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Till the Storm Passes

Lewis Walton


Lewis Walton is a tax attorney in Los Angeles. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of San Diego, where he earned nearly a dozen academic awards, he is the author of thirteen books and has lectured around the world. Prior to becoming an attorney, he was a news broadcaster, reporting major stories including the Cuban Missile Crisis and, a year later, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Walton practices tax law with his son, Richard, an honors graduate of Georgetown who has served as an attorney advisor to the United States Tax Court.



  • December 4, 2004
    3:00 PM
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a new ever unless I really appreciate being invited here just a joy it is worth the drive from from Bakersfield comes out here just to listen to your thing I made is so refreshing your Adventist group sang with that level of enthusiasm out there sometimes a nice vegan and our people are good people some of them are very restrained and you sometimes wonder you know if there's an audience out there the pastor has gone through a department store and rented a bunch of manikins you know dress them up at the menu and it is nice to hear some life out there albeit I am still adjusting to hearing one of my wife's attendees keep saying your dad user that Jason but it's a charming song and I love it but it's just a little unusual in the desert that well thanks for having us and good afternoon in our topic for today this afternoon is one incorporates prophecy and current events and just for a moment metaphorically speaking is reach your hand out through the veil it separates our present moment from the world of tomorrow push through the fog of tomorrow and tell me what you feel reach into the future and tell me what you something 's out there you can feel it something 's coming my take on this thing is what you feel when you reach into the future the first tests of the storm when me say it plainly I think there's a storm coming in our topic for this afternoon 's feel the storm passes by you are and then read my past client on in life and round and round and an online game playing name that brandished and then there is will and I will need me in and go on and on and is not aware that there is more and go around where Ron and I and will and and and will and me me me now the lead on the day can you maybe need to grow I already and I had no I I know I made the and him Iran will and will and and and and and on his and in and in no more in Iran where Ron I I him or and and and will I need mean you will and the number I invite you to join me in chapter twelve very first verse of Daniel chapter twelve familiar to lawless one you don't really need to look up his you know what at that time shall Michael stand up the grade prints which standard for the children of thy people and there shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation may think about that six hundred years before the time of Christ this prophet Daniel reaches in and out into the future is not just tomorrow's future is waiting downstream in time and want future still twenty seven centuries just any a draw for us a word picture of a word of world just almost literally gone mad I mean we're talking disorder on a scale never before seen in human and six hundred and some years later it's kind of interesting to notice that Jesus does the very same thing out compare Daniel twelve of what Jesus described in Luke twenty one take a look at Luke twenty one versus twenty five and twenty six and there shall be signs in the sun moon and stars upon the earth distress of nations news our failing them for fear and the new international translates that in a way we can relate to very readily today the new international version says men will say with error they use the keyword saw Daniel describe chaos on a on a level is to simply unexplainable in human history considering the fact that Daniel is also looking forward to a time in which the barbarians in the steps of age you would roar into the Roman Empire paragraph Empire apart and leave the world in shambles for nearly a thousand years what's coming described in Daniel twelve apparently is rather dramatic Jesus describes the same things as are comments I and people looking to the future and they just lose it a faint with terror now let's do one more text and a flush this thing out as John the revel later now add some detail and focus to these broadbrush pictures and he tells us the details of what the world might like that might look like and I invite you look at Revelation thirteen Revelation thirteen verse sixteen and seventeen is another old classic you don't have to look up the any cause at all both small and great rich and poor free and bond receive a mark in that none might buy or sell save he that hath the name of Mark or the number are not homogenized the sex we put together here and try to determine what we've looked at what the Bible seems to be describing is a world in which liberty disappears and the power to control people apparently becomes absolute on a very brief global scale and it seems to usher in the kind of chaos that leads to the necessity to have a rescue mission call the second coming of Jesus are not without prophetic background you know echoing in our cranial cavities let's take a look at the world in which we find ourselves living in the world I see today is very much like some structure this being subject in the stress cracks in the interesting thing about it is the cracks all seem to be beginning to focus on the Commons like something 's getting ready to be crystallized to come apart and regulatory illustrations this afternoon first of all a stock of our recent election what we have just seen happen last November to the morning of November three is a powerful easy not seeing in recent history we now have control of the United States Congress both houses a comfortable super majority in the White House under the control of a single party are talk about that in the second number two while this power is consolidating in America we have becoming available some of the most hideously