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Who Lit Your Fire?

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • March 22, 2008
    10:00 AM
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him through traveling praise God to be with you again this is holy Sabbath day so much of the world is remembering the death burial and resurrection of Jesus the good time for us to reflect on our own faith and on each of our own salvation these of holiday weekends and holidays where even CNN has specials on what Jesus of the time to share move around was an unknown Christ and sold we want to be ready soldiers in the Army of God sharing the good news of Jesus Christ of the term in your Bibles to the book of Leviticus Leviticus chapter nine starting at verse fifteen Leviticus chapter nine starting in verse fifteen and I will read in your hair and your verse twenty four Leviticus nine starting at verse fifteen Scripture says any broad people 's offering to Google which is the sin offering for the people in silhouette and offered it to send out the first and he brought burnt offering and offered it according to the manner and he brought the offering until an handful thereof and put it upon the altar beside the burnt sacrifice of the morning show also the bullet in the RAM for sacrifice of peace offerings which was for the people in Erin 's sons presented on to him for blood which sprinkled upon the altar round about the thought of the bulletin of the RAM the Robin that coverage word kidney in the palm of the liver the final resting burn the fat upon the altar the breath of the right shoulder Aaron waved for a wave offering before the Lord as Moses commanded and lifted up his hand toward the people and bless them Jane went down from offering of the sin offering and burnt in the burnt offerings and peace offerings Moses and Aaron went into the tabernacle of the congregation and came out and bless the people of the glory of the Lord appeared unto all there came a fire out from before the Lord and consumed upon the altar of burnt offering and the fact which when all the people saw the shouting and fell on their faces that within one thousand eight and a Bible the sons of Aaron but either of them is sensor input fire therein and put incense bearing thereon and offered strange fire before the Lord which he commanded them not there went out a fire from the Lord and even followed them and they die before the war most of the Sabbath is entitled who your five hundred your fire let us pray father God we thank you for bringing us together on the show holy Sabbath day Lord even this week as it is flanked by Good Friday and Easter Sunday of the call they are called more we realized we are still commanded to keep the steel father God let the words that are spoken not be mine let more the thoughts that are brought forth not be more invalid father God that out of the frame of grace with a message to be delivered to your people this day is operator in Jesus 's name and then Leviticus is a book that we are instructed instructed in the spirit of prophecy that we should study well for it is an instruction in how to praise God Leviticus takes place basically over about a month in a very short time the tabernacle sanctuary is completed and at the end of the previous book and so God begins to exercise the procedures that will take place and hence the book of Leviticus is written as all too codify and use these examples of it all along Israel would have these examples to follow as they serve God we read the verses that I just gave you earlier verses and chapters minus specifically for all priests Aaron and his sons and offering them the preparation that they should make before they go before the people of God how they should sacrifice and be with their thin first before coming before God 's people verse fifteen to twenty four deal of how they should then take the gift that God has given them as priests the taste of God 's people and how it should be done and really ended in the symbolism of it is a lot of why God did what he did in the sanctuary the seven episodes have only one him but not as good doctrine of the sanctuary do not understand that doctrine causes you to be in attendance in your ability to understand presence from and I think I've importantly understand grace and mercy and understand how serious God takes in each of the animals sacrificed all have symbolic meaning at all halftime those Lam pull all chosen for resulting animals of course the goals are stubborn and so they are representing sin because stubbornness is in and so the goal is offered of the sin offering the land of venison and follows wherever Golden is also offered to not only take away sin but offered off often about of the peace offer him a thank offering in the bowl as it's rolling in each of the significance was not poster when individual interesting things when wave offerings and and and and and and all the different things that God shows he's trying to make strong point to the people of Israel one of America's best friend is being tested by the one you want to go into the sanctuary on a day like this at all of these animals would be slaughtered understand that blog would be swallowing through this holy place you have to look where your stuff and not to step into the love and I had an piece of them the fact of these animals which are over the sanctuary like some of you have done to your open in the labs of this not everyone deserves a remedy that there is lately some familiar people do in the moment and lots of good stuff to start flying all over the place as you well and I was not only the blood in fact and has had as far as I do they can rather than move it again but able to glory and an difficult and that is almost a pleading for mercy crying and shouting as they will as long the lamb was unique in that many diagrams wouldn't say anything though everyone led to be slaughtered God wanted us as he wanted