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The Cross and the Three Angels' Messages

Ivor Myers


Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • May 17, 2008
    7:00 PM
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you are wrong wrong moon SSL halls for another moment of prayer heavenly father we thank you so much for what you are not tonight anointed as it is hot in here on my story of Santa for me Shaq and Abednego were also one and a half hour anoint your presence on made that he will bear a meeting he had an unnoticeable a in the same way tonight Lord we pray that your presence might be with us in this monthly so that as we hear your word we might again and obviously will thought artists are drawn by the heat of your love for us will you love this one a speechless all this is our prayer in Jesus on a last night we talk about what it means to arrive tonight is a rules way to talk about what it means to be a time I am reminded of that story that historical narrative when and will hold the children of Israel had been taken to Babylon and here in Babylon they has served seventy years and then by a divine decree of God they were allowed to return to their homeland and to the game tomorrow today again to do I know that when that free way for some people not all of it is real when you do they have come comfortable in Babylon I think about the parallel is today in eighteen forty four something very special happened and gone called began to call them people how Babylon and just as he will in ancient times had called the people are not allowed to go back and to do a untenable so in nineteen forty four gone gonzo people to come out of Babylon to come out of confusion intensity gave two billion his last day Temple on planet error is not a building made with hands the Bible says noting that you are the temple of the whole legal but is him and I am fearful so now that many of the people have become in the lower income alone we have become comfortable with our lifestyle comfortable with our accomplishment and so the word languishes on God is calling people and therefore in these last days to arrive and do and if we want to do we need to know how to do it interesting I think of another all historical account login the children of Israel and again with the Temple this Solomon 's Temple and the story goals that I Solomon 's Temple was meeting you and always will work being brought to help build the Temple there was once known in particular that seemed out of sight and out of place and they moved into the side and on the snow was in drawing people 's way people would stop their tall on the snow they do on the stock is coming to retain the people because it was in the way and he seemed out of place and they eventually built the entire template then there was that one piece that argues in which they need in our special stone and they start high and low way around can we find a specialist on him on the Temple and by the way and while Martin was the purpose of building the Temple it was so that God will read the field when the chlorine cannot fill the Temple until the temple was completed and haphazard and focused only and someone recognizes or realizes that this cornerstone is based on that seemed out of place that you want by using a very strong woman that was perfectly meeting to finish off the moment anonymous hears something with that May first seem offensive to what Seventh-day Adventists but is it possible that we have gone forth to is it possible that we have set aside the chief cornerstone is it possible that we have gone forth would not message so people are not blinded to the truth for any possible beloved that we have missing something crucial in the finishing on this last they were want you to open your Bibles with me Revelation eighteen Revelation chapter eighteen I want you to notice with me verse one the Bible says that after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having raised power and the or will we use chlorine is a tool in the names on the fourth angel that Angel that comes with the brainpower that Angel .com to my power and glory into the three Angels messages the angel said to have two things does not familiar with me can you repeat them they are adding water to Re: add how how many living people doing how modern the audience they raise your hand all right anyone down there raise your hand okay here alive good the Angel 's son and to veins what are they already and how this angel descends with the final piece of the more so that they were of God 's people we might ask questions what is the final piece what is that final glory and power I invite you to turn with me to Galatians chapter six and verse fourteen Galatians chapter six and verse fourteen the Bible tells us hear what God for me that I cannot boot already saved in the trough of our garden season is drawing my phone number is crucified unto me and I am to the world let me ask you something where is the glory of God is clearly insane and all Scripture and all creation it is not the chrome will not turn with me to first Corinthians chapter one verse eighteen first Corinthians chapter one verse eighteen the Bible says here for the preaching of the prongs what Harris is what are the hospitals are saying and in Belmont how were all on so we got solutions is ready first ran his winning team to the preaching of the cross in the wine power of God Galatians six fourteen thousand times in Indonesia are rethinking in the cross of Jesus Christ's then we begin to understand here is missing I hope he's an Angel revelation anything that is what I learned the three angels message is nothing else but Jesus Christ and EM crucify the chief cornerstone not only to understand this then you're probably saying to yourself right now Obama pastor we already have seen the strife and him crucified we are freezing the