destructive material that the human mind can create and it's flowing out into the hands of people who think if they need or kill you battle or die in battle are doing God a favor like a ghost out of the seventh century Islam is suddenly reappearing reasserting itself in our world and catalyzing enzyme developed him him him so we have a recent election we have the availability now in Vegas already volatile mix happy for militant extremists is a thought about those very quickly talk about our election is hard to imagine what has recently happened in America I thought possibly Bush might win the White House level if he does the probability of this country downloads that to some extent with a Democratic majority in one or both houses I'm not making a political statement is observing in on what has happened in recent past and what what we see as a result he is now that a president who before was tempered to some extent by some credible opposition is now obviously very very assertive he is beginning to get rid of some cabinet members who are seen as not perhaps fully committed to his program is replacing them I think the group of people who will be very great closely bonded the one that I really feel bad about losing this I really admire that managers need a prince of a man in this world how is I acquiring very much a frankly about this in the White House but when you matter fact had an interesting loci here right after September eleven my son lives then when he was still a law school and third-year law student 's apartment was in Arlington Virginia right up the online of Columbia flight from the Pentagon and from his second-floor window you see all of Washington from the W Washington monument you couldn't see the Pentagon this is a little guilty to mostly choose located in on the morning of the of the eleven my son had just gotten off he'd have an early morning class even studying lethal use and adjusting to the day in a leisurely fashion the telephone rang it was a telemarketer and as a result of her close to him she was one of the first people outside the Washington area to become aware of what was happening as he was talking to the telemarketer is whole building began to shake finally began a year jet engines and are not unusual Larry doesn't live that far from Reagan airport read more on the president 's helicopter frequently overfly seriously euro airplane noise is louder and louder recent you look down his window were a moment before you can see the panorama of Washington and it was field airplane that was American Airlines flight seventy almost hidden we were almost to September eleventh just missed his roof Maxim stuff was on the roof they later had repairman to the top of the tree get a couple of corrective turned my something was in very disciplined flight it was very obvious to him that the guy that was flying effectively clearly sharing our win over Navy Annex disappeared below that low heel then he saw the fireball about three seconds later he felt the concussion he said he grabbed a half didn't wait for the elevator ran down seven devices tears north on Scott Street East on Columbia Pike passed the headquarters United States Marine Corps out of which foiled a lot of Marines in battle dress uniforms the only and to get his Southwest went to the Pentagon and the guard there is a door which is normally very very carefully you have the door wide open is motioning his first in and by the end of the day he called us several times he says his pocket through the singular talk to somebody about you he said that he sees you know I had I didn't realize the full amount back in my heart my arms are well he had come to know a African-American Colonel retired Army colonel who was one of the first African-American graduates of West and formed a real bond within the two guys disputed off the older gentleman my son and he talked a little bit after the eleventh the Colonel said looking at the Pentagon you're under a lot of stress urinary it is not particularly antiaircraft missiles Reese is the somehow Northwest Washington say with me for a few days and so richly anyone out this carnal lovely home out there run North by Northwest Washington Beefheart will make a long story short this kernel early in his career noted a very bright young by the name of college he saw promise in that young families of this guy could go places and he became his mentor and their friendship has extended the present time one evening Richard was down and he is a guest bedroom in the Colonel 's house voices in the living cell envelope in the social he walked in and there's Secretary of State Powell and his wife I really feel fantasy some of these quality people not in the administration anymore I don't know where were going with this I don't mean to make a political statement visitors concerns we could raise about either side of the boat what we see now is an administration in fairly complete control in a period of time in which three maybe four seven three four justices will have to be enough in a safe privileged information but through Richard I know the spouse of one of his justices and that individual is not widely known in the news is also an health and we could see a majority in the Congress the question is are we going to shake my implications here the best we can say is replaced on the cost of potentially huge chain all right my take on this is simply that adore his own releases if the Lord sees fit for us to move rapidly in the kind of e-mails that we just read about in the Bible particularly the collapse of liberty is not the same way will it I don't know smart so we have political changes in our country now let's talk about physical things yourself physically dangerous the world is getting the just for the purpose of giving a little background is why I'm talking about this particular subject a some of the information on the bring in the long time ago I was invited by a couple of Western senators to join a congressional advisory group on national defense and while on active duty I had to access classified material and still had a kind of interest in ceiling in the reserve status them himself I was mulling over what shall I join this thing or not