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Beware Of Girl Power

Joelle McNulty


Joelle McNulty

Freelance writer and stay-at-home wife and mom



  • February 8, 2008
    7:00 PM
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well my name is well known on most of you I said I be interested in this topic has been the Montego I read through training library masters papers was on hangers she got interested in Washington doing her masters in feminism and women particularly have insists women and she's now I read your time and so she let me use some of her research for tonight I did so my own research in high school research paper on this list is not interested out for a while on Lebanon and take a look at the Bible and their apathy and see what feminism is some historical sources what it is what the implications are on society today while we use Christian activists women should do about it on and of course being women in a word we want to find out what the Bible has to say about our rules and about what got ideal practices how culture impacts our society and how we should apply all this we all know I gained a twenty two gallant testimony if they speak not according to this word is there is no light in them so much the doesn't match up you know what to do with what our heads before we go any further father and have employed this is an interesting topic Reuters also parts that cut her very core of our being things that we've been brought up with things and leave always been pulled her fine okay in a whatever the Lord you have an ideal for us to reach and we want to discover what that is I pay you'll send your Spirit here to be with each hard please view the music beat help me Ted the only your words and heavy you will be with us tonight in Jesus name amen already so what is feminism and dictionary definition from the American Heritage dictionary the belief in the social political and economic equality of the sexes the movement organized around this belief okay fair enough so should we be concerned about feminism should Christian women be concerned about being equal with men what's the scoop here why I had had fun time last summer I went to Seneca Falls New York which is the place of the first convention of women's rights was held on and that's kind of the birthplace where feminism started and varies at a meat museum there I I couldn't believe what I saw you I knew a little bit about feminism but if you had a chance to drive into a road trip to New York stop by there and you'll be surprised that we see not getting in the finale to give you the tip of the iceberg tonight there were three phases of feminism when it taught little bit about each one of them Snyders first waves second wave and third wave feminism and the Seneca Falls plays twelve the false place was where it started that's first wave feminism and I as I was there I noticed this wall this is a mean bronze I guess plaque all the way down was really longwall maybe the end of Burton Hall and what they did these women back in the eighteen hundreds they are really wrote the declaration of independence to say that men and women are equal women have been repressed men have been causing women many grievances and so the women were basically just taken always bones with eyes and you would think it one gold very far but it's amazing how far it has gone the question we want to ask snare when the men and women supposed to be equal in everything looks good let's look at what God has to say I am reading from conflict in courage page fourteen God himself gave Adam a companion he provided an help meet for him I help her corresponding to him one was stated to be his companion who could be one with him in love and sympathy you create evil was created from the rib taken from the side of Adam signifying that she was not to control him as the head north to be trampled under his feet as a name but to stand by his side as an equal to be loved and protected by a part of man bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh she was his second self showing the close union and affectionate attachment that should exist in this relation the original plan yes it was supposed to be equal she wasn't mostly time want to knew what he wasn't supposed to be him around they were supposed to be equal however this happened there Diana testimonies page four eighty four says when God created he design if she should possess neither inferiority or superiority to the man but that in all things she should be of equal the holy pair were to have no interest independent of each other and get each had an end that the duality in thinking acting but after Eve 's sin as she was first in the transgression the Lord toilet at him should rule over so here's a change in the dynamic she was to be an subjection to her husband and this was part of the curse the Bible says this very clearly to undo the woman he said I will greatly multiply by sorrow and my conception in sorrow thou shall bring forth children by desire shall be to the husband and he shall rule over the on brings out this submission part of the relationship and in Ephesians five twenty two through twenty five at twelve less it wasn't supposed to be just man over the woman rock rock rock no I is the man is supposed to submit himself to Christ and woman is submit it supposed to submit herself to her husband as to the Lord says wives submit yourselves unto your own husbands as unto the Lord you know we submit to Christ just as we should submit to authority in turn the husband cares for his wife as Jesus cared for the church it's a beautiful relationship but