Meet the Team

Executive Team

The AudioVerse Executive Team are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the ministry. This group of dedicated individuals with their their common passion for the proclamation of the three angels' messages is what keeps this ministry running.

Photo of Alistair Huong
Alistair Huong

Executive Director

Photo of Debby Williams
Debby Williams

Business Manager

Photo of Nathan Arthur
Nathan Arthur

Technology Director

Photo of Matthew Leffler
Matthew Leffler

Software Engineer

Board of Directors

The AudioVerse Board of Directors provides guidance and vision for the ministry. This dedicated group of individuals with their collective experience and wisdom helps the ministry steer a true course in advancing the work of the Lord.

Photo of Timothy Arakawa
Tim Arakawa, Chairman (Co-founder)

Physician, Guam

Photo of Chester Clark
Chester Clark III

Pastor, Dalton SDA Church

Photo of Alistair Huong
Alistair Huong, Secretary

Executive Director, AudioVerse

Photo of Kathy Irizarry
Kathy Irizarry

Physician, Amity, Arkansas

Photo of Eli Kim
Eli Kim

Physician, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Photo of Don Mackintosh
Don Mackintosh

Director, NEWSTART Global

Photo of Vonn Williams
Vonn Williams, Treasurer

Finance Professional, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Jesse Zwiker

President, Hyve International