Tell Us Your Story at GYC!
December 7, 2022

Tell Us Your Story at GYC!

December 28, 2022 – January 1, 2023 in Phoenix, AZ
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Dear AudioVerse Friend,

It’s hard to believe, but 2022 is nearly over!

But the end of the year also means it’s nearly time for the annual GYC convention. As many of our listeners probably know, AudioVerse has had a long history and close connection with GYC through the years. In fact, I personally attended the very first GYC conference at Pine Springs Ranch, California in December 2002. Fresh out of high school and eager to know God’s will for my life, that mountaintop experience was nothing short of life changing. I later was privileged to serve as a GYC leader for a few years, which helped prepare me in many ways for the role I have now at AudioVerse.

As an organization, AudioVerse has been one of the primary distribution channels for GYC content, and is where you can find the most complete collection of GYC sermons and seminars from past conferences. And we are happy to be working with GYC again this year to bring all the recordings from the 2022 convention to you—so keep your eyes open for those new messages!

Before the conference this year, be sure to explore our GYC collection to catch up on powerful messages that are just as relevant today as the day they were given. I have even heard from AudioVerse listeners that they spend the entire rest of the year listening and re-listening to what was presented over that single weekend!

Tell Us Your Story at GYC!

One of the reasons why we enjoy attending GYC so much is because we get to meet many of the AudioVerse family. Nothing warms our hearts more than hearing the stories of individuals that God has touched through our simple ministry. Seeing the numbers on our screens come to life in the form of living, breathing human beings with testimonies to share is immensely rewarding.

We recognize that these personal testimonies can be a blessing and encouragement to many others as well, so if you will be attending GYC this year in Phoenix, AZ, be sure to stop by our booth to say, “Hi!” and tell us your stories!

Our team would love to capture your stories either on video, in audio recording, or simply jotting it down. Stories of God’s power and goodness should not go untold!

But even if you can’t be at GYC this year, we’d still love to hear your stories. You can write us or send us a recording of yourself telling your story at [email protected].

(I’ll also let you in on a little secret. Because we appreciate hearing testimonies from our listeners so much, we’ve actually been sending an AudioVerse t-shirt to one of them each month…)

How to Double Your Gift!

If you haven’t heard already, we are fundraising for a big technology project to make AudioVerse an even more personalized, soul-winning tool. Be sure to read the details about our “Meat in Due Season” Project here. Some donors have generously agreed to match dollar-for-dollar all gifts toward this project made before the end of the year, so your financial gift can go TWICE as far! We need $550,000 in all, so your support is greatly appreciated!

Thank you and see you at GYC!

Alistair Huong

Executive Director

AudioVerse | PO Box 2288 | Collegedale | TN | 37315