Israel to know that the wages of sin is death all throughout the Scripture when someone's in something dies in the Garden of Eden they tried to cover this in my making aprons of plant material God said no you slaughtered animals and made them posted on a fertile recovers from the waist down coal comes from the net down and made some calls out of the skins of animals when the prodigal son returns home his father quickly says go and kill what a fat cat the wages of sin is death and the Bible says that without the shedding of blood there is what no mission of Saint is fully understand Good Friday unless you understand these types in the Old Testament you don't understand that Jesus 's death was a bloody brutal death a painful calculated the asinine over dying this way and anyone who watched the children walk in the law Aurora not shouting crucify him crucify these passages help us to understand that God all along understood that at all on one baby animal figuratively speaking that would be put on the altar to be sacrifice and it will only be brought following that would wash away the sins of men not also shows that God is the God of order the book of Leviticus it is not simply accept whatever is brought before him things must be brought to him in the right way at the right time as she specified you cannot simply take what you want and bring it to Donny he just doesn't accept whatever you have to offer and learn that lesson or maybe you never did really learn that lesson but that was the lesson team was supposed to learn but I think the bottom of these verses it really gets good at around verse twenty two of chapter nine of the book of Leviticus was fifty seven Erin lifted up his hand toward the people and bless them and came to an end came down from offerings and offering the burnt offerings and peace offerings and Moses and Aaron went into the tabernacle of the congregation and came out and the people in the Bible says your something critical access temple glory although the Lord here every glory when you give people more you will find when they had followed the instructions precisely when the priest and honor and uphold God 's presence was amazed tangible before the hair as they offer anything he appears before his people so powerfully of members twenty four Bible seven there came a fire out from before the Lord and consoled upon the altar of burnt offering that would roll with with with with all the people saw all sound and fell on every level second an industry that are likely upon the shop and the following there was great power in what happened here just show up but by bringing fire into the equation he shouldered his approval for submitting that anytime in the Bible God 's people are on one accord in worshiping him he makes himself evident in the spirit which is often made tangible in the formal fire when Solomon dedicating the Temple the splendor and glory of the building may the God instructed of the mailing date of the provisions to make but they could not make the cut of the block although abatements and was solemnly completed and they were dedicating the Temple the Scripture says that fire and down just like this embargo the offering in the New Testament at the time of the call the script is that the church was on what one accord they work in unity and when they were in unity the same way the Scripture uses the same symbolism except the New Testament let's thought about the fire is made of into the allegorical piece of the Spirit of God is with soda that like a cloven host of fire they also make how they begin to speak that everyone is able to understand I again comes down to spirit about all those people and their people to predict how the laptop into the family of God when God 's people on one of Florida shows it is why one of the great instruction that Jesus gives the church if he says by this man will know that you are my disciples because you have one love one for another submit to you that one of the marks of God 's true Church without charge members treat each of you often get that piece of the equation views of the is the direct result the fruit of your eulogy before of your loved one for another if that will make it in only two of my disciple and if a sign on your on being my disciple your brother with consistent also called opening fire come down bingo parlor people lay prostrate the glory of God within the place then reached the zenith the high abortion how could it get any better than what God is already done there's really no way to take it up but what I'm learning is that when God gives man of great benefit and to give year Austin man walked to one of the captain 's story to sunroom told members want and need out in the barn Merrin do either of them his sensor and put fire therein put incense thereon and offered strange fire before the role which he commanded them not never told him to do but they bear on five title again is with your file these two sons I've been drinking or that is what is a seemingly America's read through the book into the into the rest of chocolates and a bit of oh and not by would not even be we have to assume some level of intoxicated and they decide that what is done is not good enough so they pick their own stuff and like their all five I think it and want to now make the strange file with God holy and five submit to you you muddle renewal in mind with your five but into Christendom and I mean all of Christianity strange five the people bringing in to the temperament of the body of Christ not a bad time up there to great analogies of the sanctuary one is that you can you can show out of the sanctuary and all of its parts and pieces of candy to use the built in two ways one it represents like a human cell but it of course did some of me the temple of the Holy Spirit each of us become the seven makes the body of Christ Excel I yet he felt dependent on the other example can also be used official out individual body