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Sally Sartin

Sally Sartin is a graduate of the Loma Linda University School of Medicine as well as the Loma Linda University Medical Center Family Medicine Residency. Her passion is to share the love of Jesus Christ to those she comes in contact with. She is married to Aaron Sartin, and has four beautiful children. 



  • February 9, 2008
    3:00 PM
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I him have anything to do with saying that my writing income and this afternoon I'm guessing to live in the title my presentation I also regret not being deleted to many of the doing so in the future and I do appreciate happens how we should be living of our culture and studying see how we can live according to the culture says today and it is he addressing our last win in all that are found in both the Bible and the spirit of prophecy and this is my prayer that this will help you move closer to being part of the German sound and saw what a day when I wrote about my presentation is more major sections or major parts using the word in my time and so first and foremost Al is evil lab the foundation of everything that we do that the governing factor the motivating factor the driving force in all that we do is I love for God in response to his love for no one to remind his wife in no this race very well John three sixteen for God so loved the world but also let you forgot to let me that he gave his only begotten son that he's never to believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life in response to this great love that God has for us we love him back and the first illustration of what Christ in New Zealand across RSA is him in Genesis three twenty one half about how God haven't had any eve with coexisting representing Christ dying in our place and covering I see my name Megan again this message is repeated in the last the word of God Revelation in chapter three seventeen and eighteen where he describes condition of the last feature as being a mentor line and he wants to cover all of Christ's name and nakedness that his righteousness and so is he we respond that way all of our high minds and souls with the release of my family I love for him the Deuteronomy six seven he says that the Lord your God with all your heart mind and soul I'm working thinking that if you left me keep my commandments it's only because they love got everyone keep his commandments is only because we want to follow Christ and imitate his character that we do what he says is there him as meaning is that all the less cases and keep the Commandments will seem to avoid the appearance and varying periods of evil not because they are saying that you begin carving up your mono and feel and braces everything contrary to the lobby love begets love and it's not only left to die by hatred forcing now only talk about love and also applies to how we killing people left in math and since there addressing the issue addressed our first class how I was doing as a guide in the way we do is how I was going him a very by the way we just add no twenty seven twenty eight said he had heard that it was said by them of old time thou still not committing adultery but I say honestly that his ability on a woman after committing adultery with her already in his heart you see God created man and nature to be stimulated by this I female nudity versus woman's nature and that is more responsive to tenderness and hot and so God never intended to be stimulated outside of the marriage team there is a guy Canadian women with an inherited nature to be more honest to have reserve if we love our neighbors as ourselves we will not rest in such a way that will cause others to nineteen hundred and seeing on the other hand had study the way that God created the nature of man the nature of one man and destroyed much of the inherent modesty that God had created in an example and is taken from using the article in the design is to prison in New York this so-called crimes and passions are increasing alarmingly and will continue to do so until they are the principal cause is eliminated what is this principle then it seems to me is the present style of dress which to save the lease is in the running in my dress has a direct bearing on crime nation no matter how innocent the wearer may be to humans and see the implications the consequences of how women dress in causing essays to him being more easily tempted to yield to NRA surpassing I I is for intelligent choices of course the foundation of everything we do to be given by love I love her I love America but we need to be able to make intelligent choices and cartons who is guiding us and what we wear intelligent and how we spend our time and money intelligent in the taste and quality that we choose right now and in Hallandale and example and influence that we set our address so first to the rewind I'd like to be one in our choice in who we want to help eyes she was that we just first Kings eighteen twenty one and Elijah came up to all the people instead how long will he be seen in the Lord be God follow and that it failed to follow him and the people answered him not a word you are you can choose to help you guide and how we dress is a God or is it there is a God or a sissy I especially the tabernacle service especially the sanctuary service had specify how Aaron hi please address because it was symbolic of Christ's ministry in the heavenly things rate it was symbolic of his character and so as Christ followers today White said that weeds usually dress in such a way that is symbolic and all things weird to be representatives of him are appearing every respect should be characterized by neatness modesty and here you go my point here is has certain specifications are we going to him he says that he am when God how God would have it to where we would be a loud and dominating factors the company said that since then occasions and see me and they had had his way and influencing the world had a dress and of course one of the powerful ways he does this is not simply an eye changing fast in the styles of dress and he knows that while women are excreted trying to catch up with the varying styles of address nineteen they their moral sensibilities or weekend and they cannot be arrived to be alive they choose their to convict fashion had a powerful way of influencing