what can I contribute to my wife bless her heart you know guys you you need a life year-round reality my wife Sybil you may have actually nothing to contribute to the group if you go back there and join him you learn something and you can't argue with logic like that so I joined up when Becker briefings at the Pentagon and in Arlington Virginia and any kind of summarize writings were coming from now in terms of the physical dangers in our world faces when the United States went into Afghanistan before we went in it's not widely known but it is open source information that we had made a determination and in fact had advised some of the neighboring countries of the things that they had weapons of mass destruction were used or anything else occurred that would jeopardize the nation United States was prepared to think it is that you President Bush called in Russia advise him what his stance was going to be inclusive I understand what you're wanting to do their but if you do that we are going to reserve the right to use nuclear weapons like conversing this kind of a gentleman 's agreement sums they would look the other way we would look the other way Russia move neutron warheads down into the theater battle theater in Chechnya on seventy from Morehead of course the law fairly high elf if you it doesn't do much for the infrastructure is too high but AJ showers like movable think of yourselves you don't feel I'm going through in a couple of days later you sure know to start hemorrhaging start getting nauseous increasing worry well of course in this fourth world we live in China and they said okay Russia and America if you can remove loose in the area so we enter the relative runs from central China down to the desert down through a pass to China for the junction point is in Afghanistan Pakistan and Chinese news and the three of the major nuclear powers in this world at the start of the Afghanistan war work repaired to weigh the doomsday clock that's how close we sometimes get the problems and believe it or not that was the good news bad news is that it is the same time less responsible actors in the world Steve also might now when the Soviet Union collapsed they had just thousands of new their plan was to go nuclear early in any European born expected in my endeavors of the victory that later on in warehouses become whole warehouses full of three signs where there got to rename the streets in West Berlin West Germany from the original means of the West Germans and given the Marxist Lenin the same you thrust seven thousand medals for valor to begin down the shafts of the victorious red Army troops in a printed currency to be using occupied Western Europe that have sure they were a victory well one of the machines that strategy was they go nuclear for problem was East Germany collapsed and happened so fast they got caught very very short and here are the thousands of nuclear weapons laying around very sneaky they had to get him out of there so they began throwing them into box cars on railroad that typically lose every single calendar day of the year thousand boxcars just disappear and nobody knows for a additional leaky old box for better tracking package exactly is lost the men held in the bungee cords and these things regularly these into mother Russia and found their way to cities like Chelyabinsk and Thompson Krasnoyarsk and the developed centers they are kind of warehouses with the help of these nuclear weapons America became worried about that with this fissile material gets into the hands of the bad guys terrorists before so we made a deal with assault with the Soviets the question that we would buy their fissile material we can buy off a lot of plutonium and uranium weapons race we send a general in on one of these purchase expeditions and he went to the place where the stuff was stored any found in charge and that an old Russian published God grandmother went out anyway unlocking a rusty padlock on the door where there were windows and ventilation duct she could easily have gotten through it he said he looked inside and there were six thousand Hiroshima 's city stainless steel containers Sony is sitting there potentially six thousand Hiroshima is now is a good thing we want that stuff the question of course we were read about is how much of the how much of the uniform in the hands of the bad guys will the rest of that story is simply this fact about nineteen ninety eight uses X red Army general by the name of Alexander and that it can use running for office and politically very ambitious back in Russia about six years ago he startled the last by announcing that he knew that they had made a hundred and thirty two suitcases and eighty seven hundred and thirty two he knew of only forty to be accounted for the missing I'm not sure I find that this argument for the simple reason he was politically very ambitious and one way to get notoriety to start a disclosure like you some of my sources in Washington suggests to me still that major listen was just blowing hot air I wish I could say that I rely on you but I'm not sure I can because other members Vladimir Denisov former member of the Russian Security Council and the like see him look all who was a advisor to President Yeltsin will love him said seven hundred and is in they were made exclusively for the KGB easily didn't get into the military inventory and that maybe my sources in Washington aren't seeing them on the normal roster the real concern here is if those things get into the wrong hands and get a real problem and I fight evil you probably heard some of the sensationalistic stories I heard one of the self which basically says that ten American cities had been targeted devices already in the United States targeted for use by point in bringing this up is if it's important to be aware of what's going on and will answer less don't become hysterically overreact terribly important for the balance I don't think that's the case I praying it is not the case and I would hope of all people in the world as we look at an news stories it can be a little bit frightened that has been a be the most balanced people very important we don't go off on tangents and theologically or prophetically