where the brazen altar is like the stomach and with the mint and the lever like the circulation in the open would make these analogies and parallels the Temple is important and that's why in the New Testament we speak of the Temple and of the of of of the tabernacle of the very bottom of the chart itself become a sanctuary but here they take strange for and if the body of Christ if it is it can be symbolically equated to being on the earthly sanctuary you got to know of what is being brought into God 's church watch what is they are finer than the Church of God inevitable across the spectrum now sold to follow me I was in Atlanta I will not committee would of the former Surgeon General David factor at Morehouse school of medicine in Atlanta and it is the national committee for excellence and sexual health and it is supposed to at least I thought when they invited me to join the committee which meets twice a year in Atlanta it is supposedly I thought it would how do we reduce STI with STDs in use in America and how do we really reduce the impact of these like HIV and AIDS and how to stop the coming epidemics of hepatitis C and and and and how do we stop in and continue to minimize or reduce the number of teen pregnancies in the United States how do we allow a upset not to make Americans unhealthy woes are the agenda for the meetings usually really is how do and being of only three or four Christian in there myself a Catholic pediatrician on an evangelical is working with James Dobson one of Evangelicals all women and probably the foremost probably get together on the call themselves Christian but I can even think of the want dismissal juxtapose the Scripture that I can't give them that I can at least these four stand on the Bible only funny sex religion one of the doctrine but on the issues we deal with house there this last month at the meeting and the title of leaders like living recommendation to do this broader category got onto the government was religion and sexuality now I landed a young age that is a few things you don't want to discuss and the company politics is one and the furor in the the current president erases politics usually separates people into groups and the religion and if you're not careful and you don't present religion probably you will wind up in an argument and outline the benefits like that the government you are vague and talisman it didn't just wake that will be going around harmlessly from you get hurt I dislike so there are but three times of war that is the next in nature and I very available to leave the meeting New Year's they say that they've got to destroy the black church they've got to get into the black pulpits because they felt this biggest half of all of super lot of a better term liberals they felt that the black church in America one denomination was one of the last bastions where homosexuality and pedophilia and other things are being preached against open fire items that we got to get into the pulpit of the market we got to change the black church in America if we're going to move our agenda forward you sooner conspiracy Bible and tell people of the memorably sure enough this one on sexuality and religion they knowing that I was on the committee the only male on the committee that currently it is situated in an end and they know how how strong I try to defend the point I'm making in these meetings they went and got reinforcement we went and had one of oh join the committee of mail that there was a new blackmail him up on the committee who try to be very nice to me a front in a I wonder will be promoting the tribunal nice Michael skeptical of the probable return it from an special speakers to present to three other African-Americans while most of them female who was a pastor or study to get back to the Christian church now all of the vote Muslim street on sexuality and Islam and one of the being of a major African-American University the Harvard of African-Americans say the name the Dean of the school of religion at that evidence will and another gentleman with the path of a very large search very large certain whether the right Reverend Wright which was now Madonna got interviewed on CNN but you can't engineer agenda again is to destroy what the Bible teaches yet they call themselves charge pastors religious policy but there is no five Baptist in their own pieces to bow and worship with their own I hear their own infants that have been cultivated there all I do mean there are only then took to exalt themselves in front of the world for political gain for the advancement of career are autistic money and fame that they have found out the lowly while all wood in front of those who do not know Christ playing that Jesus had no problem with homosexuality or what enforceable or pre- men what will you are talking about the need for four children and minors the section strange five the body of Christ Paul and demonic doctrine made the work of cancer among those who call themselves Christians to destroy the fabric of the church because my issue isn't whether homosexuality but if you listen with necessarily pedophilia my issue is in God 's sovereign wire is this the only standard by which God requires Nicolette if the government of the holy Bible is that only requirement and I am willing to looking all Romans chapter one and I wanted to ignore Leviticus and Deuteronomy and the passages that Paul wrote in Corinthians and other places about what God is about sex and sexuality if I'm willing than that in the hot adult text why would I not been hot all the others strings are being Mike Huckabee running for the president to nomination of the Republican Party victims of the ultraconservative but one would bring America back to the Bible and any viewing and a preacher style defendant although nice little jokes that he would throw out there by finally probably the most charming person in the whole debate yet Huckabee show drawstrings fire