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Daniel Calaguas


Daniel Calaguas

Student at Loma Linda University



  • April 19, 2008
    10:00 AM
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morning to be here again hope you got your Bibles in the state of eyeless morning like a Sabbath school before we do that when we have order for your father thank you for the opportunity to spend a few moments she was sitting at work and ask a special way that the Holy Spirit would be easier that she would guide us into truth I pray that you would show us our need for your dear son he may be our chief desire aspirations please thought last things to us and forgive us our sins we pray this in Jesus name and this morning are looking at passage in Revelation if you turn them with newer looking at Revelation seven and many of you seen a sexy format is where going to begin to set the foundation for what we're talking about this morning Revelation Chapter seven were looking at verse one from there we all went to verse four Revelation chapter seven personal reading all the receivers for those of you nearby will be there some that meeting this morning I was that those of the Bible says in verse one says and after these things John is speaking I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth holding the four winds of the earth that the wind should not blow on the earth nor the seed nor any tree notice first you and I saw another angel angel 's singular singular angel ascending from the east having the seal of the living God and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given I see no place of number three saying with a loud voice saying hurt not the earth near the sea nor the trees till we have everyone sealed the servants of God for and I heard a number of them which were sealed and I was still coming all hundred and forty four thousand and of all the time the children of Israel jump would need a verse nine after this the Bible says to the ceiling I beheld and low a great multitude which no man could number of all nations and kindreds and people in town stood before the throne and before the Lamb clothed with white robes and palms in their hands verse ten and cried with a loud voice saying salvation to our God which sits upon the throne and unselect knowledge starting new this morning because this is a very very important passage we can sum up with the checksum we defend like this there's an angel from the East singular angel and he has the seal of the living God this can and he says to these four angels were holding the score with distractions that don't lose your grip because I haven't finished feeling the servants of God he sees I haven't finished the work is feeling the servants of God so don't you lose your grip but once I sealed the servants of God you can let go and in the very next picture we see was in verse nine which when we see this great multitude where were they standing in front of the writing heaven on so we can say we can conclude from this fact that the very last word on this earth for God 's people is the ceiling does everyone see that because the very next event that happened after the ceiling is is that the heavily picture and let's emphasized the importance of aesthetic and you know if you consider the three Angels messages note very messages that finest movement of very messages that define who is a bona fide subpanel this is listed under Revelation chapter fourteen these messages are important and even when we consider the third angel of the three angels that the Angels message which is the long there is another emphasis on the ceiling work knows what it says here in Revelation chapter fourteen is not obviously just by the name of the third angel we know that the first and second Angels come before the split Northland says in verse nine says there the third angel followed saying with a loud voice if any man worship the beast and his image and receive his mark in his four head or anything the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out without mixture to the cup of his indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy Angels in the presence of the land and the smoke of their torment ascended up forever and ever and they have no rest day nor night who worship the beast and his image and who so ever receive the mark of his name no notice yet the third angel that we just read heroes were setting the foundation for the masses that were going to get into this angel here is the same angel that we read in Revelation chapters of the same angel that has that seal of God saying to the floor and away I haven't done my work yet this is that Angel is the same one we just read here in Revelation chapter fourteen of this message is talking on the field by now you may be thinking to yourself what kind of message is this is like if you received the mark of the beast you're going to suffer the wrath of God without mixture the solid eleven message to and yet we are told this message is a message of mercy no one we just read that on the surface that doesn't seem like the message of mercy to me but let's look a little deeper because we need to find out by seeing what's not there was actually said enjoy learning we can sum up this mess is to start Angel by saying this it is saying don't receive the Mark of the beats that's what a thing as a threat and if were not receiving the mark of the beast what must we be receiving is the seal of God so in essence what this message is telling us to do is receive the seal of God you see that logic right there if it's selling is not received