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Rediscovering the Sabbath

Lewis Walton


Lewis Walton is a tax attorney in Los Angeles. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of San Diego, where he earned nearly a dozen academic awards, he is the author of thirteen books and has lectured around the world. Prior to becoming an attorney, he was a news broadcaster, reporting major stories including the Cuban Missile Crisis and, a year later, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Walton practices tax law with his son, Richard, an honors graduate of Georgetown who has served as an attorney advisor to the United States Tax Court.



  • December 3, 2004
    7:00 PM
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I will say good evening to you everyone had this excellent facility for the fine hairs are well endowed she was an inpatient dear about a month or two ago and she especially enjoyed the singing but we were quite prepared for Jason who saw her on the war when she was an invitation to repeatedly say your dad and I both thank you so much for the beautiful music really enjoyed it it is so nice here in this room saying with that have enthusiasm and reform again I wonder what knowledge the presence of a very distinguished physician and researcher your doctor days but he has been any or all of our family for many years my wife was a born insurgent is often said if she ever had to have a neurological procedure done Doctor days would be her position of choice and so are privileged to have him here and now which is excited to learn and doing reason campus to me what he's doing is is extremely innovative very very promising he is I think figured out a way to get past the blood brain barrier with a very very severe malignancy is hers intracranial and if it works it just may be the tumor will be a susceptible to this new technique is working on and the perfect some way to trade glioblastoma his name will certainly be of note in the end not medical and scientific world when they finally had some major scientific prize rest here I have a laureate on Loma Linda campus is another so that the Lord for all of you who were so very involved in the and the important work of making and keeping people hold and I find the chamber this afternoon and he has an equally exciting idea I just got Dragon they re-create I will yell at a first-class world-class prevention center why not have something like that working in accordance with eighty years of your data around how are our message when so I'm really appreciative of being here and I want to wish you all happy Sabbath shall shalom Center PCU is a matter of enlisting his right now is a Shabbat shalom and should my reason I have a lot of things I hear O Israel the Lord is the Lord is one part time tonight is rediscovering that wanted another question rhetorical question but I only need to consider and that is simply this one on her are we doing here tonight Diane Hagan and the huge majority of the San Bernardino Valley right now is either on their way to a movie and more on the more shopping are going home they have a beer and watch TV and we find ourselves here in a religious meeting anything about that just a handful of the world population preserves the same we polish up on this Sabbath day just a handful of people here was literally just meeting and just a few people I thought and a few people wearing prayer shawl like this family him glory in a Reform temple tonight preserve this thing we call the Sabbath day and to observe the Sabbath day is not without risk this day we call the Sabbath separates us from most of the world and from most of the Christian world I think about it this country tonight has made he is wonderful as the blood of people who I believe in the Bible believe in the creation story believed there was a flood and a culinary Bakersfield waiting in the flood would be to topic is three thousand feet shelf call now you can find the key from oceangoing sharks so lots of people believe in these things they believe in a resurrection they believe in the Christian faith life their people with whom we ought to have a close kinship of belief but strings as they may often look at us with a bit of resentment and prejudice I felt that I seen that myself even on a lot of nondenominational church therefore our home in the country he is the pastor there has never adjusted to the fact that there are Afghans living in proximity to his parish now why is why is it that people who otherwise would have a common symptom relief with us find a little sometimes a little threatening the simple reality of it is because of the day and that means in this data we observe the Sabbath day leaves us with no national allies on the right measly mining we are most of us conservative Bible believing Christians we believe the Lord hi there we had on his family taken as inspired that I only saw who the evangelical and the conservative fundamentalist believers on the right it only problem is it doesn't because we are separated from him I is a we choose to observe what people in this country tonight millions of dollars printing a phenomenon we saw on the evening of November two they are very confident they are very organized and they are very certain they are writing if you don't believe me just the cable channels and next interview on a talk show where Falwell appears and you will see a man who is supremely confident the terms I comes to mind I only say that in the belittling way he is very confident he's right and the people letter when you are right in the sampling is the person so separated from the great majority of the Christian faith in this country simply because of the day so we have no natural allies on the right on the political left among the political progressive we might have natural allies because they are very concerned about civil and religious liberty so there are organizations like the ACLU you may not agree