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Current Issues In Justification

Dennis Priebe



  • April 26, 2008
    3:00 PM
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before you go and read it carefully for yourself a whole chapter that you need to read carefully this is one paragraph from that chapter in the book fundamentals of Christian education page four seventy five the Lord would have his people bury political questions on these things silence his eloquence Christ calls upon his followers to come into unity on the pure gospel principles which are plainly revealed word of God you cannot with safety vote for political parties for we do not know whom we are voting for we cannot with safety take part in any political schemes we cannot labor to please use their influence to repress religious liberty and the said an operation oppressive measures the leader compel their fellow men to keep Sunday is the Sabbath the people of God listen carefully now are not to vote to place such man in office for when they do this they are partakers with them all the sins which they commit while in office very very important statement that we tend to overlook when we get caught up in the excitement of the activities of who's the best candidate for this position that position or whatever it is notice she does not say we should not vote she does say we cannot with safety vote for political parties we should not wear that we should bury political questions my friends no matter where our loop human citizenship resides no matter where our human loyalties are we are citizens of heaven and no human government even as good a government of the United States of America has been for two hundred years is to be had is to have our primary loyalty so I would suggest we think carefully about our political activities during the year as eventful as this used to be with all kinds of things exploding around that sucks education page four seventy five I do have a few not many a few extra copies of this if you would like to have one asked me later now John but add a few announcements to what the Norman already told you the program is is as you will pothead as he is announced it to you Matthew 's presentation will be a new presentation a different one many did here last time so his short presentation will be new we will have available are CDs DVDs books etc. available for your perusal after sundown and you are welcome to to look at those at your leisure in addition to that I always bring with me little booklets a number of them from amazing facts and some other ones are some that a great controversy .org has been printing in the last year or two and so I bring with me some of those little booklets if you would like some of these the take-home study for yourself extra material for your own personal study just ask me at any time today and I will be delighted to share these with you it is all I ask is that you desire them enough to ask for them and lastly if you would like to probe a little farther and if you haven't come across my website my website is available it is not an interactive website it is a study website available for your study downloading of materials etc. most of my materials that I present Ahram that what I do this afternoon is not on that website or is it it has us in that effort I forget what's on their notice yes most of my materials is on the website are on the website and you're welcome to get them for yourself and study them over again if you want to or new material the new thing the brand-new thing that I have just put on the website is a Bible study course in on the basic issues that I covered here four years ago you tell me that we covered on the issues of the nature of sin the nature of Christ and the nature of perfection and I put this into the kind of Bible study course that were familiar with from voice of prophecy in amazing facts etc. or you can read that he and the question there is a Bible text and a place for you to answer standard Bible study format so if you would like to review or go into this for the first time on these issues if you've not heard my presentation on the basic gospel issues that would be a good way to do it so that Bible study courses available on my website as I said last night of the material were covering this weekend is more advance material than that basic series were now moving into the upper echelons of trying to understand righteousness by faith dealing with the more subtle issues sometimes that are not easily seen and understood okay I think that covers our announcements and were ready to begin the tall thank you very much SSN would help limit Dennis Brady .com make sure you spell it right or you'll be in trouble Dennis IIIB .com is my website now before we get into current issues in justification were going to take a brief ten minute or so review of what justification is because we do not know what it is we will not be able to figure out where there is a problem that is coming from another direction just like how do you figure out counterfeit money you know the genuine and then you can see the counterfeit more easily Serena look first at what justification is the Lord start with what is up on the board right here Romans four versus six two eight even as David also describe the blessedness of the man unto whom God imputed righteousness without works notice the word impute saying Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven and whose sins are covered today so the imputing of righteousness is forgive Ness of sin and covering of sin two ways of saying the same thing in equities are forgiven and sins are covered while commentary volume six page ten seventy puts it this way as the penitent sinner contrite before God discerns Christ's atonement in his behalf and accept this atonement as his only hope in this life and the future life his sins are pardoned that's the key sins forgiven and sends pardon this is justification by faith pardon and justification are one and the same thing there's a nice simple way of saying through faith the believer passes from the position of a rebel a child of sin and Satan to the position of a loyal subject of Christ Jesus not because of an inherent goodness but because Christ receives them as a child by adoption adoption what is an adoption parents fill out legal papers to change the legal standing of a child to be part of their family legal standing page ten seventy one the grace of Christ is freely to justify the center with a Meridor claim on his part justification is a full complete pardon of sin the moment a center accepts Christ by faith that moment he is pardon the brought the righteousness of Christ is imputed to him and he is no more to doubt God 's forgiving grace so you catch the phrasing of the words as we gone through this forgiveness part infusion all of these are legal words there's a legal statement of fact we are no longer in the family of Satan we have been adopted into the family of Jesus Christ and we are legal members of his family there is definitely a legal aspect the justification it is a statement that God makes and he and he any any any pardons us from all our sin RI that is understood by just about all Christians this is not very much in doubt throughout Christianity what is coming next is the issue that is not well understood by Christians is there also in addition to the legal pronouncement of our hard and acceptance by God and experiential in the internal aspect to justification something that happens not on the books of heaven only but in my heart in my life in my mind is there a change that takes place inwardly in addition to being accepted outwardly legally as a child of God Titus chapter three verses five to seven and again