three angels messaging on my COD denied that you're wrong I want to share with you tonight that we had not been doing as God has wanted us to do I will show you tonight we are satisfied that she is stolen in our preaching and especially in our evangelistic meeting you are not only do we freeze our entire latrines and talk us out of that and when they start the playing field will then start to talk about the chief cornerstone the chief cornerstone becomes the blog and on the message is not the center of the message want to listen I also message for fifteen that is unmerciful like that is emerging to begin until the world is a revelation on handsome character of the show is not often manifest his glory in there I counted they are revealed on the grace of God has done and then went to the last raise unmerciful like the multiple world and in the revelation I love that revelation is most clearly demonstrated in the drawing notice again with me evangelism page one ninety one the message this message was to bring out prominently before the world the Savior let me pause right here you are familiar with our history of nineteen eighty okay some of you are assuming you're not making any a dog and a very special message to the shores and I hear is referring to this message is here in his message was to bring our prominently before the world the problem is a hearing on the Republican Savior want to use the prosperity of the Savior in the sacrifice for the sins of the whole world sense reason ages and never diminished the efficacy on this atoning sacrifice the message of the gospel of his reign as was the beginning of insurance and clear anything I know how certain Armando say that Seventh-day Adventists will belong along but do not teach or believe crime in hours and ninety eight ALR White House is that what happened in a Canadian Northern Angel does you went on the crime rate against the Romans when the green friend in my own words in this season harness own loveliness on it you must not understand him only on an side because when we already have we already believe in Jesus MVR special method and method you are predisposed all at Silverstone was made to the side or mosquito let's keep building is the only person to make the IRA will not be borne out until the Temple is complete I down the nose tonight will you is not building to take place nobody is I guess I'm even excited when I was not until the entire structure in place and there is one thing missing will continue one thing with me calls we can be to the Temple be handled with the glory of God that is readable you got for his page one fifty six the proclamation of SR Angels message cost of the presentation on the Sabbath shall show with authors included in the message needs to be proclaimed by the Gray Center abstract Senator Christ Jesus must not read how in the cross of Christ that mercy shall meet together and righteousness and peace kiss each other the center must be maximum to Calvary with the simple faith of a child he must trust in the merits of the Savior excepting his righteousness anything in his mercy were told that we were not to forget cries will write five zero one not a building a public trust in the center of attraction presenting the cross of Calvary and we are to behold we are a fraud behold our God was taken away the sin of the world when the southeast of Charleston man and they are efficiency can we stop feeding him down with the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea I normally made with young out one more for good and all across Christ and the gospel on the bathroom you know when the first Angels message when it says and I saw another angel having the everlasting gospel what is the message that the angel is to both that he was going for me hanging upon the cross Christ will the gospel as they now we have a message behold the Lamb of God which takes away the sins of the world will not service members keep their eyes fixed on a crucified and risen Savior innuendo of eternal life are centered as our message she's talking about the problem is that it was a sad because our message out argument our doctrine warning to be impenitent our encouragement for those starving the hole for every believer while if we can awaken an interest in sample problem is I am Christ we may step aside and ask them only to continue to fix their eyes upon the ungodly monogamy has not made Jesus cry the center of autopsy not Jesus Christ is the center of our doctrine we just have not preached the center of our document so why would I do not want to be a lot of exercise and it will be really good if you had ten paper because you probably know what to write some of his if you come to learn how to build something it will be good to take instructions on how to build a man Sally has pointed to where to begin to go through the Bible and what I want to sign out that Jesus Christ and him crucified in the center of our entire message are you ready to go starting with Daniel chapter two in Daniel chapter two the cross of Christ is present you see where I don't see how you Wednesday work with me Daniel and Medicaid of the season and it's off younger dreams is an adventure Daniel tells him what his dream means you talk about the image and then Jamie sees a hat of law gold chest and arms up film rebellion five burn bronze on matters all your installs on iron and clay if you will notice with me in Daniel chapter two we find here at incredible on those that were friends to the problem in dance while watching the notice for us let's see where we are for us largely a fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron for as much as I break in pieces and I simplify things as I review all knees shall any break in pieces and brooms primary design phase man you thought wrong nobody saw the drawing that's what you do not looking at her while the your Mac will