with your entire order agenda but at least in terms of preserving constitutional rights hereinbefore out of that life sometimes perhaps if they had held for anybody else would want to go they were naturally the ARL I think say help separate what we are fundamentalist Christians and most people in extreme of constitutional concern are not particularly religious many of them in the ACLU working and we have no allies on the left we have no allies on the right there is no natural constituency some him your voice is all right to unwrap I thought more about that tonight tomorrow afternoon to talk about so many different challenges we face in the challenges we face from Islam and ultimately how some of the constitutional problems were now encountering his country fights for his life problems are not simple soon as we don't have a national constituency we are standing alone but the good news is if everybody else on her file we were wrong you would still be in the end the majority is the entire rest of the cosmos I must move on so once again I question what are we doing here why are we here on a Friday evening when most of our Christian friends with your leaderless your misguided or you just plain wrong while talking to why we may have an idea can I give you what you I am wearing this is a prayer shawl I worry is that he is and what were doing anything at all for now don't go too far as I'll be needing union has been working here for the same reason our Jewish friends are in temple or synagogue tonight here because something called creation and the style of creation our topic is rediscovering the Sabbath unless ultimately millwright the beginning right after the Hanover Genesis chapter one Genesis chapter one don't have interesting there are many theories as to how the world began for him not only read they are no people assuming are there wasn't one day than others believe there were recurrently remains and will be returning things in the future some people believe in the universe began and was compressed in density and the microscopic size so that a single point in higher matter of the universe was convinced interestingly enough listings you also have the same at the beginning the entire universe is the size of a rating even as mustard is so when Jesus talks about mustard seed is he speaking in the language can still understand so I lost and confused ideas about how the world began but nobody who offers any area within a half through the one most and that is the in the universe of matter all exploded in the day where the matter is that while it is contradistinction to that kind of an approach the vinyl to CD and with three power Miami Hebrew words I see I see in the beginning God now let's take a look at the creation story titled in Genesis one one two in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth near it was without form and thus your rent moved upon the face of the waters tireless and ask ourselves going on here are we not ask your Bible students generally in agreement that Jesus was the active participant in creation to go through comparing sexual sexy Old Testament a new score that Jesus was the active agent of creation process I see that I have disappears as one describes someone else being there as well lots going on that is going I simply have to understand something my Hebrew spelling is not the best as is reasonably close to what is needed to win in our meeting we had with five hundred twenty million versions of the violinist Final Fantasy beautifully set in my left over the service was sorry this is the Holy Spirit of God in the New Testament Greek Mike reselling is much better than my Hebrew is where they hated him him again you may are saying they are on they are a cost you a lot in the early Christian church when someone empowers those apostles there is that the mighty Holy Spirit were talking to a friend out in San Juan you surmise your Holy Spirit is a very good health and diseases it is easy and notice solicitor is there in the morning creation the question I pose to you is as easy as they are this theme is world into existence one I is the leader by stating it was scientifically literate audience tonight I will take an approach I rarely if ever taking other places as I think it perhaps it will be more meaningful here I is Holy Spirit will be organizing for there is a staging lady living in Northern California iPhone L and she writes a strange warning to the church that had a moment of this writing makes no sense is interesting that many times what the Lord says through the channel teaches us to use makes no sense at the time but for downstream of timolol donates all the sins in the world of thought were my field abortion rights the churches as human agents are being trained and are using their powers to produce the most powerful machine region wounded and feel them she says those without that special protection will have no saving in any nowhere on earth in nineteen more the technology is interestingly enough and a world away over the University of Zürich there is a young graduate student a theoretical physicist who is thinking about time and space and matter and the possible interrelationship of the meeting comes up with a theory in nineteen oh Lori and that he will have his first draft and nineteen by it will become known as a special theory of relativity not my scene stuff but in my theme for our side is beginning to say that there is an equal pass is a part of his name and micros and energy workers Masters energy is energy to down express it in terms we can better understand what you want to be a place where he could just as easily said he will are the only time they has there is him mass energy now than this formula for middle school on Leal heritability is a you and forty one years later after it was announced formally we discovered that a small baseball size and a plutonium to thirty nine hundred and thirty she is on fire all that basically