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  • I thank God every day for your app. I use it for 2 or more hours each day and receive such a blessing. It is so wonderful to have so much at my fingertips. God is leading my life and AudioVerse has been a major influence. Thank you and God Bless! All praise be to God.

    Josh E. from Wasilla, AK, 9/29/23
  • AudioVerse is a blessing to me. Listening to sermons, seminars and conferences, all from my room in Uganda.

    God bless and provide for the AudioVerse team and above all, encouragement to keep providing new content!

    Immaculate N. from Uganda, 9/5/23
  • God Bless your efforts. My family and I have been truly blessed!

    Mary S. from Middletown, NY, 8/23/23
  • Thank you so very much for the emails. They are full of God's amazing love, and the most amazing messages of present truth. Praise God for the ministry of AudioVerse. Blessings to the entire team!

    Harihar from India, 7/21/23
  • Thank you so much AudioVerse for the life changing messages. Each time I listen to God's Word on AudioVerse, my relationship with Jesus grows more and more and my desire to serve him is increased. I desire to do God's work even more! 

    Tamar M. and App User, 7/21/23
  • What a blessing you are on so many of my morning walks!

    Dena G. from Altamonte Springs, FL, 7/17/23
  • May God continue to bless your work. May he multiply my gift according to His divine will. Thank you for spreading his Word.

    Barry L. from Glenn Heights, TX, 7/17/23
  • What a Blessing this app is. I am learning so much daily. Praying that God multiplies the donations and His message goes to all the world. Thanks to all who do His work.

    Cynthia K. from DeRidder, LA, 7/4/23
  • I absolutely love your work and so appreciate what your ministry does. God bless you for getting these messages out to so many!

    Meredith P. an App User, 6/3/23
  • What a great and unique ministry this has become for all to enjoy. AudioVerse is a wonderful and powerful resource, without advertisements and is perfect for people who want to go deeper into the Word but may not have the benefit of being surrounded by God-fearing Adventist preachers. Thank you very much and may God bless your unique ministry. 

    Chris M. from New Zealand, 5/29/23
  • Thanks so much for your ministry. It's a great source of encouragement to me and my wife. I especially love The Desire of Ages in Living Sound!

    Brendan S. from Australia, 5/13/23
  • I have been so blessed over the years by your ministry. Thank you so much for doing it and being passionate about sharing the gospel.  

    Marleta F. from Australia, 5/11/23