get on the bus yet when you will object and less defined will you will somewhere in there but you have to look out carefully remember but the process tries and is is is is plastered all over the Scripture is so nasty something watching the news is talking about here this fourth kingdom that was still break into a room watching them was that all wasn't she does okay do you want to know what he was at the Last Supper any say in this is my body which is why brought you before you will see the property is exactly remember when the Bible says that he was on she was on rules for our iniquities between Drew 's duties come on Allen was in Peru strives and was riding in was the Roman Empire what is that a direct reference to the fact that I would seek to destroy Jesus Christ why Babylon rather than anyone it was a kingdom neoplasm was a kingdom all reason why they I will say kingdom and the problem heart that I came on the scene was supposed to overthrow the Romans supposedly what they do when that's upon again they Andrews the numbers they want a spiritual kingdom is set up on they rejected the kingdom of the Mossad I am thinking about another ten thousand and ten dollars represent the present www. denouncing the Roman Empire which are the kingdoms of today and not at all most genomes are still more at again teamed all about Jesus Christ in fact when writing about the writing and drooling tries and tries is actually setting up his wife his kingdom through in life from a man so now this is beautiful I wanted in on this with me Matthew twenty one not each other twenty one and by Doctor Daniel nine twenty one members will definitely read this first Matthew twenty one the nasty something off for us who remembers what happened and I'm happy about that dream of Nebuchadnezzar 's dream there is a lot a stalling out and install again while I was on his feet and an engine was brought in July patient is pleasant with me Matthew twenty one Matthew chapter twenty one and verse forty will start with verse twenty two Jesus statement and then did you never read in the Scriptures this style which the builders rejected the Sangamon County coroner as far as Mormons and I don't know me personally for her self on his own and shout me while talking on them however it shall fall away and he will try and to counter what happened in the image of Daniel to his own crimes the initial part of why Daniel two is a promising love excelling is that why you share the cross of Christ not in the newsletter here and the United Kingdom the already set up fraudulent crimes where and not be highly diluted to calm down she really didn't I assume God is a huge anomaly is a huge amount about the prophecy is alternately could tell a friend that helps words across no future you found in Daniel chapter seven very quickly Daniel chapter seven in Daniel seven we find in verse twenty five a prophecy that tells us that the matter same thing to change off times and long Naha what does that have to do with the cross mother of a very simple you'll remember that when Jesus died across the bottom of South America twenty six with our opening verse and please let and let God on my new covenant are testament one is a new company God right here is the wrong way on autonomy him about my comment on what he was saying was I'm glad you are happening someone is a known and I said I keep that high on the almond frosting I love the fact that I was willing to die the problem on all flies in the common into the covenant cannot be seen I confirmed the meeting my so when the map and think the change times and laws which is nothing else than the wavelength thinking to change the new covenant and what is really warned again is what the cross stands for me to see that is hard against the cross of Christ Whitney Daniel John three Daniel chapter eight in verse verse fourteen very popular from the very important prophecy the Seventh-day Adventist the Bible tells us after twenty three hundred days in the shower most sanctuary be claimed in your we talk about our policy we say the twenty third and they happens that Johnson and begins you know how often we miss one of the most crucial point in the investigation and one was the only hold on the Israelites on the damage on the lot I think that he can we talk about the blind when we mention it's later they probably want the window scare people and that the judgment began in eighteen forty he scared now now that you're scared to death let me tell you what you must do know that when we are able to the fact that all you all okay and address cross at Calvary the Tiger and then another prophecy is caused not only do the broken law of God but in a shed load on the life a man who has include the making our doctrines of Christ centered Daniel mine in verse twenty seven Daniel chapter nine verse twenty seven again the Bible tells us here and he will do well can't firearm the covenant with many form one region the Bible tells us that through the trials of Christ must be far song on my sharing with my anonymous friend I know you will you come across yes I believe in the trust what the Bible tells us from our investment company you enjoy the company you are rejecting Christ's he also realized Daniel nine twenty seven was the variation in sizes for the overspending of abominations he shall make it desolate in fact the three backup inverse of the early modern verse twenty seven in the midst of the weekend shopping cause the sacrifice and the abrasion to safety for the oversight abominations he shall make it desolate even until the consummation and that determines all people are upon the death of the child was here that I must sacrifice of Christ Temple in Jerusalem on Monday and until the consummation that is until the Solidarity committee the Bible teaches anything on a rebound for me in Jerusalem defendant on the cross accomplished Newfoundland