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Part 14

14 - The Power of Sharing Your Faith


There is a quote in the book, Maranatha, that says: “There is no limit to the usefulness of one who, putting self aside, makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart and lives a life wholly consecrated to God.” Sometimes, it’s tempting to feel like our efforts to win souls aren’t making a difference. Or, perhaps, we think that the small things we do don’t really matter that much. In this episode of the GYC Beyond Podcast Esther Louw interviews Tara Vang as she shares a powerful testimony of God’s faithfulness and ability to use even the smallest things to make an eternal impact. Tara is the vice president of evangelism for GYC and also serves as the GLOW Project Manager at the Pacific Union Conference.

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August 5, 2018, 2:45 PM

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