notice the sequence of events very carefully as we go through this passage is talking about salvation not by works of righteousness which we have done but a court mercy he saved us right there is our subject indicator he saved us how by the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Ghost which is shut on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Savior that being justified by his grace we should be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life so the process of salvation that is being described here is going to be telling us how we are justified how we stand justified righteous the words justified and righteous are the same in the New Testament how we stand righteous before God and notice how that is done by the washing of regeneration this washing is not the baptism washing this washing is the heart washing in which the heart is made new plans a new heart will I put within you will read some of those statements a little later the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Ghost that being justified by his grace justification includes regeneration which is regenerating the old transplanting the new and renewing of the Holy Ghost this is the part which is denied by most of Christianity they say no that is not part of justification that makes it internal that makes it human works that makes it legalism so watch carefully as we go through this section which is why put a number of statements on here because this is not accepted by most of Christianity this part is legal justification and experiential is put off into sanctification by most of Christianity right so here we have the first text the next one on the word justification at all you know what this one is John three three of Jesus famous discourse with Nicodemus doesn't use the word justification what it says something crucially important right here Jesus says verily verily I say under the accept a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God so new birth necessary for salvation you cannot be part of God 's family you will not live eternally unless you are born again Jesus does not use the terms justification and sanctification Paul uses those terms so some people are saying well new birth must be different than justification know it's just two different writers speakers authors using different ways to account to say the same thing and here to say without the new birth there is no salvation and Paul is saying without justification there is no salvation not by works of righteousness which we have done but so both of them are saying the same thing using different terminology and again the new birth is denied as a part of justification by most of Christianity that also was put in the sanctification later all that is required for most of Christianity to save his believe on Jesus Christ and be forgiven of your sins legally anything internally anything experientially is put off in the sanctification by most of Christianity Willis find out let's find out what the spirit of prophecy says on the subject not a blessing one fourteen listen very carefully God 's forgiveness not what is forgiveness it is his legal justification God 's forgiveness is not merely a judicial act by which he said this is free from condemnation that means it is a deep judicial act but not only that that's the key it is that but it's more is not only forgive us for San but reclaiming from San it is the outflow of redeeming love that transforms the heart David had the true conception of forgiveness that's over here forgiveness when he prayed create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me is not exactly what Titus to say that we just read a new spirit are right spirit renewing by the Holy Spirit so noticed very carefully here forgiveness yes legal yes but much more than that is encompassed in God 's forgiveness forgiveness is more than a legal at the next statement is that selected messages volume one page three ninety four three yes three ninety four hundred mistake there should be three sixty four erase your notes sorry selected messages volume one page three sixty four genuine faith appropriates the righteousness of Christ and the center is made an over comer with Christ for he is made a partaker of the divine nature and God 's divinity and humanity are combined the two of them coming together oh yes and there is three ninety four site and make mistake I just left one out so add that to it right in ourselves we are sinners but in Christ we are righteous having no notice the next words having made us righteous through the imputed righteousness of Christ God pronounces us just and treats us as just therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God for Lord Jesus Christ and I have to tell you Ellen White is being very theologically unsound right there are the theologians that you can't use all those words for the same thing that is not the way it's been it's to be done notice what she said she said having made us righteous that's supposed to be over in sanctification through the imputed righteousness of Christ that supposed to be over in legal justification God pronounces us just that's over here and legal therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God so she uses terms that are supposedly incompatible but I think she knew what she was doing I don't think she was so ill literate theologically but she was totally unaware of what was going on notice again it says having made us righteous with this prospect with this process already done then by the imputed righteousness of Christ then God pronounces us just without the making there's no pronouncing in other words God does not deal in legal fiction is not pronounce us righteous when we are totally unrighteous he does not put his robe of righteousness over our filthy sin and thence as well your righteous because I count you that way that's what Ellen White is trying to say price object lessons one sixty three as the center drawn by the power of Christ approaches the uplifted cross and prostrate himself before the others the sinner coming to Jesus for the first time there is a new new creation a new heart is given him that's all about this now experientially he becomes a new creature in Christ Jesus God himself is the just the fire of him which believe in Jesus all part of justification not sanctification the new creation the new heart the new creature all part of justification model commentary volume six page ten ninety eight by receiving his imputed righteousness all right legal righteousness here through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit and again theologians they know you can put the two together they are two separate entities you are righteous in your safe years later on comes the transforming power but not according to Ellen why having on saying it again by receiving his imputed righteousness through the transforming power of the Holy Spirit we become like him the image of Christ is cherished and it captivates the whole being one more review and Herald 's August in nineteen eighteen ninety to be pardoned in the way that Christ pardons is not only to be forgiven so she's talking about partner and she saying pardon includes more than forgiveness but to be a renewed in the spirit of our mind the Lord says a new heart will I give unto the image of Christ this piece stamped upon the very mind heart and soul I can read a lot more but I think you got the picture for Ellen White justification is not at all limited to legal pardon of sin it is that but it is so much more than that is an experiential change in our lives our attitudes our value systems God puts a new hardiness of puts it takes the stony heart out and puts a heart of flesh and as he takes total control