many people and how did I'd address and one example is the invention of matrix marriage plot the company has anybody heard of marriage while she is the invention of mini skirts in London England and in an interview she was asked so Mary what kind of person that today's women want to be and she answered a sexual creature she displays a sexuality instead of this quality business of heightened and so her idea of inventing this manuscript was actually to encourage this am behavior of being a sexual of of promoting of Saxony provocative here's a quote and I'm sorry that reference medicine him her father delivered in the morning till they are rejected we haven't had a choice the influence of provocative guess if we continually and habitually dressed in such a way it kind of takes over are mine and we and it's not fortified with the Holy Spirit of course and so we need to the end holiday and in understanding so why is this dress designed this way arises in this way because we don't want among the top of course of room filing of following the example of of beings like Mary want to do want to encourage provocative nests NASA's one hundred influence of fashion the influence of virus in anything that the five thousand theories to learn distinctness between them how a man to dress and how a woman's it causes ambiguity in the customer 's volume learned that God designed that there should be a plain distinction between the dress of men and women consider the matter of sufficient import this is important to God giving given explicit directions in regard to let for the same dress worn by both sexes were caused in user and great increase of time and so here clear that as fast as doing this is blurring the existing vent causing ambiguity causing confusion it will increase the rate of crime and we have seen these over the over the ages but when this is even a lot of Christian woman is an increasing tendency to address and appear in your life at the opposite as a fashion address very much like that of man but God pronounces it upon many there is any because I'm not include Italian what to wear what not to wear please take these and have prayer and inconsiderate thinking they bring to the Lord himself she closed Christmas with you tonight Matt also that women adorn themselves in modest apparel machine treasonous ride them so just to go over a few things with Ashton is that it promotes provocative as it promotes sexuality and the second thing it does is it blurs the distinction between how a woman's address and hallow means into now if you said he and their prophecy there are many quotes regarding in a lifetime the extremes Airways and the dress had to ride on the sidewalk in a narrative extreme short dresses and so in order to address this issue she quotes she says that you know and nothing seems our occupation why because if you don't wear dresses that are long and ideal watching it clear that does this easier picking up while still and of course I mean you know that he given gather all the tests and enter into your dresses and they won't last long enough cause to and so she says that she should address this issue that the dresses should be an inch or two above the sidewalks of active women they wouldn't dry and then we should be modest and kept clean now later on they'll talk about how the other extreme she is even some guidelines are not saying that you know that we have to dress exactly to to the X is released to the Lord in prayer and I'm so whatever the length should be important thing is you know and as women are wearing dress their legs when there are all should be covered as thoroughly as men's and that's the important part because of course you don't want them the extremities to be left and exposed the cool because that would cause articulation will address that later little bit bad that there should be alkaline hands underneath this the dress is gathered into and fastened about the ankle or meat falling papering the body needs to come down long enough to meet shoe fitting some specifications that she was inspired to write regards to just paste the other extreme was to wear skirts of to the top of the spirit and people were saying well Alan what you are contradicting a study saying that you know that short skirt and short dresses that come up to the knee are extreme but then at the same time you're saying that we can wear dresses that come up to the top of the busy well the business she was referring to you was then the one that ones worn by ladies in those bids were actually they would just come up negative and yet in April they went Bob away like that it's that men were wearing and so she wasn't actually contradicting yourself in magazine going to misunderstand her back and so she lays you talk about the link address is anywhere in LA between one or two inches above the ground below the knees is where she's been ranges where she's about there is also a class that I heard today that adopted something called the American costume and it pretty much lay in and consisted of a vast Hanson address resembling a code that reach about halfway from the hip and knee she says it does just have opposed might have been shown to me in harmony with the word is that my point is that God has certain specifications and see tries and as he has his his way of of China dress people and so just wanted to return fall and who we listen to okay intelligent use of money so in Isaiah fifty five twenty two and says hello everyone after succumbing to the waters and he that hath no money to anybody and he went forth to you spend money for that which is not bread and you wait and your labor for that which satisfies not marry spending money what are we spending our money on my knees and just got as dexterity and of God 's gift to react to be intelligent and how we spend money and one of the things that that seems tries to get institutions spend our time and money on Trinity fashion says in ministry of healing it is not as him patient prior ambition in the hands of God 's children it is good for the hungry and clothing for the needed it is a good sensitive as means of helping the sick and means of preaching the gospel to the poor you can bring many rights by using wisely that means that now is spent for show where we spending our money are we spending our money to help others to help others attempting a crisis are we spending