DC to are we our offerings we are trying to present our doctrine is centered in the disease Monticello nosing and Whitney Daniel Chapter 11 verse thirty two down eleven adverse party to the Bible tells here such is the way to millions of the company 's shoddy my flattering but the people that do all of their God shall be strong and you had once again the Bible tells here that Antichrist would seem to promote people who would do immediately identify company the company is in everything you see on the cross of Christ was not just know that the people will do another dog are the people understand what the cross really means the union that the people who do know their God is and what across all receives all are the ones that an economy strong and do my exploits what we talk about rise up and lost Dale got a sanguine view exploits Ampligen got eleven exploits understanding and no crossbar the blot on the company the monthly all right notice with a gun and shot a twelve verse one so Michael stand on the Great Plains withstand the children of my people in and at the time of trouble such as never was on such instance it was amazing and at that time thy people shall be delivered in that everyone shall be found mainly in the Bible than I like the moon and the what is the full name of this book is the book on the life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world already goals are written in the book on the life of the land what everyone explain to will you suffer no cross of Christ and what he really stands for also the one that God is coming back to resurrect you see how central to prophecy notices the Revelation chapter one verse five Revelation chapter one and verse five we've just gone through the entire book of Daniel we are now moving into the book of Revelation chapter one Revelation chapter one and noticed with me verse five the Bible tells us here and from Jesus Christ was a faithful witness and the first begotten of the dead and the prince of the kingdom the earth onto him and watched us from our sin and a hands mall we have here a reference to the cross beloved only knows when and why in the sacrifice of Christ I know this woman making through the end time they may knows was a revelation three verse twenty Revelation chapter three verse twenty the Bible says and behold I stand in the door and knock if any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in and where want silently and he was made how many want to use the counted submenu and then I guess I'll never ask yourself this question watch the mail today and I are you are bringing a meal you want to the Malays take each this is my body which is broken for you by the way this message is given some large service what's ours wastebasket near you there is such access is available on the own but not altogether is your missing something Western essay is my sacrifice your nominating me in the center of your preaching and your teaching is going for the three angels message is something else that if you have visited our last days it will be so powerful that no sincere Christian you will be able to deny do you want to be with Jesus notice Revelation chapter five verse nine the Bible tells us here in Revelation five are smart and funny news on Saint God where they'll take a book and to all the seals thereof for the outlaws want everyone and has redeemed us and not mine I blot out of every kindred on people and nation daunting this is found in the book account of what he did for us away at Cal Marina across Revelation chapter seven verse nine the Bible says that it is not beholden the great multitude which no man could number of all nations and kingdoms in people 's non- and tongs stood before them and the throne but before I then called in white robes and on in their widely cooled micro 's the Bible tells us where is it right here in verse fourteen these are they which came out of great jubilation whilst arrows and they are I and I live one hundred UC and the cross plastered all over the book of Revelation all over the book of Daniel our preaching our Uganda mystic meetings are fully across the cross is the blood gang Shauna gallon that are the missing now is the message you see when we begin committee of Christ in everything we see and do Jesus promises and I if I be in Wellsville are all that are too many notes of a revelation chapter eleven verse nineteen hundred and nineteen the Bible says in the temple of God was opened in heaven and it was seen as embodying our audience to estimate and what we may say this is in reference to you before we send the people I know the ending of that and I had a sanctuary and I thought hard about the testament I want you everybody and Santa hats want to hear you you looking at potential and anything else in the Army all you are is wrong about it and the national health and what the number represents anyway did not represent the broken body of Jesus when he said that I am the bread of life and a great idea it is my life or my flesh for the world you see the light of all will be totally forget about the one time to cleanse us from the transgression of the law the cornerstone has been moved to the side relationship for verse eleven and they overcame him I'm not cut out everyone they all attend a lot a lot less money at the time of God and Raymond Leslie is not betrothed and watch what happens also will come in on those land the principle on the cross we found it in their hearts inside relationship the person in the Bible tells us here in Revelation thirteen our site and I love him yes I was in whose names are not written in the book of life of a man slain from the foundation of the world denoting a threat those who do not rightly understand the cross and what it really means you do not accept into their hearts are the one that is an end of being deceived was and I if I be in I want to do most