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  • AudioVerse has been very dear to my heart. Over the years, God has used the messages from AudioVerse to bring me hope, healing, and education. I have also shared countless messages that have blessed me so they can bless others, too. And finally, listening to AudioVerse messages has helped me with my chores. Sometimes, after a long day at work I look at something that needs to be done in the house and am tempted to leave it for another day. But God gives me the idea to listen to a message from AudioVerse to "keep me company" while doing my chores. Thank you for this wonderful ministry.

    Margarete C. from Redlands, CA, 2/22/23
  • May God bless your efforts towards spreading the word around the world.

    Richard B. from Uganda, 2/22/23
  • I'm very thankful for AudioVerse. Glory to God in the Highest. Bless you all.

    Dorcy W. from Beaverton, OR, 2/21/23
  • I love this app! It makes it more motivating to listen to the Bible!

    Breanna M. an App User, 2/16/23
  • Thanks for being such a blessing and for providing such wonderful resources.

    Alex D. from San Diego, CA, 12/29/22
  • Thank you for the powerful sermons and conferences you are posting. I am listening daily, and being blessed, encouraged, and transformed by God's grace. I'm also sharing the sermons with my 3 adult sons. Continue doing the good work until Jesus comes. Many will be saved due to the powerful messages they hear and apply in their lives!

    Liliane B. from Troutville, VA, 12/29/22
  • I have had an incredibly difficult past 2 years. Listening to great sermons on AudioVerse has been a part of my healing. Thank you for all the hard work in organizing and posting these sermons. May God continue to bless your ministry!

    Rosanie V. from Dalton, GA, 12/29/22
  • What did we ever do without AudioVerse? I have encouraged many to join in listening and it is spreading the Good News to my friends! THANK YOU!

    Dena G. from Altamonte Springs, FL, 12/28/22
  • I had heard of AudioVerse many years ago, but only now have I had the time to listen and be blessed by your ministry. I am so thankful for your work and wish you many blessings as you continue to prepare hearts for our Savior’s soon return.

    Rhonda C. from Alberta, Canada, 12/27/22
  • I have been blessed by your ministry and share it with others that wouldn't feel comfortable going to a church. I have an anxiety disorder that prevents me from venturing too far from home and having AudioVerse on my phone helps me to be able to share inspiring messages with others. Testimonies are powerful, and sermons laced with true stories, humorous, yet solid, like messages from Doug Batchelor and Pavel Goia, are my personal favorites! I love the variety of topics you cover. If I am talking to a farmer, I can search “Agriculture”. A mother? I can search “Family”. I can search when I want some answers for myself. It supplements my Bible, Spirit of Prophecy, and sermons at church. I really appreciate the ministry of AudioVerse.

    Nichole K. from Queensland, Australia, 12/22/22
  • I love the work you all do. Thanks for bringing us inspiring audio sermons and presentations.

    Mindy S. from Venturia, ND, 12/22/22
  • Thank you so much for your ministry. May God continue to guide and sustain you so this ministry can bless many!

    Jodi-Ann M. from Loganville, GA, 12/5/22