incinerate the better part of the city a small part in your energy I live in a society by Michael Killian who was identified as part of loss here and also working for the Naval weapons ladder title and I think Firefox and confirm me as equally as reversible of Internet energy and energy math is as we seen it happen in the laboratory we had any coming in from Diamante in mass so that means reversible now is that he is my baby your point I will say when the Lord created the earth he was not in that it is pre-existing matter given that really is the last word in their the sessile serrated cells and energy you are here seen the Alaska Holy Spirit here is my view we put in power is sure to globalize unformed world of the media 's life the only time will tell her right or wrong the Holy Spirit is my agency through which this is my energy I have you really don't want to read Daniel seven read Revelation one over and over again in a description of the class is wrong or person of the Lord 's River of fire and life every time somebody sees the heart is as regular firing I is and is and so creation easier and I think one of the functions of the Holy Spirit was to take part in the creation process the only reason he is not a holy serenata is I read I thought worship style but I will only remind us we are thinking more about the Holy Ghost they are also friends silently wonderful as I will have an wonderful that is that is why is is is is a little power might alert you your client is a little survivalist at and she said is because Holy Spirit is lacking all stuff in his will his only words as I is saying is only in the Holy Spirit can create a world in your life don't tell me using as big a problem for you and so my agency the Holy Spirit participating in creation is that I have never ever done this in public before I may never ever do it again will play a game and he is where it is remember our topic tonight is rediscovering the are you selling solo and I hear many of you had to go through some advanced algebra together on this campus some talking to people for whom this will be familiar while I is an equation if he was a C squared as they say us that even over him when he will cease where following the question is seen as a reducer with what is the state is the same way as over time is those of you who didn't sleep through the remember that speed is over five now I sit here is able to save your people able to each other so busy over anymore C squared energy over a people 's distance time I swear following are I know I is what I was isolated tirelessly that was divided by the first of all finally finally get rid of this layer so I'd say the square root of the overview equals distance over time integrated LSI for a time square root of the over damn divided by the equals the reciprocal time following as is the equation him a him divided by the square root of the ER over any matter or thing he asks he will zero then I is a you know and I will lawyer in this world this universe of an very first thing he will finish as necessary as you and I really understand and allow the meeting hall shot the seven day reader are in the Sabbath day is not only the land is geometrically interesting it is examining you have already say so several circles of people 's lives positive orders at my age I need something healthy enough I can see the table here in Minnesota is circled of equal size hold me close around his goals no loss you don't have to squeeze anything against you there is tangential I have all those this thing is a geometric symbol of perfect cool your that him I will more closely as they use a different color just like uses here and he was right in the center of his name is holy and when she invites us to be a part that will dominate tonight is this is a crying shame we do not unify science and the Bible more than our pioneers in the end we are drifting away from it it is an exciting mistake scientists studying without I leave otherwise intelligent minds to the point of gullibility where they can I am saying with a straight face the Encyclopaedia Britannica the result of an explosion at an average science without my miserable life along with Alice Williams leave you standing on holy on the short-lived news and standing on the shore of the ocean is vanity and how beyond me his study Bible without signing you there were why are we wiring our ministerial students to have at least a science minor better understand is the proceeding who is scenario that so here we have a situation now in which God has something wonderful time as this is where the England who explained that the Lord we were in kindergarten okay that Hillary values human mind has saw to read that all people him hires and trains ran on the venerable day human beings have tried to do something and playing with the inclusion of creation that the Lord is in a manner that simply can't be improved we try to rewrite this phenomena all the Sabbath day now if you have a chance I'll mail you a busy with your studies the chance to online and get a hold of encyclical letter from nineteen ninety eight it wasn't that it was okay it was his encyclical letter visible again long long document if I write about a hundred in which he reminds us of the need to get back to worshiping on Sunday is is the legacy of the Lord now I want to add a long time back and maybe I heard a lot of evangelism effort on religious liberty pastors talking about the understatement of the precision geopolitically I have to be sure that Sunday as it is absurd is it in worship I have never heard anybody mention that also narrated that a single of the latter was a statement by John Paul and I'm not his words as near as I can remember some day we defined the meaning of the word is easy as free Asian the lunar cycles and eighty profanity Sunday redefines the meaning of life and what is done is why anything is being here working on moving your day human creations then he