by his Holy Spirit then we become righteous he pronounces us just the last one down your testimonies to ministers ninety one and ninety two I put there because the this is what Ellen White said about the message of Jones and Wagoner which we refer to this morning the Lord in his great mercy set a most precious message to his people through elders Waggoner and Jones this message was to bring more prominently before the world be uplifted Savior the sacrifice for the sins of the whole world now notice this message presented justification by faith through faith in the surety so the message is justification she says it invited people to receive the righteousness of Christ many had lost sight of Jesus and then she says all power is given into his hands that he may dispense rich gifts unto men in part seeing the priceless gift of his own righteousness of the helpless human agent then again our theological friends will say no you can't put imparting with justification imparting blondes with sanctification and imputing belongs to justification villain light is not concerned with those niceties of theological distinction she says in part seeing the priceless gift of his righteousness is justification sharing imputing his writing out on a piece of paper your credited imparting is actually giving it is sharing it as being that and then she says this is the message that God commanded to be given to the world it is the third Angels message so what is the third Angels message justification which is imparted righteousness that's how she phrased well exactly what did those messengers say about justification Wagoner said it so simply to justify means to make righteous or to show one to be righteous I only wish you could read enough statements by the official refiners of justification to know they have to know how much out of step that sentence this that's that is totally wrong by any of those who set out to define justification read the textbooks read the statements on justification it will never mention making righteous it will always mention declaring righteous pronouncing righteous stating righteous but never never making righteous wagoner was totally out of step by saying to justify means to make righteous or to show one to be righteous many said let us first have an object lesson on justification or the imparting of righteousness and again he did they just walked himself right out of the theological circles at that point justification is the imparting of righteousness but I think you decide for yourself I think Wagoner was totally in harmony with both the spirit of prophecy in the Bible in saying that that's what I believe justification by faith to be all right that's art ten or fifteen minute excursus into what is legal and what is experiential in justification two aspects of one process by which God forgives us of our sin he pronounces us the makes us at the same time as part of the same process now we're going to go into certain issues that have come up in justification and that is sharing with you as I did last night some statements from various leaders and authorities in the Seventh-day Adventist church on this subject this one comes from a book published a few years ago entitled we still believe written by Elder Robert Falkenberg then president of the General conference he says that we fall into insecurity when we understand the gospel as conditional good news as if salvation were like a game of tag so as we discussed last night one of the basic issues that is being discussed right now is whether justification is conditional are there conditions to justification or is it unconditional unconditional means I accept Jesus Christ as my Savior I asked him to forgive my sins he pronounces me righteous unconditionally the future is not an issue what I do in the future is not an issue the only way I can lose that is by rejecting Jesus Christ and that I lose my selfless conditions and that will see what that means is I think this we can fall into fits of conditional justification and sacrificed the fifth mind that is born of assurance in Christ it additional justification is that I believe once in conditional justification based on human forgiveness which is legalism as I said last night watch the words that are put together human forgiveness those two words are totally incompatible there is no such thing as human forgiveness others human repentance there is human confession but there is never human forgiveness it is all only divine forgiveness or it is in forgiveness it also that based on human forgiveness which is legalism and then here is where the rubber begins to hit the road unfortunately is our obedience contribute to our salvation or our lack of obedience contribute to our loss no our obedience does not contribute I'm not saved because I feed the seventh day Sabbath neither am I lost if I don't keep the Sabbath now the rubber begins to come down the road in this understanding of legal justification we will all agree with the first part of that but Sabbath keeping our obedience will not justify us not by works of righteousness and then we ask the next question will disobedience to a clear conviction of conscience when the Holy Spirit convicts us of truth will it cost us our salvation and this gospel says will know you're legally declared righteous there are no conditions to justification it is unconditional the Sabbath is not to come into the picture for your justification and that's where this statement comes from said it again in a different way if we consider Sabbath keeping a requirement for salvation we have turned the commandment on its head Sabbath keeping is not a requirement for salvation I find that interesting because is done there are commandments as you know thou shalt not kill thou shalt not commit adultery are they also not requirements for salvation were not asking the caused were not asking the question are they causes of salvation rasping are they requirements of salvation are they conditions of salvation and now were set where hearing the answer no Sabbath keeping is not a requirement for salvation this one from my former president of the Arizona conference his name is Herman Baumann retired now I grew up believing that besides accepting Jesus as my Savior I also have to keep the Sabbath if I wanted to say I have a clear conviction that if I failed to keep it I would be lost I thank God though that as I had the privilege of studying under some of the great Seventh-day Adventist scholars such as Google and have installed the message of God 's abundant grace speaking clearly and firmly established in my thinking and in my theology so now is come to the view that he doesn't have to keep the Sabbath to be say it doesn't for different reasons he finally says we accept Jesus Christ as Savior it's all that counts praise God we accept Jesus Christ as Savior there are no further conditions the salvation therefore we remained standing were going to see as we go farther in the second presentation today how deeply this gets into the issue of how we stand saved or lost on the day by day basis but that will wait for its further discussion later right now here's another one this one from the past editor of ministry magazine David Newman writing is the editor of the magazine in the industry magazine it is easy to slip into the thinking that if you do not keep the seventh day is the Sabbath you will be lost it is easy to slip it about thinking he says that he thinks that thinking is wrong I am accepted by God totally because of the perfection of another person the obedience of another person I have accepted notice because of the obedience of another person justification is not a transformation of nature it does not impart righteousness