the mark of the beast it's telling us to receive the seal of God now as a result of that message knows what happens in verse twelve we just left right reversal of that there will be a people that accept this message in it there described here it says here is the patient of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus so we read two passages so far we read the passage in Revelation chapter seven and a passage in Revelation chapter fourteen it's all emphasized at the very last work on this are that the F's going to happen before the second coming the Lord is the ceiling is important message to you know it's interesting as obviously we drove around these interesting words justification sanctification ceiling we want to find since the ceiling is so important we want to find out what the food talking about you know we want to really know what is this what is it needs obesity with Denise bonded we are told what final commentary page eleven of the ceiling is a settling into the truth both spiritually and intellectually but you cannot be moved the ceiling is a settling into the truth both intellectually and spiritually say that you cannot be moving up toward the ceiling works like this let's make a scenario here let's say you find the truth and were essential to the wording and be your John chapter seventeen AV first on before and you realize in the Holy Spirit conviction you realize the truth that God loves and I loved that the love system and so when the Holy Spirit sends that message to you and to convict you you are now in your mind at a choice to make and the Holy Spirit says to you will you believe that I love you or will you not believe that almost so you think yourself and you read the text and say yes I believe that was now all of a sudden now as you as you can as it continues you presented with another two OSA you're presented with the truth of the second coming of the Lord that Jesus is coming soon and once again the Holy Spirit convicts you of that any ask you questions you believe that the Lord is coming sooner do you not believe that the Lord was facing yes I believe that the Lord comes and so I these truths are presented to you as you are settling into the truth you are being sealed the knowledge and as time goes on now let's go to the more difficult example all of a sudden now you're presented with a Sabbath and you think yourself and the Holy Spirit convicts of the seventies proceeded the seventh day now you are tempted to think know where my Benadryl with with my work schedule I wear my friend living at home under the schedule is all it but all the Holy Spirit ask you to do is not rewrite your work schedule he's simply saying we believe that the sun in the Santa Fe we the same thing with diet we are shown if convicted I you are only asked we believe all you not believe you're not going to do with developing freezer where manipulating seafood buffet and I'm invited to you don't have to worry about those things because Christ is going to take care of those things all you are asked to do is believe or not believe you see that yes or no if the same thing we could just get this pointing to the ground you find out about victory over Satan but more about this once and I can worry about this what about your not to the plan to put some mind ahead how many duties at .com you are either has to believe monopoly that is over talking or talking on the ceiling the thing about us to see in chapter one verse at least thirteen Ephesians chapter one verse thirteen with and I hope people in the back people monotony can see the human right of here so a unifying turn to the ceiling at the ceiling looking Ephesians chapter one verse thirteen holiday are will that effect in whom talking about Christ you also trusted after that he heard the word of truth the gospel of your salvation in whom also asked after that ye believed you are what is the next work sealed with what does the Ephesians chapter four verse thirty was again when the Bible says in verse thirty everyday similar text it says and grieve not the Holy Spirit of God whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption as we read these two texts on the ceiling we find out that the Holy Spirit is doing these things is more defining some points to get a second Thessalonians chapter two and were looking this morning in verse thirteen seconds the twenty second two Paul is writing he says something very interesting but we are bound to give thanks always to God for you brethren beloved of the Lord because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation justification so he says with sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth he will have to come to a point where we believe subconsciously and consciously that sanctification is one hundred percent God 's part is you that such sanctification of the Spirit one hundred percent God 's part because even if you think about it only Christ can cover your sins with his blood so that you look at it you have never committed a sin one time you like even in our can you do for yourself only Christ can get upwards and justification he does for you hundred percent you can do by himself went on a glorification when Christ changes your mortal flesh into immortality you know the part Christ does one hundred percent of glorification to so we must also believe that Christ does one hundred percent of the sanctities however that I cannot think the vacation that he does another what we dispel meets holiness the character of Christ's obedience to the law he has to do these things it's his responsibility to