I'm afraid some minute taken advantage of it women haven't followed they are if you were following it would it would be a beautiful example of the plan of salvation and the great controversy now I've switched gears and look at what a contemporary of the feminist movement who worked on it during that time a church member had to say about it during its early budding stages not church member was on my she said in first volume of the testimonies for twenty one those who feel called to join the movement in favor of women's rights at that women's rights convention that in Seneca Falls and the so-called dress reform which would I talk about a little bit later might as well sever all connection with the third Angels message what in the world I mean how harmless can a bunch of ladies getting together and saying holds no let's make ourselves better how harmful can that be she goes on she said the spirit which attends the one cannot be in harmony with the other interestingly this group shares are playing upon the relations of any rights of men and women we just saw that no wives submit yourselves to your husband husband 's care for your wives so there is a discord there in the spirit spiritualists had to quite an extent adopted the singular mode of dress talking about the dresser Seventh-day Adventists who believe in the restoration of begin are often branded and spiritual let them adopt this costume and their influence why spiritualism how can that be involved you might be saying you know spiritualism that's like talking to you people are evil spirit there are acting like dead people I went to look at two different types of spiritual is on there is the first type of spiritualism that ye shall not surely die which was the first lie of Satan that's found in Genesis three so Satan says if the dead are not dead directly communicate with people and he did so back in the eighteen forties when the Fox sisters a hard wrapping and they start communicating with a wink the data analysis of birth of modern spiritualism and God calls that an abomination in Deuteronomy eighteen nine through fourteen so I is based on Satan our first lie and remember the abomination they were coming back to that word a little bit later now there's a type to spiritualism that you may not be aware of this is based on Satan second why alive he shall be as God 's eye that's found in Genesis three five now the tree of knowledge of good and evil offered for being wisdom and pretty much it was the woman arguing with God it was her judgment versus page his judgment was smarter and that's and she believed the serpent over by so therefore her judgment was better than God 's right so pretty much she herself became provide because you listen to yourself over the over override Commandments so let me explain this a little further philosophical spiritualism which is what were talking about right now says that we are all God 's great controversy page five fifty four says that Spiritualism teaches that man is a creature of progression that his destiny destiny from birth to progress even to eternity toward design so what this means is that man continually gets better and better and better and better and he eventually becomes it now most people don't go so far as to say that but there's some other interesting parallels anything is okay if you believe that your your enemy not anything becomes okay for a controversy goes on to say that he declares through spirits that Satan declares for three of the spirits that true knowledge places man above all law that what ever is is right that God doesn't condemn that all things which are committed are innocent so whatever is his right anything goes and interesting love makes immoral acts okay between consenting adults in that case here's another version of philosophical spiritualism it blades scriptural authority so if you're to be inside you put your word over God 's word it is true that Spiritualism is assuming a Christian guy while formally denounced Christ in the I will now professes to accept both but the Bible is interpreted in a manner that is pleasing to the on renewed heart while a solemn and vital truths are made of none so that's something we as women the word particularly needs take take note of right we did we want to keep the Scripture as our sole authority not make our own opinions greater than the Bible okay you say you commence the art spiritualism both types are bad but how on earth is it linked with the feminism movement now this fine lady here in the picture is was actually the first woman to run for president you know that Hillary was on the first one on this was victorious the Whitehall and she was one of her leaders of the feminist movement she ran for president in eighteen seventy two and she actually got the nomination not only was she a feminist leader she was also a spiritualist year I estimate that who wrote for the abscessed review told how the career of Mrs. Woodhall 's plan and executed far thus far holy by the spirit staffing review and Herald September twenty sixth eighteen seventy one and at that time not today's feminist authors also acknowledge the connection really you had and proud in radical spirits and Barbara Goldsmith who wrote a whole book about Victoria C Winkle called other powers here's a quote from and browsed that says spiritualism was an new religious movement dominated by women it's too strong a cat attractions were number one rebellion against dad Peter and number two regarding against authority there you have the two types and it was dominated by women interesting no less that they declaration of sentiments that