or trying to put largely on okay with bizarre theories let me give you a quick illustration here is the vessel might enable with this one is a real concern for me as I speak to add ministry what is what is fanaticism can take the form of focusing on one truth the good life while we ignore other necessary truths are you following me we illustrate this thing in an airplane at least in my there are three R nine is a primary and secondary flight instruments okay no seriously definitely out the studio show you the visual picture of a artificial horizon of the officer is often felt a half after going up and down there be a trying coordinator and there will be radio on my number four night economic clouds and you truly shall awareness of the from the standpoint of your body 's input you just can't tell which we believe me soon as you lose the horizon that happen in yet God again on the instrument panel you don't believe this thing you looking at left to believe the seat of your pants will be overturned is there your role in corrective control pressure to stop the turn that isn't there now you are in the UK people ultimately what happens is you just keep rolling so you're on your back at length the sand on the floor desert on the fourth the following in your faith you know you're dying the remedy is again on the instrument panel by the way do we have an instrument panel analog in our spiritual life that's the ten Commandments they don't get too linear they can't see even the air there is no energy in them all they can do is sell you when you're right there a schoolmaster to bring you back to you all right now supposing that you look at your compass and you follow thing absolutely you fly that thing as closely as an airline transport pilot has to fly on a check right here within half a degree absolutely die straight course but you don't want your altimeter you don't realize that your handbook the thrust levers and you you can play vertically three-course right into the ground as you once it is in your and your exercise of a flying skills you decided that the compass was the great truth to the exclusion of other necessary truth you see what happens if you die you can keep your altitude ride on their plus or minus fifty eight which is about when an airline pilot has to be one approach and instruments of the pathogenic right don't want your compass for your altitude perfectly when I realize you turn forcing fly right into San Antonio fanaticism is focusing on one instrument and takes you all the rest of I just take advantage don't make that mistake there's too much truth among us of all the people in the world and that they should not be suckers for fanatical nuns we have much so my point is when we hear news stories that seem to be a bit sensationalistic file am away but I than this world is still under God 's control and we know in a broad sense works human history going to Vegas as we got the book of Revelation we have the book of Daniel and we have the spirit of prophecy if you're reading by the way why wouldn't you urine combat knife in their you will take information from any source you in the spirit of prophecy in several instances clothes Lucifer 's operation orders his fruits and is reasonably coming from why not get information so the point I'm trying to make is that as the Cold War ended one of the worst imaginable things happen the weapons that have been under the control of the red Army in reason we rationally control now are threatening to spread in a world where terrorists no longer strength is very free physically dangerous for governments around the world are desperately trying if this genie back in the bottle about the view of the world 's fourth seal we can't even control the border of Iraq where we just want a war I think we can even control the Mexican border how are we going to control the whole of stuff for a fifteen pound sphere is enough incinerators I just don't see it happening genies out of the bottle I can see real trouble are enough of them point number one we have some interesting political developments would certainly open doors of the Lord sees fit this is the moment cigarettes of the progress point number two our world becoming very physically dangerous now let's move the point number three interestingly enough the very same time in which we see these political and military developments in the world we now see the merging the world C a S in the form of religiously motivated people just a little bit about Islam in the seventh century fellow by the name of Mohammed claimed to have visited heaven and return with a rear view of the will of God Mohammed was able to do that because he had married a wealthy widow no longer needed basically do is prior authorization and and thus with his new sense of wealthy off the map Eric that he meditated the engaged in whatever he engaged in an and story plot the claimant one night the angel Gabriel St. Vincent Mohammed and sixty seven and Gabriel Slidell from his body and remove his heart one is returned filled with faith and wisdom and thus he went to heaven on the back of his horse and dog and while in heaven he claims that seen some interesting things he came back and reported among other things that the Moses was a reddish face of Jesus was of average height have a lot of freckles after the solemn any claim to have his private audience with is that a lot of people afraid them thirty five times a day and Mohammed talking down from there we get the five hundred and R and he comes back and he starts a rather interesting new religion and less profile of Islam is in a few moments were going to be talking about constitutional issues in our country the possibility of racial and religious profiling so let's do a profile of Islamic you wanted to to do that outstanding features and hills and valleys of the speak of Islam so if you get his profile number one you would notice that Islam has a unique day of worship fully do not think most of the Christian world worships on Sunday and the power although Wes political and economic influence is such that even in the East Bloc countries and on Sunday is the almost universal holiday either religious or civil along comes Islam and it