do these things for and so we see here that we are not offering something to God it doesn't say chosen you to salvation through sanctification by better discipline or by cultivating obedience he says of the spirit so we are writing down here second Thessalonians two verse thirteen no were talking nothing but a quite diverse to perform sanctification in Uganda's writing the statutes as first Peter chapter two verse one you can check on your later but you'll find a number for the same exact thing that the Holy Spirit performs anticipation under percent of elegant dysgraphia either the Holy Spirit does to separate jobs sanctifies you and he feels you or stealing is sanctification that settling into the truth sanctification authentication is assuming doing his thing a finales of the foundation will talk about this morning let's turn our Bibles to Ezekiel chapter twenty and remember were talking about as you're turning their we look at Revelation chapter seven in Revelation chapter fourteen we realize the importance of this unit because after the ceiling the very next event that happened on this world is the second coming of Christ and we found out that that sealing is performed by the Holy Spirit and is equal to sanctification nothing were looking at today and work jointly easy deal Chapter twenty were starting in verse six it's a story that you are all familiar with unsure book right before Daniel and notice what it says here it says in the day that I lifted up mine hand unto them to bring them forth of the land of Egypt into a land that has had spies for them flowing with milk and honey which is the glory of all lands he was talking obtaining then said I didn't have to steal way every man abominations of his eyes and defile not yourselves with the idols of Egypt I am the Lord your God mercy but they rebelled against me and would not hearken unto me a good not every man passed away the abominations of their eyes neither do they forsake the idols of Egypt then I said I will pour out my fury upon them to accomplish my anger against them in the midst of the land of Egypt verse nine says this but I want for my namesake that it should not be polluted before the heathen among whom they work inside of me myself known unto them and bring them forth out of the land of Egypt so let's document here what just happened here so this text that we just read this passages many keep your finger because women go on is talking here about Israel and initially what ended up happening was God 's plan for them was to go to this land of milk and honey which we know as Kane but in the process of that Israel had rebelled against God and God in his mercy instead of destroying them he puts them through the Bible says the wilderness now notice what happens in the wilderness when first wherefore I caused them to go forth out of the land of Egypt and brought them into the wilderness and I gave them my to ensure the my documents with it and then you these shall even live with moreover also I gave them my what sounded to be a lot signed between me and them that they might know that I am the Lord that sanctify them or that Steelman so now we see here an interesting thing happened in the wilderness because the Lord gives them job and we are told that the Sabbath is a sign of the feeling of segregation it should draw the arrow of current might be asking yourself that Dana was this have to do with you talking about and processing question because in Hebrews chapter three he takes the same story that we had just read and then he starts talking about and hope the Senate Hebrews chapter three Hebrews chapter three and were looking at verse sixteen Watson also says he also thought talk about it at length here is an essay for some when they had heard did provoke howbeit not all provoked I came out of Egypt by Moses but which was a green forty years was it not with them that had sinned whose carcasses fell will him him swear he that they should not enter into what's next work he is a rest but to them that believe not so we see that they could not enter in because of unbelief so not worth politics is sorted out we read in easy guilt after twenty and he says look they were trying to go into this land of Canaan which in Hebrews he renders rest they were trying to come into this rest but some of them didn't believe that they were coming into this rest until they couldn't enter in and then after Paul makes this statement he transfers when you talk about how to help you translate talking about you and I this morning those was says in chapter he was out of August one the Bible says let us therefore fear lest a promise been left us of entering into there's that word again is West any of you should seem to come short of verse three for we which have believed do enter into rest as he said as I have sworn in my wrath if they shall enter into my rest although the works were finished from the foundation of the world see now easy to talk about his example of Israel and now via the example of us and let's make this personal output mining annual Paul is saying Daniel counseling you to come into this rest but you might be asking yourself no one is talking about and in verse four it says here for he spake in a certain place of the seventh day on this wise and God did rest the seventh day or the sadness from all his works and in this place again if they shall enter into my rest seeing therefore remain at that some must enter there in an day to whom it was first preached entered not in because of unbelief of the talking about the sad and just as surely as Israel had passed