rewrite of the Declaration of Independence we talked about you know where it was written on the McClintock spirit table which is now in the Smithsonian and Goldsmith says in her book that is members of the group presented their ideas and start writing that declaration of sentiments the table began to vibrate with the wraps of approval from the spirits freaky there were also several leaders that were you probably heard of Elizabeth Cady Stanton many of you she was a foremost in women's rights she was an leader that she was into spiritualistic dabbling she heard Spirit wraps and she was antagonistic to the Bible and to clergy in fact she broke her own version of the Bible and that's kind of where the birth of this inclusive language stuff you have to stay he or she not know in the olden days you could just say if you're talking about multiple people you can see are you weren't sure if it was a hearing she'd just say he went to town when I have to say it CC or it went to town this was kind of the beginning of the him him she wholly reinterpreting the Bible and their own translation so you have had one and type two and then Susan B Anthony anybody ever heard her she was also a great friend of Stanton more moderate in the spiritualism but she really wanted to be a spiritualist medium if you can tell from that quote also in the Goldsmith book now this is first wave feminism it it kind and want to change women's oppressive lifestyle as at walk as wide hall now I I work out of the home I don't have kids so I think based on the Bible you know train up a child in the way he should go it had or if you can to stay home with your children however these women were not content staying at home being helpmate to help meet their husbands being with their children training them having been nice like the home they want to do everything that men could do and there may have been then very well that may have abuse their privileges as the leader of the home there may have been but you know that doesn't excuse throwing awful restraint of leadership these women felt that being a wife mother help me home was was awful and so they were lying to get out and so they were really trying to push this thing with first wave feminism Ellen White also noticed that interestingly happiness home page one fifteen she said even been perfectly happy by her husband citing the new home but like restless modern leaves him she was in the hope of entering a higher sphere than God that which God assigned her and attempting to rise above her original position she fell far below it a similar result will be reached by all who are unwilling to take up cheerfully their life duties in accordance with God 's plan the most story is bloom where you're planted if God assigns you something only do it you know not everything that the feminism movement it adopted was horrible and bad but let's was just examined some of the things and what the implications are on our society for example voting privileges not bad you know on my said user voting present privileges wisely and now here is something that's not cool for Christian women openness toward sexual expression women figured these women figured well if not to sleep around so can we and so that one thing led to another the feminists basically start eliminating the Victorian modus operandi of being proper cure encased that was the beginning of the modern promiscuity they also first introduced pantaloons into society in eighteen fifty one Elizabeth Smith Miller Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Amelia Jenks Bloomer strode through the town in short skirts and Turkish trousers and pantaloons and the women's struggle for power came together for the first time in US history you have to understand that these women were being asked the randomly mold and flirtatious they guess what happened there a short skirts I mean these women the women were like wearing her a little and I don't balance it enough with flowing skirts and parasol bonnets and the rest of these women made us take off belongs guards walked out enhancing short skirts interestingly Ellen White was also against those long trailing skirts but she had only different reason for doing that she was against it are the reasons of health inconvenience you know I got married this summer my dress I did have a few eyes it was Ari starting to get very mean thing Doctor drycleaners that I had on for a couple hours and it already was getting I was like man how can Victorian women wear this stuff all the time you know I did I don't know it it blows my mind but anyway knowing that they had those courses that were very unhealthy instructing all the women's organs Elimite was against all that the fashion of the day for those reasons alone but she was against it for the reasons of the feminist way they were like wrong Rod girl power am not demanding where it because I want to be like a man you know that I think I I should be if net and aware pants and move around I should be able to also that connecting Elimite was now she was also against those on long trailing skirts for reasons of fashion she saw the fashion can be a huge stumbling block to God 's people you know when it's still can be we can get all caught up with even modest fashions and no go overboard I had a friend that was the end of the school year she told me why I'm getting rid of all my clothes I him him him I go shopping like there were not installing why not go shopping while you okay with that said that Apple comes to mind when I think about that you know we don't need to be on the latest of everything got access to be you know