remember I said earlier that that phrase is so strong in those who believe in a different gospel you are say not because you are righteous or even because you are Burton John three three is not part of the saving process it's a result of the saving process in this gospel you are saying not because you are righteous or even because you are converted but because through faith you place your trust your dependence in Jesus Christ God transforms you through the new birth experience part of sanctification and still reading remember God transforms you through the new birth experience part of sanctification erasing all of this and taking it off in the sanctification so that you possess the will to live a holy life the growth in Christ that begins here is the work of a lifetime never fully realized in this life so the new birth experience the new heart experience a transformed life experience begins not in justification but in sanctification and it is never complete in this life never fully realize the believer keeps God 's rules only as a response to already having been justified never as the cause or parse the cause of that justification which we will agree with now here is the interesting little hitch that begins to develop as a result of this because all of this is excluded to another site why is that as you've heard me say it all comes back to one little word with three letters the word is sin what is sin it all boils down to that every issue on justification every issue on site the vacation every issue on perfection every issue on the nature of Christ all boils down to what is sin when that is settled then we know what all the rest of the parts of the puzzle are here's what he says sin can be classified as sin in capital letters and send them in small letters I know we have an interesting bit of a dichotomy here sin the capital letters is the ruptured relationship you and I have with God from birth so what is the big sin for which we are guilty for responsible for condemned for lost for it is our state of being it is the way we are it is our human condition it is our fallen nature it is our humanity we are San by nature can't do anything about your nature that change your heredity can change your parents and therefore you can't change your sin you are automatically sinners because of your state of birth and then he has an interesting little statement you may have heard this before the sin of Adam and the was not the taking and eating of the forbidden fruit they had stand before they took the fruit ha ha I like him to something interesting God said in the day you eat you will die and now we're hearing before you eat your dad understand that I'm a mature human being I don't have to depend on him for everything well explore a little bit on my own and then someone began talking to her and that was strange because it was in the person it wasn't an angel it wasn't Jesus Christ you know all about that it was this animal up in a tree the most beautiful animal apparently in those early days and now she curious to say he's saying that's when she said health logical sounds reasonable except you get back to one simple point that God say that these said in the day you eat that fruit then you die that is your sin the eating of the fruit you see even the angels in heaven did some things they should not of done they listen to Lucifer we are told again by the pen of inspiration that about half of the Angels were listening to Lucifer and persuaded of the rightness of his cause at first until God held the great councils and explain things to the angel that apparently had no need for explaining before that time and then we read that one third of the angels followed Satan Lucifer Latin and the six of the Angels decided one way thought it over and decided the opposite way and even the angels in heaven and stayed there the loyal ones that two thirds for four thousand years month sympathy for Satan and his calls only lost when Jesus Christ died in the crops so they had some rethinking to do so you see there are things that are done by sinless beings that are not always why it's the best not sin it's a mistake if an error it's a misjudgment you can even say it's imperfect but sin is the transgression of the law when God says remember the Sabbath day and we knowing and are convicted of the Sabbath and reject the Sabbath day that sin it is not sin to keep the wrong day when we don't know that it's the wrong day it may be a sin of ignorance but not a sin for which we are lost and entered the only issue very clearly as San is the transgression of the law when it is known and when conviction comes to the heart yes he made a mistake she went beyond what she should've done but that's not sin until it is a defiant rebellious rejection of a commandment of God known in the heart conviction in the heart and so I am going to suggest that all those that sounds reasonable this sounds logical this too is in addition to Scripture saying more than what Scripture says they had send before they took the fruit they broke their dependent relationship with God this is when the sin took place when sin happens it leads to sin the act of taking the fruit so what adamant he did was just this little sin taking the fruit the real sin was something that happened before then how does that relate to us why did you go to while this trouble to explain that about Adam and the because he's saying the same thing happens to lots we send before we send to a wee sin before we send is what he's saying how do we send big capital letters get yourself born and you're a sinner going to hell that's what he saying we send by being born and then we do acts of sin we should put this year as acts of sin or choices of semi like the word choice better than so these are the things that we do because we are already this when we lose our temper it's just an expression of our fallen nature we are lost because of our fallen nature not because of our losing of temper when we cheat lie steal commit adultery those are not the sins that condemn us the sin that condemns us is the sin of having the propensity or the tendency within us to do that in the first place that sorry Sam according to this understanding of the gospel and righteousness by faith now here's how he continues justification or I were back the justification takes care of sin the relationship problem so now our sin is forgiven justification we are justified legally justified this is out of the picture we are no longer as sinners before God we have been forgiven justification takes care of sin the relationship problem sanctification takes care of this sin the behavior problem so this is not an issue that has dealt with in justification at all you are forgiven you are righteous even though you are still sending losing your temper cheating lying stealing you are still righteous because this has been taken care of and this is a sanctification issue along with all of this this is a sanctification issue and remember we already read it's never complete in this life so you will always be sending in some way or other by your accent your choices because sanctification is never complete while justification takes care of your birth problem your job your sin problem with the capital letter problem it continues now the Christian wheels fall and stumble on his way to full perfection in Christ guarantee it's not a matter of if or when the Christian wheel God views the sins these ends right here as part of the maturing process and the person does not come under condemnation so when you live when you cheat when you scale that's the way of sanctification you learn by the same the learning process and you do not come under condemnation you don't go back into a state of