of the Revelation chapter fifteen personal relationship immersed to him I thought it were a sea of glass mingled with fire and then negligently over the beans no resumes and always Marvin over the number of his name and how to make it a victory revelation twelve eleven a.m. cadmium I don't want my website at Revelation sixteen verse fifteen Revelation sixteen verse fifteen the Bible tells us here below the feet and I think he wanted even his garments lest he walk naked and they see you saying that if you keep his garments clean you keep your garments clean in the lab and on over the Scripture notice when the revelation chapter eighteen representing interest for what I said how long my people my holy dog car in Babylon on the American Israel and Babylon would drive cost out of Piedmont Babylon how is he planning to pull in Babylon and high in the one hundred and will ensure how you can shop you are on the cross below you will and will not really number is a nineteen thirteen and he was called up yesterday and I is name is called on Oregon and the armies enjoy heaven followed him upon white as you know and in nineteen seventy coming with a garment dipped in blood you are listen when wet how many of you when you remedy in and I cannot maybe junior high school for kindergarten or maybe first to fourth grade at my call your friend out and say hey tomorrow I'm wearing my blue jeans and my friend John over at Caesar zero where you are losing your Grace yellow red teaser and as I saw inside your and yours is one thing I forgot to write down we are declaring that we are special but she doesn't hi all at high weight and why do I think I see this as an arm extended in the summer you that you are just lonely disease in the clear then we are his special friend is anywhere less hassle to lead God 's people will also be wary because they will realize the importance of his sacrifice everything came down to an exact independent correct understanding of what he did for us on the cross of Calvary in fact Revelation twenty one Revelation twenty one verse twenty seven the Bible says and there's some in no wise enter anything into with neither whatsoever word to the nomination on regular libelant they which are written in the man will is slated live and train and strengthen the foundation of the world knows with me the very next chapter verse two in the names of the street of it and I decided there was a strange and although I knowledge and I guess taking from the tree of life only those who ate from the tree of life honor you say what essentially a lie when Jesus hung upon that tree view they came to fill that we want to talk from and so I will eat limits for your life will be able to eat from that tree had beloved Christ is the center of entanglement he is the center of revelation and now for the fun part of the message I would not change the Oslo Christ centered that we need not reach than any other we again so if online litany share with you this concert every nation has a flat America has a flag in five starts for something when you look at flat is supposed to send what freedom then any justice for all you will survive that's what the fight is about this guy thought I will listen the frost is happens you get education about thing that I saw the devil understands that if okay everything about it on the cross all I have to do is manipulate the meaning of the cross and I'm going to people in my sudden we have is that on many people around well-meaning Christians who do not understand what the also we represent for example if you decided to be unconcerned other universities as tumors eleven the nineteenth the Bible tells us that the cross has broken down the middle wall of partition between Julie and Tom and set up process everything always is and explains when Gentiles will guess while this ideology that racism is real and particular scenario and not have a separate and special planned for the end of the Gentiles are the stepchildren and Jules is all gone and the business of this problem with you that some of the mental log partition is still married and actually add time for all communist in the Lords of fire at the trough is when you look at the cross what you see what you say is no more than a wall of separation well in building ALT.NET a wall of separation effectively denying across when you said is was my best friend is the unit in the process I do so he realized that one across accomplished that there was no separation between Jew and Gentile is talking to you don't you realize that you understand what you're denying what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross what I do not think is no longer wanted in mind and want digital newsroom with Israel did not do you believe in Jesus Ethel if you will even across the national way you can possibly accept his teaching this will help fire did you know that the cross proves that hellfire and eternally burning hell is totally un- biblical are you ready the always fun up here by myself and you know maybe there went on hunger of here and anyway so this is did Jesus paid the full penalty Farsi if you did not pay the full penalty for our sins what would happen to us we would all be one we would all belong to listen here's a question on the wages of sin or eternal torment what we know the answer but what is missing eternal torment okay very loving and a set of eternal torment can you cite me where Jesus and Kathy on May in other words the agency 's payments fall penalties for penalty is in eternal torment then he should be suffering now the fact is that Jesus was only for how many nice freedom and sovereignty in the lapel of the house across demonstrating and he did not suffer it a movie than either feet on major discount or where our law or the wages of sin is not returnable for me so how do you believe in the growth yes I believe that most one if you