goes on to say basically is governed him hard in your ears one is twenty five and he shall aim to change Valium oocyte is changing all all before you a lot he's the building to change designs and models are interesting prediction of the issue here my driving law professor one time there is is is a you can frame the issue you dissolve anything solicitors you want or I was born son is in line with most of the world my understanding were coming from and probably coming to abrogate or civilians are why is it worth putting our life one being answer to that issue is what's really going on that's the issue there is a single word is this thing is I you are so the issue is who is in charge of anonymous is a premier orienting a created being if we offer the answer that the person in charge of the populace could be a created being my when the regard that the variations in the war began with you in heaven and we can see in what is I creating shared for all and all things and we as something issue here is the one that started the war it's the authority of the Lord that's what a Sabbath of defining issue in the end of time I told him on our evangelical friends and we should follow there are many people who see it differently I also am painfully aware that I'm on our friends in what is sometimes referred to as progress him as saying challenges her I learned that essay you know we think in the nineteenth century is would be a defining issue in the unit type and go on all games on Sunday all the malls are open how could it ever become an issue near you well this is an interesting point if you look at history in a short frame problem is our Catholic friends particularly the policy stating things with the lens is not of weeks for the century if there's any doubt in our mind of the Sabbath and Sunday will be at hand I should go back to John Paul's encyclical letter to the manager in which he said had not holding the Sunday redefining the meaning of time it is an arrow pointing people more ways Sunday evening with the second added Jesus analyzes all a more well so that the firemen of the Reformation is lost as well also a Martin Luther he was on his way back to law school got caught in a thunderstorm and will likely discretion herein your final was so close to the contact is close enough to the ground as e-mail will probably just like Ms. Ray Springhouse saves the Anaheim brand-new no-brainer examines major vein as it is already entered a monastery the Augustinian monastery in error was a Catholic a sincere stair climbing rosary see the heater rosaries on his Syria until I was there and a lot of in the just shall live by I only say this is an talk about it tomorrow morning to talk about the need for usually a message so what do you think about this thing incomes of the three concepts anyway so in a only cry only faith so as you were only able solo piece is only Jesus and magnificent triad of the Reformation and he tends to sell this idea to some very senior church fathers and hey how the Council of Trent because people will be in order maybe this month is onto something maybe we sure hope that I will instead of relying on church tradition is very serious jobs of the magisterial authority of the church with my family Council of Trent they are patient ratios being the same today his father sent him obvious that firearms versus soulless world only my in remaining monies they need the money saying because he's still working on some banners no biblical authority to change the authority 's power of holy mother Church and the Council of Trent and they need to pass realize the logic of ER patients are in force over the counter Reformation comes in half in Europe is lost as a the Reformation was that the Roman Catholic faith the point I'm making here is that there is no scriptural authority for this change I perhaps obtained in the life of me the most is a parish priest in Michigan bless his heart I found the product for seven years ago postgraduate education so I will license certainly do a lot of talking jazz was the one that will most of the women religious in all the nuns and women in religious art is beautiful lady saw I saw the ladies I cannot imagine him about this lovely human beings and I admire and on him was his heart the parish priest is a Catholic parish is an honest money guy here's what he wrote back in nineteen ninety five perhaps the boldest thing the most revolutionary change the church never did happen in the first century really didn't but that he wants to think so the holy data Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sunday the day of the Lord the estimate was chosen not from any directions noted in the Scriptures got from the church as so as own power nineteen ninety five he goes on the city had the only point clear enough he said people who think the Scripture should be the sole authority should logically become Seventh-day Adventist Saturday holy village I say a man I know are either which way that analyzes color as a child of the Lord and he's honest and I appreciate that so they are the real issue here is my number one is the form asked for your reviewer tonight were not out shopping are going to the show are going home to watch TV or something better of course we don't appoint somebody is another automaker lately and I the Sabbath is also linked to how we ought to live alone the Lord save a life given them my sadness that they need to know that I am the Lord that sanctifies them Sabbath sanctification and links enough in the Lord Sabbath sanctification must the linkage there like you to do is go back to creation you and you quickly see how the feeling and creation week is cast on the husband 's life this is right in the center of the is mathematically geometrically as theologically it is very clear it makes sense now is that unless we are likely related creation we him here Genesis one God said let there be light and there was light the American visas V Leiden