in that message comes out actually speaks directly to the question you ask about the more comparable but more surprising is he uses people who are preaching who may be annoying who may be the least spiritual in the world your world you'll even answer some questions I had had one student was last week I was on home one day and long listings on the and I use jetlagged coming from overseas and so I was so not as functional as I would like to then and so I finished the day is like six o'clock and had to go to a meeting of walking on a sidewalk and on my students was there I said man I can get half the things done today that I wanted to get done out in my mind honestly I wasn't trying to complain but I I have my students and to me what you know maybe you should save it positively is you can get half the things done you want to get done today now the glass half-empty or half-full thing that all great and so we had a little discussion this end and that I think the consensus that we came to before we got to my meeting was I just shouldn't say anything at all and him and began to sound like a complaint as a people God will use people to reveal answers to the questions you asked in the morning and emotions in your asking questions like an accident waiting on asking questions and asking him those questions then it's going to be harder for him to speak to you not in that manner now I am a couple of things that I would I would just like to service and with that might be helpful I cannot emphasize enough this habit of asking questions if you want to make your own list real and acronyms that's fine to give you the idea don't you all are sharp people you can figure out if you have a series of questions that this type of a manner explores more the meaning of the passage what you can find is that you not only engage your mind while you're reading but all of a sudden start to feel a need for some additional tools Summit talk to Justin last couple minutes about some tools that can be helpful for your Bible study a good Bible is important of course and an again while I have appreciation for the digital age and I have Bible and everything electronically think about that can I there is nothing that can replace an actual Bible for you to study I really believe that I'm I'm not I know someone for people send me e-mail books that is not the same as a scrolling on the school does have that devotional nature and quality to it but him but I think there's something about having another the gun pages in front of you familiarizing yourself with yourself with the Bible and be able to market highlighted cross-reference it I think that is a blessing in the Bible good translation I not going to say which translation need to have an easy translation paraphrased as as helpful they can be as a tool should not be the source of your study I recommend changing new King James I revised standard version there's there's a number of good translations out there that you can you can study most important things we study them but getting the Bible and then the next step really would be a study Bible study Bible only differs because of some of the sort of compact tools but a study Bible will include a study Bible also will often have cross-references so that when you ask yourself the question writing for this question on down on the board perimeter and bigger than important to the relevant passages I spell that right other relevant passes when you have to there any other relevant passages one of the simplest rules of the study Bibles can have a center margin versions of a reference that will lead you to other passages okay a study Bible also often have eight and introduction arsenals in the background each book of the Bible and those are very helpful when you're asking questions like who wrote this little circumstances which was written cool was it written to eventually the time the situation some of the background of this letter in particular topics are being addressed out it might have something to commentary study notes annotations and it also you also finally there is a small importance in the back of the study Bible my favorite Bible to study from the breach from the fact is they just refuse study Bible which has some Bible studies in it but it's also have many of these tools it's got a summary of the Gospels the list of all miracles Jesus gave Scott 's got a section on inter- testament is that a small concordance the backslash is pretty decent so so the small concordances news weekend and reversed counting words found it he knows in the keywords and probably good reasons that one translation because otherwise it's hard to read which keywords in which Bible you can find that using a concordance they may also topical index and will have maps there's so much you can learn from maps I and Americans tend to be said of the Canary of geography giggling Middle Eastern European Asian you know anywhere besides and where we live or American or whatever we do sweet Americans that were very content with our own world and so it will notice many things you learn from a map I learned that important thing from that one time I was reading the second genes are some things but things were where Elijah is running from Jezebel never after now while that of Elijah lines lazy servant edges really think of any runs another forty days and forty nights and not horrible the mount of God and then when I looked at the map I found was he was running back towards Egypt and he was running to the two the mountain horde of which was the twin peaked not funny and is as if he had climbed the pinnacle of a spiritual relationship to God with the point where he could pray a few simple words and fire came down from heaven and burned up etc. etc. etc. right and what more was there to experience when you find yourself depressed after x-rays like that we do try than the holiest place you can possibly think of and not Sinai was where the ten Commandments were given me searching for God searching for some missing his own spiritual life is to become cost of the miraculous sensational which by the way is a good lesson for us in her devotions don't always expect the widow 's son is always any raise the world always keeping failing and why things always strike from a gotten out horribly memorable stories and occasion and then there's a tremendous earthquake and tremendous fire in a tremendous win for the unit and there's a still small voice and God was in that bill small boy 's I learned from that is if you down if you looking for God need some power and religious experience don't look for the sensational don't try running a sign because you can hear that still small voice where ever your willingness and in your devotional life whether it's through concordance or math or anything else emotional life if you willing to stop this and got still small voice to he will reveal himself to you at the promise I believe the next of the unstable Bible with the oxygen vest in some other tools Bible Atlas has much more detailed to write a lexicon getting really ridiculous looking on your computer in extremis Gordon's defining record and you look that number up in the lexicon is a much more expanded dictionary about that work is in such a device a Bible commentary a topical index we can look up with people talking all the different Bible passages that might make them earn made more tools and get into the question that the important thing is asked questions to ask questions and looking for answers for answers not only will not be able to show you things about yourself lessons you can learn but you will also find tools that will help you answer those questions and you learn a lot more about the Bible I printed out and bless your devotional life I know that nobody wants to he wants to take us each new heights with him our time is up salacious foreheads together for prayer thought ahead and we want to be in tune with you we want to be in touch with the source of power and wisdom knowledge life were in the second session that we've talked about your word devotional experience I just pray that the things we've talked about might be practical Lord that as we spend more time with you as we seek to to ask more questions not just of ourselves and of your WordPress asking your spirit to teach us we would know more about you and I know more about ourselves than we might each be able to be converted each day and know Jesus better than most like future we asked his guests Jesus


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