says no we have another different day to worship and prayer will be Friday another facet of Islamic of the Islamic profile is their claim that they have a profit and a firmly believe that Mohammed is the final profit beyond me and there's no need for anything else he expresses allows no more perfectly than any other prophecy never live there for you from the inside if you were to profile his lawn you would also discover that they had a help startlingly similar to our own think a little bit further but the Islamic health messages London and Venice would recognize they also practice dress reform I think perhaps Kerry is down I'm speaking in Florida just a little holiday you busy rose a very warm Florida summer afternoon and a long season Islamic ladies if you are a you know Blacksburg as I felt sorry for me as he is nonetheless Islam does this Islamic profile would also include strong emphasis on the day of judgment strong missionaries and wildlife getting there anything you real concern about things like entertainment namely the kind of stuff of Hollywood movies like to go on to get the point has anything gone on you about this profile they could before in a distorted but recognizable way the Islamic profile could be seen as describing unique day of worship the seventh day rather than the first four books in the claims you have an profit well we health message we recognize that dress reform yell emphasis on the day of judgment now our emphasis is very different the Islamic emphasis is heavily worth exploring I'm not sure that Osama bin Laden is a symbol of everything that he wants the blowup would never be quite sure that Allah will accept the real we have a day of judgment for our judges also more defense attorney and you can take something errors full assurance people want to find full assurance of the Christian faith that's the place to find if you do that for your heavenly advocate argues that missionary zeal very different in the Islamic faith a good many times as large we do it hopefully is the point of the sort of the spirit the one about entertainment yeah we used to do that is all is one more the Iraq's amount how do we believe for a long time there was literally a crisis in this world history where the infrastructure simply will longer be safe for God 's people you want to survive you just get out into God 's own good nature and trust in him the only safe place the only problem is our Islamic friends in this policy and here in a few minutes on the fact that profile and show you the constitutional implications of this thing but suffice it to say at this moment that when Mohammed came up with his new religion what he came up with in the seventh century something like seven hundred and fifty years or eight hundred years before the advent message he produced what can be seen as a very clever story version of Helena due to figure out how to quell our radio had little interest in his new monotheistic faith they add a personal stuff back in Old Testament times they were worshiping stars and idols in all kinds of stuff in a pantheon of deities they were back in the financing David and Selwyn when Mohammed goes to his Arabian compatriots as you know I have this new faces new religious they physically got two things to say you muster yet on sale every so Mohammed took a look around in the Arabian descent witnessing is another way to evangelize people if they can't see it I can make them see now our radio was very wealthy because the caravans from the far Eastern Indian team through the air in Southeast Asia with the spices that are much in demand in the meeting is there meet with you and refrigeration a meeting when absolutely needed spices to cover their face and Arabia was producing instead was my fusing European royalty and in European societies the Holy Spirit has come through Arabia he would then make your way out either to the Gulf around the Mediterranean by various routes and the result was with commerce flowing through a country what happens to the country the money fans to kind of fight them off and irradiating very wealthy solar radii had a very powerful playing a series of financial centers and a very well-developed transportation and Mohammed the one with the fans that I bring this thing override all I have to do is attack their transportation system and therefore being a piece that's what happened on September eleven same strategy same tactical measures if you want to know what the terrorists are going to do next week Mohammed 's life read the Koran that's all they read and so we find ourselves in the same position that where the idea is using force to promulgate a religion you attack the enemy where you are responsible to get a little perspective that is let me read something from the Al Qaeda training Islamic governments have never and will never be established through peaceful solutions and cooperative councils there established as they always have to be in by hand and got byword and bullet and buy a very poetic very it sounds like his writing in other words by force or by the way does God ever use force even in trying to give us salvation will God willing to use force only when the necessary so were trying to figure out what the true religion is an falsely as a philosopher methodology use force even if the variant of the Christian faith from God so anyway Mohammed attacked the transportation system of financial centers and within something like just a very few years in just fifteen years in Concord Palestine Syria Mesopotamia Babylon Egypt Cyprus and north Africa as far as Carthage fifteen years all that area will fail by the eighth century is unclear to northern Indiana they conquer the rest of North Africa they had gone clear to the cause Spain is something like seven hundred and eight almost conquered you think twice late each of the younger almost confident one writer says that Islam is the only force in the world is for the survival of the West and South and here's the challenge we find ourselves faced our question for you if in fact prior to that time most of that area and Christian one with the Lord let Islam commands in this lease the Christian faith for centuries much of that part of the world