saying Lord I've blown it I had I have messed my life up I'm sorry I need to be re- justified you don't have to do any of that you've already been legally justified your sends data 's been taken care of the sins in your life are just maturing process sin 's and they are beneficial to us they are falling he says they are sending not because they have a broken relationship with God not because they refused to be dependent but because they are immature ignorant wrestling with addictions wanting desperately to grow up into him notice that carefully you have a relationship on a rephrase it and put it in positive here you have a relationship with God you are dependent and at the same time you're addicted to whatever all kinds of addictions aren't there and you are wanting to grow up into him but you're still addicted so you can have a genuine relationship with God you can have a dependent relationship with God and still be totally addicted to a sin in your life that is ongoing and you can't get rid of seemingly and then use the statement as his prime example when God looks at the life of David through the eyes of Jesus he saw only a perfect person David committed some awful sense his behavior was despicable but he lived a repentant life he wanted to be always dependent on God I will agree on one thing I think they've always wanted to be dependent on God he was a man after God 's own party sincerely desire to do God 's will we find that all through his life but even always carry out that will on one or two prime locations that we know I met simple question here when David was sitting in his the castle room after he had committed his sin with Bathsheba trying desperately to figure out how we could cover up this thing because you're right it wouldn't cooperate what he yet it all set up to make sure that this thing could be hidden away and everybody would think that the baby was Urias from the beginning and hear your riot coming back from the special leave from the from the field would not fall in the same in the David's traffic didn't even know what David's trap wives all you said was while my buddies are out there in the field I'm not going to have the comforts of my wife and so he slept on the floor in the king 's palace wouldn't even go home with his wife and David set all know what's happening now what am I going to do this is got to be covered up and you know the next that he sat in his upper room and he plotted the murder of one of his most loyal soldiers so we could have his wife and cover up his sin is that leaving a repentant life my friends present exactly the opposite of any repentance that the Bible ever even comes close to that defiance that is rebellion in a man after God 's own heart and that he continues if David had been lost it would not have been because of his adultery or committing a murder those are just sin city this is David Newman past editor of ministry magazine if David had been lost it would not have been because of his adultery or committing a murder he would be lost because he did not keep a faith trust dependent relationship with God because he had first committed sin in other words this sin right here if he rejected Jesus cry what wasn't Jesus Christ was God that if you read gone baby turned his back on bottom walked away from God then he would be lost because then this covering of justification would be removed and he would slip back into the state of sin in which he was born but as long as he believed in God as long as he went to the Temple as long as he said I want to do your will he was covered by justification and his status and was forgiven and his acts of sin were at work did not bring them into condemnation that's this theology sin is this day covered by this part of righteousness by faith legal righteousness covers the state of sin in which we are born is what he is saying and that's why this theory cannot be classified as one save always say no it is one save almost always say it is the kissing cousin of the good old Baptist theology but some of our servers have met here and there yes we're saved we can be lost yes that's possible we can make a choice we can reject Jesus Christ but until we turn our backs on Jesus Christ we are saved and that's why we read statements like Sabbath keeping is not a requirement for salvation and it will not cause us to be lost if we break the sound because that comes into the category of sins of acts if our sin the state is covered are acts of sin are allowable and acceptable if we still maintain our belief in Jesus Christ he concludes justification is what Christ did for me two thousand years ago well that is what happening what's happening in me today is that that's what he did for me two thousand years ago it is complete perfect and imputed to me when I place my faith in him so vacation is what Jesus does and may day by day so all of this is sanctification what Jesus did in May day by day starting with the new birth experience it is incomplete and is imparted to me as I grow in him but all those things are very important that sanctification is the new birth and is incomplete as long as we live what year nineteen ninety five when he was the editor all right let's see I'm going to skip through some of the things here the issue very simply now is the issue of whether legal justification includes experiential or is it limited to just legal justification let's see let's see how what Ellen White says fits into all of this remember now were still back on the conditions of salvation are there conditions the salvation eighteen eighty eight materials page fourteen seventy seven obedience is the first price of eternal life the first price of eternal life signs of the Times November fifteen eighteen ninety nine implicit obedience is the condition of salvation the condition of salvation Bible commentary volume seven nine twenty it is perfect obedience to all of God 's commandments that opens to him the gates to the holy city that opens the gates Bible commentary volume seven nine seventy two the gospel that is to be preached to all nations kindreds tongues and people presents the truth and clear lines showing that obedience is the condition of gaining eternal life condition upward look one eighty nine Christ died evidence to the center that there was no hope for him while he continued in San obedience to all God 's requirements is his only hope for pardon through the blood of Christ in heavenly places one forty six by perfect obedience to the requirements of the law man is justified only through faith in Christ is such obedience possible the kinds of things we're reading my here my friends understand out how out of step this is with understandings of salvation today back in nineteen fifty before the discussions of the evangelical leaders with the Seventh-day Adventist leaders and fifty six fifty seven barn house for the editor of that of eternity magazine reviewed the book steps to Christ now I'm at a gas that all of you feel positive about the book steps to Christ that's one book that you don't get very negative many negative responses to as he reviewed the book 's conclusion was it is false in all its parts nobles it is false in all its parts can you begin to see why an evangelical scholar would say that because everything she's talking about here totally destroys the idea that legal justification covers our state is sent and then we can continue to do some sands and be accepted by Jesus Christ she talked way too much about obedience she talks way too much about surrender she talks way too much about conditions of salvation for the evangelical mind in the evangelical gospel of salvation must be unconditional or it is legalism and human works for the evangelical mind and anything