Breakout Session B

Part 3

The Despised Rx

“Truth that is not lived, that is not imparted, loses its life-giving power, its healing virtue. Its blessing can be retained only as it is shared.” Are you living the truth that has potential to heal, or have you “despised” the prescription that will bless you, and the patients you care for? Let’s be reminded how we can do our “utmost to roll back the tide of disease and distress that is sweeping over our world.”

Ministry of Healing pp 149.


1. Recognize the increasing rate of pediatric obesity as a barometer for the current health status of our country and review guidelines for diagnosis of obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and dyslipidemia in pediatric patients.

2. Discuss ramifications of pediatric and adult obesity in the US, and explore practical methods to empower patients to make lifestyle change.

3. Call attendees to inspire their patients to “be willing to be made whole” both physically and spiritually through the power of a living personal testimony.

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Breakout Session B

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AMEN 2017: Are You Willing?


Adventist Medical Evangelism Network (AMEN)


October 27, 2017, 3:15 PM

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