Breakout Session 2

Part 3

GMO’s: Where are They Not?


GMO has become a household bad word, but could you be unwittingly planting GMO’s in your garden and buying them from you local grocers or farmers even if you are buying organic? Isaiah 17 :10 says “Therefore shalt thou plant pleasant plants, And shalt set it with strange slips”. Could you be supporting an industry that breaks the most simple designs of creation (Gen.1:29) without realizing it? During this class we will be learning the truth about how ubiquitous they have become and solutions to the challenges we face as we work to restore the waste places.

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Breakout Session 2

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AdAgrA 2015: Restoring the Waste Places


AdAgrA: Adventist Agriculture Association


November 12, 2015, 10:45 AM

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