which puts something that we do into the picture such as repentance such as surrender such as obedience comes right back into legalism and mine and they do not believe that there are conditions the salvation and they do not believe that our sins cause us to lose that salvation that is just out of place in their understanding but again from Ellen White this one from signs of the Times June sixteen eighteen ninety God 's promises are all made upon condition while we earnestly endeavored to be obedient now the word is endeavor there is the it is needed it is the deed and the condition is not that we have all made everything but that our endeavor is to be obedient God will hear our petitions but he will not bless us in disobedience he will not there's an interesting letter that came into one of our papers salvation involves a transaction but the author of the article that this person is responding bonding to what apparently exclude from this transaction my genuine sorrow for personal failures my repentance even my growing faith in God 's uncompromising grace because those are all things I do so that can't be part of the salvation transaction granted my sorrow my repentance my faith are not the means of my salvation however the Bible is clear that my sorrow force and my repentance and my faith in God 's grace are free conditions for God forgiving my sins on the basis of his grace as we talked about last night we summarize again there is a big difference between a condition and a cause a cause is what gives us salvation that's the cross of Jesus Christ a condition is something we must do to receive that gift of salvation it has no merit it is not cause us to be saved no Sabbath keeping will allow us to be say but if our hearts are convicted about the seventh day Sabbath obedience to the Sabbath is a condition of salvation cannot be reduced to put aside and set aside as something not too important not to relevant interesting little thing I came across Ellen why did not reprove Jones and Waggoner very often but she did on occasion when she felt there was a little bit year that needed to be corrected there was a letter to Brother a T Jones is divided and selected messages volume one three seventy seven to three seventy nine in addition she said I was attending a meeting in a large congregation were present in my dream you are presenting the subject of faith and the imputed righteousness of Christ by faith you repeated several times that works amounted to nothing that there were no conditions the matter was presented in that light that I knew minds would be confused and would not receive the correct impression in reference to faith and works and I decided to write to you there are conditions to our receiving justification and sanctification of the righteousness of Christ I know he remaining as the Jones really did try to make his meaning clear you say your works don't contribute there not a cause of your salvation I know your meaning but you leave a wrong impression upon many minds while good works will not save even one soul yet it is impossible for even one soul to be saved without good works there you have a cause and condition good works don't say but without them there is no salvation cause and condition she said you look in reality upon the subject as I do is that we understand these things the same way you and I yet you make these subjects through your expressions confusing to minds after you have expressed your mind radically in regard to work and when questions are asked you on this subject since it is not organized in very clear lines in your own mind you cannot define the correct principles to other minds and you cannot in your unable to make your statement statements harmonize with your own principles and faith so when you say there are no conditions and some expressions are made quite broad you burdened the mind twisting and some cannot see consistency in your expressions they cannot see how they can harmonize these expressions with a plain statements of the word of God please guard these points these strong assertions in regard to works never make our position any stronger for there are many who will consider you an extra interest and will lose the rich lessons upon the very subjects they need to know that was Ellen White's reproof brother Jones he was erring on the side of removing conditions and say good works have nothing to do with salvation and Ellen White said no no I know what you mean but you're saying it away don't confuse minds and I'm afraid that's we been reading in the last few minutes from the statements here confusion is becoming rampant is Sabbath keeping necessary for salvation can I commit adultery and be saved what if I'm killed in the act of committing adultery etc. etc. etc. and on the questions go but never seem to have any kind of answers that will satisfy going to read one more statement from the spirit of prophecy on this point selected messages volume one page three sixty six but while God can be just as justifies the sinner through the merits of typed no man can cover his old with the garments of Christ's righteousness while accessing known sin or neglecting his own duties requires the entire surrender is hard before justification can take place and in order for mantra retain justification there must be continual obedience through active living faith and works by love and purifies the soul as you just answer the problem of David right there before we can come to Christ surrender is necessary in order to retain justification obedience is necessary was David obedient obviously not that he loses his justification while he defies God in disobedience is the only possible understanding the only way to retain justification is my continual obedience Marshall Rose Hall when he was alive said something that was worth hearing satisfying a condition is far different from earning salvation I get this clear suppose I were very rich and you were very poor and because I really love you I gave you a ten million dollar check now there would be nothing that most of us could do to earn that money but there would be at least one condition you would have to go to the bank and cash the check is that a condition yes that is could you imagine someone saying to me I have to go all the way to the bank to get this money well that it is not a gift if I have to go to the bank I learned that some people think that way about the gift of salvation that you logically overthrow all the conditions of salvation assuming that such parameters constitute sinful works thus they delude themselves into thinking that they are saved unconditionally when they most assuredly are lost my friends the biggest danger facing Adventism today is not legalism maybe it once was maybe there was a time in which legalism was our major major power but our major problem today is not that it's false assurance I'm okay I've been accepted I didn't say when there are still no no rebellions in our library were not surrendering to Jesus Christ when he tried another way because this has got to become clearer or we will be confused the spaceflights that go up or quite as exciting as they were back when you know but we still get them on the news usually well there went another one up and we find out they later but we still hear about okay what is the cause for spaceflight is that the gear that the astronauts put off all that stuff that they wear the helmet send and then body she armors that they wear Gucci from destroying an outer space what is the cause for space travel for getting that rocket into space is it not the engines that fire that motor based on the fuel that is in the engine that causes that rocket to lift off into space suppose the astronauts would say I