Casting the Nets
July 26, 2023

Casting the Nets

An Update on the MIDS Initiative
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Your generous support plays a crucial role in empowering AudioVerse to touch countless lives around the world through the messages we share. Today, we have some exciting updates to share with you of what we've been up to recently to reach even more people.

Over the past half year or so, AudioVerse has been focused on establishing the foundational infrastructure for our " Meat in Due Season " (MIDS) initiative. Our aim is to curate and deliver content so that each person receives the right message at the right time. By applying this method from Christ's ministry to our extensive catalog of over 30,000 messages, we seek to reach all who are searching for spiritual answers or facing life's challenges.

I'd like to highlight a few new features that have been rolled out so far.

Weekly Picks Emails

One common feedback we've received from our listeners is the challenge of knowing where to begin listening amidst the vast array of content. To address this, several months ago we started sending out a weekly email to our newsletter subscribers and new users. This resource provides a thoughtfully curated list of messages and devotional thoughts. Subscribing to this email is entirely optional, and users can unsubscribe at any time without missing out on our monthly newsletters. Each week's theme or topic varies, with the goal of presenting relevant truths from both current and past content. Thousands of individuals have participated, resulting in a notable increase in the number of listeners and many have told us how much they appreciate this service.

Curated Topics

We've also rolled out the revamped Topics feature! We've taken user feedback to heart and have simplified how topics are organized. Rather than a comprehensive index of our entire library, the topics are now more carefully curated to be an easy entry point for people getting started, and is a feature that you'll feel confident sharing with your friends. Explore it now on the website and the mobile app!

Sharing Resources For You to Use

Just as Jesus guided his disciples to a bountiful catch of fish by casting their net on the other side of the boat (John 21:6), we too are seeking to expand the reach of our nets by targeting new users outside our usual spheres of influence. We have launched a series of targeted, automated email campaigns specifically designed for individuals who are unfamiliar with AudioVerse.

Following Christ's method of ministry, we are identifying areas where people have spiritual questions or struggle with life's challenges. In these campaigns, we feature topical series or handpicked teachings on specific issues. Leveraging digital marketing on social media, Google, and elsewhere, our promotional efforts primarily target those who have never heard of AudioVerse before. As a result, we have observed consistent growth in the number of users and average number of messages listened to per user over the past several months.

While these campaigns may be promoted through online advertisements, they are just as effective for YOU to share with your family and friends! Check out the current email campaigns we have available by clicking on their image below, and invite someone you know to sign up today!

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Ways You Can Help

Over the past several months, usage on AudioVerse has grown to record levels. These life-changing messages are being listened to more than ever, and we are thrilled about what lies ahead. The world is eager for the Truth, and by God's grace along with your support, we want to hasten the preaching of the Everlasting Gospel to the world.

Here are some ways how you can partner with AudioVerse for this great work.

First, you can use these resources as outreach tools to share with others and to bless those in your circles. For example, we've heard of people sharing our "Weekly Picks" emails in their WhatsApp Bible study groups. We also worked with Messiah's Mansion who used the "Unlocking the Mysteries of the Sanctuary" email campaign in their follow-up work at several churches following their life-sized sanctuary exhibit.

Secondly, to keep the momentum going to reach even more people, your financial support is vital. There are many more initiatives we are working on that will enhance our ability to tailor the AudioVerse experience to better meet the needs of our listeners, but the software development and data science requirements are high and costly.

Your financial contribution will enable us to reach even more souls seeking peace, hope, and purpose. Together, we can make a profound impact. Please consider making a donation today to support this mission. Your gift will help us continue to built features that serve our listeners' spiritual needs, expand our reach to those who need the Gospel, and offer valuable resources for you to share in your personal ministry and outreach.

If AudioVerse has been a blessing to you and you’d like to partner with us in this important work, you may give at our donate page by credit/debit card or ACH transfer, and if you are concerned about the credit card transaction fees, you may give via our PayPal Giving Fund page or you may send a check to AudioVerse at our address below.

We are deeply grateful for your partnership in spreading the Three Angels' Message to the whole world in this generation.

Thank you for your support,

Alistair Huong

Executive Director