here is his mighty Holy Spirit 's unleashes a higher score is God saw the light that it was the Hebrew word is told means good Muslim now here is you versus God said let me waterside entreaty as I have been gathered together to call the dry land Earth the gathering water season God saw that it was good my dear and bring forth grass God saw that it was the sixth times in creation we the Lord looks at what he is reading it it is incredible feeling of spiral of life any citizen of the time I got it right I hear tonight on Friday if you will is the same as the course is over this is good about what the history of the Lord is not remaining on prevention source for sure is the money holds this prepared the coming of the subframe created an effort to shore your voice I bought this through the article you must frame Ecclesiastes real quick he aired in the first chapter verse by the Sun also rises and the sun go down hastened to his place where he arose the way to go for the South Florida North and return it in a pan according to a service then you need the writer of Ecclesiastes says something rather interesting him all the rivers flowing into the sea but the CD is not what is in order all honey and overflow real simple kindergarten level I Mount Saint Helens just take my word for it I had to get another one of these and see if I can do something up CRM is a on Mount Saint Helens comes water and flows into the ocean what is the ocean overflow because we had this mighty power of sunlight coming down here causing water do the impossible and defies gravity and with the stress is prevailing westerly wind starts easily against the orthographic list on Mount Saint Helens in forms of cloud region of one where do Moyer and temperature match and down comes the rain is like a wheel and get another example here's a medical student and has a very related author is related I now hope to she takes in what oxygen was you get back CO2 is the axial to him here as a flower Bangalore says they are sad and limited list by limiting the power of sunlight and you will you now uneasy a look into the heart of heaven what do you see deals on wheels of my wheels all the more is sometimes delivering complex in a move rapidly but not available okay we have hydrographic cycle we have a photosynthetic site we had a cycle of the human body will remain a sheriff who were second likely to sell the alarm and world is making a needle through Genesis one and every time he had another brick in the building is what's good about insurance currently it is hardly being prepared for human habitation and a cosmic design standards UK firms in whatever old you can read what you said here on Friday and you get it back and handling for eternity is writing here could be described as a spiral it starts here and everything in the cosmos takes all only to enrich and only idea and final works downward and illustrated in a nursing home there is nothing wrong that this is the reason that I went around the Christmas season we don't get over our selfishness and actually give only a little something we feel better to him that you are refining this inverter design and Lucifer comes along I had fun listening the Lucifer diary I was the king 's seizure control mathematically I think this entire is mathematically rough I was silent looking for is any human mind is okay I was trying to do so this is a he went this way is yet all you have to do in team all little problem is the universal is whether the way this thing is certain affinity uncoil itself until we see the manifestation of our last day I will highly dangerous highly lethal in the system so so we find ourselves on our world work as I am Ontario is actually easy work on making viruses is obtainable in her heritage he has no back on my friends we are at the time any identical of the atomic scientists a lot of thinking people are very heard the salutary losing his world will destroy this world like the second coming of Jesus and that mistake the loses are anyway you now tragically most people buy in the short-term result in an in the long term is him him the saddle horse and go back and read we can confirm that when I hear my accident and there is a faculty who are being solution the following so the Sabbath helps us understand not only God 's authority but how we ought to live God 's part real quickly now the Sabbath brings us back to the divine design finally they dissected human dignity human dignity you know questions but not forgotten the Sabbath they would never miss it when the forgotten creation and Charles Darwin would have never stood a chance in the Christian world as everyone from there by accident he had site for getting this Sabbath day and quality wise we've opened the door for terrible hypocrisy in the Christian faith Matt is one of this point we've opened the door for a quote unquote Christian world for whom being forgiven is about the only real concern the Christian world in which we want to Calvary the cost and hence I have gotten an anomaly in our thinking we haven't established a Christian world capable of singing about Hillary while enslaving capable of singing about Hillary well breaking promises in the are I was at his words ever spoken in America Luigi Joseph K for the net here's Fridays is henceforth I will fight no more forever when I think about all online words in all appropriate promises my heart is that these Christianity has offered the world may I get real metals in here and say we also open the door for Christian West that stands into a shock outrage the Muslim world the kind of trash hauling with mass produces to get me wrong I'm no fan of anyone I'll talk about Islam and the challenges we face tomorrow radical Islam white failed Christianity offers the reliving the pain of life and that is an excuse why can't it sold I forget exactly how much we lose we lose a sense of human dignity if all Christians were in church on Saturday Lee said he forsaken