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  • I am 79 years of age and living one day at a time. AudioVerse is the only website that I have downloaded onto my new smartphone. My phone is always with me! Thank you for the opportunity to daily spend hours meditating upon scripture. By spending sufficient time with 'my' audio bible, I hope to become more proficient in thinking and speaking ALL scripture, ALL the time. According to Matthew 5:16 and Jeremiah 15:16, I hope to meet people with whom I can share AudioVerse, as well as my personal experience.

    Ralph K. an App User, 4/29/24
  • AudioVerse has been such a blessing to me. As a young adult, the messages are relevant and helpful to my walk with the Lord.

    Sarah M. from Enterprise, FL, 4/25/24
  • This is the app I have been looking for! I enjoy having a plethora of audio that points my mind to Jesus and keeps me in His Word.

    Kevin C. an App User, 4/23/24
  • I appreciate the opportunity to listen to inspiring words that point me to Jesus.

    Holly B. from McBAin, MI, 3/14/24
  • AudioVerse has been a huge blessing in my life. Your ministry is in my prayers, and I share it with everyone that I can!

    Ramon A. from Allentown, PA, 3/13/24
  • I have been blessed by your ministry and even more so as GYC has just concluded. May the Lord continue to bless you all, as you keep the pure faith as delivered to the saints and preach Sound Doctrine.  

    Mavis I. from Houston, TX, 1/4/24
  • Every day on my way to work and back home, I am blessed by the sermons available in AudioVerse.

    William V. from Dayton, Ohio, 1/1/24
  • Thank you for the timely messages each and every day. Continue this great work!

    Jodi-Ann M. from Loganville, GA, 12/30/23
  • Thank you for being a blessing to me and to people around the world!

    Tony D. from Georgetown, TN, 12/28/23
  • I appreciate having access to a wide array of sound doctrine. Thank you!

    Soyini G. from Port St. Lucie, FL, 12/26/23
  • I very much appreciate your service to the the Adventist Church with biblically sound speakers who are faithful to the Word of God and the Adventist movement.

    Heath R. from Anoka, MN, 12/26/23
  • Thank you so much for being a blessing with the dramatized bible version! It brings the bible to life and allows me to get lost chapter by chapter without paying attention to time!

    Brittney S. from Auburn, WA, 12/26/23