Legal Info

Welcome to our Legal Information page. Please take a moment and read the following pages, as well as any sections below that apply to you.

For Website Visitors

We exist in a world of copyrights, intellectual property, and economic needs. While there are many valid arguments for the absolute, unrestricted, 100% free distribution of the Gospel in all forms, including digital media, in many cases these ideals cannot be fully met and we are forced to abide by the preferences of governments, content owners, licensors, and other authorities.

However strongly you may desire to copy, share, broadcast, or otherwise get this material in front of other people, you have a legal, moral, and ethical duty to do this only in a way that is in harmony with the restrictions placed upon them. Our materials are graciously provided by generous content owners who have voluntarily surrendered legal rights to charge a fee for the distribution of their materials. You owe it to them to respect that, and to use their materials only in the manner specified.

We attempt through this website to alert you of the licensing and redistribution terms of each of our materials. Most of these materials are distributed under very generous terms. However, please beware that not every item is this way. At minimum, all of our materials are free of cost for private, non-commercial usage. For any other purpose, you must individually verify that your usage of each item is permitted by the terms listed for it. Failure to do this can result in legal action against you. Should this happen, this website, its owners, operators, maintainers, service providers, and all other agents can not be held responsible nor liable for your neglect to follow licensing terms. If you have any doubt whether a desired use is permitted, for your own protection, please seek qualified legal advice first.

To use any of the materials on this website in another way than what is prescribed, you must gain permission from the owners of those materials. Please do not contact us about it. We do not own the materials that we distribute. Furthermore, we are not in a position to provide qualified legal advice. If you have legal questions, please consult a lawyer. Any answers we ourselves provide can not and must not be used as a substitute for this.

Thank you for your understanding, and cooperating with us so that we can continue to provide quality sermons and other materials in as free of a way as is possible.

For Content Owners

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being willing to distribute your materials with us, and thus to make the Internet a more fruitful place for seekers of Truth. Our website traffic is your website traffic, and when we meet in Heaven, there will be stars in your crown as well as ours due to this website!

We respect the rights and concerns of copyright holders. We take care to ensure that we have permission to distribute the materials that appear on this website, and we strive for accuracy in displaying the licensing terms and other information about our materials. However, errors and omissions may occur. We make every effort to correct these things in a timely manner when they are brought to our attention. If there are problems with how your materials are displayed, please contact us and we will promptly make whatever corrections are necessary. We sincerely apologize in advance for any issues that may arise.