from the fact they are brothers and sisters were not here by accident as a loving heavenly father who designed this powerless series of a couple three relevant questions if your sample is worth observing that house user but you may offer some suggestions has finally put back on my company in the end the prayer shawl this is an interesting symbolism number one of the basic color of the shawl is what white which represents one the righteousness that I will want to look at myself I like what I see all we are surprised how will this thing is symbolically Congresswoman and what are clueless on who will assemble the law and also in our little threads of gold now what is going represent unmercifully made out also we have an inner life of Christ in this colleague that practicing you where and when Santa comes around what happens in the Jewish home he is a little table set up in a Jewish mother will set up a candle and all of the hologram and I think aniline welcome the Sabbath day and when they Jewish family welcomes the Sabbath day is when the same sandstone anticipation that we only go to the airport will that we were anxious to see them right away and we only see their houses out of crashing into our lives many times by a lorry of hyperactivity Friday afternoon the owner has his head as an opportunity to send the visually Friday afternoon and then crashed into this sample of what I am exhausted and sometimes I hear to say and I have to admit it or my own say sometimes is out of his account comes across as an interview inclusion in the things I need to be doing a good visit ever happened to a Jewish family welcomes us have visited one of along a second year and the candle is lighted in the bread is broken and might only one life stand for the light of the world in number is used from the command line everywhere you look in Judaism Holly shelf of a hollow resident handle using SIMS Sabbath is observed and evidence that comes with an bit about him more is how often do we see how long is also now I remember I was a kid growing up at all relative and is and without has some lovely family law legal seal that I never will forget her run through the house in a loyal boy only fifteen minutes you have the anti-Jewish family has happened this is born when it leaves little ceremony with which they closed that I bring this up not so we should a lot of emulate Jewish ritual is not my point is I development had to hear it for this special gamer were standing together and had a Sabbath premier Suzanne spices very aromatic amine lifted the lid on it is only used on Shabbat and it hasn't around from one person to the next and the orderly spices fills the room of the symbolism here it is even on pleasant aroma is lingering then another candle is lit in the low glass of wine is and him and his Jewish families I trust that reviews and what I do next take a glass of wine poured on the handling was beside me singing is why I is will is not recognizing wanting him but that we make the same mistake that we may have misstated by rationalizing culturally ritual lysing of a Southfield is really getting on so long we only wants to raise your invasion that would allow it which brings me to the question what women want to Sarah Palin involved three questions are so pointedly made ages vaguely obnoxious the number one or Santa Fe how much time we spend in the word of this is in the privacy of your own mind the only other huge advantages that has almost fifteen percent of the time of our weekly time is sacred we have no option to send it anywhere ranging the result is nobody in the world is an understanding as we got back I feel we've is not quite as after all around I trust you got something out of VC Bible under the Bible is your computer on your PC via Mario follows parallel versions of the vibrant and interlinear bring a strong English and I will exit his brain about the biblical dictionaries and there are several of the London in solo when you read is the again and click on everything and going in the background of that word words found elsewhere in the Bible one of these lovely implications are serious Bible scholars that his study and that there is no pride in the Bible and study the Bible for speed read it is also illegal in the word of God to find snow in Iran I was only as part of the theme symbolism D- and heart and you so let's get later in the morning so we will focus on the shelf anymore just open your computer is use a mouse sinfully easy is not talking heard from the other daily creating housing secretary whichever the computer moving a little human life in other words I presented and I know you may thought through already I don't are you so see what was new this is easily greater well-educated here's scientifically literate haunting music and do your research I know you know how to do research if you want me on as only the best of it here are the cream of a crime not take this magnificent proof is in the essay about this greatest danger you had in this world is more imperative that I get you and I don't thought though more narratives out of the faith how many times even what is the sacredness is so shallow who are you just don't be noted in jail work on preschoolers but it don't work on adolescent theology this is heaven LLC it is nicely wanted yes yes we do you know you hold a wholly intelligent young minor that everyone in the low end result is undefined so number one Sabbath lyrics in the word number two how much of our Sabbath days does Lucifer invade with thoughts or activities or conversation there are nearly good enough if we fail here we will rob ourselves of the rigid nature of spending quality time with the king of the costs once a week of the privilege of an audience with him at a time and place against using premium our time to rediscover the Sabbath less and where we obviously say happy Sabbath Shabbat shalom said he


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