crews into the church because he is running for president he claims in front of the one thousand eight Christian leader running for president yet my company and want to rally the base when he was asked about religion him in prison of them do you believe God a loving God made the wireless batting third bottle no woman sixty one it may have been millions of years I don't know because I wasn't in evolution out of the mouth of the Christian strange fire but I think Barbara's will gain from the multimedia you want so the entire book of Genesis because you see a jacket I am not being totally honest with us and screenshot of the book of Genesis and somehow he he he he ourselves to open that have to oversimplify everything in physics they thought we would understand God than write about creating why would we believe him but he's right about redeeming the world I tell you what a lot even if that would do nothing and make something that don't bring out the darkness of sin the wretchedness amendment of the glorious light of Jesus Christ but he can make the world how can he make the world strange five twenty slipped in under the radar ninety of these people talking intelligent design those days are allegorical and of course liberals first if you do that in the seventies and seventy seven with a million year-long you probably will have the next seven days let me submit to you that even if that meant to them the strength five being brought doctrines that are strange doctrines of the risk of the political rhetoric of the religious right coming into our churches we divided among Republican and Democrat gets supposed to be of the party and run wise enough to see that really Adventist Christians caught in a catch twenty two position when it comes to political things on the one hand we are for the separation of church and state and on the one on the one hand we are four of the Constitution in its development of literary splendor and ended in and in the midst of great deals truth the Bill of Rights the Declaration of Independence I believe all is fired on some level why did that by the barn because the man who wrote it were not only met basal men some of whom write their slaves to have to they were no one no means holy book but a holy God needing to set up a place that was prophesied in Revelation and Daniel allow the United States the lower three okay so there was a safe place on planet Earth that God 's remnant church liberal got been with us but also because the people to the left begin to be followed doctrine in the political rambling of the left in this country you will soon be walking down the path of gay marriage and other moral issues that you find difficult to agree with if you understand the problem with the left of the chance would you be left to worship freely by yourself because of the right continues the post with from the head of the Christian Coalition when George was with this Jordan was elected the first time holds from which he spoke of the fact that now the time to push for Sunday legislation to be careful with our new portion seventy ministers must be careful that we do not quench the fire of God all the church that is unified because of politics let's not forget that this world is not our home but enough to get the Jesus instructed the disciples was to render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God let us not forget that God is called out of darkness into marvelous light we do not arguing for Barack and Hillary not arguing for McCain or Huckabee or in the November election arguing party against Linux let us as the children of God not see this while while physical but see all that is linked to the processing time of the spirit of the living rangefinder from the dark churches informal black liberation theology and someone searches on it interesting when America was horrified at the comments of Reverend Wright that is the document and preaching that is been common in the United States that fit your hundred years it is reactionary to what happened during the times of Jim Crow segregation slavery there was only one place in America it was labeled you did get up and speak your mind and out of the church on a massive plantation all along to Doctor Drew Baldwin to the place you become a government organized Muslims the right movement was based on the black church and Reverend Wright is no different I'm amazed that everybody saw that rhetoric about how every church almost or do not like them thankfully most active lector do not like that but that is a common rhetoric because the law is governed and ironically I think Ron Paul was running for the Republican nomination advantage thinking about this even say I'm inspiring wasn't nearly as frightening romp largely instigated by Bible soil particles that would be right above us in my opinion but that the people being mad development of new single use race as a strange people will try and convince you that your ratio ethnic backgrounds some diesel engine to superiority or inferiority he will turn your race against you whether you white black Asian Hispanic Native American what I live is the other because the script is that I thrive come before the full butterfly people retreat the black pride and white pride in it I tried in the West Indian pride of all of our Hispanic product is when we go to hide his strange fire in the Temple of God God does not accept your offer as worship must glorify me about his comment another door race would've all my love for this great nation this is a Christian will be elevated first of the blood in the following power of Jesus Christ brings fire with you to even those of us who are of the care of doctrine the beliefs of the present week we love is true that God is the much earlier we don't bring strange fire and military one thing that happens quickly when you think you're right to become self-righteous you can become legalistic quite frequently you could very fast begin to think of