through wilderness to get the cane in Daniel has to pass through a spiritual wilderness at other words these trials that we don't we go through trials but we know that what is a Sabbath assignor sanctification so when we come into the sadness that is an indication that during the week there is the sanctification process that went on whether we believe it or not because you meet in Deuteronomy chapter eight verse two that appear at the reason got with us through wildernesses and trials to prove us on my I say thank bull's-eye he is in the wilderness is on his modalities in order that we might be seeing the look in your past week there has to there is thought to be something that happened to you this past week because the work was going on in your life because the Bible says so it's like creationism and because were talking on the Sabbath is my creation you know you read the account in Genesis chapter one from day one today six crisis working in on day one he made the light firmament on day to me the earth and the sea on a thirty minute plantlike object oriented creatures of the sea on a five mega stars and basic unit amenities on day seven later why because it was a sign that he was done with his work was assigned that he had done at work and he was finished with it it's the same thing with us this morning you're not here just because of some circumstance you're not here just because you're here you're here because there are some circumstances that you went through this week that allows you to come into arrest of the South musical ministry of healing page four seventy notes tempted when you don't have a quarterfinal you cut those off back on the students of the you ready ministry of healing page four seventy four seventy one many who sincerely consecrate their lives to God 's service are surprised and disappointed to find themselves as never before confronted by obstacles and beset by trials of infections David Frei for Christ likeness of character fourth business for the Lord 's work and they are placed in circumstances that seem to call forth all the evil of their nature faults are revealed of which they do not even fixed that the existence like Israel of old they question if God is leading us why do all these things come upon us it felt that way to keep a more transform me change we go to these meetings Mister Cottonelle makes an altar call and you give your heart to Christ and the very next thing he realizes that you are placed in circumstances and situations that call forth that you bought that you never knew existed within you and yours alone why why is it that I put in all of these illiterate is for you struggle with patients even you can be put in trust are you putting me in all the circumstances father but you know what you said here knows what he says here if God is leading us why do all these things come upon us is because God is leading them at these things come upon trials and obstacles are the Lord 's chosen method of discipline and his appointed conditions of success he who reads the hearts of men knows their characters better than they themselves know that you know sometimes we try to make lists and Taliban you know what Lord on the right this list of these things in a surrender to you because I know myself I know this is what you want on my belly make a list and we told a lie what would you surrender to him about there's a very good job because that's what the Lord is that the Lord will take you through those circumstances to show you that you don't know yourself with the three circumstances to purify us those which he says he continues he gives them opportunity to correct these defects and to fit themselves for his service often he permits the fires of afflictions assail me that they might be purified see something went on this past week Sunday I was doing working Monday they believe using work to Tuesday Wednesday and even if you didn't realize that even if you didn't believe he was doing network is working just as hard Thursday Friday the finished my BS I was reading this was a something worth talking about the axis chapter thirty three were talking upcoming to decide if you were talking about how the Sabbath is a sign that God has sanctified us through these trials that come into our lives is dynamic it is the Sabbath is the rest of us talking about he returns it exits chapter thirty three first fourteen and Moses here the story is that the children of Israel had just build a golden calf and Moses pleading or please forgive us forgive them and Moses asking for the Lord 's grace and notice of God substance for sporting and he said my what's the next work my presence shall go with the and I will give you what rest easy with this rest isn't just talking about sitting on a lawn chair in front in your front yard and sipping on emergency accolade as all were talking about you because the Bible just said that God 's rest this presents something very very special happen in the sunset since Christ of course construct crisis deposit taking us in the way from any finishes on the Sabbath God 's presence comes in your in this illustration you think about celebrity dignitary that you respect whether via selectable and Dean respectable senator Sultan the present whatever it is what every respect a what if you found out that that person is coming to your house for dinner I guarantee that you're not been and needs your she at the door pajama pants to be a teacher I didn't address up your party bus it might even take the time and whatever this because you're coming into the presence of someone and how much more