modest and economical I mean we need to be practical so a little white suggested address that would not drag on the ground and was not higher than a woman's presumably from studies of that time it was probably made ankle that allow mid- thought that I needed cash to ankle so it was some where and not higher than that and it was not dragging on the ground but she specifically still spoke out against these bloomers there are freedom dress or American costume a number of those things in common study out for yourself it's very interesting to see what she said I'll have time to attend the window details this mode of dress was definitely not approved of by God though in fact I specifically said he wants us to address distinctively from men he said and Deuteronomy twenty two five the woman shall not wear that which pertains central and neither shall a man put on a woman's garment for all to do so are an abomination unto the Lord thy God the interesting thing is that you look at all the other abominations listed in Leviticus Deuteronomy and Aristotle abominations unclean meats are still on abomination I like the abomination we read about earlier with spiritually speaking with dad that's still an abomination so it's still an abomination to look like a man take it what you mean you know take it with whatever grants all you want but whatever were to come back to that later let's look at the second wave feminism I went riding that the sixties and seventies a open letter to careers and jobs much more during the war women had to work a lot more because her husband were gone and so now that after the war they were entering the workforce in earnest in the civil right right active nineteen sixty four but in nondiscriminatory policies of employment is a pretty good we like to be able to work on the equal opportunity commission enforced on those in the know something interesting happened around this time Roe V Wade which was then fill the earth of really nice Supreme Court legalized abortion and so women were in charge of their bodies totally would sit in with sexuality now and around this time the pill was also introduced the women were completely in charge of everything about them they can sleep with whoever whenever they wanted and those kind of the materializing of Victoria Wood pulls the whole thing about sexual openness will discuss in the meeting to and how line started going up around this time to most of the women I don't know when the parents really meet mainstream but somewhere along the line but the interesting thing was around sixties and seventies with the women's movement so you have Mary Quan and her miniskirt it was revived by the sixties feminist as being very liberating they were all over this idea Mary Watt said I believe in nineteen ninety seven that the sixties many will say wow look at me isn't life wonderful she said it was young liberated and exuberant and on the pill and Outlook all coral it was the beginning of the women's live in the sixty interesting that address mode bring more feminism up suddenly again I have recurring so many skirts found that the point where they can going higher sound MIDI and Maxi skirts I suppose are all about were introduced Mary Quan also said action as we know it is over people where now exactly what they feel like wearing which is type two feelings over God 's word what I got only has some specific Sonoma for modesty in not being a stumbling block to her brothers but people now feel aware of exactly what they want to feel like wearing now let's look at a third wave feminism that's a nineties to the present day third wave feminism comes down to women using their sexuality through dresses or attitude to gain power it coming this is huge in our cultures music psychological attitudes you dress I mean there are the reason we have so much provocative clothing these days provocative attitude is flirtatious Miss everywhere and like you said before Victoria would hold idea is became reality she said they say I have come to break up the family and I say amen to that with all my heart and perfect instant sexualities show continuous wife be found sense to me my brothers and sisters is a sublime mission of spiritualism to be out of Iraq through the sexual emancipation of women and her return to self ownership and individualized existence note we have so many family problems today I mean adultery results from any number of behaviors and actions or you have the reverse where it's a family are staying together that the woman definitely in charge and the poor kids would stand up with you know for kids from any one situation it's sad how that fit feminism is wrapped around her society and families so Christian women what do we need to be aware of there's a lot of attitudes have crept into Christianity one thing I want to address is flirtatious Miss out how this on the screen that lets open our Bibles to first Timothy chapter two verses nine and ten first Timothy two nine him him like manner also that women adorn themselves in modest apparel with shamefacedness and sobriety not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly array which would be women professing godliness with good works shamefacedness and sobriety our attitudes with Christian women should exhibit and they are not flirtatious shamefacedness means downcast eyes I had a hard time with this one was I want to allow high school where nobody dated and when I hit college it was a little hard to be just friends with guys they were coming out was not being flirtatious by you may would like at her now there's this one guy he was obviously very interested