want to go into space I want to travel in space the boy up there at the top of that thing that's pretty risky business I don't know if I want to get into that little space capsule on top of that power bomb is under it all to stay over here in the bunker and then I'll go to space because the engine is firing and that's the cause either I have noticed nothing to do I can't make it going to space and so it's better to what say over here and then that will be the way I can travel in space problem there is there are is not an Apple were going nowhere all right here we are now the astronauts fully realize that the going to space they actually have to do something that could put the gear on they have to climb to go up while elevators and then have to walk across a very narrow catwalk to get into that space capsule and strapped themselves and for who knows what will happen and sometimes it doesn't work well most of the time it works well are those causes of space travel wall that they just bid that cause them to go to space a bit of they get you see if the engine wasn't operating properly and using this happen they can sit there for twenty four hours ago nowhere they got all the right things in the early set arms folded the engines are working and they get really tired of sitting and finally walked back across the catwalk safety two things have to be in place for space travel the power of the engines working correctly and the conditions met the movement of the place were space travel is possibly see space travel is not possible over here is not possible over there it is possible only on top of the engine is the only place you go to space condition of space travel salvation is not possible just because God loves you salvation is not possible because Jesus died for you salvation is possible only by being in the place and doing the things where God 's grace can impact you God 's grace is the cause of salvation it is the means of salvation but the conditions of salvation as we just read are very simple surrender willingness to obey commitment repentance all of those are conditions of salvation conditions different from costs and yet were told all this gets us in the legalism I found a nice simple little article on legalism in ministry magazine the simple statements legalism is not the law legalism is not obedience legalism is a counterfeit way of salvation was not to confuse on the word legalism it's not the ten Commandments at the most most of the Christian world says legalism is believing in the tent following the ten Commandments no it is not it is not obedience to the law legalism is saying I've got enough human ability of me that I can do for you well think I'm not I'm glad among like a publican over there I'm pretty good in myself that's legalism a counterfeit way of salvation it is the denial of our helplessness and our inability to find salvation came across another interesting thing this is a little book called a testament of devotion which is a Quaker book and is written by Meister Eckhart long time ago he said this life that intends complete obedience without any reservations we you commit your life and unreserved obedience to him the life of obedience as a holy life a separate of life cut off from worldly compromises stainless as the snow 's up on the mountain tops they who walk in obedience on them God 's holiness takes hold as a mastering passion of life why wouldn't that be legal labeled as legalism by a whole lot of Christians today legalism or just the opposite total surrender and obedience to Jesus Christ total willingness to do it his way and not our way and not the way that people think it should work right one other thing needs to be addressed right now and that is the assurance of salvation the assurance of salvation today and why have the assurance of salvation are we assured of salvation because Jesus died on the cross are we assured of salvation because Jesus died on the cross how many people did he die for how many are alive because he died quite as loud sure all many are alive today because Jesus died on the cross right how many have choices between salvation and damnation because Jesus died on the cross right does that include Hitler or anyone else you can think up all right Jesus died for Hitler as much as he died for you and me exactly the same no difference he provided everything for Hitler that he provides for you and me no difference his death on the cross for all men does that mean that I have the assurance of salvation today because Jesus died on the cross it does not because Hitler as best we can tell is not going to be part of that experience is our assurance of salvation dependent on is it because are we assured of our salvation because God loves us unconditionally he does he loves us unconditionally prodigal son in the father didn't the father continue to love the sun all the way through that experience unconditional love that's the father in heaven are we in a saving relationship are we righteous before God have we assurance of salvation because God loves us unconditionally beauty love Jude is unconditionally yes he did so you see these great truths about Jesus and the father God loves us unconditionally Jesus died on the cross for all men are used as the basis for saying if I accept and believe that I have the assurance of salvation but you know then what is accept and believe the devils also believe and what are they due they tremble the devils believe that Jesus died on the cross and that is going to steal their doom the devils believe that God in heaven is running his universe fairly effectively they believe all that but they have no salvation the only way you and I can have the assurance of salvation is that we combined the unconditional love of God and the death of Christ on the cross for all mankind with total surrender to him without any reservations condition caused condition without surrender that's why Judas is lost that's what happened to Hitler without surrender everything God does for us means nothing for our salvation nothing for eternal life and that's the serious mistake of modern Christian theology to say that because of these things God unconditionally accepts us as well as loves us all right I'm going to say this I would love to deal with devils advocate positions that any questions that come up write them down and let's have a question and answer periods on everybody can hear the questions and we can deal with it directly so please keep that question I want to deal with and whatever this but I dare not because this is being transcribed and recorded right now and we will never progress any farther than this that we open up the questions at this time so hold on police listen to this from faith and works fifteen to twenty eight we cannot have the assurance and perfect and by confiding trust Christ as our Savior until we acknowledge him as our King and are obedient to his commandments notice I carefully when can we have the assurance and perfect confiding trust in Christ when we are obedient to his commandments is a working faith she says so there is no faith without working without being real without being experience than the whole section on faith and works is very important right there and then I like this statement from the Clifford Goldstein maybe it's time we stop our navelgazing obsession with assurance and instead seek power on high for victory over the sins that so often cause us to question our salvation to begin with I do believe we gotten into that mode in recent years in the Adventist church am I say why the assurance unsafe that is the basic question of all Christianity animal Adventism above all of the things we need the assurance of salvation as we been hearing for ten