our money on self gratification for sale twenty five forty and occasional answer and say under them verily I say unto you inasmuch as you've done it unto one of the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me let them spend their money and time on things that we can lay up in heaven and treasures concerning the out if we got all the money that were spending on expensive close and jury over what not we actually feed all those who are hungry in this world we have to close all the naked eye was an astounding statement does it really drives the point that we need to be careful in how is and so any design to attract attention see ourselves excite admiration is excluded from the Mars account which God words enjoying him intelligent use of time however spending our time I'll be getting up in the morning and neglecting to study the word of God in prayer and yet we spend you know maybe hours I don't know you know China find the right outfit to wear China you know finds in any way please other people and to give the child attention to ourselves what are we spending our time seeing stands in the background advising the fashions which leads extravagance in the outlay of means informing the fashions of the day so that you know when and how it is really seventy seven C is behind class and it should be obvious that it is really sent me I didn't think of it about before informing the fashions of the day he hasn't he knows that time and money which are devoted to meet the demands of fashion will not be used for higher holier objects precious time is wasted in keeping pace with ever-changing and never satisfying fashion missing eyes once they'll introduce the new cells are dividing and then in order for flash low prices remain fashionable address must be remodeled and here we are with this vicious cycle in China keep up with fashion of raising on a time wasting all of our resources missing noses very well and many Christian women should fall into this trap is entirely unnecessary burden is taken under willingly borne by her sister 's half from their gardens come from attempt to follow the fashions yet they usually accept me out because fashion as the is the God we worship their eyes truly held in shackles of bondage as is the various maven yet they talk of independence they do not know the first principles of independence they have no minds or taste or judgment of their own we talked of independence and yet we are afraid to dress the way God would have us addressed that may not be according to flash and so we fall into this child of this bondage of keeping up with fashion because they're afraid of being different C intelligent in choosing who is who is and who is guiding us who is giving us the dictates of how address I verified intelligence taste and quality so what I close that we should be choosing or or seeking to buyer seeking to wear our clothing one life is simple should be a good him him we don't mean yes we don't want to spend our money on extravagant on expensive clothing but we do want to make sure that including a review by including a reduced end time and investment is the quality of becoming callers know what that means is no electricity extremes of course and we don't want you want in life childcare bill again San and an inability other extreme where we start dressing so differently from the world that were engaging stocking you know just scan across the lobby at Emily Alina go you know and chasing after fashion and then you know we see a lot of time and energy is there is a balance at the end we do want to have to case we do want to have a good taste and an color coordination and then it needs to be suited for services need to be appropriate to what we are doing and to the activity is using durable rather than for display sunglasses a longtime good quality close last bishop Irvine one can protect an proper protection we do not discourage taking the neatness and dress correct taste in dress is not to be despised or condemn while we listen wrathful trimmings of ornament should be left off we encourage assistance to obtain good durable material nothing is gained in Chinese and means by purchasing cheap fabric so she discourages as you know China Indochina D- return is simple and yet be we go and and and not take the proper care of finding good quality material okay are really intelligent and they in how we and how her being an example to others only be intelligent and what you what around giving people feel when I came across this courage is really struck me again he has we really don't know the influence of example that we are setting all that we do and especially how we just because it's now the first impression you know and people really you know can judge us by my house address and is basically talking about how you were going and winning souls and you know we study with the people who bring men to Christ become to the point where their line make a decision for Christ and these people are just so inspired and so convicted and they turned and may look at how we dress and see that we are not dressing any differently from them any differently from the world and they get so discouraged that they turn away many a soul who is convinced that she has been met to decide against it by the pride and love of the world displayed by sisters when these persons have seen is making so much display we have had people just believe much as we they cannot really believe what they profess after all they must be deceived if they really thought that tries this incoming in the case of every soul was to be decided for eternal life point they cannot devote time and money to dress according to the existing fashion how little did those professedly believing sisters know of the sermon addresses preaching did we know that we are actually preaching a sermon with by the way we can we are made a spectacle unto the world and seek angels and two men all having as much of the daily influence which the professed followers of Christ etc. on the world my sister your dress is telling either in favor of Christ in the secret to war in favorite the world which is a remember we must all answer to God for the influence we exert let us decide decide for the Chase for the gay for having a good influence for how we dress egos like how the vitality and mean health you know we suggest knowing that is most helpful helpful to us