islands I was not interested the least bit and he was an eye at five twenty from the monthly do what you do when you were single and she was married by then she said no such but guys like that she said you have to keep your eyes down he said they do not looking into your eyes Michael God and issues like she's like you just keep your eyes down she said don't laugh and be funny on you know I think there jokes are all funny and all that she's like to speak on the Christian don't even don't need to be rude but just don't give him the don't don't don't presume to leave them on so shamefaced Mrs. downcast eyes sobriety goes prudence and moderation behavior towards men I found that those urban definitions from a couple different to what importance is both young and strong as I am getting found interesting is that these terms are also mentioned in the context of modest apparel as women we don't realize that sometimes but I will affect our attitudes and vice versa one reason I choose to wear skirts and dresses most the time I do wear pants on hiking part they happen to be more modest for exercise like that but one reason I do is credit affects the way I acted Felis tomboyish a tomboyish and more ladylike but I am interesting quote when I was doing research from Cardinal 's miniseries and no one I spoke these genomes that alien thinking is he issued a notification during that I think it was the sixties and seventies warning all the clergy and teaching sisters and those involved in Catholic action and educators in his diocese of the grave dangers of wearing trousers by women he stated the wearing of men's dress by women asked firstly the woman herself by changing the feminine psychology proper to women it's secondly up facts the woman as black as the wife of her husband by tending to vitiate the relationships between the sex and an thirty three affects the women as the mother of her children by harming her dignity in our children's eyes I found really interesting that he found those observations I'm not saying there inspired or anything but you know it's just kind of interesting to take on a look at the way our clothes make us feel because feelings five create feelings feelings create action on which create our character and we want to have a feminine character of character again that God would approve let's look at first Peter three one through four this is another attitude on the script and care families today that's not submitting to the has-beens or to God first Peter three one three four two likewise he why he and his objection to your own husbands that it will obey not the word they also may without a word he won by the conversation of their wives while they behold your chaste conversation coupled with the year whose adorning let it be not that outward adorning of playing in the hair wearing of gold are putting on of apparel but when indeed they hit a man of the heart in that which is not corruptible even ornament of a meek and quiet spirit which in which is in the sight of God of Ray Price and first one it talks about the woman's conversation is not just talking about what we say although that's a huge part of who we are but some some other versions I think nuking game I had his sentence memorized it was it said conduct on we want our conduct you know for those of us there are married we want our conduct to win her husband 's heart every day on and it says it if people don't even believe in the word they may be won by our example by or at to calm soul I had to lose and a higher submission in the way we carry ourselves can be a soul winning method verse two it talks about chaste conversation chased conduct that's pure combat child guidance I found a good quote here page four seventeen Chase simplicity of dress when united with modesty of demeanor will go far toward surrounding a young woman with that atmosphere of sacred reserve which will be toward a shield from thousands from a thousand parallels I mean it doesn't take too much Ted see the news and discover all the crime rates I'm sure at some of it has to do especially like rates than that everything have to do with the way women carry themselves and dress them selves it's it's sad but you know were instructed to have chased your conduct including the way we dress and it will be our sacred reserve which will be a dealer at a shield from a thousand heralds at the promise that we can claim it from verse three import we see the conduct contrast are again linked together in this time to also linked with submission which is very interesting first we submit to the male figure in our lives and most of all to God and God says in a in these verses let it be the hidden man of the heart that which is not corruptible even the ornament of a meek and quiet Barrett which is in the sight of God great price I want to have that meek and quiet spirit sometimes flustered to heal get too uptight about an issue when I'm talking to my husband or whatever you know who were both very opinionated but you know as I as I read this I want to have that hidden manna heart that I can know just rest and had that meek and quiet spirit something that all of us can work on and finally we need to be aware of worldly dress we don't want to advertise ourselves as being promiscuous that's not who we are not we should be trying to be were supposed to be keep your to keep ourselves from one man our husband just as the church is supposed to keep herself for Christ you know it's no mistake that the women there's two women in revelation the woman clothed in pure white in Revelation twelve in the amount promiscuous woman committed