Breakout Session 3

Part 8

Best Fertilizer Sourcing


The world is all mixed up since the flood. Boron, selenium, and copper, to name a few, are concentrated in few areas of the world while most farmland and gardens are deficient. Your soil, organic as it may be, may need a nutrient lacking from your region to make life happen. How do you even get a safe product to suit that need? How do you purchase small amounts to truckloads. This class will go over nutrients needed for plant and animal health (to our knowledge) in the safest and best ways. Expect to see practical, hands on measuring and mixing of nutrient inputs and please bring your compost samples (with a nutrient analysis) for discussion. Simply put, if a nutrient is needed, it is added, and when not needed, it is best not to add.

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Breakout Session 3

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AdAgrA 2015: Restoring the Waste Places


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November 12, 2015, 4:00 PM

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