these are just to the cleaners graciously cleaned we are the temple of God and we will not defiling so that promote healthful and knitting we need to consider is to be healthy we need to be able to erase fire inspire expire without any restrictions right and so we should find close that help us to do this with you nowhere close that that restrict us that are so tight that are amongst UNIX and Linux now all that the waste products in my body we need to promote good circulation and so we need so would promote that by having equal distribution of clothing all of our extremities not you know Mary happen in one area of our body and leaving the other extremities opened the cool air the Association talks about how close should be these that when the arms are raised the clothing will go up with it listed so these are just anything that we consider so finally he even asked for end times and letting things one seventeen and says and he said onto them what manner of man was he which came up to meet you and told you these words in the words of King Ahab and they answered him he was a hairy man and her girdle unless they're about his loins and he said to Elijah I think they have no that it was Elijah by how people describe what you like and that he was a very man and when you have occurred he was great it was a girl lather about this morning John the Baptist Matthew three four and the same John had his raiment of camel 's hair and a leather girdle about his loins and neatly look at some wild honey John the Baptist again was described as having a raiment of camel 's hair and a letter good about his going to see the similarities here to send you Elijah and John the Baptist had distinct messages they not as of the Avenue is living the David the last days we do have a distinct message and these prophets were recognized by the way the weed to the hundred four thousand and by the end time people should also be recognized by the way we dress and the next just talks about the no distinctiveness between God 's people and the world so let's read the third quote together insights will glory up ever since I saw many traveling in this broad graduate written upon them dead to the world and amounting to be also read so we had a group of people in my way the Broadway the nearly him away what are they saying that a while have written upon then dead to the world is talking to be also maybe I'm preaching the gospel and the broad road too but it looked just like all only ones around them except she had which I noticed upon accountant is the vision that was given out they look like to look like all the people around them all the thing was around them in the broad road that conversation was just like the gay little ones around them but they would occasionally pointed letters undergarments with great satisfaction calling many others have the same upon their but they were in the wrong way yet they profess to be in that number who were traveling the narrow way those around them would say there is no distinction we know we are all alike reach back and top and acolyte this is an I and this is as serious representation of what will happen in the people who think by doing the right thing and put in other than preaching the gospel to their claim to deduct the world and yet their dressing alike they're talking like that I like the people in the world and their defeat and so is it clear to us that how we dress how we talk is important do we believe that we have a distinct message do we believe that we need to be distinct from the world and how we dress and how we talk and we can come to light was given another vision him him she names all the time to drive to answer in the strait gate for wide is the gate and broad arena and the distraction and many that he would go in there on the street is the gate and narrow is the way that liaison to life and few there be that find it the narrow way is right it is hard if now help narrow there's a few existing roads and they go in opposite directions while leaving town life mommy to and like I said the narrow way is right it broadly which direction we go those who travel in the narrow way are talking about happiness they will have at the end of the journey account and not often side it also been with holy joy they do not dress like the company and the broad road nor talk like them don't like them a pattern has been given them a massive stars and acquainted with grief open not vote for them and child himself his followers see his parents and I trumpeted and she he went to St. Vincent that is actually the end of my presentation but a few wine and conclude with one more paragraph assignment has made volume I think this just concludes summarizes everything about just Christian should not take pains to make himself gazing stock that you buy dressing differently from the world were not Chinese to be so different from the world that you know we ended and that dressing like a note to scare the crap of the highest eighty one following up the convictions of duty in respect to dressing modestly and healthily they find themselves fashion is an address in order to be like the world that they should manifest and noble independence like noble independence and moral courage to be right and also will differ from them even if all the world different from them it will continue a modest convenient and helpful mode of dress which is in accordance with the Bible it will not change our relation to God or to the world to adopt such a solid trustee is balanced in the world introduced Estado just that is in accordance with the word of God is not in my status from healthful manner for it so I guess would not be going against God and the word of God bottom line is we want to dress modestly just how fully no matter what whether the fashion does it or not there Christians should follow five and make their dress conform to God 's word they should shut extremes they should humbly receive a straightforward course irrespective of applause for censure and she claimed to the right because of its own merits I hope this is helpful I'm not here to tell us what to wear what not to wear but I intimately to hope and pray that we will a lot closer to God and that we will want in the culture of having an all what price is said in his word about you and not diluted because he loved


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