Christianity is now if we as Christian audience believe that Christianity is the Lord 's true faith why was the Lord let that does anybody have anything I is the Lord mighty 's church if you are an long for the lifetime of Israel within Israel ever suffer reverses like she will there was a whole host of these invaders come roaring out of the Eastern deserts even my small life ammonites Assyrian Chaldean Midianites is no end of the list but when these guys invaded Israel what has always preceded corruption Savior spiritual failure among God 's people when God 's people the land of apostasy in the time of Israel warrior tribes come boiling out of the desert and they'll be here sometime seventy five hundred years until the people finally wake up the fact there is a God in Israel and there's such a thing as following the blueprint okay I don't I try not to repeat myself much of the figure alert right people you heard of younger need to hear me say it again but that one another repeat there is such a thing as the youth following God 's work prospers when you don't follow to get to jam the fluorescein haters like cause-and-effect and my friends if there is a way we want to get into trouble just forget the advice the Lord given on how to do his work in a foreign exam only when I get back the vantage ground if that is not moving fluidly he advised in the Lord helps those in selling the thing that is really as well go into apostasy and tries become boiling out of the deserts in Israel with everything and rediscover the Lord what always happened they always were defeated they drifted back into the desert and on numerous occasions they just disappeared from human history pages which is lost Tracy is here now in the time of the seventh century when Islam began successfully drilled Christianity out of huge chunks of the world was the Christian faith over the think about for one thing they were using for smart force was being used to enforce Christian dogma if you that you can't do the Lords work with the samples UK for another instead presume to change the law must be something in the complex has high we talked about that last night in the phraseology went like this let all the townspeople such as working trade dress on the day of the sun Konstantin Constantine didn't say let them rest on the favorable view of the Lord 's name is Sunday was a day dedicated to the worship of the sun he felt the world of consolidated empire by allowing pagans is the worship that is dedicated to a major pagan got some paganism apostasy had led the Christian world leading the Christian worlds and forced my arms and out of the eastern desert these warlike people like an Old Testament Feinstein boiling out my hunch is that the Lord allowed Islam as the scores to use human but now what happened follow along in history forgive down the sixteenth thingy here that hammer on the church door in the end Martin Luther challenges apostasy with clear biblical truth and the fight begins to recede and let you know I write a lot about Pathfinders is held in the name of what Gutenberg do invented a press that was quickly changeable movable type actually guess what his name wasn't Gutenberg and what was his name was again two and for some reason he decided he didn't want to enter history as goose flesh silly thought Gutenberg which was his mother 's maiden name and that's how we remember I think I produce this contraption and now for I is faster than it ever printed before the word of God begins to become available truth begins to return and a Reformation ultimately lead the rediscovery of such foundational truth as the seventh day Sabbath and the heavenly sanctuary just like I see everything and little by little Islam not retreats into the desert so that by nineteen twenty only for Islamic country only for Turkey Iran Iraq I should say radio Iran Afghanistan and only for independent country are right now where we go from there suddenly much to our shock in the middle nineties and on degree on September eleven we find yourself confronted with a resurgent Islam this thing comes back to this in our faith is now our preoccupying reality we now have troops engaged in something called preemptive war and our reaction to this looks like full amount shown you heard about the playing cards with various Iraqi leaders on how here they are close here's the real deal I got here on the very thought the Asus faith there is Saddam Hussein we harvested him right below him we have to say senile secreting these parts right below that Mohammed also whom I'm not sure what his way through here we now have enemies the war in Iraq gauged in something United States is not done before preemptive war that we may ice respectfully suggest the Lamb to sound a little bit like where does that leave us in the quite simply may I express to you learn a lot were headed for perfect for millennia as words the perfect storm is swirling straightforward document called the Constitution but talk about the Constitution is briefly closed by constraints and challenges what's the purpose of the Constitution what is the reason for that document is now very faded in helium back in the national archives in Washington why do we haven't what's that supposed controls the government anyone else protects our young at its most basic functions the Constitution really is yes defends freedom of religion along with a lot of other freedoms yet please me all right I appreciate that the way I look at it is real simple a constitution is designed to protect the minority from the majority that's what it's therefore if you're not perfect democratic environment fifty one percent of the people can decide what I happen to think if there's no constitution to control majority rule fifty one percent of the people to decide Rocco Drive on the left-hand side of the instead of the right Robin of being church on Sunday and income taxes and you know now the fifty percent of young fifty one percent of the majority can decide how the rest of his with no thought to a confidential 's minority position the role of the Constitution is through in dreams of the strain the actions of the majority so that a minority who has these strongly held religious conviction