fornication with all the kings of the earth in Revelation seventeen the woman in white sheets saves herself for Jesus and as worse as we save ourselves for one massive relationship it's a parallel that is between that and more intensive the parallel between Christ and churches that were supposed to have in our own lives to that said I'm going to actually talk just a little bit about this being a stumbling block we don't want to be someone blocks for brothers in Christ there certain parts of our body that aren't supposed to be advertised and so no false advertising is not for sale don't display it on there's a few examples of drag their influence by the feminism I'm not telling you what to wear what not to wear don't get me these are just some things that I can't cry that like to bring to your attention because they are influenced by feminism whether it's one way or another way we can that we are a disguise store and miniskirts which are from the second way will rise waistlines actually I got a flyer in the mail today from express the licensee and never shop there they sent it to me and it says high-rise waistlines are in now somewhat well maybe somebody will find some modest but the lowrise waistlines with the crockpot still leave the four inches or so the skin of the things that we should be advertising their influence by feminism and there is numerous other types of immodest apparel that time not been inscribed on it now I I is one challenge you go along study anything that I don't wanted tell you what you should be doing in your home are what you should be doing with your life but this is just an example of where we are so influenced by our culture sometimes we don't even realize it subtle attitudes creeping no there's nothing wrong with being the uniform is nothing wrong with trying to look nice there is someplace I read her wife says don't look like a creature out there to scare away the crows and you know I was a lover of the beautiful God wants a generation of women who will not steal to the status quo standards of the world that but these are lies entirely on the word of God and the working given us the spirit of prophecy a generation of women who will study for themselves to make sure their entire lives during in accordance with and not just the way we dress or the way we act our will spirit our character arc in word may have been hidden in the hidden man of the heart he needs women who will submit to God 's leading and ordering women who will submit to their male leadership in their life whether that their dad there their husband whoever he needs women who'll won't follow the world but that will choose to be modest and not advertised it on the minute they are married to single ladies have a story for you if you're worried about you know why I do this I don't put myself out there and you know I need all the guys what happened to me or if I choose to dress a certain way will I still find the guy you know we think I'm weird I want to encourage you to do what is right because it is right and leave the rest in God 's hands one of my Christian from she's not having us that she is she has a wonderful ministry NCM she recently got married and she made a choice in her life that you see if she preferred wearing long dresses but she didn't put it on our wish list that currently get a married guy she likes no skirts she just decided to leave that with God and she says the first time Rick saw me I was wearing and ankle-length her one of my favorites he said later that my clothing attracted him to me because it was so rare these days to see a young woman dressed modestly wow he doesn't insist that I wear skirts but I prefer hands down when he first commented that he found long modest dress is extremely attractive my jaw dropped are you serious I can not believe that there was still good-looking single young men out there who preferred address over lowrise jeans and this is no sheltered homeschooler he's a captain in the United States Air Force X it's really cool they have a really neat story but I want to challenge you you know it said that they did the victory we need a put our faith in God 's word and not in what our culture says not and what our culture believes to be beautiful night and what our culture believes we should act on we need to do what God says we should do maybe it seems a new things tonight I like how you did go back any out nothing wrong with looking into things more study so how God wants us as Christian women to acting our whole demeanor went besides actually become women of the Word and let God 's word shape every part of our life better wedding culture dictate the way we are I want Prater selects meals prepare father in heaven Lloyd we discussed tonight some interesting things in eighty we've never heard it before maybe this is the first time some people of thought about these things Lord I pray that you will take each person home and help them to study things out for themselves help them to let you leave them by the hand board we want nothing more to be submitted to you to your guiding in your directing we pray that we will have the faith to step out of our comfort zone into what you rule our lives and our whole existence board please use us to be instruments for you in our homes our families with our friends what is truly had you shine through and help nothing to hinder you from having that opportunity in our lives thank you so much for all you've done press thank you for leading us here tonight and help us to take these home and learn more about them and Jesus meaning


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