fifteen twenty years now and he says maybe it's time we stopped at navelgazing I agree there is something bigger than assurance of salvation and that his loyalty to the one we believe is right and vindication of his name by our lives and words that's why we should be obedient not because of something else interesting little love spring I came across here and average this was a survey done in the Adventist church an average of sixty three percent said they have an intimate relationship with Christ sixty three percent two thirds of that seventy three percent report they have assurance of eternal life seventy three percent and then thirty four percent study the Bible daily and thirty three percent have family worship describe see two thirds at almost three fourths they may have the assurance of eternal life and one third study the Bible something isn't quite right there and he suggested the one who did reportedly said were floundering in the sea of apostasy making Christ in our own image customized to fit the demands and clamoring for the carnal nature and we might have a serious possibility of a direct fulfillment of Matthew seven twenty one to twenty three do you know what that says many will say to me Lord Lord Nielsen who are you what was your name again I didn't have you in my and my radar scope did know who you were someone wrote in very well Satan is working with great zeal to get people to have a false sense of assurance practices best deception a false sense of assurance I'm okay you know what Ellen White wrote about those who will be living at the very end of time who will be sealed with God sealed it we understand that correctly they will not be sending they will not be rebelling against God they will be living through the time of the seven last plagues she says and gray conversely page six nineteen if they could have these are the sealed sinless ones if they could have the assurance of pardon they would not shrink from torture or death but should they prove unworthy and lose their lives because of their own defects of character then God 's holy name would be reproached the most perfect people that will ever live on this earth the most mature Christians that ever lived on this earth living through a time when there's no mediator in the courts of heaven when the sanctuary system is shut down those people wish to have the assurance of pardon and they're afraid that they will dishonor God 's name they're not afraid to be lost they're afraid that what they do and say will dishonor God 's name their own character defects will be dishonoring the name and they pray for the assurance of pardon so even those people even will ask for assurance at that time maybe it is the most critical thing even for us today I will agree on one point with this assurance we need to have the confidence that Jesus forgive us our sins we need to have the confidence that we surrendered our life and he has come into our life we need to have the confidence of if I should die right now I would be safe in his hands I believe in having that confidence but distress over and over that the only important thing is my assurance of salvation is asking a good question at the wrong time it's a good question is just now that's not the question to be asking the question to be asking now if we want to be sealed with the seal of God is is what I'm thinking is saying doing or thinking vindicating God or Satan and my casting my vote on God 's side or Satan side by the music I'm listening to why what I'm watching by the books I'm reading is it telling the truth about God 's way or is it telling the truth about Satan 's way not my salvation I'm not to make that an issue I want to know if it's telling the truth about God or Satan that's the issue my salvation and my assurance is way down the level from that kind of question and that's why the end of time those were struggling through this experience will not be worrying about their own salvation they will be worrying about God 's indication almost done just one more thing and then others write it up because we will begin right here where we leave off what is the evangelical comes concept of all of this we refer to various points but now it's addressing particularly evangelicals believe in and accept sanctification they do not deny vacation they believe in they believe the follows justification evangelicals believe in obedience check it out who are the ones in our country that are calling for obedience to God 's law more stridently than any other evangelical world put it on our walls of our judicial system the ten Commandments of God make it mandatory not optional etc. on various points whether it's abortion or anything else Evangelicals believe in obedience to God 's law that's not the issue however they believe that sanctification which is the real obedience which takes care of these acts of sin is not to is not the way of salvation if the result of salvation so that's the first point that sanctification is the result of being saved not a cause of being saved and not necessary for salvation David is saved while disobedience but yes God wants them to be disagreeable or obedient and he wants to be obedient sanctification so sanctification is a result of not a part or a cause of salvation first point second point sanctification will never be one hundred percent effective while we live in a fallen nature on this earth so while the evangelical world of evangelical gospel stresses obedience and it stresses sanctification it takes sanctification out of the realm of being say puts it later than salvation thus you can be safe while not really sanctified fully and they say sanctification can't be realized fully as long as we have a fallen nature thus there will be some sending until Jesus comes here is a way that is phrased by an individual how my creator my Savior can love me and promised me salvation when I am selfish sometimes angry so Kathy unlovely but what I do and don't do has nothing to do with whether or not he is accepted so I can be selfish angry sarcastic cynical and unlovely and I'm accepted and I have salvation that is the evangelical view of salvation interesting thing I came across remorse repentance and confession are therapeutic and necessary for spiritual and psychological health but they are the result of forgiveness perceived and received as an interesting twist that repentance and confession are the result of being forgiven you're forgiven before your event you are forgiven because you accept Jesus as your Savior then you'll repent later on in sanctification that is totally opposite of what the Bible says as I read it repentance precedes forgiveness forgiveness is not precede repentance Ellen White without regeneration through faith in his blood there is no remission of sins for example without regeneration through faith there is no remission of sins price object lessons one twelve and one thirteen all right justification basic statement legal experiential problems that have come up regarding justification in the Seventh-day Adventist church in the last thirty years will close it right there and did write orders for thirty delivery posted nine four thirty will close our meeting with a brief prayer and then we'll have a ten minute break and then Matthew will have some new material not shown before never seen before and after about twenty minutes and then will start our last meeting was to stop father in heaven we thank you for forgiveness we thank you for salvation the Lord help us not to cheapen it by simply saying you will tolerate are sending while we are say helpless to have a full and complete and costly acceptance by Jesus Christ I ask in Jesus name amen


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