is free for the year in burden on the day different from yours and if the Constitution ever get hurt heaven help us because as I pointed out last night we are poised to fall right through the crack we have no constituency among the religious right because were sanitary and then they'll like us we have no constituency on the liberal left because most of them don't believe in fundamentalist Christians and they won't pay that much attention if the Constitution is there we got no place to go now what has resurgent terrorism done by way of challenging the Constitution confronts us with a challenge so clever Osama bin Laden one smart enough to figure it out this is elusive area it forces us to choose are we going to surrender our safe are we going to surrender our liberties that's the choice we have to make right after September eleven two professors of political science at the US Naval Academy wrote this article in a professional naval officers Journal freedom while the most of them while the main source of our strength also makes this phone Americans may find it necessary to accept restrictions on their liberties ensure protection from violence and the this begs the question of whether the concept of freedom as conceived by our founding fathers is even applicable to today's borderless society I don't know if you heard that if you dig I know who killed who professes political science of the Naval Academy state were not even sure in today's New World in our new reality whether the concept of freedom our founding fathers sounded even still applies that same month a man within him the staff of the Secretary of the Army wrote the following in response to terrorism the West must be prepared to institutionalize a pass for science now what would that look like over the passport society like that means that even travel internal United States you have to have the documents of the brother knows you're going along with a look like I see that the Soviet system it's a regular paper passport as you went from one governmental jurisdiction to another you had to show it to the government you want to move from one city to another you had to get permission that's a passport society in today's world here's my passport society would look like there is a prototype smart card it's an old one it's that was given to me several years ago by Edward for the manufacture of these you'll see on the activities your typical credit cards like that's the one reduced to using the gasolines of payment on the front you'll notice that there is a silvery strike at your laser vendors a little computer chip in there about a centimeter squared weights with today's technology can hold a billion transistors this theme the old your whole life story and there are many arguments in favor of you to put your full medical records on your x-rays or lab work your hospitalizations or diagnoses your treatment your allergies German accident this thing could be plugged into any emergency facility you take into it instantly know your physical safety health and what danger carry a lot of arguments in favor it also holds your driving record your drivers license or insurance card your naturalization papers if your new America any as they choose you may have had with the law and your federal income tax return now feel like his this thing could become you it is not inconceivable and not far in the future some is finally wake up and say wait a sec and our American dollars out of control if the medium of exchange the hundred dollar bills in meeting the drug lords and terrorists we can take paper money and out of circulation digitalized everything put it all in your accessible accounts of government knows where your money is worth going and we get rid of everybody from drug lords the text and by the way ladies suddenly you're not nearly as much in danger from the street from some guy wanted to see your first visit he sold his thing what would he do with it it was the diametrically secure so that only is the line of arguments for the one about terrorists coming into the country everybody's got to have one of these you have one you say you have you know you don't have to access this area by the way here's a detention room here you're now a person of interest that think it's awful lot from the standpoint of public safety there are powerful arguments for and let me tell you plainly we are about one or one and a half major crises something else happens somewhat equivalent to 9/11 this enormous pressure to develop some way to identify citizens the one thing this guy said right after 9/11 was not have to have a passport I then he said we better be prepared to suffer racial and simple to say what else is new but think about it on the eleventh all nineteen of the hijackers were from identifiable racial group the file is from a law enforcement perspective that argument makes sense what's the problem you go profiling people you get this profile affair and what are some of the other fish the on into the net in a frightening future with Americans a whole lot less tolerant than they are now awful lot more ready to throw liberty away your profile even smells like that and suddenly God 's truth people in the pain could be misunderstood and feared industry suffer racial or religious profile and open societies and risk Street a powerful argument for could be raised we can't afford liberty they went on to say we should expand search I will get into the Patriot Act this afternoon it just was but let me just suffice it to say that governmental agencies that used to not even talk to you how far is the greedy IRS's computer with the interface with the other agencies and government health services so I used to be that the CIA would not talk to the FBI there is mutual almost neutral abomination between the two agencies now there's often all of the information you voluntarily give you your personal finances your health your driving record whatever other information you government or large lenders is now being a common data pool and were now reaching a point where if people would allow if this thing could become your identity this thing could become your access to the cash register what are we saying John Remlinger same