believe in a cross on asking you to do it additionally where Jesus paid that Timothy him have eternal torment and suffering infinitely thin with me did you suffer infinitely yes even he suffered an even soft power internally and what on earth but it was not without measure of time is a different identifier infinitely abundant and not hurt economy negative Jesus suffered infinitely and was beyond that so we cannot even open but he did not suffer internally in fact the Bible tells that fifty three that way is the penalty and always has dresses was laid up on hand so he preferred that the weekend will suffer in the last thing and Jesus did not suffer forever DC the recent just solving which is a penalty and I will believe that the wages of sin is eternal torment and how far it seems that they were on loan or that's not existing did Jesus die on yet he paid at a satellite and then someone always is I'll say it is everyone anything that very good not as wanted across the law allegedly noticed me what you turn out to be the most revelations seventeen and November that mystery Babylon is described as having a golden cup in her hand out of your ever been reading to struggling carpenter had flattened out abominations but will call I okay not remember that I is a swan 's electronic signature is gone and she is not a comprehensive question is what is in this cop is unaccounted for then what's in the also you are a common phenomenon is when we go back to the did Jesus die where you can use the fiberglass overtaking off again on bread but he also gave up and walked out and buy anything about anything in the lot on my new cousin of my new company not one hundred ringtones did you get is a site where I lamented it was pure angels in the PR agency audience possible you should then you'll don't think about what happened on the TV is a cancer theme bars in front of the rise and this wine is fermented and is causing people to get on the misunderstanding by the way learning on the commencement of the known and the steering DSLR the Bible tells that we should not drink Proverbs thirty one knows that when he very quickly Proverbs chapter thirty one nozzle of the Bible says he can't assert verse three gem not by strength unto a man who is not always so that was the strongest change notice that do not illustrate uncivil when he got along with her daughter starting a strength of the women not to destroy kings why it is not for kings O Immanuel it is not for kings to drink why not sometimes a strong drink is a strange and come on people that they drink Angela Santana is also home and gone on to have a Kyocera had with see you tomorrow at the covenant of Christ which is the ten Commandments written on it God is drinking again designs and they will forget the loan what commandment begins with the word remember the flap in the wind I don't want to get into the world is a counterfeit version of the Gospel and in the name on the cross of Christ they come across we Sunday a cybercrime across which are longer than she does not go everything is because of the cross it was interesting the Bible tells us that while you know we have a situation shame the process was designed to deal with the problem of sin and so we have three options here number one God could have either gotten rid of humanity was the problem on but the Bible tells us in the process tells us that God sounds on the one viral between rebellious humanity and his son he had allowed his son to die can you imagine how much God loved us and a lot assigned so that the way he went in an uneven argument humanity but to say one can always solve the same problem he got rid of the thing immediately are you following me what kind of guilty the logon that I all I know the flaws and integrity humanity with almost a must I know you got rid of them all in rid of my run and phenomenon and it is amazing understanding in a misapplication of the process here's my become the Bible describes in the transgression of the law first Peter told us that when the Angels in heaven and God did not spare them you know that means between the angel is saying the dog law and God 's love is in the Angels are long to get minimum on MTV Angels all I can get rid of the Angels and keep the long Angels Angels are not angels or mall sorry Angels Ugandan guy was not even is allowed for an angel but you cannot deny what I is not as long as you know is why the parody on the mouse I wanted between them I is always on Lindsay 's father if there is another way in and him in the father and known all over my son I can get rid of the loan and feed my son Arjun Obama and not seeing the job which should let alone between the two unit not as articulate Frost demonstrates that God was not even change the law is not alone all of a sudden the dossiers alone after his son die as soon although everything in the process transform attitudes of the modeled on having changed or done away with a life that is at the center looks upon the failure I realize that the sufferings of my gas why does this out of five hundred and ninety and across twice to the holy on Don Dubin transgressed the horizon is an and some are unique to a new inability undermines his visit on the loan while praising there with me just a little while longer when learning how to deal him in there with me just a moment longer the crossing you realize that Christ revealed that that that are the widget do not possess immortality is very simple John three sixteen thousand five hundred and seventy four God saw along the world that he gave his only begotten son that's a process that is abrogated any unit shall not perish but have everlasting life therefore beloved when the gag I just be naturally immortal whether you're winking on you don't believe in God or whatever you can have immortality unless you have Jesus cry did you catch that is not in the know right off front