Supercharge Your Lesson Studies!
October 19, 2023

Supercharge Your Lesson Studies!

Sabbath School on AudioVerse
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No matter where I travel around the world, one of the reliable things I can always count on when I visit an Adventist church on any Sabbath morning is Sabbath School.

A weekly interactive study of the Bible, usually based on the adult Bible study guide, is one of those things that binds us together as a global church family. Moreover, the daily study guides help members to systematically study through the Bible, grounding them in God’s Word. This is one of the incredible cultural features of Adventism intentionally designed for spiritual growth!

And that is why AudioVerse loves to enhance our Sabbath school experience!

Sabbath School on AudioVerse

If you visit the Sabbath School Topics page, you will find that we have several weekly Sabbath School programs available for you to enhance your personal study or as teacher’s guides when you teach:

  • Talking Points - Teacher helps by Pastors Kameron DeVasher and Mark Howard of the Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Department of the Michigan Conference.
  • HopeLives365 Sabbath School – Pastor Mark Finley’s weekly commentary on the Sabbath School lesson.
  • IIW Sabbath School – Weekly interviews with the authors of the adult Bible study guides, hosted by Eric Flickinger of It Is Written.
  • InVerse - Discussions based on the InVerse Sabbath School lessons by Hope Channel.

We hope you will take advantage of these rich resources to supercharge your Sabbath School study each week.

It Is Written is Now on AudioVerse!

As you noticed, we have the weekly Sabbath School program from It Is Written, but that’s not all. They’ve also partnered with us to share many of their other programs as well. They include:

  • It Is Written - Their flagship, award-winning TV program. The most recent series was on the Seven Churches .
  • In the Word - Sermons by John Bradshaw
  • Conversations with John Bradshaw - Enlightening and inspiring interviews with fascinating people.

Many more messages will be coming regularly from It Is Written, so to keep up with new messages from them, visit their page on AudioVerse: It Is Written

New Adventist Pioneer Library Books

We shared last month that Adventist Pioneer Library has generously allowed us to share their pioneer audiobooks with you. Here are some of the new books added since then:

Many more are on the way!

To check out all the offerings from APL on AudioVerse, visit their page here: Adventist Pioneer Library

And to keep up to date on their ministry and to support their work, visit:

AudioVerse is Making a Difference!

I also want to share with you two short videos of some inspiring testimonies of how AudioVerse has made a difference in the lives of our users. Thank you for your support which makes this kind of impact possible!

Linda - Meat in Due Season Testimonial Calvin - Meat in Due Season Testimonial

If you would like to support AudioVerse in continuing to impact lives like Linda and Ricky, please consider a giving a gift at our donate page . You may give by credit/debit card or ACH transfer, and if you are concerned about the credit card transaction fees, you may give via our PayPal Giving Fund page .Or you may send a check to AudioVerse at our address below.

Your financial partnership is what enables this work to continue, thank you for your generous support!

Yours in the blessed hope,

Alistair Huong

Executive Director

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"Thank you so much AudioVerse for the life changing messages. Each time I listen to God's Word on AudioVerse, my relationship with Jesus grows more and more and my desire to serve him is increased. I desire to do God's work even more!"

–Tamar, an App User

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