ethos of all both small and great rich and poor free and bond receive and that no man in my life by ourselves save he that had the name the mark for them the final problems in the face I don't think it can be done by their people one I don't think I think the enzyme challenges of delivering this world just to the brink of ruin will be done by good people and people you would like to have for Navy for the responsible and otherwise their kind and decent in their moral and only one is a decent environment for the key is this arena for their children all things we can heartily agree with problem is that when fear replaces reason it's possible for liberty over and there is right after nine ago I wrote to Time magazine wrote a letter to the editor and he said when the Constitution was drafted we did not have dirty bombs of suitcase nukes or easy worldwide travel give me security and think some of my privacy willing to give up privacy for six man's really seriously enough his privacy and only no the Orlando airport is it installed and can be installing another airports and x-ray machines that interesting the wavelength such as readily penetrates human clothing the sun penetrates which means when you walk through it what happens I asked that question rhetorically at a retreat for our home church I just love the as is a talent like it is located out there in the audience I thought they could see your privates real good in any of them were facing a situation in which people are beginning thought about throwing away with the gentleman also said we may come up when we have to militarize labor of what was that all that would involve martial law involved military officer thinking over civilian labor sector and basically saying for the duration of this emergency which we hope and pray you sure can be under military command because we have to unify the country may have to make more efficient our recovery from the disasters we face which means in a sense then you would be under military orders I suspect quite a few men and maybe some of the gals here have been in the military I always ask the question anybody here who's been in the military ever refused in order any habit-forming as you refuse a military order and it's not a habit-forming see how then you're facing article proceedings under the uniform code of military Justice in the face time in the great mid fuselage what if yes writer in this professional military journals that begins as we may have to militarize labor what if in a time of national emergency real crisis for this country a military officer can use it John or Jane Doe at the we we understand that you want to go to church next Saturday's of the country your job is vital to the recovery of our country in this time of crisis we will ask vacuum to be our next Saturday morning and I don't want to hear you say the challenges of April phase will come sometimes from our neighbors as they look we all love the Lord we understand you want on your worship on a day other than the Lords they were not against that law were in trouble right now the country needs an answer along with his fictional book our country in a time like that wouldn't say if you're not in the word of God not really know why you believe it you could sound unreasonably to yourself that you only had a reason when she's there none of those who are thoroughly grounded in the Word of God will stand during the last great crisis the devil will come at us from direction we don't expect with challenges we haven't foreseen in this really could happen how close are we to I guess we can see how close are we to zero and I don't know in our present world it could be a few more years of failure after the recent events here in our country and abroad he could be as short as a few months I'm just as clear as I can be there were only one or two major catastrophes with something like this where exactly is so what ought we to be doing my I respectfully suggest is I may need to recognize this world is a term if this world where application some of you guys and gals and you come through the other wards and you take the vital thing you look at where this world he is and what it's facing in the organisms growing you would probably say I don't want to discourage you were working hard will you solve your problem would it not make sands for us to quit looking so much of this world and let more at the word of God and the destination the word of God says were headed is it any time relatively soon I think for the only real solution of this world from some of these strata and when their time let's don't find ourselves ill-prepared are wondering what we believe are questions that be thoroughly grounded in the Word of God and know what we stand for you save not only ourselves but honest minds all around this is a dessert that they deserve to know if there's a way through this mess already want to close their matters tired as I am but if you are you deserve have a reprieve from this one thank you for the privilege of being here and just a little story about a burden on my dad was privileged to be here as a very young convert way way back in the nineteen thirties he heard elder burden the user the guy was so filled with the police power of his message was that it was such a new leader surrendered to the Holy Spirit you as the kind of legacy this wonderful institution thank the Lord for Loma Linda house back east by your urine half of those very conservative roof and very conservative organization wrote Elder Paulsen of the GC and the military 's feet and I believe that you may would like to hear your greetings and a lovely letter back reading the full fallacy it may be that sometimes back here on the East Coast she looked glassy safe and any think that about the Loma Linda is a just a week ago I was there with my wife with a few the feeling her alumni he was in medical school and one Friday evening I walked across the Loma Linda campus and I said I could feel my presence this place is still God 's institution it still has a few drinks up with people like you you get the very best and I think that's what you thank you for doing what you do God bless


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