with the note that some more thought you know that celebrity oh whoever it is that the mortal just like you and I but when we talk about immortal and holy and just God that's what presents were coming into his act is a difference is a distinction and easy that's why we do that we have trouble believing that enough why we do the weird things that we do yell this is preparation dating right and authority seventy Cal it is very busy Friday afternoon on the cloud near she talks about the Sabbath suit get that ready to prepare things and not to prepare things that make a checklist keloid and earned a number MI earning brownie points with you I did this I did this on you know I'm old long before sundown is not because of that he things up for our sake that we would believe that we are coming into the presence of God and also we can and I commend you so that we would be that we are coming to different and you know the thing is you can just go to presence on holy presence at Wesley says in Leviticus chapter twenty two because when we going to holy things as a requirement Leviticus chapter twenty two verse two and thirty rolls for the closing the Bible says this statement to Aaron and on and to his sons that they separate themselves from the holy things of the children of Israel and that they put they not my holy name in those things which they hollow to me I am the Lord both of us is inversely say onto them whosoever he be all of your being of all your see among other generations that goest unto the holy things which the children of Israel Holland to the Lord having his with an excellent uncleanliness upon him that soul shall be cut off from what so you can button a you can get the China ready to mow the lawn do all the things that Sabbath keepers do if you have your uncleanliness upon you could be sitting in the pews that sat receiving mark of the beast why would I not Bible studies we are all ultimate goal is not to have the contact come to church on sadness is not ultimate goal the ultimate goal is to shorten who can take anything this way only Christ can take on Clinton's and when we give our hearts to Christ he does the work within us and we enter into God 's presence and in God 's presence noticeable safer place you have the most piece in the utmost joy as we have the completeness of God 's presence but she wanted to go to this review we open our Bibles revelation chapter seven chapter fourteen we saw that the ceiling is an important work because the very last work that happens before the coming will and you know it just that difficult standing here that's what recalled Seventh-day Adventists and I believe that he was a God-given name denotes recalled Seventh-day Adventists and not add to seven Adventist Sabbath keepers were not called Adventists who keep the seventh day we are seventh day Adventist because we believe that the Lord is coming soon but before the Lord come soon there must be a ceiling work and that is us and the status is assigned about stealing seventh day Adventist and so we notice that the ceiling is an important work and we went to show that the ceiling and sanctification are one and the same and so we went to twenty we notice that is the story of Israel and the more like them to go to Canaan but before that they passed in this wilderness and Paul connects that in Hebrews chapter three and shows us that we do also must come to arrest and before we come into his rest there are trials that we that we go through why because these trials on the modalities through which God sanctifies it feels us and when we give our hearts to Christ with a lawyer I trust that you are doing the work and you become into the Sabbath we come into the presence of God but we can only come into the presence of God when we have our uncleanliness taken away from us which can only be done by Doctor Levinson and now so this is a symbol this weekly cycle is a symbol of one day when just like Israel now their spiritual Israel dates she will go through a spiritual with wilderness and instead of going to earthly Canaan where they go heavenly King and that is when the ceiling is completed here don't you want to get elected that into your past will happen is something that happened this past week you must wire in this room today and maybe some of you aren't in God 's presence right now you might be sitting here chairs looking at the pulpit but maybe some of you in this room still have young finance on you why would you hold on so this morning you know you are pseudonymous author of the online than it have to really understand upper fun anything that but you know many of us here have that secret place of prayer and some of the sound and then a long time the brothers and sisters this work is happening now with both guns and more prepare me for when you come back again because I want to be ready happy Sabbath seller for your father we thank you that for the truth that you present this morning and let me know that only the Holy Spirit can sentence was home and even now father Fidel is drafting plans for glass for your sink not only intellectual but spiritually understanding or tense of the time that we are living in now please show us our need for Christ we need him more than anything for so I has to be with us this morning we thank you for the presence of God the father would take all on Clinton 's office that we might be covered by the righteousness of one day we might be paired when you return again we can spend the eternal son of father please Prince Jesus mean that everyone say


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