of a crowd because what the cross tells us that is not eternal life is available only through the sacrifice of Christ but what many Christians are saying is knowing you have internalized the matter what it's not just across think is your eternal life as you are born naturally immortal across the loving denies that teaching denoted across to the help message you know that when she is almost upon the cross and not a Johnny gave him what vinegar and even on the parties no not taking nothing and I love it it's the married for how bad does you realize that in Peter 's vision become I see the fine renowned because of the cross were not allowed to eat anything that will be the trouble across the something that really is and is I now declare humanity clean one thousand eighty is not underneath you haven't all claimed that will tell you everything you ever come across in front of night you can blame on yourself do you see how confuse many well-meaning Christians on because of their miss understanding of the cross of Christ but God is calling us to something very powerful little initial winning shot three more points here number one with a one to three does messages far the south this is absolutely amazing do you realize that the cross proves beyond a shadow without that the Sabbath is God 's special sign to his people here we go do you remember the first test that was given to Israel when they came out of Egypt one was a God rained down what now known six days out on the second and really renowned a radar online now why do you follow this purpose what was he trying to teach them some cocaine and the trust that what I have sorry and so was the test on their All-Star there have infamous arsenal my sobbing of medicine undecideds they are the trust in the provision that was given to them on what they think they I will say for now here's a question Jesus comes along I said I found a lot of bread of life I know that I came down from heaven is and how do I find so a few liberals like you is that something special that happen on a sense day in the life of the anybody knows what happened on a Friday with Jesus he was crucified SoCal is not what in other words the cross of Christ was the portion dog bounding off again apparently I think I get into what I need now but the day after Jesus died at the Southwest do you realize that the Sabbath is a test to see whether we trust in the full provision made for us at the trough that's why it is not every Sabbath wiki we has a high stress in the provision and information across high will rest any and that means I am resting from my own words and what are my own words the works of the flesh but the sound reveals our ultimate strengths in the sacrifice of Christ you see and in the second Angels message is about Babylon Babylon is fallen why because she is making all nations drink this counterfeit wine God calls us to ball on the will try this world and everything dealings in the world and it should often I because they are drinking a counterfeit life finally the fire Angels message beloved is is is dealing with a people who offer to blog something he didn't ask for was the first person to mark in the Bible and why was Kmart did kill his brother why did he kill his brother because he was jealous because the sacrifice he offered was a are you ready for this it was a bloodless sacrifice Cain offered on a boom offered the truth of his only goals in the last day to who receives a mark on those who ultimately do not want the cross stands for those who are ultimately denied the sacrifice of Christ I think the Prosser presented in this business and I will kill forty and they received that deception with everything they do nothing the chief cornerstone has been pushed to the server God is saying we don't have much more to do we've got all the true we've got the truth of God 's word now just take the chief cornerstone and put it back where they belong and when the Temple was built second Chronicles Thomas Dublin Salomé finished building the temple and he prayed and the house was to with no glory of the Lord beloved hobby you want the house field him glory in the morning at me tell you when we begin to preach Christ and him crucified when we begin to make Christ the center will be a power to our preaching will come things come in any shiny when a Christian holiday or in any denomination out the money is a mess hall or physical form with great power and glory will is was I not worth the three angels message we talked about what it means to Ron and now we've talked about what it means to be a founding array to be a in the father we thank you can we believe the long learn the least thank you to the source so as the blueprints once again father name we should make Christ and him crucified a the second of our teaching but also the center of our Navy father open our eyes all of the time my wrong we want to see receive the truth like never before given promissory eye I didn't know was wrong and a nineteen for selling us tonight I will leave the book in when he is also the same her seamless fringing is rejecting that cornerstone for Salima now known we pray how and how to go forward into the Jesus means a man a wrong is I introduced out of the land ministry and mission in healthcare is coming of Jesus Christ my family is financial power and of the Lamb of God thank you he experienced Teresa Christian living the information on our multi- natural resources I think that I will want to our website at www. how I plan www. Howard in the land boy Hollis and no need on my and eight zero eight zero eight oh five two two eight zero may you think I'm doing a good on a error in an new or nine and a will a will a a a and B are two and doom I do in a good and I will do in on her in a you are him and he will will will a I is the new or and and the


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