someone you can save your self you convicted of a formal replacement of you simply follow like a Catholic counting the beans and saying Hail Marys but somehow just to invoke the right motions if you just make sure never to eat a piece of meat on all consumer of a slice of anyone is some out there is that there is something so specific about you getting you must be careful that you don't bring it strange fire exit and make the church more about what we do then will we do it for about three what are you quickly come in religiosity you can quickly begin to think of them arguably I bet in five U mark the document makes me a Protestant Christian and the document righteousness by faith it is justification by faith the just descriptors that shall live by faith the red one of more than the books was a loving and entities together a statement where he says that fighting the fight of work and the five oh three focus your energy on drawing closer to God in the last days what is most important is that we spend adequate time on my knees in conversation with God not because we are like punching a clock in some a week we're compiling out with it will later demonstrate input form of a probable but because they just love to be in the presence of we study God 's word not sudden we can come back and at the people and improve them out well we know Scripture we read a script not to come back and not dental plan checkers we read the holy Bible when we study the writings of God 's inspired servant and white because by doing so we are in communication with flood Bible and the book of Ezekiel Jeremiah recorded Israel and Judah with women with the lovers God speaks of them as being and at times of lovers out it went between after the God exalted because nothing speaks to the need for time and communication more than a romantic relationship actually when you are in the finest of doing that just as you love the person is our goal and were you otherwise would not use it manual stick to the orchestra of the above the what will the most fancy for method documents later word operative system a microphone was used at night when I thank you enjoy an overlay by thing run around fighting at the stream and you just follow civilized you know you want to be coming to be impressed by you thank you Melissa Dell watch football don't know what's going on Crimson everything I do when Culloden greatest ungraded aggregate gleeful you never what we go to restaurants that you looking at the manual the one word on the menu this might if in your earthly romantic you become both an open to get to know someone that you think you look much more careful what you do give to your design and safety something you don't think of right like that newly opened a smile on the go all the way down with you that it's a inverted achieving the gluten until the change you may not like the music as you come to know prices are learned not a requirement to give up certain types of music because you love a little change the station it overall to use them at all because you love God you listen to what God wants you to listen to so use not the bay out of a relationship of love rather than try to work your way into a loverly aflutter stretches of the love of Christ with us something about having someone and wanting to do anything that would hurt them or upset them or going against their wishes when asked over and over you are wondering to the strange part of self-righteousness I think if someone you got a lot of zombies and because you know the formula spirit on the phone five all formal new every day in your worship you to get to a place where every morning you have a kind of experience that Israel had in Leviticus five twenty and fell on their faces will affect out of its original but what do they like the average person to go into your day off and Howard by God to live right and to do right by submitting that we are living in rocky and difficult times these political wars are not simply contest the president of the United States but I think the issues are discussed in the things for one understand the property is being for field morally the world continues to decline to levels that I don't know if the world ever had levels as low as we have the United States today religion have televisions would have radioed in them iPods that have the Internet secrets in about an all-time high you must ask God 's two washes in the blood of Israel at the witness that will run through the sanctuary is on Good Friday all little to run across that once I will offer that wouldn't structure so much work in the crucifixion of Christ that even when the Roman soldiers at all what you will this must be the son of God we must be one in my things and then we must take part in what happened that was the next week or our homes the funding we must make sure that when Jesus goes from there the life and the stories given in the Gospels and he gets a bottom up Truman walks out we must come out of the death of sin and death of our former selves and walked in the newness of life with Christ Jesus nothing else will satisfy it by one somewhat aware of the Christian would be across immunity to Christian because he got up and walked out of that letters were thought about it we thank the Lord who offered to us holy fire you've offered to us father God in this state out of the deathtrap that a sin father God even our righteous deeds are as guilty 's there is none righteous the Scriptures is more noble not one on the Sabbath we come before you humbly asking the Lord that you ladies watches in the blood of Jesus applied his blood to our names of the books of writing 's name here in the Lamb 's book of life father God we ask that we not fight our own battles but it will be wise enough to step back and let you fight that we be obedient and following with his father God the your people in the dark operator in Jesus 's name and


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